'MacGruber' trailer: A hit or a bomb?

The redband trailer for Will Forte’s MacGruber has everything you’d expect. There’s the villain with a name that the script is sure to have too much fun with: Dieter Von Cunth (Val Kilmer) has stolen a nuclear warhead that MacGruber and his team (Kristen Wiig and Ryan Phillippe) must find. There’s also the faux-dramatic use of slo-mo, some funnyman nudity, potty humor, and a bit of a First Blood vibe. Are you more or less likely to see the movie now?

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  • quispy

    Hey, isn’t this the sequel to ‘A Night at the Roxbury’?

  • Tim

    Huh. That looked better than it has any right to be. The part with the wires (Aw, there’s a bunch of green ones!”) made me laugh out loud. Maybe a rental?

    • burkett

      i hate you tim. i want to grab you by the hair and smash your face into a newly painted brick wall. you know what you did, and i finally found you. nobody wants your damn opinion. i hope that your daughter has a miscarriage on a fully boarded plane.

      • Eyeball

        Is there a reason why EW is deleting my comments asking for burkett’s hateful, violent comments to be deleted instead of just deleting burkett’s comments?

      • BigTim

        Burkie baby, are you still mad ’cause I wouldn’t let you ejaculate when I ravaged you with that baseball bat?

      • burkett

        if there is one thing i hate more than tim, its a snitch. now i see your true colors, if i ever come to meet you it will be a long day for you. first i would get a phone book and put it under your left foot. then i would get a rusty butter knife and push it into your fat left foot. then i would take that same knife and put it into your left eye socket and pop out your lazy eye. then i would make you lick your dangling bloody eye.

      • Sarah

        EW, please delete this exchange. WTF??

      • Brett

        I want to believe that this exchange is some sort of deep, twisted past event between these 2 guys. Something dark and tragic and mysterious. I’m sure it’s just 1 guy trolling us however. Sigh.

  • TellyB

    WTF???? What was so redband about that? The word “butt”? “butthole”? Seeing Will Forte’s semi-covered ass silhouette?

    I didn’t see anything there that could conceivably be redband…

    • Andy G.

      There’s a few F-bombs.

      • burkett

        who gives a damn about a few f bombs. tim posted his opinion and nobody seems to care. i would cut his fingernails too way too short so they hurt and then have him peel stickers off of paper all day. then i would stick a just lit sparkler into his left eye, just so he could see what he looks like. go to hell tim

  • JennaD

    Doesn’t look too good. The 30 sec skit isn’t even that good. And now people are supposed to pay to watch 90 min.? FAIL.

    • Fredro

      Are you kidding? Ladies Man is a classic!!!

      • Stacie

        Totally different situation.

    • gerritv

      I’ll agree with JennaD. Something very flat about the humor in this preview.

    • Chris

      Agreed. The sketch barely has enough steam to pass for a whole segment, dunno how they’re gonna stretch it to 90 min.

      • Chris

        And where’s Ryan Phhiillilippe’s career headed?

      • Chris

        And arent they a lil late with the Upper Decker joke (thanks, The Office)?

    • RUSerious

      You people obviously have no taste in movies. I’m guessing you are going to love “The Tooth Fairy” or “Alvin and the Chipmunks 2.” So…You’re opinions are null and void.

      • sparkle the gym bag

        wow we are! that is great….wasn’t “bewitched” the bestest!!!!

      • Capo

        “You are opinions are null and void”, huh? If you’re going to try and be a jerk, at least do it right, ok?

  • Eyeball

    Another in the proud tradition of films based on the most unlikely SNL sketches: It’s Pat! Stewart Saves His Family! Coneheads! The Ladies Man!

    …Sadly all better than most of these Apatow and company related comedies. I’d watch Coneheads a hundred times before anything with Seth Rogen in it.

    • burkett

      you know what you did tim. i hope that your first born gets aids and lives 30 yeards after finding out, just so you have to deal with a dying child. after you watch me pull the sparkler out of your eye i would use a purple masterlock and crush your right ankle with it inside of a sock.

      • Tim

        I love you too, honey. I’ll pick up some chicken on the way home.

      • Brett


  • PeterBilt

    ooo yeah JennaD you got em with that one!!!

    • RPM

      JennaD is correct. Massive Fail.

    • burkett

      i hope your mother gets brutally raped by 6 cuban men for having you. i would take a dirty waffle iron and put your right hand into it after it gets hot. then i wouldjump on it to make sure its broken and burnt.

      • Jay

        Somebody needs a hug…

      • Chris

        Aww, why you gotta single out the Cubans?

      • sparkle the gym bag

        will they roll me some cigars or waffles?

  • CanadianOranges

    Wow, Eyeball. Just wow.

    • Eyeball

      What the hell did I do? You’re more shocked by me preferring crappy SNL to crappy Apatow movies than you are by burkett breaking and burning people’s bones? Um, okay.

      • burkett

        EYEBALL you do not want on my badside. i;ve been known to do things. i once stabbed a man with a broken white pool stick for just looking like the medium chip coffey. after i stabbed him i took out 2 shiny dimes and proceeded to push them into his left ear with a metal coat hanger. then i urinated on him. ask tim, he was there. he couldnt hear right afterwards.

      • Tim

        Oh honey you and your lies. You’re too cute :). It’s probably why I married you! And the chicken is waiting for you sweetheart!

  • Ichi1

    This may be the opposite of the usual SNL films….a good movie made from a complete crap sketch. I hate the sketchs and commercials, but this trailer is pretty funny.

  • Eyeball

    God damn it I hate internet slang. Quit saying fail already, you sound like idiots.

    • Eyeball

      Learn how to construct a sentence for god’s sake.

      • Mothra

        Are you referring to a sentence that has a subject, verb and predicate unlike the fragment you posted here?

    • Steph

      ^ FAIL.

      • Eyeball

        You’re right there on the cutting edge of humor, Steph. Nice shootin’.

      • Steph

        Oh geez, maybe you should be the one to find yourself some humor. Do not dictate what people should or should not say or write.

      • Eyeball

        Okay, hotshot. The fact that you talk like a nine year old means that I don’t have a sense of humor. I can dig it.

    • not burkett

      i think that that burkett guy makes some really good points, i mean who would like a guy named tim anyway. his dad probably fisted him when he was young. i read somewhere that your ten times as likely to get fisted by your father if your names tim. its a scientific fact.

      • Kim

        You are an idiot.

  • Ed

    I can’t wait till this comes out. Not because I want to see it, but I can’t wait to hear how badly it bombs at the box office.

    • burkett

      there are too many things for me to say about my enemy tim. after i do all of that to you, i will take a sterilized needle and dip it into dog feces. i will make sure that some sticks to the needle. and then i will stick the needle thru one side of your nose and i will push until it comes out the other side, making you smell dog feces all night. then i will take a hypodermic needle thats not sterile and i will fill it up with pineapple juice. once its full i will jam it into your tongue , making it swell up, leaving you unable to talk.

  • AcaseofGeo

    The skits on SNL are barely watchable. Yet another one skit movie from this dull show, although I smiled several times during “…Roxbury”.

  • a




      • suckitburkett

        Burkett = massive douche

      • Monty

        I’m willing to bet this thread will have more laughs than an entire MacGruber movie. They will get bonus points for a Richard Dean Anderson cameo though…

    • burkett

      Tim, i feel that i am wasting too much time on you. i should just take a wooden handled lawn rake, and try to break open the skin around your hairy moles on your back. if that isnt possible then i would take a stanley flathead screwdriver and jam it into the side or your left knee. and i would put enough pressure on it to pop out your kneecap. then i would take your kneecap and use it as an ashtray during the holidays, cause im one festive son of a bitch tim

      • not burkett

        that burkett fellow whoever he is, seems to be a genius. i really dont know tim but i dont think that i would like him unless he was missing his left knee cap. its really pretty obvious that he is one festive son of a bitch. right now im just glad im not tim. but if i was i would take a reeses dark choclate peanut butter cup wrapper and try to give tim the deepest paper cut possible, by running over and over the same paper cut until i held his ear in my right hand. but thats what i would do if i was burkett, which im clearly not.

      • Mothra

        MacGruber? Is that you masquerading as a creatively destructive message board goon?

  • burkett’s parole officer

    Burkett, calm down. We know you are schizophrenic, paranoid, and a compulsive liar, but if you do those things you said to tim, we will have to bring you back to prison with that nice cellmate you had who liked you very much. He sends his love and is awaiting your return. He homes you learn how to squeal like a pig for your next fun time.

  • burkett’s parole officer

    Burkett, calm down. We know you are schizophrenic, paranoid, and a compulsive liar, but if you do those things you said to tim, we will have to bring you back to prison with that nice cellmate you had who liked you very much. He sends his love and is awaiting your return. He homes you learn how to squeal like a pig for your next “fun time.”

  • Kayde_Lyn

    That looks so incredibly not funny that it rivals the unfunny-ness of the idiotic and overused Macgruber skits on SNL. Why oh why oh why Hollywood?

    • Team Burkett

      because you touch yourself at night

      • I’m with Burkie

        cut yourself.

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