Sandra Bullock's marriage woes: The end of the fairy tale?

Jesse-James-Sandra-BullockImage Credit: Jerry Watson/Retna Ltd.First, Sandra Bullock revived the female-centric romantic comedy last summer with the blockbuster performance of The Proposal. Then The Blind Side became the first female-lead movie to cross the $200 million mark. And then she won the darn Oscar out from under Meryl Streep for her performance in the latter. We all rejoiced that a good, hard-working woman was finally getting her due. That she was doing this all at 45 while wearing a gorgeous sparkly Oscar gown, while constantly thanking her husband/Prince Charming in words we all scribbled down to later use when in a pinch writing our own love notes and wedding vows, only solidified what we already suspected. Sandra Bullock was living a modern-day fairy tale, the life to which almost every woman over 30 currently aspires. We all want to look stunning at 45 while bringing home at least half of the bacon, accepting accolades for it, and being supported by our equal (and bad-boy sexy) partner.

That’s what makes the reports today that Bullock may be splitting with her husband of five years, TV star Jesse James, particularly hard to take — even to someone who usually shrugs off celebrity gossip as, well, none of her business. Tabloid reports have insinuated that he may have had an affair, which makes it even tougher to take, simply because no one should have to go through such an ordeal so publicly. (As the rumors swirled, Bullock cancelled her appearance at the London premiere of The Blind Side; James, meanwhile, has issued a cryptic apology blaming himself for “poor judgment.”) But the worst part of all of this — for us, the people who, it should be noted, have no actual stake in this — is that it blows the storyline we had worked out for her. Like Kate Winslet (who earlier this week announced her split from her director husband of seven years, Sam Mendes) and Susan Sarandon (who in December acknowledged her break-up from 23-year partner Tim Robbins), Bullock engenders great affection in fans, particularly in smart women who identify with them, even look at them as role models of sorts. To find out that life can suck for them is the opposite of the joy we get from finding out they tie their shoes and pump their own gas in that stars-they’re-just-like-us way. We want to aspire to their successes, believe in lives better than our own.

And when it came to Bullock, in particular, we wanted her to have a happy ending — a revived career, an Oscar, and a great man — all at once, to prove to us it was possible for someone, if not for us. We wanted this moment to be the end of a Sandra Bullock comedy. Instead, we’re getting a movie we’re not sure we wanted to watch. Unfortunately, we’ll probably watch anyway.

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  • lefty

    darn the curse…

    • martin

      There is no curse. Nicole Kidman and Halle Berry are still with their significant others.

      • halfpint

        halle berry’s current relationship was post oscar. i don’ think kidman was married at the time she won hers.

      • alia

        Halle was with Eric Benet when she won the oscar.

      • Chelsea

        Nicole wasn’t with Keith when she won and Halle got divorced from her then-husband after she won (wasn’t with Gabriel yet).

      • Tina

        Wrong, Halle broke up with her husband Eric Benet, not long after she won her Oscar. And don’t forget about Reese Witherspoon and Hilary Swank.

      • raprilc

        They’re not with the men they were with when they won their Oscars, though.

      • Taylor

        Martin, not the people they were with when the won the Oscars. Nicole Kidman was divorced from Tom Cruise and Halle Berry is now divorced from Eric Benet.

      • Marc

        Actually, Halle Berry was married to Eric Benet when she won her Oscar – they are now divorced. Nicole Kidman was already divorced from Tom Cruise when she won hers.

      • lalala

        But Nicole Kidman was single when she won her Oscar, and Halle Berry was married to someone else (whom she eventually divorced) when she won her Oscar. The curse is related to actresses’ significant others “when” they won.

      • Gina

        Halle Berry was with Eric Benet when she won the Oscar… they divorced after because of his affairs. And, at the time the Kidman won her Oscar she wasn’t married.

      • Mariel

        Nicole wasn’t married to Keith when she won her Oscar. Halle WAS married to Eric Bènet when she won, got divorced shortly after. I’m not saying there is such a thing as the Oscar curse, just pointing out the facts.

      • lauren

        Well if I remember correctly Halle Berry won the oscar and then found out about her then husband and as for Nicole lets just say “Tom Cruise” she went through hell with him!

      • Leigh

        When Halle won though she was with Eric Benet. They split up after her win. With Nicole, she split with Tom that same year I think but it was before she won the Oscar.

      • Ambient Lite

        Oh no, not another crazy ditto dogpile…are you all sniffing glue?!?

      • Leigh

        Whoops everyone had already said what I did LOL. But you can also add Hilary Swank to this list. And now Kate Winslet.

      • Erin

        Nicole wasn’t with Keith Urban yet when she won

      • Randi

        Halle Berry split from Eric Benet the year after she won the Oscar.

      • Claude

        Good one Ambient Lite. A good chuckle in the afternoon is greatly appreciated.

      • Nshi

        It’s not a real dogpile unless and until Nshi’s involved.
        Now, I agree with all of you. The only way to end the curse is to stop women from acting. You can’t get hurt if you don’t get the part.

      • Lala

        LOL Ambient Lite.
        Helen Mirren, Frances McDormand, and Meryl Streep’s marriages are doing okay, right? Also, Jesse James cheated on Sandra Bullock before she was even nominated, so they would be having the same problems regardless of the Oscar win.

      • bma

        Weren’t Nicole Kidman and Halle Berry dating each other when they won Oscars?

      • Trish

        It’s fun to read comments and see people get so upset and try to prove themselves right, but who really cares who was with who or not with when they won an Oscar.
        Does it really affect what’s going on in your life?

      • one more

        should add Helen Hunt on the list, too! As soon as she won the Oscar, she & Hank Azaria split up!

      • Bryan

        There is a curse. Nikki Kidman was single at the time of her oscar win and Halle Berry split from Eric Bonnett after her win

      • Rae

        Not true about Halle. Eric Benet cheated on Halle when she got her Oscar.

      • Hwmnylx

        Halle Berry is NO LONGER with Eric Benet. Nit Wit!!!! and Nicole She has received an Oscar since she married that Keith Urban dude.

      • dee

        Not the ones they were with when they won the Oscars

      • snee

        BUT WAIT! halle berry was married to eric benet and nicole kidman was single! it’s true! it changes EVERYTHING!

      • christa

        Halle is with someone totally different then Eric her husband at the time.

      • eli

        Nicole Kidman was single when she won her Oscar. Halle was with Eric Bennet whom she dumped after the Oscars, so sorry, you are wrong. There is a curse.

      • Nihilistic

        Martin – So much fail in one post. Foot, enter, mouth.

      • Gina

        Kim Basinger and Alec Baldwin split after she won for LA Confidential.

      • mel

        Nicole Kidman was married to Tom Cruise when she won.

      • Janiqueuoa

        As far as the curse is concerned, don’t forget about FRANCES McDORMAND who won best actress for Fargo, and then split from her husband (one of the COEN brothers, can’t remember if it was Ethan or Joel).

      • n garcia

        It is sad that men cannot accept that they have a smart, beautiful woman over 40 and cherish her like they should, like
        Andy Rooney said it best, why but the whole pig for a little sausage.
        That’s why we don’t believe in marriage anymore.


      Hey the curse aint with the Oscars.It is with this big dysfunctional corporation called America. We have been glorifying, forgiving, turning away, keeping silent when men and women have acted promiscuous and have been infidels. We have shrugged our shoulders and said “o its their life..bla bla..” until it hits our own lives. We have misused freedom and have become an irresponsble and unaccountable lot. And what can you expect out of a man who tattoos himself all over? I dont have anything against tattoos but the obsession implies insanity of a kind dangerously inclining towards “I dont care a hoot” about what people may think, how I look to others or how others will feel because of my actions..” And that sucks. BIGTIME!! Look at Tiger’s case. Why should we as a society forgive him? Sure what he did aint criminal, but we know it has wrecked not just a marriage a family but the “image” of an “icon” and when public personalities act so disgustingly they ought not to be forgiven so easily. He ought not to get his glory back. Else there wont be any lessons learnt. EVER!!

      • Ambient Lite

        Oh Jessika, you are delightful. Thanks for ALL of that. A treasure.

      • NAz

        It MUST be a curse! Why would a rich, successful and (by many females’ accounts) sexy man want to have sex with more than one person for the rest of his life?

      • AshleyBrooke

        Uh…just because someone has tattoos doesn’t necessarily mean it’s because they don’t give a crap what other people think of them. I guess all people with tattoos are cheaters! Goodness that was a bunch of “blah blah blah” taking up space on this board.

      • Terri

        OY, so glad you found your soapbox. The people of the past were not more noble than we are now, simply because news traveled slower. We say, “It’s their lives,” because we know our lives, or the lives of those we know are just as rife with infidelity, and (horrors!) tattoos. I’m sorry your boyfriend cheated on you again. Get a new one.

      • SayWha..?

        the problem is insecure men..These ladies need to find stronger mean.. not ladymen that cant take their success

      • Lady Blah Blah

        I think what you meant to say is “infidelity.” Most people these days, when using the term “infidel,” are angry Muslims who refer to any person not believeing in Alla. I don’t believe anyone’s non-belief in anyone’s God is being questioned here…lol. But you did make some very interesting points. :)

        in·fi·del[ ínfid’l ]To hear the pronunciation, Install Silverlightin·fi·dels Plural

        1. unbeliever: somebody who does not believe in a major religion, especially Christianity or Islam
        2. nonbeliever: somebody with no religious belief
        [ 15th century. Directly or via French < Latin infidelis "unbelieving" < fidelis "faithful" < fides "trust, belief" ]

      • Lady Blah Blah

        And yes, my spelling sucks. Sorry. And if I have mispelled the name of Islam’s God, I do sincerely apologize. No disrespect was meant or intended.

      • Sue1

        I agree, AshleyBrooke. The tattoo connection is ridiculous. Men, and women, cheat for many reasons- unhappiness, insecurity, boredom, ignorance…. Being inked certainly
        isn’t one of them.

      • mari

        Jessika when someone commits adultery or infidelity they are called adulterers NOT infidels. Granted the word infidelity is based on the Latin word “fidelis”, infidel is more commonly used to describe someone who is opposed to Christianity or a non-believer.

      • Windy

        Jessika , your ex must have had some tattoos LOL

      • Jane


      • Linda

        Once a cheat…probably always a cheat. I think when a person strays it is because of thier own insecuritys and a need to be told how handsome, sexy, etc they are. Sandra is a beautiful, classy women but I feel for her and Elin. Get rid of them!!!

      • DRamos

        I’m sorry but Man nor Woman who choose to decorate there bodies with art (tattoo’s) aren’t not to be judge as wild and dangerous, tattoo’s are nothing but another form of art. Being a “bad boy” is nothing more than an image Jesse James feels to portray himself as. Unless you know him personally, i really wouldn’t say much about him. He’s just another person like all of us he just choose to stand out, don’t put him down for that. He’s wrong for the Choice he made to cheat. His choice of a tattoo did not make him cheat. Funny how you judge against the ones who have tattoo’s, cause guess what? we the ones who have tattoo’s think people without them are up-tight squares who are afraid to be loud without words. :) have a great day!

      • BlackIrish4094

        Jessika, I agree totally. good comment.

      • BlackIrish4094

        While the tattoo thing isn’t bad in and of itself, these people who’s bodies are covered head to toe in ink to me do reveal some personal weaknesses. They rae insecure with thier lookks so cover it up with this “I don’t care crap” Plus we are now a nation of overaged teenagers. No one wants to grow up and act adult anymore. Sandra got what she deserved when she hooked up with this dirtbag who’s previous wife was a PORN STAR (that doesn’t scream classy guy to me and I’ve dated strippers, I know, lol).

      • Siouxsie

        Wow-someone hurt you! So a guy cheats and it is America’s freedoms that are the cause? Please.
        It is hard to be away from the people you love and when they leave you get lonely. Hollywood and Pro-athletes have to work twice as hard as us “normal folk” because they do not get the constant love and support from their spouse…the ones that work are the ones that go with each other to the sets, or the games, and travel with the ones they love…marriage takes work and communication-which is hard to do when you are working on other sides of the country. Not impossible, but hard.
        It is not because of tattoo’s and America. That just makes you sound stupid! I think you should move to another country.

      • Miami

        I’m glad I don’t care what you think, JESSIKA. I don’t have tattoo, but I may change that after your post. Mwaahhhhaaaa! (Can you hear my irresponsible and unaccountable laughter?)

      • Sherron Teal

        First of all their is no such thing as a curse! Secondly tattoos have nothing to do with whether a person will cheat or not! Thirdly I cannot believe how you all are going back and forth over who was or was not married when they won an oscar, it is 74 here today and we have been outside all day long, get a life get outside and enjoy!

      • Carl

        since when are you a “teacher” to dole out lessons. I firmly believe that people go through their personal trials and they do this alone or with their loved ones. To say we shouldnt “forgive” Tiger is pompous. I dont like what he did and I wouldnt do it, but it’s for his wife and family to forgive him. You have to be on a fantasy trip to allow what the stars do affect you to the degree where you pass judgement. I like ms. Bullock, but i don’t know her or Mr. James. I only hope she can get past this and continue to entertain me like she has all these years. She’s refreshing.

      • micky

        jessica, you are so on the money. I agree with you 100%.

      • Lisa Crosby

        Even tho its further proof that men are not led with their hearts or their heads-but as for owing America an apology-give me a break. They broke no vows with us.

    • Carnage63

      Halle Berry divorced Eric Benet in 2003 after winning the Oscar in 2001. Nicole Kidman won in 2003 but didn’t marry Keith Urban until 2006. Though she divorced Tom Cruise in 2001 before she won.

      • Amanda

        The dead horse has already been beaten.

      • Tom

        Halle Berry was with Benet when she got the Oscar. Kidman had already divorced Cruise when she got hers.

      • Dalena

        This is very sad many thought there were problems b/t Bullock/James when James was on the Apprentice. But that talk was swept under the rug at the time.
        Found this report that might interest some of you:
        Short video on different sources talking about the issue.

      • Jane

        SHUT THE F*** UP!

    • beth

      It just really stinks that he would do such a thing to someone who seems so down to earth, sweet, and beautiful as Sandra. My thoughts are with you Sandra and Jesse you are a disgrace if these allegations prove true.

      • snuggles

        Agreed. However, one look at this guy’s track record should have sent her running before the first date. Remember, past behavior almost ALWAYS determines future action. We are, for better or worse, creatures of habit.

      • Leila

        Snuggles you’re right. I never understood why Sandra chose a trashy guy like Jesse James as her husband. Hopefully she’ll move on and find a decent man to love.

      • Sarah

        Actually, snuggles, while past behavior is the best predictor of future behavior, it doesn’t follow that past behavior “ALWAYS” determines what people do later. However, it is a good clue, and sadly it played out in this case.

      • jellybean

        I don’t know what Sandra Bullock saw in the guy – he’s not exactly a hottie – just a tattooed bad boy. And he used to be married to a porn star! Did she really think she had married Prince Charming?!! Choose more wisely next time!

      • Valley Girl

        My thoughts, exactly, jellybean! How unfortunate, when Sandra has been riding high during awards season, to have this happen. And, she’s been step-mom to his kids from different mothers, too! At least she and James did not have kids.

      • Miami

        She’s old enough and smart enough to know he wasn’t a knight in shining armor. And after a certain age, you don’t want that. She probably was hoping for someone who would be her best friend and be true. Completely stinks that he did this.

    • Molly

      Stay strong, Sandy. Your fans love you.

      • Amy

        We really do! Hang in there!!

      • Annie

        Hang in there… we love you Sandra!!

    • Lily

      The question I always ask myself is: what kind of man would step out on Halle Frickin’ Berry? Or Kate Brilliant Winslet? Or Sandra Adorable Bullock? Or Nicole Elegant Kidman? Who are these guys? It’s just sad. “You don’t know what you’ve got ’til it’s gone.” I was so hoping Sandra B. had the entire fairy tale. Dogonnit!

      • jenna

        My thoughts exactly!

      • Jen

        I think Halle might have some serious issues. She has a lot of bad relationships in her past and the common thread is always her.

      • Lisa

        I am in no way saying that cheating is okay…I just wanted to say that up front. However, just because the ladies listed above in Lily’s post are beautiful and/or talented doesn’t mean they don’t have flaws or faults. And it doesn’t mean the men in their lives don’t take them for granted or make the bone-headed decision that they want to step out on them. For all we know, they could all be total misery to live with at home. We have absolutely no idea what goes on behind closed doors in their homes. Their public persona may have nothing to do with what they are like personally. They are not above having happen to them what happens to countless “normal” women on a daily basis. I think we tend to forget, that at the end of the day, they are just like us, except our every move is not documented online or in magazines.

      • Stacey

        No, Jen, the common thread is always abusive men. Yes, Halle has a pattern of picking them, but she did not deserve to be abused.

      • scout

        From what I read, the Winslet/Mendes breakup had nothing to do with infidelity, just other “couldn’t resolve” marriage issues.

      • ellie

        The one that takes that cake is that jerk Fisher Stevens, the one who won the documentary Oscar this year, who cheated on MICHELLE PFEIFFER. Like that toady looking little guy hadn’t hit the jackpot of all time when she decided she loved him! And that’s why they ended — he cheated. What a moron.

      • KC

        Lily, my husband would agree with you, and adds Elizabeth Gorgeous Hurley to that group. He thinks these men are utterly stupid for cheating on these women.

        It’s sad that Sandra has to go through this in the media, especially now when she’s on a high from her Oscar, and that idiot ripped that glory from her. What really kills me is that she said in the Barbara Walters interview that she felt like she finally had a man that had her back. That just broke my heart, because I have been married for almost 20 years to a man that really DOES have my back. I would be absolutely shredded in her situation. She’s in my prayers.

        If it were me, I’d rip off Jesse’s family jewels and stuff them down his throat and move on. There are plenty of good men out there that can treat Sandra right. Go find one, honey, and never look back.

      • BlackIrish4094

        Nicole and Sandra are not exactly sexy (more pretty and classy), plus people don’t cheat because of looks generally anyway.

      • loveliam

        I am hoping Keanu Reeves will help Sandra Bullock through this. Heck, I’m sure Kate Winslet has Leonardo on her side. I’d take either one of them over Jesse James or Sam …
        Life ain’t that bad..

    • Mic

      “Damn the cure” my big fat a$$….Damn those selfish, childish, needy idiots that screw up everything!

      • wino

        thank you. its stupid egotistic men (and women) who ruin relationships. what an idiot! i feel bad that she must endure this in the public’s eye, especially after the many sweet things she had said about him during awards season.

      • slick

        THE ONLY CURSE IS HOLLYWOOD MARRIAGES THAT DON’T LAST MORE THAN ABOUT 2 YEARS ON AVERAGE. Really, has anyone done the statistics? Many famous actresses divorce soon after winning Best Actress, but many famous actresses also divorce soon after having a ham sandwich for lunch. I don’t think ham sandwiches are cursed.

      • suzyactiondoll

        THE CURSE OF THE HAM!! I think there’s a rom-com in there somewhere…

    • Mic

      “Damn the Curse” my big fat a$$….

    • Mitsy

      Actresses (or serious ones, anyway), take note: do not get married ’til AFTER you win your first Oscar!

      Damn it, it seems some men, especially hollywood types, cannot take a women getting more attention than them. Pigs!

    • sandi

      There is no curse. Helen Mirren is still with Taylor Hackford. Case closed. I hope Sandra and Jesse can work this out. They bring out a lot of good in each other.

      • Lu Lu

        Sandi…there is no curse…period! This is just another case of a self-indulgent, egotistical, selfish, spoiled TV star not being man enough ro strong enough to resist temptation. He feels “entitled”, and so he cheated on his beautiful wife. She deserves so much better than him!

    • kim

      meryl streep put a hex on the best actress oscar that can only be lifted when she finally wins her next one

      • Lynn

        Hilarious! Meryl MUST win another OSCAR soon!

      • Sara-Kate

        This one’s probably right. Maybe Meryl’s Oscar win will finally break the curse! :D

    • Jane

      Remember when Geena Davis won her Oscar and soon afterward divorced Jeff Goldblum. This reminds me of that.

      • wrong husband

        she wasn’t married to jeff goldblum she was married to some director from denmark? Renny Harlin, how sad is my life that i knew that

      • shdrew

        @wronghusband: no, she was married to Goldblum at the time;she thanked him at the end of her speech. After she won,they divorce and she married Renny Harlin.

    • T

      I truly just just wanted to see Sandra Bullock happy – she has given us such happiness over the years with her outgoing personality, a lady with grace, non-judgmental of others, giving of herself to others and just being whom her Mother allowed her to be, Sandra!!

    • junierizzle

      Keep on loving the bad boys ladies.

      • BlackIrish4094

        True dat, what did Sandra expect???

    • claire

      I wish there had been more time for her to enjoy her oscar experience. I’m so saddened for her.

    • ****

      Ah please, I knew this would happen.
      She married a greasy slimy 40 year old divorced mechanic with a litter of trailer rats by different women. What did she think was gonna happen? Hey Sandy, marrying white trash doesn’t give you “street cred” and you aren’t Erin Brockovich but thanks to your naivety your life is now an episode of Cheaters. Hello Joey Greco.

      • Conrad Shagwell

        Brilliant! If you haven’t watched Jesse on Monster Garage, or The Apprentice, or at the Oscars, and seen a troubled and sullen lowlife, then you aren’t getting his vibe. The guy has a dysfunctional past and all the money in the world couldn’t fix it. Sandra made a fool of herself at the Oscars.

    • Nicholas

      There is no curse.
      This is Hollywood where 75% of all marriages fail anyways…so the fact that 80% of marriages containing an Oscar winner are failing isn’t a factor.
      I think people should be talking about the culture in Hollywood that gives men the idea that they can constantly cheat and think that they can get away with it (I mean if you haven’t realized by now that the man most likely WILL get caught and then vilified afterwords…God help you) and that these skanky women who sleep with these men, who are so publicly married, and then take the pay-day afterwords to tell their story should be completely shunned from society.

      • kitty

        agreed nicholas. apparently hollywood is fairly focused on passing each other around in a big circle. this big star cheats with this person & that guy had an affair on that girl, blah blah blah. isn’t there something new in the hollywood gossip every week about another cheater? lets highlight the bad boy, it just makes him look tougher. & those skeezy women who knowingly sleep with these guys should absolutely be shunned, considering they’re tacky enough to trade a person’s homelife for a few bucks, that will prolly go up their noses anyways! oooooh i didn’t know he was maaarried my backside. i knew it was truuue looove puh-leeze. get real, you just wanted a piece of the great big pie! how do we know it wasn’t a publicity stunt to kickstart another skank’s career (can we say Rachel Uchitel?). are you really that dense? i’m so glad i’m not a celeb, i’d hate for my whole life to be open to the world for comment & judgement. i make enough mistakes on my own without being under a magnifying glass!

    • Emily

      It’s not a curse just for female Oscar winners, it’s a curse for all successful women. How many men have been truly successful at their career and still have a wife and family? It’s because society expects women to literally stand behind their men and take care of everything so that the men can be successful. But men can’t handle it when they’re expected to do that for their counterparts.

    • CAM

      When I watched the Oscars I thought no way will these 2 break up anytime soon. I’m actually starting to think there may be something to this curse. Maybe Oscar is a jealous guy. Leading actress nominees are probably going to sigh a breath of relief when they’re NOT announced as the winner.

    • Mimi

      What? Nicole Kidman was married to Tom Cruise and Halle Berry was married to cheating Eric Benet! Where have you been living????

    • Kristin

      There is no curse. Just professional women married to men with fragile egos.

  • Meredith

    Nicely put Jennifer.

  • Ambient Lite

    I usually don’t give a hoot about celebrities’ personal lives, but this whole mess does make me sad. I really liked him, so disappointed.
    And have you seen the scary tranny he ‘allegedly’ poked?!? Damn! As another blogger so eloquently described “her”: “what Marilyn Manson would look like if he got botched gender-reassignment surgery”.

    • Madd

      Well, wasn’t he previously married to a porn star? This is really unfortunate. What she said about him in her speeches was so sweet, and they just went through that custody battle.
      But yeah, I saw the picture of that chick, and she looks exactly like a girl Marilyn Manson.

    • crispy

      I blame her. She’s clearly having an affair with someone at Entertainment Weekly.

      • Madd

        You’re thinking of Taylor Lautner.

      • Ambient Lite

        Ha! Crispy, I think you’re onto something…it’s the only reasonable explanation. But could you blame the EW party? They needed SOMETHING to cleanse with after the Avatar gang bang.

    • mom_of_2_kidz

      OMG I love your descrition of her! So on.

    • Leigh

      She also is classy enough to have tattooed on HER FOREHEAD…”Pray for Us Sinners”. Nice choice there Jesse. Geez.

      • but no boob tats

        i guess she is afraid the saline bags may get punctured or infected? yikes nothing says oh baby i have to have you like a face tatoo on a chick

      • Jenn

        Gabby Sidebe said it best about face tattoos, “A tattoo on your face says, ‘I’ve gone as far in society as I want to go.'” I’m paraphrasting her of course, but the thought is perfect. You look at the skank and then you look at Sandy…NO CHOICE! Dumba$$ JJ.

      • Lynn

        “A tattoo on your face says, ‘I’ve gone as far in society as I want to go.’”
        …..Well Stated Gabby… BUT PLEASE include those that get boyfriend names tatooed on their neck! Bad idea girls unless your man gets your first! Don’t do it… it is hard enough to get a job!

    • baj24

      Ambient I totally agree. She’s an attention seeking skank.

    • ashlee

      I agree. I am terribly sad about this. SB made loving remarks about JJ in all her winning speeches. It must be so humiliating for her especially since she put a lot of work into making the relationship work. As for JJ and the other woman baj24 got it right.

  • Annie

    Breaks my heart…I wanted the best for her, especially after seeing her performance in Blind Side…I have always thought she was a down to earth type of person. Plus I know the feeling to defend and rave about your spouse to anyone who would listen only to find out you were a fool…

  • Kaelyn

    I totally agree. If I can’t have it all, I at least want someone I like and admire to be able to have it all.

  • Dana

    Sandra Bullock seems so down to earth, smart and funny. I hope I can look half as good as she does when I am in my 40’s! I would really like to think that maybe the trashy woman claiming he has had a sexual relationship with her was nothing more then a skanky girl looking for her fifteen minutes, but who knows. Poor Sandra having to deal with this in the public eye.

    • Diane

      Sadly if it was a “15 minutes of fame” false claim I doubt People would be reporting that Sandra moved out of their house.

    • Jane

      Hey, if you want to look that good when you’re in your 40s, just start saving up for botox and plastic surgery. Jeez, do you REALLY think that’s natural? How sad.

      • JJ

        You seem to be the delusional one. My mother and aunt both looked that good in their late 40s and neither had any work done. Maybe you are just jealous Jane?

  • halfpint

    she deserves better than this. so unfortunate.

  • alia

    So, so sad. I really hope the rumors aren’t true. I do want her to live happily ever after.

  • BSF

    yep, i cant even think of one woman in the last 10 years who hasn’t split from her partner after winning the best actress award.. reese, hilary swank, charlize, winslet, and now sandra?

    • lalala

      Helen Mirren?

    • Madd

      I really hope Helen Mirren doesn’t split from her husband! I would also hate it if Marion Cotillard and Guillaume Canet broke up.

      • Bussy

        I think Helen and Marion are the only two exceptions to this “curse” business (true or not). Going back to Helen Hunt in 1998.

      • Dre

        Marion better hold on to Guillaume!! Love them together!

      • OMGq

        Are you serious?? Who gives a flying “F” if Mirren and Cotillard end up splitting with their significant others? It happens every day and why should they be exempt – because they won an Oscar? Get real. All these “poor Sandra” posts are beyond lame. She’s a human being for Christ’s sake and just because her marriage doesn’t work out doesn’t mean she isn’t going to live “happily ever after” (gag!) – news flash people – divorce happens and in the majority of the cases the people involved move on with their lives and end up WAY happier than if they had stayed in a bad relationship. It’s life.

      • martin

        Is Marion still with Guillaume? If so that’s so beautiful!

      • Emma

        It seems that foreign women are immune to the curse. Only American actresses fall prey to it. Hummm…….

      • lalala

        Emma: Kate Winslet is from England, and Charlize Theron is South African…

      • wino

        yo debbie downer, aka OMGq, people are upset because divorce for anyone is bad. sucks to be in her place. yes, while life happens, for sandra, its happening w. the media watching. makes it even more difficult.

    • Tamra

      And don’t forget Julia Roberts, who broke up with Benjamin Bratt shortly after she won. Helen Hunt divorced Hank Azaria after she won.

      • Ann

        I was going to say the same thing. Julia and Benjamine ended their relationship three months after she won her Academy Award. Helen Hunt divorced Azaria in 2000-two years after her Academy win. Yes, I fact checked to make sure I got this right. Holy moly!! There is a curse!!!

    • Lisa

      I hardly think Charlize Theron can be considered part of this so-called curse. They didn’t split up until nearly 6 years after she won.

    • sam2.0

      what are these dudes thinking? i don’t understand how anyone can willing leave sandra bullock or halley berry? but the biggest dumbass award goes to Kate Winslet’s husband. she is naked in practically all of her movies and it usually accompanies a graphic love scene. if she is comfortable doing that in front of a movie camera can you imagine what she would do in private?

  • Lori

    How sad for her….and how stupid of him…

    • Kat

      Well put, Lori.

    • B

      It feels especially sad because of her public speech about no one ever having her back, before, and how things changed for her because Jesse did. Guess not, after all.

      • GGG

        Totally agree! She was so gracious and spoke so highly of his love and the impact it made on her life. And then this… What a turd.

      • redtint

        He sat there crying because he knew everything she was saying about his was no longer true! The fool.

  • Ruby

    I’m oddly bummed out by this news too! And I am the cynical one who usually expects this and has no surprise about it…just a shrug and a “typical” comment. Too bad, but ya know, that’s life. She’s got money and a career, sometimes you only get 2 out of 3 and that ain’t bad.

    • Yes

      What really bothers me is that they have had to go through so much regarding his daughter. The girl’s mom was trying to drag Sandra’s name through the mud and now this girl too.
      I am hoping it is not true for his children’s sake as much as Sandra’s. Pretty crappy if it’s true.

      • Mary Jo

        Does anyone really know what goes on in Hollywood relationships when the majority of what is know is trhough a publicist, hardly the most trustworthy individual. Everyone talks about how wonderful Ms. Bullock is, but do you know her personally? or Mr. James? Both of them got together when he was married to a pregnant woman. Neither is spotless. This has nothing to do with Oscars since (as he admitted) he was doing it for more than a year before this. Now, he does look like a slimeball I will admit, but she knew he was not the faithful kind when she married him, since he cheated on his wife with Bullock.

        She does not deserve this type of public humiliation, but to put down all men as dogs is not fair. This particular man is a dog, but some are not, just as all women are not virginal princesses. Many of them cheat too.

  • Stacey

    Actually Halle broke up with her ex-husband post her Oscar win. She is with someone new now. So Halle goes on the list of Best Actress Curse victims. Yes I believe in the curse. It is too coincidental that post the Oscar’s so many actresses end their long relationships. Maybe Sandra will work it out with Jesse but currently it looks bad for them. Only a few of the last decades actress winners are still with their partners of the time of the Oscar broadcast.

    Poor Sandra. I so believed that she and Jesse were stronger than that. It’s sad that at the idea that the moment she started back in Hollywood again after such a break; he goes and cheats… If he hadn’t been cheating all a long…

    • Libraryellen

      Please note that Helen Mirren is still with long-time husband Taylor Hackford after her Oscar win.

    • second opinion

      it is not a curse it is a pattern. notice all the winners that later broke up with their husband/boyfriend were front runners going into the awards. guess the guys couldn’t deal.

  • dawnselya

    men are pigs! if they weren’t, the fairy tale would have gone on and on. Sadly men can’t think without their groins. So sad/

    • OMGq

      Um, sorry retard – there is a woman involved in this story too and her claims that she didn’t know he & Sandra were together are as bogus as those huge t*ts she’s carrying around. Get over yourself Dawn – it takes two to tango.

  • Samuel

    This just goes to show, you don’t cross Meryl Streep. The woman has powers, voodoo powers.

    But seriously, what kind of moron cheats on Sandra Bullock? She’s pretty much the perfect woman.

    • Terri

      On paper. Besides, cheating isn’t about whether your partner is “hot,” or “perfect.” It’s about the cheater’s problem-solving skillset.

    • Sue1

      Voodoo powers…lol.

    • BlackIrish4094

      You are kidding right? Sandra is a swwet actress and comes across as a nice person but sexy? NO. Perfect? HELL NO. She ran down her husband ex for being a sleaze and her husband was just as sleazy. Stop going for dirtbag guys Sandra or continue to pay the price.

  • Claire

    I’m not buying it until it’s confirmed. It’s all rumor and conjecture until there is some proof. I hope Sandra & Jesse can work this out, for their sake and for the sake of their little girl. I’m choosing to think positive.

    • TK

      I’m with you … I really want this to not be true. But if it is, good luck in life Jesse James. No respectable woman would ever want you. You mess with one high class gal you mess with us all.

      • Jessica

        If all of this proves true, I think it’s pretty apparant that Jesse is looking for neither a “high class gal,” nor a “respectable woman.” One would have to think that his career would be a wee bit tarnished, however. Judging from the comments of the men here, thinking of that hook-up will make them want to change the channel.

      • jack

        Nah TK, all Jesse would have to do is flash his bad boy smile and tell you that Sandra just didn’t “understand” him, and you would be spread out over the the bed like a sheet.

    • Gerry Stoner

      Jesse James and Tiger Woods are not in the category of “gee, I made a mistake” — when a mistake goes on for 2, 3, or more months, it falls into the “I’m a slime ball” category). The real problem is that (1) these people are (and continue to be) role models for others, and (2) they cause irreparable harm to spouses, friends, and relatives. I hope that those who are hurt recover quickly; and from an observer’s view, I hope that those causing the hurt sincerely come to regret it and (vindictively) are never allowed to regain their lost position.

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