Jimmy Kimmel torches Leno: Did he cross the line?

Jay Leno invited Jimmy Kimmel on his show last night, purportedly to reassure viewers there were no hard feelings over Kimmel’s Tuesday-night stunt in which […] Read the full post.

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  • P.M. Zubbo

    The *perception* that Leno is responsible? Lookit: Leno, Zucker, and that two-dollar-douche Dick Ebersol can try to blame Conan all they want, but this whole mess simply and clearly is Leno’s fault. Five years ago, he said he was going to retire, and the torch was passed. Then when it came time for Leno to bow out gracefully as he said he would, the baby decided it still wanted its bottle. And for some reason, NBC didn’t tell him to go f— himself. This is all happening because Leno is a selfish, greedy man with no dignity and no integrity. Because, I guess, he still has room in his AIRPLANE HANGER for more f—ing cars.

    • Kay

      Oh that’s right, if a person has a lot of money they should just stop doing anything they love and shut up. That’s is the stupidest argument I’ve ever heard and quite frankly reveals a lot about many of the Conan fans. You are just angery and jealous that Leno has money and think he doesn’t deserve anything else. See Scott’s post above about his “retirement”. I think he was forced into something he didn’t want to do and now sees a way to correct it.

      • P.M. Zubbo

        No, you miss the point. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to get paid. No one thinks entertainers should starve. The point is that Leno doesn’t DO anything with the show. He hasn’t written a fresh idea or a funny joke in almost 20 years. So WHY does he even want to keep doing the show? Clearly he’s not interested in anything EXCEPT money, since he sure as hell doesn’t bother trying to be creative or funny. He just plays to the lowest common denominator.

      • Magnet Girl

        “That’s is the stupidest argument I’ve ever heard and quite frankly reveals a lot about many of the Conan fans”

        Way to generalize.

  • Mary

    NBC is the primary villain, but Leno is spineless and opportunistic enough to go along with them while they screw Conan out of a job he worked 16 years for. I am SO tired of hearing about how Leno has absolutely no control over these horrible events that somehow miraculously always work out in his favor. Back in the early 90s, Letterman had the spine to turn down “The Tonight Show,” his lifelong dream, when NBC offered it to him after Jay had been on the job 17 months. Letterman did not want to appear to be forcing Jay out. Don’t tell me it can’t be done.

  • Bernd Hamann

    Jeff, this article sounds like written by an enraged mad man. Leno does deserve all the flak going at him at the moment. Whoever defends him doesn’t really sound like a sane person.

  • Adam

    Kimmel came off as a man desperate for viewers for his own show. I for one was embarrassed, not for Leno, but for Kimmel. As a fan of both Leno and Conan, I simply shook my head and thought, “This no-talent hack is trying his best to gain some popularity by blasting Leno on his own show.”

    That’s exactly what his Leno impersonation earlier this week was… a publicity stunt.

    And, contrary to what the media would have one believe, everyone is NOT on Conan’s bandwagon. It is an unfortunate situation for both men, and I for one will laugh very hard if Conan goes to ABC and Kimmel is canned.

    • Boycotting Kimmel

      Now THAT would be funny!

  • Bill Redner

    Please get over it. Conan got the boot because his show had zero ratings. If not Leno it would have been someone else, but either way Conan was gone. It is all about the money. NBC’s mistake was miss-reading Conan’s demographics. The adults who have always watched the Tonight Show all think Conan is very unfunny.

    • dave

      maybe his ratings were low because 4-5 million people got their late night comedy fix an hour and a half earlier on conan’s same network? hmm…..

      • danny

        youre such a dumbass

    • Adam

      Bill, you are ABSOLUTELY right. I’m glad someone has some sense. The Tonight Show’s demos have ALWAYS been (and always will be) the audience that the long history of hosts (such as Paar, Carson, Leno) have attracted. I like Conan… I enjoy his humor. But it simply, positively, DOES NOT work on the Tonight Show. You hit the nail on the head.

      • hope

        Yes, but Conan delivered the ratings that advertisers want and pay more for so while I’m sure the money was less, I doubt it was catostrophic.

        I think it also speaks to a bigger problem with the NBC brand. Do they want to be “hip” and deliver younger higher income demos like with thier Thursday night line up or are they the stodgy Law and Order and Leno network? What do they stand for? Who is the NBC viewer? What will you find when you tune in? It’s an overall identity crisis that they don’t seem to be figuring out.

      • Gretchen

        I agree with Hope. Also, Leno’s audience his first few years were low too, and they threatened to replace him w/ Letterman – but they didnt. They let him find his footing and the show grew. 7 months is not anywhere near the 3+ years they gave Leno to find his audience.

  • Aprilcot26

    I’ve never been a Kimmel fan, but WOW! I’m glad he had the guts to say to Leno what so many other people are thinking. Leno had to have known this was going to happen…good for Jimmy!


  • MikerMan

    I’m surprised they aired that. haha! Kimmel is great at ad lib!!

  • Derrick J

    Sounds like Jimmy is worried about going up against Conan. He should be – he’s the worst of the late night hosts.

  • PeterBilt

    Kimmel is an idiot. Anybody who bangs Silverman already has one strike against him. He is not funny. He sucks. Kill yourself Jimmy!

    • Magnet Girl

      Okay, YOU have crossed the line, sir.

  • John Nash

    It was awesome. Jimmy Kimmel really rocked last night.

    • Adam

      It was uncomfortable to watch… I’m sure for Jay, but even more so to see Kimmel doing that. It reminded me of a basketball game where the superstar hits the winning shot and the bench warmer gets up, screams, and shouts like he had anything to do with it. I was like, “Kimmel? What do you have to do with this? You’re just praying that you won’t lose your job. Go away and let the big boys play.”

  • beth

    The thing I don’t understand is – Jay Leno was going to leave The Tonight Show, he was going to retire from late night – he had other things he wanted to do – then the next thing we know, he’s got that 10:00 show, and now he wants to go back to late night time? Make up your mind Jay!

  • Jes

    Jimmy Kimmel was his rude, arrogant, unfunny jerk as usual. I doubt Leno will ever have anything to do with him again and rightly so. The end.

  • Greg Arkadin

    Jay and Jimmy are friends, and Jay knew exactly what would happen. Everybody knows Jimmy plays rough, especially when he’s roasting comedians, because they know those are the rules of the game.

    • AC

      EXACTLY! What a lot of people don’t realize is that Jay knew exactly what would happen with Kimmel. He has been in this game for way to long to not see this one coming.

      • blue

        Leno was expecting some roasting but, judging from his body language and facial reactions, Kimmel was way harsher than he was expecting. Geez, he was cold. Leno tried to be a good sport which is admirable but I still can’t bring myself to be sympathetic for him in this situation. He wins basically. He’s getting what he wants, and ppl who find his show tedious (me) will just watch Letterman or Kimmel. The only sad thing, I think, is that O’brien will probably be out of the business for awhile, and his sketch ideas will be locked in the NBC vault never to see the light of day. I think he has a very valuable comedic voice, and it’s a shame we won’t see some his material. Hopefully, he’ll come back with something funnier.

    • Noon


      It’s well known that Kimmel has never liked Leno, since ever

    • Coyote

      Not likely. Letterman’s been Kimmel’s idol since Jimmy was a kid growing up in Vegas. He’s been using Leno to get ratings for his own show.

  • Flora

    I am just waiting to see what NBC will do when Leno’s ratings tank at 11.30 pm. Shame on Leno for not walking away.

  • Ashley

    Jay and Jeff Zuckerman are punks and here is why: Conan was ready to roll in 2004 and said I want the Tonight Show or I roll. Maybe he shouldn’t have said it, but Jeff didn’t have to agree to it. Your the President of the company, he works for you. When Jeff came to Jay, Jay should have said no, he shoudl have said in 2004 not 2009. Yes, Conan’s rating haven’t been great, but Jeff and Dick (whi is a dick) are comparing apples and oranges. Jay had better lead in’s with decent (or somewhat decent) shows at 10 and then the news. This just sucks for everyone but it definitely does not look good for Jeff (who will most likely lose his job after the Comcast deal goes thru). I mean he fires that Kevin guy and now this?!

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