'General Hospital' sneak peek: Sonny and Dante face off

It’s the confrontation we’ve been waiting months for over on General Hospital: Undercover cop Dante Falconeri (Dominic Zamprogna) infiltrated the Corinthos Mob in Port Charles to take down the boss, Sonny (Maurice Benard), but neither one knew that Dante was actually Sonny’s son. Tomorrow the detective and the mobster go toe to toe and all the truths come to light. The clip below shows Sonny after he finds out that Dante is a cop. It’s intercut with scenes from a baptism, playing off the themes of new life and possible death as Sonny shoots Dante. Olivia (Lisa LoCicero), Dante’s mother and Sonny’s old flame, runs in afterward and lets Sonny know that he’s shot his own child. Does this first look make you think you’ll get the payoff you hoped for with this story line?

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  • Mike

    Immediate payoff- maybe. Long term payoff. Doubt it. Dante, the undercover cop, is already feeling guilty about turning on Sonny, the poor, misunderstood, murderous, misogynistic mobster. Yeah, the good guy cop is feeling sorry for the bad guy mobster. And this is BEFORE he knows Sonny is his dad. Everyone predicted it – I mean, at some point, every rational character on the show has to come around to the point of view that killing people as part of your daily illegal business is okay if your heart is in the right place.

    GH is truly the most nonsensical, warped show on tv.

    • Cardsgal

      Mike – You are so right! I’ve posted before how I quit watching GH because of the glorification of Sonny/Jason and the show’s general misogyny. However, ABC has been promoing th s/l incessantly during OLTL, which I do watch, and even the previews are making me angry. Sonny is going to shoot a cop. That should get him life in prison. Period. But instead there will be some idiotic “technicality” that keeps him on the street, and Dante will be the one that has to apologize to Sonny for his “betrayal.” Unbelievable.

      • Joy

        Its only a soap opera. NOT REAL LIFE.

      • Cardsgal

        Joy, thanks for your statement of the obvious — it contributes nothing to this discussion thread.

      • jcp201

        Doesn’t make it any less disgusting. Like the poster above, I’ve stopped watching GH because this character is the center of the show. Every other character must be compromised to prop him.

      • Cathy

        This only comes from other TV shows as a knowledge base, so it may be incorrect, but doesn’t killing a cop in the state of New York carry the death penalty?

        And yeah, I’ll only think this is compelling if they actually make Sonny pay for his crimes in some way. Jonathan Jackson’s performance this past week gives GH a pass for right now, but they’ll burn it out quickly if this becomes yet again all about Sonny’s angst and less about what he’s about to do.

      • Roma

        The problem is, soaps can’t have it both ways. When Michael was shot in the head, one of the head people at GH said it was part of showing that there were consequences because Michael had shot someone else, no one gets off scott free. They also often include “socially conscious/socially responsible” type storylines, about AIDS on GH, about being gay on OLTL and AMC, cancer, etc. The problem is….if everyone who was “bad” was punished, there’d be no real stories for them to tell. That’s why they die and come back (repeatedly) if they are too bad (Mitch Lawrence, I’m thinking of you!) or find a way “out” of going to jail forever. It’s a soap opera; watch if it’s enjoyable and ignore if it isn’t.

    • jcp201

      Luke didn’t run Frank Smith’s mob, he worked at a disco. He spent most of his life (until Sonny GH) trying to get away from the mob.

  • Kelly

    The only payoff I want is for Sonny to go away to rot in prison, and for the show that I loved (once) to go back to being about something other than the mob, and how their criminals never have to account for their actions. :)

    • tristan

      but then it would be just another run of the mill drama and they would cancel it, i like GH the way it is, lots of interesting storylines, the mob arc just makes it more interesting.

      • denise

        How right U R!

    • doris

      Sonny has been on the show for a long time now and has always been the head of the mob. The mob has been a part of GH almost from the beginning. It’s just a soap. Not real life. GH has been the best it’s been in a long time. Great storylines.

      • katie

        The mob definitely has NOT been part of the show since almost the beginning…when the show first started it was about the hospital and the staff, in the 80’s it was about Luke and Laura and a bunch of fantastical stories. Do some research on the show…you have a lot of catching up to do!

      • jen


      • Terri Leone

        I’m sorry but GH has been on for way many years and Sonny and the stupid mob only inflitrated the show in the late ’80’s. This is what is wrong with GH, johnny come lately fans don’t understand that the show is supposed to be about a hospital and it’s doctors inthe chuckles not some dumb assed mobster and the horrible way he treats women! Soooo Fritrating!

      • denise

        Can’t agree more…I look forward everyday to what the next spin will be.

      • Jessie

        Actually the mob was part of the show in the late 70s early 80s. Luke came on the show as a runner for Frank Smith’s mob.

      • How long have you been watching?

        While Sonny came around more recently, there were certainly mob and criminal storylines the whole time. Who do you think Frank Smith was – who Luke and Laura were running from all those years? Not to mention Anna and Robert, Frisco and Felicia, The Cassadine saga… They may not have been mobsters, GH has always integrated a certain level of danger into the storylines. If you don’t like it, don’t watch. I, personally, would rather watch the fake drama unfold on GH than watch the inane antics be offered by the likes of “reality” TV. Now THAT’s something to worry about.

      • yvon alexis

        i beleive dominic will the new boss and sonny will be consel

      • Leigh

        I watch GH because their show is interesting with the mob and Sonny!
        Sonny first appeared on GH in 1993.He was not there in the 8o’s. The story was Luke raped Laura and that stupid Ice machine story. Talk about a dumb story! Even TG had a look on his face when Luke pulled the plug on the machine that was supposed to freeze the world like “Are you people really going for this crap!” It was so boring and unbelieable.

      • Lorrie

        Wrong, Doris, the mob in the past were bad guys, not “hero” criminals like Sonny and Jason. When Sonny first showed up in 1993, he wasn’t the head of the mob then, he was a low-level employee of the organization who ran a strip club and had sex with a teen-aged girl who he got addicted to pain pills. After a slight character rehab, Sonny was tolerable until the early ’00s when GH became all about him and the mob to the detriment of all other characters and stories.

      • nancy dillingham

        Sonny has NOT be a part of the storyline from the beginning.

    • Cardsgal

      Furthermore, Sonny going to prison does NOT have to mean that Guza’s beloved Maurice Bernard leaves the show. Why can’t they write a long-term s/l with Sonny in prison? One of OLTL’s best stories, decades ago, was when Dorian did a long stint in prison.

      • Darcy

        Did GH start in the 70’s? I thought it started in the 60’s and that the “hospital story lines eg. Steve Hardy/Audrey/Nurse Jessie was the focal point of the show. I like this even thought its a Mario Puzo/Francis Ford Coppola rip off…I just think the mob tales were more “balanced” back in the gap it didn’t over run the show has it does now. The most important distinction for me is the writing didn’t “glorify” them as much that’s all they were the “bad guys.”

    • Lorrie

      Amen! Sonny and Jason are planning the murder of a police officer. It is sick that they won’t pay for it. I watched the last few episodes of GH not because of the mob, but because I wanted to see Lucky’s reaction to Liz and Nik’s affair. Rid GH of hero criminals, I may become a regular viewer again for the first time in years.

      • nancy dillingham

        Yes, we who have watched Lucky grow up as a part of Luke and Laura storyline–remember they were on the run from retaliation from the mob?–tune in to watch Lucky because he is a character with a moral center who is struggling to do the right thing. And we are always loyally hoping the TPTB will shift the story back to the story we recognize.

  • Shannon

    The reveal that deserved coverage on EW was Lucky finding out about Nik and Liz…. His performace when he was lashing out at his fiance and his brother for betraying him was emmy-worthy!

    • dot

      Agree 100%. The raw emotion portrayed of pain, anger & suffering was some of the best acting seen on daytime or primetime tv.

      • jen

        yes! i was cringing the whole time. totally emmy-worthy.

      • Jessie

        I kept saying to myself watching that that he just won his 4th Emmy.

      • Ronny Carlton

        JJ’s performance was unbelivable. I believe that he is the most compelling actor on soaps right now.

    • ugly Nikki

      Why youre at it, can we get hot Lucky back? I know this Lucky is a fan fav but he lacks a certain masculinity that most women like…

      • Shannon

        I’d rather keep this Lucky… talent will always extend beyond attractiveness! Greg Vaughn, although a very good actor, could never have been as effective with this material

      • sock monkey

        Jonathan Jackson has a certain charisma that I just never saw in Greg Vaughn.

      • matthewzmum

        I respectfully disagree with you. Greg could never have pulled off the scene where Lucky confronts his brother and Elizabeth. JJ has grown into a really hot guy. Not all women like that masculinity that you are talking about. Heck I hate that macho crude. Hot body and the heart of a character like Lucky and you have hit the jackpot.

      • Jessie

        Jonathan Jackson has always been the best Lucky they ever had. So excited he came back, people have been waiting 10 years for this. No disrespect to Greg Vaughn and Jacob Young but the way they played Lucky didn’t compare to Jonathan.

      • krisallenai09

        ugly Nikki – you’re in the definite minority on this one. Jonathan Jackson is the only Lucky, now and always. “Hot” doesn’t equate compelling, and JJ blew life back into his character the minute he hit the screen. Emmy, here we come!

      • js

        There’s hasn’t been a Lucky on GH since JJ left, as far as i’m concerned. Just some randome ruined character that wasted airtime. Since JJ’s return, Lucky has been written as a kind of a dud, the duped clueless guy. Now that he’s found out, the real return of Lucky has begun. I just hope they pair him off with somebody else, at least for a while.

      • Sienna

        Couldn’t have said it better myself, matthewzmum. He’s such an amazing actor. And I find him quite attractive, but I guess my opinion is biased. I’ve had a crush on him since I was 10!

      • Starling

        Speak for your shallow self. Other women prefer to see the heart and soul of a man. And brains are nice, too. Looking at GV, aside from the muscles, all anyone could see was a big “Duh”. Not attractive to me at all.

      • nancy dillingham

        What’s wrong with vulnerability??

    • lettergirl

      omg!! that was GOOOD tv!! i was watching with my mouth hanging open!! so glad that slut liz got what was coming to her. i’m glad her holier-than-thou image was finally destroyed. i never could understand how SHE got away with being the town tramp?? she cheats, she gets pregnant, she gets put on a throne. so glad she got knocked down a peg or two….

      • bootsycolumbia

        Amen, sister!

    • Courtney

      I think this payoff will be great and I think one of the posters was correct in assuming that if you loose the mob element GH would be like other shows, and we know that hasn’t gone well. As to Lucky/Liz/Nik and the Lucky/Luke scenes…they were out of this world amazing. Just seeing the original actors play those emotions was incredible.

    • Debaloo

      Shannon I agree. The reveal of Nicholas’ and Elizabeth’s betrayal to Lucky was what I have been waiting for and when it happened, it did not disappoint. JJ was fantastic. I am so glad EW is talking about GH but I really wish they would have talked about this instead of Sonny and Dante.

    • Meg

      I totally agree with you. Friday and Mondays episodes were awesome. JJ and Becky Herbst did amazing jobs with their scenes. It kept me on the edge of my seat. I am so sick of GH being mob obsessed.

    • emily

      those were amazing!

    • ?

      Naw Sonny’s Claudia reveal was just as amazing, intriguing and deserved full attention his calling out Claudia a bitch and a whore is far better machismo IMO because she did arrange a hit on him and the shooter shot a kid in the head instead the acting was also emmy worthy and amazing for a male demeaning a female…which GH is most noted for…

  • Elle

    I love that the truth is finally coming out because this storyline has been drug out way to long. But i also hope that Dante fingers Sonny as his shooter and Sonny finally goes to jail. I know its not going to happen, but i can dream right?

    Plus i love the implications of Dante being Sonny’s son on Morgan, Michael, Lulu and Carly.

    • js

      Agreed. I’m more interested in all the payoff with everybody else, not necessarily with Sonny and Dante. Practically the whole cast is implicated in this, so should be good. And it’s about time!

    • Randi

      I agree! I just can’t wait for Michael to find out that Dante is actually Sonny’s eldest son. Michael is already struggling with jealousy over Dominic, so when he gets hit with that news, he is going to go completely off the reservation.

  • Lia

    Godfather rip off, so lame

    • Jennifer

      They have ripped off The Godfather before. I can’t remember if it was Kristina or Morgan’s christening but someone was getting christened with Sonny standing right there going through the prayers and it flashed to his men killing mobsters. That was even more of a rip off than this. However, today’s show was still really good.

  • Anne

    Aww, Guza mixing his “love” of morals & religion with his LOVE of criminals & killing. So dramatic. This show is shell of its former wonderful self. It shocks me they still have viewers.

    • jcp201

      It’s just a rip off of the Godfather. Check it out.

    • nancy dillingham

      Having mobsters like Sonny cross themselves and pray is sheer sacrilege. Guza should really keep the mobsters out of church.

  • Mimi

    Well this story is finally coming to a climax but alas I won’t be getting the payoff I’ve been waiting for, and that’s for Sonny to go to jail. How does one get away with shooting a cop point blank range and get off scott free? So once again another one of GH storylines that is a epic FAIL!! The writer never get it right.

    • nancy dillingham

      Amen! The writers NEVER get it right.

  • Via

    This is frustrating. When I found out James Franco would be on this show I started tuning in and was pleasantly surprised to find the original Lucky had returned (used to watch years ago after school), but I couldn’t take it anymore because I got bored to death with the fact that NOTHING ever really happens. Ignoring some of the basic chessiness and outlandish plots that are to be expected with soaps, this show was torture. I kept waiting for Lucky to find out Liz was cheating after numerous signs pointing him in that direction, compounded by the fact that apparently cheating on him is her favorite passtime activity. So according to the previous comment that has finally happened and Dante & Sonny have finally squared off. Too bad I couldn’t stand to stick around and wait, but this show doesn’t know how to ‘build up’ to a climax – you just feel dragged along as a viewer. Ok, rant over. One good thing from that clip tho; finally got to see Jason wearing something other than a black undershirt.

    • laura

      LOL! … man you would really suck as a telenovela fan. You quit BEFORE the good parts happen. I can just picture you watching a telenovela … you would break your tv onces you realize that pretty much the villan gets away with everything until 3 days before the telenovela ends jajaaaa.

      • Via

        Uh, ok? Yeah I don’t watch telenovas, but I would never resort to breaking a TV – they’re too expensive! But from what I’ve seen on The Soup at least telenovas are funny/entertaining. This show was just slow and wasn’t worth the dedication it takes to squeeze in 5 hours of viewing time each week.

  • Christi

    I think both reveals lost steam b/c of the Franco story that in my opinion BOMBED big time. As a longtime GH fan, I am more interested in the actors/characters that have given their lives to this soap, and deserve the stories over some Hollywood “A-list” actor who wants to play for a little while. I think this is a great story, my favorite reveal however is the niz affair even though I was disgusted at Guza’s and co. need to have Lucky say such horrible and vile things to any woman, much less his elizabeth. He has crushed her spirit more than once in their history, but as usual the men get a free pass, while the women have to pay on GH. As a lover of LL2 with Jon and Becky, and their orig lovestory-it’s truly sad to see how they are being written for now that the original actors are together again. Love Becky, and this is fastly becoming about Jonathan/Lucky when I really wanted to see what was going on with Elizabeth. Regardless BORED WITH MOB on GH. Ready for DRAMA, and the LL2/niz story is giving us that.

    • Cardsgal

      Sounds like this is one GH plotline that is actually halfway decent, in that any time Jonathan Jackson is getting a lot of screen time instead of Bernard and Burton, it’s a good thing.

  • Beth

    Eh. The story’s been completely overshadowed by Jonathan Jackson’s tour-de-force performance at the beginning of the week. And I’ve seen this blatant “Godfather” rip-off ten thousand times, from Clink-Boom to the slo-mo shootouts in churches. It will make no difference in the long run. Sonny will walk away scott-free, Dante will end up feeling sorry for him and probably apologizing to him for making him pull that trigger, and thing will continue the same way they have for the last fifteen years.

  • Dana

    i think this is so good
    I am a mob fan and i love this S/L
    I didn’t think that Franco was that bad ..
    This S/L reminds me Greek tragedy meeting the godfather LOL Epic

    And Jason looks SO Hotttt

  • Toto

    GH is still on air?

  • Lisa

    Once again, we have a potentially awesome character getting sucked into the lame-a$$ GH mob. All of the “heroes” are casually discussing the fact that Dante has to be killed. Of course. If Sonny and Jason say it, of course it’s the right thing. The values on GH are completely warped.

    That said, I love Dominic Zamprogna and think he’s a fantastic addition to the show. I’m torn between wanting him to stay and hoping he gets out of the mess GH has become.

    • Cardsgal

      Why yes, Dante must die. If Jason and Sonny say it, it must be the right thing. I’ll say it again – unbelievable.

  • John

    I watch GH for all of the characters, not just the mob. As a fan of the mob aspect of the show, I have grown tired with them being shown as the heroes and bad guys with souls with no consequence to their actions. It is incredibly unrealistic that Jason and Sonny continue to skate, while the PCPD-the ones who should be portrayed as heroes-are made to look like a joke. The Franco story was horrible, and dragged out way beyond need. The same thing happened with this story, and all for what exactly? Finally, as a man even I have a hard time with the obvious sexism that is a constant in the writing for GH, and to those who do the writing, WAKE UP. While Jonathan was reviting in his performance, it was a disgusting and sad scene to watch. To me the scene would have been just as good without all the names, and disgusting comments about her “spreading her legs.” Finally, I do not care for how men are portrayed on GH either, in real life men love their wives, their children, and GH clearly does not write for families or couples anymore. Writers need to look back to the 90’s when the show was more than plot points, and stories for obvious favorites to shine. GH truly has one of the best cast in soaps, and yet are rarely utilized. This fan has grown tired of all things Sonny, Jason, and Carly. Where’s the real life elements that used to be such an huge part of General Hospital? Where are the couples and families surviving against all odds? In this day in age, it wouldn’t hurt to show some happiness here and there, I don’t tune in to be depressed and angry, I also want to be moved, and awed.

    • Cardsgal

      Well said, John! Before I quit watching in disgust a few years ago, I had watched GH for 25 years (since I was nine)! Back then, the mobsters were villains; the police, especially Robert and then Anna, were clever and heroic. Interspersed with all of the crimes and mysteries were touching human stories: Monica’s breast cancer, anyone? I still miss the show that I loved; that’s why I am so passionate about how the current freaks in charge have RUINED it.

  • marley

    Looks awesome. GH is on fire right now.

    • susan

      I agree. GH has been fantastic lately. Can’t wait for this to play out. The whole Elizabeth/Nicholas exposure was fabulous too. Some people need to remember this is a soap opera. I can’t believe they are upset about the mob and killing. It’s a soap people. Just like prime time shows with the mob and killing are just shows. jeez!

      • Lisa

        I’m not worried about the mob and the killing. It’s that the criminals and murderers are held up as the heroes of the show.

    • carol

      I agree
      Gh is the best ever right now — and jonathan jackson is simply amazing I had missed him so he is the only lucky there will ever be or could be he is the best and I am loving the storylines lately !!!!

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