'RuPaul's Drag Race' recap: It's either Team Tyra or Team Tatianna

dragraceImage Credit: Mathu Andersen/LOGOTyra Sanchez, wielding her hateful attitude, has incited drama several times already on this season of RuPaul’s Drag Race, notably in episode 2 when she whined her way through the first group challenge where the queens did burlesque. And “the other Tyra”—as Ru has taken to calling her—certainly delivered on the drama front again last night. She ruffled the other contestants’ feathers—well, mostly just Tatianna’s—as she hummed-shrieked-sang while putting together her dress for this week’s wedding-themed challenge.

It’s clear the producers or episode editors want us to believe that the Tyra-Tatianna drama was a big diva showdown, but honestly, was it? Seems just like a couple of bitchy queens snipping at each other, more than anything else. I mean, I can just imagine getting annoyed by Tyra’s undeniably irritating ways in the workroom—there’s no doubt that she’s a seriously hateful person—but why’s Tatianna bringing herself down into that mess by tattling to Ru on the Main Stage? My thought is that maybe Tatianna’s ratting Tyra out is the only way she thinks she can compete with the high-flying queen, who cleaned up by winning the challenge last night. As we all saw, Tatianna needed any defense possible, as the judges told her that she’d be in the bottom two if she didn’t have immunity from winning the Snatch Game challenge from two weeks ago.

And, let’s face it: Tyra did deserve to win, regardless of her attitude. The thing about Tyra is that she’s the perfect drag queen in so many ways. Here are three good reasons: 1) She’s beautiful as a lady with that porcelain-looking face and those oh-so-juicy, juicy lips. Really, did you see those lips last night? They were insane, as she sat there bitching about Tatianna! 2) She’s got great style, serving up some of the best looks so far this season on the runway. Hell, regardless of how stupid it sounds, she glue-gunned lacey things to her legs and wrists! This is a gurl who’s willing to be burned for her craft. And 3) She’s got attitude. It seems like maybe we’re forgetting something important as we get in a huff about Tyra’s awfulness: Queens are supposed to have attitude. Right? That’s sort of what they do. So, honestly, Tyra is just doing her thing and not worrying about anyone else. Which, sure, gets my hatred—but also my respect. Some of the other queens on the Main Stage agreed last night, as Ru asked them all what they thought of Tyra’s antics.

The Tyra-Tatianna mess, however, overshadowed what was truly sad about last night’s episode— (SPOILER AHEAD) the auf’ing of Morgan McMichaels, one of my favorite contestants. Sure, she was also a little on the bitchy side and had recently entered into some sort of weird and questionable alliance with Raven, but I loved Morgan for the sheer fun that she brought to the show. This is one queen who’ll be missed! I suppose, however, that I wouldn’t have wanted to see Sahara—who was also in the bottom two—go either. At least it wasn’t my other favorites Pandora Boxx or Jessica Wild—despite the admitted heinousness of their Main Stage gowns—who were up for elimination.

Otherwise, the episode was about as delightful as usual. I thought the Mini Challenge, where the queens had to “queenify” a box, was hilarious just because of all the fun wordplay Ru served up when she came in to choose her favorite. “I’m here,” RuPaul said with glee, “to inspect your box.” She added: “Can I hold your box?” It’s such fifth-grade humor, but whatever—it makes me smile. And Raven’s Edgar Allen Poe-inspired box was genius. Lastly, my other favorite part was the photo results of the wedding challenge, which found the ladies posing as both the groom and the bride. Did it remind anyone else of the alter ego photo shoots that the ladies did on The Real Housewives of Atlanta? I couldn’t help but cackle at the ridiculousness of it all. Raven’s looked convincing; Tyra’s was just so very Tyra; and poor, now-sashayed Morgan’s punk fest was a gem.

If you missed the episode, catch it here:

What did you think of last night’s episode? Do you miss Morgan already, like me? Are you on Team Tyra or Team Tatianna? Should Tyra have won, even with her attitude? Have you had any luck getting Martha Wash’s “Carry On” (which Morgan and Sahara lipsynched-for-their-life to last night) out of your head yet?

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  • Alex

    Team TYRA all the way!! Tatiana is jaleous and bitter, she thinks everyone hates her, blah, blah, blah… get over yourself, girl! Tyre is beautiful, ORIGINAL, and packs lots of attitude. She should win!

  • N. Ominous

    Team Tatianna. There’s fun-bitchy and then there’s flat-out obnoxious, which Tyra is.

  • Helen

    I’m starting to love RuPaul more than Tim Gunn, I swear to God. Hilarious, classy. He is a perfect example, in fact, of how you can have “attitude” w/o just being a b***. Now – was I hallucinating or did they say Henry Rollins is a guest judge next week? HENRY ROLLINS? AWEsome! !!!!

    • Mia

      I can not picture Henry Rollins as a judge but that is just me. I think it would be fab if they got the REAL Tyra Banks in for a judge. Anyone else getting extremely annoyed with Merle & Santino Roll the Dice? Nina Flowers should be a perm judge next year and drop Merle.

      • John

        You’re right, and does anyone else feel there is a rift growing between her Ru-ness and Merle? Sometimes Ru doesnt even seem to acknowledge her. I think this might be Merle’s last season.

        I hope they do bring Season One’s Nina and Ongina back as judges.

  • Kyle

    i hate tyra’s attitude, but i can totally see why she could win. Shes fabulous on stage. But am i the only one that actually loved Morgan’s pic and dress. I thought it was fun and silly. Isn’t drag supposed to be costume? grr, oh well…

    • John

      Morgan was one of my favs. Sucks that she didnt survive the lip sync. I was sure they would have to lip sync “it’s raining men”. OH well, i still have a few favs on there.

  • Steve C

    Team Tat! Tyra just irks the hell out of me! This season is sooooo much better than last. I am loving every episode and esp Ru. DAMN is he HOT in drag but so NOT as a man!

  • jb

    You write better recaps for this show than for Desperate Housewives. It’s obvious that you love this show. Me too. I love DH too. I like how you give more opinions here with some insight than just a straight forward recap like you do for DH.

  • Scott

    Tyra is talented with the runway and clothes and things but Tyra’s way too bitchy to be America’s Next Drag Superstar. It needs to be someone with a little more class.

    • John

      Maybe she will be tempered as the show nears its finale, if she makes it.

  • wtfnyc

    Team Raven and Jujubee FTW!!! Raven TOTALLY should have won the main stage challenge — she looked AMAZING and really had a whole character going, PLUS her bride/groom shot was super-fierce. As for Tyra, she’s gorgeous, but gummy — when she opens her mouth, that’s all I can see. Don’t care about the bitchiness, though — not one teeny tiny tucked little bit.

    • sylvrbdrfly

      Love Raven too she always looks fierce! Jujubee is so funny and great!
      I really like Tatianna, and her Britney in the Snatch Game was awesome! I think the girls who thought she was mocking didn’t get the point, haven’t they ever watched a Roast?

  • killervirgo

    you should really watch UNTUCKED for all the addition info on what happened. Apparently Tyra got physical with Tatiana, but it makes no sense why they wouldn’t show it … unless it didn’t happen and the show is making all this up for drama.

    • Jurry

      They showed it. Tyra flung that dress rack in front of Tatiana and then kept pushing her around when they were going for the materials for the dresses. Tyra is a COMPLETE trouble maker, but she does add a bit of delicious bitchiness to the show.
      On another note I was happy to see Morgan go. She was a trouble maker and, frankly, very boring lately. Her and Raven have done nothing but sit there and cause trouble and talk about everyone else. It really cracks me up that lately everytime Raven gives her two cents about anyone the judges completely disagree with her. AND her comment last night that she should have won and “everyone” would agree was down right ludicrous. As much as I don’t like Tyra she definitely deserved to win last nights competition. My favorites are still Pandora Boxx and Jessica Wild.

      • Elisa

        That’s not the altercation they’re referring to. Apparently, during Tyra’s “singing” in the work room, Tatianna approached her, words were exchanged and Tyra shoved Tatianna with her body several times (not hands, no hand was laid but there was certainly body contact) until Tatianna fell.

      • John

        Yeah, I agree with Elisa. Tyra chest bumped Tati after she confronted Tyra for “singing” too loud.

    • Belle

      I like Tatianna but have you noticed on Untucked in the Illusion Room drinking their “Absoult beverage” (gotta get the sponsor plug in there)she is the only one who plays with her hair? She is always putting her fingers through it constantly.

  • Cub

    Pandora until the END!! Team Boxx! Team Boxx!

  • Belle

    Team Tatiana all the way. I still can not get over the fact she is a man underneath all that makeup. She is absolutely beautiful. I told my friend I have a faux lesbian crush on her. Of course after i said that, my friend looking extremely confused wanted to know the difference between drag queens, trans, cross dressers & transvestites (he still does not get it). As for Tyra, Juju is very correct during Untucked when she said, Tyra can only do Beyonce. If Tyra is going to win she needs to be more diverse. But I will say this about Miss Tyra, I did love her lipstick and would love to know the color & lip gloss. Can’t believe I’m saying this but Raven is growing on me. Still think she is a beeyatch but kind of like it. Not feeling Jessica Wild. It looks like she has a 5:00 o’clock shadow underneath her makeup (which makes her look gray). I would not be surprised Sahara was in the bottom two next week. She is slipping in my ranks. And YEEHAW..the head of the Mean Girls is gone. Ding Dong the wicked witch Morgan is no longer! Karma is a b*tch huh?

    • Daniel

      Tatiana is gorgeous. She’s the one I can’t take my eyes off – and I rewind and freeze frame just to look at her. Stunning.

      • sylvrbdrfly

        Agreed, she is Beautiful! Was is Dita who said she is the prettiest one (in the Starbootylicious challenge)? So true.

  • Esmeraldiva

    Team Wild! I just can get enough of Jessica WIld

  • Sonya

    Team Tatianna!! I don’t know how Tyra won last night after one of the judges said that if she had her way she would drop Tyra last night! Doesn’t make much since. I think the producers made a decision to keep her.

  • B.Y.

    Team Tyra all day. Tatiana serves fantastic fish but her style is so blah. Looking like a girl at the mall is cute I guess but it doesn’t scream queen. BTW is anyone going to address the way Jujubee continues to spout her opinion of what the next drag superstar should or shouldn’t be like she’s a judge and then does exactly what she says a lady wouldn’t i.e. be rude (like calling someone stupid in front of the judges) or a b**** (like talking about someone like they aren’t there)?

    Jujubee is most def a secretly hateful queen who needs to be called out!

    • Sophie

      I noticed that. And it always seems Sahara is right there with her. I like them both but they are sneaking. At least racoon eyes Morgan and Raven said it aloud to their faces.

    • benjiboy

      Juju has clearly reached her threshold with Tyra, and remember theyve both worked with her before and saw her poor behavior first hand. i didnt agree with them talkin bout her, liek she wasn;t there that was a “mean girl” move, but Tyra should be able to take what she gives.

  • Tina

    Team Tatianna! Although, I think Raven should have won. Tat looks so much like a woman to me. Tyra needs to go. After Bebe from last season, Tyra’s attitude is way to stank to represent Drag Queens. Am I the only who hates Sahara’s look, Mathu said it best she looks so much older in drag and always has this worried/surprised look on her face.

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