Chris Harrison blogs 'The Bachelor: On the Wings of Love' premiere

First, let me start this season by saying Happy New Year to you all. I hope this new year has greeted all of you well and it is my hope that it is a wonderful, successful year for us all. A little irony to start this new season off: I’m home for the holidays and writing this first blog sitting in Dallas, Texas, which also happens to be the hometown of our new bachelor Jake. In fact, he came over and we spent some time together watching football on New Year’s Day. He’s a good Texas boy who I think you’ll grow to like more and more as the season goes on. Because time is short I’m simultaneously prepping for my TV Guide Network red carpet hosting duties by watching Inglourious Basterds while I write this. I doubt this is how Quentin Tarantino would want me to be experiencing his film but you gotta multitask you know.

I just released a list of ten of my favorite Bachelor/Bachelorette moments of all time in Entertainment Weekly. I have to admit that while those were some of my faves, those are purely “TV” moments and they’re not exactly what I remember most about my time on this show. Teaching Aaron Burge to drive a Maserati on the PCH (while network execs looked on in horror), sitting around the fire with Ryan and Trista’s family and friends trading stories the night before their wedding, gaining a love and appreciation of wine with Andrew Firestone, tossing the pigskin and talking football with Jesse Palmer (still haven’t gotten my Roger Staubach throwback jersey, Jesse), living in Paris and Rome with my family, stalking Bono on his yacht (I’ll explain this story later this season) — those are some of moments that have really stuck with me over the years, and the kinds of moments I will truly remember and cherish.

Couple things you may have noticed that are very different about this season. First of all, we’re in HD. This would have been awesome news about eight years ago. I’m only slightly excited now as I’m kind of on the back side of my HD quality days, if you know what I mean. Damn you, technology. The other big difference, and I know you all love this, no lengthy teases and recaps heading into commercial breaks. I love this too and think it gives us that much more time to show you the women and, of course, Jake. I’m sure you noticed we’re back at the same house we’ve now used for the last few years. Your first inside scoop about Jake is that he loves to fly but doesn’t love motorcycles all that much, but I think we’ll all agree he looks damn cool on one. I have to say this is a pretty impressive group of women and I’m anxious to read what you all have to say. As is always the case, the limo arrivals gave us many cringe-worthy “bless her heart” moments. Ali with the peacock feather, still have no idea what that was about. I do have to give Ali credit as she was deathly ill with the flu and did everything she could just to get well enough to say hello to Jake that first night. Jessie, “do you have registration for those guns.” Ron Burgundy called and wants his line back. Vienna just went straight for the abs, sure most women have no problem with that tactic. Ashleigh, no, not Ashley with the Jake-Ashley spinner (what?), the Ashleigh who pulled off a magnificent fake trip into Jake’s arms. I’m sure many of you spent the night debating with friends if the trip into his arms was fake and the answer is yes. She admitted later to Jake that she fell into his arms on purpose. Chevy Chase couldn’t pull off a pratfall that good on his best day. Might have dated myself with that reference. The other Ashley is the one who put on the flight attendant uniform to impress Jake. Not sure if it worked on Jake but it definitely didn’t impress Kathryn, who is a real flight attendant and was a bit annoyed with the stereotype.

One of the more interesting moments of the night I loved was the football game. Elizabeth and Jake were out front tossing the ball and talking. Then all of a sudden there were 25 women in cocktail dresses and heels playing a full-on football game. Not sure if you could tell but it was blondes vs. brunettes. For the record, the brunettes won the game. The good news is the blondes didn’t realize it. Sorry, blondes, too easy! Jessie was by far the player of the game, dominating with 5 TD’s. I’ve heard from many women, and some men, that Jake has an amazing body but I will call him out on this — the guy kinda throws like a girl. See, he isn’t perfect.

It was great to have Jillian and Ed back in the house. She is such a spark and it’s good to see that despite what was “reported,” they are great and looking forward to a wedding. If any of you had a game going at home, yes, there was a reference to the mile high club already. But it was Channy who took the pilot analogies to a whole other level by telling Jake he could “land his plane on her landing strip.” Wow, that’s aggressive in any language!

I think one of the best parts about episode 1 is the super tease at the end of the show. No doubt you saw or heard about the controversy next week surrounding one of the bachelorettes. I’m sure you will read and hear more about this situation this week and I promise I will talk in much more detail about it in next week’s blog. For now I will leave you with this. It was very unfortunate that two adults decided to selfishly make the decisions they made. They forced me and the show into a very tough spot. It had to be dealt with and next week you’ll see exactly what I mean. This is a very good season and I hope this incident won’t draw much attention for long. Jake and this group of women have a lot to offer and if you’ve ever been a fan of this show you will love what you’re about to experience. As always, I love reading your comments below. Good, bad, or ugly, bring it on. You can also find me on Facebook or on Twitter @chrisbharrison. Until next week, crank up “On the Wings of Love” in your head and let’s do this!

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  • Padraig

    Chris – Great to have you back blogging! You and Probst are the best at it! I have just one small pet peeve about your writing – I think you mean “eager,” not “anxious,” when you say that you are “anxious to read what you all have to say.” It drives me crazy when people use them as synonyms (they’re not) – unless you really are nervous about our comments? :-)

    • ger

      Sorry, Padraig, but most dictionaries (even the Cambridge dictionary) list two meanings for anxious – one is “worried” and the other “eager”.

      • Jessica

        Yep, ger is right, dictionary.reference dot com also lists the two meanings and even includes this little Usage note, which speaks to people just like you =):
        The earliest sense of anxious (in the 17th century) was “troubled” or “worried”: We are still anxious for the safety of our dear sons in battle. Its meaning “earnestly desirous, eager” arose in the mid-18th century: We are anxious to see our new grandson. Some insist that anxious must always convey a sense of distress or worry and object to its use in the sense of “eager,” but such use is fully standard.

    • AA

      Padraig, if you’ve seen some of the abuse Chris has taken in past seasons in this blog, I would say “anxious” would fit.

    • carol

      people have “anxiety” not “eagerity” LOLOL

    • Grammar Police Chief

      How do you feel about hysterical versus hilarious? I can’t stand it when people say something is “hyserical” when they mean it’s “hilarious”. I’m with you on “eager” and “anxious”, btw, regardless of what someone’s lame dictionary says.

      • Grammar Police Chief

        And I’m the grammar police, not the spelling police, so please don’t bother pointing out my typo in “hysterical”. Thanks! Oh, and for the record, Chris is a great blogger and Jake is a hottie…too bad he’s a bible thumper from Texas.

    • maid marian

      MORE proof that reality steve is accurate: Every comment I’ve made where I provided a link to Reality Steve’s website on this blog has been DELETED.

    • annoyed

      actually he might be anxious, as there are grammar tools waiting to jump on a minor aspect of his blog. It’s a blog not a dissertation, deal with it.

    • zippy

      Just how reliable is Reality Steve? Every comment I’ve posted here where I gave the link to reality steve’s website has been deleted. Oh, and my home IP has been banned. I’ve had to go elsewhere to post this comment.

  • KBella

    Chris- first of all, youza lookin HAWT in your checked tie and vest tonight… second, I’ve been looking forward to your blog MORE than I have this season… is that wrong?? If it is, then I don’t want to be right.
    Jake wasn’t my first pick for the new Bachelor- was kind of hoping ABC would choose some fresh meat… not that Jake is sloppy seconds, by any means… but we are going on like the 87th rebound since Brad’s unfortunate season.
    I’m hoping to be proven completely wrong and Jake’s season turns out to be the most dramatic & best season of the Bachelor yet!

    • BeaAnn

      I totally agree. I have been looking forward to the blog more than the season, but one can’t exist without the other, so…. But seriously, it’s great to have you back Chris. Keep up the good work.

    • Ember

      speaking of your tie…yes, Chris, yours was great. But Jake’s was so ugly! Do the producers help w/ the clothes?

      • Michelle

        Agreed. That thing was totally ’90’s and totally ugly, but at least we could totally take in all of its ugliness now that the show is finally in HD!! Thank you, ABC!

      • Jaime

        Right…but when he took his shirt and tie off, that was the best part of the show! Or I guess the 6 best parts of the show since it was off a lot at the beginning!

    • nitpicky

      even if it isn’t “the best season” we are sure to have – read in somber voice …”the most dramatic rose ceremony yet”

    • ThisisgoodTV

      Could this be Kelly Ripa with the “I don’t wanna be right” thing? KBella? Hmmm???

  • Cat

    Chris, great blog, loved the article on you in EW, glad to hear you got the TV Guide REd Carpet gig, you deserve it!

  • Heather B

    I love Jake! I am so excited for him to find an awesome girl. I won’t lie, I’m looking forward to the drama. I loved the little preview clip of Jake kicking over a light or candle and storming out of the room. That’s a side we didn’t imagine him having!

    • sprite

      This is where perception is everything…To me that seems so staged in an attempt to make Jake seem so manly (like riding the motorcycle which CH admits Jake doesn’t like so why make him? Seeing him in that huge helmet only makes me giggle because it reminds me of the Martian from the Bugs Bunny cartoons.) Also, of course Ashleigh said she planned this, she was trying to save face.

      • ktwolf

        OMG — the helmet was SO ridiculous! It reminded me of the Martian, too!

      • KTFaery

        I agree about the helmet. Only it reminds me of Spaceballs! Sorry Jake. One of my favorite cheesy moments was when they had him sitting on that motorcycle in the sunset with the palm tree and the airplane flying overhead. So Top Gun. And please tell me that they made him say “my office is at 37,00 feet.” Yuck!

      • Ambient Lite

        And he DID look like a child throwing a temper tantrum when he storm out of the room. NOT sexy, Jake.

  • seattle_girl

    I have to second the fangirly appreciation of the checked tie and vest tonight. Looking good, Mr. Harrison! I’m ashamed to say I didn’t suspect the fake trip (SO glad I’m not a man out there searching for an honest woman!). I loved the Air Force (Guard?) captain that went home and Ali of the peacock feather. You could def tell Jake wasn’t at home on that bike ~ but that hella ride in the little red plane gave him back his man card!

  • seattle_girl

    P.S. Michelle scares me. Reminds me of that psych ward wannabe from a few seasons ago…forget her name.

    • Robin

      That psycho would have been Shannon from the Jason season!! And I totally agree!!!

      • Uschi

        Shannon was a really sweet psycho and was responsible for many funny moments that season. I fear Michelle won’t be nearly as entertaining.

      • El

        Trish – there was another psycho named Trish a few years back!

    • Ambient Lite

      Yes, Shannon’s doppleganger! Good call! The early tears, certainty they were meant to be before even meeting, and the Bachelor being oblivious to it all and keeping her!
      I, for one, am glad he kept her if for no reason other than to liven up what might otherwise be a boring bunch of skanks.

    • Suz

      Every time shee spoke I wanted to yell ‘ run Jake run! She scares me.

      • Lisa

        Better than hearing “Love, They Say It Don’t Come Easy” every week.

      • Ambient Lite

        LOL, definitely, Lisa!

  • seattle_girl

    Wow, I’m a real Chatty Kathy here tonight, but had to add that I hope to heaven we won’t be forced to hear that sappy song Every. Single. Week.

  • Matt2

    Hey Chris! well that was fun! LOL. Jake certainly seems like a good kid, well mannered, humble,successful, and definitely from a solid upbringing. You guys did a good job of lining up the hotties for Jake. Almost all of the women brought a little remember me gift for Jake as they exited the limo’s. That was a nice touch. Did the women do that of their own volition or were they told to do that? Looks like a tremendous season ahead; full of unexpected surprises just as you spoke of earlier. Bring it on!

    • tsimitpo

      There are some gems, no doubt, but I don’t agree that this is a great group of women for Jake to pick from. As my DW and I were watching the canned bios, most of them struck us as “not his type”. It was almost as though they had been selected by ABC with someone like Reid or Kiptyn in mind, who were undoubtedly ABC’s first choices to be this season’s bachelor. Nonetheless, there are definitely some beautiful women here who could certainly be “his type”.

  • a.e.

    Why do you call the decision for two consenting adults to have an affair selfish? After all, you bring 25 women to the show who are looking for love (or romance, sex, whatever) and so what if she finds it with someone other than the guy who is splitting his time with 24 other women to have a relationship with? It’s not like her odds would be that great so really, give me a break. If the Producer and Gal make it, at least that will be a Bachelor match up that ACTUALLY worked.

    • Amanda

      This blog is written by Chris ‘the character’ not the real Chris. His job is to make us dislike that certain bachelorette that had the so called affair (producers’ scripted affair, more like it).

      • leo

        Its selfish to keep courting for and accepting roses from Jake in order to keep her relationship going with the producer. Not fair to Jake, humiliating, and its ethically wrong on the producers part.

      • posterchild

        I can’t wait to see the footage of R and the producer making out. It must exist, right? And surely, they’re going to run it, right?

      • Amanda

        LOL,posterchild you and I know they got nothing because there was nothing to show. Completely made up story and IMPLICATIONS of a sexual affair.I feel so sorry for the girl, I hope she goes to the gossip mags and expose exactly what the producers did to her.

    • sbwm

      Selfish? Absolutely! One’s married – thus selfish. One is a producer committed to a contract with ABC – selfish. One girl sleeping her way to the top -possibly? Selfish. Producer betrays the show, his ethics, his wife. Girl is “there for the wrong reasons” – selfish.

      • sbwm

        Let me take back the married part – that’s just rumor.

      • Ambient Lite

        If the producer is married, this is obviously a sad situation – and maybe the two used poor judgment, but beyond that it’s hardly scandalous. Why is Chris being so hard on the girl involved?

      • posterchild

        What? You don’t even know anything has happened yet and you’re angrily and self-righteously condemning people? A guy you don’t even know says in a blog that some people did this horrible, selfish thing and you just believe him? When I see them making out on tape, I’ll believe him. Until then, I choose to believe this is just more scripted nonsense. I happen to LIKE soap operas, but if they tried to pass them off as reality, I would be appalled.

      • posterchild

        Just the married part is rumor? And the rest of it is fact? WOW.

      • Amanda

        She didn’t sleep with anyone. They want you to think she did.

      • Rich

        Do you really think that they had sex only after a few days of the show starting? The girls are surrounded by cameras, no way they had sex. ABC is just making up a scandal for ratings.

      • juju

        “Who Wants to Marry Ryan Banks?”

    • MTP

      For those of us who just like to enjoy the show and the blog, and choose not to spend our time combing the internet for spoilers, and just like to take things as they come- please comment on the gossip, on a gossip blog. -These comment sections are ALWAYS ruined by people who feel the need to spoil the fun for everyone else.

      • Sara

        Hear Hear!

      • RealityFan

        Translation: for those of us who prefer to live in fantasy land and can’t see that this is all manufactured BS for ratings … come on! The gossip and poking fun are the only things that make this show worth watching! And reading Chris’ blog, toeing the company line, is just even more entertainment. Everyone gets their own kicks in their own way, and you can’t censor people’s thoughts and comments.

  • Kathy

    Chris, not even one girl from Texas?? hahaha

    • Kim

      There was a girl from TX. She brought him soil to show they had common ground.

      • Sarah

        I know the girl you mean and her family is from Texas, but if you saw when they said where she was from on the screen it didn’t say Texas, I think she lives in California. She said that she had just gotten back from a family reunion there, not that she lived there. I don’t get why they didn’t have any girls from Texas though, whey make it that much harder for the two?

  • slrsybrndy

    Hi Chris! I just found this blog and I’m a virgin at it so be patient with me. First I have to tell you that the best parts of the show are the hilarious things you say. You are freakin hilarious! When my husband is always forced to watch the show when you come and say “Ladies, this is the final rose of the evening” my husband started Season 2 saying “Thank you Captain Obvious”. I smacked him for it and I said told him that he had to hear you when you weren’t on that you were sooo funny and you won him over too. He still says it after you do every rose ceremony but it’s totally out of love now. Just wanted you to know we enjoy your sense of humor and I will definitely check this blog from now on. And that’s my final comment of the evening :)

    • EL

      Was losing your real virginity as awkward and painful as the above comment?

      • Ambient Lite

        yeah, that was weird…TMI.

      • KC

        It’s Tenley’s younger sister, Ninely.

      • Amy Leigh


      • Chelsey

        Touche’ KC. Best laugh in the posts so far.

      • Denise


    • Diggity

      Holy crap.

      • Allie

        Hot diggity.

    • Macaroons


  • klh3

    A.E. – Think about it. She came to the show to meet and hopefully fall in love with and marry Jake. If she was going to have an affair with someone else fine but bow out of the show. Not fair to Jake or any of the other women. And the producer or whatever he is should know better than to do that. If it’s going to happen that’s great but not while you are taking him Jake’s time. You can’t say it’s ok because Jake is splitting his time between all these women – duh – that’s what the show is about.

    • Sara

      Well, before I judge, I want to SEE what happens. (1) Does it happen right away? or (2) Does the girl “pretend” to be into Jake and flirt/kiss/cuddle Jake and get to know hime better as if they are dating. If it’s #2, then she’s wrong and I would be so pissed if I was Jake/ABC, but if it’s #1, then it doesn’t really matter cuz no feelings were developed yet. I wonder if this is the incident that made Jake stop the interview, kick over the light and storm out? I don’t think it is…I think something else happens…

      • posterchild

        Or is it make-believe?

      • Tasha

        I even heard that the “drama” this season was, or could be girl on girl action not a romp with a cameraman but then I heard both….who knows? He’s with 25 women so I guess she is just having Jake and cake too…

  • Borah

    I absolutely loved Tenley tonight. She was so cute! I also loved how Elizabeth just started that football game. That is one way to get a guy to remember you. She wasn’t worried at all about her dress or falling. It was great. Also, when Ali tripped, she made it seem as no big deal that she just ripped her dress. It was great to see.
    Great job hosting by the way!

    • leo

      Those are my favorite three as well, though there was also something about Corrie – when she got out of the limo he kind of took a deep breath and it seemed like he was saying ‘there you are’…she wasn’t shown much but seems to share his values and has a sweet personality from what we did get to see. Kathryn has a beautiful face and alot in common with him but I could not get past her dress! She looked like a fairy! I’ll be able to judge her better in normal clothing. :)
      I’m curious about Roslyn, Vienna and Christine’s motives. Probably there to get airtime. Gia could be in the same boat.

  • Ashtrash

    Dang you, Chris Harrison!! That stinkin’ song is going to be in my head for the next 8 weeks!!! I blame you. (Other than that, nice job.) It’s even worse when “On the Wings of Love” is the only line out of the entire song!!

    • Ashtrash

      The only line I actually KNOW, I mean. I’m sure there are other lines to the song. Come to think of it, maybe not…

      • RealityFan

        “nothing but the two of us, together flying high … flying high up on the wings of loooooove” … that’s the rest of what’s in my head, at least.

  • Ashtrash

    One more thing….the gifts and attention schtick need to be banned – some of those were SO incredibly painful and awkward to watch, it felt like those limos were full of all kinds of crazy…

    • Ambient Lite

      I agree, I want the whole “if you want to know more about this, find me inside” to be banned as well. Totally sick of it.
      Also, would like the term “surreal” stricken from every episode going forward.

    • Serapheen

      For me, awkward bizarre cringe-y moments are *exactly* what make this show entertaining. Please do not ban craziness and cringiness from The Bachelor!

      • Ambient Lite

        Here are some of the things that make me cringe that I LIKE: Channy’s landing strip remark, crazy Michelle, the sneak peek of Jake pulling a Mesnick over the railing, the instant cattery…I just get tired of the mundane and trite remarks I hear every season.

    • Eileen

      Oh I totally agree with you on the gifts. I esp didn’t like the woman who gave him the toy airplane and told him it was her son’s most precious possession and that he wanted Jake to have it… HUH???? Oh pleeeease!!!! And the lady with the peacock feather…ummmm…

    • GGG

      Jake is a complete crybaby. Tenley is a crybaby. They are perfect for each other – and totally cringeworthy. I hope she stays until the final rose :)

      • JCS

        I really like Tenley. I just hate how the show leads you to like someone and then in the end they aren’t picked; it’s always so disappointing! Examples: Deanna, Jason, Reid, etc.

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