'Jersey Shore' producers casting 'The Persian Version'

Speaking of Jersey Shore, with rumored rip-offs of the MTV hit in the works (reality shows revolving around the lifestyles of Asian-Americans and Russian-Americans), I’m experiencing a strange sense of loyalty to 495 Productions, which produces the series and has just announced that it’s casting for a series tentatively titled The Persian Version. It’s odd for a couple of reasons. 1) I’ve never seen an episode of Jersey Shore. 2) I’ve read the casting notice, pasted after the jump.

“Two thousand years ago the Persian Empire ruled the ancient world…but they didn’t have your soundtrack, your style, or your swagger! Today there’s a new Persian empire growing right here in L.A. and it’s ready to conquer the world all over again. It’s a bad-ass new dynasty where exotic beauty and wild style dominates the sexiest nightlife, exclusive venues and hottest beaches the modern world has to offer.
You’ve got the means, the money, and the motivation to cut through the velvet rope and rule the VIP! For you life is all about Gucci, Gabbana, Cavalli and Cristal. From BMWs and Bugatis, to Mercedes and Movado and money is no object.
You live a lifestyle most people only dream of. In your world, nothing is out of reach, and though you are surrounded by the jealous, the posers and the haters, one thing’s for sure…once you go Persian, there is no other version!
Time to show the world that being Persian-American is about living the true American dream…a lifestyle most people only wish they could. So if you are at least 21 years old, appear younger than thirty and are outrageous, outspoken and a proud Persian-American, then Doron Ofir Casting and 495 Productions, the team who brought you Jersey Shore, are looking for you!
Casting is already underway don’t miss your chance to join this A-list.
Do you reign over the most exclusive spots in the city?
Do you use your exotic appeal to get anything or anyone you desire?? Prove it!
Send your NAME, AGE, 2 PICS, PHONE NUMBER and WHY we should pick you to PersianVersionCasting@gmail.com <mailto:PersianVersionCasting@gmail.com>”

Does it sound more or less compelling (if that’s the right word?) than Jersey Shore?

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  • will

    Cripes Almighty! There’s nothing to say…

    • J

      Only thing to say is that MTV needs to remove the “M” from their name and insert “C” for Crap TV, or more to the point, “S”…..

  • rerun


  • alia


  • Zoey

    …wow, I may actually know people who could end up on this.

  • DT

    Pride in your ethnicity is fine and dandy, but what’s with all encouragement of materialism? Jeez! That complaint probably makes me sound like an old square, but I don’t care. To think there was a time I wasted hours of every day watching that channel. Yikes!

    • Katja

      I agree with everything you said!

    • Persian girl

      Totally agree. MTV used to be about music and real-life youth culture. Now it’s about the most expensive “cribs,” most expensive and ridiculous sweet sixteen parties, “pimping” one’s ride, and posing scripted drama as reality. It is not about relating to what you see anymore, but about promoting materialism and egocentricity.

      • Hari

        I’d like to see Persians in a positive light–the family orientated part, the close-knit community. Oh, and Naw-Ruz. =D

      • FunlovingSmartmixa

        Word is that MTV IS NOT DOING IT. Its another channel that will be airing it, not MTV, the producers of Jersey Shore will produce, but it will NOT be on MTV. MTV has its hands full this summer with the real Jersey Shore Snookie and the gang.

  • Tomi

    Once you go Persian, there is no other version–word!!

    • etm

      Persian women are particularly beautiful.

      • sally

        They are beautiful after the nose job, tummy tuck, brow lift, botox, boob job, collagen pumped lips and microdermabrasion

      • sarah

        hell yeah they are

      • Andy

        sally ur really uneducated! every race has beautiful people. u r most obviously a racist, keep ur fat, backwordz mouth closed and look around you, your probably the ugliest person u can find. persians just like any race are beautiful too.

      • donya

        Sally you’re dumb, you talk as if a persian girl stole your man.

    • Jakob

      i don’t think so! eww

      • Nick

        I think Jakob likes guys instead

      • Tash

        WOW Sally,you’re an ugly girl aren’t you?! We’re beautiful people..deal with it!

      • Sam

        I think we as white people need to understand that Persians view beauty differently. Since their women are all covered up, there is a huge emphasis on making the face remarkable. So they overdo the makeup, plastic surgery, waxing, etc. and end up looking beautiful to themselves, but plastic and somewhat trashy to us. I’ve never seen a naturally beautiful Persian lady, and I live in LA. All the ladies in their 30s have this horrible bleach blonde hair, they look Mexican.

      • Ash

        At Sam: I find it hilarious that you are writing like you actually know what you are talking about because you don’t. There are naturally beautiful Persian women, I have seen thousands of them. Also, you said “us white people need to understand” however Persians are also caucasian…so you sound like an idiot. Persian women are not covered up, especially in the U.S…in fact only 2/5 consider themselves muslim you fool. Only in Iran are they FORCED to cover up their head..

  • jersey

    jersey shore bitch!

  • gato

    Persian men way HOT

  • someonespecial

    The problem with this is that persian women are not outwardly promiscuous… the majority of them would not want to be depicted hooking up with other guys in the public eye!!
    I can see this becoming another version of The Hills, however…

    • Hari

      Very true. They always want to be lady like and not look cheap.

    • omid

      “not outwardly promiscuous”, riiiiiiight!!. There are plenty of slutty Persian girls like there are plenty of slutty girls from all races … trust me I know!

      • Sean

        trust me, you dont, the number of slutty persian women can be counted on one hand out of a community of thousands, there really arent any

  • Jakob

    Seriously, who wants to watch a bunch of Iranians…OOPS, I mean “Persians” on tv??? GROSS. What’s the show going to center around? Nose jobs and shopping?

    • Persian girl

      Jakob: the reason we call ourselves “Persian” rather than “Iranian” is because we do not agree with the Iranian government. It is our way of dating ourselves to back before they came into power, to the time that the country was called “Persia” or “The Persian Empire.”
      Second point: Who wants to see plastic surgery and shopping? Fans of “white” people who appear on “The Hills,” people who watch TMZ and buy magazines that report on the possible plastic surgeries and shopping habits of celebrates (and the celebrities are not “Persian” either). So clearly, your characterization is wrong both in the sense of implying that people don’t want to watch that stuff and in that those are “Persian” habits.

      • jessy

        well said persian girl and jakob u dont want to watch then dont so pathetic

      • Andy

        i agree, jakob is wrong and an ass. persian girls are really exotic, tan, fun, intelligent and funny. hey, im persian and i dont have a big noose.

      • Marcus Mansell

        Get your facts Right!
        Reza Shah changed Persia to IRAN!!!

        So if any1’s gonna be called IRANIAN it’s the SHAHANSHAHI’s!

    • T

      Fantastic! I can’t wait! Go Persians Go!!

    • FunlovingSmartmixa

      Most of them will probably be persian jewish american princesess and since the jewish community heavily influences the media, this show will air. PJAPS will represent, they are crazy fun to watch too, very entertaining. You don’t have to watch, but you probably will.

  • Tina

    Jakob, it’s very obvious you got dumped/rejected by one

  • LiLi

    “Pride in your ethnicity is fine and dandy, but what’s with all encouragement of materialism?”
    Exactly DT!!!!!

  • Shah

    Sigh.I’m going to get A LOT of shit from my friends about this. Why does race exploitation sell so well???
    Well, at least i can go to my friends and say “We have a show and you don’t!!”

    • Hari

      Yeah, good point. =( I’d like to see something that shows Persians in a positive light. I want to see the hard working, family orientated, close knit community part, ya know?

  • kasra

    you are being racist Jakob, people like you are GROSS!

  • Persian girl

    As a “Persian-American” I am disturbed by the characterization in the casting call, and by some of the posts that have followed. Doesn’t every ethnicity have its share of materialistic and arrogant morons who think they are better than everyone? Do Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt represent all “white” Americans? Why paint an entire ethnicity with the same brush?

    • Hari

      I agree. None of my Persian friends fit that description whatsoever. All groups have their materialistic types, not just Persians. It’s just not fair to stereotype like that. Too bad the people who go on these shows don’t think about stuff like that.

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