Can we stop celebrifying mistresses (like 'Bombshell' McGee)? Please?

Michelle-McGee_240.jpg Image Credit: DeMichele Photography/SplashSigh. The job opportunities just keep coming for former mistresses of famous dudes, don’t they? Jesse James’ alleged lover, Michelle “Bombshell” McGee, is being rewarded with a Vegas gig (not to mention this possible reality show, if TMZ is to be believed) for blabbing affair allegations to the press days after his wife’s Oscar win. And in the Year of the Cheating Scandal, she’s only the latest to cash in on her notoriety.

The concept of a string of mistresses “coming forward” baffled me when first introduced (I believe) during the Tiger Woods debacle: Why on earth was it necessary to come forward as someone who also slept with someone who also apparently slept with other someones? A phrase heretofore reserved for actual victims of something illegal — say, sexual harassment — coming forward carries a connotation both of victimhood and of bravery, neither of which apply here. Now, however, I realize we should have called it getting in line — to claim the spoils of their victories, their celebrity moments. In the past month, Rielle Hunter and the Tiger Woods harem have both gotten glam photo spreads in respected national magazines (Hunter pantsless in GQ and Woods’ ladies in the buff in Vanity Fair). Woods mistress Rachel Uchitel booked a correspondent spot on Extra. Joslyn James set up a website publishing her “sexts” from Tiger (and promoting her adult film work, of course).

Granted, McGee’s new job is a topless-dancing appearance, not a Vanity Fair shoot. (Then again, the line between those two is getting finer every day.) But when the proprietor of the establishment told People magazine flat out that he hired McGee to “cash in on her celebrity,” he was articulating a sad truth: Sleeping with married, famous men, then telling all, has become the quickest route to celebrity in an age when we had pretty quick routes already. When Tina Fey unleashed her shockingly harsh tirade against McGee on last week’s Saturday Night Live, she ruffled some feminist feathers for being so specifically mean to McGee while not mentioning James’ responsibility for the affair; and while perhaps her rage was a little too directed at McGee’s appearance, I understood where it was coming from. She was, in a sense, fighting fire with fire — fighting celebrification with the darkest side of being a celebrity, the mean-spirited, pointed criticism that comes with it. The problem, of course, is that it’s all just an endless cycle in which, apparently, any attention is good attention. And that just begs the question: Is there any chance we’ll stop paying attention?

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  • erin

    However, this isn’t new for us to have a fascination with skanky ‘hos. Before this it was Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian.

    • Meg

      We do have a fascination with so-called “skanky ‘hos”, but these women are different. These women are intentionally destroying marraiges publicly and intentionally causing a lot of pain to many, many people. They are not only hurting the “man who done them wrong”, the are inflicting pain and humiliation on the spouse, the children, and the rest of the family and friends. They should not be compensated for it.

      • suz rocks

        AMEN Meg!!! They should NOT be compensated for it! The only way to get it to stop is to NOT support the media that gives them the fame/compensation for it!!!

      • minnie swirl

        The men that they are having the affairs with are destroying the marriages. If the men would say, “No” then they couldn’t destroy anything. I agree that these women shouldn’t become celebrities, but saying they destroyed the marriage is flat out wrong.

  • Minutiae

    And yet you’re part of the problem. You could have written this entry without mentioning her name or posting her picture, and still gotten your point across.

    • Deb

      THANK YOU, MINUTIAE!!!!!!!!!!!
      And if you absolutely have to mention them, Ms. Armstrong, how about NOT posting links to pimp out their latest publicity forays? Journalist physician, heal
      THYSELF !!!!!!!

    • suz rocks


  • Lisa Simpson

    Can we also stop making up words? Please?

  • hearhear

    Minutiae is right. Without places like EW giving the mistresses coverage, or your sister companies like People Magazine and the TV show “Extra” paying them a fortune to do interviews (under the guise of “photo licenses”) these homewreckers would not go nearly as far in the media.

  • Erin

    THANK YOU for this post! The legitimization of these women as celebrities by major media outlets like Vanity Fair makes me ridiculously angry. Can’t we keep them in the tabloids, where I can happily continue to ignore them? (Also, Tina didn’t lose any feminism points with me for going after them. Yes, James is responsible for cheating on his wife, but McGee is disgusting for bringing the story into the public and adding insult to injury to Sandra Bullock.

    • PHD

      totally agree the more we show these women as “victims” it lessens other women who have truly been taken advantage of!

    • suz rocks

      It takes TWO! She knew he was married and she knew he was famous… and she saw a fast track to fame and the media gave her exactly what she was aiming for and continues to.

  • Amy

    Agreed. I wish bad behavior was not rewarded with money, gigs, and fame. It’s wrong to give wrong doers and even larger platform. I understand why people want to know what goes on in Tiger’s and Jesse/Sandra’s lives but come on. Tiger loses endorsements for his tarnished image and the mistresses become famous? While we’re on the topic, I think it is disgraceful that Rod Blagoavich is rewarded for his bad behavior as govenor by being on 2 reality shows.

    • Ben Dover

      Those appearance Rob Blagovich were on did not help his status.

  • Patti

    “appearance” in Vegas was at a strip club called Little Darlings- a local place- somewhat dirty. On level with her celebrity status.

  • Sheila

    So tired of hearing about her! She needs to go back to her hole. Nobody cares!

  • Katie R.

    If the media didn’t obsess about these people, none of us would even know who they are. I think it’s the media’s responsibility to take the high road sometimes, although it never happens nowadays.

    • suz rocks

      Very true, Katie… but what WE can do to help the situation & ignore it in the media. I reada this article because I agree with the content–but at the same time, as someone else here said… mentioning her name and showing her picture wasn’t necessary and she did get paid for that I’m sure!

  • Karena

    I think it’s hilarious in that it sort of becomes a payback to the men who think have a sense of entitlement so huge that they think they can bed whatever wannabe star groupe and emerge unscathed- now they have to realize that every conquest is a potential kiss-and-tell star in the making and perhaps that will be their just due.

    • Jacobette

      It won’t stop them.

  • WhichWayIsUp

    The other night on Geraldo Riviera’s show on FNC (funny in and of itself) he had two of Tiger Woods’ whores on, who had advice for Elin Woods. Advice. Not begging her forgiveness and kissing her ass, but advice.

    • Maria

      Yay for you! You’ve got lots of big things hanieppng.Would you consider making fine art cards of the cupcakes, strawberries and lemon pie? I think they’d make great birthday cards.

  • Karena

    I can’t imagine who many young women will follow suit and see how this could help a potential career of put money in their pocket- many of the younger generation already feel a sense of entitlement and don’t expect to have to work hard like their parents did. I read the Vanity Fair article and was surprised at how easily all of the participants were to immediately engage in sex with Tiger just because he asked- even without leaving a parking lot in most cases. They acted like it was as normal as putting on lipstick.

    • suz rocks

      Comparable to the woman who auctioned her virginity on line a couple of years back. And the wanna-be pop-star who slept with the senator … both ladies given celebrity status in the blink of an eye. Yes, what does this teach the younger generation about morals v/s money v/s actually getting a job or education for that matter!?!? UGH!!!!

  • Karena

    AS far as Kim K, Reggie Bush is well rid of her- it’s all about HER- she acted like a moron after the SB, he only played well because SHE took such good care of him- BARF! She’s a joke. Hope her looks hold up because she’s not as smart as a 5th grader!

    • Ana

      What are you talking about? She never took credit for his win.

  • Yes

    If people would stop buying the magazines or watching the shows (TMZ) then maybe they would stop glorifying them. The responsibility begins with us not giving money to these magazines.

    • Jacobette

      You have to let the advertising companies know you don’t support this crap so they will stop buying air time during these time slots.

  • pop

    i agree with this post. i also agree with the comments about the fact that this post is more attention for the mistresses. please let this be the last post about any of these women who are now making a crap load more money than i am because they are skankadoodles.

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