'Survivor: Heroes vs Villains': Latest evictee responds to Tribal Council blindside

Before Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains kicked off, there were two contestants everyone was worried about. One was Parvati. The other was just voted off. In a bold move, J.T. flipped sides at Tribal Council and voted out the master manipulator, Cirie Fields. How does the self-proclaimed “gangsta in an Oprah suit” feel about her unlikely ouster? Did Jeff Probst go too far at Tribal in influencing the vote? What did she think of James’ attack on Stephenie? And would she consider coming back a  — gulp! — fourth time to play? Cirie reveals all in the interview below!

I want to start where it all ended for you: Tribal Council. Were you cringing the entire time Probst went on an on about the idiocy of voting off strong players?
Oh my God! Was I?!? I try not to react when Jeff makes his comments because everyone’s watching, everyone’s listening, and I don’t want to influence any vote one way or the other. And I’m trying to not let what he says influence the votes one way or the other — but absolutely! We sit on these little tree stumps. After Tribal was over when I got up I don’t know if you saw that toothpick fall from right under, but I literally was clenching my behind the whole time, like, “Please, Jeff, just move on to something else!” He was going exactly against why I was telling them we should vote out Tom, so yeah, that was a real clencher for me.

Did Probst go too far, in your opinion?
Um, you know, no. I can’t say Jeff ever goes too far. This is what he does. This is why I love watching Survivor. Whether or not it ended up influencing people one way or another, we’ll never know. But I don’t think he went too far. You have to counteract what he’s saying, and if you can, you can, and if you can’t, you can’t.

Did you know it was J.T. that voted you off?
No, I wasn’t sure who it was. I felt like Rupert, Amanda, and James were pretty much going to stick to the plan, but you never know. I couldn’t tell. I knew Tom was talking to J.T. a lot and I never trusted J.T. I always said to Amanda, “Are you sure about J.T.?” because I could see J.T. playing. So it was hard for me to figure out which one flipped, but I wasn’t really that surprised.

Who was your closest ally out there?
See, that’s the problem, Dalton. I really didn’t have one. I was trying to make it Candice, but it was a work in progress. Candice is like a nervous Nellie, so I constantly had to reassure her. I never really had a close ally out there and that’s a problem. You can’t play the game of Survivor alone, and if everyone is threatened by you — even the people in your own alliance — it puts you in a bad spot.

You take a pretty clinical, strategic viewpoint of everything. So how did you feel about how personal James was getting with Stephenie at that Tribal?
Oh, boy. I like both of them and I even said to James after that Tribal was over, “Was it necessary?” I know this game gets your blood boiling and I know everyone is there to try to win, but I think James’ lack of ability to articulate how he feels made him come across more brutal than was necessary. James will be the first to admit he doesn’t do the social thing, and not having experience in the social aspect and being able to speak to people and get your point across without coming off like a brute, I think kind of hurt him.

When I talked to all the players before the game about whom they were worried the most about, your name was at the top of the list. Was the deck stacked against you in that sense?
I think, unbeknownst to me, I never had a chance. I didn’t realize how threatening other players saw me. I don’t think I’m an angel, and I don’t think other players shouldn’t worry about me, but the degree of threat I did not realize was that great. Had I realized that, maybe things would have been different, I don’t know. But I feel there were so many other threatening players. There are so many triple threats. I have one aspect of the game I do well and that’s the social aspect. You take a player like Tom, he’s socially good, he’s physically good, he’s mentally good: He’s a triple threat! And did I leave out that he won! How can I be more threatening than a person like Tom or J.T.? That’s one thing I’m missing — how am I more threatening than them? How can I be a threat to you if you have everything I have and more?

You’ve had some time now to sit back and replay everything. If you could jump in Mark Burnett’s magic Survivor time machine and go back and change one thing about how you played, what would it be?
I think I would have tried to spend more time with J.T. and make him feel comfortable and convince him that he wouldn’t’ have been my target later on.

Which is more frustrating, making it as close to the million dollars as you did in Micronesia, or getting voted out as early as you did here?
Oh, hands down, no question — making it that close in Micronesia. This was actually easier. I’m not saying I wanted to be voted out, but it was so much easier than having it within your grasp, and having it taken away and not having a shot at all.

You know, Cirie, some of those players in Micronesia don’t get injured or quit, and that final two becomes a final three and you’re a million dollar winner.
Gee, thanks a lot, Dalton. [laughs]

You’ve played three times now? Will you go for four?
The problem, as I’ve been made aware, is that my name is out there. People are threatened by me. I love this game and really want to have an opportunity to win this game, but it really seems like the deck is stacked against me with people’s perception of me. So I don’t know if I were offered the opportunity again that I would have a legitimate shot at winning. And as much as I love the experience, I love my family. And if I’m not going to be playing the game, I would rather be at home with my family.

Last question: Have you made it all the way down the slip-and-slide mat yet?
That’s not funny, Dalton.

To see a pep talk Cirie recorded for herself before the game began in case she got voted out, along with an exclusive deleted scene from last night’s episode, check out the video below. And for all the Survivor scoop sent right to you, follow me on Twitter @EWDaltonRoss.

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  • Jaime :)

    Will miss you Cirie! You had my vote!

    • Rosalie

      Okay, I had not seen Survivor since 2002. I thought this people were smart! HOw can Cirie claim to be a mastermind? The dummy said to split votes between Tom and Colby knowing that Tom had the hidden immunity idol and that there was a chance that he would use it? She deserved to get voted off based on sheer stupidity! Also, I don’t think it’s fair that the immunity idol does not come in effect until after the votes have been casted. They should play it before the votes are casted.

      • andrew

        wow u need to understand how stupid that sounded! if the idol was played b4 the vote were cast it would be incredible lame!

      • Johnny Ice

        Rosalie said: They should play it before the votes are casted.

        This had been done before(season11) and in my opinion didn’t work.

  • Mia

    WONDERFUL INTERVIEW!! From one of the greatest players ever!! I am still upset that Cirie is now gone!.

  • jack hart

    gone 2 soon … cirie, your wit will be missed.

  • Bob

    I understand Cirie’s thinking…..but…..what she is failing to realize and why she is a bigger threat than one of the “alpha males” is that she is so good a manipulation and controling others, she can control SEVERAL alpha males which gives her great power and makes her a great threat.

    • iheartpoco

      Also – that she won’t be a contender for individual immunity after the merge (due to her lack of game in challenges) and thus would be able to fly under the radar once the tribes are together.

    • kross

      actually, she doesn’t control the alpha males…she controls the followers. THere is a big difference!

    • Kevin

      Tom said it best when he put her name on that piece of paper.”You’re way too good at wrapping these really weak minds around your little finger”

  • Kevin

    I think Cirie is really cool, but I was excited that she got voted out, just because I wanted to see the game shook up a bit and not seem like a repeat of Micronesia.

    • caroline

      I totally agree with you – I can’t wait to see Amanda falter and Parvati’s look of shock when she realizes Cirie is gone.

      • iheartpoco


    • Ken

      Bingo, that’s why she got taken down. Her first appearance, she was basically carried by Terry and Aras as a non-threat. But she was the manipulative powerhouse in Micronesia pre-merge (Parvati took over after the shuffle and post-merge). That alone should’ve earned Cirie, and Parvati, a fast boot here. I’d wonder if Parvati’s game is going to change up, especially if she gets a vibe that people are onto her manipulation game too.

  • gioana

    ahahahahah…you are both funny!sorry for leaving so soon cirie.i would have loved to see u at least in the jury, but on the other hand you are a 3 timer in this show!why didn’t you change something in your play?:(

  • Tom in STL

    I’m so upset right now! Cirie is my all-time favorite Survivor player and I really wanted her to win this time. I hope the Villains destroy this team. By the way, Cirie described herself as a “gangsta in an Oprah suit”, not the other way around.

    • Jen

      isn’t that what dalton said?

  • yvonne

    Cirie’s mistake was she should have gone with the rest and let Candace go.

    • Sean W

      Except that of all the Heroes, Candace was probably the closest thing Cirie had to an alliance with anyone. So I don’t blame her for fighting to keep Candace in the game.

    • Desmo

      If Cirie hadn’t said anything nobody would have voted for her. But because she spoke up she became a target.

  • Eshia

    When I saw Cirie’s name on that last vote, my jaw dropped. I felt so hurt. She is truly my favorite Survivor of all time. She’s a smart player, and that was her downfall. I will definitely miss her confessionals, they were always funny and insightful. Good luck, Cirie!

  • Jenny

    I think that she actually said that she was “a gansta in an oprah suit” not the other way around.

  • wino

    i like cirie as a person and as contestant, but it was the right vote for the tribe. they need to win challenges…btw, candice now is the swing vote and she will find herself in a cushy position.

  • Jack M

    We love you Cirie! The rest of Heroes vs. Villians won’t be as good without you.

  • Jay

    Everyone should have been afraid of Cirie. She is fiercely fiercely smart.

  • tom

    The only reason Cirie looks smart is that she is surrounded by dumb people.

    • a.e.

      Well, probably that and she is a surgical nurse so she’s probably not too shabby in the mental department.

  • jimhi

    We love you Cirie!!

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