Sandra Bullock accepts her Razzie in person and continues her charm offensive. (It's working!)

If you’ve been following the Oscar race this season, then you know that first-time nominee Sandra Bullock has played the game like a pro, stating over and over that she is “so not going to win an Oscar” and joking that her main rival Meryl Streep is “white trash.” Her ability to exude just the right amount of self-deprecating charm has been fascinating to watch these past few months. And last night, the star of The Blind Side outdid herself when she showed up at the Razzie Awards in L.A. to accept her trophy for Worst Actress for All About Steve. (Click here for EW’s report on all the winners.)

Bullock appeared from backstage accompanied by three people wearing black “Team Bullock” t-shirts and pulling a bright red wagon full of All About Steve DVDs. She’d brought one for everyone in the audience who, she guessed, hadn’t really even watched Steve. “This is the deal we are going to make,” she said. “You promise to watch the movie and really consider whether it was really and truly the worst performance. If you are willing to watch it, I will come back next year and give back the Razzie.” Then she joked that she was ready to go through the shooting script of the movie, which she’d also brought along. “I’m willing to go page-by-page through my dialogue, so we could be here a while. I will read it like the way I read it in the film and then anyone who wants to give me a line reading of how I could have done it better… So we could do this till about four o’clock in the morning. Or you guys could re-watch the movie and re-think your decision and I will show up next year and then we can all go drink afterwards.”

Here’s her acceptance speech:

Bullock then left to return to a charity event run by Jeffrey Katzenberg (“I have to get back to this charity thing because you know Jeffrey Katzenberg can prevent me from working again!”), much to the disappointment of the crowd, who ate up her appearance like a giant plate of delicious truffles. After the event, Razzie founder John Wilson told EW he couldn’t have been happier with the actress’ good humor: “If you are going to win a Razzie, then that’s the way to do it and have fun with it. I wish there were more people with that combination of self-deprecation and guts.”

I can’t disagree with him on that. After all, Bullock could make history as the first actress to win both an Oscar and a Razzie in the same year. Whether or not her Steve performance was truly deserving of Worst Actress is sort of irrelevant. (Let me remind you that two of her fellow nominees were Megan Fox and Miley Cyrus.) Accepting her trophy in person with such good-humored wit is P.R. gold — for both Bullock and the Razzies. Everybody wins. (Well, except maybe Megan Fox…)

What do you think of Sandra Bullock’s tongue-in-cheek Razzie graciousness?

(Reporting by Katherine Tulich)

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  • Christine

    I would love it for Sandra to win. She’s fantastic and such a good sport. It takes an awful lot of guts to accept a Razzie and I respect that. Plus, she was great in The Blind Side so…more power to her, I guess.

  • Jess

    Sandra Bullock’s definitely a charismatic and likable woman. The only problem is that she didn’t make history as the first woman to be nominated for a Razzie and an Oscar in the same year. That distinction goes to Amy Irving, who was nominated for a Razzie and an Oscar for the SAME ROLE in Yentl. Aside from that, great article. Love Bullock’s charm and her slight agitation with people’s dislike of the movie.

    • thorswitch

      I don’t think they’re saying she’s the first to be *nominated* for both a razzie and an oscar in the same year – but rather if the wins the oscar, then she’d be the first to *win* both in the same year.

      • Jess

        I’m pretty sure they just changed it. I could’ve sworn it originally said “Bullock has already made history as being the first actress to be nominated for a Razzie and an Oscar in the same year.”

    • peach79

      He said the first time an actor WINS both a razzie and Oscar in the smae year.

  • Tarjay

    Sandra Bullock drives me nuts. Enough with the self-deprecation already. In every movie she’s in, she’s pretty much the same Sandra Bullock. Whereas Meryl Streep truly transforms into the character. I hope Meryl wins it tonight.

    • dayjarden

      I understand what you’re saying, Tarjay. However, that’s the point this time. Sandra was NOT Sandra in the Blind Side. She WAS the character.

      • Tommy

        The problem I have with The Blind Side is that just like Julia Roberts in Erin Brockovich, the character is something that a lot of other actresses could’ve done decently (Julia Roberts was actually the first choice), while Streep’s Child is a miracle pf transformation and commitment, and a role that you can’t imagine anyone BUT Streep playing. Both Bullock and Child played real characters, but Bullock’s performance was not as emotionally complex or as technically precise as Streep’s Julia Child. I just hope that the whole “It’s about time we gave an Oscar” and the “Lifetime Achievement” sentiment works in Streep’s favor this time…

      • dee dee

        Like Erin Brokovich, Blind Side was a movie of the week. Indeed, any number of competent actors could have done what Sandra did

      • trent

        These comparisons are SO unfair to Julia Roberts.

      • Karl

        A little Julia Roberts goes a verrrrry looooong way.

      • Lois

        “I just hope that the whole “It’s about time we gave an Oscar” and the “Lifetime Achievement” sentiment works in Streep’s favor this time…”

        Meryl Streep already has 2 Oscars. The notion of “it’s about time” & “lifetime achievement” is for people who have never won before. I would bet that there are people who vote against her because she already has two.

      • Emmett

        The Lifetime Achievement Award is NOT just for those who have never won. See: Elia Kazan (two previous wins) Sophia Loren (previous win for best actress). I’m sure there are others but those are the two that popped in my head.

      • Lois

        we were not talking about “The Lifetime Achievement Award.” We were talking about someone who has worked a long time without winning, and are considered “overdue” for an Oscar. So they give them the Oscar, for what may not be their best work, as a way to salute the body of work or “lifetime achievement.” Examples are Paul Newman for the “Color of Money,” Henry Fonda for “On Golden Pond,” Al Pacino for “Scent of a Woman,” Martin Scorsese for “The Departed.”

        Some of that sense that a person is overdue probably played into Jeff Bridges winning.

        I predict that Peter O’Toole, an eight-time nominee who has never won, will win in the next few years. The role may not be his best, but he is overdue. It will in effect be for his “lifetime achievement” in film.

    • Brian

      Strange Meryl Streep thinks Sandra should win been saying that for months.

      • Sam

        I’m going with Helen Mirren over both Streep and Bullock. She was incredible in The Last Station.

      • Kaye

        Really? I follow Streep pretty faithfully and I have not heard that. Very unlikely that Meryl Streep would favor one co-nominee over the others.

  • Sean

    Sandra Bullock is one of the classiest and most intelligent women on the planet. Her baddest acting ever would still be very sincere and better than most. I have not seen Steve, but I have seen her act and in interviews and have a lot of respect for her. The fact that she is the most beautiful woman the world has ever seen is secondary. Great personality to. I would love to meet her for just 5 minutes. I think I would be overwhelmed by her wonderful personality if it was longer.

  • AcaseofGeo

    I wouldn’t be disappointed if Sandra Bullock won the Oscar. I’d prefer Meryl Streep to FINALLY win another one; a sentiment I shared last year for her portrayal in “Doubt” even though, then, I also thought that Kate Winslet was very deserving. I guess I’m saying is, if the Academy isn’t going to eventually give a 3rd Oscar to Streep, then why bother nominating her? Give the nom to another deserving actress that might actaully have a chance. I think its becoming a sort of “insult” to Streep. Does anyone agree? Where is my thinking “wrong”?

    • Janell

      Meryl gave the best performance and should win the Oscar. She embodied Julie Childs and I did forget that it was Meryl Streep acting.

      Sandra’s performance was fine, but not better than Meryl’s.

      Monique should absolutely win in her category.


      • Rebekah

        Thank-you, Sun. Meryl is probably plenty happy with her two Oscar wins and numerous (16?) nominations. The academy needs to recognize other actresses. I like Meryl, but I feel like she automatically gets nominated for every role. She was good in Julie & Julia, but the film, its script, and the characters are not Oscar-worthy material.

        Also, more power to Sandra. Love her great sense of humour. I don’t think she is going to win tonight, but man do I wish she would!

      • Bernice

        I so see what you are saying Rebekah but that’s why Meryl was nominated and not anything else from Julie & Julia. I will be happy if anyone of the ladies in the category win. I think they were all great.

  • Janell

    What a great way to accept a Razzie! Appearing onstage with the DVD’s and the Team Bullock crew was creative. Sandra is as genuine as it gets in recognizing it was not her best acting moment. Other actors should take note!

  • Laura

    Bullock would not be the first actress to win an Oscar and a Razzie in the same year. That honour went to Halle Berry for Monsters Ball and Catwoman. Halle also accepted her Razzie in person.

    • Heather

      No. She won the Oscar for Monster’s Ball in 2001 and the Razzie Catwoman in 2004. Her acceptance speech for her Razzie is hilarious.

    • bedc01

      Er, monster’s ball came out in 01 and catwoman in 04… not the same year luv…

    • nicko

      WROOOOOOONNGGG!!!!! Monster’s Ball came out in 2001 and Catwoman a few years after.

    • LaLa

      Thanks Laura, I am glad someone said something!

  • ceallaig

    Jess — I think you misread the article — she could make history as the first woman to WIN both the Oscar and the Razzie in the same year. And I’m rather sorry to hear Amy got the nod for the Razzie for Yentl, I thought she was excellent. Ms Bullock has worked hard on winning the voters, and I do hope she takes it tonight — Ms. Streep has plenty of pretty hardware already, much as I loved her Julia Child.

  • sam

    I love Sandra and I believe that she has grown as an actress over the years. She also does many other things and she is a charming, intelligent woman who does not take herself to seriously. I love Meryl Streep (who also has those qualities), but just because she is nominated does not mean she should win. I believe that Meryl is the best actress of her generation and I think that the nominations show that, but sometimes an exceptional performance by another actress needs to win. I think that is the case this year and I hope that Sandra wins.

    • Allan

      Neither one of them hold a candle to Helen Mirren generally and as Countess Tolstoy specifically.

    • Niix Starkyller

      Allan — I wholeheartedly disagree with you. I absolutely love Helen Mirren (Prime Suspect!) but I think Streep is in the same class, along with Judi Dench and a handful of other actresses.

  • VJ

    I just love Sandra Bullock for so many reasons. She doesn’t take herself too seriously, she is a very funny woman and is a talented actress. She does not play the same character in every movie. She has done some dark characters in the past such as an alcholic. Good luck to her in the Oscars.

  • sam

    Sorry, meant “too”–typing too fast.

  • Martini

    I was somewhat neutral about Bullock till now. I dig this fine lady. Whether this idea came from her or her PR People is irrelevant. SHe walked out with the wagon. That is the kind of lady i want to watch on screen, That is the kind of lady i want to wave to on the street. Best of luck Sandra B.

  • Juli

    Sandra wasn’t the only winner to accept last night. A writer on Battlefield Earth explained how the producers destroyed his script. That was hysterical too.

    I’m sad these Razzie comments center on Bullock and not the Razzies. The organization is bright and sardonic and the annual show is so funny, featuring what good writers say about really bad films.

    My favorite quoted review from last night was one critic said a comedy had less comic moments than Schindler’s List.

    I assure you none of those excellent journalists who wrote the quotes featured last night would have written something as bad as “up her appearance like a giant plate of delicious truffles.”

    That poorly written line is even more inappropriate because it is clear Katherine Tulich has absolutely no understanding of the Razzies.

    Katherine, Razzie stands for RASPBERRY. Each event is filled with RASPBERRY flavored foods. Last night it was Raspberry Hershey’s kisses–bowls of them at the check in tables. Organization parties have raspberry flavored Milanos, hard candies, etc.

    If you don’t understand what the group in jokes or teases or what the name stands for, don’t take the writing assignment next time.

    And yes it was fun to see Sandra as it was fun to see Halle a few years ago. And all the writers who attended who had had their good works destroyed. The best part of being a Razzie member is to vote for the worst and watch the wonderful annual live show.

    We would have loved to have seen The Jonas Bros. who were really awful in their movies and I think received the greatest groans at their clip and greatest applause for their win.

    And to contradict Ms. Bullock last night, we do watch the awful films. I have Gigli and From Justin to Kelly sitting on my bookshelf still. And thanks to Sandra Bullock last night, now I have a copy of All About Steve.

    • JMB

      “If you don’t understand what the group in jokes or teases or what the name stands for, don’t take the writing assignment next time.”

      Get the raspberry out of your ***.

    • Shannon

      Aren’t there raspberry truffles? Overall, this was a nice insight, but I’m just sayin’.

    • Lois

      I don’t see anything that would suggest the author doesn’t know what Razzie stands for. It seems that she used “giant plate of delicious truffles” as an analogy, and not as a description of the menu at the Razzies.

      “one critic said a comedy had less comic moments than Schindler’s List”

      A joke that has been around for 16 years. I think the first time I heard it was from Dennis Miller in the mid 90s.

  • redmerlot

    “Sandra Bullock has played the game like a pro”…
    Ha ha ha… these Hollywood nitwits still don’t get it. They are so used to all the plastic phoney put-on of the entertainment business that they don’t understand that some people don’t “play” a game. She is just who she is. It’s not a put-on.
    That’s why people like her.

    • Tommy

      Playing the Hollywood game is nothing shameful. Sandra is likeable and genuine, but do you honestly think she doesn’t know what she’s doing when she goes all “Ooooh, I’m not gonna win” and humble? She’s been playing the Oscar campaign for several months and she knows why and she has her eye on the prize. That doesn’t mean she is any likeable or charming. But let’s not delude ourselves into thinking that she is not doing all this for the purpose of upping her chances to win…

  • jennybean

    I think she’s great. She is also quite generous and is always near the top of the list of charity donations for celebs. She was really good in The Blind Side, I thought. I kind of hope she gets it for going “above and beyond” even if Meryl was (once again) excellent…

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