'Glee' gone until April, then up against 'Lost': What did we do to deserve this?

Fox announced its midseason schedule yesterday, and amid the excitement about Idol and 24‘s returns, one major piece of info seemed to get lost: There won’t be any new Glee episodes between December 9 and April 13. Uh, slushie-in-your-face, Fox! What the what?

When it returns next year, Glee will be moving to Tuesdays, where it’ll have a small upstart indie series called American Idol as its lead-in. (This means it will basically never start on time.) But something else is on Tuesdays at 9. Something else I love. Something people are pretty into, something that’s about to end, something that inspires obsessive, intense viewership: Lost.

Lost vs. Glee, you guys. This is like choosing between coffee and beer. Why is life so unfair? I guess God is punishing me for my wickedness.

I don’t think any of us are going to give up on one of these shows — don’t even think it! that’s how the Evil Eye gets you! — but I’m wondering which you’ll DVR for later, and which you’ll watch right away. What’s a more pressing show: Lost or Glee?

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  • Christopher

    It’s also going up against Melrose Place!!!!!! C’mon! MELROSE PLACE! /facepalm

    • michka

      Really sad but…Maybe Mr Murphy and Fox read my posts and my advice to break GLEE in two seasons of 13 episodes per year in order to have 4 or 5 seasons in three years and shutdown the series…
      The point is that I love the show so much… I don’t want to ever lose interest in it and that usually occurs after the first two years of airing…

    • Jamie

      I love Glee, but I guess I’ll forgo it in favor of Lost and catch it in syndication. Poor programming decision Fox.

    • amj


    • Janessa

      I don’t watch Lost. Really I wouldn’t think that they’d have the same fan base. I do, however, watch Cougar Town & Modern Family which airs at the same time as Glee. I watch Glee when it’s on and hulu the others. I’m happy about the move to Tuesdays because I don’t have anything to watch Tuesdays as it stands. I’m sad about the 4 months without Glee, but love Idol.

  • Devin

    I’d say because Lost is on its final season it’s of much more importance than Glee, which probably has a healthy future ahead of it.

    • Krista

      that’s exactly what i was thinking!! sure glee is fantastic but most of the time its not a big deal to watch the episodes a day later..however with lost being in its final season everyone is going to be talking about it the next day and that show isn’t as much fun to watch later if you already know what’s going to happen.

    • Joe

      Exactly. Glee is great but, it’s Lost… the final season. Everything gets episode, I’m tuning in for every episode.

    • PN

      I second that! It’s the last season and I wanna see this baby to the end! Really, there’s no other choice (for me at least).

    • AcaseofGeo

      I gave up on LOST when the idiot writers defended killing Shannon(?) in the middle of season 2 just because they couldn’t think of anything to write for her. How embarrassing is it that 25 episodes in they couldn’t write stuff? None of that show makes any sense whatsoever. Its become a hodge podge mess and its ratings have tumbled drastically. I’ll watch Glee. Lost is, well, “lost”.

      • t3hdow

        That’s actually not too uncommon a remark writers make, even with movies. George Lucas admitted to killing off Obi-Wan Kenobi for the same reason.
        As for Lost, when you have a show with 20+ characters, it’s inevitable that a few of them will get the shaft. Hell, Michael and Claire, two fairly important Lost characters, disappeared for an entire season before being brought back. Btw, Charlie was killed off for the same reason, but at least in his case, his demise was nicely foreshadowed until it happened. As for Shannon, she was kind of annoying anyway, so I didn’t mind her exit.
        Lost has actually been more focused and story-centric in recent seasons, and actually answered some lingering mysteries, so I wouldn’t say they’re going nowhere.

      • Blue Sunflower

        ITA, acaseofgeo. You couldn’t pay me to watch Lost, particularly after what they did to Charlie and his portrayor Dominic Monaghan. They killed him off to “prove” no one is safe, and yet Sawyer still lives. And I certainly don’t watch shows where the REAL good guys get killed off and the bad-guys-that-the-show-insists-are-actually-good-guys get to live. Sawyer should have been killed off second season at the latest.

      • Jason

        Sorry if the show is too much for you. I bet Two-and-a-half-men is still on. You could probably follow that without much issue.

    • laylagalise

      I love Glee sooo much, but I’m watching Lost live. I have been patiently waiting for the answers to a lot of questions and don’t want to miss it when Darlton finally answers.

  • meg

    I think that I am going to stick with LOST mainly due to the fact that it is the last season and I am invested

    • Jennae

      I’m way invested too, but it’s the last season- this season’s ratings won’t matter next season, but Glee’s will! I’m watching Glee live. (Thank goodness for the internet, though! What would I do without it?)

  • Michelle

    LOST is the more pressing show. I love Glee, but I can wait a day or two to watch that without worrying that someone will slip up and tell me something crucial, like I would with Lost.

    • KWise

      Totally agree- Lost has to be watched the night it airs!!

    • KRibbons

      Lost Lost Lost Lost Lost. We don’t really have to worry about a main character dying in Glee… but for all we know, we could miss an ep of Lost and find out Sawyer died the next day.
      Plus, I usually wait 4-8 days to watch Glee anyway… Its not that pressing of a show.

  • Sarah

    Watch Glee live and dvr LOST, so you can fast forward through the commercials!

    • Emilio


    • Samantha

      That was my plan, too! I don’t like commercials with my dose of Dharma.

  • Carli

    I will DVR both, but probably watch Glee while it’s airing.

    • Melinda65

      That’s my plan, because my daughter loves Glee but couldn’t care less about Lost. My husband and I will watch Lost while we record The Good Wife and catch up with that on the weekend, probably. Thank goodness for time-shifting!

  • Kimberley

    I actually really enjoy NCIS:LA. Wednesdays at nine was the perfect time, what is Fox thinking? And gone for FOUR MONTHS? That’s insane! It’s worse than the writer’s strike!

    • elr

      All of the networks can be accused of these LONGGGGGGG breaks for shows. They are hoping that it will kill the shows momentum (which it will), so then they can blame low ratings and cancel them. I HATE these midseason breaks.

  • UGH

    “What is Fox thinking?” should be their slogan.

    • Nicole

      “What is ___ thinking?” seems like it could be the slogan for at least three of the major networks right now (NBC, ABC & Fox).

      • Marianne

        @Nicole, I totally agree with you on that. That line seems to be uttered more and more now a days.

      • Emmett

        At least CBS had it right.

      • Billiam

        CBS doesn’t have to think (cuz it’s number one) and also doesn’t bother to (just keeps doing the CSI thing over and over again).

  • graeme

    Lost. I’ve already switched to watching Modern Family and Cougar Town live and then downloading Glee later. Glee is too hit and miss (witness the amazing episode 2 weeks ago, and the crappy episode last week).

  • Aroddy

    This is my worst nightmare. John Locke is my love, but Artie has filled the void during the offseason. Waaaaaaaah!

  • paige

    thank god for dvr… i dont watch any show live because i hate commercials but i will be watching Lost first and then Glee

  • john t.

    LOST. then glee on hulu :)

    • Sam

      Yep, except Hulu may start charging next year.

      • Amanda

        I don’t know if that is true or not, but you can always just go to fox.com to watch Glee. (Or ABC.com to watch Lost)

  • Jenny

    I love Glee but I’m going with LOST all the way, baby. I didn’t invest 5 years just to bail at the end.

  • Matthew W.

    This sucks, but I’m used to Lost running at the same time as Mythbusters new eps anyway. So, in this case I’ll be DVR-ing Glee.

    I just hope a third show doesn’t appear at the same time… I can see that happening, and I haven’t figured out how to record 2 shows while watching another (and am not interested in watching one online, if it’s comparable to Lost & Glee).

    • JunieGirl

      That has been a big frustration for me as well–I love Mythbusters, but no way would I miss Lost, so I had to wait for repeats.

  • Arcadia

    When will Fox realize not airing Glee for four months will backfire HUGE. They’re going to destroy one of the best things to happen to that network in quite a while.

    • Jane

      Where do you expect Fox to air Glee.

      Monday is occupied with House and 24
      Tuesday/Wednesday-Idol mania with their 2hour shows.
      Thursday-It will suffer like Fringe has.
      Friday and Saturday are TV cemetery
      Sunday is Animation Domination

      The Wed 9pm slot is for Idol. I guess they want to put it after the Idol competition show to build the audience. It sucks but I understand why fox is keeping it off the air till April. They have a full schedule and Idol is their money maker you can’t blame them for clearing their schedule for it.

      • shannon

        Then get rid of Idol. I haven’t watched that show in 3 years. I’m so over it. And Seacrest is a tool. IMHO, Idol just needs to go away.

    • Adam

      I agree with you. I remember the last show I liked that had a long pause like this one, Heroes. After it came back the whole series seemed to have lost steam. Everyone was raving about it, then it took three months off and when it came back it was not the same and hasn’t been since.

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