Bill Paxton mulling a 3-D 'Twister' sequel: Darker, but still with flying cows

Bill Paxton is hoping to revisit 1996’s Twister. Laugh if you must, but it was the second highest-grossing film of that year. The Big Love star tells Bullz-Eye he took a trip last spring and tracked the trail of the most famous tornado to ever hit the U.S. — the Tri-State Tornado of 1925, which touched down in Missouri, Illinois, and Indiana — for inspiration. “I always thought the first Twister was an exciting ride, but I thought a sequel could explore it in a more enthralling way, getting into more of the history and the lore, more of a darker version of the first one…,” he explains. “I think you’d still want to have a lot of the dark humor and all of that, with the flying cows and everything. I think you could kind of intrigue people more by getting into a little more of the lore and really understanding. I just think there’s a lot more to explore there.”

Is a Twister sequel something you want to see? Paxton argues a 3-D tornado could “obviously be pretty amazing,” and I’ll grant him that. A twister is a legitimate reason to have things flying out at the audience…. Feeling like your standing in the eye of a tornado would be amazing…. Ditto airborne bovine in IMAX…. I’m in.

Are there any other ’90s films we should be thinking about sequel-izing in 3-D? I’d argue Twister is the best bet, unless Will Smith wants to revisit 1996’s top-grossing film, Independence Day. Turns out 2011 will mark the 15th anniversary of both films…

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  • Matt

    My buddies from high school (we’re in our 30’s now) still rag on me for liking Twister back in the day. Sure it was kind of cheesy, but it was fun as hell! I think a 3D darker version could be a blast…it would almost be like a horror movie with the twister as the baddie. Jan de Bont – dust off that camera!!

    • Ambient Lite

      I agree, I think there SHOULD be a darker take on tornadoes. They are truly ominous, unpredictably destructive, and anyone who’s ever driven through a town hit by one knows about the eerie wake they leave. 3-D would be amazing. I love it.

    • jmo

      It was fun! It’s exactly the kinda of movie experience I like from summer films. Yes, it was cheesey and that’s exactly why every time I watch it, it’s with a cheese pizza and mountian dew.

  • gigi

    The first person to tie a halarious “Balloon Boy” joke with this news gets a hundred bucks…GO!!

  • gigi

    The first person to tie a halarious “Balloon Boy” joke with this news gets a hundred bucks…GO!!

  • Chris

    This idea is about 15 years too late there, Bill.
    Helen Hunt is not holding up well in the looks department these days.
    Philip Seymour Thomas is too big of a real actor for this.
    Balloon Boy’s dad gave tornado-chasing a bad name.

    • paige

      who is philip seymour thomas?

      • di

        did he mean philip seymour hoffman?

        Was he in that movie?

      • Adam

        Yes he was, he was the goofy long haired technician.

      • Chris…

        Philip Seymour Hoffman.
        I’m sure the original one I wrote is a serial killer or something.

    • Telly B

      WTF is that? What is a “real actor”? Is being a “real actor” something that somehow keeps you from making fun, fluffy films that will make good box office? TWISTER was a great popcorn film, and last time I checked Meryl Streep, a much “realer” actor than PSH if you know what I mean, has no problem making films like MAMMA MIA! and JULIE & JULIA. Why does being a good actor (or “real”) always have to equal only making stuffy, dull, boring dramas or period pieces?

      • Puh-lease…

        I think he meant that PSH might be too much of a script snob to waste his time with “popcorn” movies these days.

      • me

        He was the villain in MI3… a total “popcorn” movie.

      • Lala1983

        He also coined the term “sharted” so I don’t think he takes himself too too seriously.

    • Alisa

      It’s been 15 years… so… some new actors? Who cares about PSH anyway?

      • Kathryn Cromer

        And didn’t anyone see PSH in Charlie Wilson’s War? he was a dirty potty-mouthed character (which I found to be very funny) and I think even he would love to revisit the character of Dusty in a Twister sequel. Yes I think the first one is entirely cheesy, but is definitely one of my personal favorites. As long as helen hunt and bill paxton are together and it’s 3d, you could def make a lot of money off of it.


    as long as Helen Hunt is on board too!

    • Marie

      i agree, they both must come back. i saw the original in a crowded movie theater in ’96. i thought it was a fun summer movie. this would be one movie where i would see the sequel, especially if they’re going to make it darker. and making it 3D could be exciting.

  • Puh-lease…

    Suggested title:
    Twister 2: This Blows

    • Sarah

      *high five*

    • Puh-lease…

      …or even Twi2ter to cash in on the Twitter craze.

  • Nerwen Aldarion

    Twister is still a good film, it had some great special effects and tornadoes have always been something people fear so it kept the audience enthralled. A 3D tornado seems pretty interesting to me, it the movie looks any good than I’m in.

  • Brandon

    Sounds fun, actually. However, the fact that 2011 marks the 15th anniversary for the film is something I find a bit sobering. Where art thou, youth?

  • crispy

    Since the events of the last film, Bill Paxton’s character has married a Japanese mail-order bride and had 3 precocious kids. The family spends time together chasing storms and conducting science experiments until one day the youngest child has mysteriously disappeared.

    • Rick

      Pay that man his money.

    • Amanda P.

      That is hysterical.

    • Linda L

      Hats off to you, Crispy. Hilarious.

  • Crystal

    Twister is great fun but what I love most about it is the crazy team and PSH, Ruck etc. wouldn’t do it again (I think…) If they could somehow get Helen on board I’d be intrigued.

  • paige

    eh i guess id see it if was in IMAX 3D but the first one was kinda dumb

  • Bobby

    Just make sure that Helen Hunt is in, and I’m there. I sure do miss her in movies and television.

  • melinky

    It’s already out there, it’s called Storm Chasers and it’s on Discovery!

    Seriously, I’d love to see a sequel. The special effects they’d be capable of now would be fabulous.

    • Ambient Lite

      Here, here! Love Storm Chasers. I know several *real* storm chasers locally (including one that is actually involved in that show), and it’s just thrilling.

    • ihatescreennames

      I’ve not seen one flying cow on Storm Chasers….yet. I love that show, too. I’m not trying to be mean-spirited, by the way, but the line, “Julia, I gotta go! We got COWS!” is priceless.

  • mary

    We still love Twister and watch it a couple times a year. It is a fun devastation movie where nobody dies! We laugh about the mistakes, the cracked glass windshield that repairs itself… It’s just fun! I would love to see a sequel. Corney or not!

    • James Magee

      Jonas Miller and Eddie dies remember? The F-5 “Sucked him right up.”

  • Ned

    Don’t laugh but a 3D version of “Death Becomes Her’ would be awesome..but they would have to recast it!

    • Telly B

      DEATH BECOMES HER is so frigging funny and perfect. As much as I love the fantastic chemistry between all three leads, I have to confess I am curious as to what kind of amazing visuals a remake would have today. Not that the original wasn’t a feast for the eyes, it did win the Oscar for best visual effects after all. But I can’t imagine who today could play Hel, Mad, and Ern as perfectly as Goldie, Meryl, and Bruce…

      • paige

        Hugh Jackman, Nicole Kidman, ugh Sandra Bullock. directed by tim burton– oh but then itd be Johnny Depp, Helena Bonham Carter and a model-turned-actress

      • Telly B

        Paige, you should be a friggin casting agent! That is one heck of a cast, and I can totally see Kidman playing around with her image, as the vain, desperate, shallow Madeline, and Sandra would be perfect as the timid , rotund wallflower who blossoms into a stunning schemer… I think Jackman is charming yet bland enough to not get in the way of the film’s real attraction, the women. I would sooooo love to see this, but nah…it won’t happen…

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