The Oscar speech 'The Cove' director Louie Psihoyos would have given last night

Though Fisher Stevens, producer of Best Documentary winner The Cove, kept his remarks well under the suggested 45-second limit, the orchestra played off director Louie Psihoyos just as he was approaching the microphone. “Fisher and I had this timed perfectly, with military precision, to 45 seconds, not a second longer,” says Psihoyos (pictured, left). “We actually got it down to 44 seconds.” Laughing, he added, “I’d spent about a week preparing and fretting over this. I would have enjoyed last week a lot more if I’d known I wasn’t going to get to speak!” (Psihoyos — whose last name rhymes with “sequoias” — wonders if the show’s producers got spooked when activist/main Cove protagonist Ric O’Barry held up the “Text DOLPHIN to 44144″ sign you see here. The Academy did not immediately respond to EW’s calls for comment.)

In any case, Psihoyos sent us what he planned on saying. Here it is, straight from his email.

The Long version of the world’s Shortest Oscar acceptance speech
By Louie Psihoyos, director of The Cove

– We made this film to give the oceans a voice.

– We told the story of The Cove because we witnessed a crime. Not just a
crime against nature, but a crime against humanity.

– We made this movie because through plundering, pollution and acidification
from burning fossil fuels, ALL ocean life is in peril, from the great whales
to plankton which, incidentally, is responsible for half the oxygen in this

– Thank you, Black OPS Team for risking your lives in Japan — and thank
you Academy for shining the brightest lights in the world on THE COVE……

– Japan, please see this movie! Domo Aragato!

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  • kerrie

    What a great speech. It’s too bad we didn’t get to hear it last night.

    • Kittens of Hangzhou

      Xiongsen proudly sold tiger steaks and tiger-bone wine!

  • Carlos

    And please stop killing dolphins. I am emotionally attached to them, therefore it is universally unethical to kill them. I know we liberals spout about respecting other cultures, but that respect ends when another culture offends our liberal sensibilties. Conservatives can’t get away with this because liberals fight for the greater good and conservatives are just greedy capitalist earth-rapers. And just so there’s no misunderstanding, I’m pro-choice, unless that choice is dolphin killing. Humans, yes, dolphins, no. Thank you, Academy and Flipper.

    • LOL

      What a tool.

    • Muerte

      Typical American, running around the world trying to tell everyone else what’s good for them while your country slowly kills itself.

      • Melissa

        Well whenever your the super power you can run around doing whatever you want… And btw this man made not only the US tons of money, but also several other countries and he is only trying to correct what he did. He has every right to voice his opinion just as you have the right to post your incompetence above. Get a clue Muerte, humans are killing off everything. It’s not just Americans. It’s you too.

      • Todd

        Whenever “you’re” the super power, Melissa; perhaps you should stick to “you are” until you’ve finished school. p.s. “you’ve” means “you have”.

      • Alan

        Whenever someone runs out of arguments they start correcting spelling and grammar. Well done Todd.

        I wish we’d all seen this speech.

      • Teresa

        I am glad this movie won! It is not just the Americans involved in this! Do your research!

      • toni

        sorry… he is an ATYPICAL american: typical americans are going around the world making war and targeting democratic governments.

      • jeff

        Your a tool.

    • Bob


      • meetsinglefiremen

        Yeah, love it meetsinglefiremen

    • Bob

      Carlos – just because YOU are emotionally attached to them, how does that translate to it being universally unethical to kill them?

      Maybe I’m emotionally attached to chickens…

      Seriously, tighten up your logic and make a decent argument.

      • Casey

        Uh… everyone, Carlos is just trolling.

    • Reality

      Did you even see the film? If not, then shut up and keep your snarky comments to yourself. This doesn’t have to be a liberal vs. conservative thing.

      • Mark Tuttle

        Thank you reality. This has nothing to do with political affiliation. THIS IS WRONG!!! I am extremely conservative in many ways that doesn’t tie me to everything bad any conservatives do. They don’t mention conservatives or liberals once in the film. GROW UP AND GET A NEW ARGUMENT. You sound like a broken record. LET DOLPHINS, WHALES, and BABIES LIVE. Maybe you should have been aborted if you’re soooo pro choice.



    • Samplelord

      You don’t get out much….do you?

    • katie

      I would consider myself a liberal too but when you act like an idiot, talk about things that you don’t understand, and insult everyone whose views are slightly opposed to yours, you are really only hurting your cause.

    • Jessica

      This is just about the dolphins and the preservation of our oceans. I think you should keep your slanted (untrue) opinions on politics out of this. You apparantly have no idea what you’re talking about.

    • richard collins

      ha ha ha, kudos to you Carlos! nice nice nice, yea i am emotionally attached to dolphins and baby seals, now chickens or afgahns on the other hand.. naaaahhh

  • Mister Roboto

    Domo Aragato!

  • holly

    Carlos get a life

    • Carlos

      I have a life. I write snarky comments. You should get a life. Your comment wasn’t funny at all.

      • whatever

        It wasn’t snarky. It was dumb.

      • Desmo

        And yours was…

      • Carlos

        … hilarity incarnate … except to humorless libs who take themselves and their politics waaaay too seriously. Your liberal Jesus, John Stewart have laughed. He can appreciate a good joke. You should strive to be more like him.

      • Fabian

        Haha, I liked your comment keep up the good work. I thought it was snarky and witty.

      • Funny Comments

        I was wondering why frisbees got bigger as they got closer… Then it hit me.

      • Funny Comments

        Liked this movie…was glad to have supported their cause. I feel bad for this man who carries so much guilt. I think it’s jacked up they can’t find something else to eat. …and even though I’ve enjoyed SeaWorld in the past, I don’t think I will go anymore. Put your money where your beliefs are…right?

      • Jessica

        I think this cause is too great to be fighting over. I don’t know why you all are arguing. There is one thing, I think, everyone wants to change and that is the slaughtering of dolphins and the preservation of our oceans. Everyone in the world needs to come together on that. We can discuss politics later since it has nothing to do with this horrendous situation

  • TJ

    One of the best documentaries I’ve ever seen.

  • Nathan

    I say instead of needlessly killing dolphins, we should start needlessly killing the japs.

    • Izzy

      Wow, this comment is really sad. I’m from Tokyo and I have never ever seen,heard or eaten dolphins or whales. I saw “The Cove” about a month ago and learned the situation in Taiji for the very first time an I feel upset as much as you do and I’m sure the majority of people who live in big cities have no clue what the people in Taiji are doing to the dolphins.
      So please,don’t make the disrespectful comments to make rest of the non related Japanese people feel very uncomfortable. Japan is quite big country and has many different sides, just like US.

      • Traveler

        I agree with Izzy. Let us all keep our comments respectfull.

    • Jessica

      Not all the Japanese people. Just the 20 or so fishermen that kill the dolphins. And some of the others who know what’s going on and don’t do anything to stop it.

  • holly

    I love it, the right wing doesn’t want anyone to tell Japan they shouldn’t slaughter dolphins but they are totally fine with us invading other countries for oil or because we don’t like who is in charge. Typical..

    • Carlos

      Although it’s pretty clear the US didn’t invade Iraq for oil (you realize we get more oil from Canada than any other country, right? And that if we really wanted to overthrow an oil-rich nation with a pissant ruler, Chavez would be in exile), oil is more important to the West than dolphins. Why do you think the French and Germans, who go A LOT of oil from Iraq didn’t want us to invade? The war interrupted one of their oil suppliers. But at least no dolphins were harmed in the invasion of Iraq.

      • yaaaa…

        THIS HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THE WAR IN IRAQ. I clever ploy to distract readers from the real issue, as well as cover up the fact that you are uneducated in the matter… but this is about DOLPHINS. Don’t bring war and politics into it.

      • Oceana

        Wow how did you go from Dolphins to Iraq? Sound like you need a friend to vent to.

    • beth

      I love it, left wing doesn’t want us invading other countries for oil or because we don’t like who is in charge, but is totally fine telling Japn that they shouldn’t slaughter dolphins. Typical..

      Imperialism is imperialism it doesn’t matter what side of the PC coin its on.

      • Jon Stewart is my Jesus

        I’m going to try and do this with respect – remains to be seen how it is received/treated.

        The left-wingers being both opposed to invading Iraq and on board with the movement to stop killing Dolphins adds up for me. In both cases you have people who are voicing opinions about topics that they want to see cease. People are allowed to have opinions and to make them known to their elected officials, and I support that idea even when I’m out-voted.

        What I don’t see are liberals encouraging the U.S. government to send troops into Japan to make this stop. If the U.S wanted to put into place some type of embargo – so be it. But that is a markedly different strategy than entering into a war and committing troops. In short, I think it is entirely within reason that someone both disagrees with invading a country (Iraq) AND supports ideas that would work to stop the killing of a particular type of animal.

      • Tyranical Meteor

        Amen Beth. Some of them are a bunch of hypocrits. You can’t protest our government and tell them to stop warring, occupying, and changing another nations laws, while at the same time running to another nation and tell their government to change their laws because you don’t like what their doing. They can’t have it both ways.

  • Hikari

    I just love how liberals find it okay to bash the livelihood of a small fishing village. How would you like it if someone came in and found your actions at work unethical or disagreed with them, then made stupid, politically charged comments toward your country and splayed them all over the world with a skewed movie that should have been barred from release by the Japanese Government. I love animals, I support animals, but at some point, people must come first. Those Japanese fishermen have a way of life and how dare we intrude upon their business. I believe that the director should be vilified for his so-called “documentary”. It truly disgusts me that that the Japanese people will now face backlash from some the efforts overly left-wing elitist.

    • Crystal

      Your comment truly discusts me. Did you even watch The Cove?? If it weren’t for this documentary little kids in Japan would be force fed dolphin meat and poisoned with mercury. They are not only out to save dolphins but humans. Great documentary that truly deserved the Oscar.

    • ConcernedSoul

      Livelihood? You actually condone the inhumane actions of 26, yes that’s right only 26 fishermen slaughtering more than 20,000 dolphins annually? Wow you’re a pathetic excuse for a human being. And I agree with Crystal, Taiji’City Council and the Japanese Government apparently have no qualms about poisoning their own PEOPLE.

    • Jessica

      How dare we intrude up on their business????? Because it’s our business too. You’re one of those people that just needs to disappear from our earth. No heart = no soul. I know what your life will be like. Empty and horrid. or at least I hope.

  • Tyranical Meteor

    @Jon Stewart is my Jesus. There is nothing wrong with what you said, thay can have an OPINION on Dolphins and advocate. The problem is that they are going into another Nation to force or threaten another gorvernment and its citizens to change their laws, because the advocates do not like dolphins getting killed. Just like how they cry foul that our government went into another nation and rebuilt it and its laws. Its hypocricy. Its okay for them to go to Japan and change their laws but its not okay for our government to change Iraqi Law? IN MY OPINION our government and the dolphin advocates are BOTH WRONG with going into another country to change their laws because they don’t like that nations unethical practices. We here in America would go bonkers if say for example, British Citizens or their Government officials come here and vote for our laws or our politicians. We would go bonkers over it.

    • Reality

      Do you people realize that there is an international organizational called the International Whaling Commission (IWC) in which 91 countries participate in telling each other what to do!!! The oceans know no borders!!!

      The slaughter of dolphins effects everybody in the world. But if you haven’t seen the film (which I can tell at least half of the commentators here haven’t) then you wouldn’t understand. This is NOT a political left vs right issue!!! And it has nothing to with Iraq or oil or whatever else. It’s about the SLAUGHTER of dolphins AND mercury poisoning in the HUMAN food system.


      • Reality

        Sorry didn’t mean to reply here.

  • lorna

    This is not about the left or the right, it is about Dolphins, people!

    • KelpClaw

      perfect lorna, exactly what I was thinking

  • Pro-Love

    Carlos, you are arguing by analogy. Involving politics takes away from the real issue, and in America everyone whether they are liberal, conservative, whatever, has the right to free speech. The Cove brought attention to a practice they felt was wrong. If Japan is made aware of this issue and disagrees, the dolphin slaughter will NOT stop. If the people of Japan stand up to it because they are opposed to it, then it will. Everyone has the right to dedicate themselves to a cause and work for, thats what the cove did and that’s why they won an award. I suggest you dedicate yourself to something other than spreading uneducated messages of hate on the internet!!!

    And please stop killing dolphins. I am emotionally attached to them, therefore it is universally unethical to kill them. I know we liberals spout about respecting other cultures, but that respect ends when another culture offends our liberal sensibilties. Conservatives can’t get away with this because liberals fight for the greater good and conservatives are just greedy capitalist earth-rapers. And just so there’s no misunderstanding, I’m pro-choice, unless that choice is dolphin killing. Humans, yes, dolphins, no. Thank you, Academy and Flipper.

  • Cove Lover

    EXACTLY Lorna!! Why is it everyone seems to want to turn everything into a left/right debate? Politics, imho, is pretty much the root of all that is wrong with this world. I don’t care who you’ve voted for or support; take away all that crap and as decent human beings, we should be concerned about what is happening to those dolphins. It’s not right!! I know I am going to hear the arguement of “well what about the chickens…yadda yadda”, but dolphins are NOT a food source!!
    I don’t agree with the war, and I don’t agree with what Japan is doing to those dolphins. I, for one, am SO glad they won last night. :o)

  • KelpClaw

    I wish I would have been able to hear the speech, and I can only hope that this incident will bring more attention to the ignorance humans have towards the ocean.

    This story is not about different national laws and enforcement or pro life vs killers or political affiliations and nonsense. This is of a much greater concern.

  • jenn

    Thank you Iorna,
    Seriously, you all must be just about the age to vote because you are arguing over wine and water- killing dolphins, the way that was shown in that film, is inhumane- and if for one second any of you think they should have a choice to be able to do that or not- you do not have a heart.
    Get a life & stop trying to make other people feel about what they believe in- your just trying to get attention. This thread should be about his right of the oscar speech not Iraq… stay on topic! Did you even watch The Cove?

  • Cove Lover

    Bravo Jenn!

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