Mini Doc Jensen: 'Buffy' meets 'Lost' PLUS: More thoughts about 'Ab Aeterno'

lost-ab-aeternoImage Credit: Mario Perez/ABCYou know me and Lost: Almost every episode gets my mind whirring and my theory-making machine churning. But “Ab Aeterno” has been exceptionally inspiring. I’ve been thinking about a number of things since Tuesday, including this observation that was brought to my attention by my Totally Lost co-host Dan Snierson: While the Jacob of 1867 preemptively thwarted Richard’s assassination attempt, the Jacob of 2007 all but walked into Ben’s knife in last year’s season finale. Since we now know that Jacob is more than capable of defending himself, we have even more reason to wonder if Jacob wanted Ben to kill him and if everything on the Island is more or less going according to Jacob’s plan.

Of course, I continue to think about Jacob’s metaphor of the corked bottle representing the Island keeping a world of evil at bay. (Do Lost and Buffy The Vampire Slayer occupy the same universe? Does the Island seal up another Hellmouth?) Jacob said he brings people to the Island to prove that the Man In Black is wrong about his dim view of human nature. But he didn’t really explain how he goes about trying to prove MIB wrong. I wonder what the castaways should be doing to win that argument for Jacob. And I’m wondering if all of Lost is building up to that moment.

But what I find myself thinking about the most is Jacob’s contention that the Island is a place where the past doesn’t matter for the people he brings to it. For me, Jacob’s dubious claim underscored what might be Lost’s biggest theme: managing our relationship to the past. Whatever happened, happened; nothing can be changed. How much of it do we let define us? Do we embrace it? Run away from it? Deny it? Do we get to control what it means to us or does someone else make those calls?

And while I’m thinking all these thoughts, I’m battling the flu. Which is why you’re not getting a full column from me this week, as promised. My apologies, dear readers. Hopefully, I’ll have recuperated enough by next week to produce my usual onslaught of absurdity and analysis. Until then, what do you make of this comparison of the final season of Lost to the final season of Buffy? And then there’s this: In my recap of “Ab Aeterno,” I speculated on a link between Mark Pellegrino’s Jacob and the character of Lucifer he plays on Supernatural. Many of you have pointed out that the actor who plays the Man In Black on Lost, Titus Welliver, also appeared on that show, playing the god of war. What are we to make of these alleged overlaps? More thoughts to come over the next few weeks. Have a great weekend, and be seeing you next week. — Doc Jensen

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  • Stephanie

    Get well.

    • Shannon

      Yup…Feel better! Looking for some great insight next week :)

  • Joel

    Feel better Doc, thanks for giving us a little something to think about for the weekend.

  • Jenna

    I thought about the Hellmouth, too.

    • bigtoe

      Your smart

      • Bill

        Your smart what???

    • Eyeball

      It seems more and more like the Island is actually quite a bit like the Black Lodge from Twin Peaks.

      • guesty

        And Darlton has said how much they love Twin Peaks. I think that there is definitely some similarity. And someone was taken over by ‘evil’ in that show too.

      • Pixxie Trixxie

        I agree – I love both Twin Peaks and Buffy but I believe that the
        Buffy world was a lot more straight forward with how the Hellmouth presented itself. Lost’s situation is more complicated and weird – just like the Twin Peaks world was.

  • Buddy

    The overlap actually seemed apparent to me as well. MIB is much like the “first evil” (he even takes the form of dead people!) and the Island seems to have hellmouth-like qualities. “Trapped like a cork in a bottle” is also a phrase Giles uses to describe the Master in season one. Are Damon and Carlton Whedon fans?

    • BK

      I know Damon is a Whedon fan for sure. He has been quoted on saying he would watch anything by JJ Abrams and Joss Whedon……

  • Q

    I think it’s completely adorable, that’s what I think. But it makes me miss Buffy.

    • Kathy

      Me, too. *sad face*

      • Antonio

        Wow this is awesome. I’m currently at the end of season 6 of Buffy, can;t wait to see season 7 and make the comparisons. A friend of mine was telling me Lost felt like Buffy to him this season, and i could not figure out why. He will be happy to hear that you, Jeff, had the same thoughts. Totally awesome.

    • Ramlo

      Me three.

      • Heather

        That explains everything:
        Ben is Glory. Glory is Ben!! :)

      • Mother Nature

        Love it, Heather.

      • liz

        Heather, that just made me so happy. I’ve too have been home sick with the flu watching Buffy season 7 and now all I can think is that I should have been watching 5! Ben is Glory! Glory is Ben!

    • HM


      • Abby

        Wow, I thought I was a little bit of a dork for watching all 7 season of Buffy again last year, but it looks like a lot of other people still have the itch. Didn’t think about the connection to LOST until this article, but it makes a lot of sense. I’m going to miss reading these when the show is over! :(

      • Pixxie Trixxie

        It made me so sad to read about Nicholas Brendon (Zander) this week. Someone give him a show to work on please.

  • Peabs

    Get better, Doc. I do agree that Jacob didn’t seem willing to die in 1867. Not at all. He absolutely wanted Bent to kill him.

    • Laura

      And yet, Miles told Ben a couple of episodes back that Jacob did NOT want to die. That the last thoughts going through Jacob’s mind was that he hoped he was wrong about Ben and that Ben would not kill him. But I do agree that it’s very strange that Jacob didn’t try to fight at all, whereas in 1867 he was a kick-ass fighting machine!
      Oh, and feel better, Doc!

      • PLK

        There is, of course, a difference between wanting to die and being willing to die. Jacob may have preferred that Ben make the right choice, but he was willing to die if he made the wrong one. Is it akin to what Christian’s call God’s Perfect will and Permissive will? He would have preferred, for instance, that the Fall not happen, but since it did, he had a plan in place (his own sacrifice). If this is what the writer’s are implying, I actually think that Jacob’s dying, even though he preferred not to, makes his “sacrifice” more poignant.

      • guesty

        Miles reported that Jacob hoped that he wasn’t wrong about Ben, (MILES is the one who says that Jacob must’ve been wrong) but Jacob didn’t say that he hoped that Ben wouldn’t kill him. I think that Jacob is hoping that Ben will, in the end, make the right choice. Which we see Ben do, when in f/sideways and island world in his epi.

      • Captain Obvious

        I thought it was Locke who didnt want to die- and that they were refering to Locke dying at Bens hands? and how Locke was confused as he died.

    • Lynn

      I miss her, too. But my excuse is we just finished watching the entire series on Monday. Funny – after all that, still didn’t think Island = Hellmouth.

  • Josh D

    So strange that MIB asks Jacob to let him go… and Jacob says not as long as I’m alive. First of all, why and how is Jacob keeping him on the island and how and why can this God like person die by a blade? ARGH, really was looking forward to a good amount of reading material from you Doc! Get better. :)

    • Houston

      Jacob is not God. He is Jacob from the bible, who wrestled an angel to a draw. Richard, I think is some incarnation of Job and MIB is a fallen angel, possibly Lucifer.

  • MartinSA

    hmm…never really looked at the “past doesn’t matter” comment, but it supports my theory that timeline prime has been replaced and the Island Losties are exiled from reality.

    as for Jacob’s death–I think he was just so surprised it happened that he couldn’t fathom it. however, as a game-player, he definitely planned for the circumstance (ala planning several moves ahead like a skilled Chess player).

  • shamon from bx soundview

    nice insight who to know what good and bad also how many of those white rocks jacob has ?

  • HAH

    Get better soon!! The Lost Opening-Buffy style was kinda cool. It made me smile. Yeah, I’ve been finding it weird with the two actors being on both Lost and Supernatural and the characters they play on both. Seriously, I wonder if there is any connection.

    • WhoMe

      I watched the first couple of episodes this season of supernatural and found it weird as well, but then I remembered that I saw both of them on prison break in its last season…I just chalked it up to the both of them having the same agent or something

    • Pixxie Trixxie

      I find it simply ooincidental IMO. Actors come up for certain roles at certain times. Since these are different networks, they probably saw no problem with using the same actors for similar roles. Now – karma? That is the real question. Are these men being chosen for the same type of role over and over because of some greater force in their personal lives – or are they just being typecast? Interesting.

  • Katie

    Feel better!!

  • Katie

    I’m sure your fever will provide even better theories for next week. :)

    • allie08

      oh man. think he’ll reach 18 pages in a fever induced mania?

  • Trenton

    First thank you thank you

  • Firecat

    There are a lot of overlaps between LOST and Buffy/Angel…characters, writers, and producers. In the pilot for Angel, Josh Holloway was a vampire…lol.

    • Rutiger

      Daniel Dae Kim and Sam Anderson(Bernard) both had recurring parts as lawyers at Wolfram and Hart.

      • Vince

        Michael, Eko and the creepy dude who’s alos in Fringe were all OZ alumns..Sorry to lazy to remember/look-up actors name’s..

    • The Creepy Dude whose also on Fringe . . .

      Would be Lance Reddick. Long Live Captain Daniels.

      • mags


      • The Creepy Dude *who’s* also on Fringe . . .

        Thank you for that.

  • mscisluv

    I have been thinking about why Jacob can travel on and off the island freely with (seemingly) no consequences, but obviously the MIB cannot…

    • Trenton

      I think Jacob’s power keeps him there…but it has to be more, because Jacob is dead…so that means his candidate has already been annointed he or she just doesn’t know it yet. Or something on the island keeps him there. He wants to go to the Swan station, presumably to turn the wheel and get to tunisia, but somehow I don’t think Jacob needed to rock that device.

    • Robert Singleton

      I still think it has something to do with crossing running water. In European folk legend, vampires had to be transported across running water.

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