'Glee': Before fall finale 'Sectionals' airs tonight, review the teasers and make your predictions!

Does practice make perfect? We’ll find out tonight as New Directions competes in “Sectionals,” the heavily anticipated episode that will serve as our last hit of Glee until—all together now!—April 13. Let’s review the available information about the big show after issuing this SPOILER ALERT:

• In the trailer for “Sectionals” that aired last week, Emma says to Will, “I want to take the kids to Sectionals,” to which he responds, “The wedding’s on Saturday… your wedding.” And Rachel braces for a Quinn beatdown.

• In a clip from “Sectionals” released by Fox (see below), several members of New Directions are nervous that Rachel will discover the truth about Quinn’s baby and blab it right to Finn, who’ll freak out, throwing the club into disarray on the eve of Sectionals.

• A press release from the network also hints that “when Quinn’s secret unravels, the club may not be able to recover in time to compete,” “Sue’s scheming hits an all-time high,” and “with Emma and Ken’s marriage looming, Will makes a decision that could change his life forever.” Songs to be covered include: “And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going” from Dreamgirls,  Barbra Streisand’s “Don’t Rain On My Parade,” The Rolling Stones’ “You Can’t Always Get What You Want” and Kelly Clarkson’s “My Life Would Suck Without You.”

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Surely you have a theory or three on tonight’s episode. Does McKinley take home the trophy? Will Emma make it to the altar? Does Will forgive Terri? Will Quinn sing another rather inappropriate song to a child? All predictions are welcome. And, of course, feel free to use this space during the episode to discuss and dissect the action as it unfolds.

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  • a person

    Quinn and Finn break up, than Quinn sings My Life Would Suck Without You to either Finn or Puck!

    • Tara

      From the promo pictures, I think they all sing My Life Would Suck Without You to Will because they want him to come back to the club.

      Also, the commercials have showed Emma in the audience at Sectionals on her cellphone, so I don’t think she goes through with the wedding and is updating Will on what the kids are doing since he can’t be there.

      • Chad

        wait wait wait…

        “I think they all sing My Life Would Suck Without You to Will because they want him to come back to the club. ”

        seriously? He quit AGAIN?! one of the reasons my wife and I stopped watching was because it seems every episode revolves around someone quitting Glee.

        I’m sure they’ll have the obligitory “We’re doing it for the KIDS” talk again and everything will turn out alright.

      • michelleee

        he didn’t quit, he was disqualified from competing

      • Lizabeth

        Well, he didn’t actually quit. The kids filmed a commercial last week and recieved “payment” (free mattresses). A hs glee club is not considered amateur if they get paid for singing and Will, because of his fight with Terri, unwrapped one of the mattresses to sleep on. SO, since he was the one who technically accepted the beds, he took the bullet so that the kids could go on to compete.

  • Diana

    1. They won’t win Sectionals because, to quote my friend, “where would the show go from there?”
    2. After listening to “My Life Would Suck Without You” a million times yesterday, I think the following pairs sing to each other: Rachel/Finn (natch), Tina/Artie, Mercedes/one of the football players (maybe they hook up?)

    • Chappel

      After Sectionals would come Regionals. After Regionals would come State, then Nationals… that sort of hierarchy. Sectionals is akin to the first round of playoffs in a tournament.

    • Q

      1. I think they advance. It’s not definite, but to counter your friend’s argument, if they lose, Glee is disbanded and then where would the show go? You could have the team reforming in the spring episodes, but I’m unsure whether there’s enough time with all the other things that need to go on. Note: I didn’t say they’d win in this episode, it’s also possible they’ll lose but the cheating will be exposed and they’ll advance by default. The dark horse is that Sue’ll find the spectre of losing more loathsome than Glee and decide to continue her vendetta later.

      2. Agree on one and two, not sure about three.

      Super bonus prediction: Shue’s prediction from waaaay back in the beginning (Preggers, IIRC) that developing Tina’s talent would be essential to winning will be borne out when she has to sing “True Colors” at Sectionals to give New Directions a chance.

  • crispy

    Prediction: Will is going back to Terry. And I am done watching this show. (Until of course they announce a song I can’t bare to miss)

    • Ambient Lite

      The promo said that “it’s guaranteed to make you cheer”. They will probably do that to us at some point, but not tonight.
      Tonight is all about sloppy Will + Emma action, win at regionals, and Puck vs Finn.
      My predition (for next season): Ken and Sue join forces to take down glee club and romanticness ensues.

      • Megan

        Ken and Sue together would be hilarious!!! love the idea!

  • Meleegi

    I thought they were told they had to win sectionals or Glee was over? I’m probably wrong, but I thought that is what the principle told Will in the beginning.

    • AshleyG

      YES! So they will win and then keep competing for regionals or whatever comes next =)

  • pauch

    My only guess is that the winners of sectionals won’t be revealed tonight, in fact I think it will cut off right at the announcement and it will an after the fact reveal when the show comes back. I’m also guessing that (unfortunately) Will is gonna stay with Terry for the time being. I always wondered if this episode is tweaked now that the show is a hit. I always felt like these 13 episodes were written in a fashion that had the show tanked it would have offered resolution by tonights episode.

  • Russell

    Will kisses Emma at the very end while My Life would Suck without you plays in the background.

    Oh and the kids win Sectionals.

    • Ambient Lite


  • mdub

    Of course they’re going to win sectionals… if they didn’t then you would have to question “where would the show go from there.”

    I really hope will and emma admit their love, but as Jim and Pam have proven… Unrequited love pulls harder on the heart strings than happily ever after… its too early for them.

  • cas

    I predict that nothing will happen exactly the way we predict it to (except that the kids will win sectionals), and that the episode will be filled to the brim with awesomeness.

  • Simon

    New Directions is pretty much guranteed to win sectionals tonight. It’s regionals at the end of the season that they might not win.

  • amber

    will and emma are together. sue say some funny lines. the kids win sectionals. and at the very end, the will show a promo of next year and it will say ‘coming april 2010,’ then it will say ‘SIKE! new episodes start january 2010.’ best ending ever.

    • Melody

      I like your predictions, Amber. I definitely think they win sectionals (they have to, really), but that’s the only for sure thing, I think.

  • Stacy

    The wait between epsiode 1 and 2 was pure agony… how are we going to make it to April????
    I hope that “My Life Would Suck Without You” is the closing number, after they come together to win Sectionals even with all the secrets out in the open… cause they realize that life would suck without Glee and each other :)

  • AshleyG

    I totally agree, it would be a great way to wrap up the first half the season, and I still can not believe that they are going to make us wait until April to see new episodes! Grrrrrrrrrr!

  • Kate

    Oh, really, come on, we won’t know who won Sectionals until April 10, I bet they build up to think the cliff hangar is a) Finn’s discovery about Quinn b) will Emma go through with the wedding, but obviously not a since I am betting the whole party line takes place before the credits and Quinn and Rachel have resolved their problems and probably realize they are not that dissimilar and I am guessing Emma shows up at Sectionals and there is this smoldering look between her and Will across the auditorium but nothing more, Teri tries to make amends, but I am guessing her sister messes up any chance she had to wrap this up quickly with Will, and the cliff hanger is either the announcement of the winner or something to do with Sue’s sabotage.

  • Lizabeth

    I don’t know that this is as much a prediction as it is what I hope will happen…They compete (and win) with the Dreamsgirls and Streisand songs. Sue sings “You Can’t Always Get What You Want” when her plans to get rid of Glee are foiled, yet again. And, in the end there we see several couples come together (Rachel/Finn, Quinn/Puck, maybe Artie/Tina!) singing the Kelly Clarkson song to one another! As for Emma and Will…as long as he is married they need to be kept apart. But, I don’t think he will go back to Terri.

  • Kate

    Oh, and math question, come April (assume it will be at least January in Glee world so after Christmas break), how far along will Quinn be? I got the impression it happened in the summer, so shouldn’t she be having the baby in about April?

    • Ambient Lite

      I think TV time puts everything on hold?

    • Lizabeth

      Yeah, Terri’s sister said the baby was due around spring break.

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