Colin Farrell: 'I'm profoundly lucky that I got out unscathed and that I didn't kill anyone.'

Colin-Farrell-photoImage Credit: ART STREIBER FOR EWHe was one of Hollywood’s hottest young leading men — and most notorious bad boys — hailed as “the Irish Brad Pitt” and infamous for his hard-partying ways. Then following a string of flops, a sex tape scandal, and a stint in rehab, Colin Farrell all but disappeared. In this week’s EW, the actor — who has reemerged in the past two years with acclaimed performances in In Bruges and Crazy Heart — opens up with remarkable candor about his former alcohol and drug addictions, his career ups and downs, and his stable and sober life now as the father of two sons. “I was close to becoming really bad news,” says Farrell about hitting bottom during the making of 2006’s Miami Vice. “That was the first film where there were a couple of days I missed because I was f—ed. I can’t say I remember that much of it, honestly.” Life is much quieter for Farrell now — instead of hitting the Hollywood parties, he says he’s spending quality time with his 6-year-old son, James, who suffers from a neurogenetic disorder called Angelman Syndrome, and “changing the nappies” of his six-month-old son, Henry.

For the full story on Colin Farrell’s rise, fall, and redemption, pick up the new issue of Entertainment Weekly, on stands now.

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  • Karen B

    Angelman syndrome (AS) is a neuro-genetic disorder characterized by intellectual and developmental delay, sleep disturbance, seizures, jerky movements especially hand-flapping, frequent laughter or smiling, and usually a happy demeanor.

  • terry

    In Bruges was great. Too bad there was no oscar love for it. Can’t believe all the people I talk to who haven’t seen it.

    • Allan

      I agree – it’s one of my all time favorite movies.

    • zac

      he did get the globe for supporting actor

      • Jul

        He got the Golden Globe for Best Actor in a Comdey or Musical, not Supporting Actor. That award belonged to Heath Ledger that night.

    • Catherine

      YES great movie, I absolutely loved it and Farrell was great in it.

    • Jose

      It got an oscar nomination for original screenplay

  • mishka

    Those are good news. I’m happy he finally got himself together and he is back to all what matters in life: family and work.
    Now if somebody could help Lindsay Lohan, please? This girl is an emergency case, somebody should drag her asap out of Tinseltown for at least a year.

    • 4rocket

      More like 5 years… she is so screwed up that it may take long time to repair the damage. She’s the Amy Winehouse of actors.

  • jan

    “profoundly lucky…i didn’t kill anyone.” what grown man talks like that?

    • Susan

      What’s wrong with that?

      • jan

        oh, nothing. i guess i’m profoundly lucky i don’t kill you… does that sound right to you, susan?

      • Kenny

        He’s obviously talking about being drunk and high while behind the wheel of a car – so what he is saying actually makes sense.

      • Suzanne

        Right, Kenny. He means that, he wasn’t in control when he was under the influence. Now that he’s sober he’s grateful that he didn’t do anything to hurt anyone. I think it brings home how devastating addiction really can be.

    • Missmiggles

      Oh gee I don’t know, grown men with intellect??

    • talkin’

      I think it’s an admission of the danger he was to himself and others.
      He talks just fine.

      • Missmiggles

        That’s exactly what it was … makes perfect sense to me!!

      • jan

        i agree w you that he’s admitting he was in danger to himself and others. that’s a more moderated way of putting it. he’s trying to sound cool like a teenager by saying “lucky i didn’t kill someone.” just saying.

      • Amal

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    • Johnification

      I think he’s admitting that it was a break of luck that he emerged from his destructive behavior without severe consequences for anyone else…something to truly be grateful for.

      • jan

        fair enough, johnif. personally, i detect the same strain of danger-glamor vibe that he had when accepted the globe a few years ago and was sniffling and tossed it off as not being cocaine-related.

    • Shane

      A grown man who has taken responsiblities for his actions talks like that.
      Its lovely and refreshing.

      • Hep

        If you’ve listened to any Colin Farrell interviews at all (check out YouTube), you know that he has a highfalutin way of speaking. It’s an odd combination of four-syllable words and swear words.

    • wooster182

      He meant that he was lucky he didn’t kill someone in a car accident when he was high. I know alcoholics have said the exact same thing.

      • Chappel

        I suspect you are right. Drunk drivers kill people every day and he must realize how lucky he was that he didn’t really hurt someone.

    • Suzanne

      You need to watch Intervention on A&E, Jan.

  • megan

    good for colin. i hate when people say this about celebrities, but he really does seem like a cool, modest person…not to mention he’s absolutely gorgeous and a great actor. hopefully we’ll be able to see more awesome performances. congrats, colin:)

  • bunker

    I liked Alexander…

  • Henry

    Well, it’s about time. He’s way too talented to allow lesser actors have all the fun.

  • Lauren

    Thank you EW for putting this article in your magazine! I have always liked Colin and his work recently has been so impressive! Also I am glad to hear that he has straightened his life out with out losing that trademark edge :)

  • earl

    I’m a fan of Farrells work (well, maybe not Alexander! hehe), and its good to see him turn things around in his private life. I loved his performance in In Bruges. He and Brendan Gleason were both superb.
    I actually rewatched Miami Vice a few days back, and still think its a good, but flawed movie. The dialogue is pretty cheesy, and its not up to Manns previous films, but still worthwhile.

  • KT

    He’s an idiot

    • FT

      How so?

    • Suzanne

      No–He WAS an idiot. Good for him that he’s not an idiot anymore.

  • Shane

    He is a beautiful soul.

  • josh

    He is one of the most underrated actors in hollywood. I couldn’t care less what he does in his personal life. I still love Mel Gibson’s movies, even though I think that he’s not playing with a full deck. I don’t pick my movies based on how actors live their lives. The New World was one of Farrell’s great performances. That movie had no recognition at all. It was definitely not a popular blockbuster. I tell people about it today and some have never even heard of it. It’s a shame because that film is a masterpiece.

    • anonymous

      I completely agree with you. The New World is fantastic, and Farrell’s performance blew me away. It really is a shame more people haven’t seen it.

      • jan

        i also agree that c farrell is a highly gifted actor. i also don’t care about his personal life. what i fault him for is that he used his partying lifestyle to get attention in the old days, and now he doing the flipside, using a monk “i almost killed people. i just want to change nappies now” line to get attention. just act, dude.

    • zac

      i always felt he was a great character actor cursed by the expectations of leading man looks

      • J

        I agree, Zac.

      • Gary

        Well, we’ve all been there.

      • Suzanne

        Yeah–that really comes out in In Bruges.

        LOL Gary.

  • Brock

    I’ve always liked Colin Farrell, it’s nice to see that he seems to have turned things around.

    • Anne

      CF – I love King’s On Writing. It’s a great book. I imagine his tteursd readers are excellent readers in their own right. His wife is a writer so no doubt she is one of those tteursd readers.Each to his own. I have a Peer Group of profesional writers but I still don’t feel the need to bring fiction to that group, just poetry.I am happier editing my own work and have become a good self editor, which I think every writer should aim for.

  • Colleen

    Jan, what is your problem? He’s not trying to get attention. It’s an interview! What’s Colin supposed to say, “no comment”. He’s being open and honest with a journalist who is asking him direct questions about his past.

  • sam

    I have always admired his work, but I could not stand his public behavior. Now he has apparently finally become the individual that I hoped to see him become. I can’t wait to see his future work now that he is not distracted by those things. Congratulations to him.

    • sam

      And if you read the article in the magazine, he is really talking about behaviors that could have killed him or others, so it is not a dramatic statement, but only the truth.

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