James Cameron vs. Glenn Beck: Let's get it on!

cameron_beckImage Credit: Cameron: Tony DiMaio/Startraks Photo; Beck: M. Caulfield/Getty ImagesJames Cameron pulls no punches. And he has no use for Fox TV host Glenn Beck. At a press conference to promote the DVD release of Avatar, Cameron eviscerated the conservative pundit and challenged him to a debate about the environment. The Oscar-winning director called Beck “dangerous” and his ideas “poisonous,” but he seemed mostly offended by being called the anti-Christ by Beck back in 2007, when the then-CNN host criticized Cameron’s TV documentary, The Lost Tomb of Jesus.

Beck, clearly, isn’t a fan of Cameron’s work either. During that same 2007 broadcast, this is how he described his affection for Cameron’s previous biggest movie in history: “Anyone who got dragged to see Titanic or was subjected to repeated playings of that Celine Dion song that just made you beg for death and would never go away, while your moron friends kept shouting, ‘I’m the king of the world,’ every time they found a good parking spot, you probably suspect what I’ve believed for years. Only a force of pure evil could have directed that film.”

Them’s fighting words, but I have no interest in witnessing the pointless excercise of putting these two in a room to debate the issues. There’s only one way to settle this feud, and that’s mano a mano combat wearing Avatar‘s exoskeletal AMP suits — during halftime of the Super Bowl. What could be more American than two polarizing personalities battling in space-age weaponry at the 50-yard line of Cowboys Stadium? I think Rupert Murdoch, whose companies employ Beck and financed Cameron’s film, can and should make this happen.

I can’t think of a downside to this, but perhaps you have another idea as to how these two can settle their differences?

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  • Bobby’s Robot

    “mono a mono”?? They’re going to fight with mononucleosis germs? Hmmm…perhaps ‘mano a mano’ would be another good way to go.

    • dan

      HAHAHAHAHA. they’re going to give each other mono after making out in the bedroom.

      • Ed

        What an ignorant comment. And to add the “gay element”…..even more ignorant.

      • FSM

        “Gay Element?” I’m guessing that would be Gaytonium? Or Unobgaynium?

        [ Warning: adding it to Comments imbues it with concentrated levels of Being Fabulous! ]

    • MultiPass

      This writer (and EW) us just falling into the same trap as everyone else. The Giant PR Machine is creating more controversy to up both the profile of Cameron and Avatar sales (good for Fox) and Glenn Beck and his ridiculous program (also good for Fox). It’s actually called cross-promotion and undoubtedly engineered in some way to get more $$$ in the door. As for this intern-like writing on EW’s website, well get used to it (mono a mono? I mean come on, you’re an idiot.) Gen Y is hitting the job market and they are lacking a lot of basic skills most people take for granted (spelling, actual journalism, fact checking, writing that has a point, etc.). These topical, TMZ, light on fact, light on depth, and basic attention grabbers are becoming the status quo. notice how he writes a little bit, a basic report, creates a stupid hypothetical scenario and then tosses out a quetions. It’s all just to get us to write back in, get EW’s comment logs and pageviews activated. You could barely call this writing, it’s more of an advertisement for advertisements.

      • Cindy

        Actually this kind of writing is the only kind that Beck-heads and Avatards can comprehend.

      • Chris

        Nicely put ;)

    • Siri

      Sadly, I think you’re right multipass.

    • Terry

      When you live your life by Twitter, you become a twit.

    • Jeff

      Beck’s comments regarding “Titanic” are the only intellegent words the man will ever say.

      • LOOOOLOLOLOL ROTFL LOLLLOOL. what a retard

    • BF

      One on one…look it up!

  • Sue

    James is just pissed off because the Democrats are going to take all his money in taxes so he’s lashing out at Glenn because he can’t lash out at Democrats in Hollywood. Right James?

    • Firecat

      Oh maybe it’s because Beck is a jackass.

      • Sean

        Or maybe b/c Cameron is intimidated by him deep down. I sense a lot of fear in Cameron’s voice when he rants.

      • Cindy

        Well that gets MY vote, lol

      • hkath

        Firecat is right

    • US Marine

      …Dems in Hollywood? Ar eyou smoking pole or something? Hollywood is full of Jews who won’t give up their cash to anyone. And I don’t mean this in a racist way, just showing that you have no clue about politics if you call Hollywood Dems.

      • Nerd

        Jewish people tend to lean left/Democrat.

      • David Enock

        US Marine—You’re too stupid to be a US Marine.

      • Norm

        Actually FOX is owned by Rupert Murdoch…who is not a democrat or a Jew…

        He seems to be running both TV and produced or distributed Avatar (and Titanic)…

        He seems to be running things now..

      • Doremifah Solatido

        If the Jews control it all, where the hell is MY piece of the pie..?

      • Matt

        Doremifah Solatido: Oh…was that piece yours? Sorry about that. Want a cabbage instead?

      • perhaps not:

        I disagree. He is JUST stupid enough to be a marine. :)

      • Horace Green

        “Hollywood is full of Jews who won’t give up their cash to anyone. And I don’t mean this in a racist way” –

        I’m sure people can clearly see just how accepting you are of all races, religions, colors and creeds

      • Jim Power

        How in the hell can yall say the Marine is stupid for bring a U.S.Marine? No matter what his ideas are , he still defends our country so we can all talk like this. Ya’ll are IDIOTS!!! Move to China!!!

      • Flabbergasted Jew

        You don’t mean it in the racist way? What other way is there?

        You are a dumb@$$ hick…but I don’t mean to be rude or judgmental…

    • Horace Green

      The dems will take all of Cameron’s money? Warren Buffett pays 16% in taxes thanks to Republicans everywhere so I’m pretty sure the man who holds the title of the two top grossing films in history isn’t worried about paying huge taxes

      • alan5073

        just ’cause someone says they’re a marine doesn’t mean they are . . .

  • DT

    Hmmm I hate them both equally…so torn.

    • SisterZip

      I’m with you, DT.

      I still haven’t watched all of Titanic. The most overrated Oscar winning movie of all time.

      • Yoja

        How can you call it overrated if you haven’t seen all of it?

      • MsDaisy

        No, that would be “Crash”. “Titanic” is a close second though.

      • Nix

        @Yoja I know, she missed the part that was actually awesome — the sinking.

      • Mimosa

        You don’t have to watch all of an awful movie to know it isn’t any good…

  • Non Corn Man

    Um, great idea, except of course that Glenn Beck was essentially created by Rupert Murdoch. Rupert made Fox News what it is, which of course is ‘Fair and Balanced’ and just pure news. Sorry, I’m being sarcastic.

    • Chase

      Glenn Beck started at CNN, moron.

    • Bill Holden

      Yeah, and CNN, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, NY Times etc are oh-so “fair and balanced” and paragons of objective journalism, aren’t they? Get your head out of your ass, you hypocritical clown.

    • Gumby666

      Roger Ayles (or however he spells it) once admitted that the whole “Fair & Balanced” slogan was just created to annoy liberals. Murdock is described as being much more liberal than FOX is. Just goes to show what a whore he is. Besides, if you took Beck’s brain a rolled it down the edge of a razor blace it would be like rolling a pea down the middle of a six lane superhighway.

  • Karen

    As much as I am a fan of neither person, that quote about Titanic was pretty funny.

    • Nini

      I know, haha. I hate Glenn Beck and everything he stands for, but he managed to spew some truth with that one lol

      • FSM

        Even a broken c ock is right twice a day.

  • Dave

    Glen Beck is an @$$, his whole show is for the ratings, and boy is he getting ratings. Thats the most troublesome part.

    • Mike

      Dave…what world do you live in? Cameron does nothing for money or fame????? That is the only way he can get off…he isn’t man enough to show himself…he has to try to make us believe he is a man through his poorly developed characters…seriously…what real man runs around yelling, “I’m king of the world”…and believes it?

      • Jack

        You’re just jealous of his money and fame. You probably work a Burger King or something right? And Beck is just trying to get his name in the paper by “Feuding” with someone MUCH more famous.

      • whatevs

        I don’t know if Mike works at Burger King or not, but I’m sure a cashier at a fast food joint can construct a proper sentence, unlike you.

      • james

        @ Jack- how is Beck trying to get his name in the papers by feuding when the comment Beck made is from 3 years ago? And Beck gets PLENTY of attention, he doesn’t need to go start a fight w/ someone to do it. He just needs to cry on his show and that will become the next youtube video.

    • dsuds

      spoken like a true democrat. i bet you love cnn, don’t you?

      • Your mom

        this is the problem. When you go around using the other party as an insult – you are basically saying they really shouldn’t exist, and that your own party should be in full control. A single party system isn’t really a democracy. So it sounds like what you guys want are the principals of your own party enforced in some type of dictatorship.

  • Spackler

    Wow, a Hollywood liberal doesn’t like a conservative commentator. Stop the presses!

    • Jacob

      Ha HA! Bazinga!

    • Ben

      I was wondering what took so long for someone to say this!

    • james

      Yeah I’m waiting for the point of this story…

  • potvin

    Cameron’s a movie making genius but a politcal flake. Stick to making movies Jimmy.

    • Lola

      Glenn Beck is just as much of a political flake as James Cameron – That’s why a superbowl showdown is such a brilliant idea!

  • shellibelli

    I would pay to see a Cameron movie with the terminator sent back intime to kill Glenn Beck!

    maybe they can get Ann Coulter to play the cyborg! at end of the film she can take a high dive into boiling liquad metal!

    • Scott

      Coulter IS a cyborg. Or is it just a Borg?

  • Karli

    Small nitpick: “while you’re moron friends kept shouting, ‘I’m the king of the world,’”

    Should read “while your moron friends”.

    • chewy

      Hey, it’s not Jeff’s fault that Beck uses poor grammar.

      • Danielle

        Actually, I believe Beck said this comment, he didn’t write it. So yeah, it’s Jeff’s fault or his editor.

      • Well…

        Actually, the poor grammar is on the part of the transcriber, not Beck. In speech, “your” and “you’re” sound identical. Whoever transcribed the words Beck used should have known the difference…

      • chewy

        With all due respect, OH MY FREAKIN’ WORD!!!!
        Next time, my jokes will come with instructions.
        Now, I gotta go read something on The Onion to get my mojo back.
        Thanks a lot, buzz killers.

      • jack

        poor chewy. You still have your mojo it made me lol. and so did your reply.

  • jack

    They should fight using blue avatars.

  • Geraldine

    Look Avatar is was a rip off. It is just Dances With Wolves with special effects and the scare of global warming (which now everyone admits isn’t true). Titanic was way overrated and Cameron is off his rocker and is just another Hollywood liberal that has bought in to the hype and thinks if he makes a movie it must be true.

    • Yep

      Everyone? I don’t know that “everyone” admits it isn’t true. Climate warming is real. Just because the Glenn Becks of the world doesn’t believe in it doesn’t mean it’s not real. Check your facts, Geraldine. It’s a little something called SCIENCE.

      • NotDrinkingKoolAid

        Yeah, climate warming is real. So are elves, trolls, and the tooth fairy. It’s flawed science moron. Maybe read something other than the liberal press. Oh and Cameron is a douche.

      • Michael

        Yep I’d like to know where you get your scientific facts- from the Discovery Channel, from PBS? Are you a scientific researcher? I am so tired of people who watch a TV show and feel that qualifies them to be an expert on the subject. For the record there is no final proof that climate warming exists- at least not in the way that most people mean. Sure the climate in certain parts of the world is cooling, but guess what? In other parts of the world it’s warming. There are not records far enough back to come to any final conclusion about the overall state of global warming or cooling in the world. From what we do have it seems more probable that we are experiencing global cooling but again, we don’t have enough data to be certain.

      • RobBob

        Science?? No Science is FACT that everyone can agree upon. Like Water is H2O. Everyon agrees that is true. Global warming has equally credible supporters and detractors. So that is NOT science, it is concensus or opinion. You better go back to school and get some lernin`.

      • Yep

        Here’s an idea … why don’t you people Google “Climate Change” and enlighten yourselves.

      • Michael

        Yep where would you have us start? Wikipedia?

      • Rich

        Without wading into this debate I would like to say that: 1. Not everyone “admits it isn’t true”. Me for one, therefore your assertion is false. 2. For those who say GW detractors are just as credible as those who believe it is true, you are wrong, likely stupid, and definitely ignorant. 3. Finally, science is NOT facts. Science is how we discover facts. Science is a PROCESS. It is a process that I increasingly believe the majority of Republicans, or more specifically, self-identified conservatives, do not, will not, and cannot understand.

      • Scott

        As a human being who lives on Earth and has seen, with his own eyes, miles of glacier vanish in my liftime. And talk to old guys who have never seen this in their liftimes, I can say that climate change is real and accelerating. using the Titanic metaphor. This debate is like a bunch of rich bastards bickering on whether to put on a life jacket or not. The future is coming.

      • Carol

        Hey Rich. Do your research before you open your dumb yap. Science, as defined by Merriam Webster:
        1 : the state of knowing : knowledge as distinguished from ignorance or misunderstanding
        2 a : a department of systematized knowledge as an object of study b : something (as a sport or technique) that may be studied or learned like systematized knowledge
        3 a : knowledge or a system of knowledge covering general truths or the operation of general laws especially as obtained and tested through scientific method b : such knowledge or such a system of knowledge concerned with the physical world and its phenomena : natural science
        4 : a system or method reconciling practical ends with scientific laws

      • JJ

        Beck isn’t educated. He’s teaching his “followers” there is no global warming, no pollution, no animals are going extinct, god is the answer to all the problems in this country, (but only the Christian god, and preferably the Mormon Christian god), but not if the Christian church teaches social justice, he now has young people hating the baby boomer generation, glorifies the WWII generation, he has the Mormon church mad at him, non-believers are mad at him, along with anyone who isn’t a Christian. Also, anyone who is opposed to the US supporting Israel is very mad at him, the baby boomers are mad at him and anyone with an education is mad at him. He was telling people to burn textbooks too. But, I don’t think he dislikes gay people. He had Congressman Eric Massa on for an hour and they were talking about tickle fights with other men. Beck has lost over a million viewers in the last 4 weeks.

    • graeme

      Everyone admitted that global warming isn’t true? Wow, I’d love a link to an article that says that.

      • Meezly

        Science has proven that the earth has warmed 1 degree since the 1900’s. That is a FACT. Now, the question is why? Scientists have many theories (damn good ones)as too why this is happening, but that remains to be the question. How can you deny Global warming with the rapid reduction of glaciers or the thawing of permafrost in Russia? That is proof you can see with your own eyes. It is happening and whatever we can do to help would only benefit the planet. I don’t see the harm in that or why people would simply pay no mind and assume it’s a conspiracy or hoax. I guess we’re all human and some are just too stubborn to phathom the world as one ecosystem.

      • Meezly

        comment was for Michael and Robbob

      • Kate

        Meezly: Fact: entire world is 1 degree warmer than in 1900. Fact: entire world is cooler than it was in 1500. While it may be that the population explosion is contributing to that 1 degree overall, what contributed in 1500?

        If you would like to discuss facts, don’t pick and choose.

      • Scott

        There are all sorts of ups and downs in temperature year to year. It is the trend.

        Multiproxy reconstructions of monthly and seasonal surface temperature fields for Europe back to 1500 show that the late 20th- and early 21st-century European climate is very likely (>95% confidence level) warmer than that of any time during the past 500 years. This agrees with findings for the entire Northern Hemisphere. European winter average temperatures during the period 1500 to 1900 were reduced by ~0.5°C (0.25°C for annual mean temperatures) compared to the 20th century. Summer temperatures did not experience systematic century-scale cooling relative to present conditions. The coldest European winter was 1708/1709; 2003 was by far the hottest summer.

        1 National Center of Competence in Research (NCCR) Climate, University of Bern, CH–3012 Bern, Switzerland.
        2 Institute of Geography, Climatology, and Meteorology, University of Bern, CH–3012 Bern, Switzerland.
        3 Department of Mathematical Statistics and Actuarial Science, University of Bern, CH–3012 Bern, Switzerland.

    • whatever

      Well Dances With Wolves wasn’t original either, so you would have to go back further and watch the film, “Man Called Horse”, its the same movie basically.

      • whatever

        yeah i dunno how i managed to post it in the wrong area but i did, so now ill put it where is was supposed to be. lol

    • Krista

      which everyone is that, the uninformed and uneducated?

      • Gumby666

        Probably the same twits that won’t believe that Hawaii ain’t a state, that think Palin is bright, Obama is the anti-Christ, and who think Anne Coulter was born a woman instead of being a skinny man in a dress.

      • Gumby666

        Or idiots like myself who has never seen a sentence he can’t screw up. My typos make me look stupid.

    • Rick Steeb

      “Dances with Wolves” was a big rip-off of “Little Bg Man”, so nyah nyah nyah.

      Avatar ROCKs.

  • Elizabeth

    I’m up for the AMP fight… as long as Iron Man can come in and just blast the two of them into oblivion and get rid of these two attention wh0res!

  • Dave

    Anything Glenn Beck hates must be good and wonderful. If anyone is the anti-Christ it’s probably him!

  • thom

    It would be anti-climactic:

    James Cameron is known to make people cry when he yells at him; Glenn Beck cries ALL the time.

    • Timmy

      Your mom cries ALL the time.

      • Scott

        “Your mom cries All the time.” This does not seem on topic at all. It is very indicative of the vast sea of time-wasting web surfers who have nothing really to contribute. Glenn Beck is paid to do what he does. Cameron is paid to do what he does. Everyone should stop pretending these guys are more than what they are.

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