'Man vs. Wild' returns with Bear giving himself an enema

A new season of Discovery’s Man vs. Wild premieres Wednesday at 9 p.m. ET, and Bear Grylls’ trip to Panama looks like quite the memorable episode. In two preview clips, we see Grylls give himself an enema — a last resort for hydration for those adrift on a raft in the Pacific (the colon absorbs fluids) — and eat a fish eye while shirtless (watch that one after the jump). I have room on my DVR to tape this and Modern Family and Cougar Town, but in case you don’t, Man vs. Wild repeats at midnight.

This season, Grylls will also travel to China, Montana, Guatemala and Poland. He’ll climb a 200-foot waterfall, get bitten by aggressive weaver ants, encounter a deadly Green Pit viper snake, and land on an active volcano, according to the press release. I’m in. You?

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  • Ceballos


    It’s like Bear heard Shaq ask Kobe “tell me how my a$$ tastes” a while ago and said, “Hmm…”

    Remind me never to get in a situation where I’m adrift at sea.

    • paige

      ew nobody should taste Shaq’s rear! anyway- i never watched this show- When i read “Bear gives himself an enema” i actually thought it was a real bear so i clicked. and yea that was kinda gross

      • Ceballos

        So would you have been LESS grossed out if it had been a real bear giving himself (herself?) an enema? :)

      • paige

        hmmm- good question… that i dont have an answer for… but either way- grossed out or not- i see EW posting a vid with the word “enema” i will DEFINATELY check it out…

      • Chris

        I imagined an actual bear wandering into a town, and perhaps investigating a Hose or Fire Hydrant, then accidentally getting blasted in the bottom by some water – wasn’t expecting an actual Enema.

  • bob

    I’m excited to see him lie and go to a hotel while his crew fixes the boat or raft he’s on for the next day’s shoot.

    • DE

      OMG! It’s a show! I’ve seen enough of what he does to still be impressed.

  • Bill

    Bear, Really, Dear Boy: Sticking something up you bum = “thinking of England”. . .hummmmm

  • JohnThomasRourke

    I miss Les Stroud’s show.

    • daisyj

      No kidding. Ever since that awful Siberia show (“I couldn’t catch a reindeer, so they gave me one,” the visible safety line as he’s “using” roots to climb down a waterfall) I’ve lost a lot of respect for Bear. Survivorman was way, way better.

      • DavidJ

        As a pure survival show, I agree Survivorman was the better one. But Man vs Wild is still exciting and entertaining as hell, and plus I’ve always seen it as more of an “adventure and exploration show” anyway.
        And even if they prepare everything beforehand, it’s obvious Bear is still risking his life more often than not.

  • crispy

    Jeezus H. Christ on a pogo stick! Does that man have no shame? That is just not something you do on television.

    • Ceballos

      You’re right…I just don’t feel like this is something that NEEDS to be on TV.

      I mean when the watercooler here at work is empty and I’m REALLY thirsty, I perform my self-enema in the privacy of the handicap stall in the restroom (the extra room is helpful) and far away from any TV cameras!

      • crispy

        Watercooler? You got it easy, my friend. Try pouring week-old coffee up your bum.

      • paige

        we’re subjected to toilet water here… i wont drink it but ill definately insert it…

      • Big Walt

        Crispy, don’t pretend week-old coffee is the weirdest thing that’s been up your ass.

      • crispy

        Not even in the top 5.

  • Jess

    Survivorman was the best. Les was low-key, totally alone, and gave good advice (like conserve energy and don’t jump down rocky waterfalls).

    • crispy

      Yeh, but he’s not attractive.

    • DavidJ

      True, but every episode was basically the same too– him just hanging around camp and complaining about how cold and hungry he always was. lol

    • John

      And he actually lived in the conditions the entire time as opposed to turning the camera off and going to a hotel

  • Backcountry

    Bear Grylls is a joke and this proves it beyond any doubt. Anything for a buck should be his motto. Of course you know they’re not going to show anything inappropriate so I’ll bet he fakes this just like everything else he does. Discovery should save a bunch of money and just turn this series into a cartoon. At least that way no one would be fooled into believing that Bear Grylls has a clue what he’s talking about and wouldn’t risk their own lives following his “advice”.

    • Chris

      It’s a tv show. Why take is so personally?

      Maybe you should send them a tape of your own Daring Exploits if you think Bear Grylls sucks so much.

      • Backcountry

        It’s a tv show- tell that to the people who believe what Grylls says and then follow his advice. See my comment below about the little boy in Utah as to why I take it personally. I work with search and rescue so I’m one of the people who has to risk my own life chasing after people in the woods. Trust me, they don’t need any encouragement from Bear Grylls and often don’t understand that Grylls has more safety equipment than the Coast Guard and that everything he does is staged. Responded to a call of a man through the ice last year; when we arrived he had gotten out and was doing jumping jacks in his underwear. HORRIBLE advice that could have killed him. And who did he learn such a stupid thing from you ask? Why Bear Grylls of course. Hard not to take it personally when you see first hand how someone could be killed just because Bear Grylls needed an excuse to get naked on his tv show.

  • Me

    Am I the only one that finds this totally hot?

    • crispy

      My friend said the same thing when I showed it to him. I vomited into my hands. He may have been aroused by that too.

      • paige

        well it was hot in a gross way- or gross in a hot way…

  • Jill

    The enema is over the top. I fully admit that. Will it work? Yes, it will. I don’t get why people complain about Bear. He’s doing what he does well, which is teach you how to survive when there’s not a lot of fresh water or food around. Les was fine, but he was incapable of showing what to do when all else goes wrong, which is what Bear does.

    DaisyJ, he has a wife and three kids. If I were in his place I wouldn’t be willing to risk my life for a TV show either, would you? He does mor than is strictly safe as it is. I think some people just won’t be happy until he falls and breaks his neck. I, personally, am just glad that he’s doing what he loves to do.

    Lay off the criticism and use your heads a little, all right?

    • daisyj

      I don’t want him to hurt himself, not at all. I just think it’s ridiculous that he is passing this off as “survival advice” when anyone who attempts to do it on their own, without support crews, arranged stunts and professional safety gear, would in the best case fail miserably, and in the worst case get themselves badly hurt or killed. What if someone watched him climb down the waterfall and didn’t see the safety line? He certainly didn’t point it out or admit he was using it. Is it okay for him to tell people you can do something (climb down a frozen waterfall using only roots) that he won’t even do himself?
      And what was the point of killing that reindeer, when it was clear that a person would never be able to trap one on their own? (In case you missed it, he completely failed to catch anything, and had local tribesmen deliver one and tie it to a tree so he could “demonstrate” this terribly useful skill.) I used to like the show, but the more I learn about what’s really required for wilderness survival, the less impressed I am with his techniques.

      • crispy

        A 9-year-old boy lost in the Utah woods last year was found by rescuers the next day, and he was able to survive utilizing skills he learned from Bear Grylls’ show.

      • Backcountry

        Actually a 10 year old boy in Utah had to spend the night alone in the woods (cold and wet) and led SaR on a wild goose chase because he followed the advice of Bear Grylls. If the boy had “hugged a tree” (which would have been actual survival advice) he likely would have been found in a matter of hours if not minutes. Bear Grylls doesn’t give survival advice. He shows off for the camera and then uses “survival” as an excuse to separate himself from the kind of fools you find on shows like Jackass. Performing stunts and then telling people it is life saving advice is ridiculously negligent.

    • NoCal

      My thoughts exactly

  • Marilyn

    Can you imagine if he’d done that on the Will Ferrell episode? That would have been hysterical!

  • Jill

    I disagree with you on a lot of things, Backcountry. For one thing, if people actually listened to the show and didn’t just watch it with the sound off, they’d hear Bear say “Stay in one place and set yourself up for rescue, UNLESS it’s not safe to stay where you are.” It’s the first thing he says in his book too.

    As for the guy in his underwear doing jumping jacks, do you not agree that his first concern was to get warm? How do think he should have done that if not through physical exercise? I assume he had nothing on him with which to start a fire, of course.

    Have you ever even watched the show? Bear always prefaces everything dangerous with “Do this only as a last resort”. Can he help it if people pick and chose what to listen to? His advice is sound and he knows what he’s talking about. You might disagree but that doesn’t mean that he’s wrong.

    Why do people even watch the show if they hate it, or him, so much? Isn’t there something better they could be doing with their time?

    • Backcountry

      Yeah, I guess the little boy who ran off through the woods in a panic must have missed that part also.

      After falling through the ice your body will go into survival mode. The first thing that will happen is the blood vessels in your extremities will constrict preventing the blood (and heat) in your core area from moving into your arms and legs where it will be cooled. Your arms and legs will recover from substantial heat loss but your organs will begin to fail if your core temp drops just a few degrees. Exercising causes your blood vessels to dilate as your muscles call out for more oxygen. Now the heat that you desperately need to stay n your core moves out into your limbs with the result being that your core temp drops. Being naked makes the situation worse, even wet clothes provide some insulation. Certain fabrics like wool or Gor-Tex actually insulate very well even soaked. Talking off your clothes and exercising while you’re still out in the elements will cause you to go into hypothermia much, MUCH more quickly.

      Hypothermia, dehydration, exhaustion, stress, panic and injury are all common things that people could be affected by in a survival situation and all will lead to diminished mental capacity. When people aren’t thinking clearly they commonly overestimate how dire their situation is and take risks that are not necessary so the fact that Grylls says do it as a last resort is meaningless. I’ve got 12 years of experience with SaR, I’ve seen intelligent people do stupid things even just from the stress of being lost.

      I don’t hate him or his show. I just wish he didn’t tell people he’s giving them survival advice when that is clearly not his motive or intent. As I said, survival is just an excuse on this show. If it were sound advice he wouldn’t be the only person giving it and he wouldn’t have so many critics.

  • Jeremy

    Dude was special forces. I doubt the pc jockeys bitching he is fake could last in HALF of the situations he was put through. Is the show embellished? Sure at times. Could the people calling him out do a third of what he could handle? Nope. Dude is a stud regardless if he has help.

    • Dave

      21SAS (TA) (Bear Grylls unit) is NOT special forces. Only 22SAS can make that claim. 21 & 23 SAS are part of the Territorial Army, the UK equivalent of the US National Guard. They serve part time and the enlistment requirements are way, way below that of the 22SAS. Just more BS from Bear Grylls. He knows he wasn’t Special Forces but also knows that he can say SAS and people will assume he was. And Jeremy, just because you are incapable of doing these kinds of things and have to live vicariously through the actions of a fictional TV character, don’t assume none of the rest of us could either. What Bear does with all of his safety gear and a whole army of people to cater to his every need is laughable. Your average circus performer puts their life at greater risk than Grylls. If his personal circus act were impressive compared to our own accomplishments we’d worship him the way that you do. He had the option between spending the night on a Hawaiian Beach or in a Motel 6 and he chose the Motel. I think that sums up Bear Grylls wilderness savvy pretty well.

  • Jeremy

    IMHO anyway

  • John

    So was this fake like most everything else Bear does? We know he stays in hotels during shoots and he shoots “remote” scenes just outside major cities…so why do we care about this phone? What a joke.

  • DW

    Just a sophisticated man’s version of the show Jack Ass. You mean to tell me that he producer is sitting behind a camera with chests full of ice water and he’s going to sip casually while he watches bear rape himself to stay alive? I don’t think so. Pure theater.

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