Tonight's 'Grey's Anatomy': Kevin McKidd on good news and bad news for Cristina and Owen fans

Grey’s Anatomy fans — particularly those who love the relationship between Cristina (Sandra Oh) and Owen (Kevin McKidd) as much as I do — got a little queasy last week with the arrival of Kim Raver’s Dr. Teddy Altman. While, of course, we watch the show for the drama, it’s hard not to feel protective of a couple that’s overcome so much — his post-traumatic stress disorder from serving in combat, her general prickliness. So it’s hard to take kindly to a pretty, talented doctor type who shows up out of nowhere, then becomes Cristina’s mentor only to also confess her festering-since-their-military-days feelings for Owen. If it’s any consolation, McKidd feels our pain: “Sandra and I, when this [storyline] was pitched to us, we became very angst-ridden about it,” he says. “We love working together, and I think that adds to the dynamic on screen.” The triangulation continues to unfold on tonight’s episode — here’s what McKidd had to say about what Cristina-Owen fans can expect from the hour and in the near future:

Teddy really could be the “cardio god” Cristina’s been desperately seeking. “The fun of this whole situation is that Teddy really is a fantastic cardiothoracic surgeon. If she hadn’t joined the Army, she would’ve been one of the cardio gods. So she’s a perfect fit for Cristina. I think that is going to make things way more complicated.”

Get ready for a three-way … emotional connection. “Teddy and Owen have this incredible bond from having served together, and Owen and Cristina are in love. Now Teddy’s starting to see what a great surgeon Cristina is going to be. So it’s a really interesting three-way, intense … I wouldn’t say love affair, but respect for each other.”

No need to fret for Cristina and Owen’s future — just yet. “The story of Owen and Cristina is a very important story. It’s about two people struggling to keep their love alive and their passion alive in the face of this mental illness, post traumatic stress disorder. I think that’s one of the reasons why people are so passionate about it. I don’t think the love that Owen and Cristina have for each other is going to go away.”

Things will heat up tonight. “You really start to see the bond between Cristina and Teddy build. But Teddy told Owen this thing last week [when she confessed her romantic feelings], and that becomes the elephant in the room.”

There won’t likely be any more kissy-face between Cristina and hot new doctor Jackson (Jesse Williams) — at least not if McKidd has anything to say about it. “Owen doesn’t know anything about their kiss. At the moment I’m not hearing that it’s going to come up again. But if Owen did find out about it, I feel like it would be an ugly scene.”

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  • crispy

    That dude needs to take off his shirt more often. Is all I’m sayin.

  • val

    Owen fans: add HBO’s two seasons of Rome to your Netflix queue. Kevin McKidd is amazing as a tortured soldier in skimpy togas instead of scrubs. Plus a fair amount of shirtlessness. That’s all I’m saying.

    • Lisa

      I agree whole heartedly! Rome was incredible and McKidd was HOT!!!

  • Glenn

    Enough with the post traumatic stress disorder thing. Move on. Get more interesting storylines for Yang and hunt other than torturing themselves mentally and emotionally.

    • Tina

      Post traumatic stress dissorder is a true disease, especially for military people. I am glad a show like this would cover such an important topic. Do you know any military people with this disorder Glenn?

      • Sunshine

        I agree Tina, hte PTSD plot is one of the only realistic stories this show has ever had. The writers and actors did a wonderful job showing how people suffer because of it and how it’s something that can be treated.
        I wouldn’t mind to see them developing that story more because it’s true, PTSD is not something that is just “healed” from one day to another, it’s something people learn to live with.
        It’s always a pleasure to watch scenes with McKidd and Oh together, they have a special magic together with it’s hardly seen in other shows.

  • Lisa

    I absolutely love Owen and Cristina! I don’t mind Teddy as a cardio mentor for Cristina but don’t want to see ANY romantic feelings coming from Owen towards Teddy!

  • Lisa

    This could be an interesting story line as long as Teddy keeps her lips off Owen! Cristina and Owen are who I am interested in and love, can’t wait to see how it unfolds!

  • SS

    I don’t like them together. When Christina kissed Jackson, there was more heat for SURE than whenever she kisses Owen! It was exciting and hot. Owen’s annoying and is either whining or avoiding trusting her with her ability. Whenever they do something “romantic” (i.e. kissing in a blowing air boiler room) it’s cringe-worthy.

    I think it would be interesing for Christina to get with Jackson, because for once she’s not into someone higher rank than her in the hospital, but loving someone who can learn something from her. Why can’t SHE be the Burke in the couple? I think that would be more healthy for her, and interesting for the viewers. (Oh, and more hot. Owen is ick.)

  • carlyn

    Owen and Cristina are the definition of HOT! There relationship is not just based on lust, but they have an emotional and physical chemistry! WOW! This story could be very interesting as long as they keep it as a emotional triangle NOT a romantic triangle.

  • Cris

    Love Cristina and Owen! They might differ in their views and approach in the work front, but their hearts belong to each other! They are pure magic on screen! Seriously, these two can just stand next two each other and you can feel their love and chemistry (good acting from KMK and SO)! So I hope the writers keep true to their “soulmate” love even if they are at odds in the workplace! It makes for good drama, but in the end we need to see them at the their true self because love exposes everything! I like Teddy as a mentor for Cristina but don’t buy her as a real”threat” to the kind of love Cristina * Owen have! He didn’t notice her in that way in Iraq, why would he now when he is with the love of his life that he “fell in love at first sight”! Yes, I buy the confusion part but rethinking his feelings for Cristina would be ridiculous off track from S5 and SP6! As for Jackson, he has a puppy crush on Cristina * they could be friends but wouldn’t buy anything else!

  • Crystal

    Two people that don’t even know each other is lust not very hot in my book plus it was only 2 seconds before Cristina pushed away! NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN.. didn’t you get the memo! Owen and Cristina in the sneak peek, now that is blazing hot!!! Not just physical chemistry but emotional chemistry is what fuels that! Lovers like Owen and Cristina can’t get enough of each other, they almost consume each other, that’s flaming hot!

  • Nicole

    Owen and Cristina is what I tune into Grey’s for, so as long as Teddy keeps her hands off Owen and C/O come out stronger in the end; things will be ok! I could care less about Teddy (and that is nothing against the actress, just the character is not needed)!

  • Jackie

    It’s so obvious that Nicole, lisa, carlyn, Crystal, etc. are all the same person. Get a life. Grey’s is not that important.

  • leo

    This had better not turn into some soapy threesome. I’d like to see a true friendship/mentorship develop between Cristina and Teddy and the feelings for Owen to just diminish over time. That’s real life, if you’re lucky. It doesn’t have to be ugly or turn sexual if there are three mature adults involved.
    Besides, anyone else want to see Teddy with Alex? Or Teddy with Avery? I’m good with either scenario :)

  • Seann

    Teddy Altman:

    Fall down an elevator shaft into an acid vat lined with razors. You are not welcome at Seattle Grace.

  • Kristina

    Go away Teddy, we don’t feel sorry for you. What were you thinking telling Owen how you feel. Stirring the pot and causing nothing but trouble. Feel bad for Cristina, she really needs a mentor.

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