Chris Harrison blogs 'The Bachelor': The Women Tell All

I was looking forward to this Women Tell All special more than any other we have ever done. There were so many stories I wanted to talk about. I was happy to get the chance to hear Elizabeth’s thoughts on the games she played. I think she realizes what she was doing but I just don’t think she’s fully ready to admit it publicly. I enjoyed getting Michelle’s side of the story. I think this process was overwhelming to her and she was very much out of her element. Gia is a great example of somebody who will leave our show with a much better understanding of who she is and what she really wants in life. I think she now knows she can love and, more importantly, be loved by a good man. Seeing Ali and Jake together again was very interesting. If you’re an old-school Bachelor fan you’ll remember season 2’s Women Tell All. In that show, our Bachelor Aaron confronted a woman he let go named Gwen. You could tell that there was love there, everybody felt it, but for some reason life just got in the way and it didn’t happen. I got the same feeling watching Jake and Ali together again. Who knows if she had stayed if she would have been the one but it just seemed like they let life get in the way of what could have been a good thing.

Obviously the most talked-about part of the reunion show was Rozlyn’s return. I truly think the two segments with Rozlyn speak for themselves and I know that there is no doubt in anybody’s mind now as to what really happened between her and our former producer. We have multiple, detailed eyewitness accounts from the other women as well as detailed confessions from the producer himself. There was one random comment Rozlyn made at the end of our interview while she was desperately backtracking after being confronted with the overwhelming evidence against her that I do want to address. During the interview I made mention that it was unfortunate we had to fire a guy that was a “dear friend to many”. Her reply to this was the following: “That’s news to him, especially when you were hitting on his wife in New Zealand. He thought that was crazy.” That night I told her “I clearly won’t dignify that with a response.” The reason I didn’t respond immediately is that’s exactly what she would have wanted from me. It was a desperate attempt by a very desperate woman to create a diversion and deflect the spotlight from herself as she had done several times throughout the interview when she felt backed into a corner by the overwhelming truth. I was extremely disappointed that Rozlyn would stoop to that level and bring my family and me into this already sad and unfortunate situation. Beyond the fact that it’s just flat out not true, that comment was well beyond the line of decency and speaks volumes to the kind of person Rozlyn is. My wife, who I’ve been with since I was 18 and have been married to for over 16 years, was in the audience that night and got as big a laugh out of Rozlyn’s comment as I did.

Rozlyn’s behavior at the Women Tell All special put everything in an alarming new light. She’s used her son as a human shield several times before in attempts to distract from the real reason she was asked to leave our show, but during the interview she said, “On my child’s life, that never happened.” The entire audience gasped… nobody could believe she just said that. If you’re a parent as I am, you know exactly what I’m talking about. That’s when I knew the interview was essentially over.

It is my hope that none of this nonsense takes away from what is really important here and that’s what’s going to take place next Monday night during our finale. Trust me when I tell you it’s a moment you don’t want to miss. Although I won’t tell you everything, I will tell you now that Jake is extremely happy and very much in love. Is there a proposal? How does it all go down? You’ll have to watch one of the most emotional, romantic finales in Bachelor history to find out. I very much look forward to reading your comments this week. As usual you can find me on twitter @chrisbharrison or Facebook.

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  • Renata

    Ali’s sudden warmheartedness toward Vienna read 100% like something she was coached to do, so that people would forgive her and accept her as the next bachelorette.

    • Melissa

      Exactly, very transparent. I don’t see how she has any fans.

      • Janice

        I totally agree with you. I hope Vienna ends up with Jake just to spite Ali. Ali just couldn’t accept the fact that Vienna was going to beat her out with Jake.

      • wakeforce

        She is like Kate Gosselin, either you love her or hate her. I’m of the latter persuasion!

      • miss k

        Completely agree! Please please don’t let her be the new bachelorette. BTW, I love love love reading your blogs Chris Harrison! Great job!

      • RK

        She’s a POA, that’s why.

      • jado

        If Ali only lit into Vienna just once, I can see how the apology would be sincere. We all make missteps due to emotion. BUT she displayed a pattern of behavior, gossiping, gang mentality (trying to form an anti-Vienna clique on the group date), bullying…all these actions are not momentary isolated cases. It’s a systemic aggression problem. To me, that doesn’t make a good Bachelorette. I hope The producers have the good sense to know that many viewers are not impressed with this woman.

      • bean99

        I’m a fan. Love her and think she has a great personality. She seemed very sincere in her apology. I think you get caught up in things during the filming and it’s obvious to me that Vienna caused a lot of conflicts at the time. Still Ali was mean and feels bad about it now.

      • Brooke

        To echo everyone else, please don’t make her the Bachelorette…pretty please

      • Melissa

        Of course Ali was coached. That’s how ABC rolls. ABC told all of the girls what to say last night.

      • Karen

        jado said it all. and her apology was insincere – she couldn’t even let her face be still and say it with truth.

      • nan

        I completely agree – Ally is fake as they come! I hope that she’s not the next bachelorette, but I think that she is. It should be Gia.

      • Christie

        I’m not a big fan of hers or anything, but her “rivalry” with Vienna really should not have any bearing on her chances as the next Bachelorette. She’ll be choosing from 25 GUYS, not having to deal with any other “ladies”, who cares if she’s bitchy to other girls? Besides, she seemed to really get along with and enjoy the other girls, and she wasn’t the only one of them to dislike Vienna. That doesn’t make Ali’s attitude ok, but I do think it lends some credibility to it all. She’s 25, which is still pretty young, and made a mistake. I think she’d be a good Bachelorette!

      • Elin

        I am not a fan of Ali. Please do not put her as next Bachelorette. I agree with what everyone said who is not her fan. I do vote for Gia however. She’s a total doll, sweet and deserves someone wonderful.

      • Arlene

        I didn’t like the bully type of behavior, but I do think her apology was sincere. I think she would be make a great Bachelorette and would probably get paid while doing it. Gia is sweet, but that nervous, constant giggle/laugh would be too annoying for an entire show.

      • boby

        It just shows how the producers can make something up, and Roz made up the accusations about chris, the same way Fleiss did so to her. The real reason they kicked her off was they forced her to lie about her son on the show, now they make it seem like they wanted her to talk about her son.

      • JBN

        I really liked Ali at first, then she turned into a little snot! Gia should be next bachelorette, although her lisp gets on my nerves.

      • Jillian

        I think we’re all forgetting DeAnna a little too quickly. There have certainly been returning “Bachelor” contestants who weren’t loved by everyone (or even nice for that matter), who became Bachelorettes.

        That said, I’d much rather see an unconventional choice like Gia as the Bachelorette. Or even Corrie.

        Ali seems like an obvious, and even boring, choice.

      • Jack

        Chris is LYING – What did the producer tell him??? Why does Chris never say “Exactly” what happened, but lets everyone else make false accusations. What did the producer tell him???

      • Penny

        Ali seems like a completely normal young woman who let all the emotions of everything happening be good or bad show on her face and in her words. Sure maybe she should not have been so vocal about Vienna, although I totally dont see what Jake would see in her, as I doubt they will last, but hey, none of us were there, so there must be a reason that he chose her right? Ya, sure, whatever! I think Ali was very genuine on the Tell All episode and I will be rooting for her to be the new bachelorette! She seems like a strong, sweet, funny confidant woman and there is nothing wrong with that! And I think if she had chose love with Jake, he probably would have chosen her, but everything happens for a reason, so hopefully she will meet the right guy, be it on TV or at work, or a cafe around the corner from her house, wherever. I am still hoping that Reality Steve is wrong, and he chooses Tenley!!!

      • Brenda

        If you remember one episode Ali and the girls were sitting around and she said something like…”It’s a pact, are you in?” It was the episode when Michelle left because Michelle didn’t join in the pact. Michelle had her issues but at least she wasn’t a follower of Ali’s. Ali acts like a teenager trying to form her on clique. She even mentioned her relationship with “the girls” when Michelle was on the stage with Chris. So Jr.High.

      • Keilly

        How come Chris didn’t ask Ali:
        “Why didn’t you ask for time off work BEFORE coming on the show?”.

        The answer is, of course, that she did and she just bailed because she couldn’t face the possibility of being rejected.
        She’s High Maintenance! Avoid at all costs gentlemen.

      • tracy

        I cant believe it Janice I feel the exact same WAY !!! I thought I was the only one who felt that way. I love Vienna and I saw through Ali the whole time. She clearly does not want to lose at ANYTHING I was extremely happy to hear her appologize though Ali, redeamed herself a little with me after that

      • Mo

        You are wrong. It was Ali as the front runner all along ~ the longing from Jake at the WTA was so obvious.. Jake is such a truly honest and kind hearted soul.. I just hope he finds someone that will make him happy. Many of the women saw themselves in a different light on TV and it was an awakening for some. Ali just was big enough to admit her judging Vienna was wrong. That is what growing is all about. Everyone makes mistakes.. even Vienna.

    • Dale

      She had months to consider her behavior towards Vienna. It was only somewhat sudden for viewers.

      • Oakvillian

        Well said Dale. Many out here hate Ali. I was disappointed with her during the show but am quite able to accept her contrition for what it was – unscripted.
        Those of you out here who want to think there’s a conspiracy around every corner, well enjoy your paranoia. While there’s definitely a certain amount of scripting and coaching going on at the end of the day not everything is a scam.

      • JQ

        I agree – I was disappointed but I do think she was genuine in what she was saying.

      • Marie

        I believe Ali was coached, also. Especially after seeing her on Ellen where she said she and Vienna would never be friends. The way Ali said it, it was clear she did not like Vienna. But then again, most people with an opinion don’t like Vienna. I don’t think what Ali said to Vienna was right and there was some group think going on, but I do like Ali. She seemed very real and seemed like the brightest girl in Jake’s top 5, like she might actually be able to carry a show.

      • lt

        Ali will do and say anything to be a reality star. Fake.

      • Monroe

        This is to Oakvillian:
        Why do we have to hate anyone, let alone some two dimensional figure on a television screen we barely know?

        So you don’t care for Ali, that’s fine, but why hate?

      • annie

        How can Ali be the next bachelorette? She would have to be away from her stupid job even longer! She would lose her job, lose her apartment, wouldn’t be able to pay her credit card bill for all her waterlogged suede boots and would have to move back in with her Mama!

        PICK GIA. Ali is an annoying PITA!

      • Callie

        Agree with Dale. AND she doesn’t have to like Vienna – and I don’t think she said she did – to be upset with and embarassed by her OWN behavior. And I think THAT’s what she said last night.

      • Donna

        I also like Ali…Her and Jake had the look of love and maybe Jake will come back for her…Ali has so many great things going for her and yes she did get cought up in the girl thing but lets face it I would of went South side on V also she is 23 and acts like a little kid but maybe that is why Jake likes her..
        Chris what can I say it’s a show and what a #itch that girl was…good luck the only thing she will get is a loser guy who wants a piece of ass….

      • HLT

        I agree with Dale. I felt it was sincere and she has had longer to think over her actions and realize she made a mistake. It was big of her to admit to it publicly. I really like Ali and definitely saw the connection between her and Jake. Maybe it is not over yet?

      • tracy

        I really want Gia to be the next Bachelorette Does anyone else feel that way or does everyone want Ali?

      • tracy

        Jado I SOOOOO agree about Ali making a sport going after Vienna it reminded me of a mean girl in high school thinking she was so much better then Vienna LOVE Vienna just an average girl and you can tell from very modest means and corrected some of her mistakes by getting a college degree I really like her!!

    • Janice

      so true, she’s vying for something, what a sneak she is that Ali. She’s so fake.

      • Patty

        Chris, I thought you handled tonight’s WTA very well. And your unicorn comment was hilarious! Keep up the great work! Regarding Ali, during the first episode, I thought she was fine. But from the second show on, I grew to dislike her more and more. I don’t trust her at all. She always seems to be “acting” like she’s genuine, but I think it’s all a manipulation. I wouldn’t be surprised if her goal is to be the next Bachelorette, or to gain some other fortune/fame. I’d rather Gia or a completely new person be chosen for the next Bachelorette.

      • Jaya

        She’s not “vying” for anything! The producers have already chosen her for the next Bachelorette.

      • skipper

        But she still needs “America” to like her.

      • sprite

        This is all so laughable … The whole Ali set up parallels Jake’s at the end of last season. I just wish they would end the whole messy saga that was this season and start with someone fresh!

      • jcy

        America already likes her. That’s why she’s called a fan favorite. The haters are in the minority.

      • Tracy

        Hi Chris, love the show and have been watching since season 1 with Alex. Question for you, is this the furthest a constant has gotten that has received the first impression rose? Can’t wait for next week!

      • Tracy

        I agree. She is only apologizing so she can move in as the next bachelorette.

      • Anel

        Stop all this Ali bashing. She seems the only one out of all those women that is down to earth and not phoney nor tying to be a trophy girlfriend/wife. She wasnt being mean, she was telling the truth. She wasnt conniving like Vienna nor pushed the other women out nor around. Tenly acts like she is better than everyone, she wants to be the trophy wife. She isnt over her ex and talks like a little girl. Gia is a whiner!!! She is annoying. Her voice is annoying. She kept brushing her hair to the side which kept going in her eyes. Put her hair in the back of her head instead of her shoulder, it wouldnt go in her eyes. Her laugh was phoney, her voice she whined. Hope she isnt the next bachlorette. I hope somehow Jake sees the true women Tenly and Vienna are and dont pick ither of them and runs right back to Ali. ALI AND JAKE MAKE THE PERFECT COUPLE. If they dont, hope Ali is the next bachlorette.

      • Penny

        Wow, you are all Ali haters arent ya?! All so quick to judge and we do not even know her. At least nothing negative has been said about her in interviews. And for all we know, everything against Vienna is wrong, but if ANY of it is true, then she never should have been allowed on the show AT ALL. I hope it is not true for Jakes sake. And we may never know one way or the other. But lay off of Ali already, she didnt start the hate Vienna clique anyways, she joined in on it with the others, which doesnt make it any better, but all the other girls had it out for her before she did if you watch it back

      • Diane

        The show needs new blood for the bachelor/bachelorette not left overs. Gia would never beable to withstand the pressure, she is so insecure. Ever watch her? Stands there with finger in mouth and her legs are twisted (so to speak) she is very meek, I can’t believe she is a swimsuit model. Did anyone notice how many bleached blondes were on this years show??? I believe the show would have better ratings if they would get REAL people on it rather than what one would consider georgeous. Have you ever wondered why these people cant find love on their own, come on now. Get a real show, with real people who actually cant find love.

      • Cyndi

        Here is what’s going to happen. Ali will not be the next bachelorette because Jake is going to pick Vienna in the end but not end up with her. He is going to seek out Ali and they are going to get together. That’s why they didn’t announce who the next bachelorette will be. Everyone assumes it will be Ali but the producers know she won’t do it because she will be with Jake in the end. You heard it here first!

      • tracy

        Brenda, I am with you when Ali said “It’s a pact are you in?” I thought good for Michelle it was the only time I agreed with Michelle

      • tracy

        OHHH YUK !! I really hope that it is not a done deal with Ali becoming next Bachelorette I would like Gia or like someone said earlier someone new

    • Unnamed Producer

      Ali has already been selected as the next bachelorette. Not sure why but I think it might have something to do with how she takes it in the face.

      • GC

        WHY ??????WE NEED ANSWERS !

      • miss k

        I hope that’s a joke.

      • TK

        I knew all along Ali was “fake”. I liked her at first, didn’t care for Vienna at first. I now like Vienna and Ali can go now, her 15 minutes of fame are over. If Ali is indeed the next bachlorette I will not WATCH. I could careless who gets her. Gia should be the next bachelorette. THAT I would watch.

      • who cares

        @TK – obviously you didn’t know all along she was fake, or you wouldn’t have liked her at first. i’m sure the producers will take your feelings into consideration when they select the next retard to center this trash show around.

      • say it aint so

        Nooooooo! Please say it ain’t so Chris! I have VERY little respect for Ali. There are so many other girls out there that are more likable and deserving. DON’T shoose Ali as the next bachelorette. And by the way, can I say Chris, you handled yourself last night very well. Great job!

      • Jeri

        I agree that perhaps Gia should be the next Bachlorette. Seems it normally falls to the 3rd in line. I am so disappointed in this season (especially if Jake chooses Vienna) that I will not watch anymore Bachelor or Bachelorette. I only watched it this time because Jake seemed so genuine after his last season. I wanted to see him come out with the good woman and ride off into the sunset with a fairy tale ending. He chooses Vienna and he’ll ride off into bankruptcy with a broken heart 6 months down the road.

      • CRP

        Ali was trying to manipulate everyone throughout, especially Jake. It was mean and immature. Clearly that’s how she gets her way. If she is the next bachelorette, you can count me out of the audience.

      • annie

        Okay smartie… does Ali stay away from her STUPID JOB that long? If she is such a whiny loser that she leaves the first show she is on before it’s over, why would they give her a second chance?

        PICK GIA. Ali is an annoying PITA!

      • Himm2

        You Ali haters are worse than Vienna. Your nasty comments are the ultimate in the cattiness of which you speak harshly against Ali with. I think you’re all jealous of the beautiful person she is.

      • Jeanne

        I hope you are right. I just hope it doesn’t cost her the job she kept instead of love with Jake.

      • JBN

        Oh nooooooo…..I will NOT watch Ali anymore. She is just a snotty brat. Crocodile tears and all.

      • Jodie

        PLEASE make Gia be on the next show! She is real and so loved by all! He made a HUGE mistake letting her go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Diane

        Your kidding right? We are getting sick of left overs. As they say it is just a show and if you keep this up there wont be a show. I actually believe Ali isn’t ready for marriage anyway, she has her own life to get in order before she takes on someone elses (heart). WoW you people are really getting desparate!

      • elizabeth


      • RaRa

        to annie — Ali would have no trouble quitting her job to be the Bachelorette. In addition to monetary compensation, which I’m certain she’ll get during her time as “The Bachelorette”, she is virtually assured of a husband (to help with those pssky bills) at the end of it, unless she decides not to choose one. Plus, she said in an interview that they (meaning Facebook) would grant her a leave of absence this time around. In fact, they had finally approved her leave of absence for the current season, but it was too late – she had already left the show and gotten back to work.

      • beth

        if Ali is the next bachelotte it will be the first season im gonna skip

      • tracy

        I really disagree Gia is a smart and funny girl I think she would do Great!! with her show its all in the editing anyway

    • carmanah

      I am smelling an Ali as the Bachelorette. Ugh. So sick of her face.

      Would have loved to have seen someone new for a freaking change.

      • realitysteve

        No…what you smell is Vienna’s uncrossed legs.

      • Nancy

        This isn’t something the real RS would write….if you can’t stand behind your own comments, you shouldn’t be making them.

      • Billie Jean

        Ha ha, “vienna’s uncrossed legs”…anyways, how come if Ali is the “chosen” one they didn’t announce it last night, like they did with Jillian on WTA? BTW, I don’t want to see Ali as next bach. either, seems to me on this blog there are a lot more “Ali haters” then “Ali fans” hopefully CH will take note and pass it along to the fellow producers of the show!

      • Susan McIntosh

        I have watched every season of Bachelor/Bachelorette (it’s a sickness) and I have never felt so strongly about a returning contestant being a very bad choice as I do about Ali! She is manipulative and just mean. She is obviously not looking for love but is desperate for attention, and perhaps for a new career in television. Please, give the show to someone who is genuine! Gia is the real deal! She’s beautiful and very sweet. She did fall in love, and she deserves the chance to find the right guy for her! If Ali truly is the next bachelorette, I hate to say it, but I won’t be watching. Bachelor rehab, here I come!

      • ariel baird

        It’s funny, in the first episode I couldn’t stand Vienna, and I liked Ali. Then as the season progressed, I changed my mind on both accounts. I hope Tenley gets the final rose, but it isn’t because I dislike Vienna. I hope Ali does not get the next bachelorette spot!!!! I hope Gia gets picked!

      • annie

        I’m sick of Ali’s face too. I hate her nose.

      • Diane

        She is a whiner! Who needs to grow up and get rid of her bleached hair. I don’t even think she is cute. She is so NOT ready to get married, but they want her to break hearts. Oh well, she will lose her job, oh well. I guess she is dumb if she excepts this offer. Even makes her look dumb.

      • tracy

        Great Job Chris !!! I loved how handeled The Women Tell All show!! GO Vienna and G Dont want to watch Ali anymore so over her she needs to go back to job and work on hersel LIKE GET SOME COMPASSION

      • tracy

        I dont think Vienna was liked because in her preview tape as a Paris Hilton type BUT now I realize that is not AT ALL how she is and just because she is not the girl next door looks does not mean that V is not a good person I really LIKE V she is REAL

      • tracy

        PLEASE dont make comments about V like that would you like it if someone said that about your sister or daughter or mother Please give V a break

    • LR

      100% true. chris talking about how you could really “feel the love” between ali and jake is also trying to gain our sympathy and set the stage for ali to be the bachelorette…brutal, ali is the worst – Gia should be the next bachelorette for sure

      • Gerrie

        I agree with LR !
        PLEASE PLEASE pic Gia for the next Bachelorette ! I won’t beable to stomach watching if they pic Ali.

      • Ashtrash

        PLEASE Chris – NO Ali for Bachelorette! She makes me want to throw things at the TV, and not in a good way.

      • Amanda

        Yes, Chris wants us to believe Jake and Ali were in love and are still in love, so much BS, neither one is and they have to pretend for Ali’s next bachelorette gig.

        Chris tell your bosses thanks for scre**ng us for next season. We didn’t even get a choice.

      • Sweety

        Yes pls pick Gia as the next bachelorette. Ali is so mean and hateful

      • Katherine J

        I will not watch if Ali is the bachelorette. She is very two faced and nasty. Gia seems like such a sweet person and also beautiful!!!

      • JAX

        I agree. Gia should be the next bachlerette…she’s awesome!

      • Ann

        OR, Maybe Chris was just reminding us of their attraction for each other as a segway for the finale so Jake can turn down Vienna and Tenley whom he doesn’t really look that connected to.

      • AMP

        I really think that Ali regrets the way she came across on the show more than her actions. She reminds me of a high school bully.

        I would love to see Gia as the next bachelorette, and would regretfully not be interested in watching if it was Ali.

      • Marie

        I thought Gia was gracious and a class act for sure when it came to Vienna. But then again, Gia was the only friend Vienna seem to have at the house. They might have bonded over their nearly nude pics – who knows? It seems like they choose more girl next door types to be the Bachelorette than girls that would have their legs wide open in transparent underwear. Obviously the first thing that would break all over the net are those pics and I’m not sure if that is for the mass Bachelorette fan base. Although I might tune in to see if she does her jump and Koala bear hug on every guy…

      • Billie Jean

        YES GIA for next Bachelorette!! Please, she is smart, genuine and sexy! The only thing about her that bugs me is her voice a little but other than that I’d love to see Gia find true love!!

      • Jaime

        If you noticed though – he didn’t ask anyone what they would say or do if they were asked to be the next bachelorette…like they did with Jillian. I think (hope & pray) they’ll start fresh.

      • KYTessa

        Oh no LR! I thought the same thing when Chris said that about Jake and Ali and thought it was my paranoia. Chris, btw you were great last night and I admire the way you handled the situation but let’s get back to Ali ….I will sit out next season if the show picks Ali. On Tuesday one of the secretaries at work did an impromptu poll and of the 61 people who answered the Ali as Bachelorette question, 56 DO NOT want her as the next Bachelorette. Listen up Chris that’s an awful lot of people!! Pretty please no Ali.

      • tracy

        Ashtrash I so agree with you ALI is the only time I have ever felt like breaking my TV

    • A Novel Menagerie

      I think the exact same thing!

      • jillyro

        For the first time EVER, I will not watch Ali if she is the Bachelorette, yeah, I’ll miss my Monday night guilty pleasure, but I dislike her and can’t stomach watching her. So if they choose Ali, they lost this LONGTIME viewer!

      • james

        I definitely want Ali to be the next Bachelorette. No way do I want either Gia or Tenley.

    • Cathleen

      Ali just wants to look good and was embarrassed that she came off like such a “mean girl” when the show played back. But her words on the show were here own and came naturally to her at the time. I agree, no Ali for “Bachelorette”—she’s fake and manipulative.

      • Cyndi

        I think you are reading too much into it. Ali strongly dislikes Vienna. Vienna is an annoying, childish pain in the ass. None of the girls liked her, Ali was just more vocal about it. It was a big problem for her to see that Jake liked Vienna because if he liked a girl like her, why would he like someone as nice, mature, funny, smart and pretty as herself. I think looking back she was embarassed by her behavior and she apologized for that. She didnt apologize for not liking Vienna. I thought it was brave of her and spoke of her character that she was ashamed of how she acted. Good for you ALi – proves again that you are the girl Jake should have chosen.

    • Me

      I think ali said all those things to make a good image of herself. Obviously she would not say im proud of being mean.

    • Ali Baba

      Yes, but Ali was coached by the producers to say that, since she was already selected to be the next Bachelorette. She’s toeing the company line. That’s why she had to interrupt Michelle and say that she found love on the show. Ali’s new contract is that she can’t say anything bad about anyone on the show or about the show itself.

    • Saracen Riggins

      I thought the SAME EXACT THING. So fake. Boo on Ali… and Vienna. Tenley or Gia for the next Bachelorette!!

      • Debbie

        I agree–if Tenley doesn’t get chosen, I would LOVE to see her as the next Bachelorette. Gia would be my next choice, but NOT Ali. Like others, I liked her best after the first episode, but it went all downhill after that.

      • gigi

        Tenley…please NO!!! Gia…Yes!

      • James

        Tenley would be perfect, but no way she’s going to do it…she wouldn’t make out with more than a dozen guys and bed at least 3. Gia’s too boring. I think Ali’s a decent choice. Blame ABC for the editing.

      • Canadian fan

        Doesn’t anyone else find Tenley’s voice annoying? Helium high or something? Last night’s comments by the ladies were hilarious. ‘Fell out of Disney’, ‘dreams in cartoons’. Best chuckle of the night.

        But a whole season of that voice? No, please!!!!

      • Jillian

        The thing about Tenley’s voice is that it’s not an affect.

        It’s not like Vienna or Gia when they decide to talk in baby voices. (I like both Vienna & Gia, but don’t like it when women talk in baby voices.)

        But in Tenley’s case, the high-pitched, Disney princess voice is just the way she talks, and I can’t fault someone for how their voice sounds.

        Just like I would never say the attractiveness of any woman means she’s not a good match for a guy, I could never fault a woman for just having a high-pitched voice.

        (And I made the mistake of pre-judging a girl in college who sounded like a ditz because of her high-pitched Long Island accented voice, but she ended up being our class president and giving one of the most effective speeches at graduation four years later.)

      • RAY T

        I think Jake shys away from Tenly since she still crys about her divorce.Probly knows he’d be the rebound. Too bad, but she has issues to work out first.

      • tracy

        I dont know if it was how Tenley was editied BUT everytime she opened her mouth she was saying she was a virgin before married and does not believe in sex before marriage That I respect completely!! BUT it was the only thing she talked about IT GOT so OLD! Tori was a virgin but she had more to say about herself

    • Shannon

      I agree!!! As Kristen Baldwin blogs, Ali is the “Queen of Bitch Mountain”!

      • val

        I like ali, I dont know why she is being bashed. If jake ends up with vienna, I will never watch the show again. She is the fake one. She is not a good match for jake and neither is tenley. she is too goody, goody. ali was my fav.

      • Diane

        Just remember! If Jake picks Vienna, her DADDY comes with her!Neither Daddy or Vienna can stand to be without one another, something wrong there. Besides Jake don’t make enough money for Vienna, even if he did, it would go threw her fingers like water.

      • tracy

        I disagree They taped V as a Paris Hilton type but you can tell she is of modest means and is not that way looks can be decieving and thats the case with V People are stereotyping poor V too much we dont know her give her a chance

    • KSH

      Agreed. It was so fake and phony. She is gearing up to be the next Bachelorette I guess. She is trying to score brownie points with fans. If she is the next one I definitely will not watch. Rozlyn is a trainwreck.

      • tracy

        I dont think its right to read tabaloids and REPEAT as if it is the gospal WE DONT KNOW that V did any of that at all !! who knows what ex’s would say about anyone if given a chance and paid off with cash !!

    • joanne waughop

      I felt exactly the same way, everybody was all love love Vienna, what a bunch of bull. I hope Jake doesn’t let her near his bank account so she can pilfer it for more plastic surgery as she did when her husband was in Iraq. All the predictions say Vienna. I feel sorry for Jake and doubt there will be any marriage from this season of the Bachelor..again

      • Frank&Theresa

        The preview for (next weeks episode)it looks like Jake didn’t pick either one of them.What do you think ?
        Remember last night he sounded quite intrigued by one of the other girls who he kicked off previously (can’t remember her name) Hmmm, maybe its her, what do you think ?

    • Sarah

      You nailed it.

    • Julie

      Team Ali! There’s obviously still a connection -for both of them.

      • spikenalabama

        I have to disagree with most of the posters here so far. I love Ali and will definitely watch the next season of The Batchelorette if she is chosen. If it is Tenley or Gia, no thanks; what a snoozefest that would be..

      • AG

        i agree! i love ali and don’t care at all for gia — she seems nice, but not interesting enough for a bachelorette.

      • Dallas

        Team Ali here! Who wants a dull “perfect” bachelorette? I say, have a real personality, even some quirks, some spice.

      • steph

        I would have to agree with you Julie..You could tell by the way they were looking at each other that there is still some connection there..I think in the end Jake and Ali will be together. That is after he gets rid of Vienna. She needs to go back to being a hooters girl with her fake boobs and plastic surgery..

      • Genie

        I loved Ali from the beginning of this season and I appreciated her apology and recognition that her behavior and words towards Vienna were at times mean and unfair.

        I’m hoping that she is the next Bachelorette, I would love to see that together. (Although I DID see a big spark of chemistry between Jake/Ali at the WTA. Who knows.)

      • Heather

        Team Ali all the way!!! I’d much rather that Jake choose neither Vienna nor Tenley and then end up “in love & very happy” (CH’s quote) with Ali. There was still chemistry & connection between them on WTA – that was obvious. I wasn’t impressed with her mean-girl period, either, but it showed a lot of maturity for her to realize it, admit it, and apologize for it on National TV. Ali & Jake FTW!!!! <3

    • D


    • Cari

      Perhaps she spoke the truth on Ellen… as she watched the season herself, she was able to see things in a new light.

    • lmr

      @ Renata…TOTALLY DISAGREE!! I honestly believe Ali had genuine feelings of remorse!! I’m pretty sure that after seeing herself on the show, she realized her behavior wasn’t so pretty!! It takes a big person to apologize on Ntl. TV & admit her actions/words weren’t acceptable!! **Coached by the show -or not- for Ali to admit she was less than kind regarding Vienna, is something lots of women would not have been able to do!! Example: Roslyn!! She couldn’t admit fault about ANYTHING!! HOORAY FOR ALI!!! :-) :-)

    • TV_Pete

      I thought Ali seemed somewhat superficial in her feelings towards Jake. She seems more interested in her “girlfriends” on the show than she did with Jake.

      I do believe her feelings were hurt when Jake didn’t fly off to whisk her off her feet. However, I also believe that Michelle’s feelings were hurt when Jake sent her packing. Both were more ego/infatuation in my estimation than actual love.

      I think Ali is a beautiful girl. I’d love to see more of her. However, I don’t like her as a person anywhere near as much as I do Gia (who may be to introverted to make an ideal Bachelorette).

      Rozzlyn was obviously lying and just wants to extend her 15-minutes. I kind of think Ali is trying to extend her 15-minutes, as well, but she is a little nicer about it.

    • Andrea

      I have watched The Bachelor/Bachelorette every single season since it started but I can honestly say that if Ali is the next Bachelorette, I will NOT be watching next season!

    • Suzanne

      I thought Ali must have talked to some PR reps before doing the show b/c her whole thing seemed completely planned. I don’t believe she forgives nor likes Vienna anymore than she did then.

      Anyway, I would be really disappointed if she was the next Bachelorette b/c she left the show saying she had to or else get fired. Yet she thinks she can do a whole season as the Bachelorette (which requires more time) and not get fired? Her whole story of hoping Jake would come after her AFTER the show was dumb.

      My biggest problem with Ali is this – what if Jake had picked her in the end? Would she have then quit her “fabulous” job at Facebook to move to Texas and be with him? That is what I always wondered. If her job was so important, what would she have done if he picked her?

      • Genie

        She didn’t say that she suddenly really liked Vienna, really. She talked mostly about her OWN behavior and how she was disappointed in herself for some of the things she did and said. I think that’s entirely different. It’s not like she reversed herself and said Vienna was this beautiful, wonderful person… just that she was getting trashed in the tabloids, no one really deserved that and that Ali was disappointed in herself for her choices.

      • mrk21000

        Yes she would have quit her job. She said very clearly that if she knew she was the one then there wouldn’t even be a decision to make-she would stay and quit her job. Why do you think she kept asking him what he wanted. She wanted him to say you are the one so she wouldn’t have to decide on her own.

    • To Renata

      Bingo! Ali was told to “play nice” because she is the next Bachelorette.

    • Jeanne

      That is silly because Ali said she viewed her behavior and it was unacceptable to her. It is amazing how when we see ourselves on tape the perspective is different from the time it happened.
      Ali has been my favorite from the beginning because she is grounded and capable of her independence.

      People continue to believe this show is scripted and it is not, it is however edited for viewing.

    • Kit


      I just can’t believe your blog! I’m finally done with you…It was apparent that the ladies last night were lying about Rozlyn. 4 of them were quoted after leaving the show in interviews they gave on their own (no scripts) that they personally NEVER saw anything. But all of a sudden they did??? Jessie was one of them!! Just when it was convenient for you to try and save face after being caught in lies??? You make me sick, you freak and I’m done! It was the most obvious of the drama shows created by you, Mike and ABC thus far and I don’t want any part in it. If you have to create drama, be very cafeful how you go about it. There is a line……………….you should NEVER cross. Not even for, um, money.

      • KitKat

        Here is an example, Chris, of how obvious the lies were by the “girls” who claim to have “seen” things:
        here was the question and answer she gave to back on Jan. 28th:

        TVG: Let’s talk about Rozlyn for a second. Were you privy to what some of the other girls saw?

        Jessie: I didn’t see anything, but I heard that other people might have seen something, but we all got over it and past it pretty quickly. We never really talked about it in the house again after that night.

      • mal

        it’s the most crooked, pitifully planned and executed show on television. what did you expect? the is the wrestling of try-hard romance, and chris is another pawn/patsy/planner who tries to play a good guy to cover up the kind of person he is. if people can’t see that he’s playing them all for fools…….well then he’s doing his job well i guess.

      • Steelchick

        I cannot believe Chris Harrison has the gall to continue this charade. Apparently conscience has a price – his salary. I really hope that someone treats his children the way he has treated her – there was NO proof otherwise they would have shown vidoe – I loved how Rozlyn called him on that – and he totally blubbered around it…. Chris you are just a guy doing whatever he is told to keep collecting you paycheck – at the cost of other people’s reputations that you have negatively impacted.

      • elizabeth

        Chris i was dissapointed in how you handled the Rozlyn saga. There was a point when one of the girls was revealing what she saw when the camera flashed to Rozlyn and i got a glimpse of you chris and you were smiling as Rozlyn was being talked down to. You seemed to enjoy it. What were you thinking probably “this is ratings gold” At the end of the day who was it that gained from this seasons “Shocking turns” it was ABC not Rozlyn or maybe her son or even her family, which i might add ABC does not care about. Whether what she did was right or wrong it was not to be exploited which ABC did. She was liked a wounded animal among all the wolves u chief among them. Who is without sin let them cast the first stone.

      • Cyndi

        Kit, really??? Are you serious?? You think all of these girls lied to make Chris look better?? Give me a break!!! Obviously Chris was smiling because he was vindicated! She was lying and lying over and over and making the show look bad and then A-HA! You have been caught~! I would have smiled too. these girls are not about to go on tv and lie for no reason. They saw what they saw. They were keeping quiet so they didnt smear Roz in the publics eye. However she lied over and over again so they had no choice but to tell what they saw. They didnt have footage of it. If they did, they probably would have shown up. But come on people, he was a producer of the show – he knew where to go where the camera’s wouldnt be! He wasnt stupid! Roz made herself look bad – no one did that for her. All she had to do was admit there was a relationship and continues to be one. She didn’t have to embarass Chris and make him look bad to ease her own guilt. She is the classic perfect girl who gets caught in a lie and has to bring everyone else down so she isnt the bad guy. PAthetic!! I think Chris did a great job, handled her with as much respect as he could muster and didnt slap her, which I would have!

      • Kit

        Cyndi –
        Wow……You really are a great example of how well this show is at fooling the audience. Bravo to CH for doing his “job” well. It’s so unfortunate that while he can’t take being called out on “his” behavior, but he sure can “dish” it out! What a let down, CH. Oh wait, you have Cyndi in your corner though! Yay!

      • tracy

        I AM SORRY but I am T.E.A.M CHRIS Rozlyn would have been fine if she would have just fessed up It was not till I saw her Lie so much and swear on her sons life that disgusted me

      • bachelor-fan-no-more

        I guess you don’t find it “odd” that Jessie saw her kissing him on the stairs, during the day, and no camera’s were rolling? First she said she came in becuz she was sick, then when Roz came on and she had to give the story again, she came in from a pool party to get a drink. Come on!!! This was so fake, even a kindergartener would have seen through it! Yes, he is a producer, yes he would know when/where camera’s were rolling, but these girls claim to have been all around her when she was doing things, thus, where were the camera’s?????? Some viewers will believe anything. Way to go Chris, you must be so proud. Not your fan any longer. Not that you care………

    • KC

      Yes it was very Tiger Woods.

      • April

        I am also appalled at the way the Rozlynn situation was handled. It went WAY OVERBOARD. I was also made uncomfortable seeing you smiling at the discomfort the girls’ “confessions” were eliciting in Rozlynn. Why did you (or the producers) have the girls trot out embarrassing anecdotes TWICE? Was not once on national television already more than enough? Of course I don’t know what “really happened”, nor do I really care. It should have been dealt with quietly and behind the scenes. You were extremely condescending toward her, especially your comment at the end that you hoped she had learned a big life lesson. COME ON! And your blog today was over the top in the way you kept that ball rolling, and kept calling her out. It is so undignified that you and the producers dragged the tv audience through this humiliation. My guess is that she and this guy had a flirtatious affectionate perhaps teasing rapport and nothing more. Would that have been “appropriate”? Perhaps not, but was it necessary to blow it up like this and possibly damage a woman who IS a mother afterall….I think not. I don’t know what the producer “confessed”, but he may have made it sound like more than it was as well, in order to boost his own ego (that is also what I guess happened). Probably didn’t expect to be fired over it.
        And one more thing. Please stop it with the “fart jokes” in the outtakes. You guys did the same thing last season. This is not a show watched by teenaged boys. I am sincerely beginning to wonder about you guys. Very sad.

      • KitKat

        April ` You go girl!!! What an amazing comment. You nailed it! I wish I could have said it as well as you!!! There are so many interviews out there by the girls BEFORE this was taped where they were asked about this and said they saw “NOTHING” but them on the couch with a lot of other girls around!!! But, now???? They seemed to have gotten over their amnesia?!?! Hummmmm…. Very suspicious! CH, you are such a let down after this latest blog. You blew me away. I used to be a fan of yours, no more…..not that you care, of course.

      • Marsha

        For goodness sake Chris, you seem bound and determined to justify your treatment of Roz. If it is as you say, let it go.

      • sarah

        TEAM CHRIS!!!!
        I hate that everyone is acting like Chris “made this up” or he is the one that is only accusing Rozlyn. Hello, he is the host, therefor he is the one asking the questions and the face of the show. But in reality he is only asking what everyone else wants to know! And pointing out what ALL the other girls said in this situation. But he is the mediator, the messenger. Dont shoot the messenger. It’s not Chris’s battle, it originally came from the girls feeling “uncomfortable” as they said. There for really its the girls vs rozlyn, Chris is simply the messenger and mediator. And it is so obvious she is lying when every 2 seconds she was accusing other girls then sadly enough chris with ridiculous accusations. She is just so sad. TEAM Chris!! He is just doing his job! (and dont hate one him bc he is getting paid, DUH its his job!)

    • Devon

      I love it. There’s no possible way that Ali could have watched herself back on TV and truly realized how she came across? How many people have an opportunity to watch themselves in action through the eyes of an outside observer? I think she handled herself very well. The funny part is that everyone on this blog who is trashing Ali is doing exactly what they abhorred about her. Only they’re hiding behind nicknames. At least she was willing to be open about it and honest in front of the world. I thought Ali seemed like she was still very much in love and it also seemed like Jake had something left for her in his heart. It stinks that, as Chris said, life got in the way. I wish her happiness and I hope we get to see her next year as the next Bachelorette!

      • HLT

        Devon, I agree with you entirely.

    • cheryl

      I disagree. I think it means that Jake will not pick Vienna nor Tenley, but will get back together with Ali.

      • Cyndi

        I agree.

    • Mari

      Exactly. Her apology was fake as hell. You know they have her as the next Bachlorette. Please find fresh, new people ABC.

      • Genie

        I’m a bit confused as to why being the next Bachelorette would cancel out her apology?

        Ali was already a fan favorite. Why would she need to apologize to curry fan favor that she already has?

      • tracy

        Ali was not at all a fan favorite she acted HORRABLE I am glad she admitted it though two points for that and sticking up for V Rozlyn should have taken pointers from Ali

    • kar

      i would like to see him with tenley but i have a feeling we are going to see him walk away from both women to take a chance on ali.just a feeling but vienne is just to imature and really is a spoiled brat and is going to be a high maintinece wife and tenley is really got some baggage with the past she hasnt been with anyone other than her husband,i like her morals and standards but geez we all need to clean out the pipes….hmmm something up with that. i think we havent seen the last of ms ali thats why she apologized to vienne becasue she got the man not vienna lol.

      • tracy

        Tenly did not come across as REAL she defines herself by her morales It is like she wants to be a fairytale princess That is just not reality!! I wish I would have seen a hint of reality in her. I felt like she was putting on an act the whole time and she comes accross as if you did not believe the way she did you are less of a person

    • B

      I LOVE Ali! I completely believe her apology and think it was very sincere. I think after she saw herself on TV, she really regretted her behavior and actions, as did many of the girls after watching themselves back on television. Let’s not forget that Ali is NOT the only one that had beef with Vienna. No one got along with her and she was an awful person. It’s very unfortunate that Jake picks her next week. Yes, it’s very obvious that he is going to choose her and not Tenley. It has unfortunately leaked into all the magazines and Jake said in a recent interview that we will all be “surprised” and “shocked” at his decision. Why would anyone be shocked or surprised if he chose Tenley? Anyways, Chris, I LOVE you and I love your blogs. I think you handled the whole Rozlyn situation with dignity and poise. She is a skank whore and a liar and is a terrible excuse for a mother. I feel awful for her son.

    • Cassi

      I’m not sure I agree about her apology being fake. I feel like once she looked back on the entire situation, she realized she took it a little far. I think Ali handled herself with class and would make an amazing Bachelorette.

    • Kim Molner

      Ali is like the lead boy in “Lord of the Flies”. She was able to rally almost all the girls to be cruel to Vienna (except Gia). I will not forgot her behavior in the beginning of this show and it would be wrong to reward her behavior as the next bachelorette. I am surprised that Jake does not see her as she is. I would like to see Gia as the next bachelorette. She is kind and deserves to find love.

    • New Fan

      Yes, he should pick Ali.

    • Laurie

      agreed she just wants to look good for when she gets her chance… still don’t know if I will watch,
      she has rubbed me the wrong way BIG time!

    • elizabeth

      i felt the same way

    • Joanne

      Vienna is white trash and everyone knows it. Not to mention she’s hideous.

      Love Ali and Gia. She apologized because she realized Vienna is just a psycho.

      • Cyndi

        Totally agree!

      • ARC

        The previews of next week were interesting. Did you all hear Vienna say “this is the life I have always wanted, this is the fairy tale I never thought I would have” If Jake picks her it will be a disaster as she does not seem to realize that when the cameras stop rolling real life will set in and they won’t be sipping champagne in exotic locations and yes living a “fairy tale”. Vienna is immature. Also, loved the looks on his family’s faces. If my son brought someone like that home I would be very upset.

      • tracy

        I hate when people who dont know a thing about Vienna make up things because of her looks we dont know Vienna and she is obviously smart but just because she does not have traditional looks she gets bashed !! I hate that give her a chance already

    • RaRa

      I think the producers made a mistake in playing up Ali’s big conflict with Vienna. While she had a lot of fans at the beginning of the season, a lot of the public turned against her when she went around Vienna’s back, creating a little “we hate Vienna” clique, and then when Vienna tried to apologize and make peace, she snubbed her and didn’t accept her apology. Now the producers want us to love her again so we’ll watch her on the Bachelorette. Sorry, fellas, you can’t have it both ways. You edit and create the drama, you’ll have to live with the consequences, such as a divided public on the subject of Ali for Bachelorette.

      • maggie

        yes, Jake might see sense later, and go to Ali who really belongs to him, Viene is not ready to settle down as a wife, she really seems as somebody who really likes to be on the move.

    • Larry

      Ali is the one!!! Jake rejects both Vienna and Tenley. Ali flys in, in a helocopter and and he proposes. She was on the tell all so the cat was not out of the bag persay.

    • Ali

      The BEST Bachelor/Bachelorette blog out there is Stacey’s
      bachelorlove .blogspot .com

    • Sandy

      Couldn’t agree more If Ali the big phony is the next Bachelorette I will not watch. At least pick Gia who is much better looking, down to earth and real. No ALI!

    • Maddy

      Couldn’t agree more with you & I hope ABC does not pick Ali as the next Bachelorette, she cheapens the show! Her apology was beyond insincere and after all the Vienna bashing that she played a huge part in, Ali should not be rewarded by becoming the next Bachelorette. Note to mention how fake the show would look, so first she leaves Jake, her true love, for her job but when asked to become the next Bachelorette, her job doesn’t mean so much to her anymore.

      Here’s to hoping CHRISTINA, is the next Bachelorette! She looked stunning at the WTA and she is hilarious!

  • Melissa

    Rozlyn made things 100 times worse for herself by continuing to (obviously) lie. If she’d just come out and said, “Ok, I fell in love with someone else,” it would not have been a big deal at all. Her body language was textbook deception, so obvious. And I believe the other women’s stories about her, particular the two mothers. She really played this whole thing the wrong way, she must not be very smart.

    • Viennafan

      Oh gosh, that was painful to watch, almost like a public stoning. Whether or not Rozlyn did or didn’t get close to the producer dude doesn’t matter…why on Earth did they need to drag her through the mud like that? Or as Chris just wrote: back her “into a corner”? Wes was right not to return on the last season’s “tell all,” and it’s too bad Rozlyn went. She is a Mom, and it’s not like she had an “affair,” I mean she probably had done no more than Jake had with cuddling/kissing. So what if she was a contestant…talk about hypocrisy! There was no need to whip her like they did tonight. Gross. Her “low-blow” comment just made the whole thing seem even more pathetic. Can we say “Lord of the Flies”??? Now for my plea: PLEASE, please don’t make Ali the next Bachelorette! She’s heinous.

      • PBJ

        She did have an affair…. the producer was married. Remember, Rozlyn said that Chris H “hit on his wife in New Zealand”. So……. the producer was married and apparently that relationship is now over since he (the producer) is visiting Rozlyn in Richmond, VA with his father. I’m willing to bet that his wife left him due to the fact that he DID have an affair with Rozlyn while working on the show.
        Yes… maybe not everyone should have been against Rozlyn but we have to remember SHE did agree to come. She wanted to. If she didn’t she wouldn’t have agreed to go (like Wes). And I think the girls all were bringing up their points because Rozlyn was lying and wouldn’t just admit the truth. Do you think she would have left the show if she did nothing wrong? Do you think the producer’s marriage would be over if nothing happened between Rozlyn and himself? I think not.
        And I can understand why Chris wanted to clear the air…. but I think he (and everyone else) was surprised that she kept on lying (AND swore on her son’s life – you could hear the audience gasp when she said that).
        Rozlyn had the opportunity to go on the show and maybe not make things “right” but make things “better” and she didn’t take advantage of that opportunity. She made herself look worse than ever. She clearly is a dishonest classless woman.

      • PBJ

        Oh yeah…. and the fired producer has admitted to the affair.

      • Jaya

        You are so right. And it sounds like her “New Zealand” comment really struck home with Mr. Scientologist.

      • @PBJ

        And you clearly are a deluded classless weirdo.

      • Lindeeloo

        Guilty or no, Roz was backed into a corner and trying desparately to save face. Harrison, Fleiss and ABC are playground bullies with a “I told you so” attitude. The scandal should have been handled off camera in the first place, IMO. Ali doing her best to backpeddle, trying to present herself as outspoken rather than mean. Not good Bachelorette material. Should be someone people can admire.

      • TK

        PBJ is not a weirdo. Whoever made that comment, well how about YOU look in the mirror, ok? I bet you would not like what you see. How crude of you to say such things. Please stop with the personal attacks, not needed here.

      • Sarah

        Actually PBJ, I read that he and his wife were separated by the time filming on this show began.

      • Sarah

        I agree, Jake gets to make out and sleep with all these women, but if one of the contestants takes an interest in someone else besides him, she’s a criminal! Such hypocrisy.

      • Juneau

        Rozlyn was only dragged through the mud because she wouldn’t come clean about what happened. If you continue to lie and claim all the women and Chris H are lying, then you deserve to be called out for it. She’s a total skank. I feel sorry for her son. And what is this show doing casting someone like that for poor Jake? She was clearly a hot mess from the first episode.

      • RK

        Yeah, how offensive! “Weirdo” is so mean! I’m rubber, you’re glue…

      • Brenda

        I totally agree!!

      • R3

        to PBJ: It is my understanding that the producer did not admit to an affair — he admitted he had developed feelings for Rozlyn. And wasn’t he already divorced at the time?

      • tracy

        LOOK Roz is a big girl and knows the business she has been working in the modeling industry so she knows how things work and she came on the show on her own accord. She was not forced. There was nothing wrong with her saying she developed feelings for the producer and NOT Jake Most of America would have been just fine with the TRUTH It was the way she conducted herself that made her look so bad. I did not dislike her actions till the WTA show. SOOO please spare me this POOR ROZYN’s being picked on by CH crap!

    • Jaya

      Of course, because MOTHERS never lie. There are some pretty scummy people on the earth who are mothers you know. And isn’t Rozlyn one herself? Nice logic.

    • Steven

      Wow you are a dumbass. Roslyn is totally telling the truth.

      • dvelcro

        Wow your totally on drugs if you believe Roslyn was telling the truth.

      • Sandra

        Rozlyn was so in denial of the truth last night. She is someone who cannot bring herself to admit to her mistakes. I thought she made a fool out of herself. Chris is right, she tried so many times to deflect the spotlight away from what was being discussed and brushed off comments with a silly yet nervous laugh all while saying “no, that didn’t happen”. If she was really telling the truth and EVERYONE else was lying, then wouldn’t she have been ANGRY about them calling her a liar on national tv? She just had a silly smug laugh for everything that was said. I think she’s getting a kick out of all of this because she thinks she is pulling the wool over people’s eyes (well clearly she is for some). Maybe she wants to be an actress. Then the line she gave Chris regarding “hitting on his wife” was such a low blow. She was desperate at that point. In my opinion, she would never admit to the truth now because she’s in too deep. I seriously believe that Rozlyn is mentally unstable and may actually believe that what she is saying is in fact the truth, and therefore she doesn’t mind ‘swearing on her sons life’. There are people like that, they make up lies and elaborate stories for attention and will never admit they’re wrong because it’s what they actually believe. I knew a girl like that, and watching Rozlyn just reminds me of her.
        I’d like to hear from this producer! If this were all lies (as rozlyn says), why was he fired? Why hasn’t he come out in public to defend himself? Why isn’t there a lawsuit?

      • Pamela

        wow, are u boning her too?! HA!

      • val

        do you really believe that she was telling the truth. omg and she lied so well but not well enought for me to buy that crap.

    • Debbie

      Roz really blew her opporuntiy last night! The impression she left with the viewing audience was nobody’s fault but her own. If her “innappropriate behavior” was just innocent flirting or the result of having a little too much to drink, she could have admitted to that, apologized, and that would have been the end of it. If she just wasn’t feeling it for Jake, she could have admitted that, too, and no one would have faulted her for that. But she’s a lousy lier, and she dug herself into a bigger and bigger hole with every comment she made. The others simply recounted what they witnessed. Her final parting remark to Chris was an obvious desperate attempt to change the subject. Chris shwed a lot of class by not dignifying that comment with an answer.

      • tracy


    • Crissy


    • KitKat

      Boy, they really fooled you, didn’t they? Wow! What suckers the audience apparently is. No wonder the ratings went up. Couldn’t possible be becuz of Jake, he’s too boring

  • Sara

    All Roslyn accomplished with that remark about you ‘hitting on his wife’ was reveal that the guy is married, and that she was fooling around with a married man. Ha.

    • egar

      Ahahahah! My thoughts exactly!!!

    • rm

      The wife dumped the producer (ryan callahan) months before this season started. maybe chris was the reason?

      • Viennafan

        yeah, and Chris definitely didn’t seem to be laughing as he claims he and his wife did at Rozlyn’s big reveal.

      • miriam

        more like he wanted to cry! must be nice to be in control of the spotlight. He was very manipulative. I don’t have any respect for Chris anymore. We need another host. PS> no to Ali.

      • RAYMOND

        Look Chris got class.You can laugh on the inside too and don’t have to laugh like a clown out loud. HA HA HA HA HA HA !Get my point? The way trouble makers think really amaze me at times.

      • Melissa

        Ryan’s marriage was over before the taping started. i dont believe what the girls said for a second!

      • AMP

        I don’t think Roz was an idiot. She had to know before she came on the show that she wouldn’t leave looking any better.

        Her motivation was likely more camera time to help her career, and her thought was likely “no publicity is bad publicity.”

      • KitKat

        Yep! His face said the whole thing. The reason he didn’t speak during the actual filming is becuz no one was there to help with the “script”

    • Aja

      She also “revealed” that CH is a smarmy hypocrite who no doubt DID hit on the guy’s wife. He sure is defensive about it.

      • Mrs M

        How else would you respond when someone accuses of you of that? Besides if it really was true they could have edited that part out. The fact they left it in speaks volumes to me.

        I did NOT like Rozlyn and I think she got exactly what she deserved!

      • Ryan

        Whatever happened until innocent until proven guilty. haveing contractually obligated women confess that they saw her put her hand on his thigh is not proof. Chris just seemed like a jerk and Roslynn should have known she was entering a lion’s den.

      • Rachel

        defensive? He hardly said anything about it. He stated that it was false, and then moved on. “Defensive” would have been him trying to explain a situation & put his spin on it…but he didn’t even address it!

      • Marie

        I thought Chris looked visibly shaken and shocked for a split-second – almost red. He’s not used to being on that side of the “season’s most shocking” incident. Well maybe now he knows a bit of what it might feel like to be blind-sided on this show. I like Chris, he is obviously very intelligent, knows how to stay in control, still looking like the nice guy..the perfect face for the show. It probably is not the worst thing in the world to know how that feels, though.

      • Canny

        Chris, you were fantastic! (as usual – LOVE your posts)I gasped when R made her comment… She obviously lashed out grasping at anything that would sting because she’s in denial about the truth. I feel sad for her son, and looking at her I almost felt sad for her, like she hasn’t been taught any manners. A below the belt comment like that was shut down by you (a gentleman) and congrats on having such calm composure during her interview!! As for Ali, I don’t know why all the hate? She was quite good a debating (which most women are not) and she just spoke up for herself (which most of us don’t do) I agree, maybe she saw herself during the showing of the episode and that hmmm… maybe I shouldn’ be that outspoken… but in anycase, I’m personally hoping that Jake gets on that plane and flys to SanFran and circles the building where she works with a banner flying behind the plane asking her out for a date (in the real world) !!! okay, that’s just me! hehehee ps.. to Chris’s wife: give him a hug from me you’ve got a great guy! ;-)

      • Canadian fan

        If Chris had wanted to avoid the Rozlyn’s comment, he could have had it edited out. The fact that he let it stand speaks volumes for his integrity. I thought he handled the situation with a great deal of class and let Rozlyn expose herself (again) as the dishonest person she has proved herself to be.

      • Viewer less and less

        @Canadian Fan. You should be embarassed that your fellow Canadian Jessie lied like a rug last night. What she said in the WTA about seeing Rozlyn and what she told tv guide is exactly opposite. Read the tv guide article and then judge who the liar is.

      • Jenn

        @aja how was Chris defensive? Really? Not the head of your class were you. I found Chris to be as he always is.. a classy intelligent guy. How does Roslyn being a liar turn into bashing a nice guy. The producer admited to wrong doing and what reason would the show or the girls have to lie?

      • Canadian fan

        @Viewer less and less – if one citizen represents the entire population, every county in the world is in trouble. Jessie doesn’t speak for all Canadians any more than you speak for all Americans.

        If Jessie lied, she’s responsible for her own behaviour. I’m not the least embarrassed on her behalf. Rozlyn has been caught in numerous lies (even if some are proven false, she has admitted to some of the accusations) and is also responsible for her own behaviour. Are you embarrassed for her as a fellow American?

        And I still believe Chris Harrison handled himself very well.

      • WOW

        He was so defensive he wasted most of his blog about it! Throwing stones at her over and over and over! Yeah, seemed a little bit too much, kinda like the “he protested too much” comment?!?! He can dish it out, but can’t seem to take it! What a loser, CH. We need a host who can entertain us without insulting the cast. They do it enough themselves!! No respect for ya, CH. I totally believe the acusation Rozlyn made.

    • P

      He and his wife broke up long before taping with Jake. At least get your facts straight!

      • katiej

        He was visibly shaken because that was such a horrid thing to say, not because it was true.

      • elizabeth


      • elizabeth


    • Julie

      I’ve read it in several places this “staffer” was recently divorced.

    • jane

      The producer WAS married and by the time he met Rozlyn, he was no longer married.

  • leo

    Thanks for the quick blog Chris

    I want Gia for our next Bachelorette – she’s sincere, she’s surprising in a good way, and she’s ready for love both because she knows now that she deserves it AND because she knows the kind of guy she really wants. GIA is amazing!

    • Chloe

      Yeah, if they are going to pick anyone from this group it really needs to be Gia.

      • Janice

        I’m for Gia for the next bachelorette and not Ali. Ali needs to stick with her work, she’s not pretty at all, she looks like a hawk or a snake with those beady eyes.

      • Brooke

        I think she looks more like a rat

    • Tom & Jerry

      Chris, From a man’s standpoint All men want to look at Gia, not Ali. Gia is a beautiful successful classy woman , sweet & kind.
      Ali is a bad tempered little girl, and so-so in the looks department. duh! not exciting. Oh, and on the verge of loosing her job too.
      Personally it would be unkind to offer her up to the next bunch of guys looking for love…Ali ain’t no prize !
      She looks as tho she pressed her nose against a window and it froze, sorry.

      • Aja

        You’re crazy, Ali is adorable. And her nose is much better than that hideous nose job that Gia sports.

      • RK

        I’d take them both. At least Ali isn’t surgically enhanced.

      • TK

        Aja and RK, then you both can have Ali. Gia is beautiful and a classy woman. My husband thinks she is beautiful and he has taste, well he has me so yeah!

      • Rachel

        Ali and Gia are both drop-dead gorgeous!

    • jojo

      Please pick Gia, not Ali. Now suddenly she can take off from her job…seems like it was set up in advance. Gia is more sincere,beautiful,the whole package

      • James

        No…NO to Gia. How boring would that be. Talk about a snorefest.

    • Suzanne

      I vote for Gia :) She was the most surprising to me this season. On first sight I thought she’d be stuck up, and when she turned out to be the “class nerd” and shy, and sweet, I was really impressed. I don’t care what is “boring” for Tv – Gia deserves to find love more than someone who thinks their job is more important

      • Cyndi

        I love Gia too but I think she is too shy to be the bachelorette. I don’t think she could handle it. Love her though <3

  • leo

    Not to bash Ali but it did seem like she said what she said to help people forgive her cruelty and pettiness towards Vienna as well as her manipulation with Jake. She’s insecure, just as blunt as Vienna (even admitted it) and I don’t think she’d be a bachelorette ratings feat for you from a business perspective.

    Everyone found Gia the gorgeous but fragile girl with a great backstory, endearing and we learned together that what you see is not always what you get – she was full of wonderful surprises and as beautiful inside as out.

    • R

      Ali is many things, not all of them great, but she is not insecure. That adjective is thrown around way too much without thought in judgment of these women.

      • KP

        I agree that Ali should not be the next bachelorette, but I do think she learned some things about herself. That may be partly because of seeing herself on TV but probably more so because of Jake not asking her back. I think that was a real eye-opener for her and made her do some soul searching, at least I hope so.

      • Christina

        Yes she is or she wouldn’t have felt the need to put down Vienna, when Vienna became a threat. She screams insecure! And drinks too much and gets mean, most of the nastiest things she said was with a wine glass in her hand, which maybe something she wants to look at before she searches for love.

    • Debbie

      I would have no desire to see Ali, but I would watch if Gia were chosen. Then again, both of these women wouldn’t seem to have any problems finding dates. So, how about the Octomom — I hear she’s been wanting a go at Reality TV fame — and all those rugrats could turn into quite a scandal (especially if the guy doesn’t follow the news too closely).

      • Amanda

        How about Gwen from Aaron’s season. She’s beautiful, smart and sweet and still available. She would have been a better choice than Ali.

      • R3

        Great idea, Amanda! The reason I liked Ali at the start of the season is because she sort of reminded me of Gwen. I don’t have a lot of respect for Ali anymore, but would LOVE to see Gwen as Bachelorette!

      • Sab

        Debbie, you are Funny! Octomom has my vote .

    • KWise

      I thought Alli further revealed herself yesterday when she responded to Michelle. She just had to jump in to try to prove Michelle wrong….and I thought the way she talked to Michelle was condescending and mean. Like Michelle didn’t take enough beatings last night! Alli is trying to apologize for the way she treated Vienna, but I think she just can’t keep her mouth shut enough to let me believe she’s actually a nice person.

      • caroline

        OMG, i totally agree with what you said, Ali’s comment was just so out of place. Michelle was given her personal opinion on it, but there it comes mean girl to say she fall in love…”i think it didn’t work for you Michelle”. well yeah Ali that was exactly what she was saying, but she just had to get credit and make Michelle look bad. After this WTA Michelle and Gia were the best, and i will be more than happy if any of the two become next bachelorette. i actually think more people would tuned if Michelle was the bachelorette than Ali, Ali does not deserve it.

    • tracy

      Leo, I cant agree with you MORE about GIA I love everything about her Gia and V were judged on their looks and stereotyped too much After we got to know them they were amazing

  • Melissa

    I’d like to see a new, fresh bachelor of bachelorette, personally. And I would not like Ali to be the b’ette at all – she is a very unpleasant person and I would have zero desire to watch her for an hour a week (let alone two).

    • Janice

      Yes, I agree, I will not watch if Ali is picked for bachelorette.

      • Sweety

        Me either. I have been watching bachelor and bachelorette religiously since the beginning but if Ali is picked I will skip the show this season. Gia is absolutely awesome. She is beautiful inside and out. I would love to see her as the bachelorette

      • Aja

        Come on, YOU’LL watch.

      • Mirillie

        I say that every time they pick the “wrong” Bachelor or Bachelorette and then I still watch it.

      • thatoneday

        Me too. I said that with Jake because he’s a big yawn, but I watched it anyway. I don’t know if I can still read the CH blog comments next time though, if people are going to leak spoilers here. Spoilers are evil.

      • Devon

        Completely agree. The spoilers/leaks must be plugged!!!

      • iheartpoco should add a “report spoiler” button below each post, so if you see one, at least you can flag it so other people don’t have to read it. I LOVE the boards, but there are spoilers ALL over them! This one, this season was the worst I’ve seen. It really did diminsh my enjoyment of the show. Sadly, I love the boards so much…I just can’t quit them.

      • Tom&Jerry

        Well what can I say, I’ll still watch…but I’ll hate every minute of it…lol !

    • Sue Smith

      I cannot watch the show if Ali is the next Bachelortte,….. unless… Jake comes back (Because Vienna is creepy), and he tries to get back with Ali,… interesting?

      • frank

        OOooo, that would be good TV…. I’d watch that

    • Laura W

      I agree 100%! Can we PLEASE get a new person to be the next Bachelor/Bachelorette instead of recycling the same people over and over again? Ali is too whiny and catty, and Gia is annoying with her stupid baby talk all the time (and I don’t think she’s *that* pretty). I don’t think I could take watching another season with either one of them.

  • Karen

    Considering how big this “scandal” is, where is the footage? Despite what was said tonight, the cameras have to be running 24/7. There is no chance in hell ABC would risk not getting footage of a big event inside the house.

    I’m also interested as to why people like Ella have changed her story. When she did the press tour after not getting a rose, she said she never saw anything inside the house but her story changed tonight.

    Too bad Rozlyn has been thrown under the bus for ratings.

    • San Diego

      I totally agree. You could tell the women were coached. The looks of disgust were right on cue.

      It seems like the producers are really grasping at straws for a good story. First Wes, and now poor Roz, both came on the show for their careers and the producers just trashed them. I liked the show way better in the early years. It went to crap right around Lorenzos season.


      • Pamela

        it is obvious you were put up to this comment by “Roz”. That woman is a vile creature in a very pretty shell. The comment she made about Chris was disgusting and showed what a low life she is! Your friend is needs to shut her trap and go away!!

      • Kira

        Not to mention that they seemed to be building steam trashing Roz when she wasn’t there. But when Chris announced that she WAS there and that they were about to confront her, the girls looked surprised and uncomfortable.

        I don’t like Roz, but Chris was downright RUDE to her last night. I don’t think she’s innocent, but I don’t think she’s as guilty as last night’s charade made her seem either.

        By the way, Chris, you keep mentioned “mountains of evidence”. NO, you have a couple of girls who have changed their stories- would never hold up if you were sued. Evidence would have been video, or a used condom, or something tangible! What you’ve got is heresay and conjecture.

        Oh and for those that are asking: Roz can’t sue for defamation/slander because of the ironclad contract that allows for any and all “storylines” regardless of how edited or FABRICATED.

      • catgirl

        To Kira — Thank you for saying EXACTLY what I wanted to say!

      • tracy

        There was nothing wrong the way CH handeled the Roz thing and she would be absolutely FINE if she just would have admitted it she made herself look bad and has noone to blame but herself for acting the way she did

    • realitysteve

      No footage because nothing happened. Harrison has a personal axe to grind with the producer because his wife didn’t put out in NZ. Pathetic but not surprising. Harrison tagged Trista in Season 1.

      • Pamela

        and roz is an upstanding human being! RIGHT!!!

      • gna333

        you are an idiot…when will you just go away?!

      • Sheila

        As someone who has been on a jury panel for a rape trial, let me tell you something that is a FACT. Just because an event isn’t taped doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. Steve your logic here is WAY off base.

      • Alexia

        Interesting, I do believe those sheep lied for the show.

        Mean girls with Chris as their Shepard.

        Roz made herself look worse. She should have stayed home. Pathetic

        I’d love to see Gia as the next Bachelorette.

      • Jenn

        @realitysteve your an idiot!!!!The producer would know when and where cameras would be.

    • Viennafan

      totally. And Jesse’s story, revealed exclusively “tonight,” seemed really suspect. Something is really skeevy about that girl. I don’t buy anything she says.

    • Melissa

      There’s no footage of Rozlyn w/ Ryan b/c nothing happened. She was never rattled once last night when those girls started talking. She held her own. I dont believe all that garbage for a second.

      • I hate V

        I think Rozalyn was honest. They would have some proof on film if this actually happened.

    • Jon Lazar

      Well, we have Rozlyn as this beautiful woman who could not tell the truth in front of America. It showed a classless effort on her part to be truthful about what happened. What is wrong, as Chris said, about just saying, YES… I made a connection with the producer and I am sorry for what happened.. Instead, she lied and even sold her child’s soul to dispute what she did.. Very sad to see… She also tried to offset her attention to other subjects… sad sad woman…. glad she was called to the carpet… oh, and she tried to call Chris to the carpet for hitting on the producers wife…. once again… very sad.

      • Pappy

        Why are we assumming that roz isn’t telling the truth? We have written evidence that Jessie and Elle (gosh, why can’t i remember her name now) are both lying. Both gave interviews before (on to TV guide i think, the other to people) and both said they saw NOTHING. Now they have completely changed their stories. So they are indeed lying…whether is was then or now, they are lying. Roz’s story has been the same from the start. So why is it we are beliving the two liars instead of the person that has had the same story throughout???

      • Jillian

        Just want to repeat it again, in case it didn’t sink in the first time:

        The show has absolutely nothing to gain from proving itself correct over Rozlyn.

        Roz created a scandal by denying that anything bad ever happened at all (even if she didn’t get physical, it’s obvious to anyone with half a brain that she’s hiding something), and the show ran with the feud because it’s good for ratings.

        You want footage? “The Bachelor” doesn’t care, because you tuned in last night and will continue to.

    • Jillian

      You may be asking “where is the footage,” while everyone else is asking “where is the lawsuit?” Neither Rozlyn or the staffer has filed a suit (like “wrongful firing,” anyone?) because they know the show made the right decision in sending them home.

      “The Bachelor” wouldn’t mess with someone’s life so much to the point of firing them just to create a scandal.

      Rozlyn knows they have some sort of proof, and a confession from the producer involved.

      BUT (and pay attention here) if the show aired any footage, it would put the rumors to rest, and people wouldn’t be hitting up comment boards like this and discussing the show the next day. The show has NOTHING TO GAIN from showing footage to prove an affair. Chris Harrison doesn’t care if you like him, as long as you’re tuned in.

      • Kira

        wrong. Roz would lose if she sued. check out the contract on realitysteve’s website. Don’t know about Ryan C’s contract- maybe it has a clause that talks about providing a phone to a contestant or flirting with a contestant. Then he’d be out of luck too.

        The show was seeking drama and “credibility”. If they had nothing to gain in all this, they wouldn’t have aired her departure or used it in every preshow promotion. They wanted a scandal so that the show was more “exciting”.

        It’s supposed to be a REALITY show. Therefore, they have a lot to gain by trying to make what happened seem accurate.

      • Pappy

        LOL…i love how people try to prove their superior knowlegde by saying things like “anyone with half a brain” or “now pay attention here”….lol…
        Apparently you are not seeing all the people here that are completely disgusted with the actions of CH and won’t watch anymore because of it. And yes, the show WOULD mess with someone’s life and career to create a scandal because like you said, they are wanting to get people to tune in…and this season was so meh from the start they may have felt they needed to spice it up.

        And “in case it didn’t sink in the first time” to you, Roz didn’t create this at all. Let’s say for the sake of argument she didn’t do anything wrong…and then she is accused of all this. Wait, let’s put you (Jillian) into her shoes….just pretened…I know you are a very intellegent woman and never would do anything like this, but just pretend for a minute…so you have been accused of this. You didn’t do anything wrong…are you going to just admit that you did it? HELL NO. You are going to deny it and fight for your honor, aren’t you?
        The show absolutely has something to gain proving themselves right…credibility. Because I, like many others, think that they are at the very least blowing the whole thing out of proportion. The only “proof” that has been laid out is by two women (and now a third) that have changed their stories. credibility for the show = shot.

    • Grim

      Completely agree. They are throwing this woman on a public pyre over, essentially nothing. It is so disgraceful, so ugly. The fact that Roz is not particularly articulate just helps them run right over her. It is so revolting. Reflects the absolute *worst* of everything about our country and the media right now.

  • Zoey

    It was entirely too obvious Rozlyn was lying. I was just like, fess up already! Would all these people really lie just to be petty? She just made herself look bad and showed what kind of person she really is: a lying skank, who is also an adulterer since she mentioned the producer had a WIFE.

    • tizzylish

      AMEN to that Zoey!

    • Marie

      You know how your brain tries to make sense of odd things – all I kept thinking was maybe Roz was so drunk that she honestly doesn’t remember… anyone think alcohol could have had something to do with it?

    • catgirl

      to Zoey — HAD a wife. But not at the time the season was filmed. Get your facts straight. Of course, you won’t get all the facts if you stick to just Chris’s blog or watching the show.

  • Suzanne

    Wow I think Fleiss dropped the ball on picking Ali as the Bachelorette!! Gia would have been a far better choice!! Her story touched the heart, not Ali’s!

    • Sweety

      Oh no pls tell me this is not true. I hope Ali is not picked.

      • BC Girl

        Better real than plastic. Yeah Ali!

  • kane

    that tell-all episode made me feel dirty. a lot of mean spiritedness and smarmy comments all around-both from and to rozlyn. you were less likable than i have ever seen you. is this the type of tv you want to be creating?

    • Amanda

      That’s how I felt too Kane. I wish there were more funny segments and not so much trash. EVERYONE was lying (Rozlyn, the girls, Chris, Jake)from every which way. It was nauseating.

    • Rachel

      Honestly though…Rozlyn has been dragging their show through the mud this entire season. During the episode facts were very vague. The show didn’t try to trash her–they handled the issue as discreetly as possible on national television! And at the time, she left without denying she had done anything. But after it aired Rozlyn came out and started trashing the show. She accused them of being too vague because she knew they didn’t have any video footage. In my opinion, she ASKED for them to reveal everything they knew. She just didn’t realize that the girls knew so much.

      • Millie

        You don’t have to be very discreet to hide the fact that someone touched someone else’s leg and put her butt up in the air. There’s not that much there to cover up, y’know? Because it’s NOTHING.

    • Don’t Get Me Started

      I’ve always been a big Chris Harrison fan – until the WTA. Makes me feel that some of the show’s critics aren’t as off-base as I might have thought before. Chris, I felt you came across as mean-spirited and condescending. I’m sure it makes for good ratings, but I didn’t get any enjoyment out of seeing Roz (whom I never liked, by the way) being thrown under the bus by the women (all of whom have changed their stories) and by you, with your insenuations. If you really don’t know what the truth is (which I don’t believe), then why don’t you assume the person whose story has not changed is the one telling the truth? The producer admitted to having feelings for Rozlyn, which is “inappropriate” and against the rules. Why make it look like an affair, and ruin a person’s reputation? Is the money THAT good, that you’ll sell your soul for a nice salary? You of all people should be able to understand how flirting can be misconstrued by others (remember New Zealand?), so why not give her the benefit of the doubt? Oh, I forgot, there is no drama and storyline in the boring truth….

  • Nicole

    Chris!!!! I couldnt believe it and was very disappointed to see Rozlyn take that cheap shot at you. It was just very low. Nevertheless, you handled it really well, though I could tell that you weren’t laughing at her comment and Rozlyn had managed to agitate you. But who can blame you for being agitated? It’s not a light matter when someone questions your integrity on your own show and in front of your family and colleagues. But if it helps, as far as I am concerned, she didn’t manage to put the slightest scratch on your integrity; you come across as this honest person who’s a Consummate Gentleman and oh well, she can say whatever she wants. But please don’t let her bother you.

    • gna333

      agree completely…well handled Chris, that was unbelievable…

      • GLC

        Chris, Canada loves you !
        You handled that “snake” Roz with amazing class!
        Surely your friend the producer will see the slimey bottom feeder she truley is…she not only thru you under the bus…she thru “him” under the bus as well…a move only cowards resort to.
        She owes all of us an appology for what she said about you..NOBODY BELIEVES HER ANYWAYS.
        Wandering how she’ll ever clear her name after THAT performance. The world is watching and laughing…HA !

    • Sweety

      Very well said Nicole. Chris you were a perfect gentleman and handled yourself very well. Rozlyn’s comment just made her seem so much more desperate.

      • YES!

        Wha??? CLASS!?!? Were we watching the SAME show??? It was totally classless. Notice Chris deflected to the “ladies” to tell us what “happened.” He never actually stated it. How hard is it to clearly state exactly what happened? Lies. And Chris Harrison was a total jerk about it. I do believe her. I don’t think she has a real reason to lie. Chris, however, needs to protect the franchise and his “job.” I won’t watch anymore. Chris Harrison–you came across unbelievably unlikable. Don’t fool yourself.

      • LG

        Uh – hello….Chris deferred to the women because they were the eyewitnesses. That was the proper thing to do, since he was not in the house actually seeing it happen for himself. As for the camera thing – again – hello! The guy was a producer! Do you not think he doesn’t know where all the cameras are and when they are rolling??? Seriously. I don’t think even that guy would be stupid enough to make out with a contestant when he KNOWS he’s being filmed! He would know when and where to go.
        Chris, you handled Rozlyn just right, but she is obviously just a consummate liar who is willing to even blaspheme against her own son’s life to continue her lies. Sick person. You can’t do anything with someone like that except ignore them – she only wants her spotlight to continue, so the best thing to do is take it away from her.

      • AMP

        My guess is that the deflection to the women was for legal reasons.

        Chris didn’t witness the events firsthand, and, as a result if he were to repeat the allegations made by others it would be hearsay and would leave him and the show vulnerable to libel charges.

        I had a feeling that right after Roz asked him to directly say what she had done, Chris went to commercial in order to check whether or not he legally could.

      • MJE

        re: the camera’s
        this guy was the night time producer….notice how you never see any night time footage around the house? i may be going reality TV crazy but i could have sworn i have seen footage from pervious seasons where the girls are having fun, etc before heading to bed

      • disappointed

        A perfect gentleman?!? Chris looked furious throughout. Why he is trying to destroy this woman (instead of simply quietly releasing her from the show) is beyond me. I’ve learned one thing this season: Chris Harrison is not a nice man.

      • WOW

        You people are so gullable!! CH himself said at the very beginning, his blog, that attorney’s etc had to walk with them and help them handle this situation…why? To avoid lawsuits which is why CH never says exactly what went on. Of course he knows, he works with these people! As for the camera’s, Really? Really???? Are you kidding me???? Both girls claimed to have “seen” things, with a whole story mind you, and these “things” happened in plain view of the stairs or couch????You mean to tell me that duing as pool party, Jessie walks in and there are NO camera’s rolling??????????? This wasn’t a bathroom. And in past seasons, they showed a conversation of two women in the kitchen, not knowing their were hidden camera’s, that busted them when one tried to act like she didn’t say something. Remember that?????? The other incident, according to Ella, was on the couch. This is where a lot of drama takes place. Really??? No camera>??? Are you people that dumb???? or do you believe everything you see and hear CH??? I’ve lost all respect for this show and host. I would respect them more if they would just admit, as did the producers for Paradise Hotel, that the whole show is done as things happen……It’s scripted kids. It’s just very sad that Roz had to be the “one” this season to take the fall for the ratings.

    • P

      Integrity??? Chris Harrison?? In the same sentence??? I think NOT!!!

      • Agreed

        I agree. I usually love Chris Harrison and have been a big fan of his. Last night felt like a witch hunt and I lost some respect for you CH!

      • Amy Leigh

        LOL I completely agree.

      • Rigger

        The depths of my disappointment and amazement at the degrading lengths to which ABC has been willing to go to create some sort of scandal of the century out of one woman’s maybe possibly sorta flirtatious behavior is boundless. This Mr. Harrison should be having trouble sleeping at night. If he is, then perhaps he has a shred of integrity. Why do I doubt it?

      • Tom&Jerry

        Come on you guys,go easy on Chris. Roz was welcomed onto the show, but overstepped boundries and got caught. Then days later she runs straight to the tabloids to deface the show. Chris had every right to be pissed and did what had to be done. Any one of you would have done the same.

    • Mike

      Wait, isn’t was Rozalyn did exactly what Chris was doing to her? Making accuasations on national TV based on others statements? Odd dbl standard

      • Pappy

        Again, we are assuming truth from hearsay (sp?). What would you do if you were accused of some pretty horrible things? Would you just admit it like some people here are saying she should? If she indeed didn’t do it, she should be standing up for herself. And why are we assuming Chris didn’t hit on that dude’s wife? Lots of you are assuming Chris and the other women are not lying, why can’t we assume the same for roz? And don’t give me that roz is a skank and not trustworthy…what did you see on the show that shows any of the women that are saying the crap (allegedly) about roz are ANY DIFFERENT than her?

      • Sara

        Um Pappy, you are living in a fantasy world cuz it was SO obvious that Rozlyn was lying…you couldn’t see how guilty she looked and how defensive she was acting? Chris did the right thing, the mature thing, to not respond to her childish comments, Rozlyn looked REALLY stupid on TV, if I were her, I would have not shown my face and called it a day but she prob wants to get the publicity. I bet she does play boy even though on the Daily 10 she said she would never do that…she seems really fake…

      • Pappy

        It might be obvious to you, but to me and many others, not so much. It might be obvious because you are buying into what the other ladies are saying. I am not buying it. I am not buying what roz said about chris either. There is NO PROOF for either side, just word of mouth. The only thing we know for sure is the two girls (ella and jessie) lied at some point as to what they saw.

        Are you really telling me if you were innocent (and yes, I am assuming she is innocent because last I checked you are innocent until PROVEN guilty) and were feeling like you were attacked, you wouldn’t act defensivley?

        Again, show me the proof. And if i am on a jury at this point, I am siding with Roz…only proof we have are two people who have at some point lied, so I can’t believe anything they say.

      • Tilda R

        As Judge Judy often points out, once you are caught lying to a court of law, everything else you say is heard with doubt. The “ladies” who told magazines they saw nothing and have now flipped are PROVEN liars. How anyone would just assume they are the paragons of virtue in all this is astonishing. They are PROVEN liars.

      • Pappy

        And another just came out and said she felt pressured into saying something she really didn’t believe…vallisha in us weekly…still think chris and the producers aren’t just flinging mud? I don’t think I am the one living in the fantasy world sara…you are…and it’s chris’s fantasy…

      • Tom&Jerry

        Actually Mike, Chris got the information straight from the producer himself.

      • Don’t Get Me Started

        to Pappy – Mike is on the same side as you. He is saying that Chris has been dishing it out (taking heresay as truth) and when Rozlyn made a heresay comment of her own about Chris’s so-called flirtatious behavior, the shoe is on the other foot. Rozlyn reported a heresay story about Chris’s alleged “hitting on” (which likely was just flirting). How is that different from Chris reporting heresay about her alleged affair, which was likely just flirting? And yes, the ladies’ stories have changed quite a bit. The whole thing just smells bad to me.

    • Jon

      As I mentioned….. take all the attention off of her… put it on the other woman and then attack Chris… It was clear as day that the woman was lying and could not fess up to the truth… Chris did well on holding it together… good job Chris ~ JKL

      • Lisa

        Kudos to Chris for maintaining his dignity while interviewing the sociopath Rozlyn. Look up the definition of a sociopath and see Rozlyn’s photo. I was married to one for many years – Once you’ve known one, you see the characteristics plain as day.

        One more thing – if she’s telling the truth and nothing happened, then why doesn’t her Producer friend/lover come to her defense? Because he told the truth when he admitted to the affair and was fired. Otherwise, he would be suing ABC to get his job back because he was fired unjustly.

      • tracy

        When Gia said that Roz was not sleeping in her bed at all!! where was Roz sleeping then? and why did she not sleep in a bed if nothing was going on.

    • Rachel

      Me too! She was clearly grasping at anything she could. That statement just showed what kind of person she really is.

  • molli

    i want gia to be the next bachelorette not ali. please put her on. she has a heart of gold.

  • molli

    gia for bachelorette!!!

  • aimeebng

    Rozlyn is liar and not a nice person. The cheap shot she took at Chris Harrison speaks volumes of who/what she is about.

    • Millie

      And the cheap shot Chris Harrison took by jumping all over this woman speaks volumes “of WHO/WHAT” he is–somebody who will do absolutely ANYTHING for $.

      • gs

        Umm… did you forget that Chris Harrison is the host of the show and Rozlyn agreed to come one? Rozlyn just wants fame. Isn’t she a model or an actress or something like that? Very convenient.

      • MA

        Chris you are a gentleman.
        Rozlyn had an opportunity to decline the invitation to come back on the show but she chose to come and obviously knew she would be asked uncomfortable questions about her inapropriate relationship, which happens to be everyones business since we are all watching the show. As for Tenly and Vienna I truly believe Jake will choose neither of them to be his wife nor will he go back to Ali. If he is at all the true man he portrays himself to be and I believe he is, he would never allow someone back into his life who chose another (in this case ones job) over him and their love though I do understand how he can respect such a decision. It is obvious this is a show but it is not very difficult to differentiate most of what is and is not real and what does seem to be very real here is Jake. He is a beautiful person inside and has shown this time and time again. He is deserving as we all are to find and choose what he feels will fulfill the void he feels inside. I know many have said this over and over and I have to agree he is the type of man a woman would describe as being pretty perfect. What would make him or anyone ideal is a natural connection. This I know is what I continue to strive for and it is so rare.

    • New Fan

      The cheap shop Chris took speaks volumes. He is a buthole

      • tracy

        I really like Jake and he DESERVES to be happy and in love and he is defiently a smart guy that knows what he wants and if his heart leads him to Vienna then GOOD for him after all its not our choice. I really like V GO V !! and the show always trys to fool the viewers with editing on the last episode. It is being editied to fool us into thinking he picks no one. WE WILL SEE!!!

  • Renoir

    Wow…great show. I always look forward to this show and see some behind the scenes things that go on. I too could not help but see the emotion and remorse on both Jake and Ali. There is still something there. Matbe if it doesn’t work with the one he picked he could hook up with Ali. That would be a new twist on the show! What would stop them…Jake knows where she lives right? Chris, CONGRATS…you really handled yourself with dignity when Rozlyn just made such an a.. of herself when she attacked you and tried to dodge all the remarks. It would have been so much easier for her to have “come clean”. If there was nothing going on why did the guy and his Dad visit her?! Is she a compulsive liar or something and just can’t see the truth?

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