Remembering 'Deadliest Catch' Captain Phil Harris

Phil Harris, known to fans of Discovery’s Deadliest Catch as captain of the crab fishing vessel Cornelia Marie, has passed away. He suffered a stroke late last month while in port off-loading at St. Paul Island in Alaska, where his sons, Jake and Josh, remained by their father’s side. Phil was great because he was exactly what we thought a captain would be: Frequently swearing, chain-smoking, and stressing; a teller of tales with a fondness for pranks; a gruff man who’d choose to stay with his ship even when his doctors said it was dangerous; and a softie who’d turn almost poetic when he reflected on the only job he’d ever known.

In a statement, the boys remembered their father’s strong will. “Dad has always been a fighter and continued to be until the end. For us and the crew, he was someone who never backed down. We will remember and celebrate his strength.” Discovery also paid tribute: “We will miss his straightforward honesty, wicked sense of humor and enormous heart. We share our tremendous sadness over this loss with the millions of viewers who followed Phil’s every move.”

How will you choose to remember Captain Phil? Discovery has put together a collection of “Captain Phil Moments.” For me, it’s too much to think of the dramatic moments now. (My mind keeps going to the episode in which the member of the Northwestern crew received the call at sea about this sister’s passing, and it hurts to think of all the men Phil fought wind and ice with getting the news.) So I’ll think of him sitting in his captain’s chair, then standing on deck, selling his “fart bubbles” fishing theory with a straight face:

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  • Lauren

    I remember watching the very first episode, which captured the “Derby” fishing that used to happen and how one ship went down – and Captain Phil and his partner boat, The Maverick, stopped fishing to search and search the seas with the Coast Guard. He had a heart of gold, which you could always tell when he talked about his kids. So sad that he is gone so soon.

    • Tully

      I remember that episode as well. God bless ‘em.

      • lunadementia

        Wow burkett….just wow….that’s harsh.

      • K.HJ

        So sad that a family is missing their loved one and all you can talk about is ratings.I hope your veiws don’t represent the Discovery Channel and are yours alone, Our prayers go out to his family and friends.

      • ChileGirl

        Read Opilia of Discovery Channel’s comment about this guy on page 31. He’s NOT real!

      • john

        I think who ever you are that you are about as cold hearted as they come and maybe you will lose everthing and have to struggle the rest of your life and you live to be a hundred and fifty years old

      • awhipple

        Thats really mean and hurtful.he was a great person.all you think about is rating and should be ashamed of your self.

    • Sherry

      I am going miss Phil. He was nice guy, who loves his kids and his job. I am going to miss his smile when he talks about his kids.

      • Michelle


      • jimmy

        I’m think9ing the same as sherry the show wont be the same with out phil I hope JOSH AND JAKE will take over captain Phil Harris was i think the best captain

      • pamela

        Burkett, I dont know who the hell you think you are , but where do you get off talking about human life like that. YOUR SUCH A JURK!!!!!!!!!!!! You must really hate your self, or is it that you have a troubled life, to make you talk about life that way. I’ll Pray for you.

    • marlecia

      our hearts and prayers with your family im sure your boys will make you proud rest in peace

      • TheDirty 1

        burkett you completely make me sick! i hope for your sake that phill isnt listening to the trash you are saying. if i was your boss at Discouvery you would be joining the ranks of the unemployied. phill was the heart of the whole show and you have tarnished his memory. you just bought yourself a front row ticket to hell bro!!!!! RIP phill and thanks for all the great memories.

    • Steve

      You had to admire Phil. He was tough, hard driven, and soft as a teddy bear inside. His sons were lucky to have him as a father. He didn’t sugar coat anything. He let them know how life was. And the world loved him for it.

      • Toni

        So very true he was great man. And made the Deadliest Catch and great show. He will live on through his kids. My thoughts and prayers are with his family and everyone on the Deadliest Catch.

    • ninasan

      I watched because of Captain Phil… such a bummer! my sympathies to the crew and family! he will be missed!

    • Roger Harris

      This was by far one of the top Captains of the Crab Fishing World…Always up for a bit of Humor and full of Witt…I so remember the Pole incident with the Fishing Vessel Northwestern…That was the funniest…But It is very sad that he has left this world to soon…He was one of the best…He will be missed and I send my condolences to His Sons, Jake and Josh May he forever be with them in their hearts and at Sea…I certainly hope that one or both keep his dream alive…We Will Miss You Phil…You are the best and will forver be My Favorite Captain…Sincerest Regards…

      • Rick

        our hearts and prayres are with all Phill’s family.I have watched this program since the begining and could not wait for the new season to start.He seemed strict, but fair, he loved his boys as they did him. I’m sure this is going to be very hard on them.I will miss you huntingfor crad fart bubbles,(I knew thew were there).Goodby Captain Phill for one night a week you and your crew made me wonder how you and your crew performed your duties under such harsh conditions. I’m sure you wont be loney a lot of good sailors and fisherman are waiting with a beer and ciggertt. GOD BLESS

    • ChileGirl

      Burkett, why don’t you volunteer to be crab bait! At least you’d be doing something useful instead of wasting air! Talk about a need to clean your end of the gene pool…BAH!

      • Tasha

        What an insensitive thing to say to a “person who worked with Phil on the production crew”. Yeah right….if you ever did, they should can your butt and never let you work for Discovery again! It ain’t all about ratings or how someone died, it is how they lived and Phil gave us a great insight into his life and shared his love of his craft with all of us. Too bad your integrity of what makes a TV show “great” is WAY off the mark. True, he died doing what he loved to do but your insensitivity is just, well sad. Maybe you should change your name to “fart bubbles” because your comment was a piece of sh*t! Maybe there will be a crash on a boat and you’ll be on that one! Jeez, man get a life or better yet just lose it! That was so rude so back at ya!

      • Frank

        Hey chilegirl whats your problem. I think Phil was a genuine man.Doing what he liked to do. Making a living,or dont’t you know what that is!

    • Annonymous

      Phil’s not dead. No man dies who has lived in the hearts of others.

      Nevertheless, rest in peace Phil.

    • lori wimbrow

      i am so sorry for the loss of phil! i always watch this show and felt like i really got to know all the the fleet fishermen.i know that josh and jake will have a long road ahead of them but they will always have their father beside them!phil may not be on the earth anymore with us but he will always be remember as a wonderful father and a wonderful person. i am still in shock that he is no longer with us, as is my best friend that i lost last year. i send a heartfelt message to the family of phil harris “i am truely sorry and i am with you all in heart and soul” i wish that i could just give jake and josh a huge hug and to be there for them on this sad event.please tell johnathon hillstrand that i am proud of him for being there for the boys and also thank him and tell him that i am sorry for his loss also. with my humble regards-lori wimbrow

  • Boomer

    Peace be with you Captian Phil. Comfort be with Josh and Jake. Keep reaching in that “crab pot” of life, ya never know what yer gonna get.

  • Danielle

    He was my favorite. Such a funny, caring man. It just won’t be the same.

    • Lynn

      Mark in NYC, shut up and go play in the snow…

      • MLD~

        Lynn, I’m with you. His comments are in poor taste.

  • mark in nyc

    with all due respect to his family, friends, and fans…if there was 1000 hours of footage of Captain Phil, 999 of them were of him with a cigarette in his hand. Combine that with the hours he put in,and the large greasy meals he ate….it was just not good for him.
    I am sad to hear of his passing, but as an ex-smoker I hope people who hear about him understand why and if they smoke….they will quit.

    • Kim

      go preach you no smoking somewhere else. everything is gonna kill ya sometime or another. RIP Phil Harris, you will be greatly missed

      • Elle

        I know Kim, but at 53?? Sad.

      • Anita

        My father died at age 52 from a heart attack and was a non-smoker. His doctor said it was stress-related from a job he hated and treated him badly. At least Phil had his stroke doing the thing he loved with his sons at his side. I’m going to miss Phil, as he was my favorite captain. I loved his sense of humor, his toughness, his tenderness, and his wits against the Bering Sea. RIP Phil. You will be missed.

    • Tish

      a valid point mark but at this particular moment..can’t you just let his family, friends and fans grieve his passing and remember the man BEFORE you start preaching? The cause of his early passing is obvious..its the other aspects of this man people want to remember right now.

      • Dolly

        Well said…grieve for his passing, no matter how it happened, and celebrate his life, no matter how he spent it. My family and I will miss seeing him on the show and our sympathies to his family.

      • todd pickens


      • MLD~

        Well said Dolly

        = )

      • melinda


    • Nina Bianco

      Mark in NYC, of course you quit smoking no one in NYC is ALLOWED to smoke! Now is not the time to preach about Phil’s bad habits, show SOME respect, even if you are from NY!

      • Chucky

        Hear, Hear!

      • Sandy

        Hey Nina – all NYers aren’t like Mark. Actually a lot of us loved Capt Phil and the Deadliest Catch.

      • michael

        Davey Jones Locker just got a good man. Rest in peace my friend

      • MLD~

        Lol… that’s too funny!

    • DD

      Thanks Mr. Obvious. Trash-talking has no place here.

    • L.Dub

      Why can’t some people just give the negative thoughts a rest for a change and focus on the fact that Phil had died and left behind a family. He was my favorite on the show and my heart goes out to his sons whom he loved.

      • melinda


      • R. Murray

        I agree with what Dubs says.Phill was a good man first and my favorit captain of the fleet second,I feel for His kids but he instilled a life time of wisdom and good qualities in them both.Phill was a little like the Titanic very gracious and alot of people thought unsinkable,but like the Titanic he will be long remembered.God bless to both his kids and I hope to see you boh in the wheel house some day.

    • thedeparted

      At least Phil had the balls to truly live his life, while you are scared of dying. Eat your veggies and run 5 miles a day, then enjoy what that gets you (20 years in an old folks home wearing a diaper).

      • jimmy

        i agree see it all yhe time rest in piece captain phil

      • Rick in NYC

        I couldn’t have said better. Hey Mark, your comments were inappropriate(.) And you know it.

    • roberth

      You have about as much class as a teacher without any students.

      Nothing like kicking a guy on the way to his grave.

      Your a pusshead.

    • Mark Smith

      Spare us the sermon for another time. A good man has died and we should remember him for that.

    • Paul

      Very Sad indeed. Phil was a great captain and dad. He will be missed. Mark in NYC, you are right, he was very unhealthy. A pack or more a day of cigaretts, greasy meals, and 4 or more packs of red bull in a week deff contributed in his death. Phil, you were my favorite captain, ill miss ya.

    • magie

      My thoughts and prayers go out to the family. He will be deeply missed on the show. He reminded me so much of my own dad. I will truly miss his humor and sly comments.

    • .dawn

      I can’t believe that anyone would feel that this is the appropriate time for a lecture. It’s like you’re saying, well it’s too bad, but he caused it himself. Why have you even watched the show if all you can think about is the amount of cigarettes this wonderful man smoked. Get off of your soapbox!!

    • yayaintexas

      don’t fret everyone-there’s nobody more self-righteous as an EX-smoker-ha

      RIP Capt Harris. He cannot be replaced on that show!

      • ms kitty

        I’m right with you yayaintexas! Show some respect for Phil, his family, and crew.

    • Studley

      Well Said Mark. That was the only part of the show I did not enjoy was watching the smoking. I’m NOT shocked he had health problems. He can be an example for us survivors on how we should improve our health and how we live.

      • Becowboy

        To Phil – Fair winds and following seas!

        To those who preach, pppffffffttttt
        Phil lived a fuller better life than those of you worrying about “lifestyles” sooner or later we all die it ain’t how long, ya live, bout well you lived. You don’t want to drink/smoke or captain a ship, more power to you! However you may notice nobody ever said you have to be a Crab Boat captain or even a deckhand on one to “Live Right!”

      • troy

        Why don’t you go out on the bearing sea and see how well your nerves hold up

    • Melissa Zimmerman

      you really don’t need to bring up what caused his death right after he died! seriously people! he just died! he had a very stressfull life and it was shown what he did and yes not all was good for him but it was his life and his sons life’s and he was doing his job,providing for his family on and off the boat. may he rest in peace before people start slamming him.

      • Melissa

        agreed completely. I hear ya!

    • Deadliest Catch #1 Fan

      Seriously dude?

      Regarding Capt Phil, I recall the saying “Life is not lived if you strive to arrive at death, body perfectly preserved — health drink in one hand and carrot stick in the other. Life is only lived if you slide in sideways, body used up, four flat tires, beer in one hand, cigarette in the other with greasy food stains on your shirt screaming ‘HOLY $H*t WHAT A RIDE’ ” — That is Captain Phil and the rest of the fleet. I admire them and am jelous as I rot away at my 9-5 desk job…

      • #2 Biggest Fan


      • TK Tiffin

        HELL YEAH!!! That’s how I want to go, balls to the wall til the very last second!

      • Rhonda

        Lol, I can just hear Capt Phil laughing at that one! Let us all remember that he may have lived a short life, but he wasn’t afraid to die, if he was, he wouldn’t have chosen to live his life at sea, the Bering Sea, no less! He was a very brave man and who cares how he died…he will be missed.

      • PJ

        AMEN, and may that be me when my day comes.

      • Marcus Judd


      • Marcus Judd

        I hope that when your time omes to stand before GOD you can justify your comments. Yes, he smolked and drank, and didn’t ahve the best diet, but who made you GOD and gave you the right to judge. This is the part that I will say I will pray for you as well as Capt. Phil… For different reasons of course Capt. Phil was concerned about providing for his family doing something he loved and you condemn him for the way he lived his life. HE LIVED EVERY DAY AS IF IT WERE HIS LAST. TO DISRESPECT THAT YOU WILL GET MY PRAYERS BECAUSE I WORRY ABOUT YOUR SOUL.

      • Karla


      • Karla


      • troy

        That was on the money

      • melinda

        Dude?! That was deep, but well put! You oughta think about writing for a living!!!!!

      • Barb

        RIP Phil…I just heard the sad news.My deepest sympathies to Jake and Josh..know in your hearts that your Dad lived and died by his own rules and very few of the rest of us have the guts to do that.I’m looking forward to seeing you both on the Bering Sea aboard The Cornelia Marie,carrying on the family tradition of crab fishing.I know you’ll make your Dad proud.

      • Dawn

        “h%$# yeah…” I can only pray that God will bless me in the same way, to die doing what I love. I grewup a watermans daughter on the Chesapeake Bay. Crabbing, fishing & oystering etc… It’s stressful & dangerous, but also theres a special serenity out there on the water that few people ever taste. Capt Phil saw it, felt it, tasted it, lived it. That’s what drew him back to it. Capt Phil, may you always have the calm seas to sail upon as you continue to search for those “fart bubbles…” REST IN PEACE. Boys, stay stronge-your Dad raised you that way. May GOD’s hand always be on your shoulder.

      • darryl

        I so totally agree live life the way you want. Phil worked hard and played hard. I live by my golden rule Live Love Ride Die young and leave a good looking corpse. Phil did it all his way there is no shame in dying doing something you love.

    • michelle

      nice to know that you can cast stones as a former smoker…. geez , let’s pick apart EVERYTHING you ever did wrong in your life and post it on a memorial to a man that is no longer here….nice for his kids to read about you only seeing faults. I used to smoke too….and I will NOT condemn anyone who does…I know the power of that addiction and if he wanted to (or needed) to smoke is on him…show respect for the dead and their families

    • Bob

      Mark, your an idiot. I am an ex-smoker and could careless about that. Sad day for a family and someone I admired.

    • diane

      so what if he smoked .thats his life not anyone else,s.that does not give anyone the right to judge the man.he did his job here on earth,and did a good job of it.he was a great person.god bless his famiy.we will miss you phill harris.

    • TomN

      Phil truly lived and died by his own terms. He loved his work, and even health issues couldn’t keep him from it for long. How many of us have the luxury of being able to say that.
      God bless Phil and his family.

      • tracyp

        Agreed… He will be missed, the show won’t be the same without him………

    • Sherry

      Mark, a man just passed away and you want to pick apart his lifestyle, real smooth. Unless you have walked in his shoes, you have no right. As a matter of fact you shouldn’t be picking apart anybody elses life, what gives you the right? Just because he smoked and you quit!!! All those who are on these crab boats are living life on the edge while you (and I) are just going through the motions of living compared to them and if you think about it there is no comparison at all. State your respect for the one who passed and the family he left behind and if you can’t do that without fighting your cause (smoking) then don’t say anything at all and move on…and remember you will be the who passed one day and people may be saying about you “If only he didn’t……”

      • thepastord

        I’m with you Serry and many others….. Heck, I’m a pastor and I find many qualities that God would appreciate about Capt. Phil! He knew his sons and they knew him. That should speak a lot about his actions and walk in life. I know people who don’t smoke or drink and they are just plain evil in their treatment of family and others. I don’t think I have ever heard anyone say anything bad about this man…. People should worry about their own reflection left in the mirror rather than judge anothers!!!

      • Marcus Judd


      • melinda

        Thanks sherry, so true!
        God bless you phil, and your family!I’ve watched the show since it first came out. I’ve laughed, cried and worried with you all.
        I’ll never forget you, you were/are a bad ass, with balls of steel!You’ll be missed here in San Antonio, Texas! My prayers are with you!

      • Barb

        Amen Pastor.

    • stan

      Go away, Mark in NYC. You wouldn’t last ten seconds in a boat, square or none, before the crew tore you to pieces and threw your lifeless carcass into the deep blue.

    • womo

      I’ll bet you never turned down a crab meal caught by one of these chain smoking, beer drinking, greasy food eating dudes did ya?

      • Ruby King

        Well said womo. We should all be thinking about his boys and his family at this time. This is not a time for judgement – only God can do that and I’m speaking from an ex-smoker view point. This show will be missing an amazing man. He was gruff but after watching him a “Gentle Giant” a man that truly loved his profession and his sons. I just hope the boys will gather their love for their father and get along. I’m sure they will be out there looking for those “crab farts!!!”

    • gary

      mark nyc we get it but lifestyles are different for everyone.working on the bearing sea is more dangerous than you will ever know besides you may strokeout tonight after yo mommy tucks you bed.phil was a great man he will truley be missed.stay strong men of the sea.

    • Kelly

      Damn it Mark (NYC), have a bit of respect for Phil – he has passed on, but at the same time lived a happy and fulfilling life. So what if he smoked and ate greasy food, that was his way of life and I admired him and his courage (as well as the courage of his other fishing buddies) on the bering sea. May he RIP! Stay strong Jake and Josh!

      • melinda


    • Marcus Judd

      mark in nyc YOU ARE A ASS. THE MAN DIED DOING WHAT HE LOVED AND HIS FAMILY SHOULD BE GIVEN YOUR RESPECT AND CONDOLENCES INSTED OF YOUR JUDGEMENT. WHY DON’T YOU GO BACK TO YOUR GLASS HOUSE. In my opinion I believe he loved fishing and he died doing what he loved…. My prayers will be with his family and I am sorry for all of our loss, if you disagree with my comments talk to GOD and ask him how you should feel

      • Pat

        Amen to that.Captain Phil will be missed by all who knew and loved him ie: his family and ship mates and friends. may he rest in piece. The rest of us will remember him with fondness every time we watch the show and miss his presence.

    • Jess

      Mark shut the hell up!!! Obviously both your parents are still with you because if you had any ounce of dignity you would give your respects and not say another word. Oh and by the way a stroke is why he dies not his smoking.

    • sabrina

      Mark, you need to just be quiet. This is NOT the time or place…and who are you to judge? Cigarettes may or may not have been a factor. There are people who live to be in their 90s and are long term smokers. There are non-smokers who die of lung cancer in the 30s and 40s.

      RIP Captain Phil.

      • Barr

        Your chances of getting lung cancer are 5-8 times higher if you smoke. If you want to go on lying to yourself, go ahead. It is the classic response of a nicotine addict who says, “We all die some time.” If you’re in a hurry to die, then by all means, smoke away. There are always the odd exceptions, like George Burns (who only smoked 2-3 cigars a day, BTW, and didn’t smoke cigarrettes which have a lot of other crap in them) but the fact remains that smokers have an 8-10 year shorter lifespan. Heavy smokers? Even less.

    • Debbie

      I’m with Sabrina and Jess you need to shut up and show some respect.
      God Bless you Captain Phil Rip

    • john

      The timing of your comments were in bad taste. You have no class bro. Zero zippo nada.

    • Gerald

      Mark you have no class. Let see you go through what those MEN GO THROUGH and see how you come out. A crying whinning little boy looking for his mommy’s skirt to hang on to. Maybe you dhould watch lifetime. It sounds more your speed. As for the family, you have my sympathy and prayers. GODS speed Phill. Do you think Murray will come back?

    • Dave

      Mark is just a NYC jerk who has probable not lost a loved one in his life. Safe passage capt. Phil

    • scott

      sorry i’m with mark phil drank too much and he smoked alot and he was always under stress due to the boys taking his credit cards and spending his money when they should have been on the boat off loading. rest in peace phil

      • Bety A Leverence


    • Tasha

      To Mark in NYC EX-smoker and Scott….enough said. What a time to preach to everyone at a time like this! Thought you’d have a lot of support, huh, well not this time! We lost a great man and I could care less about his lifestyle or habits at a time like this. He lived his life the way he wanted and who are you to judge!? Guess we ALL told you with your superior attitude, so just stay off here if you want to talk smack about the life HE chose to live. I bet he knew the risks but his Mother died of the same thing, a blood clot, so maybe, just maybe heredity played more of a role than cigarettes. Damn it, leave the poor man alone. Wonder what skeltons you have two in your closets?

    • Kathy

      I’ve just read all the comments about what Mark in NY had made, what all this is realy about is Capt. Phil and the many people he reached thru the show Deadliest Catch. We saw in him what was real, a real Captain a real dad, a real friend and a real man. Being a small part of his life thru the weekly show was a blessing for those who would’nt otherwise had a oppertunity to know him.

    • Sickboy

      R.i.p phil.

    • deb

      nothing worse than hearing from a reform smoker> Capt. Phil loved what he did and his family loved him. lets see if MARK IN NYC could do capt Phils job. NOT

    • Phillip Mccaethey

      Kathy I bet you weigh 300 pounds to the donuts you eat everymorning

  • Kim Weiss

    Capt. Phil by far was my favorite crab boat capt. he brought guts, Love and humor to the show I will really miss his rough yet caring humanbeing that made me want to be part of his crew

  • Leslie

    My husband and myself never missed a show and Captain Phil and his crew are our favorite we will miss him. our hearts go out to his two sons and the crew.

  • Josh

    Very sad to hear this. He was quite a character. I know his family will truly miss him and so will fans of the show. It won’t be the same.

  • Phan

    What enthinticity r the sons? They look indian

    • Shanna

      Do what? You have got to be kidding me. At a time when one should be grieving for the loss of Cptn. Phil Harris and for the tremendous loss suffered by his boys you are worried about Josh and Jake’s ethnicity? If it means as much to you to ask at a time like this their mother is of pacific islander decent. Technically they are part Asian.

    • Studley


      I think Eskimo.

    • NikiTee

      I asked Josh thru myspace once and he said their mother is from the Philippines.

    • Tasha

      WTF? Who cares!

  • Mary

    The “crab farts” clip always makes me smile. Sure enough, Phil caught the crab when he saw the bubbles! Bless him and his family and crew. He will be missed.

    • ms kitty

      that was a great ep along with the one when Phil was yelling at Jake for the tv he had installed on the ship and Jake told him it was spendy. Love the Cornelia Marie cew. I’m going to miss Phil when I watch DC. Enjoy crab fishing with the angels Phil.

      • Anita

        I believe his sons not only installed the TV on the boat, but they stole Phil’s credit card to purchase it. Those kids didn’t know how good they had it!

  • Chris

    R.I.P. Captain Harris and God Bless Your Family. You will Be Missed.

  • Dina Zundel

    O M G !!! I watched him 2 days ago on Deadliest Catch . . . God be with your soul and your family.

  • Carol

    I feel like I lost a good friend. We never met but some people, you feel an instant connection to and Phil was one of those people.

    • Steph

      I completely agree. I would have loved the opportunity to meet him in person or to go out on the boat with him.

  • Bunnie

    To Jake & Josh, our thoughts & prayers are with you & the crew. To Phil, thank you for letting us into your lifes work that you loved so much. You will always be remembered for your kind heart & wonderful humor. Heaven has yet another great soul……

  • sarah

    Phil was the one that made you believe that your hard woork and your dreams could come true! It was a family thing to watch Deadliest Catch every thursady night and to see what was going to happen next. Captain phil was always the one to talk about family and always being there for his buddies of the sea! We will never forget him. God bless him and his family at this time! He will be greatly missed!

  • Tara

    Phil was my favorite captain. It is such a great loss to all. Sending prayers to his sons and family. Phil, you will be dearly missed.

    • Chris

      R.I.P. Capt. Phil!!! I have never missed a show and watch with my 4-12yr old sons and it was a family event. His personality popped off the screen and his character larger than life. I feel for Jake and Josh as I just lost my father in Oct. to the same thing.

      • bobby

        Rest in peace my friend

      • Donna Love

        He was one of the toughest people on earth and had one of the biggest hearts on earth. I’m watching Deadliest Catch right now and just found out about his passing tonight while watching Deadliest Catch and came online to find out what happened. I am sorry for his family and close friends for thier loss of an exceptional human being in their life. He inspired me to find strength and determination when I was going through some very rough times in life when I was homeless and seriously ill for a year. I would occassionaly get up enough money to get a hotel room for a night or 2 while I was homeless and I would always watch Deadliest Catch in the hotel room for inspiration, strength, and determination. Captain Phil possesed all three of these qualities in abundance! RIP Captain, thanks for inspiring me to stay strong when I was fighting for my life and going through hell. The world is missing you allready.

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