'American Idol' exclusive: Brooke White, Justin Gaston to perform duet on this Wednesday's results show

American Idol season 7 finalist Brooke White and Justin Gaston, current star of the If I Can Dream web series, will perform together on this Wednesday’s Idol telecast, EW has learned exclusively. No word yet on what White and Gaston will sing, but the duet (shown rehearsing in the IICD studio on Sunday) is in keeping with Idol‘s recent trend of showcasing its alumni during results shows, and of synergy between Idol and If I Can Dream, which were both created by Simon Fuller. (IICD recently added Alex Lambert, who was shockingly booted during Idol‘s current season semifinals, to its roster of struggling young artists.)

Since her fifth-place run on Idol, White has released the disc High Hopes and Heartbreak, to widely positive reviews, and recently launched her own Web-based initiative, The Girls With Glasses. Gaston, a one-time contestant on USA network’s Nashville Star and a former boyfriend of Miley Cyrus, has been living in the IICD house since the project kicked off in early March. IICD broadcasts a live stream of its residents’ day-to-day activities at IfICanDream.com, and half-hour episodes about its residents’ quests for show-biz fame air every Tuesday morning on Hulu.com.

Personally, I’m pretty stoked by this news. Brooke’s debut CD is packed with classic melodies that deserve the kind of wider audience that Idol can help provide, but of course, with only seven results shows left in season 9 (including the finale), alumni performance slots are at a premium. (This week’s guest mentor, season 8 runner-up Adam Lambert, will also perform on Wednesday.) I’d like to see Jason Castro, Fantasia, Melinda Doolittle, Anoop Desai, and Mishavonna Henson follow Brooke’s lead, and of course, I wouldn’t be too upset to see Kris Allen and David Cook launch new singles on results nights, either. Hmmm…at this rate, maybe Ken Warwick & Co. should consider putting the kibosh on the Ke$has and Biebers of the world and sticking with only home-grown talent on the Idol stage. Three per week is alright, alright with me…

Who would you like to see get booked for an Idol results-night gig? Sounds off in the comments below! (And for all my Idol scoop, follow me on Twitter @EWMichaelSlezak.)

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  • Tina

    Michael Johns would be a great choice for an Idol Results night gig!

    • t.t

      a kris allen/ brooke white duet would be GOLDEN! how amazing would that be i mean instead of this Gaston dude i’d even settle for a jason castro kris allen duet if brooke couldn’t do it

      • annie

        that would’ve been spectacular.

      • annie

        kris and brooke would’ve been spectacular, kris and anyone really…

      • Katrina Ratjen

        Actually Gaston has a good voice and I heard pieces of the duet and they sound very good together.

    • shelbar

      I agree. I was so upset when he was voted off, I sent emails to the producers stating my displeasure with the show. I would love to see Michael Johns on AI.

      • davey

        Really? You sent e-mails to the producers? LOL.

    • Terry


      Remember her awful yellow dress and the DANCING??

      • ksoze

        ‘Here comes the sun…whooooo!’

    • ACM

      Yes! Yes! Yes! to Michael Johns

    • Tracy

      If they want to bring back some former Idols, why didn’t they just ask Brooke White and Michael Johns to sing their duet “Life Is Okay”? It’s a great song, and it would include TWO past Idol contestants, instead of Justin Gaston. I know that Simon Fuller is trying to promote his other show ‘If I Can Dream’, but how many casual AI viewers are going to care about Gaston, who is a struggling musician himself and a reject from Nashville Star? I would rather see Alex Lambert again, if Fuller wants to bring someone from IICD. :P

      • Steve A.

        I use Hulu as my primary source for TV shows. That was how I found out about If I Can Dream. Thought, “hear we go, now ‘reality TV’ is taking over the internet as well.” I decided to look at the live feed from the house and to my surprise I turned in to see Justin Gaston in a song writing session. Never watch reality TV because as we all know there is nothing real about it (each person being assigned a “character”). But I found I couldn’t stop watching this song writing session. To see a song, and a GOOD one at that, from its birth to completion was fascinating. I knew nothing of Justin Gaston up to that point. What I knew was from that and subsequent song writing sessions. Surprise! He IS amazingly talented. The words to the songs actually have a story to tell; not just some booming beat to dance to with senseless words added so it can call itself a song. The story telling style of his songs reminds me of JT (the ORIGINAL; James Taylor…Wiki him if you’re too young). Besides having and amazing vocal range Gaston is also a very accomplished guitar player (I was a classical guitarist for almost 30 years…I can tell a hack when I hear one). All in all I’m not one to watch a 24/7 live stream since I have my own life but I do look at the calendar on the site and tune in on occasion. I think Simon Fuller actually got it right with If I Can Dream; it is probably THE first reality show that IS real and Gaston is a name I know we will be hearing more of and I mean specifically for his music. As for the others in the house I think their futures will be bright also. They are just gifted ordinary people with dreams and drive who have been given every opportunity to make them come true. No in-fighting, no “good guy” or “bad guy”. Just a group of talented people going somewhere.

    • kellybelly

      How about Lilly Scott or Katelyn Epperson? I mean if Alex Lambert can be picked to be on IICD, then those too ladies should definitely be on. Somewhere.

    • Shannon

      Would Love to see Michael Johns! He has a disarming smile and stage presence. I always enjoyed seeing him perform.

  • WhiteLady

    I wuold like to see Pink perform, but that’s never gonna happen…
    I’m supper happy Adam’s back this week though!
    And I’m rooting for Cookie. We’ll see!

    • flower

      I think David Cook would be a great mentor! He knew himself well: his ability, his limitations, and his style. He would be able to give good advice to the current contestants.

  • Theme?

    I know Adam is the mentor, but did they announce the “theme” of the week? Not sure if I missed it or if they didn’t say.

    • Meow

      I think this week is Elvis week, some Las Vegas paper reported it anyway.

      • Theme?

        Thanks!! Looks like a couple of other people below have heard the same thing.

      • RR3

        on other blog someone mentioned that it was “movies theme week”…
        go figure…

      • Shamus N.

        I would have thought they would do songs from Glee, since it returns tomorrow.
        I wonder if Glee will be on Idol Gives Back? I may actually watch it.

      • bebe

        Elvis week?
        Ohh no, so old school…. I will NOT watch AI on FOX, instead of, I will watch the ABC’s Dance Show.

  • sonja

    Yes, more idols, less pop nincompoops!!!

    • Linda

      I am with you 100% on this one!

  • Inspiration

    Uhhm yes! Lots More Kris Allen please! I’m totally on-board, ditch Miley, Keisha, bieber, gaga & the rest of the prepackaged crap(including group numbers)! Bring on AI alumn! If they don’t have Kris Allen back for finale performance, I’m done forever. I DONT think AI contestants should be mentors, unless they’ve succeeded to the level oh Kelly, daughtry, Carrie -who’ve received AMA, grammy or cma-music awards issued by their peers in the industry!!!

    • JC

      I agree with you, Adam hasn’t even had a top 10 single yet.

      • momma bear

        Not true…For Your entertainment went top 5 on the Billboard dance/club play chart, and whataya want from me is currently no. 10 (and moved up to 9 today) on the HAC radio airplay chart.

      • lisa

        His video was number one on VH1!!

    • gagirl265

      Well, I am gonna have to disagree, I am super excited to see Adam on the show as a mentor and performing. They def made the right choice.

    • True to yourself

      Agree with you 100%. I WANT good music. I beg AI producer to ask Kris Allen back to AI, or I will forget about AI from now on.

      • momma bear

        there is no question that kris will be back to perform on AI — he will probably perform his new single on the finale or prior to the finale…sheesh..

      • Marcus

        What does Kris Allen have to do with good music?

    • Ali

      He’s mentoring on vocals & stage presence which he is more than qualified to do! His billboard placement has nothing to do with mentoring (though he is doing well!) And he CAN sing, which some previous mentors have not done all that well…miley.

    • Melinda

      Adam is mentoring them on how to handle the entire Idol experience and how to change up songs, etc. something established artists are not so great at since they only work with their original material – I also feel he can be more honest with them – a big artist (e.g. Usher) doesn’t want to give bad criticism and crush the dreams of these kids who cleary idolizes them. Adam will be a great help to all of them – they seem to be struggling with the whole concept of Idol, the pressure, etc…..

  • Allie

    i didn’t hear the theme either. i love brooke white!! why is adam the mentor? he’s only had one album out.

    • Betsy

      I think Adam will be a great mentor, and here’s why: this season’s crop of contestants are CLUELESS about how to pick a song, and with the exception of Crystal, how to perform it in a professional, entertaining way. Adam said he followed David Cook’s method of making his song choices like a set list – he was an excellent performer each week. Right now whenever Ryan asks “why did you choose that song?” the kids all say, “because I love that song” – they really aren’t AWARE of what it means to pick a good song for them, for their voice, and how to arrange/perform it well. I think he’ll help them more than any other mentors in the history of the show, frankly.

      • chris ford

        I have seen contestants pick very good songs and explain why they did so on occasion. Other than Siobhans bad crash and burn from overreaching on taking on “Through the Fire”, her selections have been very good. Her explainations have been not so good on occasions – but from the heart and authentic vs. robo-Katies scripted answers. Casey has picked well.

        Crystal has basically picked songs that fit her singing style. No rocket science there. No pleasant surprises, either.

  • Allie

    and his season was only last year

    • LiLa

      But what a year it was! I’m happy to see Adam return to the AI stage.

  • kris

    why justin gaston? why not alex lambert?

    • ChristineOH


    • bittercakes

      It’s perform-with-Idol-Mentor Miley-Cyrus’-Underwear-Model-Exes Week! Obviously.

      They already had a Jonas Ex-Boyfriend on. Has Miley dated any more singers? (yes, I’m using the term ‘singer’ lightly)

    • Betsy

      if you watched any of the “If I Can Dream” episodes, you’d understand why – because Justin has been on the show longer and has been going through the process of building up to this. Alex was just booted off the show – it’s too soon to put him on as a featured performer. Let him learn and grow some more first.

      • cecil

        I want to see Alex back on the Idol stage as a performer too (soon I hope!!!) but I don’t think Justin performing on this week’s results show is unfair. He had that gig (though unconfirmed at the time) even before Alex moved into the IICD house.

  • Julie

    Michael Johns and Brooke White have an AMAZING duet on iTunes called “Life is Okay.” I absolutely love it. Check it out. I’d also love to see Matt Giraud back on the show. Just found a clip of him singing an original song on youtube called “I Miss You Tonight.” Sounds like a generic title but I really like the song. Just him and piano. SOOO good. I just wish I could buy it.

    • Cassie

      I think Matt Giraud has a lot of potential, but he already returned to the Idols results show, back on March 11. He peformed a duet with Scott McIntyre. I’d like to see more past Idols, and not just from season 7 and 8. Melinda Doolittle would be my first choice!

      • Julie

        that’s right. i forgot he came back already. whoopsie. (i’d still like to see him come back, though.)

      • Like

        Melinda Melinda Melinda !!!

    • C

      I’d love to see Matt G. come back (again) too! :) Have you heard the pretty awesome snippet of his soon to be released single, “4am”? He played it in a bubbletweet a few weeks ago. You can watch it on his twitter page. Twitter.com/@ImMattGiraud.

      • C

        here’s a straight link to it!

      • Dana

        Me too!! True he performed with Scott this season, but their invitation was due to their infamously crappy treatment in last year’s finale. (After their duet was cut at the last minute, top 5 Matt got to sing only a few words that whole night and poor Scott only got to dance.) Producers answered fan outrage by promising the two a chance to perform the same number this year as a way to attone. That’s not the same as being invited back because the show really believes in you and wants to push your career. Matt deserves another invitation!

      • C

        Right on!

  • Jean

    I think the rationale for Adam as mentor is that he’s been in the contestants’ shoes very recently, so he can give them advice from that perspective. Plus he was well-versed in having an Idol “moment” so perhaps he’ll be an inspiration to them in that regard as well. As to the theme – there are rumors regarding this week’s (related to the fact that the contestants saw Viva Elvis! in Vegas this weekend) and I’m hoping Michael will get an opportunity to substantiate them today. I’m dying to know.

    • DenverDave

      Everything you credit to Adam also works for Kris Allen. It makes more sense to me to bring back the season winner simply because of the winning status. That being said, I don’t think either should be a mentor – that should go to someone who has had time to earn their chops in the industry: Underwood, Daughtry, etc.

      • Jean

        True. I was just trying to suggest the positive to having him instead of someone more seasoned — but Kris would work just as well, you’re absolutely right. Perhaps the Lambert choice was that he’d drum up more gossip? Also agree with you that one of the former contestants who’s relevant today would be preferable to either of those two. I’d love to see Jennifer Hudson on a showtunes or movie songs night.

      • RR3

        Simon Cowel said on Leno, that AI is becoming a popularity contest, not a singing competition…he also stated that based on talent, Adam Lambert should’ve won…
        Kris Allen fans, chill down with your winning status BS…that stage is long gone into the abyss…
        now is real life…
        that’s the beauty of diversity…there’s room for everyone…is up to you…

      • bitterbert

        Mentor adam’s advice to the AI contestants should be:
        1. Wash face.
        2. Reduce the gimmicks to zero.
        3. No screaming, just sing.

      • silkrose1

        Maybe Kris Allen was busy and Adam was just sitting around painting his nails ;o

      • realitytv

        Dear RR3,
        Please don’t put words like “Lambert should’ve won” into Simon Cowell’s mouth. Simon may be a jerk, but he still respects the America votings.

      • Marcus

        One thing can be credited to Lambert that cannot be credited to Kris Allen… Having a personality. They want to create compelling TV. It’s a reality show.

        Oh, and yeah, Simon did indeed say Adam should have won, because he’s not retarded.

  • Sheena

    Would love to see Jason Castro. His CD comes out this week, too.

    • ark632

      Me too! I hope they have him. That would be awesome.

    • Rachel

      YES! I love his new single, “That’s What I’m Here For”!

    • Susie

      Jason is my all-time favorite idol. He would be a perfect choice this week, but of course we will NOT get a performance from him. I will be first in line to buy his CD tomorrow, though!

    • Cassie

      Yes, I wonder why they wouldn’t want to have Jason on this week, since his CD comes out on Tuesday. Along with Jason, I’d also like to see performances from Michael Johns, Carly Smithson, Elliot Yamin, etc. Any of these former Idols are better singers than Ke$ha, Rihanna, Miley, etc.

  • AdamAdam

    I think Hedley (he was on Canadian Idol and did not win; now he has his band and several songs on charts) will be a good choice.

    Except for him……….is ADAM ! Adam become a synonym for American Idol. I hope one day the TV stations will understand HOW MUCH WE MISS THIS GUY and will let him sing live. On today’s music scene, there’s nothing so deep, so emotional, so creative and of such high quality as ADAM’s LIVE performances.

    • Shannon

      Adam is stupendous in every way! What a talent!!! He has it all.

  • Poppet

    I see what you did there.

    And totally agree. With as many season of idol as there have been there should be plenty of alumni with something to perform

  • KED

    I am amazed this year at how poorly the current “hit makers” perform live. They could all learn a lot from having to go through and idol journey. Adam Lambert is one artist that you can count on to not only sound great live, but every time he does a song he changes it and makes it even better. I think we will see that his mentoring will be helpful because he has recently experienced the idol journey, and knows how to make the most of that platform to launch a career.

  • yoko71

    I would love to see Anoop booked for a result show. His single is very different from anything he did during Season 8, and it would be really nice for him to be able to showcase that to the Idol audience.

    • Shana

      I agree… Anoop has a new single out right now and it’s really catchy. He would be a good choice.

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