Evan Lysacek on his post-Olympics plans: 'Dancing With the Stars'?

evan-lysacekImage Credit: Scott Halleran/Getty ImagesThe day after Evan Lysacek defeated Yevgeny Plushenko in an Olympic cold war for figure skating gold, we noticed Dancing With the Stars‘ Cheryl Burke tweeting him the suggestion that he join the cast of the show. If you’ve been wondering if he’s game, well…”I would love to try Dancing With the Stars,” he told EW in an email Tuesday. “I was a proud audience member (and cheerleader) as my friends Kristi Yamaguchi and Apolo Ohno danced their way to the mirrorball trophy. All I have heard from everyone that has done the show is what a blast it is. That could be a good way for me to do something extremely challenging, but also fun to celebrate my Olympic win.”

We’re told Lysacek will decide by Friday whether he’ll represent the U.S. at the World Figure Skating Championships next month in Torino, Italy. The next cast of Dancing With the Stars will be announced Monday during The Bachelor finale. Meaningless coincidence? Probably. Dancing With the Stars returns to ABC on March 22, and Lysacek is looking forward to headlining the Stars on Ice tour, which runs April 1 through May 30. (Still, we did a quick check of the Stars on Ice schedule, and only one date, May 10, falls on a Monday — DWTS‘ performance night. Lysacek is a notorious workhorse, and we’ve seen moonlighting contestants before…but there are plenty of Tuesday Stars on Ice dates, which means he’d have to miss DWTS‘ results night. We bet he signs on for a future season.)

More from our email chat with Lysacek:

On his figure skating future: This win has revitalized my passion for skating. I’m so fortunate to be able to do something that I truly enjoy, on a daily basis, and I can’t imagine my life without the structure of daily training and the highs of competition. First and foremost, I am an athlete and always have been. I want to pursue other interests, but I also feel that I still have more to give to a sport that has given me everything. In the whirlwind that has been winning this title, it was getting back on the ice and skating for the first time…feeling the wind in my face, and the smooth glide of my blade that reminded me how I got here, and I’m not ready to say goodbye to that. For now, I will join the cast of Stars on Ice, which will tour the United States. I can’t think of a better way to celebrate this win than out on the ice in front of my friends and fans.”

On his entertainment Must List: “Anything from Quentin Tarantino. Pulp Fiction and Inglorious Basterds…amazing. I watched Kill Bill — Vol. 1 so many times to get pumped up for competition, that I burned out the DVD and had to buy another one. Also, love really mindless movies sometimes…. Kids’ movies are great to balance my mood. I’m a huge music fan. I love my Jay-Z, Black Eyed Peas, and Kanye while training, but at home, I listen to anything from Kaiser Chiefs to Sohodolls. Lately, I’ve been really into Albert Hammond Jr., Passion Pit, and the Handcuffs. Music is such an important tool in my life. Not just because I compete and perform to music on the ice. I also play music all day long and consider it the soundtrack of my life. Most of the time, the music I’m listening to reflects to a T what is happening in my life, and how I’m feeling.”

On possible post-figure skating careers: “I have a lot of other interests…. Movies, design, other sports, literature, photography, fashion, travel, music, etc. But I am the kind of person that likes to sit down and formulate a plan and a course of action before I take my first step in a new direction. I need to find something that gives me the perfect balance of discipline and creativity. I’ve always admired hotel moguls like Andre Balazs, Steve Wynn, and Donald Trump (more real estate than hotel). I also have a true passion for cars…. Since I can remember, I’ve been fascinated by cars and their beauty. Cars to me are the perfect balance of function and design.”

On a possible acting career: “Acting is something I have always been interested in, especially since moving to LA and getting to know so many people within the film and television industry. I think skating is such a unique sport, in the way that the skater has to emote while performing physical skills. As I’ve matured, I’ve taken so much interest and found so much pleasure in studying the roles that I am portraying on the ice. I guess you could say, I really have been trying to act on ice. The fact that I can never use my voice to get an emotion across makes it a challenge, but I have learned to appreciate the language and angle of the body to produce a specific feeling.”

On his favorite roles: “I like interesting roles, and roles with a lot of dialogue. Maybe because my ‘acting’ has no dialogue. I pretty much like any role that really makes you think or feel. Everyone falls in love, everyone has their heart broken, everyone feels struggle, and pain, and triumph. To be able to make an audience member remember the time in their lives that they loved, or cried, or hurt, or won!! That makes your role and the emotion behind it so much more effective. (Speaking as a skater with very little acting experience, but a huge fan of movies and roles.)”

On his IMDB acting credit, “Vladimir Plushenko” in a film titled Great Skate!: “I appeared in a short film, and played a washed-up, alcoholic, chain-smoking Russian skater turned coach. It was a very fun role, and I had no shortage of my own Russian…’experiences’ to bring to the table.”

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  • Zoey

    If anyone should appear on Dancing With The Stars, it should be Johnny Weir. That man is entertainment personified.

  • Emma

    Zoey, I was just thinking that!! Plus, think of the costume possibilities. Please interview him next EW!

  • amy

    I’m still holding out hope for Kurt Browning! He is my all time favorite skater and with his footwork ability on ice I can only imagine what he would do on the dance floor!

    But I’d tune in to see Johnny and/or Evan. Love them both :)

  • JR

    Johnny Weir rules and Evan Lysacek drools. Or something. There’s something about that Evan guy that just makes me sad inside.

    • Kyle

      It’s because Evan is like a robot 95% of the time. He has no personal life, so he puts all his time into skating. His performance was so calculated that there was nothing free about it (the way skating is supposed to be). It’s not like 2006 when the buzz wasn’t on him yet. He was more human than. His elation after winning the gold was the most human he’s appeared in four years because he was genuinely pleased that the work paid off. Eventually he’ll have to realize there’s more to life then hard work though…otherwise he will be sad inside too. Maybe he already is.

  • springs

    I can’t believe he has a girlfriend.

    • Peg

      I was thinking the same thing – he seems to be a bit too sensitive about the subject and in my experience those that are the most homophobic (which he seems to be) are the ones that are protesting a bit too much because they have something to hide. Hmmm, we’ll just have to wait and see.

      • Rebecca

        Supposedly, he’s dating Nastia Liukin, the gymnast. I wouldn’t be surprised if he came out in the next few years. It’s all about endorsements. He wants to appear manly, but he’s not fooling anymone… well, maybe Ms. Liukin.

      • Tyler

        I can’t picture him getting nasty with Nastia. Nastia = beard. Any one notice Evan first started getting scruffy when he was “dating” Tanith. He was always smooth and clean shaven before?

      • gen

        When did he start dating Tanith, 2006? That would make him 20 years old. I know from experience of having two older brothers that beards don’t really exist until after high school for most guys. He was probably only able to grow a decent-looking scruff (not gross patchy goat hair) when he was around 20.

        Do I sound too defensive? Probably because I am! He’s soooooo dreamy….

  • gus

    i would love to see johnny weir on dancing with the stars. i could totally see him partnered with edyta sliwinska

  • val

    He’s a good-looking guy, but the hair is so unfortunate in that photo. It’s bad enough now; imagine how dated it’ll look in 10 years. Do over!

    • Katja

      Yeah…I noticed the utterly heinous hair in that photo. I am doing my best to ignore it. I do kind of wish he’d cut it…but I love him enough that I can overlook it.

  • Katja

    Yes yes yes yes yes would love to see him AND Johnny Weir on DWTS (different seasons, of course). Deep inside, I’d feel guilty that figure skaters have such a dance/choreography advantage over the other contestants and I would grimace during all the “dancing is sooooo different than skating” sound bites…but omg I love them! I love them to the point that they reduce me to actually using “omg”.

  • talkin’

    Vladamir Plushenko! Love it. Gotta see that.

  • J.

    “The fact that I can never use my voice to get an emotion across makes it a challenge.” This is funny because Evan has one of the most monotone voices I’ve heard! I don’t have a piano right now, but I wanted to figure out which note most of his syllables fall on. It’s near the tone most people use when they say “om.” Maybe he’s trained himself to be centered when he speaks that way :P I had to stop watching the extra interviews with him on NBC because his tone was so flat! But I love his medal-winning performances. I will need to check out this movie to see if it changes.

  • Randall Burns

    Evan is a brilliant skater, but Johnny Weir performed just as good if not better. Sometimes I feel he is judged more on what he says and does off the ice. He is truly a wonderful skater and should have at least gotten the bronze. He didn’t make a single mistake and he like Evan, did the triple-triple. His skating is more elegant than Evan’s. I think the skating community should have insisted on an investigation into the judging.

    • Zack

      haha you’re ridiculous if you think Weir was as good as Lysacek.

      Yes, he gets shortchanged because of how he acts, but not enough that he would’ve won otherwise.

      • Emma

        I think overall Weir is better than Lysacek but that was NOT his best performance. He still deserved higher than 6th for it though.

    • Anony

      Judgement regarding his off-ice persona probably cost him one or two places, which sucks. But he still wouldn’t have medaled. He had good level of execution on the long program, but he didn’t have the same degree of difficulty.

  • Erica

    Love Evan and happy he won.

    Johnny’s program wasn’t hard enough to win or get higher then he did — he needed to add harder footwork and HELLO PEEPS he fell out of one of his 3 required spins so he lost points there too. Everything counts he just didn’t have enough stuff to add up in the end.

  • Россиянин

    ты не заслужил эту медаль…

  • kat

    Johnny Weir is a rock star! I know the producers couldn’t pass up Evan, fresh Olympic gold, but Weir has charisma to the n’th degree. Still can’t get over Evan’s orange face in Vancouver…

  • Snowflake

    The U.S.A. Wanted a Man to represent them and Johnny doesn’t qualify.

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