Jimmy Kimmel torches Leno: Did he cross the line?

Jay Leno invited Jimmy Kimmel on his show last night, purportedly to reassure viewers there were no hard feelings over Kimmel’s Tuesday-night stunt in which […] Read the full post.

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  • Lindsey

    I now find myself to be a supporter of Jimmy Kimmel. That was brutal and amazing. Kimmel finally said to Leno what the majority of the people are thinking. His inability to insult Jimmy back only highlights his lack of creativity and originality. I can’t believe he was so classless to assume Conan O’Brien owes him a thank you. Jay Leno is complete trash.

    • G

      I’m with you Lindsey… I’ve been pretty bummed about boycotting late night TV after Conan, but now I think I’ll have to check out Jimmy. He’s on ABC right?

      • DL

        Yep. He’s on ABC and starts at either midnight or 12:05

    • Big Walt

      It’s like Letterman’s affair, Leno knows he’d be doing the same thing (as Kimmel) and is going to do whatever is going to get laughs.

    • James

      You’re not terribly bright but that’s ok. Jay’s comment about “owing him, thanks” was a sarcastic remark noting the double standard. How can Conan blame Leno’ lead ins for his (conan’s) bad ratings and then find a sudden jump in ratings without Leno’s improving? That’s Leno’s point.

      And you don’t bash other publicly in a business setting. It is unprofessional and if you feel justified in doing so out of creativity and originality, be prepared to lose a lot of jobs in your life.

      • Z

        James, I don’t think Kimmel feel justified bashing others publicly in a business setting out of creativity and originality, although I suppose that’s a nice bonus, he’s doing it mostly because somebody has to tell Leno the truth.

        Which, and I agree with you here, will still make a person lose a lot of their jobs in life.

      • Mary

        “How can Conan blame Leno’ lead ins for his (conan’s) bad ratings and then find a sudden jump in ratings without Leno’s improving?”

        Gee, I don’t know. Maybe Conan’s improved ratings have something to do with becoming the biggest story in entertainment in the last week. If Leno is responsible for that, it AIN’T because the quality of his 10 o’clock show suddenly went up.

      • Big Walt

        If my business were late night television funnyman, I’d absolutely be bashing others. That’s pretty much all the monologue is.

      • Kev

        How is what Jimmy said to Leno the truth? Everyone needs to remember it is NOT Leno who is doing all of this, it is NBC! Stop with the personal attacks aganist either Leno or Conan and remember what is really going on here.

    • Mavis

      I was thinking the same thing. Why isn’t Jay giving it back to Kimmel? It’s as simple as Leno doesn’t know how to think on his feet. He has only ever been good at reading off of cards and teleprompters. If his writers haven’t written down a comeback for him, he has nothing! This is why Jay needs to go away. He has lost any comedic abilities he may have once had. If this interview had been performed by Letterman or Conan, all of Kimmel’s barbs would have been met back with a just as scathing response.

  • Cat

    Boy, that was awkward. Leno knew what he was getting into with that, though.

    • orville

      He should have known, but I don’t think he did. I think Leno thought that it would be a goofy little bury the hatchet (or “I can take a joke–no hard feelings”) little skit after Kimmel’s Leno-impersonation episode. I think he thought that Kimmel would just play along and not actually have an outright go at him.

  • Sammael

    Jimmy Kimmel FTW!

  • ecm

    I find it hard to take blame with Kimmel. He more than made his feelings known towards Jay the prior night. To expect him to control his clear fury towards the man who, years ago, tried to take his job (FYI: Leno was considering jumping ship to ABC after NBC signed Conan to be his predecessor) and who is now trying to take Conan’s job AND severely impair the franchise in the meanwhile…it just seems naive on Jay’s part to expect anything less. And isn’t it remarkable watching all of Jay’s backstabbed foes (Letterman, Kimmel, Conan) go all out on national TV to rip him apart. There seems to be no self-control button. Only great excitement (particularly in Letterman’s case) to tear apart the man who, however many years ago, f**ked them over professionally. I say it’s about time. Let it all out gentlemen. I’ll be watching and cheering you on.

  • brett

    Jay deserved it. I don’t care that he’s under contract. Now my only wish is that NBC would wake up and smell the Coco supporters. Clearly they outnumber, or at least are more passionate than Leno’s.

    • christine

      if you also consider the fact that most of conan’s viewers are undocumented by nielson, conan’s numbers may not be that low!

      nielson nortoriously does not follow the younger viewers, usually having their devices in older viewer’s homes. Nieslson ratings are so ridiculously underrepresented I can’t believe people take them seriously.

  • Dave

    I was with him until the thing about the children. Oh poor Conan trying to support his children with his millions of dollars. So sad. Forget Haiti, let’s do a charity special on this….

    Oh please.

    • steve

      i think it was more of an attack on leno than anything.. that his life is just about himself and what he wants and that he’s too self centered to care about anything besides himself.

    • April

      Sure Conan will get his millions but the others on the show are regular working people like you and me – and out of the job after 7 months. Sucks.

    • molly

      I don’t think Kimmel was saying that he and Conan are hurting for $$, I think it was more a slam of Leno being selfserving and only thinking of himself.

    • Nicole

      Not just Conan’s kid’s. He moved his entire crew from NYC. They have kids as well.

      • Kev

        Boohoo for Conan. I am sure he will survive as well as his kids. Millions seem to make you forget your lost.

      • Kev

        Loss not lost. Had to say that before the grammar police show up. ;)

  • Elizabeth

    Maybe Jay’s guilty conscience was the reason he didn’t fight back…

    • Coyote

      No, he just doesn’t have the smarts to do it.

  • conanlover

    One, I’m fed up of Jay Leno’s shocked stance. There is a reason you’ve landed in this awkward sticky situation..TWICE! Sure the NBC executives are to blame..but look inside Leno look inside..

    Two, why is that journalist, people online can slam you..but the minute you say something to someone’s face and deal with it directly, it’s all of a sudden “gone too far”?

  • elena

    Holy crap, that was EPIC. Go Jimmy for being upfront about your feelings. I’d rather it be awkward and real than fake and rehearsed, which is what Jay came off as…

  • Scott

    Everyone is targeting Jay as the villian in this whole thing, but the real villian is NBC. This whole scenario is playing out like a bad girlfriend. Jay was #1 with The Tonight Show, was broken-up with for really no good reason other than to keep Conan from leaving the network, and then to keep him from going somewhere else Jay was given a 10:00 show. Since that has failed, NBC now realizes the new boyfriend isn’t all he’s cracked up to be and wants the old one back. So why is Conan surprised? NBC: Once a cheater, always a cheater!

    • P.M. Zubbo

      You seem to have missed to part in 2004 when Jay Leno announced that he was going to RETIRE in 2009. No one “broke up” with him. Conan was announced as his successor after he said he was quitting. Then when the time came to step down, he changed his mind.

      Get your facts straight.

      • Scott

        Oh my bad- nobody ever gets forced into retirement.
        From Fox News 9/28/2004:
        Shortly after he signed his latest contract extension, Leno said NBC executives approached him, saying they didn’t want to lose O’Brien. He endorsed the move and set his own 2009 exit date, when he’ll be 59. Announcing a transition in five years is odd for any business, let alone one that frequently plans from day-to-day, but NBC was anxious not to lose O’Brien. The 41-year-old “Late Night” host was considered likely to jump to another network without a promise of advancement. Leno recalled the animosity on his show Monday, saying “a lot of good friendships were permanently damaged.” “Quite frankly, I don’t want to see anybody go through that again,” he said.

        Does that sound like someone who fully supported his own “retirement”? So then when he weighs his options, NBC throws this 10:00 deal to him so he won’t got to another network. Are these facts straight enough for you?

    • Gretchen

      I think the reason people are targeting Leno is because he has not come out and voiced an opinion one way or the other…If he just released a statement, a la Conan, things may be different for him.

    • sweet


  • Team Coco

    Way to go, Jimmy! I am VERY impressed how he stuck it to the big bully. I’m equally flabergasted that Leno allowed it to happen. What was Jay thinking?

  • isembard

    Liking Kimmel more and more. And now, with Leno poised to return to the Tonight Snoozefest and Letterman’s miserable schtick being a bore, I have an alternative until Craig and/or Conan are on.

  • Trish

    Not a Jay fan but I thought Jimmy was needlessly rude and cruel.

    • molly

      I disagree, Jimmy was spot on. Jay needs a wake up call. I think NBC is very naive to think that Jay is going to pull the same ratings he did before. I personally will never watch anything Jay is on after this whole disaster.

  • Sally

    Jimmy was perfect. Leno’s people were stupid to have him if they thought Jimmy wouldn’t go here. Leno did not look happy during this. I’m guessing someone heard about it later.

  • Mbook

    How could it have crossed the line? It’s not like Kimmel was making fun of Jay’s appearance or his wife or something unrelated. He was calling him on doing something devious and unethical. You can’t really go too far by just pointing out someone’s behavior. I’m glad somebody did it to his face. Kimmel’s my new hero.

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