TV's best flashback episode? Nominees wanted!

bonesImage Credit: Greg Gayne/FoxIn honor of Bones flashing back to Booth and Brennan’s first case in its 100th episode (Fox, Thursday, 8 p.m. EST), we’re going to do a readers’ gallery — and poll — to name TV’s best flashback episode. Today, we need your nominations. Old show, new show, drama, comedy — as long as the episode was great, it’s eligible. The most persuasive arguments will make it into our gallery, which posts Thursday. Go!

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  • Melody

    Buffy’s Fool for Love paired with Angel’s Darla

    • Rowena

      Is Fool for Love the one where Spike tells Buffy how he killed the other slayers? If so, I heartily agree.

      • will

        As soon as I saw this thread, that was the first one that came to my mind “Fool For Love”

      • Michael J

        Agreed!!! Fool For Love FTW!

      • Emanuele

        Fool For Love – totally agree

      • ce

        Saw this article late but Fool for Love has my vote. It’s an amazing character study and just simply enthralling.

      • ce

        I’d also say Destiny from Angel.

    • Bug

      Absolute best flashback ep ever. Not only explaining how his character was built, but also adding the dimension of why is, in fact, a fool for love and probably always will be.

      • ashleigh

        On the subject, let’s not forget the infant series ‘The Vampire Diaries’. The human Damon/Stefan flashes have been my favorite part of the season. Especially on the part of Damon’s Ian Somerhalder, who manages to play the same character so completely separately, without losing the shared spirit. Same for Nina Dobreva’s witchy seductress Kathine.

      • Em

        Veronica Mars. Choose whatever flashback, storytelling one. I don’t really care which, but the Pilot must be on there.

      • Tajah

        I agree! Fool for love!

    • Liz

      That was my first thought too! That episode was so good! It made me really love Spike as more than a wise cracking sidekick. It gave him so many layers and I loved more than anything that in the very last episode of Angel, Spike read his poetry, which originated in that episode, at a bar and was totally cheered. Oh, Spike.

      • Diego Sierra

        Buffy FTW!!!

    • Michelle

      The one and only choice. :)

    • DJ

      whole heartedly agree, but I will say the True Blood episodes where we flash back to Bill’s turning and to him and Laurena feeding in the flapper-era give it a run for its money.

      • Rach

        This and the flashback scene when Eric is made into a vampire by Godric is my all time favorite flashback

      • SHS

        I 100% agree with Rach. That whole episode brought a new dimension to Eric that was lacking in season one, and I think it’s a huge part of why Eric has an enormous following now. (That and he’s frickin hilarious).

    • kmb

      YES! That is my all time favorite episode of Buffy! Great choice! :]

    • tricia

      Buffy was the first thing to come to mind. I agree I would nominate “Fool For Love” as well.

    • Jennifer

      Absolutely agree! Those two episodes stood alone but also worked beautifully together. Joss Whedon is amazing.

    • Ramlo

      Absolutely! Fool for Love and Darla were just brilliant.

    • Christina

      YES! This was my first choice also. One of my all-time favorite episodes of tv ever.

    • Christopher

      The Walkabout, from lost, made me drop my jaw on several occasions. It not only created so many delicious questions to answer, but helped us understand a character intimately well. “Don’t tell me what I can’t do,” also became ingrained as a catch phrase.

      • levelheaded

        I concur, The Walkabout from Lost was amazing. Locke’s expression when he realizes he can move his toe is priceless. It was touching, mystical, creepy and began many a Lost fans obsession with the story.

      • Natalie

        Completely agree. Although, I would also nominate “The Constant” episode from Lost.

      • Roy

        Just about ANY episode of Lost from the first three seasons qualifies as best flashback episode. I agree with Walkabout, but another favorite was season 3’s Greatest Hits, where Charlie has accepted his fate and compiles a list of the greatest moments of his life. Definitely one of the season’s best.

      • Erin

        The Constant. Even though its definitely a different type of flashback episode.

      • Katja

        YES. “Walkabout” was my first thought, because that is the episode that really cemented and heightened my love for Lost into an obsession. It showed us just how mind-blowing this series could be, with a twist that M. Night Shyamalan wouldn’t have seen coming. “The Constant” is of course another classic episode, but I have to give my vote to “Walkabout” for being the first.

      • marianne

        LOSTT!! The Constant is the BEST flashback episode of all time.


      • packer1nfl

        I agree! greatest hits is definitely one of the best flashbacks of any tv show! and it leads up to the heroic death of the dearly missed Charlie =/

    • Christopher

      Also the West Wing “In the Shadow of Two Gunmen” was a wonderful flashback period where we got to know the characters in a way that revealed why they had behaved how they had for an entire season. It also gave much more gravity to the real time events.

      • Dave


      • Nic.

        Those two episodes were my first thought as well. I didn’t start watching the West Wing until the end of Season 1, so this two parter really helped me figure out who was who and how everyone was connected. Plus, fantastic writing and acting, as always. I really miss that show :(

      • Fisher

        I vote for this as well. Not only were they great episodes but it was an excellent use of the flashback for storytelling.

      • Kathie

        Yes, I totally agree about the West Wing episode. I miss that show.

      • Louise

        This has my vote. And also Two Cathedrals is excellent.

      • NJ

        This, also! Some more.

      • Christine

        In the shadow of two gunmen still gets me every time I see it. The editing between past and present made for the perfect narrative. It was great seeing how everyone came to be such a cohesive team on that show.

      • Caren

        Here’s another vote for both “In the Shadow of Two Gunmen” and also “Two Cathedrals”. Both were written, directed, and acted fabulously. I believe flashbacks are most effective when they explore the way past events have shaped the current characters (as opposed to merely providing plot details), and both of these episodes excel at this.

    • Sydney

      I agree wholeheartedly. ‘Fool for Love’ is one of my favorite BTVS episodes, and was an excellent vehicle to provide insight into Spike’s (mostly) bad ass past.

    • R

      First thing that came to my mind as well. A wonderful episode that got me invested in Spike– it moved him from amusing former badass to sincere character with depth. Not just a great episode in itself, but crucial to the rest of Buffy. And its companion Darla is wonderful as well.

    • ana nymous

      I also liked Buffy’s episode, “Becoming, part 1″

    • Emme

      Oh my God—Fool for Love from Buffy. Incredible episode from start to finish. Still one of my favorite TV episodes of all time on any show. James Marters was a vision in that episode. He went from snarky to funny to heartbreaking to angry to kind. Just incredible.

      • Carla

        Loved Fool For Love and Darla. All the actors made it worth watching. But James Marsters stands out.

  • jessica

    whenever friends flashed back & we got to see fat monica! so funny.

    • Sabrina

      Yes! This! ^

      • Remy

        Yes. The season 10 flashback especially – fat Monica, Rachel pre-nose job, and Chandler and Ross rocking their terrible college looks.

    • Christian

      Agreed. The one that led to Rachel kissing Ross was the best one. “The camera adds 10 pounds, you know.” “How many were on you, five, six?”

      • Stacie

        I would choose this, but it’s not a full flashback episode. The gang is watching an old movie.

    • orville

      Especially the prom episode. Probably the only time I really felt sorry for Ross.

      • jeffrey bryan

        This was what immediately came to mind… the Friends Prom Episode.

      • anna

        Yes! That episode is perfect.

      • Michelle

        Aww, He’s her lobster!!!!

      • Mathew

        I totally agree! I was going to nominate this episode as well. It was so funny

      • Kate from Tacoma

        I was going to add this Friends episode, too. Good call everyone!

    • pop

      yup friends!

    • Amber

      I love those. Especially Monica’s midnight romeo that turned out to be Ross!

    • BH

      YES Friends. The One with the Flashback and The One When the Stripper Cries :)

    • supportedbyme

      Prom episode!

    • lAURA

      FRIENDS FLASHBACK = Bring on the LOL’s!!!! :)

    • Mori

      Prom episode – classic!

    • Stacy

      The prom epsiode! Where Ross was so excited to take Rachel to the prom and then her date showed up… the look on his face on the videotape and Rachel realizing how much he loved her even then was PRICELESS.

    • Margaret

      ABSOLUTLY!! And Ross playing his Casio keyboard. That was just the best episode ever.

    • righty

      I agree!!! This Friends Episode was HILARIOUS!

    • yesyes

      Anything Fat Monica from Friends.

      • Steve Bottorf

        Friends, “The One With All The Thanksgivings” is my favorite episode of all time. Fat Monica, Ross’s perm, Rachel’s old nose, and Chandler’s Flock Of Seagulls hairdo…LOL

  • Jack

    Ab Aeterno from Season 6 of Lost. This is when we find out why Richard Alpert doesn’t age and also gives us some historical significance into what the island is and who Jacob and the Man in Black are. Four of the biggest mysteries in television are dealt with in this episode, with some completely answered or partially.

    • Alex

      I SO AGREE!

    • Shotgunsamurai42

      Seriously at least something from Lost, the series that entered flashback into everyone’s vocabulary.

      • etm

        I agree – anything from LOST! Otherwise, I don’t even like flashback episodes!

      • Liz

        Yes because before Lost nobody had ever heard of a flashback.

      • Matt

        How about the third season finale of Lost? I know, technically it was a flashforward, but come on, are we going to have a “best flashforward episode” list anytime soon?

      • DJ

        If we’re going with flashforward episodes we have to go with the Series Finale of Six feet Under. That last 11 or so odd minutes make me weep tears of content.

      • levelheaded

        The Walkabout, see above, one of the first flashbacks had an amazing punch because we weren’t expecting it.

      • Shotgunsamurai42

        Funny funny Liz way to be a smartass. I don’t recall every saying that nobody had heard about flashbacks before Lost.

      • Julia

        The Constant. By far the most incredible, questioning, confusing, beautiful flashback ep of any series.

      • Liz

        Dude read what you wrote. ” Lost, the series that entered flashback into everyone’s vocabulary” It’s not being a smartass it’s being a realist.

    • Teleholic

      I agree!!!! Ab Aeterno, definitely.

      • Rebekah

        Definitely! Good call.

        Any Friends or LOST flashbacks win my vote.

    • Liza

      First thing that my husband said when I asked for his favorite flashback!

    • Mark

      My vote also goes to Ab Aeterno.

      • Tracey

        Ab Aeterno from Lost gets my vote. We waited over three years to see Richard Alpert’s backstory and it was well worth the wait. In only a single episode we became invested in Richard and Isabella’s love story. After that hour of TV, how could you not root for this man who has suffered so much?

      • Liz

        If we are going to go on a technicality “flashback”, I would totally go with another Lost episode, “The Constant”. It is a breathataking hour of television, the best episode of that series and one that had jaws dropped and tears flowing. Desmond and Penny Forever!

      • niki

        Yup, the Constant takes the cake.

      • Tim

        The Constant isn’t a flashback episode.

      • mel

        “If we are going to go on a technicality flashback episode,” then

        The Constant doesn’t fit the bill a technically a flashback ep.

      • SHS

        “The Constant” is my all-time favorite episode of Lost. I remember watching it and just all-out bawling at the end. That’s the only time Lost has ever provoked me that way.

    • laurie

      Agree. So many episodes from Lost could work, but this one gave such a great look at the Island’s past as well as Richard’s.

    • J

      How about the whole series of Lost? It’s one big flash-back-forward-sideways. Takes the cake for me. Although, the last Fringe epi with 1985 Walter was pretty great. Especially the graphics.

      • Ruby

        Agreed about Fringe. One of the best flashbacks ever!!

    • SHS

      Definitely one of the best. Not only did it answer soooo many questions, it had some great storytelling. The choice to eliminate Hurley’s translation so it seemed Richard was hearing the word straight from his wife’s mouth was soul-wrenching. Definitely my favorite episode after “The Constant.”

  • Jeff

    Heroes – “company man” – easily the best episode of the entire series!! Too bad it’s gotten progressively worse since then.

    • Gina

      I have to agree. This was the best Heroes’ episode. Unfortunately, it all went down hill after the first season’s finale.

    • Mikey

      By far the best episode of Heroes… but nowhere near as good as most of the flashback episodes likely to appear on this list.

      Saying one episode of Heroes is better than others is like comparing car accidents and saying “Getting sideswiped and knocked into a ditch was the best wreck I ever had – much better than the times I got rear-ended during rush hour or T-boned in that intersection.”

      Ab Aeterno is a close second, but my favorite will always be Walkabout. To anyone who says I can’t choose that one, don’t tell me what I can’t do.

    • Rebecca

      yes, totally agree with this one

    • mrmuggles

      i definitely agree with “company man.” it stood out to me as a highlight of the series.

      • Jake

        “Company Man” is the standout episode of the series.

  • Kristen

    Definitely the prom episode on Friends

    • Lola

      I’ll second that! And such a great ending.

      • JH

        And I’ll third that! Great great great episode! Love it.

    • Jonathan F.

      Yeah, this is definitely up there.

    • llevinso

      Yes! Fantastic episode of Friends. And I agree with Lola about the great ending. “He’s her lobster.”

      • AJ

        That was such a great episode!

    • Adam

      I definitely vote for the Friends prom episode.

      • marymary

        Yep, Friends prom episode is one of the best. Also loved company man from heroes, don’t watch that show anymore but that was one great episode.

    • bootsycolumbia

      I agree about the Friends prom episode. He’s her lobster!

  • Jeff

    “Ab Aeterno” from Lost. The show’s best flashback episode ever, despite the fact that I don’t understand how a ship sailing from Spain to the US wound up on the Island, which I’m pretty sure was in the Pacific. Anyway, it stands as the best flashback because it answered lots of questions, and that final scene between Richard and Isabella turned me to mush.

    • Cliff

      Actually the ship was sailing to Austraila, not the U.S.

      • Mike

        They actually didn’t specify where in the “NEW WORLD” the Black Rock was heading towards. But considering the island is always moving through space and time…I’m sure it could have been heading anywhere! lol

        we did find out in season 4’s “THE CONSTANT” that 20ish years before it’s final voyage it left portsmouth england on its way to the Kingdom of Siam and supposedly “lost at sea” (Thailand)…the journal was found in the 1850’s But we now know the Black Rock was still sailing around in 1867 as it took Richard to his final destination.

        I agree on this as a quality flashback episode of any television show. It’s hard to choose with so many from LOST. But whoever mentioned the PROM VIDEO from Friends, it’s also an excellend flashback! lol

      • Mike

        ugh…excellent not “excellend”. Sorry!

    • dan

      it was sailing from the canary islands

      • Luddite

        Off the coast of Spain.

    • Graeme

      The island moves anyway, so they could have been sailing from Spain to the US and ended up on the island, all depending on where the island is at that specific time.

      • Tia

        I would choose “The Constant” over “Ab Aeterno.” The Constant built on the backstory of Desmond and his search for his Penny. As we ping pong between ’97 and ’04 we see the most beautiful redemptive love story unfold. Lost has never been as good as “The Constant.”

      • Skip182

        But the Constant isn’t technically a flashback episode, so I wouldn’t count it.

    • Austin

      I’d also say that although most episodes of Lost involve a flashback, Ab Aeterno was more flashbacky than any of the other episodes. It was, literally, a linear story that took place in a different time than the present of the show. It fits the model of the flashback episodes from other shows.

  • Wriggle

    The latest episode of Fringe, por supuesto!

    Also, the Seinfeld “Wedding in India” episode, which was a flashback of a flashback of a flashback …

    • Ed

      Though I love Fringe, I found the last episode terribly boring. It was just a retelling of a story we already knew, and it hardly -if at all- moved the central story forward at all.

      • Liza

        Glad I’m not the only one who was bored and disappointed by what could have been the best episode of the series!

      • Walternate

        you’re kidding right? This was an “in order to go forward, we have to go backwards” vehicle that filled in the details of the general story that we know…. The reason why Walter went, (spoliers: – he didn’t intend to keep Peter, he knew it would kill his wife again. The impetus to go was to correct a mistake of an Observer, who “rescued them from the frozen lake car crash -which wasn’t..” Nina’s arm, Walter’s rift with William Bell, etc. All of these details were unknown prior to the episode, which Olivia now knows and needs to form the conflict of keeping Walter’s secret or letting Peter know – crucial for setting up the rest of the season.
        I get that you may not have been entertained by the lack of the typical “fringe-esque” mystery of the week, but I hope that you were at the very least entertained by the awesome performance that John Noble delivered….

      • Wil

        What bullcrap,how could you call that boring!? It was an intense, powerful episode! “He knew he was loved…….Didn’t he?”

    • Rebecca

      I second the nomination of the Fringe flashback! It’s true, it didn’t add much new information, but it put a lot of separate bits of info we already knew together into one emotional story, and John Noble’s performance was Emmy-worthy.

      • levelheaded

        Amen, John Noble’s performances was engaging. And the look his wife gave him when he said he had to bring the other universe Peter back? Awesome.

    • Coyote

      Yes!! The Betrayal, also known as The Backwards Episode, was amazing. The idea was based on a play by Harold Pinter (the groom’s name was Pinter Ranawat) and the episode, which begins at a wedding in India, ends 11 years earlier, when Jerry first meets Kramer. That’s a heck of a flashback.

      • Captain Obvious

        It was a funky adventure!

    • lulu

      Absolutely! It was heartbreaking and explained A LOT. I didn’t even mind Joshua Jackson wasn’t in it.

    • NT

      Yes! Excellent episode of Fringe!

      • YES

        yes to the seinfeld episode

  • Jackie

    “A Very Supernatural Christmas” from season three of “Supernatural”, where we find out how Sam learned what his family really does and Dean his necklace.

    • Rowena

      Definitly this one too…it makes me cry!

    • Lauren

      Seconded. An awesome episode that gave us great character building moments, such as Sam’s growing distrust for his father and Dean’s constant defense of him, that follow the boys all the way to adulthood. Add in an amulet origin story, gas station gift giving, and the goriest Christmas ever, and you get one of the best episodes in the series.

    • wendy

      Yes!Yes!and Yes! One of my favorite eps from one of my favorite shows! Great acting and emotion from the boys and gore,can’t get and better than that!

      • wendy

        “any” not “and” sorry

    • Tonya

      Agreed – A Very Supernatural Christmas vote for me!

      • Kalie

        Yep, great episode. One of “Supernatural’s” best.

      • Lizbeth U

        Definitely “A Very Supernatural Christmas” – they did a fantastic job of casting the young versions of Dean and Sam Winchester!

      • Deedee

        Yes I agree, this was an amazing episode. I love when the boys have flashbacks, it just makes me love them all the more!

    • Aliza

      that’s the first thing I thought of! great ep, I love when we get Sam and Dean flashbacks.

    • TD Sims

      A Very Supernatural Christmas gets my vote.

    • mrmuggles

      i’ll vote for this one too! it was heartbreaking, but sooo good!

    • Tajah


      • beth

        A Very Supernatural Christmas gets my vote. Awesome episode

    • Cy

      YES!! I’d vote 100% for “A Very Supernatural Christmas” — it was a very poignant episode that made fantastic use of those flashbacks to develop the characters and create a memorable ending. Utterly heart-breaking without being sappy–loved it!

  • Drocks

    The West Wing “In the Shadow of Two Gunmen, Part I & II”. Love seeing how all of President Bartlett’s staff comes to be! Especially love the part where Josh shows Sam his “face” to let him know that Barlett’s the real deal.

    • Lisa Simpson

      Love that episode. And that face!

      • KS

        YES!!! Absolutely!!!

    • Yes!

      I kid you not, I went to law school and became an M&A lawyer because I so badly wanted to be Rob Lowe and get called out of a big deal meeting to be the speechwriter for a president I truly believed in.

    • Maggie25

      Agreed. It was great to see the Toby was always a sad-sack, that Sam was always so idealistic, that Donna and Josh were a screwball romance from the start, and that C.J. was always hilarious and full of integrity (even when she falls in the pool).
      Bartlet for America is a good one too, where we get to see Leo first convince Jed to run.

      • fireflyfan

        absolutely fabulous show, RIP John Spencer (Leo McGarry)

    • John

      Yes!! Great episode of a great show.

    • J.B.

      This is the best ever, I agree. Why isn’t there tv this good on now? *sigh*

      • fireflyfan

        because for some reason Studio 60 couldn’t make it past the first season. I miss Aaron Sorkin and Thomas Schlamme!

    • Sarah

      Yes! I was going to say this — watching both of those episodes is like watching a fantastic, well written movie about how all of my favorite characters came to be.

    • aej

      This one, and also “Bartlet for America.” I think “Gunmen” was better, but they were both excellent.

    • jem

      oh definitely. loved how we got to see the team form into the people we know and love. :)

    • Joni

      Very glad to see there are so many “votes” for ‘In the Shadow of Two Gunmen’ from “The West Wing”.
      Two of the best episodes of the show in all 7 seasons.

      • fireflyfan

        personally my favorite episode just to get people into the show is “Isaac and Ishmael” in Season 5

      • Julie

        To Fireflyfan (“Can’t stop the signal!”)

        Isaac and Ishmael is the “one off” ep written as a reaction to 9/11. It’s not considered part of the continuity of the show and it aired pre Season 3, not 5. And if you’re using any ep from season 5 to get people into the show (save for perhaps “The Supremes”…but even still). then you are not introducing people to The West Wing. You’re introducing people to the shadow of the shell of what the show became after Aaron Sorkin left.

      • Caren

        Add another vote here for “Noel”, the one where Josh is suffering from PTSD from “Gunmen” and Leo calls in the psychologist for him. One of me fave Leo scenes of all time when He tells Josh the “guy in the hole” story. “As long as I’ve got a job, you’ve got a job.”

      • fireflyfan

        To Julie:
        I do see what you’re saying as far as the show post-sorkin, but I think that’s one of the episodes that doesn’t throw a bunch of acronyms (that usually confuse the first time viewer) or just constant running through hallways (if you haven’t seen the madtv parody, check it out)

    • AJ

      That one was brilliant. I loved that show.

    • Caitie

      Those are my favorite two episodes of TV ever!

    • SC

      “Gunmen” and “Bartlet for America”, definitely.

    • Lola

      I add my vote to West Wing!

    • TD Sims

      Yes! Yes! Yes!

    • Tony Vance

      The first ten minutes of this episode are some of the most intense I’ve ever seen.

    • situation

      thank god someone said this…probably one of the greatest episodes of the greatest series in television history

      • Alistair

        This definitely gets my vote. “In the Shadow of Two Gunmen, Part I & II” is about as good as television gets in my books.

    • Jim

      C.J falling in the pool was classic. “Avert your eyes!”

      • Scott

        HAHA!! Oh gosh yes! That was so funny. Man I really miss that show.

    • MarcoPolo

      Yes, this is a solid entry.

  • Derek

    The episode of Star Trek : Deep Space 9 where they revisit (via the magic of CGI) the “original series” episode, “The Trouble with Tribbles”.

    • Nerwen Aldarion

      Hehehe, the Klingons! “They are a distant cousin, we don’t talk about them much”

    • Rebecca


    • SciFan

      Absolutely! To take a beloved episode of a beloved series and build on it with their own lovingly tongue-in-cheek story (and to do it so well!) was a genius way to salute Star Trek’s anniversary! When they bounced the Tribbles off Kirk’s head while looking for the bomb I laughed till I cried!

    • Skip182

      This feels wrong to say, but DS9 was the best Trek series. Period. Avery Brooks as Sisko was the man!

    • AJ

      Yes, this could have been so bad (see Voyager’s take on the same theme) and it was in fact one of the best episodes they ever did.

      “Nobody’s ever met my grandfather!”

      • Although if we’re talking DS9 Flashbacks . . .

        There was that one in the second season where Odo investigated a murder Kira turned out to be guilty of.

    • Kingclancy

      This DS9 episode is not a flashback. It is a time travel story. A re-visit is what it really is.

  • anjali

    FRINGE – ‘Peter’

    • Austin

      Lost: Ab Aeterno
      Fringe: Peter
      Heroes: Company Man
      Supernatural: In the Beginning
      Battlestar Galactica: Daybreak

      • Austin

        Scratch that last one.
        Battlestar Galactica: Unfinished Business

      • TD Sims

        Is this the boxing episode? If so, it’s got my vote.

      • Wil

        I agree with Austin

      • Natalie

        Finally, someone brings up BSG! I love both Daybreak Pt 1 and Unfinished Business, but my vote goes for Unfinished Business.

      • jj

        BSG Unfinished Business is not only my favorite flashback, but my favorite episode of all BSG.

  • marieke

    All Friends flashback episodes. Rachel and her old nose and Fat Monica. Priceless.

    • BrandonK

      Yes! Exactly what I was going to say. “The camera adds ten pounds.” “How many cameras are on you?!”

      • llevinso

        “Some girl ate Monica!” “Well hello Mr. Kotter!”
        Such great lines in that episode…in all the Friends flashback episodes really.

  • Nerwen Aldarion

    The One With the Prom Video on Friends, also don’t forget The One With All of the Thanksgivings in Friends too where we saw Monica and Chandler meet for the first time and she cut off his toe!

    • AJ

      “It’s really good, you should be a chef.”

      • Rebekah

        Hahaha! I am SO loving reading all the Friends quotes from that episode on here. Ahh, good times.

      • Steve

        I think his beggin’ days are over now that he’s going out with Nancy Branson.

    • Abbey

      Yes – either of these two – awesome.

  • theCarriep

    Firefly. Objects in Space.

    If you’re not sure why, go watch the episode.

    • Barb

      I whole heartedly agree. That episode was amazing.

    • Nerwen Aldarion

      Ditto! This is one of my favorite FireFly eps!

    • znachki

      Are you sure this is the one you mean? “Out of Gas” is the flashback episode.

    • Sarah

      That was my first thought too! Objects in Space is amazing and absolutely gets my vote.

      • Sarah

        oops, znachki is right, it is Out of Gas. I stand by the vote though.

    • Rebecca

      Yup, it’s “Out of Gas.” And I was going through these comments thinking that if someone else hadn’t already mentioned this then I had to. A beautiful piece of TV storytelling.

      • Kate

        Yes, I was just thinking; “Isn’t someone going to mention ‘Out of Gas’?” The editing on that is incredible! The disparate time lines are distinct, but not jarring. Check it out on Hulu.

      • ash

        I wholeheartedy agree with this. It adds a different dimension to every character. Great episode.

    • jem

      my all-time favorite episode of firefly, even though apparently jaynestown is everyone else’s ^_^

      • Amiee

        Nope. Out of Gas is my favorite as well. Jaynestown is a close second though.

    • Shannon

      You mean Out of Gas and yes that ep was Awesome!

    • mary

      I love “Out of Gas” Not only was the flashback amazing, but the frame story was just as compelling. That episode sealed my love of the show (and Joss Whedon outside of the vampire world)

    • Nik

      I like Out of Gas, but I also love the flashbacks in Safe – it really showed you why Simon was prepared to give up everything for River and just how brilliant she was before the Men in Blue got their hands on her.

      • Anonymous

        Did you know that young Simon was played by Zac Efron?

    • mrmuggles

      YES! I was hoping someone would say “Out of Gas”. Classic Whedon storytelling done brilliantly.

    • Christine

      Loved Out of Gas. One of the best from the series.

    • helenka

      Absolutely Out of Gas – just saw it recently and was so blown away by the story telling.

  • MysteriousTraveller

    The Constant from LOST.
    I was sobbing. Always a good indicator.

    • etm


    • bill


    • seattle_girl

      Definitely The Constant. That was a seminal moment for me in the series – I was already digging the show but this one sealed the deal for me. Intricate, compelling storyline and stellar acting from (previously rather forgettable) Henry Ian Cusick.

    • Skip182

      But it’s not technically a flashback. Great episode though.

      • Reubs

        Even though the episode’s flashes were not technically flashbacks, it used them to tell a riveting story about Desmond, and it foreshadowed the time-traveling aspects of Season Five.

    • laurie

      Easily the best episode of Lost, but I simply don’t see it as a flashback. Flashing through time via your consciousness is just not the same thing as a flashback to me. It’s time travel.

    • Person Who Talks

      YES!!! The Constant, Walkabout, Ab Aeterno, or Greatest Hits…all excellent!

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