Jeff Probst blogs 'Survivor: Heroes vs Villains': episode 4

jeff-probst-survivorImage Credit: Monty Brinton/CBSWell, we’re four episodes in to Heroes v Villains and I am hearing from a lot of you on the streets that you are really digging this season. I’m happy to hear that and you’re going to love next week just as much. There’s good stuff coming down the pipe!

Lets get to the most recent episode…


COACH: (battling tears) “Why doesn’t anybody ever say anything nice about me?”

There it is. The Answer. The great mystery has been solved. Nine simple words and you have the secret to understanding Coach.

He just wants to be liked.

Is that so much to ask?

SCREEEECH! Oh, for crying out loud, I can already hear the Coach haters telling me to get over my “Coach Crush.” Let me just deal with you guys right quick by delving into my 7th grade bag of insults. How ’bout this one… “Bite me.” Has a nice ring to it. I may use it again later.

Let me also tell you up front that I’m slightly annoyed as I write this. It’s late, it’s been a long day and as I was driving home at 10 p.m., it started raining. Not a big deal except that I had hosted a big charity event at my little tree house of a home on Sunday and so I pulled out the cushions to my patio furniture and I forgot to bring them back inside, knowing it was scheduled to rain. So I came home to the dreaded… wet cushions. Ah, we’ve all been there, right? The dreaded wet cushions. Right up there with that load of laundry you left in the washing machine and now it smells of mildew. Crisis. I wasn’t in the mood. Now the cushions are in my living room creating a small pool of water as I write this. Just not in the mood. Annoyed. It happens. Hard to believe, I know, but I’m not always Mr. Positive. Shocking.

So… if you pick up on any pettiness, it probably stems from wet cushions. Guess I’ll have to get out my Pottery Barn catalog and order new ones. I’m kidding. I’m not gonna call Pottery Barn, I’ll have my assistant call Pottery Barn. I don’t deal with that kind of domestic crap. Relax. I’m kidding again. I don’t have an assistant. I have an intern, they’re free.


Okay, back to Coach. We all want to be liked. I want to be liked, politicians want to be liked, musicians want to be liked, tree trimmers want to be liked, grocery store clerks want to be liked, even Hollywood talent agents want to be liked. Check that, they REALLY want to be liked. I’m guessing most of you reading this blog also want to be liked. It’s a universal desire to be liked. Well, Coach is no different. Coach believes he is living a very noble life and playing a very honorable game of Survivor and he wants to be acknowledged for doing so… he wants to be liked…but it just isn’t going to happen. It’s Survivor. Nobody gets any respect.

Case in point – Tyson.

Tyson’s actions regarding Coach are a perfect example of why Survivor is so damn tough to play. On one hand Tyson was a source of comfort to Coach. He listened as Coach shared his feelings and he even offered counsel to Coach with some candid advice that Coach would be wise to take to heart.

But then Tyson turned around and shared every single thing Coach said with the rest of the tribe, including the fact that Coach had shed tears and considered quitting. Man, that ain’t right. That’s some bullsh*t up in here.

But that’s how the game of Survivor is played. Information is king. If you give information to someone else, you give them power. Coach gave Tyson power when he shared his feelings with him. It’s harsh but it’s true.


I loved the exchange between Coach and Boston Rob because it brought out Rob’s very limited patience for topics such as feelings and whining. More than any other guy I know Rob is the quintessential “guy’s guy.” He’s just not one to have long talks about feelings. You’re either with him or you’re against him. It’s so clear that Coach desperately wants to be with him and that is probably at the heart of why he’s feeling left out. He just wants Rob to like him! But with Rob, it’s not so much if he likes you as much as it is if he doesn’t despise you. Coach, he doesn’t despise you, so take his advice – stand up straight and get back in the game. It’s too soon for you to go home.


Oh, while we’re here…how about another response for those of you who are still screaming at me to get off the Coach topic? Let’s see…hmmm…how about this 8th grade classic… “Up yours.” Ya like that one? I do too. It’s straight to the point.

I’m kidding. It’s just a joke. Where’s your sense of humor. Fun. You remember fun, right? That thing you used to have before you became a pain in the a–? Yeah, that thing. Listen, if I can laugh at myself with wet cushions, you should be able to take a little Coach humor.


I was a bit surprised at the different way the two tribes approached the idol clue. I never would have guessed that it would be the Villains who chose to not look for the idol, while the Heroes were tripping over each other in a mad dash to uncover it. Further proof that at this point, the Villains are more in control of their game. They just have it more together than the Heroes.

Yes, of course it makes sense to want the idol in your possession, but the fact the villains were fine keeping the idol out of their game tells me they are more concerned with keeping their tribe strong than they are dividing it by looking for the idol.

Russell of course has a different idea and thank heavens, because let’s be clear – we put the idol in the show because we want it to be found…and we would like it to be played.

Preferably many times.

So the Villains’ decision to sit on the clue and do nothing about it is not the most exciting news to hear back at base camp. That’s just one of the reasons Russell was invited back – he plays the game. He’s not an observer, he’s a participant. And he still should have won last season.


Yes, that was the same Immunity Challenge from last season’s Survivor: Samoa in which the dreadlocked Russell went down…and almost did not get up.

As emotional as it was to run the challenge again, we never debated. We felt that it belonged in this season because of the distinction of being the only challenge in the history of Survivor to not be completed and it offered a chance to create new history when it finally was completed.

Once again Boston Rob showed his ability to lead as he single-handedly won that challenge for the Villains. Rob is a guy who wants the ball in his hands when there are only seconds left on the clock. He’s not afraid to step up and take the big shot. That’s the same way he plays Survivor – to win. I respect anybody who plays this game full tilt boogie every day.

Here’s something that will aggravate Russell and probably every other Survivor. Every other Survivor except Ashley from last season – Ashley gets it and she’ll understand that what I’m about to say is not a slight to anyone else, it’s just a really wise bet.

Here’s the bet: If I had to put money on only one Survivor it would be Boston Rob. Overall, he has the qualities that I would most want to have if I played the game and I think that if I bet on him every day that over the course of the run I’d come out ahead.


While I’m sorry to see Cirie gone from the game, I’m happy that she got voted out because this philosophy of getting rid of the strong players simply because they’re not in your alliance was about to make me throw my laptop through my television screen. Imagine that, a living room filled with wet cushions and a busted TV. That would really suck.

Cirie was the right vote. Voting out Colby or Tom over Cirie would have been yet another idiotic vote by the Hero tribe – one that I fully expected them to make. I was shocked to see JT switch his vote, but I do think he made the best overall move.

That doesn’t mean JT won’t be the next one voted out, but if you want to win…you have to have a strong tribe and at times you have to make big moves. JT did both tonight – he kept his tribe strong by making a big move. Cirie is only strong in one area – strategy. She’s a master strategist, in fact, but she was not going to help them at camp or in challenges.


So maybe the Heroes can turn things around now. They’re clearly the stronger tribe physically if they can just get their attitudes to catch up to their muscles.

Next week’s episode offers another interesting tribal council and…another Survivor goes down!

See ya then. By the way, the cushions are now dry.

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  • SurvivorIsTheBestShowEVER

    Hi Jeff,

    Please consider putting out a BOX SET of all the season of Survivor so far! The show is SO great! I want to watch it again!

    Also, a high-def blu-ray version would be awesome!

    • Daniel

      Yes please. Best first comment ever.

      • Ashtrash

        Dear Jeff, I love you almost as much as I love Boston Rob!! Epic blog, my friend. (Love me some Probst sassiness.) If you need another intern for the next season, I’m available!

      • Paul

        Jeff stop trying to influence the Survivor’s votes.


      • Bill

        1. “That’s some bullsh*t up in here”
        is not a phrase you should employ
        2. Cirie may have it right having so many physical specimens on each team could realistically be her biggest problem in the game i.e. not all people are best served by the same strategy.

      • lana

        JEFF! Dude, you rock. This blog post was hilarious, the grouchiness and the sofa cushions and the intern. And frankly, Paul, I think it’s JEFF’s JOB to keep the game interesting by influencing the tribal councils. Otherwise no one would be asking for a high-def blue ray box set of the show.

      • redriding

        I love you Rob! Russel is so jealous of him. Have you heard him in his interviews so far – he hates rob! and I hate russell. idiot – worst thing to be when u claim to be the ‘greatest’ survivor is to be jealous. I dont like russel anymore.

      • Dr Zechariah Zenith

        I agree.

        Ultimate Survivor DVD Collection (or Blu Ray)

        From Season 1 to 20.

        Plus tons of interviews, Jeff Probst blogs, Ponderosa to go along with it.

        Jeff Probst blogs are amazing. Too bad it was introduced late but better late than never.

        Ponderosa is really a must have. Seeing jury members go and do what they do is fun. Plus those who made tantrums outside the game make them really silly.

    • Mousemom


      • Dr Zechariah Zenith

        Now on to this season.

        Wow! Hidden Immunity Idol played out so early.

        Seeing Tom against the wall was amazing. Cirie the Master Strategist vs Tom the Charimastic Fireman.

        The H.I.I. helped but I am glad that Colby and Tom are still there.

        Candice looked lost. She seemed doom.

        Season 20 is so great that perhaps we should have a two hour episode each time. One hour for the heroes and another for the villains.

        I mean both of them are fun to watch.

        Russell seed is being washed away by the wind. This batch doesn’t seem to be affected by him.

        Boston Rob is powering the villains literally. Robfather at work and he can smell a sewer rat.

        Powermeter so far:
        1. Boston Rob – Villains
        2. JT – Heroes

    • David

      Another fan here will to beg for some more dvd releases. This season deserves it at least!

    • Chris

      yes. please. every season of Survivor box set on blu-ray. I’d pay lots.

      • meetsinglefiremen

        does jeff have a large unit

    • Chris

      yes. blue-ray. every season of survivor. box set. id pay lots. do it.

      • Not gooey

        I don’t know why everyone is getting so gooey over Jeff here…let me remond you – while this season is great – its going to come to a schreeching halt – when the NCAA Tournament starts up and takes out Thursday Mar 18 & Mar 25 – so go Bucky – but talk about losing momentum – it kills me every year – same goes with the Thanksgiving episode during the fall season

    • dd

      OK Jeff, good episode, so far the best.
      but please NO MORE ALL STAR SEASONS.

      RUSSHOLE = 0 Votes. eternal loser ha!

    • Trevor

      Yes- all seasons NEED TO BE ON DVD or Blu-ray ASAP….none of this iTunes only crap!

    • Ken

      Well, every season from 9 on is on iTunes. Seasons 1, 2, 7, 8, 9, and 10 are on DVD. The best part about DVDs are the commentary tracks though…I’d love to hear more Jeff Probst commentaries, he’s only done two episodes in season 1 and two in season 2.

      • Bob

        I own all of the available seasons on DVD, and have the rest recorded on DVDRs/VHS, but still would prefer to purchase them. Repeated viewings are more worthwhile than one would think. Get on it CBS!

    • Willy

      god yes, I need more dvd’s of this. Yul’s season must live again.

      • Ian

        I second that motion. The Cook Islands was the last best “strategic” season. I wouldn’t mind seeing that again. And it would be awesome if Jeff can do a commentary with Yul.

      • D

        The Cook Islands were my all-time favorite in terms of scenery. The players were good too.

      • Bob

        The problem with Yul’s season was the idol had too much power because you could play it after the vote. It made you 100% safe, unlike the current rule (James in China is a great example). Yul cake walked through that season because of it. Deserving win, still.

      • Golden

        I agree! More seasons on DVD please (and Jeff, I know it’s not ALL up to you, but surely you can push it al least). In NZ, where I am, you can’t get them on iTunes either.

    • nisl

      Agreed. I have all the seasons currently available, but that isn’t saying much.

      Jeff – from time to time there are trivia challenges on the game that refer back to previous seasons. Do you provide contestants copies of the previous seasons to watch before they begin the game? Because I’m a huge fan, and I have never missed a show, but many of these questions are just impossible. How can anyone know who was first voted out of a Survivor season that took place 8 years ago wihtout having buffed up on Survivor history?

      Release the DVDs! Or better yet, blue rays!

      • Jim

        um… have u ever heard of torrent or rapidshare?

        just sayin…

    • Colin

      i agree more DVD’s and/or Blu-ray’s!

      and great episode

      • Henry

        20+ seasons equals 70-80 discs. Add up the manufacturing cost, special features development, Blue-Ray conversion and ant legal/contractual costs, and it would cost at least $400 retail. Most of the fans who’d love a Definitive Collection couldn’t afford it, so they wouldn’t make back their money. Sad but true.

      • Jon

        A single layer Bluray can hold 25 gig and 50 for dual layer. They could fit all seasons on just a few discs and I’d pay 199.00 for a complete 20 season box set.

      • LRH

        Maybe they wouldn’t have to do the blu-ray conversion, but the rights shouldn’t cost too much especially since most likely everyone signs away dvd rights in order to be on the show (my guess is that it is in the contract since they used to release them on dvd). Besides, I’ve seen other full-season shows (Survivor has less episodes) have big 10 year box sets, so it can be done and those didn’t cost $400 retail. Yes, it would be pricey, but it would be worth it.

    • MH

      Yeah, I would love the complete collection for my birthday. There must be a way to make it happen.

      Awesome commentary tracks would be a great bonus, but I really want the seasons so I can watch them any time!

    • MH

      P.S. I know quite a few people who would pay lots for this. Please do it! There are so many great seasons I want to re-watch!

    • AlysabethInAustin

      I’m with them!!

    • Ricky G

      YES YES YES YES YES !!! 20 Seasons of Survivor released as a 10th anniversary special!!! DO IT!!!!

      So add me to the list as well..

      Also, if Ponderosa clips were added as a feature it would be awesome…

      • curt

        Bonus Features would include extra footage, deleting scenes, extra shows such as the “Surviving Survivor” episode. GREAT IDEA. I’d buy in a heart beat. 10th anniversary special (20 seasons) of Survivor, the show/decade that changed television forever. What are we waiting for??

      • MH

        YES! 20 Seasons of Survivor for the 10th anniversary of Survivor would be the best box set EVER! :)

      • Bob

        Love the idea of adding Ponderosa clips!

        GET ON IT CBS!

    • marcy

      Please yes, especially DVD…not everyone is lucky enough to own a blue ray system lol.

    • SurvivorFreak

      I will only buy the DVD’s if you include the extras, like all the confessionals in the voting booth, INCLUDING all the FINAL VOTES at the last jury. WHy do you never post those online JEFF?

    • Paulio

      Best first comment ever — BOX SET please. Why CBS and Mark Burnett haven’t yet released a box set of Survivor on Blu-ray and DVD is an abiding mystery.

      • Ashtrash

        47th the motion!!!

    • Tre

      AGREED! Must have more DVD’s. I own all the current seasons. MAKE IT HAPPEN YOU COACH LOVIN FOOL!

      BTW, it must have taken you a long time to write that blog if your cusions dried over the course of writing it.

    • Paul

      Does anybody else feel that Jeff Probst is interjecting himself too much into the game – trying to influence things. I thought he was supposed to just be a referee? And let the marbles fall by themselves…. I feel that he is kinda tainting the game.

      Anyways, those are my comments. I’m sorry to all the Jeff Probst apologist fans – please send your hate mail to KISSMY@SS.COM

      • Lizzie

        Not at all, Tribal Council is an integral part of the game. He fleshes out what is happneing at camp and in the players minds. He has always played that role. It is part of what makes him almost irreplacable. Tribal is like Family Therapy. No topic is off limits! lol

        I will miss Cirie, but I would have made the same decision. when JT was standing on the hill and listening in to Cirie pulling all of her sheep in line, that is probably when he wised up and realized how low on the totem pole he was. She has full control and can talk them into any action she wanted. She was the right one to get out of JT’s game.

      • Golden

        I think it goes eiher way with Jeff. I like that he tries to get information out in the open. Sometimes it feels like he has it right, other times it feels like he has it wrong (e.g. when he says Russell should have won).

      • pat

        my thoughts exactly.. the best referees are the ones you forget are there. And him randomly insulting the contestants is uncalled for too.

    • Rob

      Jeff, make it happen.

      Oh, and glad to see Hitle– oh, i mean, Cirie go home.

    • gorob!

      russel is a jealous punk! leave rob god alone in ur interviews man!

    • Anth

      I love seeing all the fans wanting every season on DVD–I’m totally with you guys 100%. It’s a shame that so few people realize how much this show is worth revisiting. Even seasons like Thailand, which was initially underwhelming to say the least, have aged pretty well. And Africa and Marquesas never got the respect they deserve but another viewing would really make their greatness clear to fans. Please make it happen!

      As far as idols–I realize they’re a big part of the game now and that they’re here to stay; I just wish they were a one-and-done deal. You find it, you play it or don’t play it, that’s that. They made last night into a terrific, terrific episode but it sucks when a prop gets more airtime than a third of the cast during the season (probably more in Samoa).

    • Dave Tett

      PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE bring all the seasons out on box set!! id love to watch marquesas and amazon again!! PLEEEEEAAASEEE!!!! :D

      • Bob

        Amazon and Marquesas, in that order, are at the top of my Survivor DVD wishlist.

        I’m really hoping Jeff will address this issue in his next blog (fingers crossed!).

    • Tracy

      Jeff, your wit is awesome and I don’t think what you say at Tribal influences the vote for that night – they’ve decided long before they show up at Tribal Council who they are voting out. I feel bad for the misunderstood Coach sometimes too (although the Coach/Jerri sequences were a little vomit-inducing).

      I like Cirie but she had to go tonight for some of my favorites to survive (Colby #1, Tom and big props to JT too). I thought my charming Colby was gone and boom, JT surprised me and did the right thing. They need strength on the team for the Heroes to stick around and I certainly don’t want a Villain to win this game. Parvati’s ego about her charm/beauty is already too big for that island. Throw in some Jerri, Tyson and a twig (literally) of Courtney, and it’s narcissist-central.

    • Alan canada

      Who’s got the money for a complete box set? They’ll want hundreds of dollars for that. Something for the rich.

    • Jamie

      Please do consider releasing the remaining seasons on box set DVD! The few that you did release I own and have been waiting in agony for more.

    • Rosalie

      I was very dissapointed to see Jeff get so involved. It seemed he was trying to strategize for the heroes. Jeff and Colby are good friends in real life, which I think is hindering the game. All in all, Rob is my favorite. He truly is keeping his team together. Unfortunately they have that hidden immunity crap(I had not watched Survivor since the 4th season). Anyhow, why is Cirie considered a master strategist? The dumb@ss knew Tom had the hidden idol, yet she still suggested that they cast votes against him? She knew there was a chance it would be played out, why not get rid of the one that doesn’t have the idol. I would have campaigned against Colby from the get go. Her stupid strategy of casting 3 votes for Colby and 3 for Tom was about as smart as pouring alcohol on your eyes. I would have loved to see Colby leave, but she deserved the boot for making such a stupid move.

      • Becca

        Its obvious you haven’t watched since the fourth season. The strategy is called flushing out the idol so they can’t use it again.

      • Tash

        Tom may have given the idol to Colby so I think the idea was to get rid of one of them. They thought JT would put Colby’s name down but he went against them and voted Cirie. I never liked JT or Colby but I do now.

    • TeddyBear

      Boxed sets on all the survivor seasons would get my vote too!!! So let’s do it!!! PUHLEASE!!!!!!!

    • Alex2000

      yes! uncensored, with additional footage! How can this not be in the works? Did I mention uncensored? Dam you CBS censors.

  • UM

    Great Episode, Glad to see Cirie gone!

    • SurvivorIsTheBestShowEVER

      Me too!

      • karl

        ugh, yes. I cried with joy when she was gone. Great move by my man JT!

      • JBD

        Yes! I was jumping up and down. The real heroes are Tom, Colby, and J.T.

      • Laura

        JT’s a country bumpkin idiot and his early game moves are going to bite him on his redneck butt!

      • Ricky G

        Dont forget this “bumpkin idiot” is a MILLIONAIRE!!

      • DwightBigSurvivorFan

        Ricky, Not a millionare after taxes. Hatch found that out the hard way.

      • KEH

        Why do you dishonor the game? Russell lost the game last time for the same reason he will lose this one. He is really good a competitive Game and really sucks and the Bonding aspect of the game. He works from fear. In this case the Villains will dump the loose canon. And before he packed the Jury with people who hated him. 20 Seasons and YOU don’t get this key nuance? Really? The cushions are not the only thing at your house that is All Wet!!! ;)

      • gorob!

        question is when will A – MAN – DUH! be going home. she’s so dull! jeff why do u keep bringing this woman on my screen. such a fake.

    • Tru

      It sucked!

      Even worse because Jeff wanted Cirie out at Tribal Council because he wants Colby to win.

      The only good thing is that Colby sucks at the game and would give away a million dollars to his surrogate mom if he had the chance again.

      The worst thing in Jeff playing favories, is that he’s getting all his ideas for season 21 from Colby, just because he’s infatuated with the guy.

      • whatever

        you’re weird, tru

      • Chris

        youre an idiot

      • Brains and Beauty

        Tru, very true.

        Jeff, I do love you but Tru is accurate. YOu stepped way out of line and tried to influence the way the jury voted. You ruined the show for me. You need to be an active observer, not a participant.

      • alex

        I felt colby should get the boot…hes weak…

        I felt that this coach stuff is LAME…warrior? what has he done IN THE GAME outside of acting like an idiot?

        and yes, russ should have won last year…this year, if he goes final 3…hes one of the best ever…I just think somehow pavrati will steal votes…my guess is russ/pavrati/sandra with pav/sandra getting ALL the votes unless russ gets rob out PRE merge

      • Shane

        Big fan of Probst…but I agree with you tru. This by far is not the first season where strong players have been targeted early, but its different because Colby was the target. It’s fine if he’d like to see his buddy go far, but you can’t try to influence the game for him.

      • Ian

        Oh, give me a break tru and the tru-supporters. The only person who saved Colby was J.T. Do you really think Probst had anything to do with that? Influencing a previous winner of Survivor on how he should or shouldn’t vote? Get real. J.T. knew what he was going to do before he arrived at tribal council. And the giveaway was when he said: “I trust the alliance I’m with TONIGHT.” (Implying Tom and Colby.)

      • Ashtrash

        Give me a break, you guys. Do you really think that is the ONLY thing Probst said at Tribal Council? The guy is always calling people out, trying to get them to give an honest answer instead of the politically-correct one. I think he was genuinely frustrated to see this physically-superior tribe play like a bunch of mentally-weak idiots. It’s called editing, kids. They include it because it really was fascinating to see Rupert admit to an incredibly poor strategy. I’m glad Probst called them on it.

      • CP

        I’m pretty sure 99% of the time (or more), the contestants have who they want to vote out already in their mind. I seriously doubt Jeff influenced JT or Rupert.

      • Henry

        Exactly, Tru. Jeff might have made Rupert uncomfortable, but asking tough questions IS part of his job. He did not influence JT.

      • Dutch

        Who cares what Probst says at Tribal to “influence the vote” if weak kneed pansies like Rupert are going to bite their nose off to spite their face someone should call them out on the mat for it. Really you’re going to keep Cirie and get rid of Colby or Tom with 16 people still left in the game and a 9-7 Villans lead? Yep that makes sense. These Survivors choose their vote, Probst isn’t swaying them!

      • Shiloh

        Probst is so transparent. His blow-off treatment at Colby during the “chocolate” challenge and then again at tribal was laughable. But then again, so is his ego.

    • Chad

      Totally agree. She was the right move. Nice one JT! It seems so obvious to me that the 5 hero guys should align together…should have from day 1!

      • marcy

        WTF ? I keep seeing people giving JT cyber high-fives when the WHOLE thing was Toms idea in the first place !

        Cirie: You made the grave mistake of messing with the Tominator :-P

        AWESOME Tribal Council. I cheered for the first time this season. I lovely antidote to Stephs untimely ousting.

    • Hollywoodaholic

      Awesome episode. They even skipped the title and music up front to have more time to showcase Coach’s big case of “crybabyitis.” Russell scrounging for the immunity idol that will backfire on him. Babes in bikinis covered with oil. A terrific blindside. What’s not to love?

    • Lizzi

      I agree. This was a great episode. I have no beef against Cirie but when JT showed some balls and flipped his vote I cheered for him! I feel like he played avery passive game his season so I’m excited to see him playing aggresively.

    • besimon

      I love a blindside and was glad that Cirie got voted out. Cirie is one of my favorites and I loved her last comment – that she wasn’t mad because it was a move she would have made – then she laughed. Classy lady.

      • ImNotHereToMakeFriends

        Agree 100% besimon

      • Brandy

        I agree. Love Cirie. She’s someone I’d love to be friends with IRL. I think she went out classy. Was hoping she would have gone far though. I’d like to have seen her in the merge.

    • Manny

      Well, I certainly don’t have a problem with you liking Coach, but I’m sorry I can’t share the feeling. Yes, he is entertaining to watch, yes I did feel a tad bit sorry for him and thought what Tyson did was wrong…but I’m not a fan :)

      Anyways, loved the episode, hope Russell finds that idol, and am still laughing at the Hero tribe. Cerie was a good move, sad to see her go though. I’m not sure it will make their tribe any better…stronger maybe, but the Villains have unity.

      See you next week. Awesome blog, very diverting. I feel for your wet cushions, I really do. :D

    • SurvivorFreak

      Brilliant episode. Cirie is a huge threat if she makes the merge, (she’d no longer be a perceived threat)so it was smart to take her out now when physical strength is needed. (Same applies to Sandra & Courtney–they’ll coast after the merge). I, too, felt Jeff was manipulating the game to protect Colby but was glad to see Cirie the puppetmaster go. Jeff disses James for being a bully, but always praises Russell. It all comes down to who you like.

    • luvsurvivor

      same here.

  • Jenn

    JEFF, Stop manipulating the show to protect your mancrush Colby!

    It’s annoying you give him such a good edit and neglect every other woman and man on the show, unless they become Colby’s allies.

    The show becomes annoying when you pick favorites and destroy the season to support them.

    • Frances

      but you got to admit, you didn’t see cirie getting the vote? i honestly thought colby was a goner.

      • Jenn

        did see it comming, especially if Jeff plays the macho card every time his Colby is in danger.

        Any player, including Cirie, one of the best players of all time, WON’T WIN Survivor if Jeff really is out to get them.

      • D

        I thought it really could go either way so I wasn’t completely “blindsided”.

    • Mary Seymour

      Jenn, I completely agree with you. I find Colby boring to watch, he seems to value physical strength above mental toughness (which Cirie has!)and the only woman he seems to like is Stephenie cos she acts like a guy! Jeff, I do like your interjections but it really seemed like you were trying your damndest to save Colby at that TC , which is no fun at all.

      • Jenn

        The worst part is that Colby has proved twice he cannot win this game. No matter how many times they invite him, or how many times Jeff helps him, he doesn’t have it in him.

        Not fun to watch Colby’s dumb strategy to play the game and inability to be in a majority as honorable things to do.

      • Al

        I don’t think it was so much about saving Colby, but getting rid of Cirie. She’s a great strategist and has proven twice now that she can get far in the game without the physical strength. It was best to take her out now before she could work more of her mojo.

    • Sunga

      Jeff may very well have a mancrush on Colby, but I think he has enough respect for the show to not let that influence his hosting duties. First of all those tribals last 45-90 minutes and are edited down. Also, Jeff has been pretty consistent from season to season with his view that in the beginning the tribe should keep the strongest players around. Finally, even if Jeff is actively campaigning for a particular outcome, I believe that 95% of players come into tribal with their mind already made up on how they will vote, especially players who are shrewd and not emotional (which JT is). They often edit it to make it look like the swing voter is undecided at tribal, but it almost never happens that someone switches their vote at tribal. The main purpose of tribal is to get players to air dirty laundry.

      • D

        Then why did JT say in is confessional right before tribal that he wasn’t sure WHO he was going to vote for?

    • whatever

      Jenn, conspiracy theory much??!! The light was on Colby because he was the most likely to be voted off, duh — not because Jeff Probst like him. You’ll note in survivor episodes that when someone is a target, they get air time. Hope that helps :)

      • Red

        To be fair, Jeff and Colby are very good friends in real life. So yes, Jeff definitely likes him.

        Did Jeff have an influence on the vote? I doubt it, was he frustrated that Colby was on the chopping block? I think so, but that’s just what I gathered from his reaction.

        But it was nice to see Jeff ripping in to Rupert. :)

      • Ian

        I agree with Red. As I said before, the only person Probst would’ve influenced to save Colby is J.T. And J.T. had already made up his mind before he arrived at tribal council. So Probst did NOT influence anyone.

      • D

        JT said his mind was NOT made up before TC. Do you people watch the show???

    • McCoy

      Cirie was and is one of the more annoying players ever on Survivor. She doesn’t seem to do any work in camp and she is terrible at the challenges. I only wonder why she wasn’t the first person to be voted off.

      • D

        Because Sugar was annoying people.

    • Brains and Beauty

      Jeff not only played favorites he tried to or maybe succeeded in changing or influencing jury votes. Jeff, if you can’t stay objective, it’s time for you to go. I have loved you dearly for 20 seasons but you’re ruining tghe show for me. Your rude remark in your blog about Russell should hav won is a slap in the face to Natalie. Survivor is ABOVE ALL a social game, not a physical one. That’s why there is a jury. MARK BURNETT — come save teh show from an overzealous host !

      • Ian

        You may be a beauty, but you have NO brains. Probst did not influence anyone. The only person Probst could influence to save Colby is J.T. And J.T. had already made up his mind before tribal council. Otherwise, why did he say: “I trust the alliance I’m with TONIGHT.” (Implying Tom and Colby and not his previous alliance.) Use some brains.

      • D

        I didn’t really like how he said Natalie didn’t deserve to win. Has Probst EVER said that when a male contestant won? Just curious.

      • D

        @Ian You are reading too much into the TONIGHT comment. Also, it was in the middle of a lengthy TC that was edited for TV. Also, no reason to be so snotty to B & B.

      • naynay

        Russell should have won over Natalie. She did nothing but ride his coat tails. Don’t think he will win this time though.

      • Sassafras

        Yeah, it’s time for Jeff to leave the show and become a contestant instead. :)

      • Alan

        Although I would love to see Jeff as a contestant, the show will tank without him. If the voice that we have to put up with isn’t great like Jeff’s, the show will just become annoying. Yes, Survivor is above all a social game, but Russell actually played. Natalie just went around being annoying talking about God and staying out of the way. His job is to talk to the contestants about things they don’t want to talk about. That’s what Mark Burnett had in mind for the host. Don’t question his formula. You’re obviously obsessed with the show just like the rest of us if you’re reading Jeff Probst’s blog, so you must agree that show is genius. Therefore, so is Mark Burnett, the man responsible. He knows what he’s doing, and so does Jeff. And it works.

    • Chad

      Jenn…no way. If the tribe wants someone gone, they are gone. Jeff could say “If you vote for Colby, I will set your camp on fire during the next challenge” But in the end…people vote for who they want. Listen again to what he was saying (mind this was edited down from at least an hour of tribal). He was saying to these ‘experts’ “why are you focusing on alliances when you should be focusing on your team?” Colby lost the reward challenge, he got owned by Coach, he is not a super-human, so I dont think Jeff was talking about Colby. I think he was talking about STEPH! Steph vs Cirie…thats why in this blog he says they got it right.

    • Laura

      Seriously! Jeff’s interference at this TC was almost as bad as when he got Janu to quit to protect Stephenie. I HATE how Jeff/Burnett have their little pets (Colby, Tom, Stephenie and obviously Candice, or why the hell else would she be asked back???) and try to do everything to protect them. You know what I loved most about last night’s episode? Colby’s sad look o’failure after losing to Tyson – beautiful!!

      • D

        I thought he overstepped on the Janu incident also.

    • DwightBigSurvivorFan

      What makes you think Jeff likes Colby so much? Colby is a very popular player, but his strategic and social game is subpar. His biggest asset is his physical strength in challenges.

    • Sergio

      Paranoid conspiracy theorist much? It’s a valid question to ask of the tribe. “Are you voting out to keep your tribe strong or maintaining alliances?” He’s asked the question before in other tribals in other seasons. He’s asked plenty of questions to ascertain what the tribe is thinking when it comes to voting. It’s to build drama. Otherwise, you might as just have the tribe walk into the voting booth one at a time, count the votes, and skip the whole tribal council aspect of the show.

    • Joe

      I don’t get why Colby and Tom get a heroic edit even though they always talk about how good and honest they are even though all they are is judgmental, act hypocritically, clique up, and exclude people that they don’t like. The editing is already bashing past favorites like Rupert and James to pave way for a Colby winning this year’s popularity contest. Yay let’s reward somebody’s horrendous strategy that got himself planted firmly in the minority of his tribe for no good reason. Let’s call him strong too even though all he’s done is lose to Coach and Tyson in challenges.

  • JenR

    Jeff, next time you see Coach, tell him I like him.

    • Cynthia

      I like him too

    • marcy

      Me too..I think he’s a total sweetheart. I love sensitive intelligent spiritual men (as opposed to the alpha males). I would SO love to see Coach have a part in ousting RussHole. He’s just SO disgusting. And James..sigh..what a PURE neanderthal.

      • Kaylin

        blahhhh….make me barf!

      • Becky

        Neanderthal-perfect word to describe James.Russels ego irks me too.I’d like to see Rob win, but i think he’ll have a big target on his back after the merge.
        Great season so far!!

  • Frances

    first of all, jeff i love you and all your blogs.

    as much as i love cirie, i just didn’t want to see another micronesia 2.0.

    tyson giving coach advice was hilarious, i’ve never laughed so much in my life … “don’t wear feathers in tribal council ….” hahahaha

    and yeah, boston rob ftw

    • Maserda

      Ditto. This was a good episode. But I wonder if Russell + immunity idol will bite him in the butt later. He didn’t even TRY to make his idol search subtle… and I like Russell! Yeah, I’m cheering on Team Villains this season.

      • Sue

        This is a different game for Russell and I think he needs to play different. If everyone knows he has the idol – how is that going to help him? Plus he has NO friends – he at least had Natalie (sorta) he has NO ONE. So I don’t think he is going to make it far.

      • Sean

        I loved Russell last season, but he is totally outclassed this time around. He’s not dealing with useless fodder like Mick, Jaison, and Natalie now. Boston Rob, Parvati, Tyson? These people are sharp and will notice if you go off looking for an Idol. I’m really disappointed Russell hasn’t changed his gameplay, especially after seeing how flawed his previous social game was. He came into this season with the single biggest advantage of any player: no one knew him or what he had previously done on the show. But he’s totally blowing it by playing the “king of the hill” strategy in a season where he clearly isn’t.

      • kat

        can’t anyone see where this is going on the villains tribe? Last week they all said we need to get rid of Parvati and let her slide and now they all say that russell is toast. let’s guess which two are going to be standing there at the end

      • Anne

        Loved Sandra following Russell and her reaction was amusing too –

      • P

        Must be those spoilers are right!! Russell–Parvarti–Sondra!!!

      • DIVAINLA

        Russell’s mistake is that his ego is not going to get him as far in this game as it did in the last. Remember Villains vs. Heroes had already been taped when he went to see if he had won the million dollars for Survivor Samoa. Russell KNEW that he had won. Because of that, he didn’t think that he had to change his strategy. I bet his game would be totally different if they taped after he lost.

      • DwightBigSurvivorFan

        Sean,very well said and I agree. Russell has failed to adjust to not being the tribe leader. And the move toward the immunity idol seemed to be a mistake.

      • Jas

        People keep forgetting that Russell doesn’t know that his strategy didn’t work in the prior season. He filmed the current season before the live reveal of last season. He still thinks he won.

      • Sean

        What amazes me the most is that Russell is letting his ego get in the way of being in an otherwise perfect position. Right now, the Villains have so many people to pick off: Rob is a big threat, Parvati is a big threat, Coach is annoying, Courtney doesn’t contribute to challenges, etc. That puts Russell in the perfect position to lay low and let the big targets pick each other off. Basically, the Sandra gambit. But unlike Sandra, Russell actually has the chops to step up later with the gameplay we all know he’s capable of and take control of the game. But he’s so threatened by Rob and so eager to prove his alpha-ness NOW, that he’s throwing away an early anonymity advantage in order to “stand out” as a great player.

      • Kat

        Why would Russell’s ego size amaze anyone? It gets in his way all the time.

    • Lori

      Right up there with everyone else, when Tyson said he was going to coach coach and he wouldn’t like what he had to say I was not expecting actual advice and when he commented on all the things that make us love to hate coach…I have to admit I was laughing right along with the rest of the viewers. Then cut to BR and his be a man speech and had I been drinking anything at the time it would have immediately ended up across the room. LOVED IT! Now…on to my favorite evil little egotistical troll…WTF? *sighs* again from my armchair quarterback seat I am screaming at the television yelling “What are you doing?” and “Wait until later and then tell them you are going to the bathroom and walk in the OPPOSITE direction and backtrack around in the jungle. DUH!” take a coach lesson…put on a little foliage for camoflauge and put some thought into it but NO! instead everyones favorite hobbit immediately goes running off after the idol. Someone mentions, I think it was a comment to Dalton’s blog that he is more like Golem with his “precious” idol. he simply can not resist the temptation even for a second eventhough WE all know that it spells certain death for him and I simply love Russell and all his evil little ways and deliciously devious tiny mind and now I am fear…he is done for. What does that leave me with for the season? A crying coach, A pissy BR, A steriod abusing James, and….hmmmm well at least the real housewives of new york is back on so I will have something else to watch.

      • Sean

        The big difference with the Hidden Immunity Idol is that when no one knows about it (IE last season), you can go for it and it can help you. But if EVERYONE knows about it and you go for it, you’re just marking yourself for elimination. Really bad move on Russell’s part. It really shows how smart he thinks he is, how stupid he thinks everyone else is compared to him, and how wrong he is on both counts.

      • Diane


      • ZRob

        Russhole is clearly playing the game…from LAST season. Agree, it just will not fly this time.

      • P

        Then how come Russell ends up Final 3??????

      • Sean

        I try to avoid spoilers, so I have no idea who makes it to the end. Nor do I want to know. Where’s the fun in that? But if Russell DOES make it to final 3, my bet would be because in a season of all returning players with prior alliances and relationships, Russell could easily make it far by playing the swing vote card.

      • Lori

        Don’t get me wrong I would LOVE to see Russell get to final three. I find his evil little devious ways quite entertaining. If he does squeek out next week without being voted out I will happily pop another batch of popcorn and continue to watch another week with pleasure. I simply don’t see it happening. However…I honestly couldn’t believe it happening last season either and that little troll just became the energizer bunny just going and going and going and while we…at home went WTF? clearly it is a much different game they are playing then what we see.

    • eks

      I agree! I hope Tyson doesn’t go home anytime soon because he brings so much comic relief to the show. I know people hate him but I think he is hilarious. Also, thank you JT for not making it another boring tribal council for the heroes!

      • Sean

        Love Tyson. I actually thought he was great on his previous season too, so I was psyched to hear he was returning. Definitely one of the most entertaining players, and I was surprised to see him sincerely trying to give Coach some honest advice.

      • phill

        It kind of seems to me like Tyson is just there as Coach’s narrator. If Coach was voted out, Tyson would kind of need to just leave

      • Marc

        I love Tyson! He adds so much to the show… He needs to stay around for sure

  • karl


  • rac

    if only the strong should be kept at the begining then the merge would be only big tough men–why do you bother casting weak or older people, or women–why did you bring back Courtney, Randy, jerri, Cirie and Sandra, Sugar, Parv,Candice, Amanda (who is weak according to Steph) even Coach? as cannon fodder for early rounds?

    • ac

      Wrong. You sometimes need people who are good at solving puzzles. Some challenges require people who are small, agile and physically strong. Endurance is sometimes needed. “Women” doesn’t necessarily equal “weak”.

  • Tina

    Jeff….great blog! I can hear Boston Rob telling you to “Man up and get the **** over your cushions!”

    • wendy

      just spit my coffee

    • Shelley

      Tina, that was FANTASTIC!

    • D


  • Susan

    As much as I loved Tribal last night, and it was the right vote, I can’t help but think Probst got a little TOO involved in the game. You’re the host, not a participant, therefore your opinions should be kept to yourself. Oh well. Maybe next episode you hop on over to the villains and tell them Boston Rob should win so they should all just quit now.

    • Sue

      Agree. Lately even last season, Jeff as much as I love you, you are getting too involved at tribal. I think if I was in the game, I would refuse to answer your questions and get “caught” in saying something.

  • Seraphim

    I love the way cirie played. But I wish that Amanda was out first :(. But I do agree that voting of Cirie is a better choice over colby/tom!

  • Kelly

    Fantastic episode!

    JT, Tom, & Colby could be a real force. But, Rob is the man! I hope he wins the whole thing!!

    • rb

      Robs the man + tyson tuff team. Coach hang in there Villians Rule.
      Runda solid Russels out. Good move by JT. Now if Hero’s get it together…

  • Susan

    Probst, I think you got a little TOO involved in this tribal. You are the host, not a contestant. Maybe next episode you can hop over and tell the villains that Boston Rob should win and they’d be stupid to think anyone else could win. Granted, it was the smart move, but please let the players make those decisions.

    • Susan

      Posted twice…sorry

    • cathy

      Iagree, Jeff has already told us who the winner is. I have watched every season and this is the first it is apparent who wins.

      • Anne

        Um, the winner is yet to be determined. Secret vote, live show. Remember that part?

      • TopazJAK

        The votes for the winner have been cast. I’m sure Jeff has read them and knows the winner.

      • Details

        Um, the winner is voted for in the final tribal council BEFORE they leave, then revealed on the live show. The votes are already in and the producers know who won. But that doesn’t mean Jeff is giving it away.

      • cathy

        Yes he is.Hope I’m
        wrong ,but don’t think so.

      • P

        Sandra is the winner!!!

  • lindsay

    i don’t understand all the coach hate i hear about. he was the most entertaining part of his season, and he makes for good tv. i might not want to sit in a cubicle next to the guy, but i’d go have a beer with him. let’s compare him to someone like tom, who’s confessional sessions put me to sleep.

  • cathy

    ROB ROB ROB ENOUGH OF ROB!!!! If I ever have a kid, his name won’t be ROB! Get over it Jeff the show is Survivor not The Rob Show.Really enjoy the comps. but wish they would edit different. There is more going on there, I’m sure other than Rob and Coach.

    • Jenn

      This so much. For Jeff, it’s Colby first. Then Rob Mariano. And guess which two people are getting the hero edit? Of course, Jeff’s favorites. :rolleyes

    • Carla in Houston

      Marsha, Marsha, Marsha….Oh wait, wrong show! Love him or hate him, Rob is one of best players this show has ever seen, and he also came close to winning Amazing Race. Rob and Russell are the 2 reasons I find myself rooting for the villans, which is a surprise to me. It’s a crime the two best players have never won, and I hope this season fixes that oversight for one of them.

      • subarcticjoe

        Marsha, Marsha, Marsha…. ahahahahahaaa good one… Yeah I sure hope Rob wins fan favourite because he deserves it for sure… smartest one out there BY A MILE! And funny too!

      • Juneau

        Though I agree that Boston Rob was born to play this game, let’s not forget the impressive way Tom saved himself AND Colby last night. GREAT game play!

      • Deane

        Carla, I agree wholeheartedly! Well said. :)

      • Dutch

        Find myself liking the Villans a lot more as well. Rob is playing really well and if not for a bogus intervention by CBS to bring the airplane back to the gate, Rob & Amber would have won the Amazing Race! Glad the Heroes finally woke up and got rid of a “less than useful” player rather than one of the few remaining strong players. WAY too early to be playing this alliance at all costs crap! REALLY disappointed in this iteration of Rupert. Loved the Guy on Pearl Islands and the first All-Stars. He just doesn’t seem to have his heart in it this time and seems to be playing more for the Rupert’s Kids Rupert than the Suvivor Rupert. Bad show Rupe. Bad Show. Same for James. Loved the guy in China, his stock dropped a bit in Fans vs. Faves, don’t like the bully-self centered James this go around at all. Reading too many press clippings there pal.

    • timbit_queen

      You mean I’m not watching the Rob show? For real? Then I guess I’m not interested in watching any longer then.

      Comme on, most on here will agreee, Rob is the best player EVER! If you don’t like Rob, then you should move right along ’cause you’re watching the wrong show.

      • cathy

        So you drank the kool-aid too. Everyone should get a fair edit.

    • Chad

      What…you would rather have more Courtney? or Jerri? I am glad it is edited to show the entertaining players. What a snorefest it would be if it were the Candice and Amanda Chatty Hour. What are you looking for?

      • cathy

        Didn’t say that! Don’t put words in my mouth. Something of everyone.There has to be alot more going on instead of just the same people every week.Yes Rob is a good player, but enough already.

      • Rachel

        you mean Jeri is still on the show??

    • shannon

      Thank you. I was sick of the ROB lovers on here week 1. This is NOT TWILIGHT people. Grow up with your obsessions!! JT RULES!!! LOL!!!!!

      • cathy

        Thank You Shannon!!! Thought Rob haters were afraid to speak up. Where I live there are LOTS!!!

      • Chad

        Oh, don’t mis-understand me. I am not a fan of Rob. He is a good player, but I am not a fan. I was saying that as far as entertainment for TV goes, other people are not very interesting. I am a Tom/JT/Sandra fan myself.

      • shannon

        I do not hate rob. I just do not think as highly of him as other people do on here apparently. (can you say obsessed?) I am a J.T. fan and after last night he totally reinforced my opinion of him.

  • Kristen

    Jeff – I hate wet cushions, too, so I feel for you.
    I love Coach, too – after all his crying and coaching he got from Tyson, he still wants to be the Dragon Slayer. You can’t make that stuff up! As a viewer, I think he’s money.
    I would love it if Russell found this idol, played it, found the next one, played it, found the next one, played it, because at least on this tribe maybe he’d get some respect for that?
    This has been a great season!

    • James

      Good article Chief Jeff, the hater of wet cushions.
      I love everyone in this game, but I lost a bit of respect for him last night. Not because he cried, but because he threatened to quit. I got a little annoyed at Colby last week for bringing it up too. This is an all-stars season, if you cant handle it, then why did you come? Thankfully he stayed. Man up pansy, the world loves to see you on TV.
      This has been my favorite season since Cook Islands which was amazing.

      • D

        I loved the Cook Islands too. Not sure why Dalton had it so low on his list.

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