'Bachelor' deleted scene: Rozlyn 'snuggled' with staffer in front of contestants

A deleted scene from Monday’s episode of The Bachelor shows the women discussing Rozlyn Papa’s “inappropriate relationship” with a show staffer that led to them both being dismissed from the show.

Elizabeth from Nebraska says, “We all saw her on the couch last night snuggled up to [BLEEPED], right?” Vienna says Rozlyn had her arm on top of the inside of his thigh and was laying her head on his shoulder for “a long amount of time.” Gia says Rozlyn slept on the couch that night.

Bachelor host Chris Harrison has insisted the relationship “got physical,” which Papa has denied.

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  • swthompson

    nothing to see here. move along, people…

    • Bingo

      Very true. Just so everyone knows: Jake picks Vienna! Thank you, realitysteve.com. This show is an absolute farce. Could it be any more fake?

      • jamie

        If you don’t like the show DON’T WATCH IT or anything else having to do with it…and why ruin it for other people? If you don’t enjoy it don’t watch it. I like the show. I don’t believe everything about it is real/true but it is entertaining and me and my friends have a great time talking about it and making bets about who is going to win and who will kiss/breakdown/go home..it’s entertainment…it’s television.

      • Kathy

        I read the spoilers on realitysteve as well. But really, if he does indeed pick Vienna (who i swear is a dude in drag!) then Jake should have his eyesight checked. We shall see if it really plays out like steve says.

      • miss k

        I want him to pick Ali. I think they’re so cute together!

      • April C

        WTF is wrong with you?

      • jack

        The producer gave her his cell phone to call her son. Fleiss would not let her call her son. Fleiss fired him because he gave her the cell phone. Roz never kissed him while on the show, but they were close. The issue was over her son, back home, when she was talking to Chris. Fleiss told her to lie to Jake about having a child.

      • Shel

        Bingo: You are a totaly jerk. Jack: Unless you are the staffer, you have no clue and should not write things as fact when you offer no proof. And, sorry, any proof that starts with “realitysteve says…” is not proof.

      • Mike


        Neither is what you saw the other night

      • Jack

        Roz has stated that the producer gave her his cell phone to call her son. It is against the rules for the girls to use phones, etc. He showed favoritism towards Roz and that crossed the line. There was no kissing.

      • Jack

        Listen to what Roz says to Chris “Other girls felt for someone back home” means that She wanted to talk to her son back home, but was not allowed to and the producer gave her his cell phone. She says “I was not being deceitful” means she did not lie about having a son, the producers told her not to tell Jake, then they had the girls call Roz deceitful and thats why she was upset. Chris never implied a romantic affair then because there was none, but he is doing so now.

      • shavonne

        dont ruin it for other people that’s rude. oh and i read realitysteve.com too. he said ella would be booted after her one on one date. but that didn’t happen.

    • OnBakerStreet

      Ha! Who are they trying to convince?

      • nursefriends

        I just hope that Fleiss gets renewed next year! What a great human being.

    • April C


      from a total arsehead who lives a loveless life and delights in ruining things for others.

  • Michelle

    Bor-ing. Where’s the actual footage of them snuggling? Right. They don’t have that.

    • Paulo Tiago

      Michelle, what an imbecile you are. I am sure God doesn’t exist for you because you’ve never seen Him.

      • wino

        Oh sweet jesus….you are comparing religious faith with non existing clip from a reality show?? ummm, have you heard the term “apples and oranges”? google it

      • nursefriends

        They cannot publicly show footage of staff on camera, they might have security cameras, but the camermen are only there at certain times, not 24-7

    • HR Nightmare

      They may very well have it. However, without a release from both parties appearing in the video, they may not be able to show it. The last thing you want to do when you fire someone is to give them any kind of legal ammunition against you. Protecting yourself from a lawsuit isn’t necessarily being shady.

      • Shel

        Very good point, but don’t expect the realitystevebots to hear a word you say. They have drunk his koolaid and live to serve him, by blogging continually about a show they don’t like or watch, but want – for some unknown reason – to bring down and ruin for everyone else. RealitySteveBots: Only YOU take this that seriously, only YOU apparently once thought the Bachelor showed some all-true, real, and uncut reality. The rest of us are adults with brains who recognize the inherent limitations of the genre. Enough, already.

      • kellybelly

        Shel – I watch the bachelor and I have a brain. And I read realitysteve. And even though I didn’t completely believe all reality tv, I didn’t have any idea how blantantly fake these shows, especially this show is, until recently. I WAS really disappointed when I found out how fake the bachelor really is. Now I watch just to laugh and mock.

    • Amy

      Paulo, where are you from? I named my son Paulo after his Samoan Grandfather

  • iggy

    I find the brouhaha over this so-called story ridiculous. As if the whole premise of this show wasn’t mysogynistic enough, they are going to call out a woman for “cheating” on a guy who is dating at least a dozen other women besides her. I am completely baffled that the entertainment media has not even bothered to examine the blantant sexism of this double standard.

    • Ambient Lite

      Exactly. There is no scandal. She just picked someone else (not Jake).

      • kahuna

        I agree. What’s the big whoop?

      • Ember

        The difference is, she didn’t “pick” someone else. She started some kind of relationship at the same time as telling Jake she was willing to be long-term with him.

      • Ambient Lite

        So what? She found chemistry with someone else. Chances are, he would have done the same thing. No idea why this is a big deal. You all shouldn’t be so quick to jump on the “vilify Rozlyn” bandwagon that the producers have created. It’s just for ratings.

      • Shel

        So what? SO WHAT??? Seriously. You act like she came forward, asked to be let go because she found someone else, and then the show made a big deal out of it. Grow up. She was still ON the show, gloating about getting a rose, telling some guy she was open to a relationship with him. She was prepared to continue to perpetrate fraud for either the fun of it, the chance to get famous, etc. And, frankly, no one is villifying her – they seem to just be answering the incessant “defending” of her. You guys should make up your mind, though – either she DID just fall for someone else, or she was set up for nothing…..can’t be both. And then, you might want to check which story she is choosing to go with at the moment. lol lol

      • Mike


        You need to take a Xanax

    • Anon

      Oh please. Don’t play the sexist card. Sure this was overhyped and blown out of proportion, but what happened isn’t sexism, it’s the premise of the show. Yes, he is dating other women (as a woman dates numerous men on the Bachelorette), but the women are aware of this and go onto the show knowing full well that this is going to happen with ideally the intention of finding love, that they could end up with this guy forever. The guy doesn’t see anyone but the people on the show and expects that those people are single, as would anyone looking for love. If he messed around with a crew member, this would be just as big a deal (likely a lot bigger). Go play your sexism card elsewhere.

      • iggy

        Let’s not pretend that that the Bachelor and the Bachelorette are apples and apples. Yes, the premise is the same (and equally revolting). But it seems to me that there are probably 3 seasons of the Bachelor for every one season of the the Bachelorette. In addition, it seems that a majority of the Bachelorettes, are “rejects” from the Bachelor, whereas the same cannot be said for the Bachelor. In other words the majority of Bachelorettes are marketed as rejects that audiences liked but “need some extra help”, but the a majority of the Bachelors are marketed as highly desirable men that women are willing to throw themselves at. The idea that this is embraced in the 21st century is deplorable.

      • Ambient Lite

        No, female genital mutilation in Africa is deplorable. This is just a TV show.

      • kirk2

        Iggy I understand what you are saying. But remember people are nominated to this show. There are more bachelors than bachelorettes due to the refusal to participate. The bachelorette was a spin off of the bachelor to begin with so its premise was to be for the loser. But as the seasons progressed the girls whom lost refused or were no longer the ‘favorites’ of the show. I liked jillian best two seasons ago and she wasn’t the loser, right?

      • miss k

        Iggy, Jake was a reject from Jillian’s season.

      • Shel

        To Iggy: You are blowing this way out of proportion. The last TWO bachelors have been prior show rejects… Perhaps my first impression is true and you have never even watched the show, so are just floating the ‘net, looking to blog for the sake of blogging. As someone else said, there are many more revolting and deplorable things done to women the world over, against their will, to get upset over a TV show where they all know what they are getting into and still CHOOSE to do so.

    • Bridget

      The difference is all these women KNOW about the others and that he’s “dating” all of them. She was actually sneaking behind his back to screw around! And how is this show sexist when they do the bachelorette as well!!

      • ksdkomo

        How was she “sneaking” when there were some of the other girls in the room? If that was her idea of sneaking, then her real problem is that she is an idiot. And sitting on a couch with your head on someone’s shoulder is a far cry from screwing around – in my opinion.

      • Shel

        And just happened to sleep on the couch that night? lol lol IMO, you are all grasping at straws, and I have no idea why it is that important to you. There is no reason for any of those women to be draped over one of the show’s employees…period. ABC did exactly what they should have done.

  • zayzay

    I have to say this whole thing really is starting to sound like the show blew something way out of proportion. I assumed at first that she was having sex with a member of the staff, if it was merely “sitting too close,” then the show really is being disgustingly hypocritical. They are peddling a bride auction but they have “zero tolerance” for some chaste, public flirting? Meh.

    • Shel

      Ummm, where in the above piece did it say this is the ONLY “evidence” they have? It is advertised as a deleted scene, period. Rozlyn didn’t deny anything, she tried to claim she had a right to a private life on a REALITY show, and I believe Chris said the staffer admitted the “inappropriate” relationship. The fact that they haven’t outlined step-by-step all the facts they have may be to protect Rozlyn and the staffer, or to avoid inflaming a possible litigious situation. Chris did afterall say no one is saying it was wrong, just that it happened, and there was no reason she needed to stay on the show.

      • kellybelly

        Shel – I’m glad that you like the show, find it entertaining and I guess completely and totally believable. What about editing?
        I don’t believe sex happened. Nor do I believe anything like that happened. Flirting? yes. Feelings? yes, from the staffer. Surprised it hasn’t happened before? yes.

  • Ambient Lite

    Every time I hear/see “Vienna”, I finish it with “Sausages”. I hope I’m not the only one.

    • George

      I do it too.

    • KarenNJ

      No you’re not. I’m another who does it too.

    • Robin

      I thought I was the only one!

    • Ambient Lite

      Thank you all, I feel validated. :)

    • Kerri

      Actually, of all things, I read an article or blog or something where Jake said he has trouble with names and that’s how he remembers Vienna’s name. “Like the sausage.”

      • Ambient Lite

        Ewww…can you imagine, your boyfriend associating you with canned meat?!? Booo.

    • Argy

      I do it, too. And to the poster who said she looks like a dude in drag – that’s SO true! I want to see jake with Ali. They’re the best match.

      • mlj

        Yes! I am on the Ali train too…

  • Trisha

    who cares? not watching this anymore because it IS so ridiculous.

    • Kristi

      If you really don’t care, why even post something about. It’s a lot of time wasted on something you find so ridiculous.

    • Steve

      Kristi-because we have just as much right to post on here as you do regardless as to whether we like the show or not…got it?

      • beth

        Please, tell me that Reality Steve could be wrong and that Jake will not pick Vienna!

  • GeeMoney

    When are they going to put some minorities on The Bachelor? I’m really tired of seeing the same whiny white chicks every season.

    • Ambient Lite

      They have, but they rarely make it past the first round. And I don’t know whether the general profiles of the contestants are subject to any input by the bachelor – or if the producers are solely responsible for that.

    • Marcie

      No minorities on Bachelor – because we (1) have relationships already or (2) know that you cannot find love on a “reality” show – relationship start with friendship and common interests – that do not include jumping into “snuggie” mode at the command of a producer…

      • Ambient Lite

        3) are all in line for Ray J. and can’t do both shows.

      • Ceballos

        I guess nobody told the people on “Flavor of Love”, “I Love New York”, “Real Chance of Love”, “For the Love of Ray J” about #2 on your list.

        That being said, as utterly trashtastic as those shows are, they at least have some of the diversity that is embarrassingly lacking from “The Bachelor” and other network shows.

    • White Chic

      Really???? Just cause they are white they are whiny? I am sure ANYONE in a house full of Chics are going to be caddy and whiny.

  • bg

    If that’s all it was, why didn’t they just say it, instead the mysterious “inappropriate” relationship. Sheesh

    • Nobody

      Because ABC is going to twist and turn anything and everything to get ratings. All they care about is money. Ratings = more cash.
      The whole thing was probably a setup from the beginning. The same thing that Roz got sh*t-canned for has probably happened at least a dozen times in each season of the show. ABC needed drama to create ratings, so poof, instant drama at Roz’s expense.

    • kellybelly

      BTW, I know someone who was cast as one of the 25 ladies for the bachelor. And she left before filming because they wanted her to say she really liked the guy and came on the show for him, etc. She wouldn’t say that on camera cause none of it was true. She’d never seen the guy before. Also, she said that there were about 30-35 girls cast, and that they do that cause girls leave right before they start filming. Probably because of the lying they’re asked to do up front.

  • leo

    I am glad they have come forward with the bachelorettes themselves talking about what they saw. If she was spending the night on the couch (after the camera crews are gone) that is a whole night of being alone and all of a sudden it is much more understandable how a sexual relationship could have occurred.
    Chris also says that the producer, when confronted with the rumors the women had talked about of the cuddling on the couch, admitted they were having a relationship.
    If it started because of her missing her son or having a debate about visitation/phone calls with him, that’s neither here nor there. She’s just trying to coerce people away from the facts that damn her.

  • Strups

    Wait can we go back to the “he picks Vienna” comment above? What?!?

    • Nobody

      Go to Realitysteve.com and scroll down to the Jan-6-2010 post. A lot of people don’t believe what he says is true, but he’s been correct about everything since the Jason/Melissa fiasco.

      • Nicole

        Hey Steve, You would like that wouldn’t you.

      • Nobody

        I’m not Steve…. I don’t care to invest the amount of time that he does to this crappy, fake show. My wife loves this show, and since football season is over (no Monday night game) I have to watch this sh*t with her. Fortunately, I fell asleep both weeks and missed a lot of it.

      • abeeotch

        I’m not so sure I believe the whole “I don’t care to invest the time in this crappy, fake show”. If that is so, why do you read RealitySteve, and have for 3 years? Just sayin’?

  • Tomm

    I believe Chris Harrison over a fame seeking you-know-what.

    • Nobody

      Chris is a liar. All he’s doing is tooting the ABC horn because he’s on their payroll. Can’t say I blame him because thats what feeds his family. But always remember he’s only saying what ABC tells him to say, regardless of whether its true or not. Most of the time what he says are flat out lies.

      • Tasha

        If Chris is “lying” then couldn’t Roz sue him and the show for slander? He clearly told her she did “something inappropriate” with one of their producers to which she replies, “My personal life is none of your business”. Where there is smoke, isn’t there fire?

  • Tomm

    There is a difference bewteen the 15 other women knowing about the others in the same house, versus women sneaking around, but then saying ‘oh, im here only for you Jake’.

    Roz is in it for the $$$ and fame. Playboy will have her naked withn weeks.

    And this show is about how people should ‘shop around’ before getting married. We don’t live in a counrty with arranged marriages. And dating many people before marriage is not breaking any rules or commitment.

    • Ambient Lite

      Tomm, in your words, what EXACTLY did Rozlyn do wrong?

  • Stacy

    Funny how the producer that got fired was only close to one of 25 contestants…the one with the largest b**bs!!!

    • Nicole

      Ah men!

  • Amanda

    That’s it???? All this “scandal” and insinuations because they snuggled on the couch??

    This is what ABC wants us to believe is the big sexual affair? Because really, that’s exactly what Chris is insinuating in all his interviews. Pathetic.

    • leo

      No, listen to Gia’s comments – she spent the night on the couch – camera free. Use your imagination and then remember that the producer admitted what happened and that they went on to date after the show.

      • ksdkomo

        Using my imagination – I seriously doubt they had sex on a couch in the middle of the living room where anyone could have walked in.
        And, according to what I’ve read – the producer admitted to having feelings for her – one sided feelings does not a relationship make.
        And the producer has not come forward and said that they have dated after the show – Rozlyn says they are still friends – not that they are dating.
        The only person who has said that they dated after the show was the show – which, considering that they made a snuggle on the couch out to be some huge sexual affair, is not a real reliable source

      • RM

        Obviously you don’t watch the Real World or any other reality show where the “contestants” have little privacy. Plus I’m sure there is a lot of people out there that may have had sex in a public space. This isn’t a new idea. Sex isn’t restricted to a bedroom. Your imagination is boring!

  • Iakovos

    Boo hoo, Rozlyn. She should be glad she’s out. No one wins here…. ever! The vacation and oppotunity for some fabulous outings with a hunky guy is appealing, but true love forever. Puh-leeze! Reality in its true form sets in after that “most dramatic rose ceremony ever,” and these fortune seekers never seem to emerge with dignity intact. I have watched here and there so I am not a naysayer, but it is all so tiresome and no longer novel.

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