Kara DioGuardi naked: 'A side of me they have never seen' (except for that one time on 'Idol')

kara-allureImage Credit: Norman Jean Roy/AllureAmerican Idol “fourth judge” Kara DioGuardi went the whole “clothing optional” route for a photo in this month’s Allure. “This shoot was less about beauty than about taking a risk and showing people a side of me they have never seen,” she said of the naked shot, which captures the tousle-haired, 1,000-thread-count glamour each and every one of us experiences when we wake up on a typical weekday morning.

Of course, Kara’s quote is not entirely true, as we all know this isn’t her first time at the skin-baring rodeo. Last year, during the Idol season finale, the Lady DioGuardi ripped off her navy, velcro dress like a saucy stripper and revealed a rock-hard, half-nekkid bod beneath, the better to upstage Bikini Girl’s hinky rendition of “Vision of Love.” Then again, as a person who has no issue with the personally trained, meticulously fed human form, I guess I should offer up an enthusiastic “You go, Kara!” and applaud her joie de nudité. In fact, let’s join together in musical celebration of Kara’s bravery, set to the music of the bridge of “No Boundaries”:

You can go naked
Just make the leap yeah
There are no boundaries
To go nude is deep yeah
Take off your clothes ’cause
There’s just you and your sheets
And your dreams

Every step you drop a bit of trou, girl
Every breath you’re flapping in the breeze…

There is no clothing
There is no clothing

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  • wooster182

    Since when did being naked equate with depth?

    • whatevs

      I would argue that being naked accomplishes the exact opposite. It shows character to stay covered up these days.

      • wooster182

        Exactly! She never thinks before she speaks. “This shows people a side of me they’ve never seen before.” Yeah, I really don’t need to see the side of your boob. Thanks.

      • Randi

        Good call! Or since when does nudity equate with bravery! (or anything more than a misdemeanor?)

    • Bea

      It doesn’t. That’s why it’s ironically funny.

  • Scooter

    Hey! How come there was no EW.com coverage of Bruno Tonioli’s naked charity photo? Surely that’s as newsworthy as Kara.

  • JJ

    Oh my god. Inspired. Slezak, you are the Messiah.

    • amanda

      NOT! I love me some Slezak, but why why why revisit No Boundaries? My ears just stopped bleeding from last season’s AI finale!

  • Jean

    Oh my Lord. Does anyone else get the feeling that this woman has decided that Idol is impeding her ability to make a name for herself (by toning down the Kara-Simon-touchy-touchy plotline, for example), so she’s branching out to other means? First the Atlantic City concert, now this. Lady, just be a judge – you’re getting decent at it – and stop pretending you’re not about to turn 40. I mean, the clips of the concert I heard were nice, and this photo is pretty remarkable too… it all just feels weird to me.

    • Dark Night

      She should go all the way and do a Playboy spread, I for one would love to see her naked breasts, I bet they look great. Besides how can anyone not like something that involves not having to hear her.

  • Quirky

    Hey, it’s better than a naked picture of Randy. Could you imagine him in that same pose? Now try getting that image out of your head.

    • Sharon


    • Jean

      Guhhhhhh. This is funny but I am physically cringing right now. For me for you, dog, this was not your best photo shoot.

    • Monti

      I don’t want to see ANY of them naked, including Kara. Why, oh why, do they think we think they’re hot? They can’t even do their overpaid jobs very well, much less add sex symbol to the CV. Only one of them is a good judge and the rest are mildly amusing. My advice to the AI judges:keep your clothes on.

    • sarahjane

      “things that make you go ‘buuuhh'”…

      • Terri

        @sarahjane–LOL, truthiness!

  • Jenna

    “Back then I was a size 6 or 8; now I’m more like a size 2.” Uggghhhhhhhh and giant eye roll. She looks awesome, but I bet she’d look even better as a 6 or 8.

    • cranky

      Right, like she was some kinda beast at SIZE SIX. Our culture is so effed up.

      • RobinL.

        Really good point. I thought the same thing.

      • amanda

        oh AMEN. What a terrible message for her to send. This further verifies my hypothesis that her IQ is a few points shy of STUPID.

      • duffy

        and its ALWAYS a size two. ALWAYS.

      • AJ

        No kidding! You can see her ribs in that photo, she looks gaunt – not healthy. Way to overcome an eating disorder and all, but size 8 is NOT overweight.

      • amalibros

        Is there anything inherently wrong with meat on one’s bones? Being able to see the ribs of a skinny naked female makes me think of the undernourished needy poor, which is sad, not noble. This is *not* an attractive photo in my humble opinion.

  • talkin’

    Always disappointing when a professional woman whom young girls may look up to resort to this. Is she just shallow or totally narcissistic?

    • Idol JUDGE

      Omg lol. She’s goodlooking for her age but this is all…sorts of wrong.

    • Idol JUDGE

      Sorry, that wasn’t supposed to be a reply to anyone.

    • amanda

      talkin': yes, and yes. She’s ridiculous!

    • yeesh

      or that she’s confident with herself to do something like this. i’d look up to someone with that much confidence. it’s not like she’s showing her coochie…

    • HannaB

      I vote narcissistic.

      • amy

        Me, too.

    • dd

      She’s just an idiot.

    • Terri

      Totally narcissistic. Must. Be. Center. Of. Attention. At. All. Times.

  • Sharon

    She should do this on the show. I’d rather see her naked than listen to most of this season’s contestants.

    • Rick

      They could use the guitar playing cowboy in his shorts as this weeks mentor. It’s ratings gold!

  • Be Real

    Sounds like Kara’s deciding to grab her 15 minutes of fame before Idol dies out. Too bad she felt she had to strip to do it. Unfortunately, I predict the publicity stunt will work.

  • Abby

    Pathetic. She needs constant attention. I hate her with the fire of 10,000 suns. Maybe even more than that.

    • Wes

      I don’t hate her, but she is one of those people that needs, needs, needs attention all the time. I’m really missing Paula right now. I didn’t think Kara could get any more obnoxious.

  • steve
  • …………….


  • Kaelyn

    TOO THIN! you can see her ribs.

  • ps in seattle

    I don’t get her picture. It looks like “I have a headache/I’m annoyed/I have a cramp.” I’m just not a big Kara fan anyway, and wish she’d stop acting so self important. Quit calling everyone “sweetie” and “hon.” And stop already with the clothes falling off the shoulders. She seems like she’s trying waaay too hard.

    • yeesh

      if one of your issues with her is calling people sweetie and hon…then clearly you have problems….sweetie.

      give the girl a break. she’s getting all the flack when there are other women in that spread bearing it all. there’s tasteful and then there’s trashy. i think this was done quite tastefully.

  • Leigh

    Nice looking woman, but the photo does her no favors. So tense – awkwardly posed. Looks amateurish.

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