'Cougar Town': Now That's What I Call a Single Glass of Red Wine!

Cougar TownI’ve started deliberately drinking red wine whenever I watch Cougar Town. It’s become like any cooking show: You need to indulge in whatever’s on-screen or the Agony and the Envy will reduce you to a bitter, craving mess. I realized last night that I’ve been pouring my wine incorrectly this whole time. And I need to remember to take the first sip hands-free, but I should be using my hands while driving a car. Thank you, Cougar Town, for teaching me how to live more fabulously. As Jules said in last night’s episode, “Turn This Car Around,” Bite me! I can still change! Bitches be loco. Which life lessons have you sipped hands-free from Cougar Town? A few more full-boded, fruity revelations with slight hints of oak after the jump…

  • Sheryl Crow makes an okay guest star. Grayson and Sheryl Crow dating, though? Nah.
  • Paper Buddy continues to bonk women so young they may actually be from the future. Good continuity here — we don’t want his sexual friendsion with Jules to be the only thing he has going on.
  • “Travis” the horse dog sitting on Andy’s face made me die inside but was kind of awesome. Sometimes I love that this show is so blatant about being shot on a big-ass soundstage, which was especially clear as the beast dragged Andy across the “concrete parking lot.” Adds to the camp factor.
  • Best Ellie moment: Checking her watch during Jules’ “This is who I am” speech at the kitchen island.
  • That song during the final montage was “Animal” by Miike Snow. The original is fantastic, but I think the Treasure Fingers and Fred Falke remixes are even better. Bop at your desk!

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  • AndrewJ

    Loved it. Particularly liked the line “I’m as old as two twenty-year-olds, so maybe it will feel like we’re having a threesome” (I think that’s how it went.)

    • PNK

      She said “it will feel like a Menage a Trois – French…” which built on the French wine Hurpy’s she was pushing! haha, that was good.

      and then “Thanks for the Hurpy’s” as she walked away – his retort was funny.

      Crow was a bit stiff but did ok.

      • AndrewJ

        Oh yeah… That was it. Thanks.

  • HD

    I can’t put my finger on why I used to love this show to now just only liking it.

    • Tommy Marx

      This show has gone from a good one to a great one in the last few months, but last night’s episode was a weak one. Sheryl Crow added nothing, and the show felt unfocused.

      • DAVID

        yea… she is terrible… challenged even.

    • jen_s

      My husband has only seen this episode and the pilot, and can’t understand why I like this show. Last night was so weak!!

    • Ames

      Actually, last night’s show kind of depressed me. Not to be a kill-joy, but the humor of alcohol dependence escapes me.

      • Kelsi

        I found it kind of refreshing that the writers openly stated: “Yes, alcohol makes things more fun and tastes good. It’s ok to enjoy it.”
        I’ve never seen a show openly admit that.

    • Jessica

      I think it’s Courtney Cox’s character. She used to have a bit of vulnerability meshed with her sense of entitlement and selfishness, but that vulnerability just seems to have gone right out the window, leaving her as the most unlikeable, vain, selfish character on the show. I love everyone else, but not her.


    At first I was only kinda diggin’ this show but now I LOVE IT SO MUCH!!!!

    • Madd

      I used to only watch this show occasionally and didn’t think much of it. But I’ve started to watch it regularly and I think it’s great. But still, that title….

  • Alan

    Sheryl Crow is a really bad actress. She was okay on 30 Rock when playing herself, but now when she’s really acting, she pretty much S*UCKS big time. I understand Grayson is finally growing up and wants to try an adult realtionship (this being his first step on the way to an inevitable Jules hook-up), but I didn’t buy the Sheryl Crow character. Also, the Jules wine addiction may have been borderline disturbing for any recovering alcoholics out there, but one thing I like is how this show doesn’t care if they offend!

  • kelly

    My boyfriend and I drink beer with How I Met Your Mother since every episode shows them drinking, but I may have start up the wine drinking with Cougar Town! Way to enable, Annie!

  • paige

    i only saw half the episode but Sheryl Crow does not fit in this show at all. Maybe its because its comedy or the lighting or something! i cant put my finger on what it is- i dont want to say she’s a bad actress but judging by what i saw, there’s now way I can say she’s a good one…

    • PNK

      She was stiff. And I think she was made to look too much like Courtney so there wasn’t much visual interest or contrast. Need to add a real character, even if it is just for one show, not just a standup eye-candy. Like, Lisa Kudrow was better for a couple of those reasons.

  • BobbyH

    I generally need to be drinking cheap beer and engaging in fist pumping on my coach while watching “Jersey Shore.” Comparable?

  • Madd

    First of all, Annie, that’s ALWAYS how I pour my wine. The part about them only having fun while drinking was funny yet sad because it made me realize that this is exactly how my friends and I are even though we’re all in our mid twenties. Agree that Sheryl Crow wasn’t horrible but wasn’t great either.

  • Allison

    This wasn’t the strongest episode but still very enjoyable. I would like to see some more scenes between Jules and Travis. They have such good chemistry and I feel like their mother-son relationship has a lot of heart.

    • Madd

      Agree, Jules and Travis have a great dynamic. I still can’t remember where I’ve seen the actor who plays Travis before- Aliens in America? Heroes? Both?

      • Lynny

        Aliens in America

      • Janie


  • Madd

    Oh, and I loved it when Bobby said that he named all of his favorite things Travis and Travis admitted he was oddly flattered.

    • Sara

      And then called his, uuummm…goodies “Little Travis”.

  • lisap

    i loved the reverse intervention. finally someone making fun of those ridiculous “intervention specialists” how do those people say their job title with a strait face much less sleep at night. what a crock. cougartown’s mockery of it was hilarious.

  • Amber

    Last nights episode was weak…but still love this show!
    Also, no to Sheryl Crow, it was all kinds of wrong..and shame on Grayson! It felt like he was cheating on Jules the whole time-shame!

  • Jennifer

    Where has Andy and Ellie’s baby been? He’s not even mentioned anymore let alone seen. I used to love this show, but lately it’s been turning me off.

    • Rosie

      Its going to be an upcoming storyline – ellie wants to hire a sitter for stan as she’s always chez jules but laurie calls her up on it as she’s a “housewife” forcing ellie to try justify her deicision.

      And this episode, was as always fantastic! Reaally can’t wait til juleson happens!

  • tvgirl48

    I love Bobby so much. I would watch him do anything and still laugh uncontrollably. He’s so genuine in his white trash-ness. And it was immature and not that inspired, but I still laughed at Ellie saying “Syphillis?” and Grayson correcting her about the Hurpes wine. The tone of this show is great. It’s campy and light and doesn’t take itself too seriously.

  • Rick

    I thot Sheryl was ok. My fav line tho had to be “My favorite number is really 4 but I said 5 so you wouldn’t think I was a geek” or something like that.
    I missed Barb…but loving creppy lawn watering guy too!!

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