'The Bachelor': Jake learns 'what love language' Vienna speaks, Tenley wishes she'd gotten the 'DWTS' call

the-bachelor-tenleyImage Credit: Mark Brendel/ABCThis afternoon brought two Bachelor conference calls: the first was with Jake Pavelka and Vienna Girardi (sporting a $42,000 Neil Lane diamond ring totaling 2.72 carats), the second with “runner-up” Tenley Molzahn. The highlights:

Asked if “On the Wings of Love” would be the song for their first dance at their wedding, the couple broke into the chorus. Vienna said they’ll definitely dance to it at some point at their reception; Jake said he’s always pictured the first dance being a bit more uptempo and fun. They consider the producers of The Bachelor family that brought them together, and therefore, will want them at their wedding. “Whether they bring cameras or not, you know, who knows?” Jake said. Vienna envisions a wedding in a year or two and children in four or five. (“But you never know what’s gonna happen by accident,” Jake cracked. When did he grow a sense of humor?) Jake wants to relish the “puppy dog phase” — “I just want to date my fiancée for a little while,” he  said. “I want to chase her down the beach naked” — and experience the little moments that build a relationship: “We’re engaged, but we haven’t seen our first movie yet.”

• They finished taping the show about three months ago. They’ve talked on the phone every day, Vienna said. They’ve been able to see each other every other week for about four or five days, sequestered in a beautiful house. “I felt like we were in the Witness Protection Program,” Jake quipped. “We had aliases. That was awesome.” Jake said that gave them time to “talk about life, and liberty, and love.” Vienna said Jake planned elaborate dates for them at the house, like a candlelit dinner by the pool. “We put our own rose petals in our bathtub though, which is different,” she noted of off-camera dating. “The trick,” Jake said, “is you just have to keep romancing each other. One thing that I loved getting to know about Vienna, actually on the show, was what love language she speaks. She’s a producer and a doer, and that’s really close to my love language, and so it’s been really easy for me to sweep her off her feet and watch her bounce a couple of times.” (Luckily, I’d muted my end of the phone, because I did a spit-take. What is he talking about?)

• They’ve learned to laugh at the tabloids, and are always curious to read them. “Shoot, I’m the first one to buy [them] off magazine stands,” Jake said. Vienna admitted that after seeing a cover promising to reveal her “dark secrets” in the airport, she ran over to read it because she wanted to know what they were. P.S. She says she has never even met a Backstreet Boy, and that she did not steal money from her ex-husband’s bank account when they divorced.

• Before moving to Dallas, Vienna will stay with Jake in Los Angeles, where she plans on being “his biggest cheerleader” at every taping of Dancing With the Stars. She also plans on spending her days trying to be a motivational speaker for young women. Jake doesn’t have a publicist or an agent, Dancing With the Stars just fell into his lap. “The cameras are not what I’m after, it’s the competition,” he said. Having the opportunity to train with professionals has been a “life’s dream.” His biggest fear is injury: He’s been lifting weights since he was 15 or 16 — his muscles are built for that, not dancing. “I’ve been trying to turn myself into a pretzel, you know, stretching, so that I don’t get hurt,” he said. He’s most looking forward to meeting Buzz Aldrin. He plans to return to his career as a commercial pilot after DWTS. He’ll teach Vienna how to fly in Texas.

• Vienna said Tenley is “an absolutely incredible young woman” and that they will be “life-long friends.” (Tenley said she never really got to interact with Vienna, but that she would like to get to know her.) Vienna and Jake agreed that Tenley needs to marry a prince because she is a princess, and that even though he loved Tenley, he was in love with Vienna. His only decision was whether to do what made sense to everyone else (pick Tenley) or his own heart (pick Vienna). Jake said after seeing how happy Vienna made him, his family hoped he’d pick her. His mother already treats her like a daughter-in-law.

Tenley said from the moment she saw Jake on that final day, she had a feeling that he wouldn’t pick her. He greeted her differently than he usually did, he had a lot of concern on his face, and he didn’t seem to know what he was doing. That, she said, gave her peace — “If he was that concerned, then I was probably best to be going home…. I really had been praying, like, I don’t want to be in another relationship that’s not gonna be The One if I’m that far into it. Let me go if this is the way I’m supposed to be. So I think it worked out for the best since he seems to be very happy with Vienna.”

• Tenley is trained in ballet and jazz, but not in ballroom or Latin dancing, so she has no idea why Dancing With the Stars didn’t offer her a spot in the new cast instead of Jake. “If they ever need a backup, they can call me,” she said. “I think it would be a great little surprise for the season if they did add me to it so I could be Jake’s competition. If you’re up for that one, I totally am,” she said. For now, she’s back working at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Huntington Beach, CA.

• Like Jake and Vienna, Tenley is excited for Ali to be the Bachelorette. “I wouldn’t even mind if she wanted to call me and ask me for some advice,” Tenley said. “Maybe me and some of the other girls could even come and scope out some of those guys for her. Maybe one of those guys won’t be Ali’s type but may be my type,” she laughed. She might try dating again in the near future: She has had “very, very kind emails from suitors,” and just this morning, she was approached by a stranger in a Starbucks. Her parents and sister have received some inquiries as well. “I don’t really know what to do about it, but I’m completely flattered because it feels good to know that there are guys out there for me.”

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  • dee dee

    Tenley comes across as a little desperate

    • Dana

      I do not think so

      • Army Archerd

        I love, love, love fun bags.

    • Buterfly

      Actually Tenley was the only one who came across as classy and elegant.

    • Diggity

      I dont think she sounded desperate. She’s super annoying, but not desperate.

    • Jamal

      She seems to be desperate to be on TV again.

      • leo

        I think its more – she adores dance and was hoping they’d look at HER instead of Jake. If I were Jake I would actually have said ‘I know the girl I DON’T choose would love the experience as well’. It kind of bothers me that he took that offer, he doesn’t need it but Tenley could USE a fun distraction doing be thing she loves best. It might have felt like Jake was insensitive to Tenley by breaking her heart again in this way. It’s weird!

    • Ambient Lite

      They ALL seem unabashedly and shamelessly drawn to the limelight.

      • Jeani

        Tenley didn’t seem 100% real on camera – come on – no faults, no complaining, always nice and polite. No one is that perfect. She certainly presented only her best points, would have loved to see her get angry.

    • K

      Although I believe Tenley showed more class than I would have at the end, she has always sounded so desperate to me.

      And WHY is Dancing with the stars NOT Dancing with the STARS anymore? The whole reason we have watched is to see celebrities…not reality rv people. I don’t get why these people are getting on this show?
      Tenley is not a star (and for that matter neither is Jake or Kate) and therefore should not be on this show.

      • K

        sorry…tv, not rv
        my bad

  • Jake is a fraud

    Jake is an imbecile who can’t tell the difference between love and lost. Jake and Vienna truly deserve each other.

    Jake get off TV. Your 15 minutes of fame are up dude.

    • Shurly

      Lost or lust ? lol, but yeah I see what you mean… Why does he have to be on DWTS ?

      • LR

        @shurly he needs to be on DWTS to avoid reality with vienna.

      • Susan

        Can’t seem to respond directly to LR, but I agree: this is another way for them to avoid having a relationship in the real world.

  • Livie

    Jake and Vienna in this interview sort of made me want to gag.

    • SayWha..?

      vienna wants to be a motivational speaker? I gagged a kidney

      • SLB

        Motivate women to be spoiled b*tches? I give their relationship until Jake gets kicked off DWTS.

      • nuffsaid


      • bunny

        You almost made me spit all over my keyboard!

    • Jelana

      Even if you like Vienna, this is so wrong. Her “achievements” are not exactly empowering for women. What will her speech be? “Ladies, dump all of your grammar and tact skills and act slutty.”

  • Jake is a fraud 2

    Jake can’t tell the difference between LOVE AND LUST. This is truly the worse match in Bachelor history, worse even than DeAnna and Jessie.

    • laurie

      They are a perfect match, both boring morons. I am glad they are together and not spreading their genes with unsuspecting innocents. I agree JF2 Deanna and Jesse were doomed from the start, but the egos and idiocy of J & T may keep them 2gether 4ever.

      • Geeee


  • Broadway Baby

    Jake’s bit on Kimmel last night was pretty brilliant – I agree – where did this personality come from all of a sudden?

    • Shelly

      Brilliant?? Personality?? I thought it made him look just as stupid and dorky as he was on the show. “Oh, you are the doughnut for me”. Please. However, Vienna has about as much personality as a doughnut, so it does make some sense.

  • annie

    that girl that “won” — UGLY!!!

    • GAC

      It defies logic when you have a girl like Gia or Corrie to choose from.

  • Sky

    I think the show has gone to the dogs. It seemed to be scripted this year. I could not believe that this guy Jake chose an ex hooter girl with fake hooters and bottle blonde hair, not to mention the nasty tattoos on her out of shape body. He was only looking for a role in the hay. He had a chance with a young bimbo and he took it. He has a lot of growing up to do. He does not know the difference between class and trailer park trash. In ten years, Jake will be hitting midlife and he be after the twenty somethings. I bet his buddies are getting a good laugh. Maybe not, Vienna may be giving sausage a new name!

    • Army Archerd

      I’m pretty sure he gets to tap each of the final 2 or 3 before he makes his decision.

    • Bree

      I love this comment! Her hair looked horrible and she had such a manly shape! I hope he kicks himself in the butt one day when he sees how happy ally is without him:)

  • Chris

    What a fool to pick Venom.. I mean Vienna

  • MsDaisy

    Vienna-sausage wants to be a motivational speaker for young women? On what? There are way too many young women now that aspire to be nothing more than trampy skanks.

    • Sara

      Who are these people leaving these types of comments? They must be kids looking for a cheap laugh..go do your homework kids!

    • Ambient Lite

      I’m STILL laughing about that one…can’t imagine what she’d inspire young women to do! She’s an unemployed Hooter’s waitress!

      • SayWha..?

        Is she really? I thought she was a marketing executive?!

  • Sara

    Wow, what the hell was Jake talking about “see her bounce”? He has a dorky way with words like when he said “my heart cried for you”…hahahaha I will never forget that…I’m stealing that line Jake, if you don’t mind :)

  • Michelle

    Vienna or Fugly Vienna, as I call her, played the sex card. She was always leading him to a bed or looking for him in his bed. Her dad even found them all over each other on the Vienna’s home date. Dad should be so proud of her. Jake must have been the nerd in school that never had the girls throwing themselves at him because he bought Vienna’s BS hook line and sinker. Jake stated how beautiful she is…Obviously love is blind. Straw like, do it yourself blonde hair, dark circles under buggy eyes and a mans face. Maybe Jake is Gay? My read is that the missing peace to Jake and Tenley that he was feeling was the fact that Tenley was WAY above his caliber for a wife. He could NEVER live up to her class. Prediction….I give Vienna and Jake a year at best for him to figure out she’s not the person she portrayed to him during the filming. Its an entirely different world when you are living with someone. There is nowhere to hide!

    • sunseekerttwo

      what you said was totally true what I can not understand is he claims to have strong christian vaules but he picks the one that wants to get him in the sack so quick

    • Nadine Young Freemantle

      Wow Michelle you sound bitter. Do you need a man?? What difference could it possibly make to your life that Jake Chose Vienna. It’s not your job to approve or disapprove of his choice. He made a decision based on who he felt was the right person for him. Although no one can argue that Tenley is a darling, she was not right for Jake nor him for her. I don’t think she’s has gotten past the infedelity with her ex, so she should never have been on this show. No guy chooses a partner based on how good of a mother she’s going to be or how warm and fuzzy his parents feel about her. I get that you don’t like Vienna, but it’s just plain tacky and classless to speak about her that way. I hope they are very happy toghether, because in the end that’s all that matters!!!!

      • GoCardsDeb

        Excellent post, Nadine!

      • Vicky

        Your above post was very classy and I completly agree with it. Too bad many ppl here don’t follow your path.

      • LoliRyder

        Thank you Nadine. It’s getting quite uncomfortable for me to keep reading comments about Vienna’s background as if this was something she could choose or control. Plus I also agree that “being hot” or “being attractive to me” does not mean that “therefore Jake should choose her instead”. I think you’ve got to choose what feels right to you and no one else can make that choice for you.

  • RK

    “she did not steal money from her ex-husband’s bank account when they divorced.” Yes, it was before they divorced.

  • RK

    Motivational speaker to young women? Love language? And how can he return to his career as a commercial pilot if he hasn’t been doing it?

  • Ambient Lite

    America, meet your new ‘Speidi’.

    • Ambient Lite

      Which I guess would make them ‘Vake’ (hey! that rhymes with ‘fake’!).

      • I prefer

        Viennamous Snake

  • lynn

    She wants to be a motivational speaker for young women? for what?

    • Aprilof1975

      for young women who wants to get a career in Hooters.

      • Tamara

        What is wrong with being a “hooters girl”? I put myself through college graduated deans list with honors and hold a PhD. in Physical Therapy thanks to being a “hooters girl”.

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