'Spider-Man' reboot: Who should play Peter Parker?

As anyone who reads The Daily Bugle knows by now, Tobey Maguire will not be back for Spider-Man 4. Neither will Sam Raimi, the director who kick-started the superhero saga back in 2002. And since Sony, the studio behind the Web-slinger franchise, has no intention of  letting their cash cow dry up, it’s currently in the process of rebooting Spidey in a younger, more contemporary direction with a (presumably) younger, less-expensive actor as Peter Parker.

So we’re wondering, which of Hollywood’s hot teens and twentysomethings should be considered to don the Spidey suit? Here are a few possibilities. Afterwards, let us know who your candidates are.

Zac Efron Age: 22 Why our Spidey sense is tingling: He’s already proven that he can put teenage butts in seats thanks to High School Musical, and he ‘s familiar with bizarre, supernatural bodily transformations thanks to 17 Again. He can sing, he can dance, he can smolder and brood (but not too threateningly, mind you). Heck, he can even convincingly shoot hoops! What can’t this guy do? Compared to belting out pop songs in the cafeteria, swinging from a web and tangling with Green Goblin should be a cakewalk.

Robert Pattinson Age: 23 Why our Spidey sense is tingling: Okay, he’s British, pasty, and he’s got a pretty busy schedule, what with all these Twilight movies you may have heard about. But if I were a Sony bean counter, I’d be stuffing the ballot box for this guy. After all, this could be the ultimate parasite blockbuster. Think about it: First, you cast Kristen Stewart as Mary Jane Watson, then you cast Taylor Lautner as Harry Osborn (i.e., James Franco’s role), then boom!…just sit back and watch the greenbacks pile up. If I ran Sony and wanted to retire to a private island, this would be my choice.

Daniel Radcliffe Age: 20 Why our Spidey sense is tingling: Because he’s about to have a whole lot of time on his hands. With the Potter films finally kaput, Radcliffe no doubt wants to show folks he’s more than just Hogwarts’ resident boy wizard — he’s a serious actor. What better way than to play a character whose great power brings great responsibility? Plus, we love the idea of Michael Gambon as a Dumbledore-ish Uncle Ben.

Shia LaBeouf Age: 23 Why our Spidey sense is tingling: First of all, he seems like the kind of guy who might actually read comic books. That’s a plus. Second, he won’t freak out when this thing blows up and becomes a monster hit since he’s already a franchise veteran (Transformers, Indiana Jones). Third, unlike a lot of teen-steam heartthrobs, he doesn’t seem like…well, a wuss. There, I said it. This can’t be emphasized enough. Please, if you insist on casting a new Peter Parker, do not cast a wuss.

Jaden Smith Age: 11 Why our Spidey sense is tingling: The star of the new Karate Kid‘s dad, Will Smith, has made a ton of money for Sony over the years. So I’m guessing all he’d have to do is have pops pick up the phone and dial Amy Pascal’s digits and this things a done deal. Actually, the kid’s a good actor, too. But the Kryptonite-like power of nepotism is never to be underestimated.

Okay, now tell us who you want to see as Peter Parker…

Photo Credit: Pattinson: Glenn Harris/PR Photos; Spider-Man: Marvel Comics; Efron: Janet Mayer/PR Photos

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  • Celia

    If they cast Robert Pattinson or Zac Efron in that movie, I will shoot myself. That would be the dumbest thing they could do, especially since they claim to want a more “grittier” Spiderman. I think they will probably go with someone slightly unknown, but out of that list, Shia LeBouf is probably the most likely bet even though Dan Rad kind of looks like Tobey MaGuire.

    • Stephanie Tanner

      This whole gritty phase is ridiculous and stupid. Batman is gritty, not Spiderman – you know the FRIENDLY NEIGHBORHOOD spiderman. And if they get these effeminate guys to play him not even ten yrs out from the first, Hollywood is more brain-drained than I realized. Why not reboot Iron Man now before the 2nd one comes out, lets reboot Wall-E and make it grittier too.

      • bounty-hunter

        I agree. Spider man is not gritty. And I personally would rather an unknown to play Spidey.

      • me

        Make Mary Poppins grittier! Joaquin Pheonix can do the Dick Van Dyke character, beard and all.
        Who would play a gritty Mary Poppins though?

      • singlemillionairesmatch

        I think it will be Efron, he’s a safe box office bet

      • @singlemillionairesmatch

        How do you figure that when Radcliffe is the star of the highest grossing franchise of all time, Shia LaBeouf has starred in both Transformers AND Indiana Jones, Jaden Smith is Will Smith’s son, and even the twilight films make some money. Zac Efron is NOT the most bankable star of those choices…at all!

      • the fan

        Well first, I do not see how they could have a gritty spider man with peter parker in high school. Second, something is is wrong with all the canidates to play spiedy. I’m a fan and i will see it either way, but most of those guys they are talking about don’t have any of the features peter parker had in the comic books. They are to shallow to play peter parker.Jaden Smith? You have got to be kidding me. This is shaping up to be crap, which is really sad considering how great the first two were.

    • mike

      Seriously. This article made me throw up in my mouth a little.

      • Ted

        Seriously. Your hackneyed comment made me throw up in my mouth a little.
        Can we give that overused cliché a rest? Also “Best. [Anything.] Ever.”…?

      • mike

        I don’t know. can I still use the phrase “you’re a douche”?

      • jordan

        best. comeback. ever. (mike)
        the only decent option in this was shia labeouf. the rest (other than radcliffe) would be absolutely TERRIBLE choices. i really hope this columnist is the only person with zac efron robert pattinson and jaden smith running through their heads.

      • Erin

        This is the worst collection of actors for Peter Parker. He needs to be geeky, and the only one in that list that could possibly do that is Daniel Radcliffe. Zac Efron never could; Rob Pattinson is just super awkward; and Shia LaBeouf is hot now (plus he already has 2 franchises that he’s in).

    • Mark

      You know what… F#ck it!

      Cast Jaden Smith… This movie is going to suck anyway, might as well make it an epic disaster.

      • Everton Carter

        Outside of him currently being 2 or 3 years too young for the “Ultimate Spider-man” angle they seem to be chasing, how would casting Jaden Smith make it a disaster? he’s a pretty decent screen actor from what I’ve seen so far. Miles better than Daniel Radcliff (a poor to average screen actor at best).

      • Foolproof

        Why, because you hate black people?

      • MattyB

        Well, we have already seen one Black Spider-Man ruin the franchise.

      • Robert

        Really, Everton Carter. Really?

      • Melvin

        Matty you’re an idiot. Actually black Spiderman didn’t ruin the franchise. That would be a bunch of non diverse writers, producers and behind the scenes team. stfu.

    • emma

      Spiderman would be lucky to have someone as amazing as Rob as a part of their franchise. Too bad Robert would never do something like Spiderman. I love him for that. Rob will not choose roles like this. That would be a role for someone looking to gain blockbuster appeal. Rob doesn’t need this. I see him only doing independent-ish movies for a while. I don’t see the appeal Spiderman could have for Robert. Next.

      • joe

        rob this? robert that? sounds like you ‘know’ him. hope you arent a fanatic stalker type.

      • Jared

        Robert Pattinson to play spidey? pssh you MUST be high.

      • Mary

        And what’s the Twilight franchise? Independent films?

      • matt

        really? you must be joking. then again, rob’s resume is rather impressive. he’s like a young kevin spacey. oh wait, he f*cking blows. my mistake.

      • leigh

        Could you put this guy on a higher pedestal? If he does independent films, fine. This doesn’t make him any better than an equally subpar actor that chooses to make some money.

      • Sam

        You sound young… turn off the pc and go to bed.

      • Luminari

        Yeah…the Twilight: Saga just SCREAMS “High Art” that only someone of “Rob’s” character and personal conviction would take on. Spidey’s got a leg-up on Meyer’s books in sheer time of publication and volume…but ho-ho in that myriad of SPidey material there is a significant amount with more complex characters and better writing than that of her series.
        That bein said…ugg…no one listed here fits for a decent Spidey reboot.

    • ^

      An unknown should play him.
      Everyone on that list would not sell me a ticket.

    • JRose48

      I seriously rolled my eyes when I saw the Twilight guy and Efron (who is funny, but he’s more of a Flash Thompson). I like Anton Yelchin (Chekov in the new Star Trek).

      • Sang Vang

        yes i think that’s an amazing idea. Anton totally has a peter parker look.

      • tvg

        ooh, Anton Yelchin! Good choice!

        And, guys. Chill, about Jaden. I think the author threw him in just to get the exact reaction you’re giving at the idea.

      • iStar19

        Anton Yelchin…. just googled him… yeah…. yeah… YES… perfect new peter parker!!!

      • Tony

        i just dont see Anton as Peter parker. maybe as Harry Osborne but not Peter. Something about his face just doesnt bring him to mind. if they were casting spiderman as an adult, physically, id say someone like jake jylenhal. he looks almost exactly like the character. if they could find someone who actually is within the age bracket of the character who looks like him with serious acting ability but an unknow that would be fantastic. The actors listed just couldnt pull it off. besides shia, they are all pretty feminine looking. and shia is a great actor but is too spiderman and not enough peter parker

      • theAwfulbet

        Woah nelly JRose48! You entirely read my mind. Its possible for anyone to fail, but he’s at the top of my list since I first heard of the reboot. He can pass for high school age like in Star Trek, but hes also a better choice since hes not any of the people listed in the article who is only being considered because they starred in a teenage hormone thriller. Also, for Tony I should mention a fun fact that Gylenhaal did audition for Spiderman first time around. He would be great and does have the look. He would have to play an older version rendering the reboot useless but Id buy it. And Zac Efron at best could pass as Rob Lowe in Illegally Yours, geekwise, but thats about it.

    • John

      Totally agree. How about casting an unknown actor? Heck cast all the roles with unknown. Give the working waiter/actor/model/singer a chance!

      • corn chower

        christian bale

    • nick nack

      logan lerman would be a good young spidey

      • Brian Russell

        First off, i think Logan Lerman should definetely play Peter Parker, he’d own the role.

        Anton Yelchin as Harry Osborn
        Helen Mirren as Aunt May Parker
        Sam Neill as Uncle Ben Parker
        Charles S. Dutton as Rob Robertson
        Hugh Laurie as J. Jonah Jameson

      • Mar

        That would be the perfect cast!!!

      • Loganfan

        Brian Russell: I agree with Logan as Peter (I’d faint if that happened…like literally). Second, HOLY HELL MAN, you should be the casting director for the gosh darn movie! The people you listed are PERFECT!

      • lady1011

        Brian Russel: you are a genius especially for logan being peter parker and hugh being jonah jameson

    • Z

      I agree completely, no Pattinson or Efron. Can’t say I can see Radclife as peter Parker, but that’s what diversifying your roles is about. Shia is a good actor and everything, but he seems to be in every action movie that involves a guy from later high school age to early 20’s that is worth seeing!

      I lol’d at the Jaden Smith thing.

    • Max

      im glad people feel the same way i do about casting a pretty boy/”teeny bopper” as spiderman. neither zach effron or robert pattinson would be a good choice. dan radcliffe isnt a pretty boy or a teeny bopper but hes already harry potter. you cant be both. shia labeouf i wouldnt mind but i think they could do better. and im gonna have to agree with “Z” on this one, why the hell would jaden smith be a good choice. nothing against the kid its just, hes black. the spiderman i know and love isnt black. nothing against black people either. just saying, spiderman is a nerdy black kid. so that all said i have faith in marvel to pick someone good. theres my 2 cents.

    • Max

      im glad people feel the same way i do about casting a pretty boy/”teeny bopper” as spiderman. neither zach effron or robert pattinson would be a good choice. dan radcliffe isnt a pretty boy or a teeny bopper but hes already harry potter. you cant be both. shia labeouf i wouldnt mind but i think they could do better. and im gonna have to agree with “Z” on this one, why the hell would jaden smith be a good choice. nothing against the kid its just, hes black. the spiderman i know and love isnt black. nothing against black people either. just saying, spiderman is a nerdy white kid. so that all said i have faith in marvel to pick someone good. theres my 2 cents.

      • Max

        Anton Yelchin would be a good pick. hes a good actor and he looks like a peter parker. i could totally see him as spiderman/peter parker. also i think they should keep the guy that was jj jameson from the other movies. he was awesome

    • Eric

      all your ideas suck. none of them can pull off geeky and a strong willed character. the only good actor there is shia, but as peter parker, c’mon. and robert pattinson, are you pattinson, are you guys high or are you just screwin with us. a black peter parker, you should be punched in the freakin face. Chris Nashawaty, you should be fired if you freakin actually believe any of that stuff you wrote.of this

  • Rob

    Did anyone else throw up a little when they saw that pic of Pattinson and Efron cause I did. LeBouf is the “hot” young actor so he might get it even though I can see Harry Potter getting it if he fixes his accent.

    • Celia

      Yeah, but Daniel Radcliffe just spent like 10 years of his life working a film series. There’s no way he would do Spiderman. He said he wouldn’t even do The Hobbit if they asked him.

    • emma

      Umm…shouldn’t Spiderman be able to act to some extent. Why would they look at Dan Rad. He’s really short too.

      • Emma

        I think Shia Labeouf is actually a great idea. He’s a bit nerdy but also “not a wuss” and he’s used to getting it rough (from what we hear of his last director) so it’s a perfect fit. And he CAN TO act. Just watch A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints or even Holes.

  • paige

    I am going to assume this article is humorous. If I ever hear Robert Pattinson is playing Peter Parker (! i just vomited a little in mouth just typing that!), I will personally soil my underoos and fed ex them to SONY- who clearly doesnt know jack $hit about this character… “gritty”?! my a$$!

    • Diane R

      I’ll stand next to you and vomit into the SONY exec’s lap

  • Yes

    I don’t understand starting over again so soon after the latest set of movies. Why not wait a few years and meanwhile, come up with an original idea?

    • MTP

      An original idea? What’s that?

      I don’t think there is a shot in heck that Radcliffe would commit himself to ANOTHER huge serial.

      • Everton Carter

        Thank God for small mercies. He’s had 9 years and six movies to develope as harry Potter and he still can’t act for ****. Ok he can act a little, but so can 4 year olds in a nativity.

      • Celia

        Are you crazy? Dan Radcliffe is an excellent actor. Have you seen him in Equus, December Boys, My Boy Jack, or that hilarious episode of Extras that he did. The guy has talent. And his work in the HP films has been perfect since movie 5.

      • dizzy

        Totally agree with you, Celia. Dan is a great actor. He was hilarious in Extras and captured Harry perfectly in HP6. I can’t wait to see how he does in HP7.

      • Everton Carter

        How is he a great actor? It took him 4 Harry Potter movies to make an Average Harry Potter. Great? So he’s up there with or better than Dakota Fanning? Haley Joel Osment in 6th sense? Freddie Highmore? Hell forget the kids if he’s great you’re saying he’s as good as DiCaprio? Denzel? Alan Rickman? Ledger? Depp, Norton? Rush, Jean Reno? Weaver, Streep, Winston, Malkovich, Pitt? He’s up there with those is he? I might elevate him above the Van Dammes and the Segals, but only to place him with the Arnies. I get that people like harry Potter and he can perform better on stage than in front of a movie camera but let’s not get carried away. He’s the worst thing in 2 awful and 1 average Potter film and miles from the best thing in the 3 that are good. He’s not even the best child actor in the Harry Potter movies.

        Can you give me as much as 5 scenes where he’s shown a “great” piece of acting? I’m struggling to think of 4 very good ones. I can think of a few good ones but mostly it’s passable at best, especially in the 1st 2 films; which are poor by the way. 2 is so bad it makes 1 look almost decent. Almost.

    • Ugh

      There’s no way for it be “original.” They’ve already done the origin story and then some. All the villains he met in the previous spiderman movies had some effect on his life. The only way for this to work is if they remake them, which is just stupid. Sony doesn’t know what they’re doing. They should just sell the rights to WB or some other studio who knows how to handle a franchise.

      • Zane

        well they would never sell the rights to wb, cause well WB owns DC comics, so that would be committing a huge blasphemy in the comic world, and if they wait too long they lose the rights to marvel and then maybe, just maybe we can get an epic and consistently good spiderman franchise, just like the iron man movie did so well under marvel’s care, it could be because there was less arguing about the direction of the films, but much like the xmen movies sony and fox are both going to try and milk this for all it’s worth, so until the contracts run out, we are not going to get these awesome and great comics into proper movies that properly depict the stories

      • lauren

        I agree that Sony totally screwed the pooch on this one. The Batman reboot worked because there never was a younger origins version of the Batman story. THe first Spiderman movie was pretty comparable to Batman begins, an origin story. This new movie will flop, badly.

    • Quirky

      Sony can’t wait. If they take too long to get another Spiderman movie out than they will lose the film rights (and bags on money) back to Marvel.

      • Chris

        … who is now owned by Disney.

      • Otacon


      • Emma

        Disney will make it themselves. Duh. Although that probably helps Shia’s odds.

  • Mitch

    These have to be, by far, the worst suggestions I ever heard for Peter Parker. Jayden Smith? Are you serious? An 11 year old? Radcliff? Yeah, that makes sense having a british guy play the role. Get your heads out of your asses, EW.

    • Jackie

      I have to agree that these are terrible suggestions, but if I HAD to pick one, I’d actually go with Radcliffe. He actually does a pretty decent American accent.

    • Everton Carter

      Radcliffe is out because he aint that good an actor his nationality has nothing to do with it.
      Wolverine – Canadian Jackman Austrailian.

      Batman – American. Bale British

      Doc Ock – American Alfred Molina British.

      But you’re right about Jaden being a few years too young.

      • Jackie

        I can respect your opinion about Daniel Radcliffe’s acting abilities, but don’t judge him by Harry Potter alone. I’ve seen him in other stuff, and he’s pretty good.

      • AER

        I have to point out the elephant in the room and I really hope no one takes this the wrong way. Jayden Smith is black, Peter Parker is white, k, there I said it. This whole idea for this movie is pretty stupid and I hope it gets canned before they even pick a Peter Parker.

      • Chris

        Katee Sackhoff is a girl. Starbuck was a guy. K, there I said it. Any questions?

      • MD

        Christian Bale is Welsh

      • Chris

        Pretty sure the term British encompasses all of Great Britain, not just England. That would include Wales, wouldn’t it?

      • Everton Carter

        Thanks for explaining the British thing for me Chris.

        Radcliffe is a poor screen actor. There are plenty of actors out there who are great on the stage and poor onscreen and many who are great on in movies and can’t hack in theatre. there have been 6 Potter films and whilst to be fair 3 of them were either rubbish or just average and 2 were directed by Chris Columbus ‘d struggle to edit together 1 single hour of worthy acting from Radcliffe. I kid you not he is not very good and breathing deeply as screwing up your eyes is not the only or the best way to play “angry” or in a bad mood or any of the millions of other emotional states he thinks that covers. Is he a better actor than me? Of course, would I cast him in anything I was directing (If of course I ever do so) No I wouldn’t.

      • Everton Carter

        Jackie Tue 01/12/10 4:29 PM

        Thanks for the respect though. Too many times on the net you get nothing but insults from people you don’t agree with. :)

      • Jackie

        Everton, no worries, I know I have many opinions that a lot of people disagree with :)

        Did you see Daniel Radcliffe when he was on the show Extras? He was hilarious (there are clips on YouTube if you want to see them). PBS also aired a biopic about the writer Rudyard Kipling where Radcliffe played the son, and he was quite good.

      • Everton Carter

        Hey Jackie. Extras was a very funny show. I did like the way he was trying to be cool and smooth but was scared of his mum. Quality writing.

      • ellen

        I agree with AER and I’m black. I think it’s too much of a stretch with the history behind Spiderman to suddenly make him a black guy. I don’t think Starbuck had the kind of history that Spiderman/Peter Parker does.

      • Everton Carter

        What do you mean by history? Parker’s / Spidey’s background lends itself perfectly to him being a “minority”. There’s nothing about who he is, how he acts, or where he comes from that says he has to be white. In fact if he were a character in a printed book and he was only described as 5’10, nerdy with a slender build you’d have no idea what colour he was and it wouldn’t make the slightest difference. Again I don’t think he “needs” to have a colour change; as I always say Marvel have done a decent job over the years of filling their works with non white characters. Female, black, Asian, African, South American Native American, Aboriginal, gay and so on. They continued that tradition with the Ultimate Universe and increased them, most notably by making Nick Fury black and then drawing him exactly like Samuel L Jackson. Changing Spider-man’s colour is not a problem at all. For the reasons above it also isn’t necessary. It might be the one thing that get me to go and see this, Studio butchered, film though.

      • Canel

        I respect your opinion but don’t agree at all, Daniel is a good actor, I believe the Harry Potter movies haven’t give him a quite good decent script to work with, compare to scripts like Equus, My Boy Jack even December Boys, the guy is a way better actor compare to Robert and Zac, Robert got slam by Critics in both the Twilight saga and also on his Indy films, and Zac, well he’s disney!!
        out of all these actors I can see Daniel or Shai pulling out the Peter Parker look.

      • hiro protagonist

        Too young and too black..James Mcavoy is probably the only good choice, and of course they won’t cast him.

      • Shaun

        Okay now if they cast Jaden Smith, who I recall is black, that is what the cast will be:

        Peter Parker-Jaden Smith
        Uncle Ben- Danny Glover
        Aunt May- Whoopie Golberg
        Harry Osbourne- The kid from everybody hates Chris
        Mary-Jane Watson- Gabourey Sidibe

    • Emma

      This is obviously humorous. Come on, people. Lighten up.

      • Foolproof

        Shut up, you f-cking loser.

  • The Jackal

    I knew I shouldn’t have clicked on this headline, but I’m a spiderman fan and I did anyway. From now on I’m confining myself to only reading Doc Jensens Lost columns if this is the crap that fills ew

    • Taco

      TOTALLY AGREE! Love Docs columns… this was trash!

  • Mary Q. Contrary

    I know Zac Efron gets a bad rap because he was in the High School Musical franchise, but he’s actually pretty damn talented. 17 Again was pretty funny, and I think he’s actually harboring some acting chops underneath that mop of perfectly coifed hair. My vote is for him, because I actually, genuinely think he could do it. He’s probably a bit old, though, if they’re planning on stretching it out into a new franchise.

    • Everton Carter

      Yes, I have no problem with him acting wise I just think he’s too old, if they are going for someone that age then stick with Tony. A big problem with him and a cpl of the others is he’s too good looking. Maguire was just enough of a geek for the Puny Parker role. Effron, Jaden too pretty to pull it off.

      • Say What?!

        Oh you think Zac Efron CAN act, but Dan Radcliffe can’t?! Okay….

      • Everton Carter

        I said I have no problem with him acting wise. He’s been a few cheesy Disney films were a particular style of performance was required. HE met that requirement. Outside of HSM he’s shown that he has the potential to “act” in a more traditional sense. Radcliffe, again, has shown in 6 films that he struggles to get a consistent and decent performance going. There some scenes where he almost makes it but then even Van Damme seems ok in Universal Soldier, because he’s basically a Robot. Compare is Potter performances to the other kids in the movies and he falls well short: well escept for in the lamentable Chamber of secrets where Chris Columbus decided that Ron pulling Mr. Bean faces and blubbing like an idiot was the height of comedy and a decent portrarl of Ron. It’s even worse if you look at Dakota Fanning in Man on Fire (or several other films), Haley Joel Osment in The 6th Sense, Ivana Baquero in Pan’s Labyrinth, Freddie Highmore in anything. Lina Leandersson and Kåre Hedebrant in Let The Right One In. All far superior performances and, on the evidence seen so far, much better screen actors.

      • Everton Carter

        Oh and yes, Jaden Smith in The Pursuit of Happyness also showed far more natural ability than Daniel Radcliffe has in Harry Potter.

  • Jason

    As long as as it’s better than “Spider-Man 3″, I’m happy. And Robert Pattinson… are you mad?

    • Everton Carter

      Well considering the problem with Spidey 3 was the studio insistance on shoehorning Venom into the movie. The same people have booted the Spidey talent, (the expensive orginal talent), out because they had problems with the script. A script designed to maximise toy sales, just like Venom in Spidey 3. Without Rami to add some class to it all it could be bad news for the un-Spectactular Spider-man.

  • TKGM

    Oh heavens, way to put my worst fears about the reboot of a great comic book hero in writing. Other than maybe Shia and Daniel these are all horrible choices and would royally piss off all the Spider-Man loyalists. Good thing you’re not in charge of casting. (but heaven knows the people at Sony will do something lame like cast one of these people, ugh).

  • Sha

    Rob Pattinson is too good for that role. Peter parker is supposed to be a geek. I’d rather Rob lets it go. Dan, Shia or even Zac can pull off the geeky look with their short stature and all. It wouldn’t affect the masked Spiderman look either way.

    • @Sha

      Too good? Yeah right, in what universe. Out of everyone in that list, Robert Pattinson is the biggest joke of a so-called actor. Zac Efron was tolerable in “Me and Orson Welles,” Shia is okay in everything but “Transformers,” Daniel has improved a lot and was really impressive in “Equus” and “My Boy Jack,” and Jayden Smith was obviously a joke but I would still prefer him over that twilight guy.

      • Everton Carter

        I think they meant too good looking, but I could be wrong. I can’t say he seems particularly good looking though there you go!

    • em

      I agree, kind of. Robert is the prettiest guy right now. He would not be appropriate for the role as is. However, he’s done awkward roles like in “How to Be” so I’m sure he could handle it if necessary. I just don’t think it’s necessary. Please don’t do this Rob.

      • Amy

        Prettiest guy right now? Yeah, says you.

  • Everton Carter

    Pattinson and Efron are both too old for a “younger” high school set Spider-man.

    Jaden Smith is actually a perfect choice, not too old physically fit, a little young maybe but you’ll get at least 3 high school “Ultimate Spider-man”. Whilst it’s DC and not Marvel who neeed to “colour balance” their characters it will not be a bad thing to see another black superhero.

    By the way the taylor Lautner (?) the Werewolf guy from New Moon, he’s a little TOO bulked up at the mo for Puny Parker.

    To be honest neither I nor many of my friends has any interest in seeing this film at all and Sony could be making a mistake of Batman Forever / & Robin proportions.

    Boo and Hiss………………

    Daniel Radcliff

    • Everton Carter

      I meant Jaden is perfect IF they don’t start filmiong untill 2012 or so, I’m guessing he’ll ned to play 14 or 15 years old. Again he’ll probably be a little too “pretty” for the role.

      • Brett

        I’ll have to diaagree with you about Will Smith’s son. “Natural ability” in “Pursuit of Happyness”? He was a whiner. And he was a snotty little whiner in “Day the Earth Stood Still.” Radcliffe can actually ACT. But he’s all wrong for Peter Parker.

      • Everton Carter

        His character in the awful, terrible, lamentable Day The Earth Stood still was annoying and pretty poorly written, but he played him well. he played him exactly as he was meant to be. Hence he acted the part well. You can this when you look at say, Jennifer Conelly in the same film. Her character was also annoying but she played it well. Keanu Reeves, his character was poor and as is often the case with KEanu it was average in the acting department. Just because you on’t like him whining doesn’t mean he acted poorly. The Pursuit of happyness didn’t have him as a whiny kid either so I’m not sure where that comes from at all and it’s pretty well established that he is considered to have done a very good job in that film. Oh as well as being one of the only good things about The Day The Earth got bored to death.

  • Phil

    I mean, I know its a slow news week in general and Slezak prolly has you all hopped up on Idol Excitment pills, but can the powers that STILL be at EW, for ONCE make sure their writers NOT WRITE something to get fanboys of a beloved comic, series & character not intentionally out for BLOOD!? (PUN DEF. INTENDED!!) To even suggest Mr. Pat-myCareerGonewiTwilight as Peter Parker could almost make a Frank Castle like sniper targeting the EW offices right now !!!
    Much like Marvel taking the (cheaper) fresh faced Australian star, Chris Hemsworth to star in Thor, I can say that whomever Marvel reaplces in Spidey will NOT have a long resume for which people to page through like a comic. And finally, the odds of the actor who lands the plum spot will be Caucasian. Its 2010, but Peter Parker has been a white kid from Queens since before my lily white behind was even a twinkle in my folks’ eyes. You entire post, is almost RIDICULOUS, although I do honestly thinK Zac Efron COULD make a great Peter Parker. I’m prolly one of the few comic geeks that would admit that, but I think it COULD work, but again Sony & Marvel are going to want to keep costs down, esp. with now having to pay a new director also.

    • Everton Carter

      It’s funny because as I was watching Chris Hemsworth playing Kirk’s dad in Star Trek I said “This guy would be a great Captain America”. Soon afterwards he was cast as Thor.

      Once again there’s no need to change the colour of Marvel’s characters as they were always better at putting a decent ethnic mix in both heroes, their non heroic colleagues and even just people in the street. A Marvel character kick started the current comic book / super hero movie boom; the character, Blade, was black. DC have a poor roster of non white heroes, although they have improved on that in recent years. A black Spidey wouldn’t bother me at all but there are other characters in the Spidey-verse who could be changed IF it was deemed necessary.

      There’s more on that here….


  • Sean

    Your list is some sad sad teen-beat garbage. You just went on IMDB and picked the top 5 celebs under 25. Jaiden Smith? Good actor? Did you see the Day the Earth Stood Still?

    There is only one choice in my mind for a new spidey, someone who is physically perfect, comedically spot on (something Maguire, um…wasn’t) and someone who against all odds, can actually act…


    If there is a young actor working today that can dissapear into an iconic role better, let me know. He re-invented Chekov brilliantly, was the ONLY enjoyable thing about Terminator Salvation, and even made Charlie Bartlett 10x better than it really was, well him and RDJ.

    So yeah…Anton Yelchin.

    • Anton?..hmmmm

      I actually really like that suggestion. He would be an interesting choice.

      • Sean

        Anton would be interesting although not very feasible, since he’s already doing the “Star Trek” series.

    • noam

      anton yelchin is committed to star trek, so that could be a bit difficult. but an actor in a similar vein is jesse eisenberg, from the squid and the whale and adventureland…

    • Monty

      This is the best suggestion I have seen. He is an under the radar up and comer, and he has a face people will recognize, but not know immediately. He was awesome as Charlie Bartlet. I think the indie route is the way to go. Also Jesse Eisenberg, the kid from Adventureland and Zombieland, could pull it off.

      He needs to be geeky awkward. He’s a nerd, very few friends, and is bullied at school. Good looking needs to be second. And lets hope its not one of those ‘She’s all that’ moments where peter takes off his specs and looks like zach efron. Though he would be fine as Harry Osborne.

    • Phil

      I totally agree with Anton Yelchin. Still a virtual unknown eventhough he’s worked with so many, and I have personally loved everything he is in. He has the right build to play Parker as well, although, I’m not sure how tall he is? Not that Hollywood ever cares, but Spidey is only supposed to be lik 5’7″ or 8″, which is one of the benefits the Tobey brought to the role, sans the comedic chops Spidey is known to spout when battling villains. Who cares if Anton is committed to Star Trek, unless they give him a love interest in that series I reallllllly don’t see his schedule being that unavailable…but then you got studio heads butting heads….Paramount & Sony….But yes, Sean’s the only viable one on these 4 or 5 pages so far. And whoever suggest Michael Cera….please last weekend’s anemic box office returns…he was NOT the star of JUNO, and sorry, I don’t think he is funny anymore, more like funny to look at….AND WAY TOO TALL to play Peter Parker!

    • Clayton

      That’s a good suggestion. Or Joseph Gordon-Levitt :)

      • Rose Tyler

        Joe Gordon Levitt would be my choice but not sure how that would jive up with him being in the GI Joe craptacular.

    • l.d.

      I agree totally. He would be perfect.

  • how about

    a new guy to be Peter Parker? hmmm…? none of that Zac Efron and Robert Pattinson crap here. no! Shia has his own franchise, and is gonna be overused if this is done with him. Oh and yeah, PETER PARKER IS WHITE! NOT BLACK! To put Smith in there is just plain stupid.

    • Everton Carter

      Again, whilst it is a far bigger problem for DC comics than it is for Marvel, there remains a colour imbalance in American superheroes. Many have stated that had they been creating their character now and not 40 – 50 years ago several of them would be non – white. Stan Lee had the cojones to create genuine female heroes who weren’t just female versions of the male heroes AND to create or commission black characters, both as heroes and support characters. Do NOT get on your high horse about the colour of heroes in movie adaptations. Whilst a few characters should and indeed need to retain their original colour others, Nick Fury being the best example, do NOT.

      Superman and Batman , as created should remain white for sure, although Stan Lee’s one off Batman was black, but had a totally different back-story. Spider-Man can be any colour really. I get that he’s so famous he should probably stay white but his colour does not define him in any way. Captain America is probably the most interesting one. It’s a bit daft that the symbol of American / Allied strength in WWII, the Anti Nazi Propaganda weapon is the Aryan dream of tall super fit, white with blonde hair and Blue eyes! Better to have had him be black, look at the real impact Jesse Owens had for example. Or Jewish or best mixed race black AND Jewish! Of course the problem with this is that black soldiers (ironic in a war against racial oppression) were still pretty poorly treated back then so it’s doubtful the army would have accepted a black symbol. But propaganda wise far better to have a black captain America. Far better.

      On a separate note it’s sad to see DC abandon one of their tiny number half way decent B team heroes, the John Stewart Green Lantern and instead use Ryan Reynolds to play one of the white green Lanterns. As stated above DC has always been poor when it comes to both female and non white heroes.

      Please read this for more opinion on such matters. It’s mostly an intro but still…….


      • Brett

        “A bit daft” that Cap was blond and blue-eyed? First off: the costume hid his hair, so “propaganda wise,” hair color was irrelevant. Second: Blond hair and blue eyed was also the ideal in the good old U.S. of A. back in the 40’s. If you were going to reboot Cap and have his origin take place today, he’d as likely be Mexican-American as anything else.

      • Shaun

        Black guys have BlackPanther, isn’t it enough lol, Spider-man is white, he can’t be black , he always was white. And anyway, what keeps Batman from being black?

    • Everton Carter

      You’re missing the point entirely. Blonde hair and Blue eyes is the Nazi Aryan superman. That’s a fact so I’m not sure why you’re ignoring it? Steve Rogers had Blonde Hair and Blue eyes, many people knew it and many people knew he was Cap. His costume didn’t hide his eye colour either. Even ignoring the Nazi superman angle, which you can’t really do but you choose to, it remains that a Black man was more of a statement, as we can see in actual history with Jesse Owens at the Olympics; which again you choose to ignore. Again the perfect anti Nazi statement may well have been a mixed race Jewish black American, trumpeted as such. Also to compare an American “ideal” of Blonde haired blue eyed, to a Nazi superiority / master race belief is kind of insulting; it is by no means the same thing at all; unless you’re saying that most Americans (who had many civil liberties issues then for sure) shared the Nazi master race ideology?
      The other thing that you’ve done, maybe because I didn’t go into enough detail I don’t know is to look at the concept as completely within the comic’s / film’s diegesis. The Jesse Owens example used should have shown that I’m talking Non-Diegesis as well as diegesis. At the end of the day Captain America was a comic book character inspiring real life people during WWII and as such the Hero being clearly visible, outside of the comic’s diegesis, could have been more of an anti Nazi-Superman symbol as the antithesis of that despicable ideal. Jewish, black, maybe a gay, black, Jewish, Gypsy, if such a thing were possible! :) Seriously though you have to look at these things both as the reader / viewer AND from the views of the characters in the story. (Diegesis and non- diegesis) Hence my assertion that it may have made a bigger statement a Black super-soldier. But whilst it would perhaps work in a non- diegetic way, for those reading and watching the Nazi’s getting their arses kicked by the very thing they profess complete superiority to, in the diegesis it wouldn’t stand up as you’d have to ask yourself, even though reading a comic or watching a superhero movie, how in God’s name did a black guy get to be the symbol of American military might and wholesome, resoloute, resolve when Black people were second hand citizens at home AND in the armed forces at that time.
      That’s the problem, and it’s even been addressed in the Ultimate Marvel Universe. Captain America is revived after 57 odd years and wakes up believing he’s in a, mission impossible style, Nazi facility where he’s being made to think he’s with friends so he can give up secrets or be brainwashed into serving the Nazis. The final “proof” for him is that General Nick Fury is black. Steve Rogers of course knows for a fact that there “are” no black soldiers with a rank higher than Captain and promptly escapes the building.
      Of course Tarantino had his Inglourious Basterds kill Hitler (if only) so maybe people will be happy to accept something that they know couldn’t really have happened (in a practical / propaganda way not the superhero part)if it serves the plot and makes a better film.
      It’d be a gutsy move but one that would have plenty of merit.
      I have no idea what you’re on about with the Mexican thing at all. Captain America if started afresh could be any colour at all, given the large numbers of black Americans in the Military and that they are (I believe but am happy to be told I’m wrong) at over 35 million the largest “non-white” grouping in North America, not to mention the whole Black president thing, I’d bet if he wasn’t white he’d be black. Oddly enough I still doubt a newly created Captain America would be a woman; even at Marvel.

    • jose

      Better not say that or you’ll get a swarm of ppl ready to label you as a racist, even though you are not…that’s the climate right now in this ocuntry

  • yuliangel

    I love, love, your sense of humor. I can tell that you are not happy with the reboot thing. I agree do NOT cast a wuss. I can’t believe most people took you seriously. I have no idea who they should cast. Probably an unknow would be best.

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