'Survivor: Heroes vs Villains': Latest evictee calls James a 'lunatic bully'; says there's more to the meltdown that we didn't see

Was it Fourth of July yesterday? Because Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains certainly had plenty of fireworks! And now the unlucky recipient of a James meltdown/tongue-lashing is ready to give her side of the story. Stephenie LaGrossa may have been the second one voted out this season, but she says she’s happy that she can still hold her head high about the way she played and the way she went out. But she’s still not too high on  former tribemate James, who berated her at the challenge, back at camp, and at Tribal Council for not following directions during the immunity competition. Stephenie (who now owns Gigi Restaurant and Lounge in Philadelphia and will be marrying Philadelphia Phillies baseball player Kyle Kendrick in November) had some choice words not just for James, but for Rupert as well.  Let’s just say she won’t be voting for either as Fan Favorite anytime soon.  [Full interview after the jump.]

So, when exactly did the relationship with James start to go south?
Just back at camp, building the shelter and everything. There was a separation between people, even the way we slept in the shelter. It was me, Tom and Colby. There was Amanda, J.T., Rupert, and James. And it was kind of Cirie and Candice just floating. They were all kind of teaming up with each other and then Rupert became his way or no way. It just was really touchy, constantly. Rupert would talk about himself and things he had done and how famous he was, and James would chime in about all the free stuff he had gotten. It was just unbelievable. It was, like, embarrassing for them. And then we get to the challenge and J.T. is supposed to be the leader but then there comes a point where there’s silence because he’s not leading anymore because he’s totally stumped. And we’re like, okay, one voice, but what about when that one voice is stumped and isn’t right? So Candice kind of took over at one point in the challenge. It was never right. Our puzzle was never right. So then we get to the end and James was screaming, “You, just shut the f— up.” You know, I wasn’t the only one talking. We were all talking and trying to move forward.

What happened when you all got back to camp?
So one thing led to another. There was fighting at the beach. Tom had it out with James, Colby had it out with James. They didn’t show that for time purposes or whatever. And then Tribal Council was way more than what you saw. Basically, James was just being really degrading and some lunatic bully. I was talking back to him at first and then I was kind of like, it’s not even worth it because he’s making a fool of himself and they’ve made their minds up. I was trying to go out with as much class as I could, ’cause I was so pissed and so annoyed because he was being so unintelligent. Bringing up losing challenges in Palau? What the hell does that have to do with losing two puzzles, one of which I wasn’t even involved in, for Heroes vs Villains? It got to the point where it was unbelievable. I did what I wanted it to do. It proved who he really is as a person, and it’s not the Hero that everybody thought he was. So, he totally just screwed himself. Yeah, I went out, but I went out with honor.

He sounded a bit like a broken record to me, just repeating the “one voice” thing and the Palau stuff. Was there any sort of other beef he brought up that we didn’t see?
It started with just “everybody shut up.” Okay, we understand that. You said that last week, too! But they were getting nowhere, both times. And then he started bringing up Palau and “Well, obviously it’s got to be you. You lost every challenge.” Okay, but what about the challenges I won in Guatemala, and we won as a tribe in Guatemala, and my individual immunity? Did you forget about that?  That’s like me bringing up him having two idols and not using them and still getting voted out. There’s no relation to this game right now. Maybe you’re not the smartest guy or the sharpest crayon in the box but I’m not gonna bring that up.

Colby and Tom rushed to your defense at Tribal Council. Strictly from a strategic standpoint, was that a good move for them?
You know what, maybe not, and we’ll see if it affects them or not. You want to play the game and you want to win, but at the same point, there’s only gonna be one winner, and there’s only so much you can take when your integrity is on the line, and when people are just flat out idiotic. I think they had both just had enough and were like, “You know what, vote me out. You’re ridiculous. The way you talk to people is ridiculous. Stop trying to call her out and you’re personally attacking her.” I think at that point they really didn’t care. That just goes to show that they’re better people and true Heroes, and that matters to them more so than the million dollars.

Did anyone not in your alliance like Cirie or Candice speak up about the way he was talking to you?
No. Cirie and Candice both looked disgusted. They were shaking their heads the whole time. And when he was going off, at one point I just stopped talking and looked over at the girls and was like, “You want to play the game with this guy? Seriously?” Because at that point I knew they were going with them and were not with me. And I was like, then serves you right. Enjoy your experience, because yeah, you want to get to the end but you also kinda want to enjoy the experience a little bit. So you want to play with decent people you can have fun around. There was absolutely no fun being had at that camp at all. At one point I wished I was on the Villains. I was like, I’m sure their shelter is probably a mess, because they don’t care about that sort of thing, but I bet they’re having a good freakin’ time over there.

Why were you targeting Amanda?
Amanda and James were just so tight and we knew that probably had a connection on the other side with Parvati. We really thought Cirie was with them too, and then Cirie pulled me aside and was like, “I swear to you, I’m not with them.” So I was trying to pull her with us but with Tom and Colby it was a little too late. She was like, “All of a sudden they want me with you because they need the numbers?”

Why wasn’t anyone targeting Rupert with that broken toe? He obviously can’t help in the challenges.
I was. Everybody was annoyed by him. Everybody. But he was really tight with J.T, James, and Amanda. At one point Colby, because he was the only guy that knew him, pulled Rupert aside and said, “Rupert, you’re being unbearable. You gotta take it down a notch.” And Rupert was like “Who said that? Stephenie? Well I think she’s bossy and I think she’s a know-it-all.” From the beginning, he didn’t like me and James didn’t like me. It was just weird.

Had you met James and Rupert outside the game and not gotten along before you all went out there?
No! Had never met them. Was a fan of James. Was a fan of Rupert. Never even met them.

What about the shoulder? Did it cause you any more pain or discomfort out there after you dislocated it?
It was very weak. When your muscles get stretched like that, you need a good couple of days or a week of rest in a sling with it next to you not moving. And I didn’t have that option, so it was very weak the whole time. They never knew that, though. Rupert played up his toe way more than I played up my shoulder. And I did that because I knew I was on the outs and didn’t want to give them another excuse to get rid of me. It was very sore.

What the hell did you and Sugar talk about at the Ponderosa sequester house? I’m not sensing a lot of common ground between you two.
She is wacky, but she is a sweetheart. And you know how Ponderosa goes. You’re booted out and you’re pissed, so there’s a lot of partying going on. So that’s what we did. We drank, we sang, we danced, we ate. I don’t mind Sugar. A lot of people were annoyed by her, and I wasn’t. But it was definitely like, who’s coming next, though, because Sugar and I don’t have that much in common. Who’s next?

What’s your relationship with James like now? Have you guys talked about what went down?
We’re not friends on Facebook. I have like 5,000 friends and he’s not one of them. I don’t see us ever hanging out. I think he probably regrets the way he acted because he was a really big time fan favorite and he’s really making himself look bad. And next week it gets worse! And I know I didn’t go far so I have no chance at the freakin’ Fan Favorite vote, which sucks because I was on twice and happened to be really popular but still never got the fan favorite. It’s like, God, can I ever get a vote? [Laughs] As long as James or Rupert don’t get it, because they’ve both gotten it before and this time around they don’t deserve it. So if it’s not me, that’s fine. But it better not be either of them.

To see a deleted scene from last night’s episode, as well as the pep talk Stephenie’s recorded before the game to cheer herself up after she got voted out, click on the video below. And for all the Survivor scoop, follow me on Twitter @EWDaltonRoss.

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  • AA

    ‘roid withdrawal.

    • ManUp

      StaphinMe has roid withdrawal.
      She’s Trashy Staphy.

      Staph as in staph infection.

      She’s the bacteria that infects a tribe and kills it.

      • Faye

        James go away and grow up. you are the worst kind of man, an idiot and unbelievable offensive.

      • rhett

        you’re a douchebag
        grow up

      • Geoff

        Great another angry black man.

    • bh

      If I was James, I would lock myself in my basement and never come out. He made a total fool of himself last night.

      • Timbo

        It was a pathetic display alright. He’s definitely digging his own grave. (No pun intended…)

      • Lisa

        James came across as a complete hostile idiot. And an egomaniac. What’s with making his point in anger, and then never letting up? If he’d simply said his piece & let that be the end of it, then everyone would have been fine. His behavior at Tribal Council took it over the top.

    • john

      Steph, we love you!

      • James

        We’re all proud of you Steph, good luck in future.

        James isn’t screwed yet, the heroes need him to win challenges.

      • Lisa

        Yeah, congrats on the upcoming wedding! You are awesome!!

  • t.t

    stephs great
    sad she was gone
    pity she couldn’t form a women alliance with cirie and amanda
    would’ve LOVED to see amanda and steph as a f2 alliance

    • ManUp

      StaphinME couldn’t form an alliance with a woman because she is not a woman.Geez. She looks like a Transvestie with those sharp eyebrows. The chip on her shoulder is what dislocated her shoulder.I liked her very much her first season. Disliked her at the end of her second and can’t stand her now. She is a bully, a whiner and a potty mouth. If Colby and TOm weren’t in an alliance with her, they never would have stood up for her. Tom and Colby need to go. Their behavior was pitiful.
      James, Amanda, Cirie and Candice and JT — leave the Tom Colby gruesome twosome out in the cold. They deserve it.

      • besimon

        ManUp – your first name isn’t James, is it?

      • Buster Bluth

        Dear Manup–

        You sound like a “man” that is threatened by strong women and the honorable men who stand up for them. Go crawl back under your rock and stay there.


      • Joe

        Dude you sound like a wimpy man with a small penis. Get a life pal!

      • John Debono

        On one hand I agree that Steph got pretty unbearable in Guatemala (I didn’t see her stand up for Brandon or Bobby Jon when Jamie was pushing them around.) At the same time, no one really deserves that kind of send off, still like to believe that James is a good guy but he has to be watching this regretting it even more then the two idols.
        As for the Heros, I’m counting my losses and rooting for Boston Rob.

      • JERRY

        manup is really a

      • tammy

        man up still lives in mommy’s basement. ITA Jerry, He’s also a douchebag… with a tiny winky! It doesn’t matter what he thinks :)

      • Jen

        A “potty mouth”? Gee, Gramps, I haven’t heard that one in a while. Date much?

  • Thaxton

    She’s one cocky broad. Who the hell would vote for her for fan favorite? DA-LUGE-IN-ALLLLLLLLL

    • Jen

      Wow, do you really think you spell “delusional” with a G? HAHAHHAHAHAHA.

    • Mark

      Hilarious how she calls out James and Rupert — who don’t have the advantage of being engaged to a wealthy pro athlete — for taking pleasure in what they have gotten out of the “Survivor” experience. Then she goes on to brag about her whopping 5000 “friends” on Facebook. Steph is the sad punchline to her own pathetic joke.

      • SarahinAZ

        I totally agree, Mark. I can’t stand people who brag about how cool, famous and popular they are. Please. Get your head out of your a** StephMe. You ain’t that great. I would vote for flipping AMANDA for fan fave over you. I hate people who think it’s impossible for anyone to hate them. You’re the worst, Steph, and I’m glad I never have to see or hear about you again (except for the reunion, where you will probably be ignored for getting voted off so early)

  • Alvisor

    Oh Stephanie I’d still vote for you matter fact I still will. I nominate you to take Hosting duties if ever offered.

    • thin

      I’m still a big Stephanie fan, too. Sad to see her go.

  • Gia

    As much as I hate to say it, I think the Heroes are going to self destruct and the Villians are going to dominate this season. I’ll even go so far as to say I bet a Villian wins.
    Some of my favorite Survivors are on the Heroes tribe, so it’ll suck to see them lose, but they just can’t get it together. Frustrating to watch.

    • starbbycat

      agree the Heroes are on the way out – it seems like both tribes are abit spoiled; they arent behaving the same as those who have never been thru the experience before.
      Kudos to Boston Rob for kickin it last nite despite his health emergency – gotta admire him for getting back up – the Villans work well together which is kind of surprising;thought it would be the other way around.

      • Gia

        I thought so, too – that the Heroes would work better together. I do find it amusing that the Heroes’ camp is much better than the Villians’, but they can’t work together in challenges; meanwhile, the Villians’ camp is terrible, but they work as a team in every challenge.

        Agreed on the kudos for Boston Rob; I was afraid we were going to lose him there for a minute, and I would’ve hated to see him, of all people, have to leave the game for medical reasons. Who’d have thought that he’d be the glue holding the Villians together?

      • ‘Roid Rage’ Jimmy

        Boston Rob is fast becoming my favorite this season. I loved his line about his ailment…. flu with a touch of crybabyitis. LOL. I hope he wins, but he probably won’t.

      • besimon

        I agree. I have one foot in the Heroes camp and one foot in the Villians camp. When Tom goes (and I’m guessing his dumb team will vote him out soon), I’m embracing the darkside like Boston Rob did.

    • Bama

      If the Heroes can’t get James out, they deserve to lose. A real Heroe is one that rises above the mess and prevails.

    • Ree

      the heros are going to self destruct. the egos are getting in the way. james , rupert even tom need to get a grip and work as a team. stop yelling at each other and listen to your tribemates.

  • aitutaki

    Where’s is the video of Jeff’s thought on the vote after tribal council? You put up his thoughts on Sugar being voted out last week, what about Steph?

    • Anonymous

      This should not be about Jeffs perceptions. I am glad we did not see his thoughts on last wks vote.

  • Dia

    I’ve never liked James or Rupert so am glad to get this confirmation that they’re both idiots. I hope the rest of the “Heroes” regret their decision.

    • Bama

      James and Rupert were both heroes in the past. That is undeniable. I don’t know what has caused James to self-destruct. It is sad to see. Rupert is being affected by his broken toe.

      • rhett

        yeah… it’s like the fame has gotten to them and turned them into dumb un-likeable egomaniacs. I used to like them a lot. Not anymore… esp james

  • Dia

    Also, it’s obvious why James and Rupert didn’t like Stephenie: she was the only alpha female on the tribe. They are clearly uncomfortable with that.

    • ManUp

      StaphinMe is not a female. Real women don’t behave like she did. Tossing insults over that chip on her shoulder after TC was trashy. She needs to be slapped like Snooki on Jersey Shore. Gosh, she’s creepy.

      • A person

        Glad to see that you’re here to comment on this, JAMES, since we clearly didn’t get enough of you being an asshole in the episode itself.


      • SurvivorFan

        Gosh, you’re dumb. And sexist. I guess your idea of a woman is someone who quietly sits by and lets men call the shots.

      • Desmo

        And James is a man? I guess your right Stephanie should have just sat there and taken it and kept quiet or as James said “Shut your mouth”. Funny coming from someone who couldn’t do it.

      • B’rack

        ManUp – can’t tell, are you a male, or a female, or ….? Whatever you are, you’re plenty weird.

      • Bama

        ManUp, you are a Chris Brown wannabe!

      • Neil

        You’re joking right? If not, then I assume you eat your turds for breakfast. Do the human race a favor and disappear. You’re not fit to socialize with civilized people.

      • rhett

        go back to whatever rock you crawled out from

        folks, i hear manup’s got a small penis

      • ManDown

        ManUp, me thinks thou doth protest too much. Go dig a grave.

    • Eric

      Seriously, Dia. James changed his tone when talking to Tom a TC. The reason dead weight Rupert (and his Christian-Bale-as-Batman voice) wasn’t on the chopping block, is thanks to Probst and the editors, it is an inherently mysoginistic game.

      • Mark

        So why do most of the hot men get voted out (unless they win Individual Immunity) and beached whales like Cirie stay it week after week? Mysoginistic? Hardly.

      • D

        Hmm. Make an extremely unflattering comment about a female and then express an opinion on misogyny? Talk about nullifying yourself.

    • alex

      exactly, and honestly as a male…I don’t blame them…however, I would have taken out rupert because hes currently useless, and somehow swings heavy votes

  • Via

    Is this a spoiler or a guess? If it’s a spoiler, you’re an a$$.

    • allie

      Helno is guessing because I’ve heard that Russell doesn’t make it very far. I am not even sure if he made it to the merge. I don’t know that too many facts have been leaked. Unlike The Bachelor, these producers know how to get their staff to keep their mouths shut!

      • Barry

        Based on his weight and his attitude at the Survivor Samoa reunion, you are right. He doesn’t make it far.

      • Lin

        You don’t visit the fan sites, do you? The whole boot-list has been known for weeks. “These producers” stopped caring about spoilers years ago, when they realized what good advertising it was, among a certain segment of their audience.

      • Lin

        (sorry, this was in response to Allie’s post, above)

    • Bama

      “Spoiler alert” is only beneficial if it is at the beginning of your statement. Putting it at the end is totally useless.

      • Paul

        Isn’t it uncool that you have to come here for social interaction because you’re a total loser in life?
        Nobody cares about your opinion.

      • Paul

        I’m addressing hola by the way.

      • Dan

        Glad you clarified. Evidently, hola did not read it before making the next statement and removing all doubt as to his/her loser status!

      • filter

        Dan, I soooooo agree.

        By the way, love that thing that your Mom does. Wow.

      • Otis

        @filter You wished you had a mom, she dropped you in a garbage can at an early age I hear.

      • filter

        Agreed, that was a tough way to start my life.

        On a brigther note, I just blew it in your Mom’s face.

      • Bama

        Too bad we don’t have a way to filter out a particular name on here.

      • Jack

        I agree. hola should drop dead, it would help the human race’s social dynamics.

    • Alex

      I can play too. FYI Boston Rob orchestrates Russell’s exit next week. Russell voted out
      Spoiler alert!

  • ManUp

    Stephenie = StaphinMe.

    Staph is short for staph infection. She’s the bacteria that infects a tribe.

    • Ron

      so clever you are

      • terry

        He does think he’s cute. I bet in a bit it’ll hit him that Steph is gone nowso he’ll have to keep thinking up ways to bring her so he can show off the nickname. Can’t rmrmber, is this the same idiot that was making fun of roger Ebert the other day?

    • Eric

      James? I didn’t know you posted here!

    • Ben

      James is the one who needs to man up.
      He is such a BABY and COMPLAINER.

    • B’rack

      So you’re what? about 10 years old?

    • Anonymous

      You are pitiful.

    • Barry

      No class as usual. I feel sorry for your parents and who ever has to deal with you on a regular basis.

    • rhett

      Yup, Manup is James.

    • victor

      Here’s a tip: if you have to explain your joke, it probably isn’t a good one…

  • Scott

    Awww, sounds like someone’s bitter about not getting free stuff and fan love like Rupert and James did. I never liked her on any of the seasons she plagued and was happy to see her go last night. Now if we could only do the same with the other annoyances on this season.

    • Terri

      Scott, that wasn’t her point. They’re all famous, they all get free stuff. It’s just so important to Rupert and James, they were playing the one-up game. It’s unpleasant. James is unpleasant. You know James was being a really big ass, b/c you saw it again and again on the show, but Rupert wasn’t shown being anything but his usual, stupid self.

    • lindsay

      I agree! I have never liked her. She’s always voicing her opinions but does nothing – I don’t think I have ever seen her cook but sure has opinions on how it should be done. She always seems to play the victim card too. I do like James and I think someone needed to blow up, he may have gone a tad overboard though. But so glad she’s gone.

      • Julie

        Ummmm…she cooked last night and Rupert complained about it the whole time.

      • D

        Doesn’t it say in the interview above that she owns a restaurant? Of course she has an opinion! Women are allowed to have opinions too, you know.

  • Queen Bee

    ManUp is clearly James undercover. :D I was so sad to see Stephenie go! She’s my all time favorite female Survivor. She’s tough and smart and classy and it sucks to see her go. I was so pleased to see Colby and Tom come to her defense. I have no problem with cutthroat play but psychotic bullying should never be tolerated. Along with AA I wondered if James’ behavior was ‘roid rage sparked by withdrawal. It was definitely borderline psychotic. But then, a lot of guys can’t handle a true alpha female like Stephenie. At least Boston Rob is still in it.

  • megr

    hey stephenie, i was disappointed to see you go. James is a dim-witted, misogynistic bully – disgusting really. And I never really understood Rupert’s popularity – he just comes off as immature and annoying – I actually couldn’t stand him on his first season. I would have liked to see you team-up with Boston Rob – the best female and the top male.

    • The Final Answer

      Geez, what a racist. You and Stephenie…wow.

      • Desmo

        Ahh yes and we have officially pulled the race card in addition to questioning Stephanie’s sexuality.

      • Anonymous

        What has race got to do with any of this??

      • Fred

        To hola, I guess you missed the part in the article that stated she is engaged to a pro baseball player something you will never get in your lifetime, you low life.

      • B’rack

        Hardly the Final Answer. How is calling out a bully racist? Is it racist to call you stupid?

      • Canadian fan

        Stupidity and bullying and idiotic behaviour have no racial boundaries. Who said anything about race? Bad is bad, no matter what the colour.

    • Amidala

      Yes!! Someone agrees with me about Rupert!!! He’s so freakin’ annoying!

      • D

        I liked him on his first season but by his second season I was already sick of him. And now back for a third?!

  • Anybody

    Well, Stephanie, you did not go out with honor. When casting a shot over the bow after your torch is snuffed, that is not cool. Your comments at the end of the show (as they show the who voted) were equally crass and displayed arrogance again. I expected more from you. How a person acts when they lose speaks volumes. Your classless remarks were deafening.

  • starbbycat

    just gotta say that Danielle is looking seeexxxy in her ‘suit!

    • CaptainStimpy


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