Chris Harrison blogs 'The Bachelor': season 14, episode 4

It has been another great week for The Bachelor and I want to thank all of you for already making this season such a huge success. This has been one of the most emotional seasons we have ever had. I understand this has also been an emotional season for you as well. Some of that emotion has turned into anger and some of that anger has been aimed towards me in the comments. I’m perfectly okay with this and appreciate the honesty. I do want to mention one particular comment that really impressed my wife and I. Z wrote a comment early last Tuesday afternoon and it was awesome. I highly recommend you all go back and read it, as it was as nasty as it was eloquent. I must admit I had to look up a lot of the words she used but Z, you rocked the rant.

This week I really enjoyed surprising the girls with the RV’s and the road trip. While they were extremely excited at first I don’t think they really understood this was a true road trip and they would be roughing it. Most of the girls wore high heels when they got on the RV’s. Once they realized how it was going to be most of them went and changed except for Ashleigh who kept the heels on! When they were getting on the RV’s Ali and Vienna went in separate directions. They wanted nothing to do with one another.

The girls cooked a lot of campfire food but the snack of choice was smores. These girls put away some smores but Corrie took the cake. That girl ate 8-10 smores a day for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Gia got the one-on-one date this week. Jake told me this was “a hot date.” I’m not sure what’s harder to believe, Jake didn’t kiss a girl till the 11th grade or the fact that they played spin the bottle. Jake told me he’d never played spin the bottle before. I was going to tell him about seven minutes in heaven but I don’t think he’s ready for that yet. At the end of this date, if you listen close you’ll hear the piano version of “On the Wings of Love.” This is one of my favorite versions of this song.

The group date started at Pismo beach. We all learned a good lesson at the beginning of this date. If you drive a huge RV onto soft sand it will get stuck. The date was held up for quite some time while we called tow trucks to come haul the RV’s out of the sand. Lesson learned! If you ever get the chance, spend a night at the Madonna Inn. If you couldn’t tell, each room is named and has a theme. If you’re up for a fun night at a freaky hotel this is your spot. Two things with the girls really stood out on this date. Jake and Ashleigh had no chemistry together. He wanted there to be something but there just wasn’t. The other thing was Vienna’s attitude finally got to Jake. Her telling everybody she wanted to go last kind of set Jake off and he let her have it a bit during their one-on-one time. The two-on-one date was tough for everybody this week. The girls really liked Ella and Kathryn. Both these girls are very sweet and they didn’t want to compete with one another. Ella was a bit more aggressive and Kathryn really didn’t use her time wisely but in the end it didn’t matter. When Ella’s bags were taken away the women were stunned but when Kathryn’s bags were also taken the ladies were absolutely floored and a couple of them started to cry.

The rose ceremony was especially cool this week. It was held at a beautiful mansion in Saratoga called Villa Montalvo. It’s now a historic landmark located in a state park. The Villa is named for the popular 16th-century writer Garcia Ordonez de Montalvo, who coined the name “California.” As you can see, I have a lot of time on my hands when I’m on the road. Okay, the history lesson is over. Time to talk about this rose ceremony. Jake decided himself to come and talk to me. Clearly, we weren’t exactly expecting it and the producers had to find me. I was out in the courtyard waiting to go in and announce the final rose. Depending on where we hold the ceremony sometimes I can’t hear or see what’s going on and I have to wait to be told to go inside. Needless to say I was a little surprised to see Jake come walking out looking for me. When he started talking to me he was bumbling over his words a bit and I had no idea what he was talking about or what he wanted. We finally did get it figured out and as you saw I took a rose away. I really respect the fact that Jake took it upon himself to send four girls home this week when he didn’t have to. This guy isn’t messing around. If he doesn’t feel it for somebody he would rather send them home instead of drag it out and take more time away from the women he really does have a connection with. Vienna getting that final rose really set the other women off, especially Ali. They really don’t like each other and things only seem to be getting worse between them.

A couple of things before I let you go this week. I’m really excited to be on Ellen Wednesday. She’s so good at what she does; I always enjoy my time with her. Yes, I’ll admit I have a bit of a crush. I also want to tell you how excited I am to be a part of our new show Bachelor Pad coming to ABC this summer. I won’t bore you with details yet but we’ve wanted to do an “all-star” show for some time now and this is the perfect way to do it without messing with our other shows. The cast is not set but you will be seeing many of your favorites from seasons past! It will be a fun summer show and I can’t wait to get to work on it. Speaking of work, I hope you’ll join Carrie Ann Inaba and me on the Grammy Red Carpet pre-show this Sunday on TV Guide Network. Have a great week and as always I’ll be reading those comments. Z, see if you can outdo yourself this week. You can find me on Facebook and Twitter @chrisbharrison.

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  • Carole

    Chris you’re not giving much insider news this week. I am agreeing with lots of the girls. If Vienna keeps talking about wrecking cars after cars, Jake should be worried that she will want to try to fly his planes. a 20,000 Jetta haha doesn’t compare to a ______ airplane. *sorry don’t know the retail value.
    I did however love your shocked look on your face when Jake came walking over. Not a staged moment.

    • Devon

      Completely agree. Other than the RV’s in the sand and the slight bit of history, not much to report that we didn’t see ourselves. Still love the blog, though!

    • KT

      I don’t know why everyone hates Vienna. I love her!!!!!!! Jake and her have amazing chemistry, and if she will just zone out the other women and what they are saying then she might be the last on standing. She is there for Jake, not to make friends so I think she is doing what she needs too.

      • MT

        Totally agree with you KT. You know I liked Ali in the beginning, but now she is so focused on Vienna and I don’t care for her anymore. However, I don’t think Vienna will end up with Jake. I think it will be Ali and Tenley, with Jake picking Tenley and Ali will be the next Bachlorette.

      • JC

        Are you nuts? She is an immature little twit; with a highly exagerated ego!

      • Samantha S

        Vienna seems really fake to me. I hate how she acts one way with the girls she does get along with and then a totally different way around Jake. I know you want to put your best face on when around the guy, but don’t be so fake about it! It’s better to show him how you really are and not put on a show, acting all super sweet when you’re not that way.

      • AKnTX

        You must remember there is A LOT of editing for this show. The series WANTS the drama & cat fights. The remaining girls have all been personafied as a particular type of woman. Most undoubtibly not at all true to how they are in the real world. When you try to make a judgemnt call on who he should pick,take yourself out of the equation. It’s not who “you” think but who he needs.Is he shallow & just out for a trophy, does he need a mamma influence,does he need a father influence, does he want a boss,does he want to make sure he’s always the boss. There are tons of dynamics. With this said, I like Vienna! I think Ali & Corrie have shown their mean nature which shows they have no restraint for that emotion which never is a positive attribute.

      • Billie Jean

        Vienna’s a poor man’s Paris Hilton. I want to punch her crossed eyed face!

      • jet

        Vienna is great. The other women are such control freaks- they think they can control Jake and the situation. Ali is an unbelievable b*** who thinks she knows what is right for Jake?! All the other women follow along after her- it’s that whole wolf pack thing. I cannot stand Ali and I hope she gets to see that Jake has a mind of his own very soon. Vienna is just an honest, straight forward woman who seems very genuine and is guilty of what? No one can say?? She has told some silly stories of car crashes and daddy writing checks?? Oh please, Ali and her gang are negative, black-hearted narcisists.

      • Oakvillian

        Vienna is a spoiled little brat IMO who I assume will get a hometown date and that’ll be the end of her. When Jake sees just what her life is like (which certainly he doesn’t seem to have found out about from V) he’ll realize what the girls have been telling him might hold a little more water and he’ll cut her loose.
        To be honest, I don’t quite see what he sees in her. Again IMO she’s not at all attractive and while you can’t judge a book by it’s cover she just doesn’t seem to bring anything to the table. But then who really knows what he’s looking for.
        Now, not surprised to see Jessie leave. I wondered what she was doing to stay ‘in the game’ anyway as she’d gotten little or no time with Jake; her telling Jake about Vienna was I think her undoing.
        Next week I’d expect to see Corrie pack her bags. Pretty, yes, but I don’t see a lot happening between the 2 of them.

      • Cyndi

        KT – what are YOU watching?? He and Vienna have no chemistry! He can’t even look her in the eye (or eyes, if you will). The other girls he looks at adoringly. Vienna he says he has ‘emotional chemistry’ with. Clearly he has the most chemistry with Tenley and Ali second. At least they are cute ;-)

      • nursesdate

        What a fake terrible show

      • smcle555

        I liked Ali then she just turned mean. She acts like a bully , getting all the girls form a little pack to get Viemnna out. Vienna seems to be the only one having fun. Ali was just so cute to me, I just loved her, if she could have only kept quiet and not let the claws come out. Ijust don’t see any of them for Jake at this point.

      • Rene

        What are YOU watching? There is massive chemistry there. You just don’t like her so you’re not seeing it. Remember that each week as you watch her get a rose.

      • Rich

        “I don’t know why everyone hates Vienna?” The reason you don’t know is because ABC isn’t showing you. They have edited out. But EVERY one in the house HATES her not just Ali. There has to be a reason. ABC doesn’t want you to know. You should be asking yourself why they don’t want you to know.

    • Ambient Lite

      The second the RV’s pulled up, I thought “ROCK OF LOVE BUS”!!!

    • Jaime

      What? I haven’t heard her say anything about wrecked cars past her initial intro video on episode 1. The other girls are talking about it…not her.

      Also, please…tell me that wasn’t a staged moment! Jake has 2 roses left and Chris Harrison hast to be “found”…please. He’d be right next to the production assistant Jake went to right outside of the room. Puh Leeze.

      • Cindy

        Jaime- I thought the same thing. Jake was down to 2 roses- Chris would have been hovering right outside the door so he could swoop in and declare, “Ladies, Jake, the final rose of the evening. When you’re ready Jake”! No way was he that hard to find!

      • Eolra

        Don’t forget – this is TV – and though it is “reality” it is full of edits – particularly during the more formal “cerimonies” – it is not necessarily in “real time”. Chris would not be hovering by the door ready to “swoop in” – more likely a director tells Jake and the women to pause, a production assistant tells Chris’ team that they are ready for him, he gets his make-up touched up (as do Jake and the women), and THEN Chris “swoops” in….

      • Rene

        I agree,Jaime, it looked REALLY staged to me, and I always try to give Chris the benefit of the doubt. Chris, you’re always right in the wings and suddenly you’re not even paying attention to the biggest part of the show, to what you have to blog on? Are you a smoker? If so, maybe I’ll believe it.

    • rp

      I agree — more insider gossip please!

    • Canadian

      I know Jessie didn’t get a rose last night, but how come you didn’t show ONE part of her date with Jake. Actually, I don’t think she has been shown more than twice in an actual conversation with Jake….what’s up with that?

    • cindi oneal

      Vienna is not attractive and too young. She definitely acts like someone in her early 20’s. Not to mention she is a ditz. He let some good ones go, for sure. Oh well, maybe he will have enough sense to choose a reputable, intelligent girl.

  • anonymous

    In viewing tonight’s show, I think Jake is making the biggest mistake of his life. Vienna is fake, devious, and does not have what it takes to be a wife. It appears that she is self-centered and is a true BRAT ! GET THIS WOMAN OFF THE SHOW before ruins a respectful gentleman’s life.

    • pam,

      for all you jake fans, they have already posted in the enquirer, an on the radio they talked to to a entertainment personnna an he picks vienna i am so disappointed in jake shes to imature.

      • James

        Yeah, and Reality S*T*E*V*E received that same news but from an insider and posted it on his site. Tenley will be the other of the final 2.

      • DRS

        Please be careful and note that you are posting a spoiler before this type of post. Some people want to follow the “journey” without knowing the outcome

      • Kaye Tee

        DRS, I normally am right with you about hating spoilers, but this particular “spoiler” has literally been plastered all over the internet and tabloids for weeks and weeks. It’s not a spoiler at all, it’s actually just old news.

      • Patti

        I heard that too on the spoilers, he ends up with Vienna…..I think it’s Vienna and Tenley at the final 2. Ali leaves for some reason after the home visits

      • Sky

        Just read a comment from Tenley’s home town resident – apparently the whole Bachelor crew was in town a couple of months ago. That means – home town date was there.

      • Sky

        Oh, and Chris – I really like your work. You are classy.

        I don’t believe for a minute that the show is unscripted and so on. Any intelligent person would see how it’s all edited together to make a good story. Just like the American Idol where it looks like the “auditions” happen in one day when in fact it’s sometimes 2 months between the “crowd at the stadium” scene and the part where the selected contestants sing for the 4 judges. Anyway – reality shows are a form of art (created, edited, re-done if needed). But it’s good entertainment and again – Chris, you are an excellent host.

    • JimmePaul

      I think that all the viewers have to remember, as Jake told at least a couple of the girls. All he knows about the girls is what he sees and what he heard. What We see, remember that Jake doesn’t and we are critizing his choices. Also remember, Vienna helped him through one of his biggest fear and that is fear of Height…I have that fear I felt that way many years ago on the Arch of Triump in Paris,(before the put up the fence). I personally, think none of the girls are right for him. But I think he has learned alot about him self and the art of dating and perhaps one day will find the right woman for him. PS: I am a nurse and 95 % of my co-workers are females so I have learned a lot about they way they think (That is in a good way–I am their “older brother” image.) We are seeing what has already happened and will not be changed. So I questioned if it is worth all the heavy emotions of the fan, such as “pissed” and “hate” and “angry”. Those emotions can affect our health and those around us. Peace.

    • To Anonymous

      Then you will freak when you find out who “Reality Steve” says Jake picked as his F1. I did and it’s not pretty.

  • Kathy

    I am sorry but I am PISSED!!! I think that he has made a HUGE mistake in letting Ella go & that it was soooo wrong for him to meet her child to just send his mother home. He should have left the child OUT of the equation. Jake you just went DOWN in my books & I NEVER thought I would say that!!!

    • alex

      Last week was just a pity rose cause the kid was there. He got rid of her the first chance he got, once the kid was outta the picture. Ella = baggage

      • Judy Harrison

        Ella was a classy fun woman…way too good for Jake. He knew she had a child in the beginning, so if that was a problem with him, he didn’t need to string her along. Cruel. She needs a real MAN. Not Jake.

    • Devon

      I don’t think it’s fair to assume that the reason he let her go was because of her son. Should he keep her around just because she has a child? If you ask me, he did leave her little boy out of the equation. I saw no chemistry between them at all – with our without her son.

      • Laurie

        I agree, he had more of a connection with Ethan than he did Ella…

      • Ambient Lite

        Totally agree. Most Bachelor fans don’t seem to see that it’s KIND to ‘let someone go’ if there isn’t really a connection there. Anyone remember the Brad Womack debacle??? The backlash against him for not proposing to either was unbelievable!
        Though I’m not a Jake fan, I did respect what he did last night.

      • dg

        Well said. Ultimately, it was kinder of Jake to let her go home to her child than to keep her on.

    • starsweeper

      It’s Ella’s responsibility that her child was shown on TV. She would have had to sign a release form to allow it. Furthermore, the producers plan the dates, not Jake. If you think he has a lot of control over how the show is run, you’re deluding yourself.

      • Lynn


    • Tina

      I totally agree with you! Jake should never had met her son when he knew he wasnt’ keeping Ella. But really how unusual is it to hear a man say he wants the whole package, and then pass it by cause he sees something a little shinier. Ella was the whole package she was beautiful, elegant and I would say lots of class. I hope she is the next bachlorette.

      • Pam

        It’s not the first time a woman had a date with a bachelor and he surprised her with her child on their date…it happened two years ago, right? He was SO impressed with her too; she was beautiful, a very good person and a great mom but she was sent home too. My advice, if you have a child ladies, don’t go on the bachelor – he’ll dump you every time.

        I was shocked when Jake sent both women home on the double date – especially Ella – indeed, she had class, beauty, elegance, intelligence and was very sincere. Jake sent four women home in one week. If this keeps up, they will have to figure out to do with the last few weeks of the show because all the women will be gone.

        At the rate he’s going, there isn’t much to pick from any more!

        I’m pretty disgusted – have watched my last Bachelor show for the season.

        Wake up, Jake!

        Chris, the rose ceremony wasn’t “especially cool” this week – it was awful!

      • Janie

        I can’t blame Jake for not wanting to waste his time on a 50-year-old woman–let her find someone her own age.

      • Marie

        That’s funny, Janie. Ella is younger than Jake and the only one of the bunch that was left that was close to his age! : )

      • Pete

        Is Ella coming back to the show?
        I can see her at the very last part of Episode 1 that she is walking on beach during sunset in a pretty dress that there was no such a scene before she got kicked out of the show. How did that clip slipped in on the episode 1 at the very last part? Will Jake change his mind and bring her back?

      • Ashley

        I would LOVE to see Ella as the Bacherlorette!!! She seems to genuine and Classy!!!

    • Amy

      I hope he at least gave her the kid’s toy plane back. What kind of mom gives her kid’s favorite toy (so favorite that the paint was worn off) away to some random guy anyway?

      • KO

        I agree. I hope he gave the toy back to Ella to give back to her son.

      • Susan

        I thought the kid made that toy for Jake!

      • Star09

        So right about the plane. Ella would never be able to forgive herself for giving away the plane now.

  • sbwm

    Chris, can you explain how producers adjust/plan/adapt the program schedule since more women than anticipated were eliminated this week?

    • Amanda

      That was planned even before the show started filming. Jake didn’t make that decision on his own at the last minute. It was all scripted and part of the storyline, Jason did the same in his season.

    • Laleeta

      There is NO WAY IN HE** that a network primetime show would allow a “contestant” to jack around with the show’s schedule in the name of “following his heart.” It was all planned this way from the beginning, *believe it*.

      • MJ

        ITA! This is ALL preordained. Even keeping Vienna, the UGLIEST contestant in Bachelor history!!! Ugh! I can barely look at her, she is so ugly.

      • JAE

        Changing the number of roses must be ABC’s way of having one less episode in the future —- maybe they don’t want to compete for ratings against the Olympics or some other show.

    • Mrs. M

      If you are familiar with the Bachelor “formula” they usually cut from six women to four before the hometown dates. My guess is they will only eliminate one next week instead of two. So it doesn’t actually eliminate an episode or change the schedule at all.

  • Fake it Chris

    go to if you want to know the truth

    • Paul

      You mean a slanted, arrogant review from a man who truly hates the show so much he has to practically bribe an insider for info?

      And how interesting Steve made NO mention of 4 women going home this week. It seems he’s not getting the full monty any longer. Perhaps he should go back to hanging out in the bars with Wes (which he’s admitted to).

      • Amanda

        Thank God for Reality Steve to keep us informed of the REAL reality of this sham of a show. He was right on with the 2 women getting eliminated in the 2-1 date. He’ll be right on with the order of the F4 and what he has said happens with Ali. HE’s the only one I trust is telling the truth because he doesn’t get pay by Fleiss. Chris is just a mouthpiece to feed us all the lies that the producers want us to believe.

      • Shel

        I’m not quite sure where people got the idea that the way to enjoy a reality show is to know everything ahead of time. Most of my reality viewing (forgive me, Chris!) is of the “guilty pleasure” variety – can’t imagine compounding that by trying to find out everything ahead of time. For the 1000th time: I think most of us completely understand we’re watching an EDITED entertainment “reality” show and don’t sit around assuming we have seen EVERYTHING that has happened. I ready Chris in another interview confirming the cameras aren’t even on 24/7. Oooh, couldn’t figure that out for myself! lol

      • Beth

        Reality Steve has already proved he has mistaken information. He told us that Ella would go home after her one on one date, and he was wrong on that count, along with other information. Don’t bet oh him being correct.

      • dg

        Reality Steve sucks and to be honest, I don’t understand why his ‘fans’ take this show so seriously. People, it’s just TV!!! It’s not pretending to be anything else. It’s scripted, edited and is all about fun and entertainment! Taking it so seriously is dumb, I’m sorry.

      • To Paul

        Yes reality Steve might hate the show but he speaks some truths… about the show being scripted, etc.

        I do hope that Reality Steve is wrong about the F1. If he is right – my respect for Jake dropped 100%!

      • Lisa

        dg – I’d agree with you, but some contestants who the show paints as the “villains” end up getting death threats. That’s crossing the line. And it’s all edited to make the person look that way. So, obviously not everyone watching this show “knows” that it’s fake.

        Example from this season: Vienna is getting a favorable (for her) edit because she’s Jake’s final pick. In reality, she really was very wicked to the other girls in the house and they had every right to hate her. Ahhh, reality.

    • Albertkitten

      i can’t seem to get on my computer! =(

      • El is having problems with the web page. Tuesday is a busy day – keep will come back. I think it is fun to read what he writes and then watch the show – so far, he is mostly right on!

      • Al

        I tried to go there and ended up downloading a virus.

      • Betty

        Reality Steve’s site is linked to spyware. I would not go there. McAfee Site Advisor gives it a big, red X

      • Lisa

        Al and Betty, are you ABC plants? I’ve visited his site numerous times, even on a laptop with no antivirus software. Nothing happened. You must have had the virus to begin with.

    • KC

      Stop hawking realitysteve here if you idiots love it so much why come here constantly?

      • crt

        Because its funny to make the yokels who actually believe this crap is real crazy! Team Steve!

      • @crt

        get a life.

      • dg

        Exactly! Sorry, but the RS fans who still spend valuable time watching the show they think is SOOOO evil, and then come here and rant about it, are just LAME. Get a life people!

      • Lisa

        Are you kidding? Most of us don’t watch the show any more! Our entertainment is reading the summaries and laughing at some of the responses on this blog. How is that any different than all of you ripping on contestants on the show, as if they’re being portrayed with any level of accuracy? It’s no different at all. And dg, you are reading all this, too, so right back at you. Now I think I’ll go back to reading War and Peace.

      • KitKat

        Whoohoo Lisa!! That was exactly what I was thinking!! Only you said it much better!! lol

  • Tessa

    I totally love this show and have enjoyed getting to read your blog the last few seasons. Something I have wondered about for a while now though is who REALLY does the decision making? How much input to the dates does Jake actually have? And how much input does he get into who goes on what dates? (ex: did HE decide who went on the two on one?) Is this REALLY up to the Bachelor or do producers step in?

    • Alia

      Reality shows are a lot more fun when they are more transparent and just put the facts out there about how the show is set up and arranged. The Bachelor seems to be the worst at this – obviously keeping things from us about the real nuts and bolts of how this thing is set up and run. I wish they’d come clean and just let it run it’s true course.

  • is always backedup. I have been on there and read it, just hopping he is wrong?

  • Good Glory

    Chris – I have had it with the show. We have a Bachelor Party every Monday night with a group of girls and I was “Debbie Downer” tonight. The party sent me home without a rose tonight because I was so disappointed with every aspect of the show and I was ranting over everything. I can’t handle seeing Jake cry any more or 90’s flannel shirts or bad choice of ties. But the other girls in the party will still be madly in love with the show as long as Vienna gets the boot because we all think she is a hoochie mama.

    • phyllis

      Is it just me, or did anyone else catch the preview shown at the first of the season where Tenley says she is pregnant?

      • Tee

        That was a deleted scene from last week. She said it as a joke.

      • phyllis

        Thanks, I kept waiting for that to come up!

  • kkp

    Chris, what happened to your deliberations with Jake? There haven’t been any since the first episode. We miss them and you. Did you not do them, or did they not make for good TV, or did they give away too much before the rose ceremony? If you didn’t do them, then maybe you should have. You always do such a good job of pointing out things and asking key questions during the deliberations. Jake is really taking this SO seriously, and it looks like he could have used some help. His mumbo-jumbo said “I’m REALLY torn and confused” loud and clear.

    • Devon

      I asked myself the same thing tonight when watching the episode. I miss the insight that Chris brings to the pre-ceremony decision.

      • The grammar cop


        “Both sweet and naive” is not a complete sentence. If you had wanted to make a complete statement you would have said “They are both sweet and naive”.

    • Pinky

      I’ll bet they did do the one-on-one, but because Chris asked a lot about the women’s attitude toward Vienna with Jake defending her, showing it might have given away Jake’s decision to keep her in the end of this episode. My guess.

    • dg

      So true… I hope they bring those back!

  • ann

    Thanks for your posts, Chris! I really enjoy reading your blogs! However, I really REALLY wish you, and several of the girls, (Gia, specifically on tonight’s show) would learn the proper usage of ‘I’ vs ‘me’ in a sentence. If you say, “V surprised my wife and I” that is INCORRECT! You would say, “V surprised me” if you were just talking about yourself. Therefore you know it works to state, “V surprised my wife and me!” An example of a proper “you and I” would be, “Ali and I will make it to the final rose ceremony.” Why not “Ali and me”??? Because… you wouldn’t say “Me will make it to the final rose ceremony!” You would say “I will make it to the final rose ceremony!” It is simple to think it out in your head before saying it/typing it! PLEASE EDUCATE YOURSELF AND THE GIRLS ABOUT IT! Jillian did this all last season and it drove my friends and ME (haha ;) crazy! Thanks. :)

    P.S. Tenley and Jake go best together. Both sweet and naive.

    • Diane

      That’s because Jillian is Canadian. I don’t know if grammar has changed or if it’s a British vs. American thing. We Canadians are taught to say “you and I” not “you and me”. I would get red marks all over my English paper for saying that “it drove my friends and ME crazy”. It has to be friends and I up here girl, sorry. So perhaps instead of getting all caught up on a minor grammatical error, you should educate yourself as well?
      Now, Ali’s comment, I’m all “shooken” up was funny and annoying. She’s really starting to irritate me.

      • Anna

        I don’t know, Diane, I went through the Canadian education system as well and I was taught exactly the way Ann laid it out in her post. I believe it was part of the 7th grade grammar curriculum. Which is not to say that things haven’t changed, because here in Ontario the frik and frakking curriculum seems to change every time we change provincial government. And not for the better either. Just last night I was fifteen seconds away from impaling myself on that pointy thing you find in geometry sets over the state of my son’s 5th grade math homework. Apparently it’s vitally important that a child be able to predict the probable outcome on six random throws of the dice. Let’s just say things were getting thrown alright, but it wasn’t the dice.

      • John

        Actually Ann is right. ‘I’ is the first-person subject of a sentence, ‘me’ is the first-person object.

        Correct: Jane and I went to the store.
        Incorrect: Jane and me went to the store.


        Correct: The letter was addressed to Jane and me.
        Incorrect: The letter was addressed to Jane and I.

        You wouldn’t say, “The letter was addressed to I.” You’d say, “The letter was addressed to me.” Therefore you’d say, “The letter was addressed to Jane and me.”

        (I’m an English teacher ;)

      • Mer

        Diane, you are mistaken. Ann is correct and has stated her case beautifully. Your memories of the Canadian education system are out to lunch.

      • Anne

        So embarassing to us Canadians- you don’t know your grammar!

      • Barb

        I’m Canadian and Ann is absolutely correct. There are some differences between American English and Canadian (also British) English, but this isn’t one of them.

      • kat

        Thanks, John, I am a retired English teacher & was just about to write the same thing! If my 8th graders had made such glaring mistakes, they would have failed my class.

      • tennisfan

        Anna! Do you watch The Bachelor, too? Who would have thought such a well-spoken (written?), well-educated, teacher, mother-of-four, dedicated wife, citizen-of-the-world would be so smitten with American reality TV in this way? :-)

        I sure am glad that Canadians are indeed being taught correct grammar… Diane — pick up a Strunk & White Grammar Book and share it with The Bachelor!

      • Tacia

        I also went through the excellent Canadian school system. Please stop blaming the education system. However, it does sound as though you had some very poor teachers. We were definitely taught proper grammar (and spelling), both of which are sorely lacking today. Thanks, Ann!

      • mary

        Diane, I hate to say it, but I don’t think youd paid attention in school. I seriously doubt Canadian’s were taught their own version of correct grammar. You use both “and I” and “and me” depending if the case is subjective or objective. Most kids just get caught up in saying “and I” for everything bc their moms and teachers are constantly correcting their misuse of “and me” in the subjective.

      • Telly Jean

        No Canadian or Brit who is educated by anyone with a lick of basic knowledge of the English language would be taught to use “I” in the accusative case. That is absolute nonsense and makes me want to throw my Corn Flakes at someone. FFS.

      • MJ

        I is nominative, me is objective.

      • tellequelle

        To the person who thinks that you use the nominative pronoun “I” as a direct object because you’re in Canada: You’re a twit. Sorry. Learn the rules of “English” grammar, be it British, Canadian or American.

      • TBAMOM

        John’s example is an easy way to double check. Just remove the “you” from the sentence and see if it works with me vs I.

        *also Canadian.

      • Magdalena

        Y’know…I never comment on reality show material just because, although it’s entertaining (sometimes), it’s really not all that important given all the TRULY pressing issues in Life (deliberately capitalized). Among the things my friends and I find truly important, though, is education and the standards of literacy in the general population of our country. I never cease to be amazed at appallingly low quality of spelling/grammar/word-usage in people’s comments! And then to just brush it off as insignificant and not even TRY to learn how to do it right…like Chris Harrison, the host did in one of his blogs!

        Yes, I find Chris engaging & a fun/good fit for this show,

        BUT don’t people realize how un-professional, careless & low-class it makes you look to not even TRY to learn the correct way to use you’re/your, me/I, and NOT to use apostrophes to make a word plural!! Whether or not you think anyone “should” care about it is not the point. It’s a point of self-respect; YOU’RE making yourSELF look bad…like a lazy, un-educated hick…no matter WHAT country you come from!! It amazes me that people will do that to themSELVES (when it takes so LITTLE effort to learn to do it right…it’s called just GOOGLE it..or even Google Strunk & White)!!

        I wholly agree with Tellequelle, & Ann, & Anne, & Barb…etc.! :-) It always makes me smile to discover that other people really do care, too, about respecting self & others enough take pleasure in expressing one’s thoughts well (AND correctly). So, thank you! :-)

      • watch your words -

        Diane – you had one crap English teacher. Too bad you didn’t take 60 seconds to check the rules in a style guide: it could have resulted in a higher mark for you! I am a Canadian English teacher, and we spend a LOT of time on grammar, spelling, punctuation, diction, syntax, style and MORE! Sorry you got a dud, but there are lots of hard-working and knowledgable teachers in Canada…

      • little lynda

        This is NOT true. We Canadians are taught proper English grammar and that includes “my friends and ME”! Please don’t tar all Canadians with the same brush.

      • mc

        I protest, too! It’s not a Canadian thing to use I when the object form of the pronoun is needed. Many people make those errors, but I don’t think it’s any more prevalent in Canada than in the U.S.A.

    • kk

      Agreed! This bugs me every season. Also when they say “Jake and I’s date”!!

      • kk

        Sorry I was agreeing with Ann and not Diane. It’s not “you and me.”

      • flivr

        Thank goodness there are others out there who are annoyed with incorrect grammar! Also commonly heard today: “her and I went to the store”, “me and her” etc etc etc. Drives me nuts!

      • Alex

        John the English teacher is correct (except that he neglected to finish enclosing his parenthetical remark at the end

      • 1ttriplets

        To watch-your-words,
        I find your name humerous, especially when you choose to use the word “crap”! In my 6th grade classroom, that would earn you 10 push-ups for inappropriate word choice!

    • sbwm

      Chris, if the only input you have for next season is to have a quick grammar class for the girls and the bachelor – wow, would that not make so many of us happy. It is hard to pull for someone when they cannot get this simple grammar deal correct. Takes a lot of us “out of the emotions of the show” when it happens, and happens, and then happens some more. This is a plea. Thanks!

      • tellequelle

        What a sad commentary on the caliber of women selected as contestants on this show, that they can’t even speak their own language properly. But what should we expect, when even the host of the show is making grammar mistakes. Are there no editors even for him? Doesn’t someone look at his script in advance? There’s the rub; I suppose they wouldn’t recognize a good editor anyway or don’t think that they need one.

      • Magda

        I completely agree with you, tellequelle!

        What I really, REALLY don’t understand is that the editors–and the host himself–doesn’t seem to GET that poor grammar & language usage un-professional, careless & low-class it makes them look. Especially when it seems you don’t even TRY to learn the correct way to use “you’re/your”, “me/I”, and NOT to use apostrophes to make a word plural!!

        Whether or not you/editors/host/contestants think anyone “should” care about it is not the point. What SHOULD matter is that it distracts a LARGE number of viewers from the show…even turning some viewers OFF! YOU’RE making yourSELF look bad…and losing viewers!!

    • davinamac

      Thank you Ann for the grammar lesson! The incorrect use of “I” and “me” drives me crazy and it is SO GREAT to see someone else bring up this all-too-common misuse of the language. Love you Chris, but Ann is right. Let’s all learn a lesson here and stop looking like we quit school in the third grade.

      • tamara

        I agree with many of you. The incorrect use of “me” and “I” is startling. Have you also noticed that only once has “good” vs. “well” been used correctly? My ears burn as I listen to these “ladies” speak; however, look at their occupations. Were there no truly educated women to choose from? It is a sad statement about US education when these common rules are broken regularly. A last pet peeve from a technical editor: the word “like” does NOT replace the words “felt,” “said,” responded,” or any other emotion or action we one may have!

    • LinnyLou99

      Who cares about all the grammar stuff, why are you so focused on such a minor thing. Enjoy the show for what it is and stop being so petty.

      • tellequelle

        Who cares about grammar, LinnyLou!!?? I guess a lot of people, surprise! But don’t worry, you can still reach for the lowest common denominator.

    • Cheryl B

      How the heck did “ann” get so many people to comment and turn Chris’ blog into a grammar lesson? I think this is hysterical! This is like a Saturday Night Live skit…I kept waiting for a punchline but there wasn’t any! If these girls, and Jake and Chris actually thought each statement out in their heads before they said it – as “ann” suggested – the show would be 4 hours long! Hahaha

      • Juneau

        If given a choice, I’d much rather watch/listen to more intelligent people on TV, including reality shows. Some of you might not care that we’re giving stupidity a public forum and advertising our nationally inferior educational systems, but I do.

      • Magda

        Maybe so many commented, Cheryl, because a lot of viewers actually listen to and care about what people on the show say and how they say it…not just about contrived “drama”…

        Maybe viewers really WANT to like the show…care enough to write replies like this so that, hopefully, Chris will read them & understand that such details really do matter to viewers…

        And, yes, Juneau…I totally agree to what you wrote! Thank you for putting it so well! :-)

      • KitKat

        Juneau, does that mean you do not watch this show? Then why are you reading these comments?

    • MalibuMa

      Jillian drove me crazy last season with her him and I’s, etc.!!!

    • Kat

      There’s no difference between Canadian and American grammer in this case. I’m Canadian and learned this lesson in grade school. It’s not bugging me as much this season as it did last though. Of course, I’m not really listening to the women. I’m more interested in looking at Jake. :-)

    • Steph

      Thank you Ann!! That drives me crazy as well!

    • judi

      We are watching a reality show not requesting an english lesson. For God’s sake get a life. It appears Chis’ language is good enough to make him a wealthy T.V. host on more programs than the Bachelor, can you say the same for yourself?

      • dg

        I agree! This is crazy! Is this really what people spend their lives obsessing over? If so, it’s pathetic.

  • Dahlia

    Chris- Please tell us that at some point this season they’ll just let Jake have a “do-over”. This has got to be the most pathetic/weird/desperate group of women ever. Yowza! It’s getting painful to watch!

    • jet

      I agree completely! Although I actually do like Vienna- I have know idea if she’s right for him, but I think she’s great. I don’t know how this happened with all the other women and they turned out so strange, but Jake is too much of a man to play to these immature drama queens.

      • jet

        Sorry, I meant to say “no idea”!!

      • Mags

        Imagine marrying Vienna; she would be the object of contention in church groups, social groups, everywhere. She is not a girls’ girl and has few
        group skills.

  • kkp

    And I agree, Ella is a class act – maybe not the right person for Jake, but to be admired for her positive outlook and charma. I hope she finds happiness.

    • Just Wondering

      Agree, and Chris can u do a follow up on whatever happened to the southern woman whose husband died in the plane crash.I remember everyone loved her and it would be interesting to find out if the “normal” classy sweet women ever find someone!

      • LinnyLou99

        I second that, I would like to know how she is doing as well, she was a class act.

      • LindaC

        stephanie was her name.. i liked her ;-)

      • Josh

        Ugh! Both Ella and Stephanie look about 40 years old–why would they put them on the show in the first place? What kind of young guy would choose those old cougars when they can pick hot young chicks?

      • Katharine

        Stephanie Hogan – You’re right LinyLou’Class Act’. I didn’t realize her husband AND his brother died in the plane crash. Also, she never applied to be on the show. She wrote Jason’s father a letter to pass on to Jason after he was rejected from the Bachelorette, before he was announced the next Bachelor, and she became a contestant due to her letter to Jason. Now she deserves true love, again!

      • CHfan

        Her name was Stephanie and she is the girl my friend and I measure all others by! First class all the way!

  • JH

    Where was Jake’s big tough guy kick the lamp over “this conversation is over!” moment? Another ‘mistake’ left in the promos that didn’t make the air, huh? (just like Tenley’s “I’m pregnant” joke) C’mon! I love this show and you Chris, but you guys gotta quit doing that!

    • alex

      Ya I was waiting for that moment. They pulled the ol’ bait n’switch!!

    • ariel_music

      I totally agree JH. That’s the best part of the show and it keeps us in the loop.

      Everyone is asking where was the kick the lamp part. Chris where is this moment? Hopefully it’s not false advertising. It would have made for a better show tonight had we seen the kick and known why.

    • klw

      What is that about? Is she pregnant or not? Was this a joke? She is the one for Jake, but not with that bombshell. And if as she says “I havent dated or kissed anyone since my divorce,” what is it immaculate comception? Please clarify. Ali is getting too vindictive, wow get a grip.

      • kkp

        The pregnancy thing was a joke. The scene is at the end of last week’s blog.

      • Al

        The immaculate conception is not the virginal conception of Jesus. It is the conception of Mary which was achieved through intercourse.

  • BecinCA

    Chris- you mentioned “V’s” post in response to your blog last week. I think you meant “Z”, not “V”. Just keeping it real- just like Z did.

    • April C

      Yes, I scrolled through 18 pages of comments, and no “V” to be found. Which slightly worries me about the sincerity of your impression of the post, LOL!
      I thought it was kind of rude and off-point, myself.

    • LinnyLou99

      Can you help me to figure out how to get to the previous posts? I can’t seem to bring up anything from Tuesday January 19th.

      • Anna

        Put PopWatch Chris Harrison blogs “The Bachelor” Season 14 Episode 3 into your Google search engine and it should pop right up. Message me back if it doesn’t work for you and we’ll try to figure out some other way of getting you there.

      • Jackie

        I’ve been watching The Bachelor since it first began and I have to say I’m getting fed up with everyone saying they want to find love. Does Jake really think that he’s going to have that with Vienna? He’s letting nice girls go and keeping her! Please!! She’s so fake! And I’m losing respect for Allie too. She was so mad at the rose ceremony when Vienna got a rose.

  • Darlene

    Okay, spill already. previews showed Jake angry, throwing a bit of a tantrum and saying “no one is going home tonight”. Previews showed Jake at the RC location looking dejected sitting and walking with coat over shoulder. No where were these scenes. Why bother showing them on previews if they are not going to be in the show. Seems really stupid.

    • Mary

      Tenley will be the new Mrs. Jake.
      She has a job , she’s smart . She is taking her time getting to know him , and they are beautiful together .
      Vienna , no job , and just looking for someone to take care of her. I hope Jake makes the right choice .

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