'Parks and Recreation' recap: R.I.P. DJ Roomba

parks-and-rec Last night’s Parks and Recreation continued to prove what we’ve all been preaching for a while now: Aziz Ansari needs more screen time and Ron Swanson (Nick Offerman) can make any lackluster plot bearable.

In the episode, Leslie and Ann try to prevent a local corporation (Sweetums) from taking control of the park’s concession stands after discovering that their NutriYum health bars were actually pre-packaged, corn syrup-laden bars of death.

Meanwhile, with Tom’s divorce from Wendy approaching, he found himself a bachelor pad, but needed everyone’s help moving. Enter the dream team: Donna, April, Andy, Jerry and Mark, who had a pick-up.

Though the moving day plot was not meant to be the main focal point, I wanted to see more. In fact, I probably could have watched 22 minutes of these under-appreciated characters producing comedy awesomeness. From DJ Roomba (Tom’s iPod attached to a floor cleaning robot that is later killed by Jerry’s foot) to Tom and Wendy’s aww-worthy flirting in the kitchen, this was hands down the highlight of the episode.

The Sweetums plot fell a little flat, but luckily there was an underlying conflict between Leslie and Ron that helped it hobble along. The two had debated about the public’s right to consume what they want. Ron, of course, claimed that people should eat freely without constraints from the government or anyone else (right on, Ron!). ”The whole point of this country is if you want to eat garbage, balloon up to 600 lbs, and die of a heart attack at 43, you can! You are free to do so. To me that’s beautiful,” he said.

In the end, Ron, who had the final call about the deal, passed on a Sweetums partnership, despite the public’s apparent support of the measure. The decision came after a touching moment in a restaurant, when Leslie gave Ron her Blood Alcohol Concentration chart and told him that she respected his right to do what he wanted, but not to be an idiot about his freedom. ”And although I’ve already written your eulogy and its incredibly touching, I would prefer not to give it for a while,” she said.

The episode had nuggets of heart, lots of laughs, and outstanding ensemble comedy acting; it’s the winning formula that has been working very well for Parks. Much of the show’s greatness lies in the actions and expressions of the cast. With that in mind, I present you with two lists this week: best moments and best quotes.

And, if you’re up for it, answer me these three questions: What are your favorite quotes/moments? What did you think of the episode? And if sugar is so bad, why did Jesus make it taste so good?

Best moments:

–        Tom trying on new looks.

–        Ron looking for his treat underneath his chair during the public forum

–        Ron showing Leslie the mini harp he created while drunk

–        The office workers’ dance party during their sugar high.

–        The creepy townspeople’s questions.

–        The ghost of DJ Roomba haunting Jerry and threatening to play the Black Eyed Peas on a constant loop

Best quotes:

”You look like Encyclopedia Brown.” – Leslie

”I think the entire government should be privatized. Chuck E. Cheese could run the parks. Everything operated by tokens. Drop in a token, go on the swing set. Drop in another token, take a walk. Drop in a token, look at a duck” – Ron

”That’s really sweet that your grandparents still make love” – Andy, taking on of April’s sarcastic comments seriously

”Oh, Andy. You’re fine, but you’re simple.” – Donna

”Pawnee is the fourth most obese city in America. The kids here are just beefy. They’re husky, big-boned, chunk monsters. I call ‘em like I see ‘em” – Ann

”Why don’t you get some Canadian bacon on it, since you’re from Canada, and sausage, because I’m brown and spicy” – Tom to Wendy about their pizza order

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  • Adam

    Favorite Moment

    -Introduction of DJ Roomba.
    -Ron looking underneath his chair was golden.

    Favorite Quote

    -Ron’s entire speech about how he made the harp while drinking (including the photos was great).

    All around a fantastic episode. I adore Paul Schneider and I really want him to own the show but at this point its all Offerman and Ansari.

    • Ceballos

      “Turf and Turf”! CLASSIC Ron.

      • Lisa

        ceballos – that was my fave line too. ron is HYsterical.

    • Stephanie Tanner

      Aziz Ansari IS the show, Amy Poehler is okay, but just like Tina Fey on 30 Rock, she is probably the least interesting/funny character on their respective show. I don’t know if its on purpose and they are just playing the straight man, but I never like it when the plot turns to their characters – give me more Aziz on Parks, more Jack and Tracy on 30 Rock

      • JRose48

        I disagree about Amy Poehler. I tried to watch PaR when it first premiered and they had made Leslie too stupid and I started avoiding it. I started watching again this season based on someone saying it got better. It seems they made Leslie smarter, but still with a child-like sense of fun. I really like that and now she’s my favorite. I think PaR was the funniest of the four NBC comedies last night.

      • pj

        i agree with jrose. at first her character was an idiot. now she is hilarious

  • kim in kentucky

    maybe without the gloves …

  • marymary

    Great episode! I laughed for fiove minutes about the Encyclopedia Brown comment..long live DJ Roomba!

  • SM

    Oh Captain, my Captain. Ron Swanson, a swan song.

    DJ Roomba really brought this otherwise slow episode up a notch. I am shopping for a Roomba online as I type this.

  • Ceballos

    “I f—ing hate owning a pickup truck.”

    This was the first episode I can remember finding Mark REALLY funny. (Is the fact that he was apart from Ann a coincidence? Probably not.)

    • Ambient Lite

      I usually just hate that Mark’s even there, but I did enjoy last night.

    • Madd

      He actually had another funny line in the “Leslie’s House” episode. I don’t like his relationship with Ann- when they’re apart I don’t mind her, when they’re together it’s just so boring.

    • FLGrl

      That made me laugh so hard! He really nailed that punchline.

  • Sarah

    The ghost of DJ Roomba at the very end was awesome.

    • Kristen

      Especially that it was going to haunt Jerry by playing Black Eyed Peas nonstop – cue “I gotta feeling.”
      Great episode!

  • Remy

    DJ Roomba is the best idea ever. I want.

  • Cass

    Great episode. Agreed I would have loved an entire episode based on the moving plot.

    Best moment:
    Ron in the background of the shot looking for a Nutriyums bar under his own chair.

    Best quote:
    “Not my pocket squares!” From Tom when the HUGE box fell from the top of his truck. Loved getting a look into his life.

    • laurie

      I love that he converted that whole room into a closet. I want one.

  • JLC

    What I’m getting out of this is that this game really favors the dealer.

  • bbixler

    What is wrong with you?!? The funniest moment was the altercation between Leslie and the librarian! LOVED IT!

    • Lisa

      that was really funny. i like that they keep that going.

    • Lola

      I work for a city government and this stuff is so true. Everyone hates the Library!

      • Julia

        That whole bit with Leslie and the librarian was awesome!! I don’t know why people hate the library, though… I say this as a librarian!

    • Madd

      Yeah, I love how this show has consistency- from the library thing to shots of the back of Ron’s head.

    • Shasta

      I’m a librarian…and I hate librarians.

  • elissa moses

    Favorite line :”I’m having Turf and Turf – – a T-Bone with a Porterhouse”.

  • Ambient Lite

    Loved EVERY minute of the show last night and hope some of those Parks and Rec virgins out there caught that episode – R.I.P. DJ ROOMBA!!!

  • smartAlex

    punk ass book jockies!!!
    I love the long running feud Parks dept has with the library folks..
    and i love that its not just in Leslie’s head, they really do hate each other.

  • NoDummy

    “HAM & MAY’NAISE! HAM & MAY’NAISE! HAM & MAY’NAISE!” I love the Midwestern accent that really ramped up the yokel factor of that line.

  • melissa

    i’m really loving this show this season. i only had time to watch one nbc comedy last night and i chose this over the office, 30 rock, and community.

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