Jeff Probst blogs 'Survivor: Samoa': episode #13

Man, I gotta say… another awesome episode. Yeah, I know I’m biased, but come on, that was a great show!

And now there is absolutely no debate. Foa Foa has done it. They have come back from an eight to four deficit and now are in charge of the game. Think of the odds Vegas would have given you on that not happening. Well, Vegas wouldn’t actually give you any odds, since they know the show has already been taped and they know that I would have emptied my bank account to take that bet and would now be retired living in Palau.

Nobody ever said all challenges would be created equal. If there is one consistent element of Survivor challenges it’s that they’re typically not things you can practice at home. When’s the last time anybody went bowling… using a coconut for the ball. But it was a little bit exciting, right? I loved Jaison pacing around the deck “visualizing” his final immunity winning toss. But hey, it paid off and kept Jaison in the game one more day.

It was a small moment but I hope you caught it as it speaks to the essence of Survivor. Natalie, in the midst of living on an island with a group of strangers, battling physically, emotionally, and socially for a million dollar prize still takes the time to wash and then hang her underwear on a branch in an attempt to keep them clean. You don’t get that moment on any other show.

I hated to see ole Danger Dave go home. It’s no secret I root for the guy. He should be proud he hung in there a long time in a very tough game, but now it’s jury time, brotha.

Monica is a risky player. All she had to do was say, “If you say Dave, I say Dave” and let it go. But Monica was playing to WIN, not take second. I appreciate that kind of play very much. The fact that it didn’t work is irrelevant. You have to be willing to make those kinds of moves to have any shot of winning.

When Russell began to get worried about Mick turning on him, he made a statement that speaks to the kind of game he is playing:

Russell: “That worries me that he’s gonna send me home, cause that’s what I would do.”

That sentence, especially those last six words, “cause that’s what I would do” is the absolute essence of how you should always play Survivor. John Nash, the dude that was the inspiration for the movie, A Beautiful Mind spelled it out clearly in his thoughts on game theory. He said you must always make your best move based on the assumption that the other person is making their best move. That means you have to get inside their head, think what their best move is, assume they will make that move and based on that make your best move.

When Russell says, “cause that’s what I would do” that is precisely what he is doing. That is how you have to play Survivor. It’s one of the main reasons Russell has been so successful in this game. He is playing an extremely intelligent game. Don’t judge that book by its cover or the lack of a tooth here or there, the guy is putting that little pirate head to good use.

Hmm… might as well just use the same line I used when describing the first immunity challenge:

“Nobody ever said all challenges would be created equal. If there is one consistent element of Survivor challenges it’s that they’re typically not things you can practice at home. When’s the last time anybody…. had to jump on a board to launch a bag into a basket 12 feet in the air.”

Thirty-three days of no food reduced Monica’s body weight to such a low level that the poor thing didn’t weigh enough to even get the bag close to the basket above her head. Worse news, Brett won immunity. It forced her into a desperate position – convince two people from Foa Foa to turn on one of their own.

Monica did a good job of stirring up the dust. She did such a good job that it almost worked. And she brought up a topic that doesn’t get much attention but is often a major factor in who ends up winning the game…

Okay, you want insight, here’s some insight. When Monica uttered those words to Russell: “I can make or break you on the jury” it was a million dollar threat. Mark my words… A million dollar THREAT.

When someone is voted out and joins the jury, there is absolutely nothing to stop them from talking to other jury members and trying to influence the vote at the final tribal council. A disgruntled jury member, (wait is that redundant?) could easily influence another jury member simply by making up a story that never happened and attribute it to someone who has made it to the final. In fact, it’s possible that one jury member could influence an entire jury. Even if we could keep the jury separated right up until tribal council, they could still talk and whisper to each other. So, what this means is you have to play an even better social game than it might appear. You have to develop such strong personal relationships that you are ”lie proof” and that is not easy to do… but it is achievable.

This season is still waaaaay up in the air. So many different ways it could turn depending on who makes it to the final.

We have two weeks left, next Thursday and then the finale the following Sunday.

Stay with us… it’s gonna be good.

Check out our exclusive deleted scene below and read Dalton’s TV recap.

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  • Robb

    Admit it- that wasn’t a “Natalie doing her laundry” moment, that was a “check out Natalie’s lacey underwear” moment.

    • Jen in NY

      Totally agree — Survivor is so pervy, which sometimes makes me uncomfortable, but I loves it anyway! I love Russell’s glance at the panties shining in the sun for exactly 0.3 seconds, and then snapping his head back into the game.

      • AcaseofGeo

        I LOVED that moment and I thought no one else would have noticed it! It was a great slice of Survivor life regardless of how intimate/inappropriate/cheesey/erotic it was.

      • Dr Zechariah Zenith

        Sometimes I don’t even recognize the nuances that comes into the game. But it is a good thing Jeff Probst pointed those things out. Jeff, admit it you’re such a pervert!!!

        If I have to rank Samoa hottest babe, the ranking could be:

        1. Kelly – sweet Kelly. She was underestimated but she was the reason Galu won so many challenges because she is smart.

        2. Natalie – for me she comes second to Kelly. Her Southern accent is downright sexy.

        3. Marissa – first person going out and everyone forgot her already.

        4. Monica – Latina beauty is smoking hot.

        5. Ashley – the gross food challenge will make us remember her.

    • D

      I don’t think there was any lace. It was an intimate sort of moment though. You wouldn’t see that on a sitcom.

      • Survivor Blog

        There was definitely a bit of lace there. Not much though. It is network TV. Check out the rest of my Survivor thoughts:

      • Flabalange

        Did you see the skid marks? Gross.

    • Carys

      Robb, yes, another sexist moment on Survivor.

    • sonny

      Who didn’t like that?

      • Babsg

        Who doesn’t like sexism? Also, Probst gleefully calling out “Natalie struggling to keep her clothes on!” while Mick’s entire ass hangs out. Double standards are fun!

      • Dave

        What’s even more fun is when people take themselves WAY too seriously and make faulty social statements based on a reality TV show. I know Jeff Probst is rather smart, but omniscient he is not. He doesn’t see everything that happens on this show and can’t comment on all pants pulls and bottoms being shown. Being offended for no reason is fun!

      • puppy dog

        sonnny, you, and Russhole were probably the only two people who were enjoying that scene. Now, I know you don’t want to be lumped with the likes of him, so behave yourself. Heh, heh.

    • Paul

      My wife brought up a good comment, why not wear a functional pair of underwear? Except to distract the men perhaps? But really, a true player doesn’t play off his or her sex, so it was unnecessary, as was the footage of that, plus Jeff’s commentary about it. It’s so not worth a comment, let alone footage, let alone Jeff talking about it. It lowers the game.

      • Lil Tuts

        Um why doesn’t a good player use their sex appeal? A good player uses whatever they have to get further. If they’re sexy, use it. It’s no different from strong men using their strength.

  • Sierra

    This has been the best season ever. Thank you Jeff for your candour and humour in this blog.
    I’m loving it!

    • sara

      the best season ever?? huh??? The entire season has focused on one player. bored now.

      • D

        What? Unlike stupid Coach last season, that ONE player has been playing one of the best games ever played on Survivor.

      • Dave

        I agree it was to bias for my taste and has turned me off to Survivor for future seasons. Coach last season same thing. They both had way too much airtime over the others. D is kinda stupid for his or her statement below you, just ignore him or her. And Sierra if this has been your best season try watching other seasons before commenting something so lame.

      • KRibbons

        Dave, you make no sense. Russell turned you off to future seasons? But if Coach did the same thing last season then why are you watching this season?

      • penalty box

        How can you not focus on one player when that player is the protaganist of this game. Your argument is like saying the show Mad Men focuses too much on John Hamm.

      • princess


        So does that mean will not have to read any more of your post, considering you believe this season is too boring to watch?

        …….I’m just saying….

    • CJ

      Except for Russell, this is just about the most disappointing Survivor in recent memory. Russell took off all of the good players on his tribe early, and the other tribe imploded after the merge due to over-thinking and not communicating.

      Note to future survivors: if you don’t trust someone or you’re planning a strategy that sounds like it doesn’t include that someone, DON’T tell them. *sigh*

      • Annie C

        I dont know if people who think this season is dull really understand Survivor? Russell is changing this game forever. He found idols without clues, he manipulated EIGHT PEOPLE into eating thier own, he made his own tribe memembers so physically uncomfortable they got weak and distracted, and has done it all out in the open.

        Even the Galu memebers, as they are voted off are now saying that he is a Master at the game.

        So while this hasn’t had some of the dopey drama of other seasons, to my way of thinking, this truly has been the most entertaining season ever.


      • chad

        I think that people sitting at home think this game is easier than it actually is. I have played and hosted a ‘survivor’ with friends. It is much harder than it appears for the following 3 reasons.
        1. On TV you hear what everyone is saying to everyone, you have to remember in actuallity you only get to wonder what they are saying…and even if they tell you, you don’t know if they are being truthful
        2. These people are starving! When I played we crammed 16 challenges into 3 days while camping, we had no time for food, sleep was non-existant due to scheaming with others….these people are phyisically and mentally exhausted and some commentors here need to remember that these people are not comfy and coozy and well-fed!
        and 3rdly…(this one I have not experianced) most are playing for a life-changing sum of money…it must mess with thier heads. All day, every day, thinking of the money, while we at home think about it for roughly an hour a week.
        Cut these people some slack and give Russell his due. This is a hard game.

      • Lollie

        One of the absolute best seasons ever, no doubt about it. It is the season that has saved Survivor from jumping the shark. Instead of being about surprise contestants and “ooooh, who has to go to danger island???”, it is back to being about strategy and dynamics between the players. Awesome, loving every minute of it.

      • Dave Tett

        I agree with Annie, this is one of the best seasons of survivor so far! I would rank it with Moicronesia! The blindsides, the scrambling, Russell…I mean come on people its a fantastic season!! Challenges could be a bit more exciting ill admit but its still the greatest show ever made! its unpredictablity due to the producers editing makes its tense stuff! Like Dave Balls elimination, it could have been Shambo due to the editing and I couldnt help but feel nervous for her in the tribal! thats good television, one that brings the audience right in there and has suspense! People need to open there eyes!!

      • puppy dog

        Don’t forget, Annie, they pitted his against the most brainless people they could find. If he was playing against Yul, Rob C. or any number of previous Survivor contestants he’d have been gone 11 episodes earlier.

      • soony

        to chad
        I got same idea about easy position from couch. We know the most important information and have them serve up on a plate so everything is clear. I like Russel´s game style but in third point has big adventage. He is not under pressure of money.

      • lbj

        It’s one of the best seasons ever BECAUSE of Russell. Because he’s the best player ever. He’s more than earned his million dollars. Monica who?

      • vilher

        Common puppydog!
        “buhuhu, he should have been playing against other people”.
        Do you really think Tom the Snake Palau who tricked Ian is more deserving than Russell? At least Russell is semihonest at his treachery while Tom ruthlessly lied to a young and an innocent man.

      • Survivor Junkie

        Russell is definitely playing the most aggressive Survivor game ever. However, i don’t know if his threatening and intimidating demeanor is good for the social aspect of his game. You don’t want to alienate the jury members by your egotistical game play. And it was Natalie, not Russell, who manipulated Laura and the other women to turn against Erik after the merge. Russell didn’t believe Natalie had persuaded them. I hope Monica broadcasted at Tribal Council that Russell is really a multimillionaire and we just didn’t get to see it.

      • sonny

        Sounds as if most of the people blogging here, think that Russhole has re-invented the wheel, or is about to write a book on “how to play Survivor” I think it is closer to the truth if he wrote a book on “how to get better tv ratings on survivor” The producers supplied Russhole with sooo much airtime, and who knows what, that everyone at home is disillusioned into believing Russhole is Survivor Superman. Let me know when he finds an immunity idol 10 paces to the east from the forked palm tree, and dig down six feet. I’ll believe it then. But having it in clear view under a bridge, where any troll could find it, is hardly my idea of best player ever.

      • Fiona Bloemker

        Well said Chad…=)

      • puppy dog

        Vilher, I don’t remember mentioning “Tom Westmon” from Palau. But Ian was, without a doubt a guillable, easily manipulatable person. Sort of like Erik on Micronesia. That didn’t make a Tom a great player, in my eyes. Just a lucky player that got a break. Sort of like Yul. This game is about 40% luck, you know. Russhole is just lucky that he was pit aganist people who can’t come up with an original idea. Or can They? We shall see. And Russhole isn’t semihonest, or anything even close. Mick said it best in his “snake” story.

      • RobertIdaho

        all i have to say is i agree FULLY with Chad.

    • Paul

      Ever since Erik was voted out, this has become one of the most predictable seasons ever. And the fact that there were hardly any strategic players since the merge makes it that much worse. This is not one of Survivor’s better seasons.

      • D

        I think that John, Monica, Jaison, Mick, Natalie and Russell are all strategic players.

      • dusen

        Really? You’re saying since Erik was voted out, you predicted that Russell would play his hidden immunity idol to get rid of Kelly, John would flip in a 5-5 tie, and Shambo would be an absolute strategic nightmare? Nostradamus, I bow down to you.

      • Tim

        I agree, it’s ranked as one of the worst in my book along with Thailand, Micronesia and Tocantins.

      • chad

        How can you call this predictable? YOu knew when it was 7 Galu vs 4 Foa Foa that the Foa Foa would win out? You knew when Russell would play his idols? If you knew this stuff then answer this: WHo is the final 2 and who wins?

      • Ted

        Would you have really guessed that Kelly would go next after Erik? That was not predictable. I agree that it’s not that great a season. Mick, Natalie, and Jaison are useless as strategists.

      • Annie

        I admit, I am a Russell fan, but one of the BIGGEST moments last night that Jeff didn’t mention is when Russell says to Natalie “Why would you do that” in reference to telling Galu that he is a millionaire.

        I believe at the very end, Russell will be asking HIMSELF that question. Why did he ever think that was going to work? It will cost him a million, mark my words.

      • Paul

        All right. Maybe Kelly was a surprise. But were you really surprised that both John and Shambo would flip and send Laura home? Were you really surprised that John, Dave and Monica were all sent home? Here’s a prediction for next week: I predict Brett will go home unless he wins immunity. That’s how predictable this season gotten. Just say a name from old Galu and the odds are that person will go home.

      • Fiona Bloemker

        dusen,I LOVED the comment u made to Paul. LMAO

      • chad

        Paul, thank you for your response, and yes, Brett is probably next…if Russell has his way. But I truely believe that the next episode we will see the Foa Foa Foursome split. I also think that the only predictable vote since the merge was Laura going as soon as she lost immunity. I think the finale will be very very good. Even if you think its been predictable, it has led up to a very interesting finale. I am looking more forward to the 4 Foa Foa’s go at it in the end than 4 ramdom Galu members.

    • sarah

      This season had one watchable player, Russell, and only got really good since the merge (essentially halfway through). Aside from those two elements, this season has been the worst one since Survivor China.

    • C

      Maybe not *the* best season ever, but really, it has been one great season. People who say “no one but Russell is playing the game!” really surprise me. You don’t think Monica was playing hard? That John was playing hard? Heck, I’ve even seen evidence that Mick, Jaison, and Natalie are all great game players (though, at the moment, letting Russell take the lead).

      Just because Russell is exceptionally good, that doesn’t mean the others are bad.

      This season has been full of many intense tribal counsels. I am loving it, and am hoping for a Mick, Natalie & Brett final three :)

      • D

        You picked all the same game players that I did! I made my reply above before reading your post. Glad someone else is watching the same show I am.

      • B

        It’s easy to see why people think Russell is the only one playing the game. It’s because of the editing, we ONLY see Russell’s game and not the others. I think Natalie is playing a better game, Russell is playing a more aggressive style game and if that’s what you think is better gameplay, just look what happened to Boston Rob in All-Stars. LOL!

      • A

        @ B, Boston Rob should have won that season. That jury was possibly the stupidest jury ever.

      • vilher

        Exactly, I dont think anyone has played harder this season than Monica!

      • sonny

        I think there is definately a parallel between Russhole and Boston Rob. they both played a very egotistic and aggressive game. I think the outcome will be the same as well: Losers! Boston Rob had to marry into the loot. Russhole gets to be used by Survivor Villians next season. I hope the producers don’t do the same thing, and give him 20 minutes of every program. I’m sure they’ll figure a way to keep him around until the end, AGAIN! I seem to recall a suit brought against survivor in the early days. some girl, thought she was done wrong, and the producers conspired to boot her. I don’t recall hearing any disposition on the case. But, if they can get rid of people, they can figure out how to keep people around, too.

      • Fiona Bloemker

        C your comment is right on. There have been a lot of contestants playing very hard.

    • isotonic

      You can’t be serious. So much focus is on Russell that the only time you get to meet another player is on the episode they get voted off. Day 33 and I’m still saying “Who is that??” It makes it very predictable and tedious.

      The production, the editing – everything is much more obvious this season and less “real” (if it ever was).

      Definitely the worst season for me, and possibly my last.

      • Hank

        Based on editing alone, yes! Survivor Samoa is THE worst season of all the 19 seasons. If this style of editing continues (focusing on just one character) I won’t be watching anymore. I and I know I’m not the only one.

      • JD

        Also, if Russell were a woman, she would probably have made out to be the worst villian of all time instead of “such a great player”! Come on, do you hear how he talks about people to the camera’s. If a woman did that she would be called the biggest “B” in the world!

      • ccf

        Agreed, who the hell is Brett?

      • Anth

        I’m not sure if I dislike it more than Cook Islands, but either way Samoa is definitely a poor excuse for a Survivor season. People who think this season is the best ever must have started watching really late or just have short-term memory.

      • Fiona Bloemker

        Such negativity gets me down…8( I for one truly love the show.

    • Jen in NY

      Great or greatest season ever! In what other season have you had several other players at one time or another *compliment* another contestant as being a great *social player*? Sure, there have been other contestants who have admired/feared a player’s *physical* abilities, which are easy to gauge during the challenges. But, again, when has a player been so obviously great in his social play that other players admire him for it? To my recollection, Jaison told Russell “You deserve this,” whatshisname — the other hot guy with the beard (I think he’s the doctor) — said Russell has the mind for this game, and Dave said something, too, during his exit interview complimenting Russell on his game play. Shambo obviously loves Russell’s game play up to this point as well. To call anyone a “smake” on Survivor is to be completely ignorant of what the game is all about. It’s called “Survivor” not “America’s Nicest and most Selfless Missionary.” The funny thing is: Russell may be the most honest contestant ever, just not with the other contestants. With the camera, he admits his mistakes, and he doesn’t pretend (cough-Coach-cough) that he is in control when he is not in control. He admits his vulnerability and recognizes that, and that is how he has been able to make the big moves to stay in the game. And, jeese louise, how can anyone insult his game play for “just” finding 3 immunity idols? That is smart, people! Who else in the history of the game has done it?

      • Snsetglaze

        Actually, he does say he is in control even when he is not (i.e. the Ben vote).

      • Pete

        Huh? Who are you arguing with? Why are you defending Russell and what do you get out of it? All I gotta say at this point is: Get a life!

      • Jen in NY

        Pete — You should lighten up just a scintilla (and please pronounce the word correctly, Monica). I’m just a fan of the show who is taking part in the conversation by disagreeing with people who say this is a boring/bad season, and “defending” Russell is part of my point that this is a *great* season. You are free to disagree with me, but what’s with the tone of your post? Why are you reading Jeff Probst’s Survivor blog and all the comments if it clearly angers you to read the opinions of others? And finally, does your sponsor/case worker/occupational therapist know you are on the Internet without an aide?

      • Did You Climb In From Space

        We’re enjoying this season as much as every season. Look forward to Thurs nights at 9:15 ( when we roll the dvr). I crack up how y’all quote players from all the past seasons and compare to the current season.
        Anywho, rooting still for Shambo, Troll and Jaison to make to final 3. Dr. Mick has pissed off ER, me thinks his days be numbered.

      • CV

        Good response x 2 Jen in NY! And I completely agree with you. I LOVE this season…and I’ve never missed a single episode of any season ever!

      • Madam_P

        Jen, is THAT the word Monica was trying to say? “Scintilla”? I could not think what in the world she was talking about! LOL! Thanks for clearing that up for me!

      • davidellen

        Jen in NY — don’t agree w/ your original sentiment re: this being a great season — in my view, it can only qualify for that if, ultimately, Russell wins, which ain’t likely. But I liked your sassy response to Pete…well drafted!

      • ichorwhip

        Good, a sane post that looks at what I’m seeing, and doesn’t either wallow in nostalgia or tiresome cynicism, as if any of the past Survivors are very relevant to the “new” and hence different Suvivor Samoa. Some act like if Rupert or Richard Hatch or Boston Rob etcetera don’t leap out of the foliage then there’s nothing worth watching here. That said, I agree with others that the “misleading” editing is most noisome this season. And yet I wouldn’t miss a minute of it. It’s been entertaining if nothing else.

      • tom

        Jen it must be a NY thing but I agree with your thinking about Russell.At first I thought what an *^%$ this guy is but after a couple of shows he became the show and a great player.Although he could still be an *&^% lol.

      • Survivor Junkie

        Jen, the other players were not complimenting Russell’s SOCIAL game; they were complimenting his STRATEGIC game. If anything, Russell is severely deficient in his social game. He’s playing an aggressive in-your-face game, sometimes threatening and sometimes bullying. Natalie, among others, is building relationships and curryiing favor with the jury while Russell is pissing them off. A truly great player was J.T. Thomas who overcame a similar majority as Russell; JT was strategic, great in challeges, a provider, and a great social charmer whom the jury wanted to win. Russell comes no where close to that. And if you are familiar with the history of the game, you know the idols were often buried in camp or hidden on Exile Island. On Samoa the idols were not as difficult to find, one even hidden under the bridge that Russell and Shamboo sat on everyday. This was the idol used to keep Russell in the game.

    • sonny

      Interesting-yes; best season ever-only if you have a poor memory! Entirely too much Russhole and Shamu on my TV screen. As you can probably tell Jeff, these aren’t my favourite characters. They give you great ratings, they give me a headache. It’s not Russhole’s lack of teeth, it’s what he’s got to say that is such a sorry state of reality tv these days.

      • Yvon

        Totally agree. It almost seems like this season is edited the way, JEFF wants to see it and not what THE FANS want to see it. He’ll be the only one watching upcoming seasons if he keeps it up.

      • Becky

        I think this is a good season.I haven’t watched them all, but I can’t wait to watch it. I love seeing how it plays out, who goes home, the scenes of the wildlife, and the beautiful scenery! I love the blogs and videos too. Thank you everybody!

      • puppy dog

        Yvon, I doubt that Jeff has much say in the editing. He’s the host, not the producer.

      • stacimcc

        actually, puppy dog, he is one of the executive producers…

      • Kathryn

        Can’t say overall best season ever – this season got off to a very slow start and really did not become can’t miss TV until Erik got blindsided. I like the drama but still don’t feel like I know most of the contestants, either from a personality or game play standpoint. The editing has been really poor this year.

    • sonny

      Interesting?-yes; best season ever?- only if you have a short memory or missed a few seasons. Too much Russhole & Shamu for my tv screen. Great for your ratings, bad for our entertainment.

    • Rosie

      This is the worst season and one of the worst cast ever on Survivor. Reason Russell seems like the smartest player (which he isn’t) is because the others aren’t playing smart.

    • Dallas

      It is the Coach’s and Russel’s that help make it all so interesting. And the Jeff’s of course! And the human survival mentality. Without them, a game running this many seasons could easily get stale.
      The blog has sure added to the experience.

    • d.

      I’m not sure anything can top all the blindsides in Survivor All-Stars. But I have to admit, I’m enjoying Russell’s game play now that he’s not degrading the women so much. LOL.

  • consuelo

    i cannot believe that people have not woke up and seen the real russell yet. are they ever going to be surprised when they watch the episodes on tv and see what he really said about them? they are going to kick themselves for not listening to their intuition earlier. a lot of followers. cant wait to see what happens.

    • AnonymooseBlog

      Are you deaf? They are all aware but totally scared. They all know he is a snake, did you not hear that story about playing with Snakes that Mick gave? They ALL know!!!

      • Anna

        All the more reason to shake themselves out of their stupor and eliminate him.

      • rebs

        Good grief! They aren’t in a stupor. He’s being used until the right time.

      • rac

        I don’t think Shambo knows

      • Luke

        You’re the one that looks like a complete moron by your statement. If they were smart and they are, they would wait until the idol cannot be used anymore, they’re not scared. Only wimps like you would be.

      • tsimitpo

        Russell has shown a propensity for playing idols and he makes a show of hanging it around his neck at tribal. Are YOU going to take a chance of wasting your vote on him and risk being next?

      • puppy dog

        If they were smart, (as they are NOT), they would have taken him out last night. Using what smidgen of brain they have, they would pick who should go if Russhole plays the idol. Cast a majority of votes for Russhole, and 2 for the “picked” player. It’s a no-brainer. If Russhole plays the idol, you’ve gotten rid of that one. If he doesn’t play it you’ve gotten rid of him. If he finds the next idol…repeat.

  • AnonymooseBlog

    I was completely on the edge of my seat. When I saw that second Russel pop up I almost craped my pants! I started muttering, “Oh shit. He is screwed! He is gone, it’s all over!” Thank god I was wrong. Russel stays another day and you can bet your bottom dollar he uses that Idol at some point! Though I doubt wearing it to bluff them into thinking you will use it will work again! The next two episodes promise to be awesome!!!!!

  • Sierra

    If anything Russell is the one to have with you in the final two. He won’t get the votes even though he plays a great game. Brett is a HUGE threat.

    • D

      I agree about Brett. If Brett does not make it though I think Russell has Dave’s vote at least so far.

      • Sean

        Not sure Brett is the big threat everyone thinks he is. The only thing he has going for him is Galu jurors voting for a Galu. But if editing is any indication, Brett has done absolutely nothing remarkable this entire season to warrant being considered the “best player.” Any reasonable person would have to admit that, like him or not, Russell has played a hell of a game. John and Laura may be too bitter personally to vote for Russell, but I think Erik, Kelly, and Dave Ball are capable of acknowledging his gameplay. Add to that any Foa jurors, who owe their continued existence to Russell, and he will have their votes as well. Assuming Russell makes it to the end…

      • Paul

        There’s no way Russell will win. What juror is going to give him the million dollars especially since everyone knows that he doesn’t need the money? There is no way Russell will win. Even if he is up against Shambo, he won’t win. Actually if I was still in the game, I would want to take Russell to the end with me because I know I could beat him. But try to tell that to this “unstrategic” group of players.

      • Lance

        If i’m Russel & i get to the final 2 or 3, i’m telling the jury that i obviously don’t need the money, but what i’d do is share half of the million among them, and i’d donate the other half to charity. Who now couldn’t vote for him to win?

      • Anna

        Lance, Russell’s not allowed to share his winnings with the other players. It’s against the rules. As far as charity goes… we’ll see, he has four children to put through college, that can get expensive. And finally, I can’t stand Russell but I honestly don’t feel he needs to get defensive about being a millionaire to the jury when he’s got a doctor and a lawyer sitting beside him also vying for the million. I don’t know anything about Natalie’s financial status but I imagine she also does well enough for herself.

      • sonny

        Russhole can say whatever he wants to say. I think we all know by now, just because he says it, doesn’t make it so. who amongst us believes him at his word that he would give a half million dollars to charity? I think the only charity is the Russhole charity!

    • Paulette

      I agree about Brett being an enormous threat. Right now I think almost every jury member would vote for him to win. The Foas have got to get rid of him before they start scrambling to get rid of each other.

    • WTF

      Brett is a SLEEPER. He’s done absolutely NOTHING but also hasn’t made any enemies. If he makes it to the end he’d win with a Galu heavy jury.

      • Bond Girl

        After a great season, I would be so disappointed if Brett ends up winning. The most he has been on camera was last night, and he hasn’t appeared (at least to the viewers)to do anything as far as playing the game. I would hope if he does make it to the final, he wouldn’t get every vote simply because was a Galu. Laura seems like the only one who would be that petty. Any Foa-Foa deserves to win over him. The fact that the 4 of them stuck together and overcame the merge is reason enough!

      • Madam_P

        I agree, Bond Girl. If Brett should win, I think it would be a very disappointing end to a great season.

      • davidellen

        Would ruin the season for me.

    • puppy dog

      And actually it may be a final 3. The way things are shaping up, It looks like it will be.

  • Rich Miller

    What? 2 weeks left? Next Thursday then the finale “the following Sunday?” So I’m gonna have to go 10 days between survivor episodes…sigh…the middle season catchup is bad enough..cmon…we need 3 seasons a year jeff..

    • calendar girl

      finale is dec. 20th

    • Anna

      I think it’s only three days between Survivor episodes. Everything wraps up on Sunday, the 20th of December.

  • Tim

    i think Russell gets the votes BECAUSE he’s playing the game. i think the Jury will see that. yeah, he’s burned most of them, but if i was him on day 39 making my plea for $1 million, i’d say “hey, i was playing the game and did what i had to do…” a juror would think, “well, yeah you did…” It’d be like the 1st season (Rich told the Jury what he did and didn’t apologize because it was the game).

    • frogger

      In an ideal world, maybe that would happen, but this is Survivor. A big part of the way the jurors vote has to do with the social aspect of the game, who they like and who they don’t. Just becasue Rich got away with it doesn’t mean Russell will.

    • davidellen

      Also like Todd on China. Here’s hopin’…

      • davidellen

        Clarification: what I meant was, Todd Herzog did the same thing — being upfront abt his gameplay on China (while Amanda boo-hoo-hooed).

  • tylergranger

    Monica was awesome this episode! I loved how she was laughing in the Tribal Council. Too bad she went to the jury. Nice threat!!

    • mary mac

      She knew she was leaving and was enjoying the tempest.

      • penalty box

        She was the logical choice to go and knew it. She really blew the game a while back after staging the fake agreement in which she and Laura tried to get Natalie kicked off. Hard to believe that Natalie would have had any sympathy for her. Brett, to his credit, never got his hands dirty with that one.

      • Petunia

        Props to Monica for planting a “Monica seed” in Russell’s head–he was flipping like a flag on a pole!

      • puppy dog

        Petunia, I am so with you. I never cared a lot for Monica, but she gained me as a fan last night. I loved seeing Russhole squirm. And she just ate it up.

      • Fiona Bloemker

        I never gave Monica any credit, but I was very impressed with her this last game.

    • Jen in NY

      Monica was desperate and not very smart. Also, delusional: She thinks she caused the forthcoming tension in the tribe, with 6 people left next week? What, did she invent Survivor?

      • Jack

        Whatever she did at that tribal council it obviously helped Brett based on next week’s preview. So there is nothing wrong with causing chaos before leaving when you know your leaving. It was brilliant but someone with a simple mind would not understand it.

      • Petunia

        Once Brett won immunity, Monica knew she was next–she decided to exploit a weakness in Russell’s game on her way out: His paranoia that Foa Foa talked behind his back about his personal wealth. Too bad she didn’t exploit it earlier.

      • i’m a lady

        um, jack, only brett winning immunity will help brett. monica overstates any possible impact she could have had. the fact that there are so few people left would have made the foa foa members start to look at each other, not her attempts at strategy. and they are still voting as a team, so what is your point?

      • Dana

        Couldn’t stand Monica glad I will not have to hear her speak any longer. She is so full of herself. If evil Russell should be voted out I don’t think I’d care to watch any longer, he is the only one worth watching for. Monica should have kept her mouth shut instead of issuing threats, which is not how you go about getting someone on your side especially if that someone is Russell. Sorry to see Dave Ball go, but he wasn’t doing a very good job of keeping himself in the game, but I did like the guy. Still do not care for Jaison he has done little throughout this game other then complain, but managed to win back to back immunities. For some reason I get annoyed every time the man opens his mouth. Then to hear him say how he was involved behind the scenes in all the big moves was BS, Russell has hands down controlled all aspects of this game from the start, Jaison can’t take even a little credit for that.

      • Petunia

        “…Then to hear him say how he was involved behind the scenes in all the big moves was BS, ” Of course — and as gameplay it was a good move

      • Jack

        To I’m a Lady – I thought my point was clear. Why not help your fellow Galu and the last of his kind by putting doubts into the other Foa Foa that Russell is a thug and has to be stop. So they can pull in Brett for a late alliance to the end. She knew she was toast, why not help your ally out. I thought it was a pretty simple message, I guess not all of us are up to speed, lol!

    • Michael

      I gained an appreciation for Monica this episode. Another factor that Jeff forgot to mention was how the actions of someone trying to save herself can influence what happens in the rest of the game. Monica increased the doubt that was in Mick (which I think he blew it by not acting upon it) and that could have repercursions later in the game. Unfortunately for Mick, I think the repercusions will be Mick being voted out next, esp. if Brett wins immunity. In fact, I think Russell’s big mistake could have been not getting rid of Brett earlier even though in the end, I don’t think he had much of a choice due to having to appease Shambo.

      • Sue

        Mick is bugging me cause he had a chance to make a “big move” and did not. But as a Foa foa I would want to vote out Brett if possible. Russell, love him or hate him, I appreciate someone using his head and he does say things on camera that show he is not always sure of himself. I do like to see someone win who deserves the $ – maybe if he wins he will donate it to charity? I think he could care less about the $ , he wants the title now and I don’t blame him.

    • Paul

      Monica could’ve been saved if she played a more intelligent and strategic game. Jaison gave her valuable information about Russell’s financial status. How does she use that information? Does she use it to align herself with Jaison, Mick, and Brett, which would give them the majority votes? Or does she use it to upset Russell to no avail? I really don’t know what Monica was trying to achieve by upsetting Russell. All it did was turn Jaison against Monica, with whom she needed to form an alliance. From next week’s preview, it looks like Brett was the only one who benefitted from Monica’s erratic move.

  • Christina

    Yes, if Brett makes to the final. He will win. He has the majority votes on the jury. Russell will never get the jury votes to win the game.

    • kabulujug

      I agree…I love Russell to death but it clearly is a losing game for him already. Unless he can take Shambo up until the end the best he can do is live up to his title as the best survivor villain of all

      • Randy

        LMAO Shambo will never get to the end.

      • Survivor Freak

        If Russell really wants to win, he’ll have to take Shambo to a final two. She was never part of Galu and no one feels like she’s played much of a game, so they’d be forced to vote for Russell. Anyone else goes with him and it’s too up in the air on popularity vs. respectability.

      • Mark S

        That only works if it is a final two. What if three people go to the finale? Shambo and Russell would probably lose to the third party, no matter who it is.

    • rac

      If brett were making it the jury he would win that’s why he won’t be there–if he won he would have a few more confessionals and somebody would have talked about him

    • Jeffrey

      Are people forgetting that Brett turned on Galu and voted them off beginning with Erik? Does anyone remember the snubbed high-five when Erik was voted off? Or the fact that John was voted off by him? He won’t have all the voted of the jury, no.

      • Jeanne

        That would suck if Brett won. I don’t think flying under the radar deserves a million bucks!

      • Dan

        If you watched the “recap” show, Brett was pleading NOT to vote off Eric. When it came to John, Brett’s vote didn’t matter…

      • Frank Marshall

        In the post survivor interviews, almost all the Galus have identified Brett as being their biggest ally. Laura, Dave, Kelly, Erik…they all thought they were going to the final 2 with Brett. So apparently Brett has been playing an amazing social game, we just haven’t seen it. Aside from Erik, he hasn’t really betrayed anyone; and even Erik wasn’t really his fault. If he didn’t know that Erik had the HII, there wasn’t a whole lot he could do to save him in 5 minutes. If things had gone differently for Galu, Brett would almost certainly be final 2. As it stands, I doubt there’s any way anyone with so little airtime has a shot at final 2. I like this season very much, but I would be interested in seeing it again with a more even handed edit. I think it would be an entirely different show.

      • Paul

        I’m completely with you, Frank Marshall. I would like to see this season again with “a more even-handed edit.” In many ways, this season is a lot like The Cook Islands. Both seasons had an alliance of 4 that beat the odds and wound up taking out the majority of the other alliance. And both seasons had a mastermind who possessed an HII. However, Yul was NOT the focus of attention in The Cook Islands. At least no where as much as Russell has been in Samoa. That is the difference between the two seasons and the main reason why I prefer The Cook Islands over Samoa. The reason I keep watching Survivor is because I’m hoping for another season like The Cook Islands. So far, I have not seen it.

    • Debaloo

      I disagree. I think if Russell makes it to the finale he does have a chance to win. There are players who vote on who played the game best and there is no doubt that Russell played an amazing game and some in the jury will recognize that.

      • Anna

        Not with this jury, alll he has to do is open his cocky mouth and lose all the votes. He’s got zero chance.

      • sonny

        Some of the jury will vote for Russhole: Shamu, Dave, and I don’t think he could get another vote. If 3 make it to the finale, 3 votes aren’t enough to win it. He may get runner up, but I hope not.

  • Survivor Fan Since Grade 5

    Nice job hosting LIVE! this morning Jeff! Yeah, I know I’m off topic. You give Regis a run for his money!

    ANYWAYS, another great episode… what a risk for Russel though, not to play the idol. It thought it was going to be a “dumbest Survivor ever” moment, but luckily his teammates didn’t throw him under the bus.

    • wanderer08

      Nah when he wore it that scared them if… any plot was in the offing. He KNEW that. Why he can use over and over LOl Brilliant play

      • sonny

        There was absolutely not one conversation amongst any of the players, that they were going to vote off Russhole. Why is he so brilliant?

  • dg

    What is wrong with Are they ever going to get their videos to work consistently. Every year the same thing. They should just use youtube so they can get it done decently.

    • AnonymooseBlog

      This was the only time I ever had a problem watching the Ponderosa videos. The videos from tonight are definitely messed up. Glad to know it’s not just me!

    • St Loo

      I agree. both of Dave’s Ponderosa videos are messed up in the middle.

    • chris b

      you are so right. season after season their video section is a mess – clearly they are aware of this and clearly they don’t care enough to fix it.

    • D

      It is horrible this season. Interruptions every few seconds on my streaming.

  • Anth

    I have a question, Jeff, and I promise I’m not asking this for the sake of being a complainer or anything like that–I like you and I’m finally cool with Russell. That said…

    Russell is intelligent. Sneaky. Slimy. Has an occasional great quote/one-liner. Merciless. Up against some mostly stagnant competition that, intentionally or not, seem to have no problem paving the way for him to win. He’s clearly one of your favorite players of all time.

    However, all of those descriptions also apply to the man you dubbed the worst winner ever, Brian Heidik from Thailand. I don’t mean to accuse you of anything, but I can’t help but feel there’s some sort of double standard here and that Brian is a victim of being too ahead of his time. If Russell had been the one on the fifth season and Brian on Samoa, would there be any difference in the way you view them? Would Brian be the one invited back to Villains and Heroes? (FWIW, I’d love to see Brian play again, but I know he’s not a favorite of production.) Again, I don’t want to come across as accusatory; I’m just curious as to why these very similar players provoke such completely different reactions from you.

    And now the more fun questions that I’d also really appreciate if you could answer:
    1. Since you said you were rooting for Danger Dave, any chance we can see him on a future All-Star edition? Obviously not S20 but I’d love to see the guy again. He was my favorite of the season and got overshadowed by Russell and Shambo. He and Erik get my vote for most entertaining this season.
    2. Any contestants you’re looking forward to seeing at/hoping will attend the Survivor reunion in January? I’d love to be a fly on that wall…here’s hoping a lot of the early players show up, especially Kelly Goldsmith, Jeff Varner, Greg Buis [never gonna happen], Sean Rector, Mike Skupin, Frank Garrison, Jake Billingsley…heck, just about anyone from the first five seasons.

    Thanks Jeff, keep up the great blog and great show.

    • Anth

      Oh yeah, on an unrelated note, any chance I could get an internship with the Survivor editing crew? :)

      • D

        I do not agree at all that the rest of the competition has been stagnant. Since you mention editing, a lot of the contestants complain that they were making moves all along and they did not make it to the edit. Jaison and Mick are smart dudes and the reason they have not turned on Russell yet is that they need to NOT be playing against a Galu at the end (with the possible exception of Shambo).

    • chris b

      Heidik shot a puppy with an arrow, so you’re NEVER going to see his snide face on Survivor again.

      • sonny

        I was all set to agree that Brian from thailand was similar to Russhole( except he won ) when I read he shot a puppy with an arrow? I didn’ see that episode, and I’m glad I didn’t. I hope he rots in hell if that’s true.

      • RBlues

        It wasn’t on the show. He shot the puppy after he got home. I believe a domestic violence dispute was also involved. He claimed he thought it was a wild animal of some sort and I don’t remember what the (criminal) outcome was.

    • soonerwife

      I am so glad you brought up Brian’s game! I thought he was amazing–he “openly lied”(is there such a thing) to everyone and ran the whole game. I agree he has been underappreciated–why all the kudos for Russell and none for Brian when their games were so similar? Brian was totally SMART!

      • Will

        I agree, Brian WON the game, Russell hasn’t won yet but Jeff is idolizing him like he did. Jeff you need a religion and quick.

      • davidellen

        Brian’s one of the all-time greats, no doubt.

  • tiffany

    People who try out to be a survivor have surely be fans for years. They know the game and know the old players. If the final jury members can’t get past their own vote-off and NOT see that Russell is top-3 all time survivor greats: they haven’t been paying attention. Love him , or hate him, he is an amazing player and deserves every penny of that million.

    • St Loo

      I agree

    • Shelly in NoHo

      How is he an amazing player?? All he is good at is finding (easily hidden) idols and threatening people. He has NEVER won one challenge nor does he play a good social game. Saying that he is the best Survivor player, isn’t fair to those past players that REALLY WERE great players!!

      • granite25

        Russell is an amazing player for several reasons. He’ playing a game that is pure predator. He doesn’t have to play a great social game with everyone. He’s played a decent social game at the right moments to advance Foa Foaor stay in the game; not necessarily to stay in the jury’s favor. Not many people would argue a lion is not an exceptional predator because it didn’t snuggle up with it’s prey before ripping it’s throat out. That trait of raw power is admired. There is a chance that there will be jury members see that he’s played a high risk, high reward game full bore from day one. Who gives a crap if the idols were easy to find. He’s the FIRST & ONLY contestant to go looking for them on his own. The others acted like the clues are a permission slips to go find them. He’s has not played the cookie cutter approach. The point of a challenge is to win immunity…doh, he has it already with the 3 HIIs. The only point would be to secure it for his alliance and they’ve handled that well on their own. Winning them would just increase the size of the target on his back.

      • chris b

        Shelly from NOHO – here’s a reality check: They merged 8-4, and it’s now 4-2. Only one person made that incredible switch happen: Russell. It sure wasn’t Mick!

      • Marni

        Russell has single-handidly (sp) changes Survivor. They are going to have to figure out a way to hide immunity idols or come up with another tactic for members to save their fannies. He has “taught” future contestants how to manipulate and worm their way through the competition.

        I started out hating Russell, but have since begun to love him. He is, by far, one of the best players that has ever played this game.

        I can’t wait to see the person that can “top” him in the future.

      • D

        Look how easily Russell was able to win over Shambo after leaving her in the dark and going against her wishes. If that is not a good social game, I don’t know what is.

      • shelby

        1. If the II’s were so easy to find, why didn’t any other player find them?
        2.Threatening people with voting them off is hardly a crime.
        3. Where in the rules does it state that a winner has to have won an immunity challenge?
        4. Social game. He’s been playing it pretty well so far. He’s still there.
        And finally, why on earth would you want players to play the same way every season?

      • Paul

        I agree, there so many better players than him, example Rob C, Fairplay, Ralph, Chris, Brian, Ryan, Yauman,Earl,Parvati, Yul. But yet Jeff loves to lick Russell’s nuts. I don’t get that guy.

      • sonny

        The fact tha Russhole could win over Shamu with the use of a lie, says more about Shamu than it says about him. Shamu couldn’t piss a fit, or it’s bye bye Sarge. She would have accepted any excuse. I wonder who she is going to dream out of the game next?

      • penalty box

        It is ridiculous to say that Russell is not playing a social game. That is EXACTLY what he is doing. He has strong alliances with Shamu and Natalie and enough of one with Jaison to insure that he has played on. When his enemies become threats, his strategy is so strong that he knows just when to remove them AND he knows when to get others to join him.

      • Petunia

        Russell IS strong socially–with the Foa Foa’s he didn’t eliminate. He eliminated players who were obvious threats, forged an as-yet-unbroken alliance with the remaining members to decimate Galu. That done, NOW it’s every player for him/herself.

    • Justin

      Russell is a bully who bullys everyone around–including Natalie. How does that make him an “amazing” player? If you want to see an amazing player then I suggest you watch The Cook Islands. Yul was an amazing player. Like Russell, he got his alliance to do what he wanted them to do but unlike Russell, he didn’t bully them or other players around. As far as I’m concerned, Yul was one of the greatest players ever and definitely deserved to have won his season. I highly doubt Russell will win this season.

      • D

        They are two dominant players that used immunity idols to their advantage. I find Russell way more entertaining to watch because he plays an offensive rather than a defensive style. He makes a lot of mistakes but he is doing enough right that they haven’t hurt him (yet).

      • Paul

        He won’t win. I can foresee it. D is a moron, don’t listen to him.

      • sonny

        I believe the great players not only find the immunity idol, they then make another replica, or stand in idol, to throw everything and everyone out of kilter. that is what GREAT players do!

    • Anth

      Um…no. The large majority of casts since season 13 have been made up of recruits that don’t really watch the show or know how to play the game. That might explain why so many of these recent seasons have been so underwhelming.

    • dw

      not everyone tries out some are recruited.

    • sonny

      He doesn’t even deserve every red cent of the 25 grand that he will probably win from the call in viewers, if they have it again this season. He certainly can’t be called Great. There are certain very important aspects of the game that Russhole completely ignored: he didn’t schmooze the tribe. As a matter of fact, he was more like fingernails on a chalkboard. Icky! Just because Natalie fell for her first day alliance ( same alliance made with just about every one in the game, or out of the game, too. That is why he doesn’t get the whole enchilada.

    • Tara

      @tiffany – No. Plenty of Survivor contestants are recruited by the show, and are not even familiar with the game at that point. This has been a particular complaint of many fans for years now.

  • hhh

    GO BRETT!!!!!!!!

    If Brett stays all the way to the finals, He’s damn sure going to win, just keep winning immunity, Brett!!

    • Michael

      That jury really is gunning for Brett!!

    • Nosferatu

      That could happen. He can pull a Terry from Survivor Panama or a Bob from Survivor Tocantins and get to the end. He’s gotta get rid of Jaison next to have a better chance of doing just that. I wouldn’t worry about Russell, the guy is nothing with that hidden idol.

      • Fiona Bloemker

        Terry is my favorite player of all time! He played a great game, was intelligent, and one nice piece of eye candy. I truly hope that he is in one of the reunion shows.

      • davidellen

        Terry got TOTALLY shafted by that final immunity challenge which, by using identical-sized/weighted floating lily pads, didn’t take into account the three players’ vastly different body-weights (thus giving a huge unfair advantage to the lightest person).

      • puppy dog

        I wanted to see Terry win that season too. At least there was someone to root for back then. I agree with you on this one davidellen, the challenge was pretty unfair. But that’s happened many times in the show. Where he had advantages in other challenges (strength) this one didn’t require those abilities that would have helped him win. That’s how the game works.

  • Brian C.

    Why are people so convinced Russell won’t get jury votes (and why can’t people spell his name properly?)? Even if I didn’t like the guy, I would vote for someone who played the game the best. It’s happened before, and it will happen again. If I were playing against him, I wouldn’t take the risk of having Russell go against me in the finale.

    • Justin

      Russell won’t win because the jurors don’t like him and now everyone knows he’s a multi-millionaire. This is why I’m surprised people think Russell is an amazing player. If Russell was an amazing player, he wouldn’t have opened his fat mouth and told someone that he doesn’t need the money. The only reason Russell looks “amazing” is because he’s playing with one of the dumbest casts ever.

      • Rosie

        So agree with you Justin

      • puppy dog

        Russhole can’t keep his big mouth shut about anything. He is so starved for attention, he must brag about himself whenever he can. And, Brian, I agree, people should learn to spell his name. sonny, and I are the only ones who seem to get it right.

      • dg

        John will vote for Russell over sharm
        Laura will vote for Russell over sharm
        Erik will vote for Russell over sharm
        Dave will vote for Russell over sharm

        Russell just needs to seal the deal with a few twists on people as they are voted out.

      • puppy dog

        Sham won’t be in the finals.

    • Michael

      Brian, I agree with you. Unfortunately, I think this jury is going to be bitter. In my opinion, the only thing that they have to be bitter about is their own stupidity in their obvious ostracization of Shambo. Believe me, I think Russell is a smart player but I think old Galu made it very easy to find the crack in their tribe.

      • Jeanne

        If Russell handles final tribal the right way (if he makes it there)he has a chance of getting votes. I think people who I’ve thought would win have screwed up Final Tribal and blew it (Amanda and Sugar come to mind).

    • Ted

      Some juries reward strategy; others are too bitter and won’t do it. All the editing is leading us to believe it will be a bitter jury–but maybe that’s just to mislead us.

      • Caitie F

        Well we know Eric will vote for Russell – he shows respect at every move. I think John will too, as will Dave. The women are the wild cards. As long as he isn’t against their buddy Brett he will win.

    • Chamrock

      He won’t win because when he gets to address the jury his arrogance will come out and turn off the jury, they already know he doesn’t need the money. IF he’s against Shambo, he might have a chance but there is no way he wins this thing IMO.

    • Farra

      I think he’d get almost all the votes. UNLESS he is up against Brett. Then he will get almost none.

    • sonny

      Who would you rather go up against? Natalie- pretty, pretty smart game, not too many enemies, no real blood on her hands! Or maybe Mick? Did no wrong to anyone, seems likable! Brett- almost all of the jury love him! Shamu-nevermind- who wouldn’t want to go against her. So, the way I see it, i would want to go against Russhole in a 3 person finale.

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