'Big Brother' winners Jeff and Jordan on 'The Amazing Race': Can it be true?

There are a couple post-Thanksgiving gifts that would bring a slap-happy grin to my face: stepping on the scale and realizing that I actually lost five pounds, and learning that my two favorite Big Brother contestants were about to participate in The Amazing Race. Some very instinctive fan took a picture of BB 11 winner Jordan Lloyd and her boyfriend, Jeff Schroeder, at the Los Angeles International airport recently and posted it on Twitter. Judging by their attire, the couple is either A) gearing up for a very exciting leg of the race or B) looking a little too precious in their matching T-shirts and backpacks. I’m going to assume the former, since Schroeder told EW last month that he and Lloyd wouldn’t be “opposed” to appearing on another CBS competition show. Sadly, CBS wouldn’t comment other than to say that officially, it won’t announce the cast of the show’s next season for a while. But pictures don’t lie … or do they? An insider reminds me that Schroeder did, after all, swipe a Hawaii trip from Russell the Muscle this summer (though apparently, he cashed it in. Thanks, posters!). Could the couple just be heading off to vacay?

What do you think? Does it look like the BB couple is about to extend their 15 minutes and join the Race? Would you tune in to see if Jordo “pops a boob” again (as Jeff so eloquently said to her last summer)?

Photo Credit: Danielle Varey/Twitpic

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  • lo

    I’m so looking forward to the next season. Cool!

    • shakywalls

      Speak for yourself.
      I have no interest in watching a homophobic, reality fame-whore on the Amazing Race.
      Sad to see the show has no casting standards at all.

      • Just saying

        wow who peed in your cornflakes this morning?

      • San Fran

        Some of the people this show has cast over the years, and THESE are the ones that get your knickers in a knot? Please.

      • J&J Fan

        Are you still mad because Big Brother kicked you out of the house?

      • Steve

        Hey “shakywalls” – “lo” is speaking for him or her self. And what makes you think some un-named “reality fame-whore” is scared of homosexuals? Or is he/she scared of homosapiens?

      • luci

        you did not watch BB 11 Jordan is and was not a whore are you kidding? Jordan was one of BB best females that has came in that house that carried her self like a young lady and respect for her self and her family. you must be a whore yourself to say something like that. you don’t have to look at the show no one would miss you.

      • lol@luci

        “shakywalls” said that Jeff/Jordan were REALITY fame whores, not “sex” whores…please learn how to read.

        (and for the record, I DO agree that homophobes like Jeff do not interest me at all)

      • Deb

        so don’t watch it

      • Janice

        The only people who saw how truly horrible Jeff and Jordan were to the other people in the house were the people who got the live feeds…anyone who just saw the CBS edited version of the show thinks they were awesome and the nicest people in the house. They were nowhere near as bad as Chima or Lydia but they were NOT as nice as the editing made them appear…especially to poor Michelle.

  • liz

    I don’t know but if they were on TAR there would be a camera and sound guy with them.

    • J&J Fan

      Good catch. If there was no camera man around…not likely they’re on TAR. Sad face.

    • Kat

      I saw the AR group at O’Hare many years ago, the camera and sound guys were not always RIGHT next to them.

    • Joe

      possibly but their are sometimes at the airport were the teams can roll free

  • michael

    They are wearing the same colors… which is a sign for amazing race contestants!

  • JP

    The person who posted this on twitter also has another picture of two African American ladies in matching outfits with a camera guy in the shot. http://twitpic.com/rd3ac

    • KC

      JP, you’re right – Looked at the pic with the two women in pink, looked for real – can’t wait! Love Jeff and Jordo! :)

      • Susan

        wow, that would be awesome. they look so cute together!

    • Deb

      Looking forward to Jordan’s wide eyed look at everything she doesn’t understand which is almost everything and Jeff dragging her around…they were two of my favorite contestants ever and I’d love to see the on TAR…now if CBS would do a Survivor with BB contestants that didn’t win that would be a great show to watch too.

      • GnomiG

        I agree!!! I’d love to see some of those people on Survivor… and see how they’d deal with it without the luxuries of the BB house. Lol

    • Joe

      and if you look at the gate number the gate number is very colse 47 to 49a isnt a big differnce

  • Naja

    I’ll be watching every minute! I am a long time TAR fan, as well as BB fan, and this will be the first reality tv show crossover I am actually looking forward to. I think they were out of their minds when a few years back they let BB3 Alison Irwin go from BB to TAR. I didn’t know a single person understood that move. She was unbearable. At least this time TAR chose someone that the viewers enjoy.

    And to the doubter…Look around the net. It wasn’t just J&J captured at LAX. Other teams with the camera crews were snapped. This is totally legit.

    • matthew Cyrus

      no it wouldn’t be the first reality show crossover. Rob and Amber from Survivor were on season 3 of TAR. so ha. looking forward to seeing J&J on amazing race!

      • KDAWG

        Naja didn’t say this was the first time, only the first time they were actually looking forward to.

    • AnonymooseBlog

      Instead of forcing me to look around the link, maybe you could post links to where there are pictures of the other teams?

  • Allie

    can’t wait for the amazing race 16! and i bet that’s what they’re doing if they’re dressed in the same colors! did the fan say if ther were any camera crews around? i’m just gonna guess that they’re on the amazing race. i don’t watch big brother, but can’t wait for next season of tar like i said lol.

    • Allie

      and they’re also just waiting around, which is what a lot of the teams do, but usually they wait with other teams, i don’t really know lol.

      • Heather

        Could it be because they were first there!

    • sara

      the person who saw them took photos of other teams (one of which included a clear shot of a camera crew). She also did talk to Jeff who said that they were in a race (which was all he was allowed to say). This is legit.

      • Allie

        i would think that they wouldn’t be allowed to say anything at all. since they said they were in a race, anyone who sees the pic and watches TAR would think it’s obvious because of the matching outfits. maybe they were headed to the first stop for the race to begin. but anyway, can’t wait for next season!

      • sara

        Allie, we see racers on the show all the time saying they are on a race. They just can’t say they are on the Amazing Race.

  • Naja

    Here is the photo of the other team captured at LAX yesterday.


    • Allie

      yes sara, they say that they’re on a race to the taxi drivers and the airport workers so they can go faster. what i meant to say is that they can’t tell their families and friends they’re on a race, just that they’re going on a vacation.

  • Henry

    I hope so! I never watch The Amazing Race, but Jeff and Jordan would be just the right reason to give it a chance.

  • Seymour

    I would love to see them on the race. I think it would be great. CBS is one big family. Remember Rob and Amber?

    • Audrey

      Sounds like incest to me.

  • Samantha

    wow i’m a fan of Jeff & Jordan,i have been a fan of TAR sent’s Season 1,i cant Wait Until TAR16 Starts,GO Jeff & Jordan GO.

  • sara

    I can’t wait to watch J&J on TAR! This will be a hoot!

    • Pratt

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  • mimi

    Yes, Jeff and Jordan are on TAR 16 according to the several message boards that are spoiling. They also have pictures of other racers in matching gear as well.

  • leigh

    Yes, yes, yes! I really hope so.

  • andrew

    question for people who have watched tar:
    I used to watch and enjoyed how the first place team could get a day+ lead on the other teams.
    Then towards the middle seasons they made it so no team could get that big of a lead.
    Is that still the case as I’ve stopped watching it.

    • Sarah

      They depart exactly 12 hours after they check in. So they all begin the next leg with the same lead that they checked in with.

    • SP

      They start with the lead they checked in with as Sarah said, but flight/train/bus schedules and the hours a building/museum/store etc. open tend to be the great equalizer that frequently makes a substantial lead evaporate.

      Remember season 1 where Team Guido was still in Alaska while the other teams were crossing the finish line?

      I guess it’s easier on the production staff to only be in one location rather than in multiple cities/countries, but it definitely took some of the fun out of the race!

    • warped

      I believe they now have a rule that says something to the effect of that teams must check-in at the pitstop within 24 hours of the first team to arrive at the pitstop, so as to prevent the production team (and Phil) from having to be spread out throughout the world. Not that this is usually an issue, because with bunch points and the fact that, at least this season, there has only been one daily flight from one location to another, even the most lagging behind team has usually been able to catch up. Could you imagine if they didn’t have something like this? Congratulations you are the first team to arrive at this pitstop. Excuse me while I fly back to the last pitstop to greet a team that is still racing that leg.

  • Sandy

    Of course it’s for TAR!
    So excited for next season…go Jeff & Jordan, go Team Blue!

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