'Gossip Girl' recap: Chuck hangs with his father...and meets his mother (maybe)!!

This season of Gossip Girl is turning into a regular family reunion. We’ve met Vanessa’s annoying mother. We learned that Serena’s father had popped back up on the radar. And now we have seen Mother Bass or some lady who has the same taste in flowers. I knew she was still alive! In fact, I called this waaaay back when Chuck and Dan ended up in jail in season 2 and Chuck discussed his mother’s death. I knew it! Of course, I could totally be wrong and this mystery lady, played by Mulholland Drive’s Laura Harring, could end up being his childhood maid or something; she was kinda dressed like Dorota.

It was a very Chuck-ish episode with the action taking place one year after his dad Bart’s death. I’m not sure I completely bought all of Chuck’s brooding and ignoring Blair. Also, I have an extreme aversion to ghosts popping up and conversing with the living. It just never comes off. But I was surprisingly moved by the final moments with Chuck in the hospital, reliving the moment when his father passed away. It was probably one of the more serious and emotional scenes in Gossip Girl history. Oh and most importantly Chuck looked really hot for the entire episode.

The other major focus of the evening was on Serena and Tripp. He is such a dud I cannot handle two women fighting over him. What is the allure? The dude wears hunting gear in his free time. Also, I’m kind of obsessed with the fact that even when Serena’s lounging around the house, she wears low-cut tops, emphasizing her cleavage. Doesn’t this girl ever wanna just wrap herself up in a Snuggie? Or put on a turtleneck? No wonder she was cold! Clearly, not only did Tripp’s cottage not have heat, it didn’t have undergarments either. While we’re on the subject, how the hell could this place not have cable or wi-fi? The dude is a politician! He should at least have access to CNN.

So the big twist — hinted at in the commercials — is that Serena and Tripp get in a fairly major accident after swerving from some wolves. It all felt oddly Twilight-esque to me (it also reminded me of the 1994 Jack Nicholson flick Wolf). I was half-waiting for one of those wolves to bite Tripp and have him go all Jacob. Sadly, that did not happen. What did happen was a poorly conceived cover-up hatched by Tripp and Maureen. First of all, how are they supposed to explain Serena stealing Tripp’s car? I just didn’t buy any of that. Thankfully, it appears the Serena/Tripp affair is coming to an end, evidenced by Nate punching the dude in the face.

I sort of love Rufus as the trophy husband. He’s totally becoming a lady who lunches. But clearly he’s going to launch into some kind of relationship or almost-relationship with this co-op board lady. Meanwhile, Lily was kind of a mess in this episode. She just kept bopping back and forth to different locations. I realize she was a little freaked out because the letter was missing but she seemed a little too spazzy. And it kinda made me sad that she totally forgot the anniversary of Bart’s death. I know he wasn’t the best guy but still! So, personally, I don’t believe anything went on between Lily and Serena’s father but what do you think, PopWatchers? I’m sure they had omelets or something benign like that.

The lumberjack look suits Dan very well. Very, very, very well. He looked adorable in that flannel shirt. But the dude is like a crazy lady magnet. That Willa girl is bizarre. Who seduces someone — while dressed in a gold lamé blouse I might add — with a weird performance art video? I’ll tell you who: crazy ladies. And then the poor guy got totally rejected when he told Vanessa he loved her. Once again, Vanessa, your little pal Paul is clearly a homosexual. Dan is cute, hetero, and has clearly been lifting heavy things. Go for him!

I was hoping for a little more malice in Eric’s plot against Jenny. But it all just added up to some purse sabotage. I looooved Jenny’s coat though. That was something to fight over. And it was nice to see little Kira Abernathy again.

But I think my favorite twist was that Jenny Humphrey is secretly selling drugs with Damien. Yay for Bad Little J. Things are so much more fun when she’s misbehaving. And Damien is a nice addition to the cast although the dude needs to lose the deep v-neck tees. Not a good look.

What did you think of last night’s Gossip Girl? Are Serena and Nate gonna get together? Will Vanessa ever feel the same way for Dan?

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  • Ellen

    You are not kidding that Chuck was looking hot this episode! That’s what the past few episodes were missing–we need our Chuck!

    • TheObserver


      • Ty

        right on…he was looking so hot this episode. I too had been missing him. I’m glad this Tripp/Serena storyline is over it was dumb. 2nd I guess they really going forward with Dan/Vanessa pairing :( I want them to continue dating outside the circle. As soon as Eric questioned where Jenny got the money for the bags I knew it was drugs…this is gonna be an interesting storyline. I see a major fall in Lil J’s future.

  • Zoe

    So let me get this straight: There was no smoking gun in that letter. Serena even said to Maureen that the only thing the letter showed was that Lily and Serena’s dad met in a hotel room. Nothing about what they did or why; the letter was apparently not a love note either. But based on JUST THAT, Rufus believes the worst and (apparently) ditches Lily, at least for the evening. Strong marriage these two have. I guess Rufus’s annoyance with Lily’s constant secrets has always been a running theme. But t would have been more satisfying and surprising if Lily HAD told Rufus, and THEN Maureen brought the letter over, allowing Rufus to shoot her down by saying “Oh, I know all that already.”

    • charlee

      Well, there is the lie. She said she spent the time with CeCe and she was with one of her exes in a not yet disclosed location.

  • Sina

    So glad Damien is back. Jenny needs a dimpled drug dealer in her life. I just hope Eric doesn’t stop trying to take her down. I am so glad that whole Tripp storyline is over with. That guy is so boring and looked like a rodeo clown I never understood Serena’s attraction. That car accident was stupid also. You can tell someone was in the passenger seat and Serena’s blood on the dashboard. It was just a stupid plot point I’m glad is over with. I would love a Nate/Serena/Carter triangle. I didn’t care for the Chuck storyline because it came out of nowhere, imo. But the ending with Blair with him at the hospital was so cute and such a great scene. You can so tell his mother was alive. I guessed that also. Rufus having an affair, now that is crazy. I would never guess that. But can’t wait to see Lily go up against that woman.

    • Sara

      Did you notice how Tripp didn’t look at the road for like 2 minutes while driving? Bad acting. I hope he’s off the show forever.

    • Amy Leigh

      How did the Chuck storyline come out of nowhere? It was the one year anniversary of his dad’s death and it brought back a lot of Chuck’s feelings that he hasn’t really dealt with since that day. That was the whole point of his conversation with Blair in the hospital. It was nice that they acknowledged the anniversary of a character’s death since a lot of shows kill a character off and never speak of them again.

  • PMD

    The only reason I watch this show is for Chuck Bass!!! SO HOT in this epi!!! LOVE HIM!!!

  • Liz

    I love Chuck and Blair and if it hadn’t already been solidified last night would have done it. That scene when they were walking out of the hospital was beautiful.

  • TheObserver

    Ed Westwick brought some well needed acting gravitas to this episode. The scene in the hospital…killed me! He is easily my favorite character and easily the best one on the show. Serena does incerdibly stupid things for a worldly person and Blair can be very petty. Dan and Vanessa also prone to truly idiotic behavior and Nate is so pretty he’s confused but Chuck…Dear God he is perfection. Moving on…the wolves in the road…the three of them. I hoped they would have attacked that yellow bellied Tripp after he ditched serena in the car but alas, if you can dream and not make dreams your master….overall a good episode. loved how everyone came together for Serena though..shows that despite all the BS they love each other….befitting the season.

  • Amber

    Love the new Lil Druggie story line…please let this go on for more than one episode.

    • saintofE69th

      yea liked that too glad they dumped the Eric revenge bit he never had a chance they are better on the same side. serena and tripp should have been eaten by wolves or at least tripp. his wife is a dud she should have got slapped

      • alex

        the eric revenge bit is STUPID…they need to move the heck on, give eric an actual storyline with a bit of depth…its just so dull to keep taking down jenny…I want to watch her wreak havoc without people constantly holding her back every minute.

  • Dede

    Loved how Dan told Vanessa he loved her and she reacted like he just told her that her outfit was pretty. That girl had no reaction, no emotion what so ever. I also was hoping the wolves would attack Tripp.

    • Madd

      Let’s face it, even if wolves attacked him he wouldn’t get interesting.

  • Balaji1212

    Best episode of the season,And i totally disagree with you on the chuck thing ed was totally believable throughout the episode and not only the final hospital scene which was epic to say the least.GG finally is back and More Ed and leighton they are the best part of the show.

    But i have mixed feelings about the chucks mother thing its just a little too daytime soap opera for my liking and if that means more chuck i have no qualms about it.

    Finally WTF with three months break just plain unacceptable.

    • sparkle the gym bag

      yes that is too long casual viewers wil not come back so you know what that means the end of GG is near. I hope I am wrong but I have seen it too many times long delay leads to extinction. last night’s ep rocked! glad to get some course correctrion on some stoires and the play/pay out on others. GG is back on track!

  • Christie

    Really I never expect GG to be realistic but I guess grandaddy van der bilt really has some clout with the local cops since forensics would easily show that the blood on the broken passenger window belongs to Serena and Tripp’s DNA is all over the driver’s side. No matter what statement that lying witch maureen gave officially. At least the writers had the sense to drop Tripp the drip as quickly as possible and nudge things in Nate’s direction. Woo hoo, looks like Chuck is finally getting a storyline even if we had to put up with dead daddy appearances to get him there.

    • mscisluv

      There would be no need to process the car for DNA, given that the wreck doesn’t seem serious enough to press charges against anyone.

  • Mark in FL

    From the moment Trip was introduced you could see the Chappaquiddick/Kennedy story retread coming. It only proves that Ted Kenn… er, Trip=idiot. Chuck Bass was great in this episode & Lilly’s whole letter storyline did seem contrived. Even Lilly wouldn’t have an affair with her ex-husband a couple of months into her marriage to Rufus, i.e. “the one”. Dan is also an idiot. A hot ‘crazy” actress? Go for it, dude! Actresses are crazy… crazy fun.

  • Joseph T

    I agree- the last couple minutes with Chuck reliving the death of his dad, very well done for GG. Kind of got to me

    • Liz

      It def got to me. Ed Westwick is wonderful and I’m glad they gave him so depth and something to do that didn’t involve parading around saying “I’m Chuck Bass”

  • maedy

    well leighton and ed definitely the star of the show !! just imagine gg without them, coz i can’t.

  • Ryan

    Should get Melinda Clark to play Chuck’s Mom

    • Elle

      omg! I never thought of that, but that would be awesome.

      • Lucy

        OH my gosh I love her!

    • Lily

      Ryan, you’re a genius!

  • noam

    please, please don’t let chuck’s mother be alive. that’s so unbelievable–bart bass was one of the most important men in new york; he had numerous profiles in magazines and newspapers; and his obituary mentioned he had been preceded in death by his wife. surely some reporter would have caught on that mama bass was living. and even if bart was a jerk, would he really tell chuck his mother was dead and keep photos of her in their house? plus, it’s a story line straight out of soaps and boy meets world…

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