Lifetime's '12 Men of Christmas': A minute-by-minute guide to Josh Hopkins' beautiful chest!

To quote my short review of Lifetime’s 12 Men of Christmas that ran in EW: “The only reason to watch this trivial holiday movie—with Kristin Chenoweth as an NYC bitch who finds herself after moving to Montana—is to gawk at Cougar Town‘s Josh Hopkins, who plays her love interest, often with a bare (and chiseled!) chest.”

That hasn’t changed, and only struck me more so as I watched the two-hour pic again Saturday, when it premiered at 9 p.m. The movie is supposed to be about Chenoweth’s Amanda Woodward-esque character E.J., who moves to small-town Montana and shakes things up by commissioning a torso-happy calendar featuring the local search-and-rescue guys and, of course, her rocky relationship with town bad boy Will (Hopkins). Despite all that blah-blah-blah plot: This movie is really about Hopkins’ wonderfully maintained upper body. I’m convinced that the producers quickly realized this, too, which is why they so gratuitously featured his man muscles throughout.

For your viewing pleasure—and so you don’t waste time with, you know, the rest of the movie—I’m providing you with a minute-by-minute breakdown of when it’s crucial to stop your DVR and check in on Hopkins’ Very, Very Merry chiseledness:

0:24: The first sighting of Hopkins’ Will. E.J. goes to the Post Office to mail something and sees him, then does a double take, setting up their flirty relationship. Even clothed in his mountain-man wear, he’s a God.

0:30: The first sighting of Hopkins’ rockin’ bod. He’s skinny-dipping in a pool at a house that E.J. goes to scout out, and what do you know? He pulls himself up out of the water, totally nude, right in front of E.J. (If I had that body, I’d be similarly unashamed.) Granted, we viewers don’t get to see the goods, but what they do show — cuts of his legs, pecs, back, chest — is undoubtedly nice enough. Walking toward E.J. in his birthday suit, he goads her: “Are you enjoying the view?” Will says, apparently referring to the beautiful, surrounding landscape (although we all know what he’s really talking about). Her retort, flicking her eyes down toward his no-no: “Let’s just say Montana’s not all it’s cracked up to be.” Burn! But the sexually charged banter continues: “It’ll grow on you,” Will replies. (I mean. I mean! I’m sure it will!) To which she says: “Don’t count on it.” Burn times two! All in all, the folks who shot and edited this scene were smart cookies: They cut it just right, so that trashy viewers like myself would get a thrill, yet it’d still be (pretty much) PG-13.

1:18: The montage-ish photoshoots for all the men included in the calendar begins. I’m a fan of Mr. May, Mr. June, and Mr. September. But again, it’s all about Mr. December, a.k.a. Hopkins, who poses for his shot (with a horse, no less!) at…

1:22: Surrounded by snow, Champagne bottle and glass in hand, next to said horse. Did the producers of this movie pull this straight out of my dreams?

1:31: This is the first time you see how the actual calendar shot of Hopkins turns out, when E.J. gets the first shipment of her big project. Shocker: He’s still completely adorable! (And: shirtless!)

1:33: Now we’re, sadly, to the last shot of Hopkins without his top on, so you — like me — will have to savor it. (That is, until you hit restart on your DVR. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.) Consequently, Chenoweth is in the scene, too, and it’s nothing too special. (It’s actually the scene that the above photo is taken from.) But still…

Did you miss Lifetime’s 12 Men of Christmas? You can catch Men in repeats at 9 p.m. and 11 p.m. on Sunday; and 9 p.m. on Tuesday. Don’t forget to consult this oh-so-chesty (and handy!) guide while you’re watching.

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  • Nick T

    That guy isn’t attractive, but yes, his chest is rather beautiful.

  • E.

    Not attractive? I’ve been drooling over him in a number of series over the years, but he’s looking better than ever right now! Smoking hot in Cougar Town and maaaaybe reason enough to watch this flick (it seems like the kind of thing DVRs were invented for: freeze, and then fast forward!).

  • Amanda

    I’ve been a fan of Josh Hopkins ever since he was on Ally McBeal. I still remember the episode where he sang a song at the bar. That show did love their sound effects, and the sounds of revving engines as the ladies got into his singing was hysterical. Vroom!

  • Jenna

    please tell me Tanner is a girl.

    • ef

      Because…now the information is no longer valid?

    • EWsMom

      The only sad thing about this article is that ANY person (guy OR girl) would obsess over someone’s chest and write a minute-by-minute summary…

    • Rob

      Please tell me you’re not serious.

    • paul

      Please tell me that Jenna is 11 or that she recently arrived here in her time machine from the year 1943.

    • mememoi

      Oh, Jenna. SMH.

  • Lex

    Tanner’s not a girl.

  • EWsMom

    I don’t wanna sound like a nag – but that’s not a “chiseled” chest….it’s big…but it’s saggy, soft and droopy.

    • paul

      It’s just plain hot, actually. He looks fantastic.

  • lyra

    i watched about 20 minutes of the program. then changed the channel

  • Kimba

    I watched the movie last night, and enjoyed it! I love Kristen Chenoweth and would watch anything she’s in. Hopkins is not bad either!

  • KT

    Did anyone else pick up on the straight from Pride and Prejudice moments?

    • Hillsry

      Mr Darcy/Will and Wickham/Jason. Sure did. Good to see those that write the made for tv movies can sneak a little great lit into their scripts.

    • hannah


    • Molly

      Yes! The “I have feelings for you against my better judgment” was quite familiar! Cute though.

      • W.

        There’s that one and EJ’s “last man on earth…”

        Its not just the guys who are named after. EJ Baxter/ Elizbeth Bennet, Jan/ Jane

    • aclm21

      right?! when I first saw this i kept saying to my mother “this is soooo pride and prejudice with christmas stuff attached” all they did was change up the names and they barely did that as noted by other people that responded. Well, hey, its just a cutesy christmas movie and i do love pride and prejudice but they just shouldnt make it so painfully obvious.

  • Cassi

    Watched some of this movie…then I find out that it is set in Montana. being a Montana native I was curious to how they depicted Montana. Who ever wrote that script sucked at the research part, there were many inaccurate references from The Gap to the Montana Grizzlies.

    • hannah

      It did show how beautiful Montana is, if it was really Montana they shot it in. Of all the photos I’ve seen from people who have been there, it’s a beautiful place.

      • Erin

        I’m a Kalispell native and was saddened to see that the film was not at all shot on location. Though they referenced Glacier, our hospital, and 2 legitimate streets, the way they were depicted was unfortunately entirely inaccurate. Kalispell was depicted as a smaller town in the middle of nowhere. Although it is true that we do not have a Kinko’s or a GAP, we are actually one of the largest most populated cities in the area. Which is likely the reason it was not filmed on location. We are much more commercialized than many would think and though I enjoyed the movie, I feel it was misleading.

  • hannah

    There was nothing else to recommend this remake of so many “smart chick fish out of water falls for the local hunk while changing the town and herself forever” flick than the half naked males. All sorts, in all shapes and sizes. I do appreciate a nice almost stripped male. Among the many things that I didn’t enjoy about this blah movie was the ad for the Lifetime bio-pic on the non-artiste Thomas Kinkaide. Has the entire country gone milquetoast?

  • jenna

    Yeah JH is pretty hot. As far as TV (Lifetime) movies go it was pretty cute. KC is pretty adorable too… But this movie was kind of like a huge Pride and Prejudice rip-off. Like enitire characters/scenes lifted it from it…for the promos they make it just seem like that Renee Zellweger New in Town movie from last year…but I guess it could be more like Renee Zellweger’s Bridget Jones….

    • Acacia

      Blame the BOOK it’s based on (Decent Exposure) if you’re going to blame anything. Almost impossible to find it though, doesn’t seem to be in print, but I found it in the New and Used section at Amazon.
      Oh, and it was published in 2006. But, as they say, there ARE no more new ideas, just new ways to tell them.

  • jackie Miron

    No one has mentioned the woman who played the sister in NYC. She has the best clothes!! Anyone know where to buy the top she had on that had a couple of stripes – looked like tye dye?

    • JMB

      I would love to know where to get the grey shortsleeved sweater/cardigan E.J. was wearing on the couch when at her sister’s

  • K

    it’s a lifetime movie. what do you expect? all those movies have the same plot over and over again. keeping that in mind, i thought kristin chenoweth did an amazing job in a leading role, something she’s never really been given before. it had a few good lines, and, yes, some really good-looking men. did i think it was oscar-worthy? definitely not. but it was nice entertainment for a couple of hours.

  • Cardsgal

    I loved this movie! I would watch Kristen Chenowith in romcoms all day long.

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