This Week's Issue: 'New Moon"s record-breaking opening and where Hollywood goes from here

Call it battle of the abs. Or the teen screams heard round the world. Either way, Summit Entertainment’s The Twilight Saga: New Moon did more business on its opening weekend than any other movie this year. Now that it’s the biggest fall opening ever at $142.8 million and its opening day number of $72.7 million outgrossed The Dark Knight’s first-day figure, Hollywood should finally accept that women drive the box office in a big way. “It’s great that the greenlighters in town have realized that little girls go to the movies,” says MGM’s president of marketing Michael Vollman. “But this genre has worked forever. To Sir With Love was an angsty girl movie.”

So what will this fickle, yet incredibly devoted audience turn to next? Disney thinks it could beā€¦fairies. The studio has scooped up Aprilynne Pike’s best-selling young adult novel Wings and cast Miley Cyrus in an adaptation. New Regency is banking on a new novel from Ann Brashares (author of the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants) called My Name is Memory, while Lionsgate hopes tweens line up for an adaptation of author Suzanne Collins’ The Hunger Games. “Some will work and some won’t,” Summit’s co-chairman and CEO Rob Friedman says of the girl-driven projects. No matter what, “It won’t be The Twilight Saga. I’ve never seen anything like it.”

For more on New Moon and its impact on Hollywood, pick up the new issue of Entertainment Weekly, on stands November 27.

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  • Tina

    I don’t even like the series, but I think it’s very insulting to assume that women are “fickle” viewers. I have a few (adult) friends who have been devoted fans of this series for years.
    Also, you’re the ones who reported that the audience for this film was 50% under 21, and 50% over 21. So, clearly it’s not just “little girls” who are fans.
    This article is surprisingly offensive.

    • belladonna101

      Unlike you I love the series and I am over 30. I read them when they first came out. I agree with you about the fickle viewers Twilight is far from being fickle. Why is it that their are so many vampire genre novels out right now and three of them are books who metamorphisized into entertainment:True Blood, Vampire Diaries, and last but certainly not least Twilight. Twilight made me enjoy reading again. I have always been a fan of vampire genre novels especially Anne Rice. Maybe their are eccentric fans out their but they are far from being fickle we know what we like and don’t like.

  • fairies?


  • Jen

    I smell a Twilight cover coming…

    • Celia

      Lmao. I know right.

  • Mana

    I kinda hate Twilight, but if it made Hollywood actually pay attention to female viewers I might have to give it props. Sadly, I doubt that will happen. Really, “little girls?” Note that when The Dark Knight made big bucks no one claimed it was due to “little boys.” Way to keep perpetuating the sexism, Hollywood. Grown women would love to go to the movies too, but all that ever gets tossed to us is sucky formulaic romantic comedies and lord forbid we want to see (gasp!) movies with *action* in them. There is a huge audience ready to spend money that Hollywood is continually ignoring, and it ain’t “little girls.”

  • katy

    i hope the hunger games come out soon. the first book was amazing!

  • Martin

    PLEASE … Not another Twilight cover story. Please. Seriously. Enough is enough.

  • dave

    Oh please don’t put it on the cover. I can’t take it anymore. I’m really close to canceling my subscription.

  • Jennifer

    EW, I know you’ve only put Twilight on the cover 328535290 times because it sells….but please. I used to love this magazine, and now it’s a joke. At some point your nonstop coverage stopped being fun and silly and devolved into breathless pandering to Twi-hards, which edges out coverage on decent young adult books that not only feature respectable heroines but also require above a fourth-grade reading level. Seriously, if I wanted this kind of tabloidesque crap, there’s already US Weekly – and at least they’ve never pretended to have any taste. Enough with the covers. Have some dignity.

    • Mark

      Wow. I don’t even like Twilight, but if I hated something as much as you clearly hate Twilight, I wouldn’t read articles about it.
      But hey, to each his own.

      • Jennifer

        I wish. I’m resentful that Twilight coverage is constantly on TV, on the radio, in print, online…and completely took over my favorite magazine. You’re right: it makes sense to try and avoid it, and I usually do. But at some point you just can’t take it anymore.

      • cat

        hah, thanks Mark, actually a non-Twilight fan that agrees with me here, I’ve been trying to make that point, and it’s just funny how people continue to read articles about stuff they supposedly hate. Plus, don’t get me wrong I love the twilight coverage(keep it going), but maybe EW should just hold off on the actual covers. Articles inside are better, so at least it will make the haters a little happier. I mean, they were on the cover TWO weeks ago.

  • Corrinne

    My vote (and movie ticket will) go to Hunger Games. Twilight is not just enjoyed by teen girls. My male students read the books as well. The Hunger games has a male/female audience. Most of my male students would never pick up a book or see a movie about fairies.

  • Laura

    Fairies? For real? Why not make it about a magical shoe store! That’s protected by beautiful ponies! From an EVIL Midol monster! Goddamn Hollywood….
    p.s. maybe women are “fickle” only because they won’t always go to every crappy movie thats marketed to them.

    • invaliduser

      twilight new moon? i am convinced millions of women saw this movie because it was unavoidable. every magazine, every talk show, burger king?

    • John

      Oh come on! What’s the difference between fairies and wizards? Wizards that make a billion dollars per installment?

  • Emma

    Oh lets face it people. Tween girls will go see Miley Cyrus in anything. Sad but true.

    • cat

      This is the kind of things that get me upset, I’m 16 and have never liked anything of that sort, (disney channel etc.) It’s obviously not true because there’s proof right here. “Fickle”? you sure are calling ALOT of people fickle here Entertainment Weekly, just because it’s not a literary masterpiece doesn’t mean it’s not a good story, obviously there’s something right for all these people to like it. I hate it when people stereotype Twilight fans, especially teenage Twilight fans, Im against all things usually perceived as “teen”, i’ve never picked up a tween mag because those just get me upset. *phew* sorry I had to get that out, it’s just annoying that Twilight’s gotten so big people need to knock it down. And, fairies? really, take a good look here, Twilight is NOTHING like anything else “teen”, that’s what makes it so interesting and baffles people like the entertainment studios etc.

      • rejna

        Well said.

        I hope, Twilight teaches Hollywood something about underestimating teenage girls and women.
        “Fickle” HAH!

  • michelle

    my daughter and her friends loved new moon and all think that it was just as good and liked it better than twilight. haters are just jealous of a franchise that brings together friends and moms & daughters for a little entertainment. i hope that eclipse & breaking dawn would be just as successful as new moon & twilight!

    • lisa

      Your damn right. I am 42 yr old mom of three daughters- 22,18 and 12 and this saga brought us together and we had and continue to have so much fun. I got my 22 yr. old daughter to finally admit she has googled Rob at college.

  • godless

    Wayans Brothers need to make a spoof “White Guys that Sparkle”

    • MissC

      True! would love to see that. I’m a huge fan of the saga, but i’m over it now (till the next movie comes out).

  • just say no

    please every one get ew to ban twilight coverage, complain, riot, burn ew magazines, cancel subs, we are not going to take it any more we need to end this today

    Voice Your Opinion

    A BETTER TOMORROW,,,00.html

    • Summer

      if you have them ban twilight i won’t read the magazine anymore. sure i kind of tired of the twilight news, but i still love twilight.

    • 30yearoldtwifan

      RIGHT! LMAO nice try! One question? why are you here googling Twlight then? your not forced to read these articles. Or are you another jaded Harry Potter fan? You seems you are a closet fan maybe?

    • rejna

      are you for real? Get a life.
      This is entertainment people, you are the real fanatics not twi-hards.

    • Liz

      Seriously? You must have a wonderful and problem free life if this cover is making you this mad.

  • Kait

    You’ve never seen anything like it?
    What about the Harry Potter books and films?

    I know, I know, everyone hates to bring them up in conjunction with Twilight, but really they were a similar film phenomenon. Maybe not to the same extent as Twilight, but definitely similar to it.

    • kate

      I think I agree. Harry Potter has an incredibly loyal fan-base but it isn’t a love story. I think (and I don’t mean to offend the grown-ups) that the reason Twilight appeals to teen girls so strong is the obsessive, dependent, sexual nature of the central love triangle. Harry Potter has a little more backbone to it and I think people were captivated by the world of wizards but nothing gets girls going like unattainable love.

    • MissC

      Harry Potter is the BEST! have to admit, the movies are WAAAAAAAAAAAY better than both twilight movies.

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