'American Idol' Semifinals (Night Two): How many of the top 12 guys can we send home tomorrow?

Okay, so I know it’s only week one of the American Idol semifinals, and I’m aware that patience is a virtue, but yikes! I’m slightly scared (possibly even scurr’d) that the first 24 performances of season 9 are an omen of 13 long and arduous weeks ahead. [Minor SPOILERS ahead, so west coasters may want to cover their eyes and/or run screaming from the Internet.] I mean, seriously, when the judges are scrambling to heap praise on hapless Alex Lambert — possibly the most petrified Idol contestant since Garrett Haley (click here if you don’t remember him) — you know there’s been trouble in casting paradise. And with Jermaine Purifory, J.B. Ahfua, Angela Martin, and Tasha Layton watching from their couches, is it possible we’ve accidentally stumbled into casting hell?

And yet I know in the back of my brain that we dance this dance every Idol season: Staring deeply into our television sets and wondering “How many seasons can this show sustain before it all goes kaput?” But the cold hard evidence tells us that even standout Idol contestants sometimes need a one-week pass before they really bring the brilliance. Look back at season 7 of Idol: David Archuleta didn’t break out “Imagine” till week two. In season 4, Bo Bice didn’t really look like a true contender till his sophomore effort, the Allman Bros’ “Whipping Post.” Ditto for season 5’s Chris Daugtry, whose maiden voyage of “Wanted Dead or Alive” paled in comparison to his followup, Fuel’s “Hemorrhage (In My Hands).”

So even if the “good” performances tonight lacked the basic snap, crackle, and pop of Allison Iraheta’s “Alone” (yes, I went there, obvs), I need to remind myself to just chillax and repeat my daily anthem: It’s only week one, it’s going to be okay. It’s only week one, it’s going to be okay. It’s only week one, it’s going to be okay.

Of course, if week two is this much of a hot, buttered wreck, then I’m hitting the panic button. What did you think of tonight’s performances? Who was your favorite? Who’s on the chopping block? Post your thoughts below, then come back to EW.com in the morning for my full TV Watch recap. [UPDATE: Check out the full recap here.] And to get all my Idol news and views, follow me on Twitter @EWMichaelSlezak!

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  • beyondinsane

    I’m weeping, watching “We Are the Champions” from the finale last year,and clutching my Kradison CDs.

    I wanted to like someone, anyone, so bad. But ugh.

    • Kaoru

      HEY, BB, ~HEY

      AND MTE!!!!

      • Nshi

        I like corn, but hate asparagus!

    • Sara

      MTE. Every single guy was painful.

      • Mo

        Ha ha, yes, but you guys do remember that last season on the first week (of course, it was a top 36) we had Norman Gentle, Tatiana, Von Smith and Jasmine Murray? You can’t see me, but I’m making a horrified face here.

      • Mo

        Oh, and Alex Wagner-Trugman, he of the bushy eyebrows and crazy looks, too. I really didn’t love anyone today, but little Aaron was better than I expected him to be and I think Lee will be interesting to listen to. Tim needs to go and the judges need to go back to Kris singing that same song last year and how much they criticized him even though he killed it, and weep.

      • Allison M

        I thought Alex W-T was adorable

      • d

        Only guy I liked was aaron kelly. He did look nervous but for some reason that made me like him more.

      • kct

        I went to an elementary school talent show last night (not kidding). Honestly, there were some 10 year olds better than some of these guys!

      • amanda

        the girls sux so bad… they have for the past 2 yrs omg

      • Applesauce

        you gotta be kiddin me, every single girl was aweful on tuesday. seriously. bowersox and katie were the only remotly good ones. at least lee casey and andrew are good and john park can be good, so seriously!

    • TVAddict

      I feel the exact same way. I thought after season 7 “well there’s never going to be another person as awesome as David Cook”…. but then right off the bat season 8 gave us the miracle of Kradison.

      This year though, idk, I was pulling for Tyler Grady for the guys but he disappointed me tonight.

      • Ashtrash

        Wow. What a hot mess. The sad part of it is we’re stuck with 6 of these guys, and only get 6 girls. I loved that last year’s top 13 was based on talent, not arbitrarily on gender…even if it meant putting up with Gokey pimpage, I miss Kradison!!

      • DG

        WOAH. Tonight was bad….but I draw the line at bringing back Gokey. Put the “GO in Gokey”

      • marceebee

        Kradison refers to more than one person, so you were right the first time. There will never be anyone as awesome as David Cook. Did you hear his song, Heroes, played as background music for the Olympic overview of skiing? He’s just the best.

      • I think it’s over

        I think Idol is done. I can’t believe how bad these two nights have been. At least on the first night I had the Olympics to distract me! There is no star in this bunch. Just a bunch of hot honeyed messes.

    • LindaT

      OMG, you’re not alone. I was trying not to think about Season 8, but it was impossible. Tonight was a major suckfest. I hope both the girls and guys can pull themselves together next week, or its going to be a loooong 13 weeks to the finale.

      • Sally in Chicago

        Everyone seems to be playing it real safe….boring…poor song choices.

    • HannaB


    • KEH

      No Adam Lambert No Carly Smithson.. No Power.. Its a very aveage group.. I have no clue if we have a possible break out or zzzzzzzz all season

      • Sally in Chicago

        This group reminds me of the early seasons of AI with Kevin Covais and John Stevenson….guys who had no chance but who made it anyway into the top 10.
        Makes you wonder what the judges see during auditions that don’t transfer during the top 24.
        Casey and Munoz were the best last night. Casey is def eye candy and reminds me of Bo Bice.

      • kahuna

        Sally in Chicago…How does Casey remind you of Bo Bice? Because you liked Bo and you like Casey too? Other than that, I can see no resemblance at all.

    • DD

      Oh dear!!!!!!!!!! All the boys and girls this season SUCK!!!!!! WTF is Idol thinking this year??? What happened to amazing star talent like Kelly Clarkson, Fantasia, Daughtry, Adam Lambert????? Nobody in the Top 24 even comes close to these 4!!!

      • Sally in Chicago

        The problem is that the BEST singers are not auditionining. Who wants to sit for a day among thousands of people in the heat or the cold waiting to be seen? Everybody criticized Idol for planting second chancers, but hey — at least the 2nds could SING. Bring back the 2nd chancers.

      • J

        That’s not quite how the auditions work, Sally. The editing of the show makes it seem that way, but it’s actually a multi-step process, and only the first day do people wait in line/fill stadiums. They’re given numbers, passed thru 4 at a time to some low-level producers’ aides, and they get about 15 sec to sing (about 8 bars). Then it’s either “thru to next round” or “don’t let the door hit ya.” If they’re thru, they’re given a time and date for another audition, this time with higher-up producers and such. Only after making it thru that round do they get lumped in with a few hundred who actually get to see Simon, Randy, Kara, and mystery guest judge, and of those, only, what, 20 or so? are shown on TV. Yeah. MAD editing goes on for this show.

      • Liz

        Yeah, J, I went through the auditions once. Even though they don’t take place over the course of one day, you’re still waiting in the cold and rain (maybe) for the better part of the day waiting to be seen by the peon producers.

      • Michael S

        Um, yeah, J – I think u should read Sally’s post again. She’s clearly talking about that first cattle call. I waited 13 hours myself in Philly. She never said anything about auditioning for the TV judges. U completely missed the point of her comment. Try not to be so enthusiastic about correcting other people, mmm-kay?

      • Carol D

        I honestly don’t know what the judges saw in 90% of these kids.
        They are no Carrie Underwood. Heck, Kelli Pickler has ‘em all beat ! Bo and Carrie was the best season yet and my 2 favs.

      • Gail

        Other than Lambert last year, I don’t remember any of the contestants (including Kelly) who wowed me on week 1. They all usually aren’t that great the first week. Next week we should see a change I’m hoping.

      • Applesauce

        in my humble opinion, normand gentile, tim urban, and william hung are better singers than adam lambert.

      • marceebee

        Well, Applesauce, your humble opinion gives us reason to question your taste.

    • cookiegirl

      I still have the finale on my DVR from last year and I’m ready to substitute that in every Tuesday and Wednesday or maybe I’ll actually get a life this year because I’m not feeling it. Casey James came the closest for me, and I’ll give him a chance, aside from all the Kara nonsense, Lee has a vibe but was so pitchy, but other than that, I think they peaked last year. I agree that I didn’t think it could get better than David Cook, but then came Kradison and I think I’ll finally get to that novel I’ve been meaning to write….My best to all the ones who made it, no disrespect, I won’t say they suck, but I was…bored. Oh well, it’s only week 1….

      • BeeV60

        I also still have the finale on my DVR from Season8. Bottom line: debut week for 24 semifinalists was wretched. Casey James, Aaron Kelly, Lee, Andrew and Michael are possible finalists if they get it together.
        Just wanted to comment: Last season there were only Megan, Lil and Addison in Top 10. So maybe this year there’ll be the reverse: 6-7 gals and only 3-4 guys. There’s nothing that says the genders have to be equal in #.

        From the gals, I’m watching Lilly, Lacey (who didn’t do so well this week), Siobhan, Crystal, and a couple of the blonde girls.

        I agree with many that Season 8 was the peak (started watching in Season 4 and attended Season 8 Summer Tour).

        Kradison were fine — but am waiting for Gokey’s CD to come out–in March? I’ll probably only download a couple of songs by Adam and Allison–rock isn’t my thing.

        David Cook is/was great–but just like the ballads…not into rock. Same with Daughtry.

        One thing tho–I’ve been very pleased with the positive effect that Ellen Degeneras has had on the judging panel. Was uncertain when it was announced, but on further thought, I felt she would bring honesty without cruelty–and that appears to have had some ‘toning down’ effect on Simon Cowell. He practically crucified Allison last season — and only in Final 4 did she finally get in his face and show some spunk and self-confidence. [IMO she made xlnt song choices and performed great last season!]

        Will be interesting to see who gets axed tomorrow nite.

      • Rascal020978


        An observation: While you are correct that there is nothing requiring an equal number of men and women in the Top 10, last year is not the best example to cite b/c of the format used in the semi-finals. Last year, the judges selected a Top 36 (not 24) who performed in groups of twelve over three weeks with the top 3 from each night advancing to the finals along with the top three from Wild Card Night (plus bonus Anoop)completing a top 13. As a result of this format, only five women made it to the Top 13 — thus, a greater liklihood of a discrepancy in gender distribution which occurred following the elimination of two of the five girls in the first two weeks. This season, in contrast, the format will result in six men and six women advancing to Finals with the greatest gender discrepancy being 6-4.

    • jan

      Me, I was feeling nostalgic for Cook, Castro, Archuleta, and Johns. Heck, I think Chikeze would have wiped the floor with these guys.

      • cookiegirl

        Exactly! I was even missing Chikezie! I like to go to the concerts and last year I wouldn’t have missed it, but I doubt I’ll go this year. Again, it’s only week 1 and these folks need to grow and “ripen”, but I don’t know if I will watch…..

      • Kat

        I couldn’t have said it better!! Last night really had me missing the guys of S7. Hopefully week 2 will bring with it better performances. *sigh*

      • Kaz

        Yup I totally agree …. this season is sorely missing David Cook, Michael Johns, Jason Castro etc …… Season 7 really was the best Idol season! *sigh*

    • lori

      EXACTLY! and may I add yikes! oh and my ears are bleeding. and let just say i miss Paula and 1 more thing…they may as well announce the cancellation of AI now, because once Simon is gone, it’s OVER!!!

  • Karrah

    LEE DEWYZE! He’s my boy as of now.

    • sonja

      I like him too. He could be a breakout guy.

    • Gretchen

      agreed…he and Andrew Garcia

    • Michelle

      I LOVE Lee! He’s got a gravelly sexy voice. Plus I like the way he wears his jeans… or how his jeans wear him.

    • jake

      LEE IS THE BEST !!@!!!

      • 4watitzwurth

        Lee, Casey and Andy, in that order. The rest have one foot out the door and the other on a banana peel.

        And Sobhan (sp?) for the girls

    • Javabooknut

      What is with Randy. Just when I’m starting to think Randy and Kara are gaining intelligence they bash Lee Dwayze who was so go. A couple pitchy moments but how can Randy say it was a bad song choice? It was awesome and he was original without destroying the melody. It’s like they can’t decide, one minute it’s be original and creative and then it’s stick to the melody. Decide already. I was screaming i hate you at the tv when those two were criticizing lee. Finally I agree with Simon. I was an early fan of cook b4 hello and now I’m an early fan of lee. And still love didi and hope lacey gets another chance.

      • wolverine

        There are just some people that aren’t ready to “experiment” with changing up the music…like Todrick. (I agree they were wrong about Lee though…he was one of the best of the night.)

      • 4watitzwurth

        “It’s like they can’t decide, one minute it’s be original and creative and then it’s stick to the melody.”

        LOL, you are so right… these contestants must be so confused. Actually, I give the contestants more credit. I think they realize how clueless the judges are.

      • Mo

        I agree about the schizo judges. Tho I liked Lee but not with this song. The chorus was unrecognizable. He should try some 90s rock: Pearl Jam, Collective Soul, Smashing Pumpkins…

      • BeeV60

        I also liked Didi — and do hope Lacey continues.

      • Derek

        I agreed with Randy and Kara on Lee. He’s one of my faves b/c I like the gravelly voice, but he was all kinds of pitchy on the chorus with a couple of bum notes to boot. I was disappointed. I think he’ll be okay in the vote though.

    • Alana

      Lee has it all. Awesome voice, unique sound and style and god is he sexy and cute!!

      • NOT

        Sexy and cute? Are you blind?

      • Alana

        are you a Lesbian?

    • Alana

      I agree! Lee has it all. Awesome voice, unique sound and style and god is he sexy and cute!!

      • Katie

        Completely agree! Love Lee, Casey, Andrew, and even after tonight I still hold a special place for Tyler Grady haha. I thought the guys were better than the girls… last night was horrible. The only girls I really like are Didi and Katie.

    • TrueConfessions

      Count me in too – Go Lee!

      • ChrisZ

        Completely disagree. He sounded awful and has sounded awful every time he has been on. Who cares if his voice is gravelly if it is completely off key?

    • lori

      I want to like Lee, but his performance was flat and screechy.

  • Kaoru

    I didn’t love anyone, but a few of them were sort of alright? I was hoping John Park would do better, but, man…that song.

    • jake

      I really wanted him to do well, but he really shot himself in the foot. Terrible song choice.

    • e4ia

      I think most of them were terrible song choices. That was the major problem tonight. Hardly anyone sang a song that showcased their talent. Or they screwed up the arrangement so bad that the song was unrecognizable. Maybe better choices will make next week better.

    • Sally in Chicago

      John has no charisma. God Bless the Child is a Billy Holiday classic, if you can’t do it justice, don’t do it….he was so forgettable.

    • kahuna

      Poor John. You’d think one of the vocal coaches would have warned him against singing that song.

  • Sara

    Alex Lambert is underrated. :(

    I love his voice, he just needs to get it together on stage.

    • Saracen Riggins


    • Gretchen

      and lose the mullet!!

      • Mo

        Ugh that hair was so distracting, I wanted to take scissors to my TV! Yes, I’m shallow, but the hair at the neck needed to GO!

      • Terri

        All I could think of was Mrs. Brady.

      • JLB

        Agreed! I hate his mullet but love the tone and timber of his voice.

    • Jenn

      I agree. He’s got mad potential, but man was he like a deer in the headlights scared. Poor thing. I hope he’s able to work it out because I can see it in him.

    • Allie

      i agree sara. i hope alex is safe tomorrow! i also like lee.

    • Someone

      Loved Ellen’s comment – “You need to ripen”! Haha

      • abo

        I also really liked something about Alex’s voice, and he has lots of room to grow as a performer. (which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.)

    • BeeV60

      Alex Lambert??? Give me a break! Maybe you’re just missing Glambert.
      Alex reminded me of a ‘weak’ version of the older guy who sang “Maggie Mae”. But he had absolutely NO charisma; performance/vocals were not ‘there’.

      • JLB

        Don’t get the Glambert comment other than his last name is Lambert. He has a good voice, just young and very nervous. Why don’t you give HIM a break?

    • Wendy Gilbert

      All I can think of when I see Alex Lambert is Jackson off Hannah Montana. (Of course, that might be because I have a 9 yr old!)

      • KC

        Haha, that is the first thing I said when I saw him. And I do not have the excuse of a 9-year-old child.

      • JenR

        Hahaha! That’s why he looked familiar!

      • Mrs. E

        LMAO. My daughter said the exact same thing. Jackson from HM.

    • Derek

      He was like Katelynn for me….a very nice surprise. I didn’t care for him before mainly b/c all we got to hear was his half mumbled part of that terrible group performance. Last night though, we really got to hear how great of a tone he has along with a really good voice.

    • Mrs. E

      I think Alex Lambert (voice-wise only) may have been my favorite. If you replay the performance without watching, it was really good. Now he MUST take care of the stage presence thing along with the mullet…obviously.

  • lvmyHBYnDC

    well, it’ll all work out and we will have a winner in the end. I will be hoping for Crystal or Didi or Casey or Lee – will twittle down my picks as we go. Just gotta say AI7 and David Cook, there will never be a better season.

    • Jennifer

      I totally agree that season 7 was as good as it gets, but even that season didn’t look quite so good the first week. I mean, DC & JC didn’t start working things for at least a week, maybe even two, so there might be hope for this season. And a couple of the guys showed some promise, specifically Casey & Lee, so all is not lost yet.

      • Mark in FL

        Jennifer, Thank you for a sensible observation. What a relief!

      • Mo

        Casey was all right, but I noticed an unfortunate bleating tendency on the notes he tried to hold. Hopefully he will get that under control

      • @Mo

        I think I agree with you. I noticed something off too.

    • Javabooknut

      Have to agree. Like Adam and Kris but to me there will never be another like David Cook and can’t wait to see him make the album hes capable of.

      Also Michael. i love you and I like Crystal but I hope you do chill the p@@mping. Its what the judges did to kayla on sYTYCD. It might turn us against her. She’s good but I think I like lacey, Lilly & Didi more. But I’m more the chill quirky over the big bombast. And though Crystal wasn’t that orignal last night i appreciated how sweet her voice sounded at points.

      • nina

        Hear hear. I too like Adam & Kris .. but there’ll never be (and so far it seems this year too)
        … another David Cook. I thought David Cook had that something from Week 1 (minus the outfit & hair that week).

      • Sally in Chicago

        The problem with the judges choices is they don’t seem to find “original” voices…they find the same clones each season…the David Cook clones…the Megan Joy clones….and it goes on and on with the cloning. Aren’t there any original singers that auditioned and not the same-o?

    • Katie

      I also agree with the fact that you will never be able to beat AI S7… David Cook is my ultimate american idol!

      • 4watitzwurth

        Never understood the David Cook love. Dude puts me to sleep. I’m just sayin’.

    • DG

      For me AI5 was still the best season with Elliot, Daughtry, Pickler, McPhee, Taylor, Ace, Paris, Bucky and even Chicken Little. I honestly cannot remember who won AI6. And only recall the Davids from 7; and Alison, Kris and Glambert from last year….(oh and Gokey…but only because someone else mentioned him on the boards). I’m holding out hope that someone from this season will grow on me….but so far the best performers are mediocre….waiting for the star power.

      • @DG

        Jordan Sparks won AI6.

      • ChrisZ

        And Melinda Doolittle.

  • Valerie

    I think people will give nervous Alex another chance, especially after Simon started the show telling them all it’d be the end of their careers if they had problems with nerves on the show.

    I hate to pick on the local guy here, but I think Lee is one of the ones going home. I absolutely hated his song, and I could not understand how, when the other judges didn’t like it either, Simon could love it.

    I also think Tim is leaving, as he was dreadful.

    • Jennifer

      Wow, Lee was actually one of the few I liked, and I didn’t care at all for Alex’s voice or song choice. I guess it’s all in the ear of the listener.

      • Erenn

        I liked both Lee & Alex, so def. Different ears…

      • marceebee

        yep – I’m with you, Jennifer, I thought Lee showed the most promise and I wasn’t expecting that.

    • Karen

      I thought that Lee and Casey were the best. Lee reminded me of David Cook who I adore.

    • Someone

      See, I don’t like Lee because of his interviews. Dude comes off cocky and needs to be a little more humble. His singing surprised me at first, positively, until he hit those bum notes. So still not a fan, but I’m sure he’ll stick around, since he’s one of the better ones.

      • Sally in Chicago

        What’s with John Park and his wanting to make money statement?

      • KC

        He was joking…

      • @Someone

        I don’t get the Lee love either. He’s okay, some pitch problems, limited range, kind of like Gokey! And ur right, cocky.

    • kahuna

      That’s just Simon being Simon. Obviously, Lee had a lot of bum notes in that performance. Simon’s comments are always strategic from his point of view. I mean, last year he declared that (I can’t even remember the kid’s name) sounded like Nat King Cole, all in his effort to get Kris Allen out of the competition. He said Kris Allen was like ice, and Alison didn’t have a personality. I never pay attention to what the judges say.

  • Mark R

    honestly – the guys are a bunch of misfits….and i was so open-minded….

  • AJ

    I liked Andrew & Joe. I voted for Big Mike and John as well, because I didn’t hate them.

    It drives me crazy when a performer makes a song their own and they yell at him for it and then tell the next performer that he needs to be more creative.

  • Marisa

    I enjoyed tonight better than last night. But I think my view may be colored by the obvious over-pimping of the girls. The judges were confusing me by berating the people I actually thought were good and giving praise to some of the mediocre ones. And I don’t even know what Simon was doing half the time. Was it reverse psychology or not?

    • BeeV60

      Wouldn’t put it past Simon Cowell to use reverse psychology. It was a blast to see Paula picking the best singers last season and to see Simon totally whacked out and still pimping a couple of individuals to the very end (top 4)

  • Jen

    Lee was okay, Casey was good (I guess), Andrew didn’t disappoint me. Joe and Alex also got sympathy votes from me because I think they have really good voices, they’re just so boring (and uncomfortable in Alex’s case!).

    • blueberry

      Finally, a post I can agree with!

      Alex and Joe to me are really good and underrated. Actually, I’d add the young Aaron as well.

      Lee just sounds like another screaming-not-singing rocker. Comparing him to the talented David Cook or Chris Daughtry is an offensive.

    • JLB

      Totally agree. Lee is just meh, to me. I was pleasantly surprised Aaron didn’t have a meltdown. Alex and Joe were also a couple of the best last night. I think the guys were way better than the girls were.

  • May

    I miss Allison Iraheta on Idol even more so tonight!! Jeeze…she could sing circles around both the girls and the guys! I also miss Adam and Kris…Kradison really brought it their top 36 night. Instant favorites. Season 9? It made me YouTube Kradison’s top 36 performances and watch them over..and over..and over again. I’m sorry but Season 9..you have big shoes to fill…Season 8 forever <3

    • follow the sun

      I agree. totally missing Kradison. Even Kris, although he was skurred, he did great and had something special. Adam was amazing, out of this world, and Allison was phenominal, too.

    • 4watitzwurth

      Season 8 was the best AI ever…Kris, Allison, Matt Adam, and even if you didn’t like Gokey, he did have a good voice, and Anoop had his moments.

      Lee, Casey and Andy were the best I thought, but even if they step it up, I don’t seeany guy or girl from season 9 filling those clown-size season 8 shoes.

      • luvmichaeljohns

        Lee and Casey are my favorites.

      • BeeV60

        4watitzwurth–you are sooo funny! Well, if Kradison (+ Danny) had clown-sized shoes then in week 1 I didn’t see anyone able to fill them. Like Kara told (Andrew?) — maybe he/they ALL need to ‘ripen’ a lot more before we can enjoy the taste of the bananas! ROFLoL

    • Mark in FL

      You people need to stop drinking the Slezak kool-aid about Season 8 already because now it’s just getting scary.

      • BeeV60

        Hey Mark in FL–I’ve only watched Seasons 4 thru present–and Season 8 was the only Summer Tour I’ve been to–cause there was a lot of overall talent in the group.

      • 4watitzwurth

        Someone please validate this guy’s opinion before he wets himself.

    • Sally in Chicago

      Totally agree. Allison also had personality and original fashion style….quirky. The top 24 seem to be too “safe”….not to mention not choosing the right songs….and can anybody get more divaish than Jermain Sellers?

  • reggie

    there was a load of clunkers tonight. but lee dewyze could possibly be a diamond in the rough. great voice, great presence. he’s got my vote for sure.

    • liz

      Agreed. Lee was the only one I voted for last night. I was disappointed over all, but Lee, Casey and Andrew were the only ones that I watched completely through without muting or changing the channel. I thought Alex had a nice voice, but the “performance” was cringe worthy. Hopefully he can stick around and warm up a little, otherwise music needs to become a hobby instead of a career pursuit.

  • Saracen Riggins

    I’m actually surprised at your disappointment. While not an all-around stellar show, it was certainly much better than the girls’ showing. AND OH MY GOSH. I think Casey James was just amazing. 100% mesmerized from the first strum of his guitar. I braced myself waiting for it to not be as good as I wanted it to be, but IT WAS BETTER. Better than any other performance so far, if you ask me.

    • Toni (@ImStillToni)

      Agreed on Casey, I was hooked from the first chord (7 lol nice name)

      • Saracen Riggins

        Gotta represent the awesomeness of FNL ;)

      • Leigh

        Casey’s the only one who’s got it all – talent – good looks – charm – and GREAT HAIR.

    • JZ

      I’m sorry but Casey’s vibrato makes him sound like a goat singing into a fan.

      • JenD

        i’m watching on the west coast and i read your comment just as they were showing casey’s replay, and even tho’ i’m hot for the boy- gotta say you made me laugh cuz it’s true.

      • @JZ

        I kind of agree. He seems to pinch off his throat which gives him a reedy sound, like an oboe or something. And who said he had great hair? Yuck, it looks bad.

      • Mrs. E

        LOL b/c I really like Casey. Tall, easy on the eyes…etc. I listened to his performance this morning (again w/o watching) and I told my daughter that he had that “goat thing” going on that Matt had in S8 when he sang the Fray song. IMO, Casey’s performance was ruined by the Kara nonsense. I think Casey was on the verge of laughter thru that whole song. Why do the judges have to act like idiots?!

    • eb

      Ditto! I actually thought CJ was the best of the 24. He wasn’t my favorite going in, but all things considered, he’s won round 1 hands down. It was the only performance I watched more than once. Even want to see it again. looks, personality, authentic…and great performance. not perfect, but closer than any of the others. 2nd favorite was AGarcia. really liked it!

      • eb

        uh…not ditto to the goat thing.

  • Ayla

    I had no favorites tonight, even though I really wanted to. The least objectionable performances were by Casey and big Mike. I actually thought Joe Munoz wasn’t too bad in comparison to the rest. The worst of the night for me was a tie between Jermaine, Tim Urban and Alex Lambert. The rest ranged from barely tolerable to various levels of unpleasantness. Overall, not a good night of entertainment.

    • Patrice

      Amen on all counts! Very high cringe factor tonight, especially the judges’ antics during Casey’s

      • mary

        what was the name of the song casey sang tonight??

      • BeeV60

        Casey James sang “Heaven” by Brian Adams…I think. Yep, that was it–I still have the image of Kara’s arms being held in the air by Randy and Simon. The judges should cut out their antics so the viewers can listen/watch without their distractions!

      • JLB

        I thought the arm waving was rude, too. Try to give the singers your attention and some respect, judges! Except for you Kara, way to much attention from you. Ew-w-w.

      • @JLB

        Not to defend Kara, because that crap before Casey sang was inexcusable, but she wasn’t actually waving her arms – Randy was doing it for her. All the judges, with the notable exception of Ellen, were ridiculous before/during/after Casey’s performance. It’s amazing he sounded so good.

  • Marilyn

    You’re clearly a generous spirit, Michael. I thought this was the worst Idol episode I can remember, and tonight I don’t care who stays or goes. Also, I’m rapidly getting annoyed with Ellen DeGeneres. She seemed good during Hollywood week, but now it appears that my fears are realized–she doesn’t know anything about singing. Sigh. Thanks for the opportunity to vent!

    • 4watitzwurth

      I agree, watching Ellen is painful… I get even more embarrassed for her than I do for this weak crop of contestants.

    • JenD

      yeah, i’m starting to worry about “E” too. her comments seem so redundant. and a lot of ‘we like you, you’ll be around a while.’ guess the producers got to her too.

    • HannaB

      I like Ellen. She’s no worse than Paula or Randy, which I realize isn’t saying much. lol I think she’ll do better next week.

      • Lola

        Paid closer attention tonight and noticed that Ellen’s contribution was pretty much limited to repeating what had been said previously by Simon, Randy and/or Kara. And she turned into Paula if she had to go first with innocuous comments and looked uneasy. I don’t miss Paula but wow, she’s a trainwreck.

      • 4watitzwurth

        Second night, and Ellen’s already run out of things to say. Have to agree with the poster who said ‘this will be a looooooong season’.

        But I won’t know because I’m not going to waste any of my 86,400 seconds in a day on this show after this week.

      • Pete

        I sorely miss Paula!!!! I love Ellen but she’s not suited for this show. AI is going to die anyway after Simon leaves so it will probably be Ellen’s one and only season on Idol. Oh boy, the top 24 contestants this year are crap!!! Have they flushed their talent down the toilet????

      • BeeV60

        I do miss Paula–hopefully she might get to judge X Factor in 2011 with Mr. Bigshot.

        I was originally concerned about Ellen–but even when she is critical, she has a way about her that isn’t cruel (as Simon has had a tendency to be in past seasons). Either she’s had an effect upon him, or he’s ‘making nice’ for his last AI season.

      • Sally in Chicago

        Ellen is not bringing anything to the table…at least she could bring some humor….do you think she’ll get bored with this job before long?

      • robin

        I agree with most of these comments…nobody this season is standing out so far…but it is early!! It’s not all lost yet…I will forever be in love with the purity of Archuleta’s voice however. Who can possibly top that? I felt sickened when Urban butchered Apologize. What a joke.

    • robin

      I like “marilyn’s” comment…Ellen doesn’t seem to know music at all! I get nervous when she goes first..yikes..Simon is starting his “eye rolling staring off in the distance thing” when she is speaking. What technical musical advice is she offering? I can’t seem to find it.

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