Kim Kardashian nude and unretouched for 'Harper's Bazaar'

Kim-Kardashian-harpers_510.jpg Having already seen Kim Kardashian nude AND touched in the “leaked” tape with Ray J some years back, the mere fact that we have Queen Kardash naked is not that exciting. Far more interesting is that these nude Harper’s shots of Kardashian, Parenthood‘s Joy Bryant, and British actress-photographer Amanda de Cadenet are being touted as “unretouched.” If you remember, Jessica Simpson did a makeup- and retouch-free Marie Claire spread, which hit the Internet last week. So do we have a retouch-free trend on our hands? (Or, following Kara’s nude shoot earlier this week, perhaps a nude-celebrities-in-magazines trend? Let’s hope….)

The Kardashian shot is too posed for my taste. It looks like a knock-off of that famous Richard Avedon photo of Nastassja Kinski lying with a conveniently positioned snake — only minus the snake, which is what made that photo so interesting. I sort of love Bryant’s shot, though. She has a cocky-yet-vulnerable look that emphasizes the untouched, what-you-see-is-what-you-get idea behind the shoot. Cadenet just looks embarrassed, like we interrupted her in the middle of a personal moment involving that cord she’s holding. (Check them all out at Harper’s.)

Which is your favorite, PopWatchers? Are you digging the retouch-free trend? How about the nude celebrity magazine shoot trend?

Image Credit: Amanda de Cadenet Courtesy of Harper’s Bazaar


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  • karma

    ban her please

    • jennrae

      I guess I’m the only one, but I happen to like looking at naked people. I don’t really care who they are, or what they look like, I want to see them naked.

      • Brian

        What if they’re covered in leprous sores?

      • ugh

        im sorry, but its not nude if NOTHING IS ACTUALLY SHOWN

    • Rebecca

      Harpers -we need to increase our circulation- Bazaar so lets have a ‘nude’ photo of Amanda de who?? Boring, been done before, uninspiring idea for an international magazine. I don’t believe the non retouched waffle either. If magazine industry wants to that revolutionary stop retouching all photos henceforth.

  • Chichi

    Can’t this woman do anything standing up?

    • Chris


      • Tim Lade

        I can’t for the life of me figure out why she is a celebrity…

      • Brian

        Then you must be out of touch with the cult of celebrity that’s existed FOR THE PAST DECADE AT LEAST. Are you really hard pressed to figure out why?

      • charlotte

        I’m with Tim on this one. She’s not an actress, singer, dancer. She put out a sex tape and got a reality TV show out of it and now we have to put up with her whole family touting themselves as “celebrities” Grant it, her best achievement might be that fact that she took Paris Hilton’s spot but enough already!

      • Oh, if only . . .

        All of us could be as out of touch with the “cult of Celebrity” as tim is. It would be such an enlightened place.

  • katy

    Meh. DeCadenet has the realest figure, but you can barely see any of it. The point of the Jessica Simpson cover was that she was makeup free. These ladies, not so much.

  • Ambient Lite

    The move toward publishing photos of “real” bodies is great…but I did weep a little for the re-touching of the past when seeing Amanda de Cadenet’s wonky big toe. Yowza!

    • Sarah D

      That’s hilarious! I totally noticed her toes too. Although as a lifelong lover/sufferer of heels, it’s kinda unavoidable that your toes go wonky when you get older. Ce la vie!

      • Jace

        It’s “c’est la vie”, not “ce la vie”.

  • Shane

    Kim and Joy look beautiful.

  • BLM

    The ladies may not be Photoshopped, but they still have the benefit of perfect lighting and expensive cameras and hair and makeup specialists. Not really that “real”…

    • Darwin

      You’re asking for a little too much. Kim Kardashian may be annoying and famous for being famous but she is beautiful.

      • skiph

        Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, I guess. I find “beautiful” to be a very generous word when describing her and/or her sisters. Maybe it’s because of their total lack of talent taints their beauty, lol.

  • Terry Salas

    Why is this “Kardashian” creature famous for and why does EW deem her worthy of news? Is she a singer, actress, comedian?

    • Jim

      Joel Mchale on “The Soup” could answer that one for you – because she has a big a$$ and a sex tape.

      • Brian

        WORD. <3 Joel.

    • Eshia

      We live in a new era, where you don’t have to be “a singer, actress, comedian” in order to be famous. The fact is this woman, and her family are very popular. People are fascinated with things that are different. That and all of these “re-touch free” pics are all trends that sell.

      We shall see how long these trends last, but they are here. Don’t hate the player, hate the game.

      • Brian

        Well said, Eshia. The days when people could say they can’t understand why someone like Kim Kardashian or Spencer Pratt are celebrities are long since over. Seriously, Terry Salas? Have you not watched TV or picked up a magazine for the past decade? There are dozens of celebrities without any discernable talent or skill. Shut up already.

      • Johnification

        Stop pretending this is a new thing. Look at Madeleine Astor, half the people on the Titanic, or really any famous ‘socialite’.

      • Strum

        The fact that these people are famous has been confused with a reason for their being famous.

        Eshia, you are a goddamn retard.

  • A.F. for EW

    Could Harper’s Bazaar be really that hard up for photo shoot material?

    Color me not impressed!

    • Brian

      Color you corndog is more like it.

    • Kacper

      I am going to participate on my blog later today, after my dcootr’s appointment. I absolutely loved Cabbage Patch Kids. I had a couple and played with them all the time. It’s going to be fun thinking back to my childhood later.Tabaitha recently posted..

  • Jamie

    Yeah.. Kim is soooo “real”. Just about as real as her injections in her cheeks. Hellooo she looks like an alien. She is far from body acceptance.

    • SteevoNYC

      I’d nail that alien in a heartbeat.

      • victorian

        Or anything/one else, I bet!!!

      • Brian

        No, I’m going to go ahead and say that Steevo’s right: she’s hot, and not everyone is. Plus, “body acceptance” is just code for “resigned to my fugliness.” Very few people are this hot. We should celebrate it whe they are.

    • TJ

      No doubt. The woman is fine.

  • duffy

    nobodys skin is naturally shiny like that…gah how dumb do you think your custumer is harpers?

    • umm…yeah

      Actually, I know lots of people with shiny, healthy skin. They use this thing called mosturizer on a regular basis.

      • Annie

        Well, if they use moisturizer to make their skin shiny, then it’s not a case of their skin being “naturally shiny”

      • duffy

        i think you might want to change your mosturizer if its giving you an artificial sheen like kim has here. retouching is the norm, don’t fool yourself into thinking that they would allow an image to go to press without it.

      • Peanut

        Oh, for Christ’s sake. You’re really complaining because her skin is shiny? And moisturizer is too unnatural? Maybe they buttered her up like corn on the cob. Who gives a s**t?

    • Brian

      Yeah, nobudy has dah skeen dat shiny, huh duffy do they? how dum do harpar’s think i ams?

  • harry

    dangerous curves!!!

  • Alia

    Well, who needs retouching with a body like that? Still, I’m pleased with the trend. I think it’s healthy.

  • esquirrel

    Big woop, she has already posed for Playboy. Nothing more to see hear. Move along.

    • JimC

      Nice try. Plenty to see and linger over here.

    • Brian

      Esquirrel: your bittnerness is transparent.

  • Mr. M.

    How can I have her in my Arms?
    Eh God Subhannalla what a beauty.

  • knickerdrawersecrets

    far too fake!! is nothing real these days

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