'American Idol': We're gonna need [sob] a bigger box [snivel] of Kleenex on the scene of [blubber] the heartbreaking Top 16 eliminations

american-idol-bowersoxYou know things are bad indeed when Simon Cowell buries his head in his hands. The moment Ryan asked Andrew Garcia and Alex Lambert to step up into the American Idol semi-finals center ring of doom, Simon’s face just disappeared into his palms, and he stayed that way until Ryan asked him if Andrew had peaked too soon. It was maybe the most outwardly emotional I’ve ever seen Simon since I’ve covered this show, on what was definitely the most emotional Idol I’ve ever witnessed first hand. I think that photo of a crestfallen Crystal Bowersox says it all, really — in fact, I kinda worry that last night’s events may have broken something in the Idol frontrunner that will not be easily mended. Sniff. Even my snark demon Smirkelstiltskin was a touch misty.

It was a disconcerting night right from the beginning, actually, when with 19 minutes to go before air time, a mysterious voice came over the speakers, saying with the same conviction with which one might order a deli sandwich, “If you’re here to have some fun, make some noise, people.” Four minutes later, the voice returned, connected to a warm up guy who was decidedly not Cory. Instead of getting everyone up on their feet and picking audience members out to shake that booty, this new dude (who Debbie the Stage Manager eventually informed me was named Jay, and would be filling in for Cory again next week) told the crowd in downy tones to be mindful of hiding their purses, jackets, and flyaway hairs from the camera. He asked the audience, “Are you guys excited?!” like he was the host of Blues Clues talking to a crowd of sleepy preschoolers, and he pulled up a woman from the audience named Brandy from Costa Mesa to sing, of all things, Beyoncé’s “Flaws and All.” (Sample lyric: “I’m a train wreck in the morning/ I’m a bitch in the afternoon.” Sunny!) It is a uniquely strange day when one begins to appreciate the particular talents of Cory the Warm Up Comic.

With three minutes to go, Kara thankfully commandeered Jay’s mic to try her hand once more at introducing Randy, this time making sure first that she “can see the Dawg” before she led the audience in a chant of “Rannn-dy! Jaaaack-son!” Randy obliged. Jay brought out Ellen, then Ryan, then Simon. And with 50 seconds before air time, the judges huddled together for maybe the most awkward “Go team!” pep talk ever in the history of nationally televised reality competition programs. The show began, Kara laughed about the clip of her crying Wednesday night, and, oh, sweet baby jeebus, that’s right, we’ve got a group performance to endure watch, don’t we?

I can safely report that these things are no less cringerific in person than on TV. I’m not sure what was more dismaying: That these poor kids are forced to lip-sync along with the song even when they are obviously not on camera; that at one point I caught Mama Bowersox unironically bopping her head to the music while not on camera; or that at the end, Katie Stevens and Aaron Kelly maniacally laughed like they were featured players in a cheesy 1950s musical (which, come to think of it, they kinda are).

At the ad break, Debbie herded the men upstairs to the Coke Rumpus Room and the women onto the industrial-scotch-guarded-just-in-case-our-hour-long-torture-of-Katie-Stevens-reduces-her-into-a-human-puddle velvet benches. Randy walked over to talk with Simon, while Ellen and Kara exchanged the occasional word but otherwise sat in silence. Debbie quickly told the girls how they should file into the silver stools of safety, and we were back. Didi was safe, and the judges were particularly happy, waving and smiling at her as she walked to her stool. Siobhan was safe, and only Ellen smiled at her as she walked to her stool. And then the evening began to crack apart, when Paige “My Only Distinctive Feature Thus Far Are My Green Contacts” Miles made it to the Top 12 over Katelyn “If Only I Hadn’t Played On That Effing Corny Keyboard” Epperly. As Katelyn sang her swan song, the family members for the next round of results filed onto one side of the backstage stairs to the Coke Vestibule.

Ryan took us out to the ad break, and Katelyn just about collapsed into Lilly Scott’s arms, or maybe that was the other way around. Crystal looked like someone had just stolen her puppy as a practical joke. The judges all came down to talk with Katelyn, and Didi, Siobhan, and Paige quietly talked among themselves.

We came back from the break, and Ryan lined up Tim, Todrick, Lee, and Casey. Casey was safe, causing Kara smiled at Simon, followed by Tim “Gives Me Serious Hair Envy” Urban and, in the only no-brainer pairing of the night, Lee Dewyze over Todrick Hall. Ah, Todrick, who likely managed to find his voice one week too late. Like so many farewell performances, the guy slayed his second attempt at “Somebody to Love,” and Ellen was the first to stand when he’d finished, followed by Randy and then Kara. (Simon, you may have noticed, did not stand.) During the ad break, Paige and Todrick managed to share a warm hug before the crew cleared the stage to wheel in the dueling pianos for Idol alums #IWouldSaySignMattGiraudIfHeWasn’tSuchACheeseballLastNight and Scott MacIntyre. Now, I could be crazy, but as Ryan talked with Andrew up in the Coke Panic Room, I could’ve sworn that someone in the audience waved at Scotty M., and Scotty M. waved hello back. (Just reporting what happens in front of me, folks.) Anyhoots, Scott and Matt told her about it, the judges were politely attentive, and Siobhan looked a bit lost.

As the crew wheeled the pianos back off the stage during the ad break, the judges gathered around the half-dozen safe contestants for a friendly visit with Matt and Scott. Once the stage was clear, the judges returned to their seats — or, rather, Simon returned to his seat, and the rest of the judges gathered around him and Ryan perched up on the table. For a second, I thought I detected a thought bubble above Ellen’s head reading, “Just wait, he’ll be gone next year, just wait, he’ll be gone next year.” As we came back from the break, Debbie took the opportunity to say to the safe contestants, “Those are the most uncomfortable stools you’ll ever sit on, those silver stools.” A few minutes later, Michael Lynche surprised Ryan by stepping center stage, and Debbie cackled with delight at the confusion.

It would be the last real moment of levity all night, because right after Michael and Aaron were sent to safety, Ryan brutally mauled a puppy right in front of the entire nation. No joke, watching Alex Lambert’s spirit crumple into nothingness in real time was one of the saddest things ever. It truly did bring the entire studio to a dead silent stop during the ad break as the contestants and judges swarmed the stage to console the poor kid. Siobhan and Alex shared a long, woebegone hug, and then Ellen, Kara, and Randy all gathered around him. Simon hung back, choosing to eavesdrop for a moment on Crystal, Lilly, and Katelyn’s conversation before taking his own one-on-one time with Alex. Curiously, Casey James was back on his stool almost as soon as he’d left it, quickly followed by Tim Urban and Didi Benami. Simon eventually sauntered back to his seat, too, but the rest of the contestants and judges were so preoccupied with their carousel of consolation and tears that either no one noticed the ad break countdown clock, or no one cared about it. Suddenly, we were on live TV again, and as you saw, things were decidedly not back in show-ready order, a truly unscripted moment and, I felt, an uncommonly graceful one for American Idol.

It would have been heart-rending enough with Katelyn, Todrick, and Alex going home, but then Ryan announced that Lilly Scott’s distinctive, clear-haired stylings had lost to Katie Stevens’s robotic teenage competence, and it was just too much for some of the contestants to bear — especially Crystal and Siobhan. Maybe it has to do with the fact that by all appearances, both women have barely watched past seasons of Idol, and aren’t well versed in the particularly cruel nature and staging of the eliminations. Or maybe it’s because they were far closer with the eliminated contestants than the ones who’ve lived to warble another day. Regardless of the reason, both women simply could not stop crying, even as Debbie gathered them for their first official photo shoot as the Idol Top 12. “Makeup!” exclaimed Debbie. “We need some kleenex for a pretty picture. Bad time to take one.” Siobhan more-or-less pulled it together after some hug love from Tim and Didi, but Crystal was still sobbing into Lee Dewyze’s shoulder as the photographer began taking light readings. “Happiest you can be, guys,” Debbie said somberly. Crystal could only manage to wanly tighten her lips.

I stood up from my seat to leave, and saw Ellen giving yet one more pep talk to Alex, both of her hands on his slumped shoulders, the kid barely able to lift his head up to meet her gaze. At this point, Smirkelstiltskin clapped his hands, squeaked “I’m out,” and disappeared in a puff of damp sulfur, so he missed Ellen walking out a few steps behind me out of Stage 36, her eyes wet, as a camera crew from her talk show attempted to capture the newest Idol judge’s first impressions of the show. She could not find the words.

So yeah, that was one rough night. And y’all have a lot to say about it, judging from the fact that, as I wrap up writing the final entry of EW’s exclusive look inside the Idol semi-finals, Slezak’s post-results show Popwatch item has already logged over 1,000 comments in less than 6 hours. So have at it: Were you teary watching last night’s results? Do you think Crystal, Siobhan, et. al. can bounce back from the disillusioning trauma of watching a small cabal of mega-texting tweenagers “America” obliterate the Idol dreams of singers as promising as Alex, Lilly, Katelyn, and Todrick? And who among the Top 12 do you think will be able to handle the abrupt transition from the intimate Idolcupola to the behemoth Idoldome?

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  • Terrier

    Too bad for katelyn!!

    • Jodi

      The biggest losses, to me, are Alex and Lilly. Lilly had some good talent, and Alex was one of my favorites.

      • Caitie

        Lilly did not have a shot this year- there were already two “different” girls with Siobhan and Crystal. She was just unlucky enough to be the worst of those three.

      • Me too

        Alex was awesome! He totally deserved another week, he improved so much every time he performed. Keeping Tim Urban with his tiny, tiny voice just doesn’t make any sense. And to vote off Lily when Katie and Paige and Lacey are still there, this is insane. I don’t even want to watch anymore if people are going to keep the off-key singers who don’t have any stage presence on camera.

    • Diane

      Crystal was a ‘party pooper’ ‘sour puss’. Wow…what a bummer she was! Way to bring the party down Crystal!! Couldn’t she have ‘faked’ even a little smile??She better thicken her skin…it’s going to be a loooonnnnggg season!

      • BB

        Or darn, Crystal is a real person, what a shame.

      • Mary T.

        Can you be more insensible and stupid? You must really be a guy to be so rude and manly..

      • Cat

        Watching Crystal the last few weeks, we think she might still be sick. The way she sat down after her performance and last night, she just looked like she didn’t feel good at all. Don’t think it was all emotion over the show. Diabetes can knock you on your butt from time to time and I don’t think she is quite over whatever she had yet. So don’t think it’s right to jump to conclusions that she is a sourpuss.

      • mags

        I think Crystal is genuinely sick.

      • MultiPass

        don’t be a b!tch, Diane, no one likes people like you. Nothing wrong with a genuine display of emotion, unless it’s anger-based cattiness of course. Take a note.

      • mike

        What did she have to smile about? You’re weird.

      • Sarah

        Yeah, it’s a real party seeing people’s dreams get crushed.

      • Teri

        Well Diane, you know what they say… opinions are like a**holes, and we all have one. Fortunately, they aren’t all as COLD as yours!

    • John

      Maybe Lilt SCOTT was sent home because certain people didn’t know her name wasn’t Lily ALLEN right writer of said article.

      • Jennifer

        Yeah, I was wondering how I missed Lily Allen on last night’s show.

    • Athenea

      Gosh this season is getting crappier by the hour. Alex was unique, that voice, OMG! amazing..WTF Tim ?? Aaron???
      Same with Katelyn, when she was good she was exquisite, katie??Paige???even LAcey!! WTFFFFFFFFFFFFf

  • Terrier

    Too bad for Katelyn, I loved her “Scientist” but I have other favorites… so instead good luck.

  • Jena

    Awww Crystal and Siobhan were really working the waterworks last night:( America what have you done!!! Really Alex, Lilly, Katelyn, Todrick!!!!! Seriously???! Wth!

    • Jennifer

      My thoughts exactly Jena

      • Zayne

        If Katie, Tim, and Paige are the kind of singers who get through, Crystal, Siobahn, Didi, and Lee are probably not making it to the top spots they deserve.

        Idol is officially off my DVR, I’ll watch the performances I care about on YouTube. Thank you Teen America for demolishing the season in one fell swoop.

      • Calvin

        Look I’m still reeling from Michelle being voted off LAST week

      • Lisa

        Zayne – My thoughts exactly. Teen America’s texting is ruining AI this year!

      • TLC in Texas

        Yep, Zayne–Same here. I deleted AI off my DVR!!!! I’ll “you tube “Siobhan & Crystal…who gives a rat’s a** about the rest of them. How disappointing.

      • Snsetblaze

        The problem with deleting the show off the DVR and not voting at all is that the good ones, Chrystal, Lee, Didi, Siobhan and to some extent Casey and Michael will then continue to be voted off if the teens are the only ones voting. The higher they go, the better chance at a recording contract since for the past couple of years, pretty much the top 8 gets something (there are exceptions).

    • mike

      @Calvin, Michelle was forgettable. There was nothing distinct about her voice.

    • Janet

      I am amazed at how AI can allow America to vote off these amazing singers who really deserved a chance to sing again. They should finally revamp the show & let the judges (the ones who know what their talking about) have at least 3/4 of the vote and the public, 1/4 so we can really see the talent up there!

  • jack hart

    stupid teenagers messed up the top 12 badly this year. andrew should have been shown the door plus lily (the jazz singer) should have been saved.

    • Namanh Hoang

      Everyone keeps asking, did America get it right? If we have to ask this question then clearly no! BRING BACK THE WILDCARD! I think if next week we hear Andrew does another acoustic rendition of something (probably a song originally sung by a girl) American will know they’ve made a grave mistake, lets hope he surprises us.

      OMG what a travesty!!! Alex Lambert really had the most unique voice with real potential. An Lilly who came as a surprise to everyone. I can’t believe it but I think it wasn’t a surprise to me. He had some of the lowest online fan base which goes to show why people who lets be honest don’t still belong there like Tim Urban and sadly also Andrew Garcia who have a ridiculously huge fan base. Same with Lily who just didn’t have much of an online presence.

      Goes to show people should have been more active in spreading the word online to support their favorites. No one to blame but yourselves. Studies done by Baduku show that Baduku and Twitter fan base have been the most accurate when it comes to defining the top 12. http://www.baduku.com/americanidol9

      • Dan

        Well at least we know that Andrew has to do something by British Men (The Stones) next week.

      • Calvin

        Andrew won’t be singing anything done by a girl seeing that the Rolling Stones is the theme. He’s got more talent than most of the guys there so I don’t know what’s so bad about him

      • Brennan

        Alex’s fans have shown a little too late. Last night, he was trending on twitter topics, so everyone obviously liked him! Did they think he was safe? Or were they too lazy? It just frustrates me! I’m a teen, and I see how wrong this is! Just wish everyone else saw it, too. . . before, and then we wouldn’t be here, lamenting.

      • Barb

        Look, I’m as disappointed by the results last night as any fan, but it’s not like we haven’t been here so many times before, right? If these four have the drive to keep going, they can use their Idol exposure to open some doors, and I hope that they will. Meantime, forget the Wildcard round!!!! Last year’s judge picks were just as mis-begotten as last nights eliminations!

    • April C

      Not to mention VFTW.

      • jennab

        Exactly, Tim and Paige were VFTW candidates. Chin up, Alex!! Your voice is amazing, you are young. Take 5 years to grow/mature, come back and WOW us!!

      • Sam

        Love Vote for the Worst!

    • nikki

      Alex and Lily should have been in the top 12 not the teenie boppers! The teens needed more experience, practice…so on…but SERIOUSLY AMERICA!!! Alex and Lily, you booted those two with the most amazing and unique voices? I have no doubts that some record label will pic those two up anyway…watch and see.

      • boulderpa

        I couldnt agree more. Aaron, Andrew, Paige and Katie should’ve been gone last night. Lily Allen is a huge talent. Her voice was just dying for a Regina Spektor tune. I am really disappointed. American got it wrong and I am certain that if the judges could overrule, they would have last night. They should do it the way So You Think You Can Dance does it, with the judges determining the departures from amongst the lowest voted contestants until the top 10. Travesty.

      • Allison

        It’s Lilly Scott, by the way. No connection to the British singer.

      • James

        Alex bores me to death. Can’t stand his voice and style. Still, sad to see him eliminated last night. I wonder if Siobahn has a thing for him, though, the way she was crying.

      • Carol
      • TwigLA

        I agree, Lily and Alex should not have gone home last night. I had hoped they would both make it to top 10 and the tour.

        Katie and Tim should have gone last night.

    • mimi t

      if AI truly wanted america to judge the talent fairly, it would be 1 vote per phone number, or at least the number of votes per phone number not to exceed the number of singers…this mega texting is ludicrous and doesnt measure talent, only the size of someones texting capability ! we should change it to American Texter !

  • Kathgal

    “but then Ryan announced that Lilly Allen’s distinctive, clear-haired stylings”. I think that is supposed to read Lilly Scott?

    • Nat

      I know, that made me LOL :P

  • Andrea

    Dear gawd, I wonder if a huge chunk of the population went deaf on Tuesday night? How else to explain Lilly getting the boot? And I don’t blame Alex for bawling, the poor guy was trying to find his confidence only to have it shredded again by people who can’t distinguish a good singer from a cat being mauled.

    • crispy

      It’s like all you people freaking out have never watched American Idol before. This show hasn’t been a singing competition in years. The tween girls watching ALWAYS vote for the personalities they like or who they think is cutest.

      • Tuzo

        You’re right, crispy. But usually this results in one person getting the boot earlier than they should have. e.g. Alexis Grace. But last night a good case can be made that all four eliminations were way off base.

      • Jennifer

        Yeah, usually there is one or two good people who don’t advance on the last night of semi-finals, but this time a case could be made for any of the four to stay over those who made it. (Yes, even Todrick, who would’ve at least been entertaining.) I think it just struck most of us more intensely than usual.

    • Brian

      Deaf? People can have preferences. I personally don’t care for Lilly’s singing style. I should not be called deaf.

      • Jackson

        I know. All this overwrought melodrama and “blaming the teens” is really beyond the pale.

        Lilly chose a song so old that some of the people calling have grandmother’s who wasn’t born when that song was out. Katie made the top 12 because the judges laid into her all three of the semifinal weeks…if you don;t like that Katie made it in, blame the judges, not the voters.

  • anonymous

    The results show made me so sad!

  • Lisa Fisher

    AI should bring back Alex Lambert.
    He is the best singer on the show.
    Confidence comes with experience.

    • Maureen

      AGREED!! :D

      • KC

        Seconded. I don’t even normally vote on AI and I must have voted for Alex 20 times. Obviously it didn’t work.

      • Frank Anderson

        Yeah. This group got robbed and just cemented the fact that the rest of this season is going to blow.
        I’m so done with it now. I’m glad our baby is due in a week. Not only will it be awesome, but it will also be a good excuse to give up on this season of Idol.
        What an awful night!

      • Mike

        I agree. American Idol has to step in and bring back Alex. America made a big mistake last night, give America a second chance.

    • Malgorzata

      I 100% agree with you!!!!!!!

    • dee


      • JennaE

        I had the same thought last night, they made it the top 13 last year for that mediocre singer..umm…I can’t even remember his name! I was screaming at the tv for them to save Lilly.

    • cari

      I am seriously hoping one of the Top 12 guys drops out so Alex can come back. It may be mean, but I am honestly not kidding. Bring. Him. Back!

      • Diggity

        I had that same thought.

    • Diggity

      Totally agree. He’s the first contestant I’ve cared about in a long long time.

      • Brennan

        I’ve had favorites before, and I’ve cared about them, but they’ve all gone to the final two (and sometimes won.) And if every teen in America wasn’t voting, that might have happened for Alex. But he was so innocent, and he had so much potential! He was getting better every week, unlike others who were taking leaps and bounds backwards. It’s just wrong. I just hope that when Andrew Garcia (or any guy) watches the show back and sees Alex Lambert’s heartbroken face, they’ll offer themselves up. Seriously! It’s like killing all the puppies in the world! All cute things! I’d hate to have Ryan’s job, because I’d be sobbing, or I’d lie- “The person who makes it to the Top 12 is… erm…. ALEX LAMBERT!!!!” That elimination moved me to tears. And I was looking forward to see him improve each week, and when we’d be blown away. WE’ll never get that with a lot of the top 12.

    • Phil

      Strongly agree as well. I honestly felt he had the most potential of the lot. AI screwed up again.

    • Carol
      • cherch

        Can’t believe Alex and Lilly were supposedly voting off. I voted like crazy for Alex and so many people say they did too. What’s going on? Look on MJs blogs. The peeps are going crazy there too. Hundreds of pro-Alex and Lilly comments. People are really turned off of AI right now.

      • Chach

        Alex, Mr. nasal voice, is the most overrated singer in AI history. He shouldn’t have lasted this long. Siobhan is the only real talent in this group. The rest are pretty ordinary.

  • MiraOh

    I am never watching this show again after last night. Alex should not have been eliminated, nor any of the others. This show is a total waste and is lame. I hate it. American obviously does not know what good music is. Andrew over Alex! I am never watching again.

    • Brett

      Unfortunately, you probably will watch the show next week. That’s the problem. Instead of sending a message to the machine, we bitch and moan but then watch the next week. If they saw a drop off next week of 3 or 4 million, that would say a whole hell of a lot more than anything we say on these boards. We can whine all we want about the flawed voting system(and it is truly flawed) but we just keep coming back week after week.

      Don’t watch next week. Turn the friggin TV to something even more atrocious, like NCIS and send them a message. I think that Slezak should start the pact.

      • Ali

        I agree about the “flawed” voting system. Now don’t crucify me, but I think the voting system of DWTS is the best way to go. Limiting the votes to 5 or 10 per phone line will stop the tweeners from having ultimate control. But then Ryan wouldn’t be able to boast about the “25 MILLION votes” that came in and AT&T would lose all of the money they make from millions of text messages. It’s a racket!

      • Dan

        Or one could even turn the TV off (EW.com is so going to censor this blasphemous thought!).

      • Julie

        I totally agree with you! Everyone that has a problem with AI right now shouldn’t watch it next week. I’d hate to see what the tweens would do to it then but it’s worth a shot. Idol should fix this voting thing. I can’t spend two hours voting non-stop like the little teenies can. *sigh*

      • MBS

        I’M THROUGH!!!! @#%!

      • c-squared

        I totally agree with starting a pact. This show needs to know the consequences of their meaningless system. I too voted for 2 hrs non stop and wasted so much of my time doing so. I really agree that it should have the same voting process as SYTHYCD and ABDC on MTV.

    • em

      I’m extremely mad at America, but I wouldn’t go that far. I don’t think I can stand to watch the next couple of weeks, but I’ll come back eventually. It is really hard to cut ties with a show you’ve watched for 9 seasons.

  • Michele

    I was absolutely heartbroken for Alex. I must hear him sing again. Too, too sad.

    Also, I was so surprised that Katie got in over Lily. Did you notice how surprised Lily was? Crystal looked so, so mad about that.

    • Grace

      Surprised? Yes, Lilly was obnoxiously surprised – like how dare anyone not think I am far better than any of these people. She has displayed an arrogance and disdain from the get-go and I’m sorry — people want to not only enjoy their talent, but like the person. And, please — she was not that unique. There are tons of great singers all over the country just like her, and many with a lot more pleasant personalities.
      P.S. Crystal B. will be gone soon for a similar reason.

      • Dan

        Please Grace, if you want nice, rainbow filled singers, listen to the Disney station. Hmm, mayber her “arrogance and disdain” were well founded with people like you voting.

      • c-squared

        umm compared to Katie I would have to say Lily was pretty unique. PLUS I never saw this arrogance. Yes, she was confident, but very much entitled to be since she was TALENTED. Heck if Katie Stevens and Paige can get onto AI I should give it a go.

      • pmet

        I think each of the singers believe they belong in the top 12, even though it is not truly the case with singers like Paige, Katie and Lacey. My thought is that Lily is a confident person, secure in herself as an artist. She received positive feedback each week and performed really well, with some exception this last week. I think based on her performances and the feedback she thought she would be safely in the top 12 over Katie. She certainly deserved to be IMHO.

  • bk

    yikes….a real mistake. Katie over Lilly? Katie is cute, but she belongs on a Disney show, not IDOL!!! Hopefully the judges will use their “power” and bring Lilly back!!

  • debi

    I am still in shock about Lilly being kicked off the show. OMG! This is completely rediculous! We don’t even have a singing show anymore…obviously!

    • amy

      Oh Debi, we have a singing show. Nobody said it had to be GOOD singing, tho-right?? Welcome to American Caterwaulin’

    • Mike

      Yeah, Lilly was robbed no doubt about it. I hope with this exposure she can make something happen. The big key, is can Lilly write her own music and will she able to make some connections in cutting a CD or at least play in some decent size venues to make a little bit of money. I had no doubts that Lilly wasn’t going to get to far in the top-12, say 9,10 or 11, but that might all she needed to really break into the music business. Look at Amanda Overmyer in season 7, finished 11th and she now has a CD out and is playing in places. I sure hope Lilly can find her niche and build upon it. I think she has a tremendous amount of talent. Go get ‘em Lilly!!

    • ck

      Do you think it’s because in this competition, Crystal and Lilly are too similar and end up splitting their target audience’s vote?

      • baj24

        I think you’re probably right about that. If I had to choose between Lily and Crystal, admittedly I’d go with Crystal. But Katie Stevens over Lily? Not in a million years. As frustrated as i was with last nights results show I’m still going to watch. Arguably, none of the contestants who got kicked off last night had a snowballs chance in hell of winning the competition, but I still would have liked to see a few more weeks of Katelyn, Lily, and especially Alex. Todrick I could care less about.

      • Paul

        No. I think Lily and Siobhan are too similar (off-beat) and split votes.

      • Lara

        Yeah I think people who like Lilly may have been voting for Siobhan or Crystal, they are in a similar category adn unique. Although to me Crystal isn’t all that unique.

  • jecgunter

    After watching Idol since season 2, I have to say that last night was the saddest night of Idol, ever. I woke up this morning thinking how cruel the whole thing was. Alex Lambert was just coming out of his shell, and starting to show us what a good and unique singer he is only to be crushed and made to sing on top of it. I was sure that Lily Scott would make it. But I guess the young teeny boppers just do not know what good singing is. :-(

  • Alice

    A travesty. Katelyn, Alex, Lilly and even Todrick all deserved to stay over some of the boring, unoriginal, unlikely to ever have a singing career contestants that remain to further stink up Season 9.

    • JoAnn

      Agreed, couldn’t have said it better myself!

    • Jen

      I TOTALLY AGREEE!!!! They could have had an awesome Top 5. I can’t watch an hour long show with only two talented people left (Crystal and Siohban).

      • cari

        I beg to differ. Siobhan is the only person worth watching on Idol. Crystal is beyond overrated and really needs to go home.

  • transporter2000

    american idol is dead to me…who cares anymore. I’m gaining 3-4 hours per week of my life back.

    • Weeks

      Yes! The only good thing to come out of last night’s train wreck are those 3-4 hours I’ll be gaining every week.

      I may watch Siobhan and Crystal’s performances on YouTube, but I’m over watching Idol.

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