Adam Lambert: Who's outraged by the OUT cover controversy?

As you may have read yesterday, Aaron Hicklin, editor of OUT magazine, wrote an open letter to American Idol season 8 runner-up Adam Lambert, accusing the singer and his management team of the following: only agreeing to the OUT cover shoot if it included a straight woman*; demanding they not make Adam look “too gay”; and not agreeing to be on OUT’s cover while the Idol season was going on. (Little known fact: The Gay Mafia bylaws state that any gay celeb who doesn’t immediately agree to an OUT cover request can have his/her membership card** revoked. Fact that somehow seems to have been lost on Hicklin: The folks at Fox don’t cooperate with solo contestant covers/interviews till after the Idol season has wrapped.)

But all that fine print aside, what I don’t get is this: If OUT’s editors are so outraged by Adam Lambert and the actions of his publicity crew, how come he’s still on their cover? Why should Adam be held to Hicklin’s ridiculous standard of how a gay pop star is supposed to conduct his life? The hidden subtext in Hicklin’s letter is this: “Yes, Adam, we’ve slapped your image on our cover, but sorry, we’re also going to have to slap you in the face in a thinly veiled publicity stunt to try to boost sales.”*** Because make no mistake, as terrifically talented and/or fascinating as Wanda Sykes, Cyndi Lauper, Rob Marshall, and Dan Choi are, none of them have the newsstand power of Adam Lambert.

(Heck, Adam himself gave OUT a little more free publicity yesterday with a pair of to-the-point and just-bitchy-enough Tweets: “Dear Aaron, it’s def not that deep. Chill! Guess ya gotta get attention for the magazine. U too are at the mercy of the marketing machine.” AND “Until we have a meaningful conversation, perhaps you should refrain from projecting your publications’ agenda onto my career.”) Oh snap!

But hey, it’s a tough economy. Still, when Hicklin combines his stir-up-shizz-at-all-costs cynicism with faux moral outrage, that’s when I’ve got to reach for the Pepto-Bismol (caplets, not the hideous liquid or chewable versions).

Hicklin and writer Shana Naomi Krochmal (in a second, separate tirade) whine that Adam’s handlers attempted to influence the look and tone of the cover (see “too gay” remark above) and the story (Krochmal says she was asked not to make the interview “gay-gay” and “was discouraged from asking about the March on Washington that upcoming weekend or other political topics”). First of all, every magazine writer and editor knows that a good publicist will try to control his or her client’s image with Swiss-watch precision. That’s just what they do. It doesn’t mean you have to go along with it. OUT’s edit team had every opportunity to cut Adam out of the cover-photo shoot, or go in a different direction, but chose not to. Krochmal had every opportunity to tell Adam’s publicist that she had no intention of limiting the scope of her questions, but by her own admission, failed to do so overtly. What’s more, she had a full hour alone with Adam, during which time he discussed what types of men he’s attracted to, his aversion to what he calls the outdated butch/fem politics still prevalent in the gay community, and the inherent political repercussions of having come out at the very start of his career as a major-label recording artist. (Parts one and two of the Q&A are well worth reading.) Gee! Doesn’t sound like Adam was exactly reticent in discussing issues of interest to the OUT audience.

Perhaps most offensive of all, though, is the notion that because Adam is gay, and because he’s a celebrity, he therefore carries some kind of responsibility to advance the social agenda of the LGBT community. Reminder: He’s a singer, not a politician. And the simple fact of his being open about his sexual orientation is, in and of itself, a highly charged political act in these very volatile times. But nope, that’s not enough. Apparently, Hicklin has a (vague) master plan for how Adam should conduct himself personally and professionally. In a passage that really brings up the bile, Hicklin writes: “You’re a pioneer, an out gay pop idol at the start of his career. Someone has to be first, and we’re all counting on you not to mess this up. You have to find your own path and then others can follow. We just hope it’s a path that’s honest and true and that you choose to surround yourself with people who celebrate your individuality.”

Did Hicklin not see the much-discussed cover of For Your Entertainment, y’know, with the photo that’s campier than a drag queen’s feather boa? Has he not seen photos of Adam holding hands with now ex-boyfriend Drake LaBry? Is he, or are any of us, really comfortable telling anybody anytime anywhere exactly how gay they need to be?

Oh, and hey, what about that recent OUT cover of straight dude Pete Wentz that Hicklin mentions in his column? Heck, if OUT magazine itself isn’t going to be held to the all-gay-all-the-freakin’-time standard, then maybe Adam shouldn’t be either?

What do you think of the “Adamgate” controversy? Did Hicklin’s open letter make you more or less inclined to check out this month’s issue of OUT? And as an out gay singer, does Adam have a responsibility to the LGBT community, and if so, how far does that go? Share your thoughts in the comments section below, and do keep it civilized, folks! (BTW, for all my Idol coverage — all together now — follow me on Twitter @EWMichaelSlezak.)

p.s. Dear Aaron, your letter states “Although I’d never watched American Idol…” Never? Really? Sorry, but I call b.s. Best, Slezak

p.p.s. Fellow Idoloonies, I cranked out 2,006 words about Kris Allen’s debut CD over at our Music Mix blog. I know, I am 1-800-too-much.

*Not that there’s anything wrong with that!
** Good for 25 percent off at all participating Pinkberry, Bed Bath & Beyond, and Express locations.
*** How often do you read about the laborious process of magazine editors and celebrity publicists negotiating the fine print of a cover shoot? Almost never. Because it’s understood all that background wheeling and dealing is off the record.

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  • V

    Um, wasn’t Adam on the cover of EW weeks before AI wrapped?

    • Kay

      It wasnt a photoshoot so it didnt infringe onthe rules and he also didnt do an exclusive interview, i could be wrong though

      • stephen

        You’re not wrong Kay. He didn’t pose for the cover and didn’t give an interview. Stock photos and an article ON an AI contestant don’t violate any of the rules.

      • whatevs

        Wait.. are you all saying there wasn’t an interview and there was a stock photo used? I don’t think I read enough comments.

      • Jason

        They are talking about the EW cover not the OUT cover. OUT is ticked off that they didn’t get Adam for his first cover and they are being jerks. Hicklin should support Adam because they published his interview in OUT which was very candid and smart. They then turn around and stab him in the back. They blew sales by doing that because his fans will read the net version and many never purchase the mag even the one with Adam on it. LOSERS!!

      • Angel

        Yes, that’s true, Kay. And to Sleazak, you’re spot on. And I’m proud how ADAM smartly dismissed this Out editor to the point without being offensive. ADAM has always conducted himself with integrity. I expect he would be embraced by his own kind but they’re blind. Just sing to us, ADAM. Just entertain us.

      • angel

        I agree with Jason. OUT is an ‘out magazine’ and are losers. Even as a gay male, I don’t bother reading it or picking it up, the magazine seems superficial. Adam should count his blessings and see their ‘true colors’ (pun intended) shining through.

    • James

      They used a stock cover shot. It wasn’t an interview. Just an article on Lambert.

    • Altrus01

      Yes but that was not an interview – they used stock photos and existing quotes. Adam and AI had no say in that at all because he did not participate. It was more of a “news” story.

    • momma bear

      they used stock photos and quotes from group media sessions…ew was never granted solo time with adam during the show

    • Chris

      That EW cover article was done using already public info and old quotes/stock photos. 19 did not make Adam available. And of course, that article was not written by our beloved Slezak! :)

    • hockeychick57

      Adam didn’t do a photo shoot or interview for EW. They used a photo from the AI website of him for the cover image. It was just an article about him – which Idol has no control over.

    • T

      Yeah, but if I recall the correctly, Fox didn’t “co-operate” with the EW cover. Slezak said, “The folks at Fox don’t cooperate with solo contestant covers/interviews till after the Idol season has wrapped.”

    • Dennang

      I was thinking the exact same thing (although I still COMPLETELY agree with the article, Sleze! Nice work!)

      • Amy

        Yes, Slezak, nice work. You are right on the $$$ baby. Adam is a singer & not a politician. He owes the LGBT community whatever he wants to owe it. Far as I’m concerned, he’s already given more than his fair share & he’s only entered the arena. Boo to “OUT”. Leave AL alone, bullies!!!

    • Lii

      That was EW, not Adam and his management. They used one of the publicity shots, and there was no interview with Adam. Fox specifically doesn’t allow individual photoshoots and interviews, but media can cover the idols.

    • crispy

      Hey, I wonder if EW used a stock photo for that cover? Anyone?

      • lana

        LOL : D

      • BJ

        And did he do an interview?

      • Em


      • SDTim

        Really? Cuz I heard it was just a stock photo and a news article “about” Adam, not an interview :-)

      • Renaton

        one more time everybody!

      • Shauna


    • saintofE69th

      what is cyndi doing with these toads? do they all need to be kissed?

      • blowupdoll

        too funny…..not even sure that would help any but Adam

      • Tookie

        Is Cyndi Lauper gay?

      • SDTim

        Cyndi is not gay, but she’s very supportive of the LGBT community and has a sister who is a lesbian.

    • Angel

      Just to share this great news: ADAM LAMBERT included in People Magazine’s SEXIEST MAN ALIVE!

      • gerald

        EWWWWWWWW! sexiest man alive? EWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!

  • dee

    I agree with a lot of what you said here, but I do hope Adam addresses his publicists statements. They’re still offensive to a lot of his fans. But the kind of pressure the editor tried to put on Adam, when he’s a brand new artist, is just unfair. Let him grow into the role, and hopefully he’ll WANT to be more of an activist.

    I’m surprised the fanboy in you didn’t mention the fact that OUT thinks they can get Kris Allen on the cover. THAT I would like to see.

    • Blondiegrrl

      I was offended by the publicist’s comments much more than I was Hicklin’s rant. I still would like to know how gay is “too gay.”

      • Sara

        It’s worthy to mention that ADAM’S PUBLICIST IS GAY. A point conveniently forgotten by Hicklin and Shana.

      • Blondiegrrl

        Sara, that changes nothing.

      • crispy

        Actually, it makes the whole thing even more vile… a gay person telling them to tone down the gay. Some gays can be their own worst enemy.

      • Jenn

        So you think it is fine for OUT to slap Adam for something his management company did, but not okay for managament companies to be concerned about portraying what they consider the right image. Ridiculous!! That is what management companies do – they work on image and PR. What is insane is that Hicklin went after Adam when he is totally open and comfortable with his sexuality unlike most stars. Also unprofessional to speak about the mgt companies conversation with the mag when they were negotiating. Just such a non issue except they messed up Adam’s very good interview in their magazine.

      • crispy

        No, I don’t think it’s fine for Out to “slap” Adam. I think they should slap the management company. In a future issue. In a huge investigative piece that blows the doors off homophobia in the entertainment marketing biz.

      • saintofE69th

        Liberace is “too gay” all else is ok

      • Kat

        LOL saintofE69th. Yeah I mean there are sort of different gradations of “gay” in my mind. You have gay men that you could easily mistake for straight men, all the way up to gay men in the short pink shorts and platform boots and tiny dogs in purses – you know, the movie stereotypes. I think they just didn’t want OUT to try to make Adam look that level of gay. I mean, dude is a bit flamboyant, but they don’t want him to be portrayed at the point where it’s kind of a joke, like the movie stereotypes are. I know OUT obviously wouldn’t make it a joke, but they do need to control his image a bit so that other media don’t run away with ideas of Adam wearing a neckerchief and talking with a lisp or something.

      • John

        Admit it. Gay men who are too gay are annoying.

      • CindyR

        I believe Adam’s publicists are only looking out for Adam. Adam’s at a starting gate of his career and his publicists are trying to make sure he has broad appeal to the public. Believe it or not, pictures and statements that come across too gay will turn off some people including his own fans. His album cover already established this point. People who know and accepted Adam’s sexual orientation still have hard time with in your face gayness from him. I deal with these people in daily bases. I believe Adam had stated on one of the interview that his taxi driver told him, (You’re Ok to me, because you’re not a flaming gay)—or something to this sentiment. The publicists are trying to give Adam a fair and equal chance to success as any other super talented artist. They’re not saying “don’t be gay” but simply saying “don’t flaunted it too much” They understand the demographics of his fans and potential fans. They also know the unfortunate and unfair disadvantage the gay celebrities face. I’m in total agreement with Michael, how dare this magazine put any demand on a celebrity for a cover and bitch when they don’t get what they wanted. Very spoiled and childish. They also painted that the gay community is really petty.

      • OMG

        CindyR your comment doesn’t make sense. His CD cover is the gayest thing I have seen in forever (and living in SF trust – I have seen more than my share of gay). If his “people” were so concerned with protecting his “image” I’d think they would start there. While I agree that Out magazine is being incredibly childish about all of this (I mean REALLY – these are the worst publicists they’ve dealt with over the years??) I do agree that Adam’s handlers are being very offensive if they are indeed making the comments they supposedly made. I also think it’s a bit disingenuous (sp?) on their part to think that his audience would be offended or put off by him appearing on the cover of Out or Advocate or any other mainstream gay rag – he’s gay and (I hope this doesn’t surprise them) out. He came out in a national magazine for pete’s sake. I feel most bad for Adam to have to deal with this kind of crap but something tells me he can more than handle it.

      • Lucas

        well when the only thing you talk about is GAY that is too gay. Out is trying to make Adam a poster boy for GAY and forget that he’s more than just that. He’s a person, an individual. And he feels that that is more important than the single factor that he is gay. But some folks want to talk about GAY and NOT GAY like it is a solid definition like comparing a cat and a dog. etc. then again, there is not just one cat or one dog (which is Adam’s point). And he wanted to be judged on his skills not on being gay which is why he didn’t confirm that detail until after Idol was over. And as a gay man, I applaud that.

      • gerald

        When you cram it in people’e faces and scream for marrital rights. Thats when its TOO gay. When you post pictures that are disgustingly close to porn while you are on an american show…thats TOO gay. when you hate people for following thier beliefs that don’t happen to be yours….thats TOO gay. I have a gay family memeber, love him dearly and his friends and significant other. but he doesn’t march for rights, he doesn’t put it in our faces and lives his life as he choses without being in the limelight telling those “hey, here I am, all gay and I am an American Idol. Something we should all be proud of.*sarcassism!* God Bless America…

    • Kate

      Someone needs to mention that ADAM’S PUBLICIST IS GAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Cindy

      And we are 100% sure that the the publicist actually said exactly those words and that the journalist and editor aren’t paraphrasing to advance their cause. OK let’s hear the recording. Yea, right, didn’t think so.

      • Blondiegrrl

        I’m just tired of people villainizing the media. Yes, Hicklin behaved in a jerky manner. He could have handled this better. But I don’t think he was just pulling this out of his arse, so to speak. Clearly, something went down. Perhaps something just got lost in the translation, but I think the area is grayer than “Out magazine is the devil” and “19 Entertainment” is the saint.

      • crispy

        Why would you doubt this? Publicists are pure evil.

      • MusicMind

        There’s a way in which both you and Neil Patrick Harris are being talked about as exceptions to the rule, to the idea that there could never be an out, gay leading man or male musical star. You both seem very confident and comfortable with who you are. But that’s not always true of your handlers. We’ve gotten plenty of push back from your management — and many other people’s — who say, “Well, let’s not be too gay…”

        This question was asked of Lambert in the intewview and he responded. Makes the Out editor even more of a douche.

      • Jason

        Hicklin actually put a letter in the Editor section to Adam. This is the same magazine with Adam on the cover as shown – and an interview with Adam inside. So yes he said it. The letter and article/interview are on the web. Hicklin did not address the letter to Adam’s mgt co, he address it to Adam – It shows what an ass he is.

      • Sarah


      • Matt

        It was an open letter. It was published days ago. Aaron, editor of ‘Out’ was out of line.

    • Jason

      Lately OUT has only had straight people on the cover. This is a BS topic and if the gay community doesn’t support Adam they are idiots. He is the most out celebrity around and they keep kicking him in the back. It is just nuts – he gets slammed for being “too gay” and then slammed for not being “gay enough”. Just let the man sing!!!

      • blowupdoll

        just like some in y community who claim some black celebs aren’t “black enough” who cares let people be who they are..

    • Laurie

      Why is it that anyone in the public eye has a “responsibility” to be an activist for ANY issue – regardless of sexual orientation?

      • RP


        It’s one thing to say that they’d LIKE for him to push social change but he is in no way obligated to.

      • djm

        I agree Laurie. As a gay man I find it annoying when magazines such as out or the media in general start pushing any celebrity, but more specifically GAY celebrities to be the voice of gay people. It’s retarded. Last time I checked we are all unique and different – gay, straight, bi, whatever – it doesn’t mattter. Just because you are a woman, married, blonde with blue eyes doesn’t mean you are going to like the sames things as another blonde woman with blue eyes that’s married – and shock of shocks what’s important to one may not be important to the other. It’s the same with gay people (celebrity or not) – we all have our own likes, dislikes, priorities, etc.

        I am happy for Adam – I loved him as a contestant on AI and I am so excited to have his CD on Monday. The fact that he is gay is certainly part of his story – and it is an achievement in the US of today that he made it as far as he did and seems to be crossing borders that many gay artists haven’t been able to. However I am not looking to him to change people’s minds or change social issues – I am looking to him to entertain me – PERIOD. And so far he has – he’s smart and funny and so far has stayed true to himself and I think that is what he can do best to bring about change.

  • Chelsea

    I love this article! Fantastic! :)

  • daisyj

    Pepto Bismol comes in caplets?!
    Okay, seriously. I have no dog in this fight, but I’m getting a big hit of “cop-out” here. If you want to stick it to the guy, do a tough interview: ask him the hard questions, quiz him on his answers, bring up his publicist’s requests. Make your cover look however you want it to and let him decide whether or not that’s something he wants to appear on. But don’t agree to things and then start whining to everyone about how it was so wrong you had to agree to things. It’s your magazine, dude, so man up already.

    • James

      Agreed. And oddly enough, in the interview Lambert is asked about this in some manner and answers honestly. That’s why for me the Hicklin’s note is even more bizarre. Still, the interview is a great read if you can find it.

      • Blondiegrrl

        Does the publication have only a shortened version of the interview, though? (the one that ran online, I mean)

      • Jason

        It is an excellent interview and Adam was so open and honest even with over the top questions. That is really why it is so weird what Hicklin did and he must be trying to use Adam’s name to try to get people to buy it and read the controversy. Since it is on the net – I think it is backing firing on OUT big time and they will lose sales.

  • Leslie

    Dear Michael Slezak,
    Word! The idea that a cover shot and interview involved a publicist that who attempted to control both events should come as no surprise to anyone who ever worked for a magazine or newspaper. That overarching letter- not to mention pinning the hopes of the GLBT community on one guy who wanted to wear visible makeup of AI because he did that anyway- is just too much.

    • Gordon

      Amen and amen. I came out in 1975, and this kind of phony dust-up today leaves me not knowing whether to laugh or cry. Leaving aside the fact that it shows we as the LGBT community (at least as represented by OUT magazine) have learned nothing in those 35 years about how to treat each other with respect, this might be a good time to point out that we in that community don’t have anything in common with each other except our choice of partners. Otherwise, our tastes are as different as can be, every bit as varied as those in the population at large; what’s “too gay” for someone isn’t “gay enough” for the next one. Alas, OUT has only one definition of “gay enough,” namely, that quantum of gay that the editor thinks is necessary in order to sell magazines. The idea that Adam has to take direction on how to be a gay role model is truly absurd – he will be that role model by his example, whether he wants to be or not. As for the editors, they are just the latest examples of what my activist friends warned me about all those years ago, that an up-front, stand-up, live-your-own-life gay person will get far more criticism from other gay people than from straight folks.

      • Esther

        Hey Gorden, I just wanted to say amen! to your comment. I think that’s really true in so many facets of life and what it really comes down to is just plain sad. No matter who you are or what you believe in, it’s never good enough for somebody. Why are we all so pressured to live up to someone else’s standards?

      • michelle

        Great commentary Gordon! If we could all let each other live our own lives, we’d be so much better off. Adam only has to be himself; the rest will follow naturally.

  • TC

    V, it’s common knowledge Fox didn’t cooperate with EW on the Adam cover – they used a stock photo and didn’t interview him.

    Excellent read Michael, as always. Very well said!

  • crispy

    19 Entertainment is handling Adam Lambert like a cheap muppet. Do people really not know that yet? It’s shocking he was allowed to come out at all. The real story that Hicklin should be running as opposed to his cheap editor’s letter is the constant battle between gay entertainers and their handlers… which is apparently happening to that Glee kid and so many others.

    • James

      You do realize that Adam’s “handler” is gay, right?

      • crispy

        No, I didn’t know that! Really? It doesn’t change my argument though.

      • Bethann

        Members of minority and/or oppressed groups can reiterate the same bigoted mindsets that plague the group in general. For example, some women can be self-hating misogynists. Just as some gays can be self-hating homophobes.

    • Kate

      …Chris Colfer’s not gay. He’s straight. He’s talked about how hard it is for him sometimes to play the character in a way that he feels is truthful and real without having had that experience.

      Sorry, nitpick!

      • crispy

        LMAO. I rest my case.

      • crispy

        Chris Colfer is gayer than Christmas.

      • MusicMind

        Yeah, he’s gay.

      • Flyer

        Yes, he is. Access Hollywood asked Chris Colfer is he had a “coming out” experience like Curt’s. Chris said his experience was similar, but not exactly the same. He said his parents were very understanding (but it helped that he wasn’t wearing a Beyonce-style leotard when he told them). You can find the interview on Hulu (when the interview various actors at Hot Topic.)

      • Gayer Than Thou

        If Chris Colfer isn’t gay, my gaydar needs a serious overhaul.

      • blowupdoll

        he prefers “happy”

    • Jenn

      Plus how much more Out could Adam be?? You saw his album cover right?? He is open and honest and very self confident and never apologizes for his sexuality or being gay.

      • matt

        Jenn.adam album cover can’t prove anything.hope you means person choose same sex as partner,that’s all.don’t think you can tell how he choos his partner from album cover.that cover is very “adam” ,that’s all.if you think androgynious look is gay.then you wrong.david bowie and hotel tokio both are appear androgynious look.but they all basically conclusion.that imagy are very straght..

    • mrgrk

      I guess I’m not getting this point…I find it amazing that you still make this argument having seen his cover, the leaked photos of his latest video (any other AI videos featuring rubber nipple covers?), and on and on. If there is any truth to the publicist’s directive, it seems more of a “let’s not do the expected thing” rather than homophobic reasons.

      • crispy

        But that IS my point! Everything Adam Lambert does seems to contradict the way his handlers are trying to market him. It seems like there’s a struggle going on.

  • Rich

    Well stated Michael..Adam is on an amazing journey and doing something (declaring he is gay)that has not been done successfully before by a male singer at the beginning of their career.Thankfully Adam seems to know who he is and how to stay true to himself.

  • Rebecca

    I soooo incredibly adore you right now, Michael! Fantastic rebuke… Hugs

    • Sweetie

      me too….thank you so much Michael.

  • Gretchen

    Yes, Adam was on the cover, but he wasnt interviewed for the story. And, Im a hetero woman, so this story has zero impact on my purchase of the magazine, but I think it’s crazy to place so much weight on his shoulders before his album even hits the stores. He came out b/c he wanted his fans to know who he was and didnt want to be ashamed of who he was, which I commend him for. And, as someone who preferred Kris, but would have been happy with either winning, I have to say I enjoy the snippets I have heard of Adam’s album better – though I am going to buy Kris’s cd after work today :-)

    • CrawfordSF

      I have been out since 1972. In my opinion the stories that create the most fuss/scandal are those celebrities who are gay and stay closeted. Then a guessing game ensues. But once you’re out, there is very little scandal left. I wouldn’t/couldn’t have stayed in the closet. I am probably “too gay”, whatever that means.

  • graeme

    “Because make no mistake, as terrifically talented and/or fascinating as Wanda Sykes, Cyndi Lauper, Rob Marshall, and Dan Choi are, none of them have the newsstand power of Adam Lambert.”

    You’re right that none of those people sell magazines, but when exactly did Lambert start selling out newsstands?

    • 1234

      Adam’s Rolling Stone cover was best selling issue of the year…love him or hate him, the guy sells magazines and gets internet hits

      • CrawfordSF

        …and just today when I viewed The Rolling Stone cover online again, did I notice the snake! Innuendo (sp?)

    • tati

      When he was on the cover of Rollingstone.. they had the highest selling magazine all year that month… Details magazine.. took me forever to find a place that still had some.

      • Adam Addict

        You couldn’t find any Rolling Stone Mags or Details because I BOUGHT THEM ALL!!!!!!! I love Adam. I also think Aaron of Out is an f***g douchbag and should write another letter apologizing to Adam and thanking him for helping Out make the payroll next month.

    • MusicMind

      I think with the biggest selling Rolling Stone cover of the year and Details spread.

    • Blondiegrrl

      His issue of Rolling Stone sold out. Literally. They even sold out of all their backorders, and now practically the only place you can find it is on eBay. I think the Details mag sold well, too, but I don’t have any figures on that one.

  • Stephanie T.

    Adam has no responsibillty to the LGBT community. There really should be no community to begin with. Why should we subdivide?

    I remember when Boy George commented on the first MTV music awards, “You know a good queen when you see one”. At the time people wondered who was gay and who was not. Now, no one should care. It is not a big deal anymore.

    • crispy

      LOL. You can’t be serious?

      • talkin’

        and you are??

    • dp

      Actually, I think that Adam has in fact been a pioneer, and some people are unfortunately missing out on it. True progress is made when people like Adam can waltz through barriers that used to exist as if they aren’t there. People have embraced him as an entertainer instead of focusing on his sexuality. With his subtle approach, he has actually changed and opened up people’s minds. The fact that he can cause people to look at him first as an entertainer and a PERSON is true progress. By trying to place a label on him and make his sexuality a focus of difference, that is a huge step backwards. Thank you Adam for making progress. Too bad not everyone can see it.

      • lilyx

        All great points, I agree so much with your post dp! And thank you Michael for writing a common sense article about this situation. It’s too bad Mr. Hicklin didn’t instead recognize this about Adam in his editorial. A little support from the gay comm. would be nice to see, instead of the tearing down of Adam I see all over the net. Threats like ‘you better not mess up’ don’t usually produce anything positive. Although, I have seen more support for Adam in this situation then ever before, which is good to see.

    • Gayer Than Thou

      Umm, that was Elton John who said that.

  • MusicMind

    Slezak, right now you’re my hero. Tomorrow, maybe not. Don’t get used to it.

  • KSM

    Well said, Michael.

  • dctoronto

    You’re right Michael, if they were not happy with the restrictions put on them OUT could have chosen to put another member of their class of 2009 on the cover. NPH anyone?

    I’ve said it before and I’ve said it again, Adam Lambert is this year’s Obama. People carry so many high hopes and expectations of him there is no way he’ll be able to satisfy everyone. In this instance it’s Hicklin and company who subscribe to this outdated ideology that every gay person should be a role model for their narrowly defined (and imossible to identify)community.

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