Jeff Probst blogs 'Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains' episode 8

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Russell lies back in his homemade bed of palm fronds and coconut husk. He takes one last puff before on his imaginary Survivor cigarette before extinguishing it into the imaginary mud.

He puts his arms behind his head and smiles as he traces back the thoughts of last night…



… the seventh person voted out… Boston Rob.

Russell turns to Parvati, who is of course not really there.


(deep sigh)
Ahh. That was really good.

He gives her a peck on the cheek and effortlessly pops to his feet. With a flash he is gone for there is more Survivor left to play.



Boston Rob is gone. Russell is in charge. Or is he? Who really is in charge over at the Villains camp? Is it Russell? Is it Parvati? Is it Parvati and Danielle? Or is it truly a power trio of Russell, Parvati, and Danielle? Expect a battle for true leadership to emerge at some point because Parvati takes a back seat to nobody. Either way you slice it, the Villains are in trouble.

More on that later.

Oh, J.T.: Dude, you got caught! Sweet.

J.T. was like a six-year old kid caught with his hand in the cookie jar. He can try all he wants to make it a “tribe idol,” but the damage is done. He got busted. It didn’t play out in this episode, but rest assured it will in future episodes. J.T. has some major recovering to do because he flat out got busted and it didn’t go over well with the rest of the tribe that he went looking for the idol without telling anybody.

Coach and Jerri continue to captivate me. Their love story, and in my book it is a love story, is one of the best we’ve ever had. Sure, it may be a story of unrequited love, since Jerri just doesn’t seem to be into it, but it’s been so enjoyable to watch. They make me feel as though I’m in the midst of some sort of 15th century epic war movie where you know Jerri will finally proclaim her love for Coach only as he is dying in her arms after saving her life.


It’s been a long time since we last tried to pull off a “fake merge.” It was way back on Survivor: Thailand when Shi-Ann took the bait, believing that we were in fact merging and ultimately made a strategic mistake that cost her a shot at the million dollars.

This week, we knew that both tribes were expecting (even hoping for) a merge so we played on that expectation even though there was no merge planned for this episode.

The first thing we did was write a tree-mail that would help set the trap. If you go back and listen to the tree-mail again, the content is the same as any other challenge tree-mail. It explains the challenge and it teases the reward. But the way “tree-mail poet” and challenge producer John Kirhoffer wrote it played on their expectations of a merge. It was a subtle shift but it worked. It set the trap.

The result: The Villians believed they were merging and so they took apart their entire camp and brought everything with them to the challenge, anticipating that they would not be going back to their camp.

Yes, that made us very happy because keep in mind that after 20 seasons it is extremely difficult for us to get anything past them. So many players today are students of the game combined with the fact that we’ve used up most of our tricks over the last 10 years. So any small victory is a reason to celebrate.

The next thing we did to help sell the idea of a merge was to let them “see” the reward when they walked in, which is also a bit unusual. Normally I “reveal” the reward only after explaining the challenge. When they saw the food sitting on the table it again fueled their expectations — the food had to be the merge feast. Why else would it be sitting out like that? Wrong again. More celebration for us.

The final lure was the language I used when addressing them, which inclued the beginning words of the phrase that we always use when we merge:

“Everybody… drop… your…”

As I was slowly saying the words, I saw Rupert begin to take off his buff. I’ll admit I couldn’t help but smile inside. These are our best and smartest players. Some of them have played three times. To pull something over on them on any level is just good ole plain fun.

The final beat was the last word…

“Everybody drop your… expectations.”

It was followed with a large groan by both tribes as they realized we were not merging.

The Villains were especially bummed since they had taken down their entire camp. Yes, they went back to camp and had to rebuild everything.

The Villains do not have a leader. Russell is not a leader. He’s a great strategist, but he doesn’t know the first thing about how to lead a group of people. Parvati is certainly not a leader. She’s a spy. Coach would love to be a leader and if this were a women’s soccer team, perhaps he’d be a very good leader. But this is Survivor and Coach cannot lead a group like this.

Boston Rob was a leader. He led his tribe. But Boston Rob is gone.

When the Villains were strategizing about whom to sit out at the reward challenge, it was Coach that was taking the leadership role. Coach was asking silly questions like “Who is good at bowling?” What? Coach, this isn’t the PBA with oiled up lanes and a Black Diamond 16 lb ball. This is Survivor bowling. It’s 90 percent luck for crying out loud. When you have to sit someone out, the question should never be about the Reward Challenge, it should always be about the upcoming Immunity Challenge. You have to keep in mind that whoever sits out in the Reward challenge has to play in the Immunity Challenge.

Leadership. Forward thinking. Sorely missing.

Sandra is really underestimated. Not only does she know when to avoid a fight, she also knows when to start a fight. Strategy is all about timing, and Sandra is very good at gauging the right time to stir up trouble. She did it back in the Pearl Islands and used it to get the heat off of her back, which allowed her to win the game. She did it again this episode by starting a rift between Coach and Russell. Brilliantly played. I loved it. Let’s be honest, Sandra could have easily been sent home by now and had Courtney been voted out tonight, Sandra would be a shoo-in for next week. But because of her well-timed strategic maneuver, Sandra is still alive.

With this one little move, Sandra again revealed Russell’s Achilles heel. It’s not that he’s “stupid” as Sandra suggested. It’s his ego. Pure ego. In this case, it’s that he can’t stand thinking Coach is having second thoughts about him. Nobody has second thoughts about Russell Hantz. “I’m Russell Hantz!”

With Parvati, it’s his ego that is leading him to believe she really likes him. She doesn’t. Parvati doesn’t like anybody. We all know that. We’ve watched her play this game three times now. She’s a flirt. A very good flirt. A million-dollar flirt. But she doesn’t like you, Russell.

When Parvati and Russell were talking about their plan, she said to Russell: “It’s all falling together perfectly…” Russell should have stopped and listened to his gut. His reply to Parvati — “You’ve done that before…” — tells you that he knew something wasn’t right, but he didn’t listen. The reason he didn’t listen? His ego. To admit to himself that Parvati might be playing him would mean he would have to admit that maybe Parvati wasn’t as “into him” as he wants to think she is. Ego is a powerful thing. Russell’s ego is so powerful that it overrode his usually spot-on strategic sense and has left him very vulnerable. At this moment in the game, Russell is in trouble. He doesn’t see it, but he is.

The villains never really had a chance. Courtney has hurt them in back-to-back challenges. She hurt them last week, and she hurt them again this week. I’m not picking on Courtney! Relax. I’m just observing. Courtney should not have sat out of the bowling challenge. She should have bowled. Sandra should have bowled too. Bowling is a non-contact, non-physical challenge for reward. You don’t put yourself in a position to have Courtney and Sandra both forced to compete in the Immunity Challenge when you only have 5 people competing. That’s nearly half your tribe. I’ll say it again: leadership. Voting out Rob was a mistake they are paying for dearly.

If you find yourself on a tribe with a really great leader or a really great strategist or a really great food provider, or someone who dominates at challenges — think before you vote them out. Yes, they may be a threat later in the game, but that doesn’t mean it makes sense to vote them out immediately. Better to work with them, use their skills to get YOU as far in the game as you can go. Ride the horse in the direction it’s going… then when the end is in sight, you cut their neck. The short-sighted nature of so many Survivor players is the single biggest reason they never have a shot at the money.

In a sense, you have to play this game backwards. Think about it. You must get to the end to have a shot at the money, right? So, you have to survey the scene and ask yourself, who can help me get to the end? Guys like Russell and Rob and women like Parvati and Sandra, they can help you get to the end. If you find yourself in a situation where you sense somebody is very good, latch onto them and take a ride. I’m not suggesting flying under the radar, but I am suggesting you look for someone you fear — and instead of fearing them, join them. Just don’t forget to cut their throat before they cut yours.

Oh, now Danielle wants Courtney gone?!! Finally, a good idea. Danielle is right. But it’s too late, and she’s the wrong person to make a suggestion to Russell. Russell doesn’t respect Danielle. Parvati might have a shot at convincing Russell but she’s fine getting rid of Coach, because remember… it’s all “falling together perfectly.”

This slowly emerging idea that the Heroes think there is a “women’s alliance” on the villain tribe could be their salvation. It remains to be seen how and if it will play out but the Villains will need some sort of a break because right now they are in major trouble.

I won’t do a “goodbye Coach” tribute. You all know that I hated to see Coach go. From my vantage point, he’s one of the most fascinating people we’ve had on the show, but there is nothing to be done about it — he’s gone. My tissue box is still empty from last week’s dismissal of Boston Rob so the tears will have to simply fall down my face and onto the floor.

If you missed the tease for next week’s episode, it’s a good one!!

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  • Chad

    2 questions
    Do you think the women on the Villains will acually form a Women’s Alliance? I thnk its a real possibility.
    And Do you Honestly believe that a tribe will give immunity to a teammember from an opposing tibe? I cannot fathom this happening, but if it does, then YES that would be beyond dumb.

    • Tyler

      hhmm… interesting, however I do not think so. I do not think that Danielle would ever side with Courtney or Sandra… but who knows!

      Secondly, this will all depend on if the merge happens with numbers still favoring the villians AND the hero’s still believe that it is a women’s alliance… Should be interesting to see how it plays out!

      • SurvivorFan

        The promo for next week talked about the dumbest move in survivor history. I’m rolling my eyes thinking . . . might they merge next week and then JT gives the immunity idol to Russell, thinking he is next to get voted off because of the (supposed) all-girl alliance on the Villains tribe?????? If so, that certainly would be the dumbest move ever made!!!

      • Sally

        I think Danielle has already sided with Courtney and Sandra. Why did she vote out Coach during tribal, when she was the person who brought up to Russell voting out Courtney. Why, unless she’s with them now.

      • Shannon

        Courtney – Skuzzy Stick (someone break her in half and package her ass home please!)
        Sandra – Mouthy Stump Woman (worthless piece of trash)
        Amanda – Can you say Doofus??
        Parvarti – I don’t get the appeal? She looks like bees have stung her face in strange places.
        Jerri – Turned about to be rather stupid..disappointing.
        Colby – Yummy for sure…but lucky he is still there! is stepping up though.
        Candice – Sour puss face…please make her GO!!! AWAY!!!
        J.T. – He makes me laugh…so of course I adore him!
        Russell – It truly starting to give me the damn creeps when he smiles!
        BIG GUY – Do not understand why he is there!!! will probably win…..

      • chuckie247

        The dumbest move would not be to offer Russell the idol. The dumbest move has already been made: by Rupert assuming out loud that there might be a women alliance on the Villain’s tribe. Sure, no one knows of Russell’s play (I’m referring to Samoa and that Russell played the same strategy twice), but Rupert’s comment (even though he may be just pointing out the obvious) gave the Villains so much information to plan ahead for once the merge arrives regardless of whether a women alliance existed or not!

      • Dr Zechariah Zenith

        I have been watching Survivor since Day 1. I tried to compile their rankings based on days stay on island, placings, age, etc. For instance if an alpha male was rank the same with a 50 year old woman. The alpha male would rank lower.

        301 Jonathan Libby 23 Palau
        300 Brook Geraghty 27 Vanuatu
        299 Ryan Aiken 23 Amazon
        298 Wanda Shirk 55 Palau
        297 Sekou Bunch 45 Cook Is
        296 John Raymond 40 Thailand
        295 Peter Harkey 44 Marquesas
        294 “Chicken” Morris 47 China
        293 Jim Lynch 63 Guatemala
        292 Marisa Calihan 26 Samoa
        291 Jessica DeBen 27 Fiji
        290 Billy Garcia 35 Cook Is
        289 Mary Sartain 29 Micronesia
        288 Mike Borassi 62 Samoa
        287 Michelle Chase 24 Gabon
        286 Jolanda Jones 38 Palau
        285 Carolina Eastwood 26 Tocantins
        284 Nicole Delma 24 Pearl Is
        283 Tina Scheer 44 Panama
        282 Diane Ogden 42 Africa
        281 Debb Eaton 45 Australia
        280 Sonja Christopher 63 Borneo
        279 Erica Durousseau 27 Fiji
        278 Betsy Bolan 48 Samoa
        277 Ryan Shoulders 23 Pearl Is
        276 Kel Gleason 32 Australia
        275 Ben Browning 28 Samoa
        274 Cecilia Mansilla 29 Cook Is
        273 B.B. Andersen 64 Borneo
        272 Dolly Neely 25 Vanuatu
        271 Ashlee Ashby 22 Palau
        270 Morgan McDevitt 21 Guatemala
        269 Gillian Larson 61 Gabon
        268 Jeff Wilson 21 Palau
        267 J.P. Palyok 31 Vanuatu
        266 Ashley Massaro 28 China
        265 Candace Smith 31 Tocantins
        264 Melinda Hyder 32 Panama
        263 Tanya Vance 27 Thailand
        262 Jessie Camacho 26 Africa
        261 Janet Koth 46 Amazon
        260 Patricia Jackson 49 Marquesas
        259 Sylvia Kwan 52 Fiji
        258 Brianna Varela 21 Guatemala
        257 Mia Galeotalanza 29 Vanuatu
        256 Misty Giles 24 Panama
        255 Daniel Lue 26 Amazon
        254 Hunter Ellis 33 Marquesas
        253 Jed Hildebrand 25 Thailand
        252 Carl Bilancione 46 Africa
        251 J.P. Calderon 30 Cook Is
        250 Mikey Borton 34 Micronesia
        249 Brady Finta 33 Vanuatu
        248 Gary Stritesky 55 Fiji
        247 Jerry Sims 49 Tocantins
        246 Leslie Nease 38 China
        245 Paloma SotoCastillo 23 Gabon
        244 Stacey Stillman 27 Borneo
        243 Maralyn Hershey 51 Australia
        242 Bubba Samson 33 Vanuatu
        241 Dave Cruser 37 China
        240 Mitchell Olson 23 Australia
        239 Ghandia Johnson 33 Thailand
        238 Joanna Ward 31 Amazon
        237 Yasmin Giles 33 Samoa
        236 Stephanie Favor 35 Cook Is
        235 Liliana Gomez 25 Fiji
        234 Brooke Struck 25 Guatemala
        233 Kim Mullen 25 Palau
        232 Willard Smith 56 Palau
        231 Ruth Marie Milliman 48 Panama
        230 Ramona Gray 29 Borneo
        229 Angie Jakusz 24 Palau
        228 Sarah Jones 24 Marquesas
        227 Linda Spencer 44 Africa
        226 Sandy Burgin 53 Tocantins
        225 Osten Taylor 27 Pearl Is
        224 Kathy Sleckman 45 Micronesia
        223 “GC” Brown 25 Gabon
        222 Joel Anderson 32 Micronesia
        221 Blake Towsley 24 Guatemala
        220 Bobby Mason 32 Panama
        219 “Cao Boi” Bui 42 Cook Is
        218 Rita Verreos 38 Fiji
        217 Cristina Coria 35 Cook Is
        216 Michelle Tesauro 22 Pearl Is
        215 Jacquie Berg 25 Gabon
        214 Ashley Trainer 22 Samoa
        213 Gabriel Cade 23 Marquesas
        212 Dirk Been 23 Borneo
        211 Brian Corridan 22 Guatemala
        210 James Miller 33 Palau
        209 Aaron Reisberger 32 China
        208 Russell Swan 42 Samoa
        207 Anthony Robinson 32 Fiji
        206 Spencer Duhm 19 Tocantins
        205 Dan Barry 51 Panama
        204 Margaret Bobonich 43 Guatemala
        203 Stephanie Dill 29 Thailand
        202 Kimmi Kappenberg 27 Australia
        201 Jeanne Herbert 40 Amazon
        200 Lisa Keiffer 44 Vanuatu
        199 Silas Gaither 23 Africa
        198 Chet Welch 48 Micronesia
        197 Jessica Smith 27 Cook Is
        196 Kelly Czarnecki 22 Gabon
        195 Trish Dunn 42 Pearl Is
        194 Liz Kim 33 Samoa
        193 Ibrehem Rahman 27 Palau
        192 John Kenney 22 Vanuatu
        191 Robb Zbacnik 23 Thailand
        190 Joel Klug 27 Borneo
        189 Shawn Cohen 28 Pearl Is
        188 Sherea Lloyd 26 China
        187 Gina Crews 28 Marquesas
        186 Amy O’Hara 39 Guatemala
        185 Lindsey Richter 26 Africa
        184 Shawna Mitchell 23 Amazon
        183 Sydney Wheeler 24 Tocantins
        182 Tracy Hughes-Wolf 43 Micronesia
        181 Ace Gordon 27 Gabon
        180 Dan Kay 32 Gabon
        179 Michael Skupin 38 Australia

      • aaa

        VAMOS SANDRA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        Puerto Rican Power

      • Manly Stanley

        Dr Zenith-
        Do you have the rest of that list posted anywhere? This seems like a very interesting idea.

      • Mark

        Last week somebody posted the Top 12 in the order they’re eliminated, which was pretty quickly removed. Coach was number 12, so I’m thinking it might have actually been the real thing. Kinda disappointed with the ultimate winner if it’s true, and that the suspense has been taken away.

      • Duude

        Shannon, you hate all the girls, and most of the men. Why bother watching?

      • Ian

        Wow, Janice sounds like a jealous catty housewife, lol. Only hates the women.

      • Patricia


      • Shannon

        I don’t hate them all… I just like watching the ones that ACTUALLY do something besides sit on their asses and talk their way through it! Snakes do well on this show! I was happy when JT won! it restored some of my faith that someone could win that was not a total snake and works for it! they are all pretty much snakes…but he was a damn hard working snake!

      • Rob

        EW, you can’t just take the posts off that have spoilers after a whole bunch of people have already read them! MODERATE! or else I, along with I bet a whole bunch of other people aren’t going to read Jeffs blog after this season because we don’t want to find out who wins, it completely ruins survivor.


      • N.Cam

        I agree with rob.i found out for samoa and now again for this should check the comments before theyre actually publisehd publicly.good blog though jeff,i prefer it when you focus on the game..

      • Dr Zechariah Zenith

        Yeah, I got lot of time in my hands. I live and breathe Survivor like it is my life. Too bad I can’t join it. The producers won’t allow it.

        Anyway the list was for Survivors till pre-merge. On the otherhand, Merge and Jury points is hard to determine. Rankings like that should be determine by votes.

      • Anoopfan

        If there is one Survivor that stood out among pre-merge, it is definitely Michael Skupin.

        That game was a game-turner in Australia. I say bring him back. He is strong in challenges and could hunt.

    • StrawBerryCutie

      As of right now, no, I do not believe there is or will be a woman’s alliance. I think Parvati will keep Russell to do her dirty work for her for as long as possible, maybe even until the end, but she will not go to the finals with him. She’ll probably choose a woman to go against in the finals, so that is where there will be a woman’s alliance. Not right now though…its too early for Parvati to vote out Russell

      • Michael

        Parvati will keep Russell to the end, I believe, because she knows Russell is extremely dislikeable. Maybe the Heroes newfound sympathy for him might change the polarity of the jury, but on the Villains tribe, it’s clear that nobody would want to hand him any money.

      • liz

        jeff- that sounds all you! you love the 20 somethings…so lame. you do know how old you are right?

      • keith

        Uh- If I had Jeff’s job, I wouldn’t grow up either. You keep snagging what you can, while you can brotha!

      • Kellan

        Parvati will ride Russell to the end, and he’ll get the majority of the bitter jury feelings cast his way. She’s an EXPERT on latching on to an assassin without getting too much blood on her hands.

        As far as the Villians tribe being weak, Russell doesn’t care. He knows his tribe won’t vote him out before the merge, and he’s already looking to be safe after the merge. He may have even secured Coach’s vote on the jury by voting for Courtney last night. I’m still mad/sad that Rob is gone, but Russell really plays an amazing game. I think some of it’s pure luck, but he’s good. I’m happy Sandra figured out his ego is his weakness though.

      • Dr Zechariah Zenith

        Speaking of dumb moves. Survivor has seen a lot lately from Samoa to Tocantins to Gabon to Micronesia. Is it me but isn’t Survivor should become smarter?

        Some do, but others degraded.

        James Clement – has two H.I. but got blindsided.

        Ozzy, Eric Cardona, Brendan – has one, but got blindsided.

        Jason Siska – thinking a stick is a H.I.

        Erik Reichenbach – has an immunity streak and gave it to hot Natalie Bolton. Well, if Natalie promise to do me later? I will probably give it too…Wait a minute this is Survivor. Don’t trust extremely Hot woman.

        If J.T. gives Russell the H.I., that will go down in Survivor history as the Dumbest of them all. Come on, of all the people to give to, you give it to the person who actually knows how to use it.

      • Tina

        I can’t reply to Mark, so I am posting here but there is other list out there on a great website and I too am disappointed who is said to win. The final 3 are a joke and the only way I see that happening is JT does give that idol to Russ! Otherwise I just dont get IT!

      • Mia

        What a lot of people forget is that no one in the current Survivor saw Russell in his Samoa tour. They don’t know what he’s like. We can say giving him the Idol is most stupid move ever, but if you didn’t know how scheming he is, are you really to blame?

      • hutchy

        I quit watching when I saw the spoilers (and the spoilers that are out there have been 100% accurate), if I could pick a more predictable and distasteful final 3, I couldnt imagine what it could be. I would be watching, even knowing how it ends, if there was the slightest suspense as far as “How did those 3 make it??” Unfortunately……there isnt. Its exactly who you would think it would be.

    • Patricia

      If you read in between the lines of Jeff’s blog, you will understand that it is important to keep your friends (alliance) close, but to keep your enemies even closer. I think the girls could form that alliance in the end because this way they can manipulate Sandra (who is a great strategist – quiet but great) and Courtney who operates on 1 brain cell. I mean think about it… I think the little Troll is in trouble… Parvati can orchestrate whatever she wants… hummmmmmm??? Food for thought!

      • Dr Zechariah Zenith

        Yeah, Parvati is being under-estimated by Russell.

        I spell a blindside…but very far down the road.

        Coach should have been kept first, Danielle was right.

      • TickTock

        Russell’s letting Even Littler Russell do his thinking where Parvati’s concerned….

      • Sam

        It’s amazing that Parvati is still under-estimated. That girl is scary!

    • t.t

      russel is in control of NOTHING
      hes a puppet government being controlled by parvati and this week sandra took over he’s being played ” like a remote control car” boston rob should be laughing on his couch now

      • SLB

        This is the first season ever that i have lost interest in watching. And it’s all because of Russell. I even deleted last weeks episode from my DVR without even watching it when i found out BR was eliminated. Didn’t watch last night either (Vamp Diaries and Flashforward were on at the same time). Honestly, until Russell goes, i really don’t care about this season anymore. He is such an egotistical idiot and not one bit entertaining. He’s just annoying.

      • alex

        slb its classic that you cant watch the show because he says 3-4 times a show how great he is? no…

        you hate him for one reason…hes GREAT..he may be ugly, and have a huge ego, but rob had a huge ego as well, so its not the ego that you hate…its his unending success in absolutely destroying person by person and tribe by tribe…hes the most fun to watch player in the history of the game strategy wise next to maybe kenny.

      • No Alex

        I hate Russell too, SLB. I truly can’t stand how he dominates screen time. I’m tired of people like alex and Probst insisting that we love to hate him. Nope. PLEASE BELIEVE US!! I’m not watching until he’s gone.

      • TickTock

        Sandra blindsided Coach while making Russell think it was his idea. LOL, she played Russell like a harp! Russell has such a low opinion of other people’s intelligence – it’s bound to come back and kick him in the butt.

      • David

        Russell is still in control. He was decieved into geting rid of coach, but in the end coach is gone because Russell wanted it. It was very interesting that he somehow convinced Parvati and Danielle to vote off coach and yet Russell voted for Courtney. Not only did he vote off Courtney but I don’t know if anyone noticed he signed his name on the vote. Why would anyone sign their name on a vote? No one ever signed their name on a vote. Why? Because he’s playing the game. He’s thinking about the end of the game when he needs votes. Coach saw that Russell was not one that voted for him and Russell needs Coach’s vote at the end. That is something that I would do. Unfortunatly people are taking my brilliant ideas that I have and I can’t seem to find a way to get on this show. I have other brilliant ideas that others have not used, but I can’t find a way to get on this show. I tried the online contest and had one of the best videos, but they decided to take this crappy fisherman’s video. Why? Because the whole thing was predetermined.

    • Paul N.

      It’s obvious that this will happen. The women have the men outgunned come merge-time. Oh yes, there will be a merge; just not yet. As it lays, the men are going to get picked off one by one. It’s going to take a miracle to have one guy at final.

      • Kaye

        I agree! It looks like Amanda & Candace are the only ones, besides JT, playing the game on Heroes, and Russell has systematically voted off all the men who could save him.

      • Sue

        I agree – many people are saying they don’t like the show because of Russell – well are they just jealous that someone who does not look the part of “success” is making it? I would not want to be his friend or neighbor – but he is entertaining to watch! I would rather he win than Pav though.

      • Stephanie

        Sometimes cracking a women’s alliance can be tough, but sometimes it can be rewarding. Remember Chris Daugherty from season 9? He was the last man standing among 6 women and he ended up winning the game. If he could do it, then for sure one of the 4 remaining guys left in this season could possibly do it if it happened

      • TickTock

        Wow, a Survivor dominated by women! High time too

    • AC

      Hated to see Coach go. I like him — his delusionality & all – if you understand what makes a guy like him tick; you are going to root for him. I would align with him if I were with him on Survivor. If someone like Courtney were reading this, she would probably think I’m crazy — but I’ve known people like Coach so they don’t bother me as much.

      You need to do a spotlight on Ghen Maynard — the CBS exec responsible for getting Survivor on the air — even more so than Les Moonves & another exec named Kelly Kahl who was responsible for putting Survivor on Thursday.

      You did a spotlight on your editors, music guy & prop-guys a few seasons back. You should repost those. I would watch Survivor for the editing, the music & the props alone.

      Who would have thought that Colby would be this season’s Shambo. He even chased a chicken or two. I suspect this will hold true even after the merge.

      Am not sure how to criticize you all with regard to your casting of women, but there needs to some improvemnt.

      Also regarding the same subject, I read online that the producers micromanage the color-coordination of the female players outfits — is that true? No wonder there aren’t the type of women I would like to see on the show or date — they wouldn’t put up with that crap — or the Russell types for that matter.

      Peace out.

      • Abby

        Wouldn’t put up with that crap to be on TV and compete for $1M? I’m sure you and your (imaginary) woman wouldn’t make it far enough in the audition process for that to be a factor.

      • TickTock

        Coach voting for Courtney last week was a major blunder. He seems to know it since he seemed a lot of time talking about how he supposedly missed BRob and blaming Russell and even Jerri for it. Coach is amusing but that vote was pure dumbas$$.

    • Jif

      I think the women already have an alliance and smart enough not to broadcast it…yet. :)

      • Lil Tuts

        Because it’s certainly up to the contestants what is and isn’t shown and has nothing to do with the editting.

    • BerryCutie

      Yes I do think the Villain women are starting an alliance with Danielle, Sandra and Courtney. If and when the merge occurs they would probably pick up Amanda and Candice. Jerry and Parvati are going to hang with Russell as long as they can.

      And yes, I think JT will do something stupid like give the HII to Russell to save Russell from the girl alliance. Then Russell will get JT voted off. Just a guess but a possibility.

      • Kaye

        I think Parvati is more aligned with Danielle than Russell.

      • Lil Tuts

        Sandra and Courtney are clearly friends with Parvati and NOT Danielle.

    • wanderer08

      Russel is thinking 2 or 3 moves beyond the merge. And if JT aids him look out. Should be a blast him vs parvity and Amanda post merge.

    • Dr Zechariah Zenith

      Russell plays with ego. Pretty sure things will play out with another blindside.

      But this time it was wrong to keep Courtney over Coach anytime.

      Love Courtney in China, but with no definite merge coming. Keeping him for one more tribal will help you.

    • Chad

      I have been asked to host a challenge type team building thing. I need ideas (like the challenges we see on Survivor) that I could create for people to compete on. THey would have to be non-swimming challenges. Any suggestions? Both Indivual and Team challenges are needed.

      • TickTock

        Do your own work Chad. Rent some survivor dvds.

      • Chad

        sheesh…I thought it would be something fun to discuss, I have enough ideas for both team and individual challenges, I just wanted to see if someone thought of something unique. Sorry :(

      • Spar Hawk

        Watch “A minute to win it” There’s some fun stuff there that could be revamped as challenges for a group.

    • wino

      also, we as viewers dont know the extent of people’s relationships outside of the show. how well do they know each other from survivor related parties, facebook, etc?? did any of them talk pregame? (besides the obvious of james, amanda, cirie , pavarti). thus, when they merge, there might be pre existing alliences we dont know about.

    • I hate russel

      I miss rob so much. I used to look forward to thursday night, now Il just watch Project Runway and go to sleep.
      Seriously who is interested in watching an egotistical maniac like russel play. He just rides on his ego. I cant wait to see him get to the end and get beat by some chick. seriously hope he cries again like a little baby – like last time arnd.
      coach deserves what he got though. for going back on his word to rob.

      Sandra is amazing. I hope she plays russel to the end. hahahahaha

      • newhouf

        I miss Boston Rob too! The show is just not the same without him!!

      • David

        Russell is more entertaining than Boston Rob. I like BR a lot and I thought that it was a dumb move to vote him out too quickly, but his entertaing days are over.

    • Jules

      I think the dumbest move is not going to be JT wanting to give the HII to Russell in some show of the Heroes tribe wanting numbers at the Merge… I think the dumbest move is going to be JT giving up physical posession of the IDOL to Colby or another Hero (to prove he found it “for the tribe” and gain some trust back) and the Heroes voting JT out at their next TC.

    • maxamillion the original

      well, get ready for the dumbest move ever, is what the promo said. What could be worse than the Heroes giving the immunity idol to Russhole? get Ready to take dumb to the infinite degree

  • peaches

    Seriously Jeff? Russell was brilliant! He got the rest of his alliance to vote out Coach, and he voted for Courtney. If he ends up in the final, he already has Coach’s vote because he stayed “loyal”.

    • Dan McIntosh

      Watch Coach’s Ponderosa videos. He’s wasn’t fooled, so it didn’t really ‘do’ anything except give us all a WTF moment.

      • StrawBerryCutie

        He was!! He said in his ponderosa video that he was ‘duped and fooled and whatever you want to call it.’ He had no idea it was coming.

      • Sue

        I can’t find the Pondersoa videos. What do you type in or look for?

      • Lenny

        They are at the CBS site or just type in Ponderosa Coach or whatever on youtube and you’ll find them. Coach even said he doesn’t respect Russell’s game and very much gave the impression that he doesn’t like him (punching a bag pretending it was Russell). So I don’t know how he locked up Coach’s vote.

        But Russell fan’s refuse to admit that anyone else can possibly make a good play that they have to laughably attempt to turn it around as a brilliant move by Russell rather than for a second thinking that hey maybe someone else made a good move that influenced the tribe’s decision.

      • StrawBerryCutie

        Type this into the youtube search page:
        Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains – Life at Ponderosa: Coach Pt. 1
        there are 4 parts, but part 1 is the best

      • wino

        StrawB, Coach was fooled…by Sandra. She was the one that got him out, not Russ. what Dan was refering to was the courtney vote russ “authographed”. Coach understood the Troll was trying to buy his vote.

    • just_observing

      He has planted the seed in Coach’s mind that there is an alliance between the women AND that he is both on the out and loyal. I think he will do as he said and play up the idea that there is a women’s alliance with the merge. He’ll form an alliance with the Heroes while maintaining the current alliance… and so his current alliance won’t question the move immediately. I think Russell is really focusing on jury votes… poor Russell “survived” the women. Coach and potentially the Heroes will think this too… but I’m not convinced Parvati or Dannielle are still in with him

      • Kaye

        Yes, but who is Russell going to align with post merge? There are now 7 women and 4 men left!

      • Halopa

        Coach loathes Russell. I don’t believe he will ever vote for him. There are two conflicting ego’s between the two. Coach as the noble and loyal ‘Dragon Slayer’ and Russell as the ‘Machiavellian Misfit’who can be the ‘only’ one in control. Both are at odds with each other and hindered by their respective gigantic ego’s. Russell will stay alive as long as he continues to find the HII and as long as enough people fear him enough to tag along. But the tide is about to turn as Danielle has likely had second thoughts about aligning with him and the realization that her physical weakness has put her in a precarious position for survival.

    • jack

      Exactly!!!! Coach is now a vote for Lil Evil. He (Russell) seems to have learned from his mistakes. He’s gonna be hard to beat. Especialy id JT gives hime that idol.

      • Lil Tuts

        Coach would never ever ever vote for Russell.

    • BerryCutie

      Coach will never vote for Russell, if R gets to the final. He has no respect for the troll. It’s another one of R delusional thoughts.

      • David

        Did you notice that Russell signed his name on his vote for courtney? Something to think about.

    • Jeanette

      Do you really think that Russell voted for Courtney while he knew the others were still voting for Coach? I figured the girls changed their votes without his knowledge! I guess we will find out on the next episode when we see his reaction.

      • David

        Yes, I believe he voted for Courtney, knowing Coach was going home. Russell controlled the vote. It was obvious! He wanted Coach gone, but wanted Coach and maybe Jerri to see that he voted off Courtney. That’s why he signed his name. Yes, I do notice everything, that’s why I should be on this show, instead of people like Coach who is interesting to watch and Courtney, who is not. Both, however are not good players.

    • Duude

      Don’t think so. Coach doesn’t like Russ.

    • redriding

      peaches ur so stupid. russel will never get coach’s vote. hahahaha. coach hates him for convincing ppl to get rid of the gorgeous rob

      • just_observing

        Um… no, Coach was complicit and knew what was going down when Rob was voted out. Does nobody see that Russell voted for Courtney as much for Coach’s vote as Jerri’s. Do you think Jerri is going to stick with the Parvati and Dannielle???? I think Russell is counting on Jerri’s ability to flip Coach’s vote..

    • maxamillion the original

      Don’t bet on Coach giving Russhole his vote. Remember, Russhole is a “Bully” and ruined their alliance and his showmance with jerri.

  • W

    Did anyone else feel that this episode was kind of dissapointing? Without Boston Rob I find the villains are a lot more boring to watch. I liked Russel last season but this season I was actually hoping for Boston Rob to win that little battle. What made the episode a lot better was Sandra, who showed she really does know Russel and how to play the game and stay in it longer.

    The blindside of Coach was stupid and I was hoping Courtney would go, she’s useless both strategically (she didn’t even try and save herself) and physically.

    • LibbyP

      Yes, boring. Miss Rob.

      • kathy

        yeah. and you could tell jeff was really reaching with this blog.
        sorry jeff.

    • StrawBerryCutie

      Haha…absolutely not! Finally other interesting players get airtime and its not another ‘Boston Rob’ or Russell show. Why do you think we haven’t seen any Courtney or Sandra or even much of Parvati?? Just because Rob and Russell were in that huge feud…
      Now that its over, other players get a chance to actually play the game…which is definitely more interesting than a repeat of survivor all-stars, which is what would have happened if Rob had beat Russell.

      • Lenny

        I agree with you in that it brings out other interesting characters like Courtney & Sandra and even Danielle wasn’t a waste of space this week.

        I disagree with you about All-Star’s 2 because this is basically a Samoa repeat, which we saw last season. And at least if Rob’s alliance prevailed we get entertaining folks like Sandra, Courtney & Tyson (whom I believed would’ve been in a power position particularly if he’d chosen a moment to drop Rob) if he hadn’t of been a moron.

        But can’t say I’m not enjoying it, it’s like a bunch of Lex’s & Sandra in this all star edition.

      • D

        Coach being gone will help too. Another camera hog-at least the way it is edited.

    • Patricia

      Yes… a true LUNCH BAG LET DOWN!!! Boston Rob added flavour.

    • CP

      100% agree, except in hoping Courtney would go. I love her mouth!

    • LiLa

      Rob should get his own show.

      • Ashtrash

        Second that. I’d watch. All the time. Especially if it included him beating up toothless trolls…

      • gorob

        absolutely honey. The ROB show. I would watch that over the rest of this season any day!

        come back rob. we love u and we miss u.

        russel is so dull to watch. he and his booring EGO. its all about him from now on till the end. gosh! back to back seasons of him is cringeworthy. he gets old

      • newhouf

        I agree! I would totally watch him anytime!

      • Ted

        Rob getting voted off was the sweetest moment of the Survivors I’ve watched AND the Amazing Race. I was so tired of his act, and Amber’s, that I could have puked. Thank God for Russell’s toothless villainy!

    • Liz

      Yes, it was a let down although I feel like this whole season is a let down. I expected much less in the “moves so stupid I want to shove my own head through a wall” category as this was touted as a season of the best players. It has not been. I don’t really like “all star” seasons.

    • alex

      if she really knows russ why did he vote for courtney instead…seems like russ just has less power right now than its showing…jeff didnt even mention russ’ vote

    • mumze

      I agree. boring without rob. Im waiting for the final so get to see him on my TV again :-)

  • Dan

    Jeff, you didn’t address the biggest question of the night…if Russell changed his mind and voted for Courtney, why the hell did Danielle vote for Coach?

    • will

      thats a very good point

    • Joe

      YES! I was wondering that exact same thing. Danielle was adamant that voting Coach would be a terrible move – then her and Russell both flip flopped.

      • Celimene

        I think Russell convinced Danielle that they were all voting Coach. Then he slips a vote Courtney’s way to try and buy some goodwill from Coach – hence signing his initials on the ballot. He’s playing for Coach’s vote in the final – too bad that’s not happening.

      • D

        Flipping a vote without telling anyone is what got Tyson axed.

      • pete

        because it was all a setup.parv and danielle are starting the all girl alliance.we didnt see it cus they didnt show those 2 talking about it

      • Lenny

        It depends on what actually happened but flipping his vote is likely going to get Parvati & Danielle to totally not trust and it wasn’t actually a smart move at all (if he was trying to get in Coach’s good will). Coach is a lost cause and all it’s going to do is alienate you from your own alliance.

    • Duude

      b/c Russ threw away his vote, hoping it will help him get a jury vote.

  • bh

    I cannot belive they keep Parvati there. Didn’t they watch her play before? I’ll bet you a million dollars she wins it all.

    • Hutchy

      Anyone who has been reading these comments all season, andc the information contained therein, isnt going to take that bet, lets put it that way.

      • alex

        which is once again questionable..people say russ is fooled by his girls yadda yadda…guys…russ needs votes too…he doesnt seem in love with pavrati, cmon…if it was danielle on the line before he does the same thing if its the same scenario…it was all going out with a bang not…pavrati…cmon…

      • Ed

        Well, since there is a final 3 this season and the winner hasn’t been revealed yet, I would take any spoiler info with a grain of salt. The best you’re going to get is eliminations through to the final 3.

      • Spar Hawk

        Oh, I’d take that bet. Sandra is going to win the mil.

  • John A

    LOL gee Jeffrey did you forget something like some 80lb darling putting you in your place.

    poor Jeffrey you’ve become the Seacrest of CBS

    • StrawBerryCutie

      Haha…loved Courtney’s react to Jeff’s probing too :)

      • Drayche

        Now Jeffery…!!!

    • Ashley

      Haha, it’s his own fault for getting too involved in the tribal councils lately.
      At least this blog is better than last week.

      • D

        There were still some remnants of Jeff’s weird Coach/Jerri musings though.

    • grayson

      Yeah, but Seacrest isnt dating a hottie- def wldnt be able to get an actress. At least Jeff has that going for him.

      • gloria

        Jeff deservedly won an Emmy too…although, it may be Seacrest’s year this time.

      • Um…

        An “actress” would be the wrong gender for Seacrest.

  • Chad

    love reading your comments Probst, even though, like the show, it has too much Russell. lol
    i love that you recognized Sandra this week, she is an amazing character and player. with one of the most memorable moments ever! [i can get loud too, what the f***!]

    also, i think you should really try and get a Second Chances season to come around soon.
    the thought of seeing people like Tracy, Silas and Angie again would be wicked (:

  • Nko

    Well after watching that episode, even tho I was exited that Russell get the next HII, I knew something was not right… Seeing Parvati & Danielle vote the same but not Russell hinted me that Russell was holding the lower stick in that trio… And the arguing with Danielle will surely not help him either…That may be why at the last minute Russell decided to keep coach as a back plan to that top 3 with coach & jerry, in case Parvati/Danielle try to double cross him, and thats also why they did want get rid of him…
    And reading your blog make me sad even more, Russell days looks numbered, unless he works again some magic, but without a strong top 3 alliance, I don’t see how he is gonna do… Parvati & Danielle looks like they are in charge of this…
    Well anyway I love Parvati too, if she plays him and oust him, fair enought he had to play better…His ego is indeed a problem… But Russell played back to back both games, I’m sure he learns a lot on what he did wrong, and what he shouldn’t have said or turned it better… please please get him back a 3rd time in a few seasons…

    I also love your advices of “ride with the big players instead of voting them off right away”, like Cirye, you said it she is a great strategist and 100% loyal, and she have some good lines, nobody made an alliance with her, that was a mistake… I miss her the most this season

    • Hutchy

      Prepare to see the wand pulled out. You have no worries.

      • Kaye

        I don’t care what the spoilers say… Russell’s reaction to losing to Natalie, makes absolutely no sense, if he actually still had a chance to win H v. V! He would have to beyond certifiably insane! He offered to pay the woman $100,000 just to have her give him the title! Why would he have been so desperate if there was a chance he could have the title in All Stars?

    • StrawBerryCutie

      Russell is not being played…yet…He knew Coach was going home and he knew exactly why he voted for Courtney. First, it was to win favor with Coach – letting him know that look, I’m not voting for you, I’m still loyal. Second, it sends a message to Jerri. She was the only other person who voted for Courtney, so this way, she will trust Russell more since he voted with her. Third, and this is the biggest one, the heroes tribe thinks there is a woman’s alliance in the Villains tribe. The way things are going, it seems like they are going to merge when both tribes are even in numbers (5 on each tribe) so if another man is voted out and it leaves 5 women and Russell, the heroes tribe will immediately think that Russell will automatically swing over and they will tell him everything that he needs to know in order to beat them in the end. He wanted Coach gone, but he still wanted Coach’s Jury vote, so he made sure Coach was gone without actually voting him out.
      Don’t worry, Russell is in it for the long haul.

      • CP

        I’d agree, but after watching Russell for 1.5 seasons, I don’t think he’s smart enough to influence any jury member. He’d rather say “I organized your ouster because I’m the best.” I suspect he was just playing the odds in case Coach had an idol.

      • Chad

        and after watching the ponderosa scenes it is pretty clear that Coach is not to happy with Russell.

      • StrawBerryCutie

        CP, normally, with any other player, Russell would have owned it. But this is Coach. He’s probably watched how J.T. did exactly the same thing to Coach in his season and it worked for JT so he probably thinks it will work again.
        Chad: Yes, Coach is definitely pissed off, but the only way Russell gets to the final is with Parvati, and if it is between Parvati and Russell, there is no doubt in my mind that Coach would vote for Russell to win.

      • Lenny

        I doubt Coach ever said or felt the things about JT like he does Russell. He even outright said he doesn’t respect Russell’s game, which to Coach is the equivelent of wanting to kill your family.

      • Lenny

        Plus I’d imagine whomever is with Russell would just bring up Russell wanted Coach gone and Russell was just sucking up. But anyway Coach is smarter than he gets credit for, he knows what’s going on he’s just batshit crazy. And what he know’s is Russell was full of crap (he made that clear) and he didn’t respect his game (he made that clear as well) and that’s like the kiss of death, I’m almost certain Russell won’t be getting Coach’s vote should he make it that far.

      • StrawBerryCutie

        True Lenny, but Russell doesn’t know what Coach said so he probably thinks he has Coach’s vote in the bag and that is why he did it.

      • Celimene

        Ah, StrawBerry. If it’s a final two, Coach votes for Russell. But if he’s the first member of the jury, it’s a final three. If it’s Parvati, Russell and anyone else, guess who gets Coach’s vote – no. 3. If I had to guess who that would be, I’d go with Jerri or Sandra.

      • Tom in STL

        The only problem with your logic is that if the merge happens with even number of 5 per tribe, the Villains would have to lose one more member. Russell is the only man left on that tribe. If they lose again pre-merge and one of the women gets voted off, the Heroes are going to know that it is not really a women’s alliance when the merge happens.

      • alex

        unless jt gives him an idol, he plays it, and goes to the merge and joins the heroes

      • StrawBerryCutie

        Tom, that’s why J.T. wants to give the Hidden immunity idol to Russell BEFORE the merge. The Villains will lose another challenge, J.T. hands over the HII to Russell telling him to save himself from the women. Obviously, Russell does not need it because the women are not voting him out anyway so now Russell has the hero’s hidden immunity idol and they are 5 per tribe into the merge. The heroes think they have Russell in their back pocket because they saved him and now Russell finds out how they are going to vote, gives that person the Hidden Immunity Idol and they all vote for someone on the heroes side – that person goes home!!

      • maxamillion the original

        And Russhole will cry like a baby again, if he makes it to the finale. obviously, no one will vote for the toothless, bully.

  • SurvivorMan

    I hope JT isn’t as dumb or the Heros tribe doesn’t let him pull what we saw as the tease for next week. If they give Russell their hidden Immunity Idol the Heros will be toast!

    • StrawBerryCutie

      Haha…you hope that doesn’t happen?? Come ON!! I really really hope it does!! It would be absolutely hilarious!!

    • BW

      I also hope that JT isn’t too much of a bumpkin to give Russell the idol next week. I think that is what the producers want us to believe is going to happen but there is no way it could happen……….is there????? Say it isn’t so Joe, say it isnt so.

      • Shannon

        I TRULY HOPE NOT!! Please JT!! Do not be the dumb redneck!!

      • Anna

        All you have to do is look at J.T.’s sqirrelly little eyes to know, “The boy ain’t right”.

    • Wade Kwon

      Ditto. For JT to have made it this far and give it all to Russell?!


      More on JT’s adventures this week:

    • maxamillion the original

      Strawberry cutie, as much as it pains me to agree with you, given what jeff said about all time stupid moves, I think the idol finds its way to the girl on villains, who the heroes are voting for. And then, like you said, the villains all target one of the heroes that they want gone. probably colby ? Rupert ?

  • taylor

    like peaches said, russell made a smart move in voting for courtney because it appears that he was loyal to coach.
    but jeff is completely correct – i agree 100% about everything else – in his blog. russell’s ego – pride – will be his downfall. sandra is brilliant, and that was why she won previously.
    JT is an idiot and is showing his immaturity…trying to be a power player – ha ha, he will be out soon, i think. good riddance.

    • David

      The only problem is Coach won’t know that Russell did not vote for him. He knows that Sandra and Courtney voted for him. Two others voted for him. Not Jerri, she is his ally. So, of the three remaining, I would guess that Danielle did not vote for me, as she and Russell were arguing. Russell and Parvati must have voted for me, so if they make it to the final 3, my vote goes to the third candidate.

      • StrawBerryCutie

        That is why Russell signed his vote for Courtney. He wrote ‘Hantz’ on his vote for Courtney.

      • David S.

        Coach will know that Russell did not vote for him because Russell signed his name when he voted for Courtney.

  • Rafi

    Jeff, think you missed seeing my question (don’t blame you since there were over 1000 comments). I’ll ask it again for simplicity’s sake.
    Is the final prize worth all the throats that you have to slit throughout the game? Ian took himself out of the game in Palau because he wanted forgiveness for his misdeeds. Coach knowingly dug his own grave by voting for Courtney instead of Russell. Did they do the right thing or can it be called stupid?
    Oh and if JT gives up the idol, don’t classify him with Ian, James and Erik. He falls in the Yau-man category if you ask me.

    • Lenny

      The best hope for the heroes is to use it when the tribe’s merge against the villains as a tribe. Have on guy infiltrate the villains & find out who they’re voting for and then use the idol and bam eliminate a villain and gain the number’s, not attempt to use it to swing a vote. If the heroes even for a moment consider giving up the idol (which I don’t believe they will) then that will trump almost anything I’ve ever seen and officially put this over Micronesia as the stupidest contestants ever (and for an all-star season that’d be sad).

      • Rafi

        I disagree. Yul back in the Cook Islands used the idol to swing Jonathan Penner onto his side and it worked. Guess who won that year? Yep, Yul.

        Honestly, it’s not a dumb move. It’s just that JT’s going to give it to the wrong person. Was Yau-man’s deal with Dreamz stupid? No. He just got screwed because Dreamz was playing him.

      • Lenny

        It’s a totally different situation. The HII had way too much power then in that you could play it AFTER the vote. It’s a totally different situation here, Penner knew if he didn’t swing the idol would be used after the vote and he’d be targeted next by the 4. And again Yau-Man and Dreamz completely different situation. JT and the heroes don’t need to give up the idol or try to swing someone over to gain the number’s advantage that’s why it’d be so stupid. But reading comments here over the season I’m thinking people failed basic maths because they can’t figure out numbers.

    • Layla Payton

      It’s just a game, you know. There’s no actual throat slitting involved.

  • smokin

    OMG..well my choices of who I want to see in the final 2 are going away everyday. All I had left was Colby and Coach, soooo since J.T screwed up, this just might give Colby another chance to hang on. I hope Poverty (spellling intentional) slits Russell throat and makes a queen out of the king soon. Sandra is stupid too, if she had went with Coach, they would have had to the numbers to get rid of the gnome. Maybe they take each other out soon and leave Colby to win it all.

    • D

      What you said about Sandra doesn’t seem to make sense. Coach didn’t really want Russell out. That is just what Sandra told Russell. Coach wanted Courtney out.

  • T.t

    Sandra played Russel like a remote control car she simply borrowed the controller from parvati Russels a remote control car this season he doesn’t decide who goes Sandra and Parvati have been deciding who goes

    • rmm7e

      You’re crazy! Didn’t anyone notice that Russell SIGNED his vote? He wanted everyone, especially Coach AND Sandra, to know that he voted for Courtney. He got rid of Coach and his hands are clean.

      • Kaye

        Yes, he signed his vote, because he’s so arrogant, that he thinks he’s in control. He thinks, he is dealing with the same collection of dolts, he had on his season.

      • wino

        and thats the problem. russ thinks he is more social apt than he really is. coach will see through that manuever and i guarantee you, in the end, coach will give his vote to someone else, not russ. its a social game, and russ never gets its. thats why he was such a sour puss at his reunion show. he must have been pissed about what happened on this season.

      • Jules

        The funny thing is, Russell didn’t know if his strategy worked when he stated H v V. He went into this season probably thinking he won Somoa.. so any change in the social aspect of his game is by luck.. I still think he is playing H v. V thinking these people are going to respect his game. I also think he was mad at the reunion show for Somoa – because he knew he made it to the end of H v. V and he wanted to be the only back to back winner of Survivor (which is why he wanted the title so bad and offered up money for it).

      • Argonut

        Because he signed his vote for everyone to see … he will NOT get away clean. He’s not playing with noobs this time.

    • alex

      yeah no she didnt….I believe he got played by his own alliance…

  • bartoli

    russell is just too unlikable and, like jeff said, not a leader. he didn’t deserve to win last season – contrary to what EW and Probst believed – because he doesn’t get the social aspect of the game. i am tired of him.

    • D

      I am not tired of him, however I do agree 100% with the rest of what you posted.

  • L

    Enjoyable episode. But, Coach should have stayed and Courtney should have gone. Oh well.
    My roommate and I were watching the preview for next week and we were thinking “what could possibly top all these stupid things?”. Then we hear JT. WTF.
    That is all.

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