'Lost' exclusive! This week's Carlton and Damon podcast and the series finale title!

Lost-Richard-AlpertLost fans were treated to an essential hour of entertainment and story on Tuesday with “Ab Aeterno,” certainly the best episode so far this season and already considered by some as one of the best Lost episodes ever. Amid the giddy, there is some soberness, too: we’re now halfway through the final season. Only nine more hours left, then Lost goes away. In fact, as we speak, Team Lost is hard at work making the two-hour series finale scheduled for May 23. Said finale happens to have a title, and if you wish to know what it could be, listen to the newest official Lost podcast hosted by exec producers Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof, which you’ll find here exclusively for the next day. (Big thanks to Lost prodcast producer Kris White!) I’d preview the contents and give you  a harder sell, but I haven’t listened to it, it’s so hot off the presses. And I thought you’d appreciate it if I got it out to you ASAP instead of hogging it all to myself. Appreciate me! Without further ado: Listen!


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  • Brett

    Kinda hoped the title would give something away, but oh well, it’s still a pretty cool, and of course totally appropriate title.

    • J

      I think it’s more significant than it seems at first. After all, in the Jacob/MIB conversation last season, MIB said, “It always ends the same,” to which Jacob said, “It only ends once.”

      • murley

        you are right, j. it only ends once. the finale is that one end.

    • Bingo

      Wasn’t the S4E1 episode entitled “The Beginning of the End”? I think this is beautifully symmetric.

  • Alienware

    The End?
    Are they kidding or what?

    • Jon

      Is that the title? Seriously?

      • Jessi

        The End? Is that the title? That was also the name of the Series Finale episode of the X-Files.

      • Mikhail

        Well, if you guys have some sentimental value over “Abbey Road” by The Beatles, you would have as well on this show’s final episode.

      • the end

        jessi – actually, the series finale of The X-Files was called “The Truth”. “The End” was the season 5 finale.

        anyway, i love “The End” as the series finale title for Lost. it’s simple, yet could potentially have profound significance – especially considering Jacob’s “it only ends once” as others have pointed out.

    • Andre

      yeah i agree, the title should have been something like “jacob is actually the bad guy but you’ll only find his true intention on the movie we’re going to make”

      • Desmo

        Right cause they haven’t said like a million times that the show isn’t going to have a cliff hanger to be resolved in a feature film…

      • boocat

        LOL! Love it!

    • Donna Rose

      Jacob said “It only has to END once.” Sounds like THE END is a perfect title.

      • gizmodiansky

        Donna Rose, you totally got me thinking…MIB asked Jacob, “why keep bringing people here, it all ends the same”, and Jacob replied, with a smile, “it only ends once, everything up to that point is progess.” So, I don’t think that the the canidates are there to take over for Jacob, I think they are there to End it(whatever “it” is.) “The End” is a perfect title.

    • J’aQuse

      ‘The End’ could mean more than just the end of the series. It could be the end of the island, of Smokey, of the castaways….

    • RK

      A Doors tribute! Quick, Doc Jensen, compare Lost to all Doors songs!

      • lola

        Nice One RK!

      • Kim

        Yeah, that was a good one, RK. :)

  • Dan

    Brilliant last episode name. Very simple buy inventive :)

    • Karen

      How is it inventive?

      • MRSD

        “It only ends once, everything before that is just progress”

    • Johnification

      After using allusions like Exodus, Through the Looking Glass, and There’s No Place Like Home, I can see no more fitting title for the final than the simple thing that you see right before you close any great book.

      • Teleholic

        I agree, I don’t think a lot of people caught that ‘The End’ is referencing what we’ve all seen at the end of all great books. I think people are thinking about it as in “The End” of the series.

  • MrScamunga

    The End? meh.

    • Joe

      Take Meh and stick it up your ass, pal.

  • sandi

    I LOVE IT!!!!

  • womanofscience

    Thank you for posting this so quickly! You totally rock!

  • Andrew M

    Great title. You know why? 1. It doesn’t give anything away.
    and 2. It’s the truth; It is The End.

    • Rebekah

      Agreed. The show’s creators usually try not to give too much away about upcoming episodes. It’s very fitting.

    • Terry

      Yeah, cause the title “?” told us waaaaay too much.

  • LOL

    “The End” is the title of the finale.

  • Kaelyn

    I was so excited at the beginning of this season to get answers and resolution, but now I am beginning to get sad. I don’t want this to end.

    • Rams

      I am so sad now that they have released the final episode title. This is really it… :-/

  • Rebekah

    I haven’t listened to the whole thing yet…but does anybody miss Daniel Faraday?! Will Faraday ever come back?!? Please, please, PLEASE bring Daniel back!!!!!!

    Btw, I like “The End” for the title. It’s not amazing, but it’s fitting. Oh, and sad. How I will miss thee, LOST.

    • Dug

      We will see Faraday again…it’s been announced

      • Michele


      • boocat

        Excellent!!! I love Faraday!

    • Musica1

      I asked them at Comic-con if Faraday would be back this season, hoping we’d see him have a happy ending if the reset worked, and they said we would see him this season. I’m a huge Faraday fan!! (And I actually got a mention in the Lost magazine that covered Comic-con.)

    • Not lost

      do you miss his whisper and pinched face?

  • Charles

    The actual title is THE END?

  • Janaan

    Long time ago was hoping it would be “Found”. But then “…And Found” kind of ended that for me. The End is not terrible though, fitting.

  • charlotte k

    Thanks for fudging on the origin of the Others, guys. Please clarify it by The End!

  • Matt

    I wish they would get rid of that HORRIBLE presenter of these podcasts…

    • aidan

      he is a retard isn’t he?

      • dogfoot

        Juvenile idiot, aren’t you?

      • RyanK


  • Jacob

    Simple and unspoilery. I like it.

    • Lori

      Perfect. At the End I will be whining at the tv – noooo I don’t want it to be THE END!

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