What TV or movie death scenes have left you disappointed?

I love a good death scene. Ronald Lacey’s Arnold Toht in Raiders of the Lost Ark. Samuel L. Jackson’s Russell Franklin in Deep Blue Sea. Sean Bean’s Boromir in Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring. (“My brother…my captain…my king.” Cue: me, sobbing.)

So imagine my disappointment upon seeing 2012. (WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD.) I finally caught up with last weekend’s box-office champ, and though I agreed with our critic Lisa Schwarzbaum, finding the film to be a fun spectacle, I couldn’t get over one of the most nonsensical and unnecessary death scenes I’ve seen in a big-budget disaster flick: that of Thomas McCarthy’s Gordon (pictured, left), the plastic surgeon/stepfather/romantic rival of John Cusack’s Jackson who you just knew would somehow end up a casualty before the credits rolled. Think about it: 1) Gordon was hardly a bad guy. He was good with the kids, nice to his wife’s ex-hubby, and provided a shoulder to lean on for other characters hoping to find safety from the imminent apocalypse. 2) The man spent the majority of the film performing incredibly difficult feats of flying, dodging fireballs and smoke clouds in the cockpit to get Jackson & Co., to safety. Add those two things together, and surely, Gordon deserves an epic, heroic death scene, right?

Wrong. The guy ended up suffering death from gears. Wha? After all he had done, he just ends up getting squished by series of large gears?! Even Johann Urb’s Sasha, the pilot we see on screen for just nanoseconds, met a more heroic demise. Why couldn’t Gordon go down in a similar blaze of glory?

Naturally, this got me thinking about how many other death scenes on TV and film failed to satisfy. (Robert Muldoon in Jurassic Park and Boba Fett in The Return of the Jedi are a couple that spring immediately to mind.) So tell me, PopWatchers, what death scenes have left you disappointed? Holla back in the comments below. And for a related good read, check out EW’s rundown of Samuel L. Jackson’s 10 Best Death Scenes.

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  • Maeg122

    George’s death on “Grey’s Anatomy” left me furious. He was one of my favorite characters and I thought he deserved more fanfare for his exit.

    • Robert

      I totally agree with you! O’Malley was the most engaging character on the show–the guy you rooted for and loved because he WASN’T “dark & twisty”.

      Why didn’t his friends find it more significant that he saved a girl’s life by jumping in front of a bus?? That’s hardcore hero… Now it’s like he never existed, which I LOATHE.

      But no, we had to experience Izzie’s cancer crisis. She’s awful–just kill her already so Heigl can continue attempting to recapture the glory of “Knocked Up”..

      • Zach

        For the life of me I don’t understand someone who can love T.R. Knight but hate Katherine Heigl. Their chemistry *together* (as FRIENDS) was one of the major reasons for the early success of the show. Knight NEVER should have been fired or written out the way he was, but the same can be said for Heigl.

      • Kaylie

        I agree. I can’t stand how they DIDN’T make a huge deal of it. Everyone just seemed to go on with their lives.

      • PMD

        I stopped watching it as soon as Izzie started having sex with a ghost. And than I found out George died. I knew that I could not go back to the show. But the other day I was really missing Meredith and Christina – who were my two other fave characters – and I was just so upset, no George and they were so focused on McDreamy and Alex being a DB, I could not even finish the show!!!

      • LP

        Personally I would much rather have Izzie on the show than just about anyone else. It has been boring without her. Heigl is also a wonderful actress. This weeks episode was the worst of the season.

      • Magda

        I know, George was a hero. He jumped in front of a bus., That is just heroic on another level. Then nobody even recognized him for the hero he was, and stupid Mark continued treating him like some weak kid loser. Oh, that Mark comment made me turn Grey’s right off, and I haven’t turned it back on since.

    • chamlo

      I agree. What made me more mad was that he didn’t need to die. Just send him to Iraq why don’t you; why have him killed by a bus. They should have watched ER; that’s a show that knew how to kill of characters with consequences.

      • Vivien

        ITA…i watched a bunch of old ER episodes this week and I agree. The way they handled Lucy’s death, Pratt’s death, and especially Mark’s puts Grey’s to shame. Even Grey’s stand out episodes, like It’s the End of the World (the one about the man w/the bomb in his chest) aren’t as good (IMO) as ER’s stand out episodes like Hell and High Water (the one where Ross saves the little boy from drowning in the culvert). Grey’s has been a let down for the past couple of years now…if not for Sandra Oh and Kevin Mckidd (Christina and Owen) there wouldn’t be anything remotely interesting or entertaining going on.

      • Sina

        Grey’s hasn’t had a good death since season 1 when that girl and that guy was stuck together with a rod in them. They had to get the rod out and the girl knew she was going to die. It was very sad. The only good death. That girl was so sweet.

      • Lola

        I totally agree with you. I was so upset with how they handled George’s/TR Knight’s exit that I stopped watching the show. And you definitely hit the nail on the head with your ER comment. I just think about the one with Mark Green’s death and tears come to my eyes.

      • Gabi

        George was my favorite character. He was my McDreamy, but they didn’t make me cry one tear over him. That’s how bad they wrote his death in. I did cry though watching old episodes and remembering just how important George was to this show before Shonda went on this hate campaign against TR.

        George deserved better. Heck, we the fans desderved better.

    • Steve the Pole

      Mr. Ekko on Lost.
      Josh Broilin’s character in No Country for Old Men.
      Just how it was handled. It seemed like maybe Josh Broilin the actor stormed off of the set before they had the chance to film his corpse.

      • MB

        Yes. Llewelyn was just…dead.

      • shannon

        second the death of Ekko. I also felt like with all the crap Boone had to put up with, he should have gotten something a little better. I mean, he got to linger in agony for a while, but it wasn’t particularly heroic

      • KristopherR

        I always imagine the last twenty or so minutes of NCFOM was from the POV of Tommy Lee Jones’ character. Therefore, he happened across it realistically.

    • LC

      I stopped watching once I got frustrated with Meredith and McDreamy’s back and forth crap and Izzie started sleeping with George! George died a heroic death…he saved a woman’s life!!

    • my opinion only

      Didn’t they want him to come back to film some stuff for the first episode this year that was supposed to be part of sending him off properly? It was to include a flashback to the moment he gets hit by the bus, among other stuff. He said no, so that may have something to do with how his exit played out.

    • tara

      I felt this exact way too. George and Izzie’s friendship was a significant reason for the show’s early success, and his death felt like that of a guest star: it lingered for an episode or two, then didn’t matter anymore and was forgotten about.

    • Addison

      I agree, George’s death was very sad and know they don’t ever even mention him! And i agree witht he others… Denny Duquette just started to annoy me but INto my like a train and its the end of the worl, As we know it were all good deaths… dramtic and cool. And Dumbledore was sad… they had no funeral in the movie really… what the heck!!! but George’s death made me cry… i only like Lexie, George, Mcdreamy and Christina…

    • Jane

      I agree. Totally miss George, but what I hated most was the would he or wouldn’t he donate his organs. Give me a break. This should not have even been a question, much less the focus of an entire episode.

  • David D

    Oh, that’s easy. Sirius Black in the movie of “Order of the Phoenix.” This should have been DEVASTATING, but it just sort of… happened.

    • Mari

      Agreed! Lame in the book. lamer in the film!

      • PMD

        I was totally devastated in the book when he died… I mean I had to stop reading and spent the whole day crying!!! And I think in the subsequent books JK Rowling made it apparent that Harry was still suffering! The movie on the other hand was a complete let down!

      • Ben

        I agree. There was such a build up to a “beloved character” dying. I didn’t cry and was left with “meh” when he died. Now, when Dumbledore died… shocked and sudden and sad.

      • Ryan

        I agree with Mari.

        Sirius’s death happens randomly and without any ‘oomph’ in the book, so I’m not surprised it was lacking in the movie.

        At least Harry’s reaction in the movie is far more believable than it was in the book.

      • Laura

        I know! Dumbledore’s death scene was pretty pathetic too.

    • Dixie

      This is the first one that came to my mind. Although I did like when he said “Good one, James” right before being hit.

      • ash

        he said what? seriously, he said that? unbelievable.

    • kate

      Totally agree. When Sirius Black died in the book I was so torn up about it but the film completely lacked that emotional smack in the face.

    • Briana

      So true. Of course, the “Order of the Phoenix” was pretty lame in general.

      • DE

        I agree I thought the book was great but when I saw the movie I was like heh. I re-read the book, still loved it.

    • Courtney

      Totally! OotP is my favorite book out of the series, so I was expecting it to be my favorite movie, but that movie was just plain lame. I LOVED Sirius, and I felt like his death in the movie was so totally random. I cried for a long, long time after he died in the book, and then in the movie, I was just like, “wait, what?”

    • Jamie

      I’m just worried on how they will handle Dobby. Talk about blind-sided. I actually remember bursting into to tears bc I was so shocked and saddened. I hope they handle it better in the movie

      • orville

        Me too. Well, all the deaths to come, really. JKR sort of handled Tonks and Remus badly herself (just part of a listing of the dead in the Great Hall instead of a good scene like they deserved), so I hope the movie does them justice.

      • sanen85

        What?!? Dobby dies.

        just kidding

      • DE

        I agree! I was so shocked at how sad I was when Dobby died. I hope they don’t breeze through it in the movie

    • ME

      I think the death was very well done in the film. I don’t know what people expected. It was just like the book, so what if the archway looked a little different. You should be used to that by now. I always kind of expected Sirius to die. It really sucked and it was definitely one of the saddest deaths in the whole series, but if Sirius hadn’t died then the rest of the story would’ve been completely different because Harry would’ve still had that father-figure there.

      • DE

        Harry’s reation in the movie was pretty intense

    • MeMe

      HERE HERE!

      • Mari

        The problem isn’t with him dying, but more with how she/they did it. The sort of “one minute here, the next one gone” thing was really disappointing, and, to me, made it really hard to understand what had really happened, and to believe he’d really died. It was too fast, not elaborated enough, like it didn’t even matter.

    • Julie

      Not only the death scene left me disappointed, but Harry’s reaction to it. In the book, he’s devastated and really angry at Dumbledore, he can’t accept what just happened and feels that nobody understands him. It made me cry for days. You feel like J. K. Rowling knows what it’s like to lose someone so close. In the movie, it’s just nothing, there’s no feeling, no sadness, no reaction from Harry.

    • Kaley

      I agree that Sirius’ death scene was a letdown. He is one of the most popular characters in the HP series and his death was just…anticlimatic. Nevertheless, I was so sad when he got killed off :( It just seemed way too premature.

  • Madd

    Dumbledore’s death scene in “Half Blood Prince”. It was a great scene in the book but it felt like a throwaway in the film.

    • Nerdista

      I totally agree!

    • Mary

      Totally agree. And I was so upset when they took out the funeral scene in the film. Not cool when Dumbledore is an essential figure for the series.

      • paige

        Agreed. The funeral scene is one of those scenes that you just shouldn’t take out. I was more upset than I can say.

      • BB

        I was okay with the funeral scene being cut. It would make a great deleted scene if they filmed it for fans on the dvd, but the movie was long as it is and the funeral scene would have added another 15 min at least to do it justice. Wasn’t really necessary for the plot either.

      • Mary

        Disagree BB. Not only would the funeral scene done justice to Dumbledore, but it would have shown more of the Harry/Ginny relationship, which I don’t think was very well developed in the film.

      • Mark

        Gotta say, the lack of funeral worked very well movie-wise for me.

        It makes his death seem much more unfair and painful by not having a ‘release’ to the grief.

        And we could sense Harry’s bitterness over it much better than the Spider-Man-esque book ending.

      • paige

        great now theres another (!) paige… ugh im changing my name

      • Ryan

        In the book, we got a sense the characters would be okay during the funeral. It gives a sense of closure.

        In the movie, there’s no sense of closure. The audience is left feeling as lost as the characters… that’s why I feel the lack of a funeral actually adds to the movie in a sense. It’s much more ambiguous and downbeat and works well cinematically.

      • Celia

        The funeral wasn’t necessary. They paid tribute to him. It wasn’t really an essential part of the storyline so the movie works without that. The main thing the funeral provided in the book was Dumbledore’s tomb. It’s important because Voldemort breaks into it to retrieve the Elder wand, but I’m sure they can work that out in the film.

      • Bird

        I heard a rumor (unsubstantiated) that the first scene in Deathly Hallows P1 is Dumbledore’s funeral. It would be nice if this is true, because I agree about Dumbledore’s death scene in the movie – it needed to be longer or more drawn out somehow. Also, I agree about the Harry/Ginny relationship, and the funeral scene sets the tone for Harry’s frame of mind thru the last book/movie(s).

    • Jen

      That whole scene pi**ed me off in the movie. In book you saw Snape get really passionate and when Dumbledore died I literally burst into tears. In the movie it was just thrown away. It was the first time I thought they didn’t do the book justice.

      • Heather

        I totally agree, it made more sense in the HP book why harry wasn’t helping dumbledore and how everything went down. The movie lacked a lot in that scene

    • jeannie

      I agree! I went into the movie expecting to cry my eyes out at the end, and I barely had a tear trickle down. Reading the death scene in the book deepy affected me, but watching the movie I hardly felt a thing. I was very disappointed.

      • disagree :/

        i thought it was pretty well done actually. much better than the abysmal job they did with sirus’s death :/ Loved the HBP as a movie though as did I also love OotP :D

    • laylagalise

      Yes! And not seeing the scene with Hagrid at the bottom of the tower was a big mistake in my book. I was actually more affected by Hagrid’s reaction than I was Harry’s.

      • jrm

        Me, too!

    • Courtney

      I agree with this one too! What is it with Harry Potter movie death scenes? They always leave me unfulfilled. I can only hope that DH is better.

      • jordan

        I really hope they do the *SPOILER ALERT*dobby*/SPOILER ALERT* death scene right in the movies. Not gonna lie, I thought it was the saddest death scene of the whole series.

      • Celia

        I think the death scenes are not as emotional in the films because we’ve already experienced it in the books. JKR’s writing is so vivid that it plays out like a movie by itself. And it’s not like you don’t know the character is going to die, so when you expect it to happen that kind of takes away some of the sadness and the shock. I think the death scenes are very well done. In all of them, the thing that always touches me the most is the characters reactions to the death. Dan always does such a wonderful job when it comes to grieving. I love how with Sirius he was angry, but with Dumbledore it was a completely different reaction. Loved it.

      • Gena

        Cedric got a better death scene (or atleast a better reaction than either Sirius or Dumbledore) in the films than even in the books.

        His father screaming and Harry refusing to let go of his body ripped my heart apart. Sirius’ death was just like the book but I would have loved to see the reactions scene. Harry strains against Lupin a bit, but where was the anger at Dumbledore? The scene where Harry yells, “I don’t want to be human then!” in Dumbledores office after the fact is one of the greatest scenes in the book and was completly neglected.

        The actual death of Dumbledore was awful. The scene in the book was brilliant, tense, scary and shocking. The scene in the movie was quick and thrown away, why the Death Eaters are made to be more like vandalizing teenagers than actual villians who would kill you on site no question, I will never understand.

      • Lola

        Gena- I missed that scene too. Whilst Order of the Phoenix, I thought that my book might melt with all of the angst and rage radiating off of the page and then when I saw the film it got turned into a thirty second conversation…so disappointing.
        Was really disappointed with the last two films, so much so that I don’t think I’ll see the last ones. I don’t think the director really understood what the books were about in either the fifth or sixth film.

      • kayray

        I just finished reading DH sobbing my eyes out at the end. But I was mostly affected by the “throw-away” deaths — Tonks, Lupine, and Collin Creavy. The first two because of the obstacles they had faced and overcome and then left baby Ted behind — who did raise him? And hero-worshipping Collin — rewatched Chamber of Secrets and cried all over again knowing his fate.

    • strickens_girl


    • DE

      Totally agree!! I was sooo disappointed

  • ns

    Josh Brolin in No Country for Old Men. Yeah, it’s audacious to kill off your lead character off screen, but the movie seemed to be building towards a showdown and it didn’t deliver.

    • Ryan

      I loved that death.

    • Tom

      The anticlimactic nature of Moss’s death was pretty much in keeping with the rest of the book’s themes. I’m glad they didn’t substantially change it for the screen. Lesser filmmakers almost certainly would have.

    • Brian

      I agree with that

    • Stef

      I agree, he was such a ballsy character and it stunk to not actually see him actually go down. Plus the movie got really boring after that.

      • Gretchen

        Agreed…totally ruined the movie for me!

    • Skip182

      It made perfect sense. The movie was about Tommy Lee Jones’ character and his place in the world. It’s fitting how he shows up too late to do anything.

      • Billiam

        But… I didn’t care about Tommy Lee Jones’ character.

    • LC

      His death just happened all of sudden…it caught me completely off guard. It was so anticlimatic

  • Mark

    I remember Star Wars fans were talking up how awesome Jango Fett was going to be right before Attack of The Clones came out.

    Then the guy meets his end when he wanders into a purple lightsaber. Like father, like son in the lame death department.

    Another one in Return Of The King – one of the wraiths demands to battle Gandalf… and then they never fight. He’s killed by Eowyn, which is fine, but they just set up a fight with Gandalf… lame!

    • Nerwen Aldarion

      Actually in the books Boba Fett survived and shows up to torment Han Solo again!

    • Ken

      Mark, you may be referring to the Witch Kings threat to break Gandalf. They did eventually fight – but this scene is only found in the extended dvd of return of the king. There, he shattered Gandalfs staff in the fight. It was a pretty exciting scene.

    • George

      Boba Fett’s death is maybe the ultimate choice when it comes to lame death scenes. One of the coolest characters, like, ever, and he accidentally gets his jetpack damaged, flails around like a fool, falls into the Sarlacc, and the Sarlacc burps. Lame.

    • Martha

      Mark, that’s what happens in the LOTR book – Gandalf rides to challenge the Witch King, and the horns of Rohan sound in the distance. The Witch King flies off and is killed by Eowyn. It’s all even awesomer in the book than it is on-screen.

      • luke

        I agree with you Martha on the scene in the LOTR book. It is truly great, but then again, as good as the movies were, every part of the book was better (save, the death of Boromir)

    • paige

      how bout Amidala’s death in Revenge of the sith? not only was it a stupid way to kill off a major character but that character is probably the worst mother in all of cinema… She gives birth to 2 kids, names them, then decides to keel over

      • Mary

        Oh, I know! “She’s lost the will to live.” You can’t live for your two newborns? Please! We knew she was gonna to die, but it could have been way better.

      • Nerwen Aldarion

        What ticked me off about Padme’s death was that it messed with the continuity of Return of the Jedi!

      • Kaley

        I TOTALLY agree with you. Padme was such a strong, feminist character in the first two prequels but then she died because “she lost the will to live?” That’s pathetic! She had two new babies, why couldn’t live for their sakes?

      • paige

        yea in ROTJ luke asks “Hey Leia, remember mom?” and she’s like “duh she was kind and pretty blah blah blah”… even though in ROTS she kicks the bucket seconds after she decided she didnt want to be a mother anymore and leave her twin newborns orphans… sheesh its not like she was doing Sophie;s Choice or anything…

  • AAR

    I agree about George, although I find it oddly delicious that the writers literally threw him under a bus.
    I hated Wash’s death in Serenity. Everything’s fine, then BAM- stabbed through the chest! Why?

    • tvgirl48

      On one hand, I liked the sudden death to take you off guard and destroy your soul. But I hated that he didn’t get a real death scene. But it was more tragic just because of how sudden it was and how no one had a chance to say goodbye. I don’t think I would’ve survived a long, heartbreaking death scene with Wash though. I just couldn’t.

    • I


    • Kat

      I agree about Wash. It just kinda of happened. You’re sitting there thinking, “did they just kill Wash? WTF?” He deserved so much more. Like NOT DYING!

      • geekgirl


    • Typical Whedon

      Whedon has a knack for sudden, unexpected, and almost nonchalant deaths.

      • Honey

        The Star Trek universe is filled with terrible deaths. Ever since The Wrath of Khan, they’ve tried to recapture the power of Spock’s death – and failed every time.

        Kirk in Generations. He’s killed by rubble. Only because Guinan wasn’t available to help Picard.

        Data in Nemesis. Not powerful. And they set up an obvious out in case they want the character back.

        Kes in Voyager. She turns into light – but no – then she’s an evil wraith thing.

        Trip on Enterprise. Worst Series finale ever – let’s kill of the most likable character on a show – just to make it special for the few fans who stuck with the show. Then have none of the cast mourn his death.

      • pretzelgirl

        Yes, he does. Anya at the end of Buffy was a heartbreaker, and Tara’s death was wrenching, too. I was glad when they gave both Fred and Wesley better death scenes in Angel.

    • KRibbons

      Oh my goodness! I was just thinking this one and then found this comment. Thats incredible. I HATED his death. WHY WHY WHY did they have to kill him? The movie was ending the series anyway. There was no need for him to die. I just kept thinking “Curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal!” Oh Wash, I will always love you.

    • anonymous

      Never seen it, but I know the answer: because it’s Joss.

    • strickens_girl

      I honestly did not believe that Joss had killed him until the end when they showed the gravesite. I was so mad at Joss for that.

  • J.

    Romano getting crushed by a frickin’ helicopter on “ER.” Oh, but it’s ironic because he also lost an arm to a helicopter! Whatever. That’s when I stopped watching.

    • Tom

      I stopped watching the show before this happened, but I heard about it, and then I decided to watch the end-of-series retrospective and there was a clip. I couldn’t stop laughing and I don’t think that was the point. It looked like something that would happen in a Roadrunner cartoon.

    • Ace

      I had already b/c a more sporatic ER viewer at that point, but I couldn’t watch the show after that. And the fact that no one seemed to know or care…

    • DE

      I hated this one! He deserved better than a recycled incident

  • Black Button

    Jazz in Transformers. That was just sad. Ripped apart with no emotional blows. F U Michael Bay! Go 2 Hell!

    • kevin

      You’re kidding, right? He’s a robot, who cares.

      • Black Button

        That’s the thing. He was the only robot character we cared about. Actually, he was the only character we cared about. That death should’ve been huge. It wasn’t.

      • Steve

        Why did you care about him. Because he rapped or something?
        None of the characters in that movie mattered that much.

      • Catherine

        Jazz was a fan favorite from back when Transformers was an 80’s animated TV show and animated film. He deserved a better end in the live action film. In fact, he shouldn’t have died at all.

      • DE

        I know he’s a robot but I still flinch every time I see that part, it’s kid of sad.

    • Saphron

      Yeah, and it’s also lame because it takes talent to make the “kill the only black character” rule apply to friggin’ robots. I know. Jazz was a robot. But he was a jive-talking robot. We all know what that means. And that’s even worse.

      • BlackIrish4094

        Stop it, it’s Transofrmers, stop reading race into it.

  • justanotherfan

    um…dawson’s dad mitch on dawson’s creek. it was really dumb that he was killed in a car crash, and jen on dawson’s creek dying from a heart aliment.

    • Stef

      Wow I forgot about him, this is a good one! Poor Mitch died while trying to eat an ice cream cone! Dawson should have been the one who bit it, not Mitch.

      • Steve

        Maybe they were actually going with a realistic death. Many people die in car crashes on the way to or from minor trips sadly.

      • PMD

        LOL! Ohmygod – Dawson should have been the one in the car dying instead of his dad… Especially after he was just getting on so well with the wife who had cheated and they both had to deal with Dawson as their son! Hahaha.

    • Brooke

      YES! That death was horrible. The man reached down to pick a scoop of ice cream up off the car floor. What was he going to do with that anyway?

  • Chris

    I rarely comment, but I could not agree more. Gordon’s death was so pathetic it took me out of the movie. I found him a three dimensional character and just sat there thinking…”What he is dead, that’s it?” A low point in an otherwise entertaining movie.

  • scott

    This goes back to my childhood, when my parents indifferently let me watch the Nightmare on Elm Street film series, permanently scarring my nine-year-old psyche. Number 3, Dream Warriors, was the best. And, Patricia Arquette was one my earliest crushes, with her Kristen, the unstable, icy Hitchcockian blonde teen kick-a$$ gymnast. Imagine my disappointment when she offed in the first half-hour of number 4. Though I was too young to realize she was played by a different actress, her flippant death traumatized me more than that of my first hampster. Patricia Arquette won in the end. Where’s Lisa Wilcox now? Or the psuedo-Kristen for that matter. I still prefer to think Kristen was replaced by a pod woman, and the real one is lost in space somewhere, still kicking movie monster butt!

    • Jen

      I totally think Kristen should’ve been the heroine in part 4 as well. I was sad when Joey and Kincaid died too! NOES 3 rocks

  • deana

    I hated Nadia’s death in the last season of “Alias.” It was a terrible scene and an incredibly unlikely, contrived death (the glass coffee table again, really?). Also, I really loved the character, and they woke her from a coma just to kill her in this terrible way. I loved almost all of “Alias,” but that scene is for me the low point of the whole series.

    • cande

      i couldn’t agree more. And also everything that happened after, jack dies, irina dies?! she’s evil again?! c’mon!!

      • Morgan

        I know. It’s like, okay we’re finally going to wake you up…and now you’re dead. I was also pissed when Jack died, Who cares about heroics? vHe was the only spy worth saving.

      • Mary

        I will give you it on Nadia and yes I hated seeing Jack die but I love how they did it. It was the ultimate sacrifice. Plus a season or maybe two seasons before that Jack literally told Sloane he would “bury him”. Besides he had the classic line “You may be able to beat death Arvin. But you couldn’t beat me”. RIP Jack. Totally agree on George of GA too.

      • deana

        I could buy Irina going evil again, and Jack’s death was at least an awesome scene — unnecessary, but not something for me to get mad about. Nadia’s death just served no purpose and was sad and yet a stupid, awful scene too. What I sometimes wonder is how long Sydney had to be in counseling after the events of that last season, and why the show punished her with the deaths of almost her whole family. It seemed like they were trying to be Big and Important, when something simpler and not as wrenching would have been a lot better.

    • Nee Nee

      I hated Nadia’s death too. It seemed so anti-climactic after everything she had been through. The death I hated the most in Alias was Jack’s though. It was just stupid, and not as heroic as I’m sure the writers were hoping.

  • Tom

    James T. Kirk. I haven’t seen Star Trek: Generations in a long time, but doesn’t he just fall off a bridge or something?

    • George

      That was an extremely lame death scene. But then again, that whole movie was extremely lame.

    • Jim

      Originally kirk was shot in the back. They actually called Shatner and the cew back to film a “better” death scene — and this is what they come up with? Then again, they go to the trouble of uniting both captains for… a fisfight? And two against one?

  • Hrfe

    Sirius Blacks death in Harry Potter and the Order of the Pheonix, He just fell backwards- that’s it! I mean, I thought Daniel Radcliffe had a wonderful reaction afterwards but that was so much more dramatic than the actual death- it should have been epic, but it really fell flat.

    • JMB

      While I too was dissatisfied with that death, it was realistic. Unexpected death comes to people all the time, and it’s the very unexpectedness and … banality… with which they leave us that is so devastating. It does happen fast, and we don’t have time to process it. Trust me.

      • Saphron

        I agree with you. However, the majority of people who consume entertainment aren’t quite ready for that kind of postmodern realism. We still want plots that wrap up and death scenes that matter. In the end, I think it was just poor choice on the director’s part.

    • Nerdista

      I disagree, that’s exactly how it’s described in the book! I had to double check though, because it did feel too…quick.

    • Celia

      He didn’t just fall backwards. He got hit with the Avada Kedavra curse first so technically he was dead before he went in the veil.

      • Jennifer

        I don’t know what happened in the movie since I haven’t seen it, but in the book I’m 99% sure it wasn’t the killing curse. It was a stunning spell.

      • a person

        Jennifer-He did get hit with a stunner in the book, but in the movie they used Avada Kadavera because they didnt thing that the fans who hadnt read the books would get it, though in my opinion it was better with a stunning spell because then then it wasnt so much like Dumbledore’s death in HBP!

      • Rae

        In the book the curse wasn’t green thus wasn’t a killing curse. In fact I thing she wrote it was red. Back when the book first came out a lot of readers used that to argue that Sirius wasn’t dead and would come back, at least until J.K. shut that down. In the movie Bellatrix does say Avada Kedavra.

  • Iris

    Robert Muldoon’s death in Jurassic Park FAILED TO SATISFY?! Are you crazy! That’s one of the best death scenes of ALL TIME. Clever girl….

    • Nerwen Aldarion

      A really good line but I think she is referring to the fact that we don’t really get to see much.

      • Iris

        That’s ridiculous. A great death scene isn’t just about blood, it’s about a death befitting the character. Muldoon was the ultimate hunter and he was downed by ultimate hunters. It was perfect.

      • Chaburchak

        It’s hilarious that someone would call Muldoon the ultimate hunter when he chooses to go up again dinosaurs with a shotgun. He should’ve borrowed that elephant rifle from Bert on TREMORS… :-)

    • Leslie

      That was a great line, but he was such a bad@$$ in the rest of the movie that I wanted his death to be a little bigger.

      • Mary

        I agree. That was a great death scene. The hunter becomes the hunted. Classic. It also confirmed what Alan Grant said in the beginning of the film, that raptors are pack hunters and will attack you by surprise.

    • Foreshadowed

      Grant tells exactly what happens to Muldoon early in the movie.

    • Bluevt76

      I just didn’t like his death scene, because in the book he lived.

      • Jack

        Not only did he live, but he also used a freakin ROCKET LAUNCHER against the Velociraptors.

    • BlackIrish4094

      I agree, that was a very good death scene.

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