Vancouver Winter Olympics Closing Ceremony recap: O Canada, you're funny

Greetings, PopSasquatchers! The 2010 Vancouver Olympics closing ceremonies are still raging on, but I no longer recognize the Canadian musicians, and Joannie Rochette just rushed through the same interview she’s probably recited a billion times. It’s time to say goodbye. In honor of Team U.S.A.’s medal count, here are 37 of my favorite moments from tonight’s closing ceremonies.

1. O Canada! Your tongue-in-cheek humor delights us early on as only three arms of the Olympic torch raise — and this time, it’s intentional.

2. Some crazy mime/mechanic “fixed it” through the power of facial expression and “dance.” He is an Olympic hero for the ages, and I covet his socks.

3. I have no idea what these ninth-grade snowboarders are supposed to be spelling on the floor (though I did understand the maple leaf). I love a challenge!

4. “President Obama will have to pony up for a case of Molson Canadian.”

5. Bill Demong and Joannie Rochette are flag-bearers.

6. THE ATHLETES! Apolo! Shani Davis high-fiving the snowpeople!

7. Ryan Miller is a one-man iPhone commercial — watch your back, Justin Long.

8. Evan Lysacek, one of the few people not documenting this madness on a small screen of his own, is just lovin’ it (like McDonald’s Chicken McNuggets).

9. “With all four arms ablaze, surrounding the cauldron — unlike 17 nights ago! — we’re back at BC Place.”

10. Team Canada’s MOOSE SWEATERS.

11. Poor Joannie…people just keep posing with her and she has no choice but to keep standing there!

12. The Americans’ Olympic Cardigans are pretty cute, too.

13. U.S. athlete (help me out: who?) holds up a homemade “Thank You Canada” sign.

14. A blonde athlete (?) gives a priceless “Bitch, please” face toward the Canadian singers.

15. Most of these people look like they could use a beer or five.

16. Swedish bronze medalist Johan Olsson’s adorable blue-and-yellow hat! Hello.

17. Norwegian gold medalist Petter Northug is somehow even cuter despite his hatlessness, and looks a bit sheepish that the men’s cross-country skiing medal ceremony is happening here.

18. Tenor Ben Heppner performs the Olympic Hymm. Huge lip-sync gaffe there? Discuss.

19. I swear he just sang “Riiiiii-colaaaaa” like in the Ricola commercial. Say it is so!

20. The Russian national anthem reminds me of Christmas…and The Hunt for Red October. All are about a month long.

21. Sochi’s 2014 presentation features a snowboarder in space (stolen from the AT&T commercial?) and “some of their innovations in sciene and whatnot” — thanks, Bob.

22. Natalia Vodianova, the face of the 2014 Sochi Games, touches a magical snow globe as people roll around in hamster balls and everything sounds like bubbles. Oh, and there is ballet. Who was colder: Greek singer Ariana Chris or some of these dancers?

23. Tatiana Navka and Roman Kostomarov are ice dancing on an iceberg in a faraway amphitheater-land, and I keep hoping the cast of Happy Feet will join them.

24. Bob Costas has pretty severe issues with the presentation of Maria Guleghina: “The troika is a Russian carriage pulled by three horses…. At least that’s what they told me…. “I’m looking for the horses….” (Is this Russia’s version of Lady Gaga?)

25. Crazy podium makes it look like John Furlong, CEO of the VOC, was reading from the Book of Ice. (“This is the word of the snowboard… Thanks be to Alanis.”)

26. “These were excellent and friendly Games.” –IOC President Jacques Rogge, who got booed when he said they were over

27. Neil Young sings “Long May You Run,” just like he did during Conan’s final Tonight Show. He just loooooves to extinguish those flames.

28. Fake snowfall as we zoom in on the torch. Nice. Now turn off the Lindseycam. We get it.

29. What it means to William Shatner to be a Canadian: “We are a people who know how to make love in a canoe.”

30. Catherine O’Hara as a curling stone. Entertaining a sea of foreign athletes is “Harrrrrrrd!”

31. Michael J. Fox is *sorry,* but if he’s watching Canada play the U.S. in hockey, he’s wearing his maple leaf sweater. (Can’t he see they’ve moved on to reindeer?)

32. Before the camera zoomed in, I really hoped Michael Bublé would turn out to be Stephen Colbert. I know, it wouldn’t make sense! But does anything, really?

33. The Made in Canada Parade gifts us with the best Bob Costas quote of these excellent and friendly Games: “Here we have the always-enjoyable giant inflatable beaver.”

34. I missed Avril Lavigne and Nickelback due to The Marriage Ref and my local news. I’m okay with this.

35. ALANIS! But not just Alanis. In the middle of Alanis: more Lindseycam. This time they zoomed in so it was just her eyes. God! Enough! Show Alanis!

36. Simple Plan and Hedley, really? Where’s Celine? Arcade Fire? Metric? Stars? Where is Rush? Be cool or be cast out, Canada…

37. Ooh, looking ahead to the 2012 Summer Games in London. Strike up the Love Actually song!

What did you love/hate about the closing ceremonies, PopSasquatchers?

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  • James

    As a proud Canadian, I humbly apologize for these closing ceremonies. SORRY!

    • sara

      As another proud Canadian, I also deeply apologize for the lameness of the musical acts on display tonight. We really do do have much much more talented and relevant performers out there. Really. VanOc just blows massively. Once again, sorry.

      • James

        Excactly, Sara. Talk about musical welfare, when you consider the choices out there…Drake, Tegan and Sara, Dears, Metric, K’naan (Wavin’Flag would have been killer)…

      • Alan of Montreal

        well, K-Os was a cool choice (though a better song could have been chosen, such as “Sunday Morning”. And Alanis could have definitely chosen a better song–“Wunderkind” just dragged on and on and brought the energy down completely from Nickleback and Avril, neither of whom I’m a fan of but were appropriate and logical choices, as was Hedley, who is big in Canada. Simple Plan, though, is past its due date. I was surprised they brought Nikki Yanofsky back–she’s so overexposed now. I know Celine couldn’t make it because she’s going through fertility treatments in Brooklyn right now. Tegan and Sara are on tour (not that VANOC would ask them). I thought The Tragically Hip and Diana Krall would be there, and even Shania Twain. Drake, too. But I would have preferred to see The Arcade Fire, The Dears, Metric, Young Galaxy, Stars, Broken Social Scene, Les Breastfeeders (would’ve loved to hear NBC say THAT on the air), Malajube, Jully Black…and what about Loverboy? They’re from Vancouver, too! As is You Say Party! (We Say Die!), though I doubt they (or any of the above, with the exception of Jully Black) would ever receive an invitation anyway.

      • Kevin

        As long as Neil Young is there, all is right with the world.

      • green sleeves

        Honestly, blame CTV. Hedley and Eva Avila’s inclusion was a horrifyingly transparent act of self-promotion that perverted the whole closing ceremony for me. They had no business being on a stage that big, and especially not with Neil mfing Young.

        Would have liked to have seen Arcade Fire, Feist, Wintersleep, Tragically Hip, Joel Plaskett, City and Colour, Matthew Barber/Jill Barber, Sam Roberts Band and Tokyo Police Club. I mean, Simple Plan for Christ’s sake? What a mockery of the Canadian music scene.

      • DrChocolate999

        James, with the K’Naan/Waving Flag comment, you’re a genius. That would have been awesome.

        I don’t know if he would’ve done it though, with is affection for his Somalian heritage. You know what I mean. Still would’ve been spectacular.

      • g

        I think I heard somewhere that K’Naan’s Waving Flag was going to be the World Cup song so maybe they couldn’t use it at the Olympics???? It would have been awesome though.

      • Kyle

        It seemed like some Canadians were missing. I liked the Giant Inflatable Beavers…but I wish that Pamela Anderson came out with them!!!

      • Devon

        I know Celine was asked but turned down VANOC to be a part of the closing ceremonies.
        As for Rush, they have strict requirements when agreeing to play any where, including lighting, sound, stage set up etc… It may have been too much to accommodate them.

      • Nic

        They should have had Sloan!

      • Mrs b

        I was so waiting for Shania as I heard she was hanging around Whistler for the last few days but it didn’t happen. Should have had Celine instead of the French singer “Annie Mae?” as Celine is recognized all over the world. Even as a Canadian and a resident of Metro Vancouver I was a little bored by the end and the athletes looked it too!

      • Canada Boy

        I felt second-hand embarrassed for that line-up, Dosen’t do Canadian music justice. Sam Roberts, Shania Twain, and Arcade Fire would have been a dream. But K-os was good.

      • uncle joe mccarthy

        every music fan knows that canada has much better acts

        and i dont care what rush asked for…they shouldve given everything to them

      • Damion

        What is wrong with you people? Nickelback ROCKED. Avril is one of the best things to emerge from Canada in eons, and has had a #1 album outside of Canada in the last five years. Hedley were AWESOME. Alanis is protentially one of the best exports Canada has EVER produced, also having sold millions on the international market. Simple Plan is one of the best Canadian pop/rock bands of the last ten years.

        They picked amazing people to perform, relevant people to perform, and that is what was important. The Tragically Hip, who just suck period, have never had a hit outside of Canada….cuz they suck. And Neil Young? Yeah, fast-forwarded him real quick.

        It was an awesome evening with awesome, relevant Canadian music acts that reminded the world that yes, everyone, we have music that was #1 in your country, too…and that made the evning a damn proud moment for ALL Canadians.

      • nat

        I totally agree with the comments on here about there are better acts to perform. Although Metric or Tegan and Sara aren’t mainstream enough unfortunately.
        Shania would have been amazing, but she hasn’t performed in many years. And Celine is in the midst of trying to conceive a child. O hwell, it was still fun.

        It wouldn’t be Canadian if it wasn’t a bit dorky!

      • horselovematch

        I loved julia mancuso

      • Tonya

        Horrible musical acts in the closing ceremonies (Neil Young aside), all they ended up showcasing were the crappy bands that play on what is left of the music portion of muchmusic. I’m really hoping that the Canadian artists they really wanted declined to appear and all they were left with was idol rejects and Avril Lavigne singing 4 year old songs. My question to VANOC would be where were Metric, K’naan, Sloan, Feist, BNL, Sam Roberts, OLP & the Tragically Hip?? Or maybe the musical acts were supposed to be a joke too!?

      • FilmJunkie

        Totally! k-os was awesome, but no Diana Krall, Arcade Fire, Tragically Hip? I would have even gone for some David Usher or BNL…hell, Great Big Sea and Bif Naked are better than Simple Plan!

      • Canadian Rose

        I was there for the Closing Ceremonies and couldn’t believe they included Avril (so 2006, when they used her in Torino) and Simple Plan (really?). Shania should have been there, Tragically Hip or BNL are typically Canadian, Jann Arden – while not well know would have doubled for the comedy sections, she’s hillarious! – and K-os should have done Wavin’ Flag as the finally to celebrate the million Canadian flags around the city. Not a big Nickleback fan but they ROCKED IT live. Best performance by far.

    • Bailey

      It’s still better than the crapfest we had in Salt Lake City in 2002, no apologies necessary.

      • James

        That was no crapfest, Bailey. The Salt Lake Olympics were awesome!

    • amj

      Well James and Sara…congrats on a fantastic hockey win! What a great game today! I was just as happy for Canada as I was sad for U.S. Canada really deserved it today and both teams really fought well!

      • CDT

        Yes, Canada, you did deserve the hockey win… so we’ll forgive the closing ceremonies. Besides, we’re just as lame and dorky down here in the USA… that giant beaver was an especially nice touch…

      • amj

        I agree CDT, the beaver was great! And, Bob Costas comment about the beaver was proof how lame and dorky we in the U.S.A. really can be…how funny! My husband and I laughed and laughed. (see #33). So funny!

      • chelle belle

        The beaver was awesome. Never tire of them, especially being from the Beaver State (Oregon) here in the US. Oh the jokes that are told here…

      • Kyle

        I know I said something similar above, but I really wish the Giant Inflatable Beavers came out with Pamela Anderson!!!

      • Kyle

        I know I said something similar above, but I really wish the Giant Inflatable Beavers came out with the original Giant Inflatable Beaver from Canada…Pamela Anderson!!!

      • Kyle

        Sorry for repeating…something is wrong with my internet connection. I’ll stop now.

      • James

        Well, it’s nice to know we can stand tall with our American cousins in dorkiness. And thanks for giving us a game for the ages -your silver medal has a lot of gold in it.

    • JM

      We do say “we’re sorry” a lot, don’t you think…?

      • Von Raschke’s Claw

        Well, we should definitely apologize for putting Green Day wannabes Simple Plan on, and then we should hang our head in shame for putting Simple Plan wannabes Hedley (Why The Face?!!!?) on during the closing ceremony when millions are watching. We had to hand back 5 gold and 3 silver medals just to atone.

      • Myrna

        My boyfriend is Canadian and every other word out of his mouth is “sorry,” I swear to God. Except he really does say it “soary” so it makes me laugh.

      • megh202

        Yes we do… but I like it and am proud of it. I’m SORRY but I am. ;)

    • Elizabeth

      Its the Olympics… I think “hokey” is always implied when it comes to Opening/Closing ceremonies.

      Shaky start, but a brilliant finish. Congrats to Canada and the rest of the IOC for a great job.

    • aitzko

      I love that as a Canadian, you feel you need to apologize for the closing ceremonies…personally, I’d like to thank you, profoundly, from the bottom of my heart for the giant inflatable beaver. Go Canada!

    • Gill

      i agree that sucked!!! The whole shatner,O’hara,Fox thing was badly conceived and written. Alanis????what song was that? The only thing that had any sort of energy or humour was the Michael Buble thing-he’s so cheeky and good humoured it was nice change from the otherwise degrading events- and the ending????Also next time you see Buble just think of what Jay Onrait(CTV co-host for the olympics)calls him-Bubs(pronounced Boobs)I kept thinking that the whole time he was on -only time I smiled thru the show. Again, sorry sorry sorry!

    • ks

      It was quite interesting-oh my. didn’t mind the stars but the Vegas style number was over the top.

      • sonja

        That was the point. The theme for the night was humor. I found it very funny and entertaining. The flying moose and Buble’s tear-away mountie uniform still makes me giggle thinking about it.

    • Rock Golf

      The sequence of acts in the closing musical party just baffled me. The “opening act” was Nickelback, who, regardless of how some people feel about them are right now the biggest rock act on the face of God’s green earth.
      You then go to progressively more obscure acts until the final act, normally the biggest name or draw, is a bunch of people making drum noises using trash.
      Even the selections by the artist seemed a bit strange. Nickelback played the theme to Monday Night RAW, Alanis performed a song 99% of people who bought Jagged Little Pill never heard of. k-os should have played “Sunday Morning”. Hedley went the ironic route, singing “Cha-Ching” – a song about pseudo-celebrities who get 15 minutes of fame on TV and are never heard of again. Nice touch, Jacob!

      • Wil

        Well for one, U2 is the biggest rock act on the face of God’s green earth and if you need proof, just look at the 360 Tour that’s going on… secondly, I’m so over Jagged Little Pill. Wonderful album, wonderful era, but guess what? Every time she sings at a big event it has to be from JLP-so people pigeonhole her and say there’s nothing that happened afterwards like she didn’t exist…and when she finally sings something (that actually suits the mood more than any of the other song choices) people complain about it…I don’t understand…

      • Rock Golf

        Sorry, Wil, (you can tell I’m Canadian, right?) in terms of touring, you are correct. But in album sales worldwide, Nickelback is in a league of their own in the past 10 years.

      • Wil

        Well, seeing how they kinda started around 10 years ago, and probably because the majority of the world has the mental depth of a bird bath, you’re right, they have been selling-out for a while now–probably around $30 million if I had to guess, but I’m still sure that U2 has that matched. Their total estimated sales is around $150 million and from the 150 million around 25-33 million is from the last decade. One of their best-sellers sold 12+ million in 2001, in 2004, another 10+ million, and the new one just came out a few months ago and has already sold 3 million…I’m not really a huge U2 fan but I still think that they have been for a long time and still will be the biggest band around for a while. As for the biggest thing in Canada, one of the biggest acts right now, I’ll give it to you (Begrudgingly) but I still see U2 as the big kahuna atm.

      • carmen

        Acts were planned largest to smallest, beginning with Neil Young, on purpose..think about it…it’s not a concert5 where you want the venue packed before the headline comes on, it’s already packed (being that it is a closing ceremonies and not a concert afterall).

        By having the biggest act on first, those that were there for the ceremonial parts got to see the biggest artist first and then leave early. They were able to leave gradually, reducing congestion and even more moaning about disorganization than we see in this thread.

        If they were forced to hang around all night just to see Neil Young there would have been a lot more complaints I’m sure.

        As far as Alanis, I too liked that she didn’t rehash Jagged Little Pill for this, that would have been bashed even more by people with nothing else to do but be miserable.

        Nickleback? Well they do sell albums and I can see why they were billed; I just took slow, deep breaths until it was over.

        Powerful marketing machines and music full of hooks doesn’t make them good ‘artists’ though, we shouldn’t get talent and marketing confused, as many youth seem to do so easily, thus the targeting.

        All in all, an incredible games, despite minor hiccups, and a fantastic global showcase for Canada and our athletes.

        This is the third Winter Olympics I’ve personally been able to attend and, by far, the best yet.

      • Wil

        @ Carmen: AMEN.
        I really wished I could’ve substituted The Arcade Fire for Nickelback… I was watching it the whole time thinking “People…enjoy this? This hurts me something fierce in the ears…” lol

      • Damion

        Wil, you’re an idiot. First off, U2’s last album didn’t sell very much…Nickelback is a bigger act. And what has “Jagged Little Pill” got to do with Alanis and her performance last night? That album came out 14 years ago, and is not even her best album! Why would she do a song from an old album when she can look forward. She was absolutely brilliant last night, and made me beam with pride.

    • Leigh

      Oh dear God, me too. Just as Michael Buble came out in the Mountie uniform, I said to everyone in the room, “Just you watch Nickelback and Avril Lavigne will be out at any moment,” and they did! As a Canadian, these closing ceremonies were embarrassing.

      • teresa

        No they were not.

    • Kristi

      Where was Great Big Sea? They are one of the biggest bands in the country. Not to mention the Hip, Sloan, the New Pornographers and pretty much every artist that people here have already listed.

      • Amy

        New Pornographers are teh awesome

      • carmen

        I find it funny how people expect acts to be booked like they are part of a jukebox playlist.

        Having booked many artists at Expo86, I can tell you that availability, rehearsals, management, travel and individual contracts aren’t as easy to work around as people seem to think.

        You can’t just pick anyone you want and keep everyone happy, as is proven here time and time again. Many artists declined due to lip synching, which is IMPERATIVE these days for almost all live TV broadcasts. Even those that sing live in the venue are often piped in, prerecorded, for the TV broadcast to reduce the possibility technical difficulties. A microphone picks up the BC Place echo and makes a TV broadcast sound like its underwater, even through a sound desk.

        Why wasn’t the Vancouver Symphny on the stage? Because they declined having ‘performers’ in their place at the venue, playing to their prerecorded music.

        Organizers went over all this in a pre-Olympic press conference too.

        No matter who was there, people will whine that their favorite artist wasn’t.

        Canadians like to say ‘sorry’ a lot, but perhaps that’s because they also like to whine a lot too.

      • Edmonton Girl

        Carmen, you are right on. These performers that are being mentioned are groups and people I would have liked to see as well, but I also expect that many of them are touring or had other commitments. Some people just like to find things to complain about – I am happier when I focus on things I did like (I loved that they dragged out every stereotype the world has about us.) The only thing missing for me was Monty Python’s Lumberjack song, but can you imagine what people would have made of that???

    • Annie

      I was miffed they did not have an official “goodbye” from NBC… I slept through the Marriage Ref. That was a joke. And yes, the closing ceremony was not that exciting.

      • April C

        That is exactly how I felt. First the usual NBC opening was ditched due to the untimely death of an athlete (understandable), and then there is no ending at all! Just a quick cut to the Marriage Ref and some promise to back later for more of the show? As a long-time Olympic Junkie, I NEED those moments. Bob usually says goodbye and that he will see us again at the next Olymic Venue, and gives a countdown. SAD!!

    • David

      James, you are sorry??? Apologize for something worthwhile, but apologize for this. I am a proud Canadian, and it was a great closing ceremony. Humour, man! Humour!

    • Damion

      There was NOTHING to apologize…the closing ceremonies were SPECTACULAR! Made me even a prouder Canadian watching them. Canada is probably the only country in the world that proudly pokes fun at itself, and that’s one of the things that makes us the greatest nation on earth.

      • sonja


      • Katiecat

        Thanks, man – there is some mean spirited bashing going on here, you helped take the ‘ouch’ out of it.

    • teresa

      What are you apologizing for? The closing ceremonies were awesome, funny, poignant, sometimes boring with the protocol, but I loved the whole thing.

    • Edmonton Girl

      I am also a proud Canadian and I liked the closing ceremonies. I thought they were lots of fun and I loved most of the guests – Neil Young in particular. And I always get a huge charge out of William Shatner. And Michael J. Fox looked healthy and strong – I am so glad he made it.

  • jordan

    ridiculous, crazy but all told a truly canadian way to send off the games. GO CANADA GO!

    • Tom Strong

      William Shatner, Catherine O’Hara, Michael J Fox….ALL FLED CANADA DECADES AGO!

      What great examples of famous Canadians! They prefer the USA!

      • meepisces

        I wouldn’t say they PREFER the USA, but if you want to be a “star” that’s where you have to go, it seems.

      • a

        Right….thats why they all came to support CANADA

      • Trent

        They work there numb nuts. Grab a clue.

      • Alan of Montreal

        I think Catherine O’Hara still has a home in Toronto, though. I thought Jim Carrey might show up. I wonder what would’ve happened if they got Russell Peters

      • Celimene

        Ah, Russell Peters would have been pure win. And Catherine O’Hara will forever be awesomely Canadian for SCTV. She has no need to prove her Canada cred to anyone.

      • Aussie

        Well of course William Schatner left Canada…Canada is only for nice people

      • bootsycolumbia

        I was really hoping for Russell Peters. I watched the whole closing ceremonies in hopes that he’d make an appearance, but…no.

      • Willowbysam

        If you want to make it in show business you have to go to the States. I don’t think they prefer it there, I mean really can you name 5 Canadian movies? Of those 5, how many did you pony up money to go and see in the cinema? I thought the closing ceremonies were funny, funny and funny. Only in Canada can you sing a song like “Burn it to the Ground” in front of millions and know everything will be okay in the morning.

      • green sleeves

        No, you don’t. Look at Sarah Polley.

      • justjack

        @Willowbysam – “Jesus of Montreal”. OK, I can only name one movie but yeah, I paid money to see it in a theater and it was great. Also wasn’t “The Sweet Hereafter” Canadian?

      • Damion

        Yeah, no one prefers the US over Canada unless you’re from the US and don’t know any better…duh. We are the true land of the free, with far less racism, gun control, universe healthcare, equal marriage… Anyone who is Canadian will proudly state it whereever they go. Can’t say that about Americans who pretend they’re Canadians when they go abroad to avoid any conflict!

      • teresa

        They are actors. Actors go to California or New York. That’s where the action is. They haven’t forgotten their roots.

  • matt

    Clearly, the self-deprecating humor was extended to the hilariously stereotypical musical choices… No Tragically Hip? For shame!

    • Maggie25

      Tragically Hip would have been just as stereotypical as the other ones… if not more so. Not that I wouldn’t rather have seen them than most of the others.

      • green sleeves

        Nah, would have loved to see them perform Nautical Disaster. That song is a Canadian gem.

      • jason.

        And I would’ve loved to’ve heard “Fireworks”…”If there’s one goal everyone remembers, it was back in ’72″…

  • Stuart

    I agree, the musical acts were a tad lame. But I thought the rest of was exaggerated silly and Awesome. It was fun, lighthearted and friendly, especially in contrast to the very serious and cold Russian preview. Overall Success in my mind.

  • Orac

    The only thing I hated about the closing ceremonies was anything having to do with NBC. Tape delayed, inane commentary, and interruption for that stupid, stupid new show of theirs which bumped the end of the ceremony out of prime time and into late night. NBC, you stink on ice!

    Otherwise, nice job Canada! See y’all at the Stampede!

    • Lisa Simpson

      I was confused by that. I was watching the ceremonies and suddenly anew show was on. I wasn’t interested in it, so I went to bed and read.

      • Fish Gordon

        Wow, Ive heard horror stories about the NBC Olympic coverage- but thats just pathetic!

      • ks

        So it just wasn’t me. How lame was that.

    • ChrissieK

      Thank you, thank you, thank you…NBC couldn’t be any lamer and what ticket me off…they did not show the flame winding down and going out…nope we had to watch Neil Young the whole time. Stoopid. But Thank You Canada, it was awesome and you did GOOD!! Love ya always.

    • sww

      I taped the closing ceremonies to watch this afternoon. OR SO I THOUGHT. I had no idea that NBC would cut up the ceremonies and only taped until 10:30. What a terrible choice for them to make. And I am not the only one that did that….. UGH

    • kelkel

      I was so thankful that here on the US/Canadian border we’re able to get CTV which meant we did not have to suffer through the pathetic NBC coverage. I thought the closing ceremony was a real hoot!

    • teresa

      You have to watch all the Olympics on the Canadian TV channel. They do an awesome job and show lots of things that NBC doesn’t cover.

  • JD

    Yeah, the musical acts were somewhat weak – we have better.
    Shatner, Michael J Fox, Catherine O’hara were kinda funny.
    And you can never have too much Lindseycam…

    • SRB

      You may think you have better – you certainly have more. But in Canada, we have plenty of quality musical acts. Mostly none of which you saw last night, for which I apologize. Sam Roberts, Sloan, Tragically Hip, Arcade Fire… they are all crazy good Canadian bands that should have represented us. Unfortunately, we all had to endure Simple Plan’s whiny, pansy-ass music, which does no Canadians justice.

  • Stephen

    We should have had Arcade Fire representing Quebec…or BSS…serious musical talent not Nickelcrack or Avril….still a memorable games..especially last 3 days! GO CANADA GO!!

    • a

      Why do we need anyone “representing Qubec”, none of the other provinces had to be “represented” like that. With the games in Vancouver there shouldn’t have even been ANY French, but that would have really gone over well with all the frogs…

      • Ella War Eye

        Except for the fact that French is an official language of the IOC, and every Olympics is announced first in French, regardless of the host country.

      • Big Dave

        Yeah, because it’s not like any French-speaking athletes actually played for Canada, or anything, or even won any medals.

        I’d call you a fool, but I don’t want to insult the intellectually challenged.

      • a

        My point is Qubec and french Canadians always bitch and moan and the rest of the country just gives them what ever the hell they want. After the opening ceremonies “there wasn’t enough French”, so John Furlong attempts to read his speech in French, it’s bulls—

      • Big Dave

        Yup. I was right. It would be an insult to fools to call you one.

      • idiots

        Quebec does not need special representation just because they have athletes from there.

      • idiots

        Then again if that special rep. was Marianne St. Gelais that would be a different story.

      • Tuzo

        I guess you can tell The Olympics is over when all of this stuff pops up again. :/ It was nice while it lasted.

      • subarcticjoe

        Seriously “a”? why don’t you go back to the hole you crawled out of… Vive le Canada!!

      • Big Jack

        @”a”, Big Dave and other Quebec “admirers” – the first gold medal for Canada was won by a Quebecer, Alexandre Bilodeau and the Short Track speed skaters who are primarily from Quebec won 2 golds, 2 silvers and a bronze medal. So fools, intolerance and ignorance prevail yet again with your unknowing help. Such a pity for a Canada with such a wondrous moment of shared triumph to enjoy. Just in case you don’t know – the French is – C’est dommage.

      • jared4ever

        You’re an idiot. Canada is a Bilingual country. That means french AND english. Of course they should both be heard.

      • Bebe

        The Olympics always make announcements in French. Whether they’re in China or the US or Italy. Cool your jets.

    • Willowbysam

      I really don’t understand all the resentment towards Nickleback and Avril. Nickleback had the best selling album by a group last year so someone has to buying their albums. Did you see the Asian atheletes dancing to Avril? I think they based their choices on international appeal. You can’t rip on the organizers for that, it is not their fault. Internationally David Hasselhoff is huge singing star… ’nuff said!

      • Ron

        I agree, the musical acts weren’t for us, they were for the athletes, to have a good time.

      • Lynn

        Good point. The Tragically Hip are beloved in Canada, but only Canada. Still would have loved to see Arcade Fire though.

    • Wil

      I would’ve loved to see the Arcade Fire perform…especially instead of Nickelback and Simple Plan…

  • bruno

    “here we have the always enjoyable giant inflatable beaver”.thank you bob costas, cuz what else do you say really?….and no rush? no hip? no CELINE??? no SHANIA??? come. on.

    • CANADA

      I think they tried to get Celine, but she turned them down…so we ended up with a few unknown crappy artists…

      • Von Raschke’s Claw

        Actually, Nickleback, Simple Plan and Hedley are known to be crappy.

      • you win


    • gigi

      Yeah, they should of gotten Shania!! Canada, I consider you not only my neigbor to the north, but a friend. So as a friend I can say the closing ceremony kinda sucked. Opening Ceremony good. Closing…not so good.

      • jason.

        I’d’ve rather had Blue Rodeo or Terri Clark (sp?).

    • Jennifer

      I am sorry to miss the giant inflatable beaver, though.

    • Jimbo


      • G.I.B.

        You definitely have to give props about waxing on a giant inflatable beaver….. Costas rules!

  • a

    Dear USA,
    I love how you are telling Germany to “eat it” because you got more medals, but according to the IOC’s medal table CANADA was on top with 14 Golds, SO EAT IT USA!!!!!!!
    Also, why do you insist on using Apolo Ohno as your poster boy after what he pulled in his last race, he is a douche.

    But I do agree with you on the musical acts, god damn Qubec got the best of the ceremonies with those last few acts (I am for BC and didn’t know who the hell they were!)

    • Amanda

      What exactly did he pull in his last race? He did nothing wrong. He’s a great athlete with a fantastic record that anyone would be proud of.

      • a

        He pushed another racer and got disqualified, then tried to say that the judge was favouring the Canadian athletes. That is just bad sportsmanship, not something to be proud of!!!

      • Amanda

        Speed skating is a physical sport, and I saw so many people do the same thing. Some were disqualified, some weren’t. It’s subjective. Apollo was DQed because that guy fell. The same thing happened to Apollo in an earlier race, but since he didn’t fall, the guy didn’t get the DQ.

      • Theo

        But yet no gold like he promised. He’s washed up. Sorry I’m American and I even know that. I’m proud of Shaun,Bode,Lindsey and our bobsled team.

      • Amanda

        Washed up? Three medals is washed up? That’s all kinds of ridiculous. Sure, no gold, but considering there are entire countries with less medals than him, I’d say he did pretty well. Let’s not forget how many people he had to beat just to make it to the qualifying rounds. I think we have different definitions of washed up.

      • green sleeves

        I felt it extremely unsportsman-like for him to imply that the Canadian ref favoured the Canadian skaters. Firstly, if he really felt he had a case, he’d have filed an official protest, which he will not do. Secondly, it was ungracious and made him look like a sore loser. Yet, all we hear is how classy he’s supposed to be. Come on. The classy thing would have been to say nothing to the media with regards to the DQ.

      • Big Jack

        Apolo Ohno touched the back of the Canadian skater, Francois-Loius Tremblay clearly visbible on the replay. But Hamelin [the Canadian winner], touched the Korean, and just before he fell – clearly visible on a second camera replay shown after the race. Either both or none should have been disqualified. Also like in hockey and most other sports, the Canadian referee should have been replaced by another judge from a neutral[non participating] country.

      • z

        @Theo: Apolo never promised any gold medals (pretty hard to do considering how dominant the Koreans are in short track typically), so to win medals period is a great accomplishment and washed up is not a term that apllies to him. As for the bumping/contact, well, that’s the nature of this sport either fortunately/unfortunately deping how you look at it, because like Big Jack said, Hamelin was clearly shown touching/nudging the Korean skater on replay and I beleive that Ohno was nundged by Tremblay in a previous race in which could’ve been the difference between gold/bronze… In any event, ST skating is an exciting and frustrating sport to watch…

      • zoot

        I think Trembly was going down on his own anyway and when he knew he wasn’t going to medal..took the fall from Apolo’s “push”..Apolo said Trembly was falling and he put his hand out to stabilize so he wouldn’t fall with him. But they make it out like he was pushed. Watched the replay in slo-mo over and over again. And YES..Hamelin interfered with the Korean, but no call on that!

      • carmen

        Zoot you are confused. Frame by frame replays prove that the Korean skater was already well off of his edge and falling by the time Tremblay touched him.

    • Lee Harvey

      Don’t be an a-hole. The Olympics are supposed to bring us together.

      • Tom Strong

        Canadians still have to wake up tomorrow and continue to live in Canada! I wouldn’t wish that on the farking Russians.

        Canada…America’s Hat

      • a

        Ya your right I would much rather live in a country with an obesity epidemic, a sinking economy and shitty healthcare….

      • Danny

        Enjoy your F*%#$* hurricane’s Tom Strong, I’d rather live in a safe country where the life expectancy is 81 to your meansily 72. Seems it must be stressful living in a country where everyone wants to sue each other. AND good luck with your hurricanes.

      • Maggie

        this was a night to bring all the countries together to celebrate what has happened over the last 17 days, and your comments kinda make me want to vomit. yes, apolo got disqualified, but your guys won!! he didn’t whine like plushenko did, he didn’t agree with the outcome, but he accepted it. I’m happy to have him as a representative of US winter Olympians.

        yeah, we got the most medals, but we medaled in sports where we hadn’t had a lot of success before (bobsled, ice dance, nordic combined), and that’s something that we’re excited about, so let us be excited, just like you guys are excited about winning 14 golds. instead of being a jerk and complaining about ohno, look at how well North America as a continent did, 63 medals!! that’s something to be proud of.

      • Canuck

        You guys are so funny… I love it!!!
        Tom Strong? more like Tom Weak !
        GO CANADA GO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • CDT

        All you guys are hilarious. Yay Canada, Yay USA. Now let’s go kick some Commie Russian Ass in 2014.

      • amj

        Well said Maggie!!!!!

      • chixdiggit

        Both a and Tom Strong prove that there are trolls on both sides of the border.

        And before my fellow Cdns start in on our American friends, I think you need to be reminded that the US was our BIGGEST SUPPORTER for these games. If you need to focus your anger on something, focus it on the British press who ripped these games to shreds. But I know that disparaging the British in Canada is akin to punching a baby so I doubt that will happen.
        Congratulations, USA on a great performance.

      • anonymous

        A, you are either a troll or a child. Either way you need to grow up.

    • K

      He didn’t PULL anything. He barely touched the guy; only because the athlete fell that it went against Apollo.

      He deserved to be the flag bearer as the most decorated Winter Olympian.

      • a

        He was in last place and choice to be a poor loser by knowly pushing another racer, then complain to the judge. If you want him as your flag bearer, knock yourself out!!!

      • Tom

        I’d be embarrassed to have him as the flag bearer. What a joke, he belongs on the DWTS cast with the rest of the weirdos.

      • green sleeves

        I didn’t have a problem with his race, but found his implication to the media that the Canadian ref favoured the Canadian skaters shameful. Why has he not officially protested his DSQ if he felt so surely that he was treated unfairly?? There IS a process in place for that happen, and it says a lot that he hasn’t used it.

    • p


      • LOL


      • Lisa

        US hockey team ALMOST ate up your team…you beat the team predicted to come in fourth in overtime of the medal game and lost to them in the prelims. You nearly had to change the color of the medals on your giant hockey players at the closing ceremony to silver. CONGRATS to you but it was too close for gloating.

      • chixdiggit

        P – you’re a twit
        It was a fantastic game and congrats to the US on the silver.

    • Are you for Real?

      @ a — Wow, you are being quite aggressive. Can’t we just be happy for both Canada and the U.S. I watched that tape of Apolo Ohno and his DQ’d race about 10 times and it appears that the gold medalist also pushed someone and was not DQ’d. Watch it again, it’s pretty clear. It’s a push! They should have both been DQ’d.

      • Dave

        Exactly! The calls on interference were highly subjective, like most judging. At least Apolo just politely disagreed, but accepted the judgment, unlike the Russian whiners who acted like 5-year olds.

    • kc

      Eat it USA? Really? Congrats on winning 14 Gold medals but hold your horses there buddy. USA destroyed Canada during the 2008 Summer Olypmics. USA 36 Gold medals, overall 110 medals. Canada 3 Gold medals, overall 19 medals. Ouch! Even Ethiopia had more gold medals then you! Maybe you guys should invest some money in you summer sports?

      • Canada

        Yeah, we’re proud of the 14 gold, but come on Canadians – eat it USA? Um, they still beat us in medal count… hardly a triumphant victory. Besides, I never saw it as a competition with the States; I was just happy we did so well on the world stage!

      • Lynn

        It’s difficult to compare to the ‘success’ of the U.S. and their medal count given the population they have to draw their athletes from. Canada has a population equivalent to the state of California, as do many other countries (or even less). Think about it.

      • Not a Mouse

        @kc…I understand your distaste for the “Eat it USA” comment…but you don’t know that it was a Canadian that made that comment. Your reply was not thought out.

      • Carlos

        You’re right Lynn. USA has a much bigger population to draw from. All that snow from Florida and Alabama really give us an advantage year round.

    • Lisa

      I’d prefer to be happy that USA won the overall medal count and Canada the gold and both set records, than to be hateful.

    • Mama Rose

      Plus, the guy that won gold in that race also “pushed” someone, and he happened to be Canadian, and didn’t get DQ’d by the Canadian judge, so Ohno had a point, but really he was pretty good-natured about it. It’s the nature of the sport.

  • elia1981

    Was it really necessary for NBC to show “The Marriage Ref” on the final night of this event that has dominated their networks over the past two weeks? I know that they were lame, but one would think that NBC would want to milk the Olympics for all that they are worth(before we are jolted back to the reality of how pathetic most of their primetime lineup really is).

    • Yann

      I guess they thought they had a winner on their hands. They’re desperate at this time.

  • Amanda

    Anyone else feel bad for the US hockey team who had to listen to repeated reminders that they’d lost? I mean, I get the need to celebrate, but when people are trying to have a good time and celebrate the games, it’s gotta be a downer to have it thrown in your face especially when the wound is still fresh. To quote my new favorite person Chris Plys, “this was the olympic closing ceremonies not the canadian after party.”

    • The Great White North

      It was not the Canadian after party, it was the world’s after party and it just so happened that Canada won the most golds, including beating the USA in hockey. Also, I was in the states when Canada lost to the US last weekend and I have never seen more rude behavour towards me and other Canadians, so now that we have won GOLD I am throwing it in all of your faces you cocky Yankee bastards!!!!!!!!

      • Tom Strong

        Canada…America’s Hat

      • Amanda

        The Olympics are about sportsmanship and unity. I’m sure both Americans and Canadians can be rude and cocky when it comes to sports, but when it’s the closing ceremony, it’s not supposed to be about one country. It’s a party for everyone to celebrate the past few weeks and the athletes that competed. I felt so bad for the hockey team having to listen to gloating when they too wanted to just enjoy the final night. Canada totally has the right to celebrate their win, but there’s a time and a place for it.

      • U

        USA=Canada’s jock strap

      • Tim Stronger

        America…Canada’s commode.

      • Canuck


      • Curious

        BTW, just who was that obnoxious American athlete who felt it was necessary to attempt a chant of “U.S.A.,U.S.A” while Neil Young was singing?

      • Tom

        This is exactly the reason why my opinion of Canadians has gone down the toilet. Sad to know that the stereotype of the “ugly American” now applies to 2/3rds of the continent. Way To Go Vancouver!

    • Deana

      Yes Tom. Because the hat is where the brains are. And Amanda … really? Like the rest of the world hasn’t been listening to the obnoxious braying of Americans over their medal haul for the past two weeks. So unsportsmanlike. Not as fun when the show is on the other foot, though.

      • Amanda

        I will fully admit that I’m a proud American, and yeah, we can get obnoxious. We’re proud and patriotic. Honestly though, it’s different when it’s something like the closing ceremonies. I don’t care if every Canadian is in the streets yelling and celebrating. They can do so for the next week if they want. Throw an actual Canadian after party. Heck, throw it in front of the USA house. Good on you but not at the closing ceremonies. That’s different.

      • a

        See the thing is I don’t even think we were having that much of a “Canada After Party”, and if there was no partying at the closing cerimonies then it would really be boring now wouldn’t it?? So let it go Amanda, we don’t often yell and scream about our country – but we are tonight!!

      • Amanda

        Eh, I’ll let it go. I just wanted to post my opinion on the matter. I don’t even watch hockey. I’m from the south, so a game played on ice is kinda ridiculous to me.

      • Deb

        Ooohhhh, Amanda’s from the SOUTH…….that explains a LOT. Hard to comprehend complex things like hockey when you’re diddling blood relatives. Sorry about that, Amanda.

      • Niix Starkyller

        I am Canadian … and, by geez, give Amanda a break. She stated her opinion in a reasonable and non-inflammatory manner. She’s entitled to her opinion without being lumped in as a ‘Yankee Bastard’, the ‘obnoxious braying’, and some ridiculous stereotype of ‘diddling relatives’. Poor form, fellow Canucks. Poor form.

      • Wil

        Deb, you’re a freakin’ moron. Better check your ancestry because from the way you’re portraying yourself right now, you seem like the product of “Blood relative diddling.”

      • Fifi

        Wow all you guys sure know how to kill a buzz with obnoxious arrogance and xenocentrism. You must all be a joy at a party. Congrats, USA… Congrats, Canada… congrats to everyone who participated, fun Olympics and SOME of us enjoyed them in the spirit in which they were originally intended

    • Ryan

      No it was great to see the USA Men’s hockey team cry like the women’s team did. We canucks loved it.

      • Jenn

        Wow! Great sportsmanship. Way to show your class. But then a country who would be okay with their woman’s hockey team drinking beer and smoking on the ice. I guess that should be expected.

      • Really?

        Really? It is hard to believe that the women would want to celebrate after winning the Olympic Gold medal. Fans had left, nobody was around…but yet the Americans need to make a huge deal out of it.

      • Canada

        wow Jenn… women were drinking beer? And smoking? Oh for shame!! Give me a break. I’m not for gloating over the wins or anything (happy to win, but agree shoving it in the other team’s face is unsportmanslike), but lighten up. Your puritanical roots are showing.

      • Jenn

        Canada, how do you know what roots I have?? You assume something you know nothing about. I don’t care that woman smoke and drink. However, there is a time and place for everything. Really? If no one was around then how did the pictures get posted?

      • Damion

        Um, what’s wrong with women smoking and drinking beer? Did I miss something? I’ll be sure to tell my buddy who walked away with GOLD that someone thinks there is something wrong with her smoking and drinking beer….LOL

    • Pat

      Canada is like a loft apartment above a really great party.

      • Deana

        Yawn. Again with the apartment above the party joke; and about a million more times with the “America’s hat” joke. It’s pretty clear to the world which North American country is funny …. and here’s a hint: it’s not you. Time for some new material. And as for who knows how to party, apparently you missed the last two weeks.

      • Damion

        Yep, more countries participated in this Olympics than any other…why? Because it was Canada. If we are Amercia’s hat, it’s certain that we’re a really damn fine hat, seeing everyone in the world loves us…the same cannot be said for what’s below the hat ;)

    • green sleeves

      When you host the Olympics, you can have a great big ol’ Stars and Stripes bash.

      • carmen

        Huh? THEN they can have a big stars and stripes bash?

        You mean like they do on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday….

      • Deana

        Carmen, we’re not talking about Dancing with the Stars. :D

    • Damion

      Um, Canada won Hockey Gold on Canada soil and won the most gold in Olympic history…it was INDEED OUR AFTER-PARTY. Regardless, both the US hockey teams showed horrible unsportman-like behaviour after both games instead of being proud of what they had accomplished, so I had no pity for them anyway. We rocked on our home soil and the rest of the world was undoubtedly happy for us. Maybe US athletes should learn something from that.

    • Jaycee

      Surely you’re not going to try to tell us that if the games were in the US and the US hockey team won, there wouldn’t be something said about the win a mere 2-3 hrs after it happened.

  • gerritv

    NBC has just created another ‘Heidi moment’ in sports broadcasting history by interrupting the Closing Ceremonies to broadcast their despicable show called ‘The Marriage Ref’! Segue to hell.

    Epic Fail for NBC. Probably lost a lot of good cache gained over the course of the Olympic broadcasts.

    • HA HA

      NBC b l o w s

      • Tyrone

        And so does the US hockey team. WOOHOO CANADA!!

      • Amanda

        Sigh, I guess there goes all that “unity” the Olympics are supposed to promote. Lol, for a second there, I’d almost bought all that talk about all Canadians being gracious, polite people. Glad to know that dbags are a global phenomenon.

      • TK

        Don’t be such a sourpuss, Amanda. I’m a Canadian currently in the US and I got an insane amount of ribbing (some good-natured, a lot of it just plain mean and unnecessary) last Sunday when our boys lost to Team USA. You know that if it had been the other way around, the “CANADA SUCKS” comments would have never stopped for the next four years, on every single American media comment board.

      • Canada

        Yeah Amanda, did you ever actually believe all Canadians were polite and gracious? Of course d-bags are a global phenom. Course, hope you aren’t basing your opinion of Canadian people on a message board, cause I’m willing to bet you wouldn’t want foreign posters to judge all Americans based on what they read on an EW message board. This is where the crazies come to play (myself included).

    • Lisa Simpson

      And without any transition. it just started while I was waiting for the next part of the ceremonies. It just…stopped.

  • hooves04

    They picked acts tonight that the international athletes would recognize. It wasn’t about the Canadian/North American feel. They wanted musicians that people from outside our great continent would recognize.

    • Alan of Montreal

      I bet you anything that CTV had a hand in it, though. Hedley? Eva Avila? Not known internationally at all, but featuring contestants from Canadian Idol–a CTV show.

      • BB

        They may not be know internationally, but in any olympic opening/closing cermonies there are performers from that country, reflective of that nations preferences, and many of us here love Hedley, and many other talented Canadian performers who may not be popular in the eyes of the rest of the world. Not every performer in the world needs to be popular in the US to be validated.

      • green sleeves

        OMG YES. I’m sorry, but Hedley and Eva Avila??? That was inexcusable. If they wanted to showcase Canadian music that isn’t particularly well known outside the country, how do the Canadian Idol contestants get to the top of that list??? THEY DON’T. CTV can kiss my ass. I cannot wait until the CBC gets the broadcasting rights back.

  • Paul

    Of all the hit songs that Alanis could sing, she had to go with an unknown. If she wanted to do a slow one, why not “Head Over Feet”? “Ironic” would’ve been a funny song to perform too.

    And yes, as a Canadian myself, I apologize for the lameness of our closing ceremony. I was hoping for a fireworks extravaganza, but I guess it cost them a lot to pay those artists to perform that they didn’t have enough for fireworks.

    And yeah, Celine Dion and Shania Twain should’ve been there too.

    And those breakdancing kids… oh man, if they’re the best we got, then I have to say thank goodness we don’t have a Canada’s Best Dance Crew here.

    They should’ve put Mike Myers there to talk as well. Just saying.

    • Fish Gordon

      I was a little surprised that Hedley was included- although I think they had one of the better performances, Avril was lame! its like she was glued to the floor (maybe she cant walk in heels?)
      K-OS was ok,but i thought it an odd choice to end the evening on somewhat of a down note and he is far from a household name. (wouldve loved to hear Neil do ‘keep on rockin in a free world’)
      Not seeing Tragically Hip there was a shame, and Russell Peters wouldve been great-show some of Canada’s diversity!

      • Damion

        Thank GOD Tragically Hip wasn’t there…(please name their last international #1 single….please…try). Avril was AWESOME! Alanis was AWESOME! Nickelback was AWWESOME! Yep, it was a great close to the two weeks, and we have so much to be proud of…and love the fact that intelligent Americans are just happy for us and stupid Americans are lashing out in jealousy and frustration :)

    • Wil

      Yeah, let’s put Alanis up there and make her sing that same song that they’ve made her sing for the last 15 years cause she doesn’t have a whole discography that is exceptional and at times better than JLP to sing. She was awesome, and I love that song “Wunderkind”–it actually related to the event itself more than the random bitching songs from Avril (“Girlfriend,” “My Happy Ending?”…Really?” and @ Nickelback:”Yeah, let’s burn it down tonight with crappy lyrics and stupid fire…”

    • carmen

      th efireworks outside were actually pretty good, NBC missed all but a few of them and CTV was trying to switch back and forth but stilll missed a lot of it.

      The nightly fireworks in False Creek were better though, IMHO.

      Almost forgot, please, sorry.

  • meepisces

    Regarding the Olympic Hymm performance: I was watching the live broadcast on CTV here in Canada, and there was NO lip-sync gaffe. When I switched the channel to the NBC broadcast (which had a time delay) I saw the Ben Hepper performance again & did notice a “glitch” in the song. I can only speculate that the delayed broadcast had an tape/technical error.

    • Tom Strong

      Canada has the worst musical acts. What have they ever done for the world, by the way???

      • a

        Insulin, Basketball, the Telephone, Five Pin Bowling, the Zipper, the Electric Wheelchair, the Ski-Doo, the Electron Microscope, the Blackberry, Lacrosse, Walkie-Talkies, ….

      • whatevs

        Tom, you are so irritating. Don’t project your insecurities onto another country. As an American, I think I’m speaking for most when I tell you to go live somewhere else. Preferably, the ocean.

      • Are you for Real?

        @Tom Strong–you are being kind of a jerk and embarrassing other Americans. Some of us Americans have Canadian friends and consider Canada a friendly border! Please excuse Tom–he is probably a hockey fan still reeling from our loss. Proud to be an American! And, Go Canada!

      • Celimene

        Arcade Fire is one of the worst musical acts? And let us not forget BioWare, the best videogame development house ever. I’m proud to be half-Canadian, Olympics or not!

      • dusen

        I understand Tom’s comments – to a point. We have a great breadth of talent in Canada, musically speaking. However, what always makes it big stateside is junk like Justin Bieber and Nickelback. Appealing to the lowest-common denominator I guess.

      • Lisa Simpson

        As an American, I would like to say that Tom Strong does not speak for any other American but himself. A$$holes happen in all countries. I congratulate Canada on their great Olympics and the performance of their athletes, whether they won a medal or just competed with pride and enthusiasm on their home soil.

      • Dave

        Canada gave the world IMAX, pretty sweet.

      • Mothra

        The time zone, Leonard Cohen, Neil Young,Margaret Atwood, James Cameron,the Canadarm and all the spin off technology from that…

      • mari

        Give Tom Strong a break :D I loved the closing ceremony (even if I’ve never heard of some of them). It was one big party. I was a bit sad that USA lost to Canada but after seeing Ryan Miller at the closing parade I felt better (go Sabres!). Now, enough with the “in your face USA” and “Canada sucks!!” comments :P Let’s get our acts together and make sure we kick more asses in the 2014 Winter Olympics :D

      • tom sawyer

        – duh — @tom strong — hmm let me think…RUSH!

        you are an idiot.

      • Canada

        I like Mari’s comments. Enough of the trash-talk. Go North America!!
        I’d love to slap Tom Strong, but truth be told, there are a lot of Canadian a-holes on this board right now too, and I’m thinking people in glass houses…

      • Damion

        Wow, who is this Tom Strong idiot and can we bottle his amount of ignorance? LOL

      • James

        Wow, Tom Strong, you’re trying to be funny, right? Because I can’t believe there’s someone so lame…

    • carmen

      Of course the CTV boradcast has lip sync. Even VANOC and CTV said it would be long before the ceremony. If you pay attention, the beginning of Buble’s preformance had classic BCPlace echo, when the backdrop fell and he slipped off the mountie uniform, the entire track changed, no more echo, a different dynamics entirely. They will sing live IN BCPlace but the TV feed is prerecorded for continuity of the broadcast, nothing new and it’s no secret, its been that way for 90% of TV broadcasts for almost 10 years bow and doesn’t show anything negative about the artist at all, though so nay who don’t know better hack at the artists for lip syching, as if it’s actually their choice. The VSO turned down the gig because of that too. They simply didn’t want to prerecord tracks and be represented by other musicians on stage.

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