'Heroes' actors get new jobs: Hooray for second chances!

heroes-starsImage Credit: Trae Patton/NBC Sendhil Ramamurthy and Dania Ramirez had the misfortune to star as two of Heroes‘ most annoying characters: gasbag scientist Mohinder Suresh and poison-crying Maya Herrera. But Hollywood can forgive anything, and yesterday brought good casting news for both of them. Ramamurthy hopped into USA’s Covert Affairs, while Ramirez will recur on the next season of Entourage. (She’ll play Turtle’s love interest. Hey, a job’s a job.)

I couldn’t be happier for both actors. Ramirez was awesome as A.J.’s girlfriend during the final season of Sopranos, and Ramamurthy has been trying to escape from Mohinder’s shadow for awhile now. I’m wondering if Hollywood can’t find room in its big heart for the rest of the Heroes cast. After all they’ve been through, don’t they deserve some tiny plot of TV land to call their own? Here are some suggestions:

Adrian Pasdar: A morally ambiguous corporate executive on Damages (at least until someone finally reboots Profit.)

Hayden Panettiere: A recurring role on Make It or Break It as a former world champion gymnast.

Greg Grunberg: Surely his childhood friend J.J. Abrams needs someone to play an adorably acerbic assistant on the upcoming spy drama Undercovers?

Masi Oka: Needs to host a game show on G4.

Jack Coleman: Needs to guest star on Breaking Bad as Walter White’s brother.

Ali Larter: For playing two identically annoying characters, Ali Larter deserves two career-refurbishing parts. I’m thinking a femme fatale on Burn Notice and a drug-addled heiress on Gossip Girl.

Milo Ventimiglia: Should partner up with Wentworth Miller and take over Law & Order: Criminal Intent.

Zachary Quinto: Probably doesn’t need your charity.

Kristen Bell: Anything but more of this.

What are some of your casting ideas for the Heroes cast, PopWatchers?

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  • Feiss

    Ugh. Heroes went down hill with the introduction of Dania Ramirez.

    • M

      Agreed. Everything after S1 pretty much sucked, but the “toxic twins” and Sylar storyline was the worst of S2…

      • Anna

        “Agreed. Everything after S1 pretty much sucked, but the “toxic twins” and Sylar storyline was the worst of S2…”

        And yet no one blames Zachary Quinto.

    • Spencerman

      Dania Ramirez was not the problem with Heroes. The writers were the problem. Some of them were very openly opposed to having to work with minorities on the show. This is why the ethnic actors and actresses were given some of the worst scripts and no real purpose in the show. They were only included in the first three seasons to meet network mandated quotas. That is also the reason why they randomly disappeared between seasons. That is where the term DL syndrome came from. Black and hispanic actors in particular were simply not respected and were treated badly. The contempt for these actors ended up trickling down from the writers/producers to the critics and finally to the audience often resulting in brutal campaigns to have the actors and their characters removed.

      Luckily for Dania, HBO remembered the work she did for them on Sopranos. Hopefully she will be given an equally good character to play on Entourage and will be treated with more respect as an actress unlike Heroes.

      • Kirsty

        Would you like to offer any evidence for the Heroes writers being ‘openly opposed to having to work with minorities’? That is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard.

      • Mary


        Several Heroes staff members have made embarrassing racial remarks on the Internet. A quick summary is here: http://www.racialicious.com/2009/11/24/memo-to-tim-kring-you-are-who-you-work-with/

        Note that the most damning material are the things written by the actual staff members.

        Of course, the accusation is NOT that the white Heroes writers deliberately got together and planned to screw over the minority characters. Rather, it seems like many folks on the staff have a chip on their shoulder at best (It’s so HARD being a white male! We’re the victims! Even though 90% of the people running mainstream studios and TV shows are white) or are shockingly ignorant at worst (no, writers, having your primary Asian male character revert to childish buffoonery is NOT a progressive step forward). The bad writing on this show hit all characters, but it hit the female and/or characters of color first and hardest.

      • Spencerman

        You were right to question my posting. I meant to put the same link in my posting that Mary provided in hers. It is always a good idea to have a link to some evidence with a posting like this. I think the information posted in that link is really just the tip of the iceberg. At the end of the day though, I think what we saw watching the show itself was convincing enough.

  • Q

    Do not ruin Burn Notice by introducing Ali Larter.

  • Joe

    So has heroes officially been cancelled?

  • J

    Jack Coleman is the only one who deserves to still have an acting career once this awful show is finally canceled (can NBC hurry up and do it already?). Having him on Breaking Bad is something I fully approve of.

  • elr

    Does this mean that Heroes has been cancelled?

    • Mary Q. Contrary

      That’s what I’m wondering, too. Guess I better check my trusty Ausiello Renewal Guide.

  • Madd

    I’d love for Jack Coleman to be on Breaking Bad, but can he please get his own show?! Also, any work for Adrian Pasdar is great. Milo needs to have room on his schedule for the future Gilmore Girls movie.

  • Momo

    I’m going to get some flak for this, but I sort of resent that the writer can find places on other shows for the likes of Hayden Panatierre and Grunberg, but automatically thinks Masi Oka would be great as a gameshow host merely because “oh hey, he looks like those typical crazy Japanese gameshow hosts!” Come on, that’s just treading on a stereotype. If the writer thinks he’s geeky, then maybe he can guest on The Office…can’t the writer think out of the box like that?

    • Eshia

      OMG, I thought the same thing. It was definitely narrow-minded. When I got to that part I was like “Wow, really??”

      • LauraT

        I thought that, too. I’d rather have Masi return to Scrubs as Franklin. Or he can be a computer animator on Big Bang Theory and totally draw from his past.

      • orville

        He’d be great on something like Community as well. Definitely comedy more than drama.

  • Mary Q. Contrary

    Loved this! Probably doesn’t need your charity, bahaha. Great suggestions, too, especially the bit about taking over Criminal Intent. Yum.

    • BD

      That was my favorite too. Zach Quinto doesn’t need anyone’s charity at this point

  • Allan

    Heroes crashed and burned with startling swiftness. One minute I was enthusiastic and the next I became a hater. I stilled tuned in a while to see if it would get better, but there were too many “Oh come on, you’ve got to be kidding” scenes and plot twists.

    • Allan

      I still tuned in. It’s frustrating you can’t edit your comments once they’re posted.

  • Sarah El

    I totally support Jack Coleman in anything. I’d love to see Greg Grunberg team up with J.J. Abrams again too in anything. Beyond that, don’t really care. Zachary Quinto’s got Spock and hopefully Kristen Bell will make good movie choices in the future.

  • Jed

    From the look of things..Heroes will be officially canceled soon.

  • wow

    Jack Coleman is better than all of you.

  • LauraT

    I think Ramamurthy is such a gorgeous guy, and now I’m really, REALLY looking forward to Rex Is Not Your Lawyer.

    I don’t get the love for Panetierre. She’s a mediocre actress who’s not that attractive and has horrible, fan-service ideas for plots (lesbian subplot was your idea, Hayden? Really?). I’d suggest her for some straight-to-video movies. Maybe more Bring It On Again (again)?

  • Melody

    The combination of Milo and Wentworth is genius!!!

  • Guest

    For the love of god, stop the hate on Heroes. I get it “Heroes is awful”,” worst show ever made”, oh yes please be cancelled”. Heroes is not awful first of all. Second, Heroes can be better though and has potential. Lastly, Heroes is much more entertaining than other crap shows like CHUCK and garbage LOST. The writers can be disappointing but can sure improve really. Be that as it may, Heroes is not an awful show.

    • midnightx10

      I was with you until the part about Chuck and Lost…

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