Jeff Probst blogs 'Survivor: Samoa': episode 9

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Okay to this weeks episode…

Little ole Natalie is really coming of age out in Samoa.

Natalie killing the rat is one of my favorites moments of all time.  It’s wrong on so many levels but never ever fails to make me stop what I am doing and watch.

If you pitched this as the opening scene to a new Wes Craven horror movie, you’d sell the idea in the room:

Extremely attractive twenty-something blonde wearing a skimpy golden-roped string bikini is wandering through the woods alone. Tired.  Scared.  Reallllly hungry.  She encounters a rat scrounging for food.  So as not to alert the rat or mess up her pedicure, she tip toes through the jungle inching closer and closer to her prey.  Silently picking up a large stick she hammers the rat to death with one strong blow.

Natalie: “It was really hard for me because he was looking at me.. he was cute… but I’ve never been this hungry in my entire life.”

Therein lies one of the most beautiful things about Survivor.  If forces people to confront truths about themselves they might otherwise never have to face.  Think about what you witnessed.  A pretty little pharmaceutical sales rep walking barefoot thru the jungle, in a bikini, whacking a rat until it’s dead.  That’s not normal behavior.

I believe it was difficult for Natalie to kill the rat and I also believe she never second- guessed it.  She had never been so h-u-n-g-r-y in her entire life.  Who knows how far she would have gone for a burger.

YES, that will most definitely be a part of the live Survivor: Samoa Reunion show on CBS Sunday, December 20th in Los Angeles.

The Sliding Rocks are one of those amazing natural wonders that you often find in the most unlikely of places.  They were as fun as they looked, both for adults and for kids and I think it’s one of those moments the Survivors will probably only appreciate years from now when they look back and remember the time they spent in that beautiful little pocket of the world.

But let’s be clear, as fun as the rocks are they’re not nearly as much fun as sliding down a hillside built on a million one-dollar bills… that is always the ultimate goal in this game.

While the Galu gang was sliding down the rocks, frolicking in the water and eating chocolate brownies, Russell was putting himself one step closer to the million dollars doing what he does better than anybody in the history of this game… finding another HIDDEN immunity idol without the help of a clue.

You need not waste any time responding to this blog about how I give Russell too much credit.  I won’t respond.  Nobody has ever done what he is doing.  So smart and so obvious when you think about it.  Of course the idol has to be somewhere that is somewhat easy to find, because we want it to found.  If we hid it in the middle of nowhere people wouldn’t find it even with 20 clues.  We just have never had anybody take the initiative to start looking without the clue.  It’s really quite brilliant.  Like it or not, the pirate with the missing tooth continues to reinvent the game.

Come on, just admit it – Russell is growing on you a little bit, right?

I’m still shaking my head because in many ways it reminds me of Richard Hatch in season one.  It’s as though the rest of the players are playing a different game.  It certainly doesn’t mean he’ll win or even make it to the end but there is no denying he is playing a different game than anybody else.

INSIGHT: While we’re on the subject of hidden immunity idols.  A lot of people have been asking me why I have not been asking “If anybody has the idol and you want to play it now is the time to do so…” before I read the votes.  Here’s why – this season the clues have all been secretive.  So there is no way for me to be certain that everybody knows there is an idol in play.  Therefore, I can never ask for them to play it at tribal council because I might be giving something away.

That is why every Survivor is told before the game begins that regardless whether I ask for it or not, if they want to play the idol I will always pause before reading the votes giving them ample time to stand up and declare their intention to play it.


Regardless whether you like the way Laura is playing or not, you have to give her credit.  She is a smart and scrappy player who is holding her own in challenges.  Individual challenges are one of the great elements of the game.  You have the chance to save yourself and if you’re good enough, nobody can stop you.

Laura came through in a big way and clearly had no idea how desperately she needed immunity.  Had she not won, she would have been voted out and Kelly would still be in the game.

I also enjoy Laura’s cocky swagger.  She doesn’t pretend anything.  When she’s feeling it she says it.  I dig it.

I think Dave should publish a book filled with witty comments and observations on life.  I’d read anything he wanted to write.  My favorite from this week:

Dave Ball: “And as soon as we burn all the Foa Foa’s we kill a chicken.  (flashes a peace sign) I’m not sharing with anybody who isn’t purple.”


It was a bummer to see Kelly go, as she was a bit of an innocent bystander.  But when you’re playing the “quiet” game that can happen.

Coming into tribal council Galu was clearly cocky, but they damn sure did not leave with the same confidence.

When Russell stood up to play the idol once again, the reactions of Kelly, Dave, Monica and Laura were solid gold.

As I continued to read Russell votes, you could feel the Galu tribe growing anxious… wondering… whose name (from Galu) was going to come up on the parchment.

When Kelly saw her name, she knew it was over.

Goodbye dreads.  Loved having you and you will be missed, although I’m sure Erik is excited you’re sticking around to be on the jury.

So… it’s now 6-4.  Or is it 5-5?  There’s another idol in play.  What are the odds that Russell can do it again?  If not, are his days numbered?

Look forward to your thoughts.  I’m gonna go replay the rat scene one more time before bed.

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Please check out our exclusive deleted scene below and read Dalton’s TV recap.

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  • Rich Miller


    • Theo

      Yeah, I loved how that turned out. Totally unexpected.

      • Elle

        Loved the show last night! Best one in a long time! Thank you that was GREAT!!! :)

      • Sydney

        I LOVE Survivor best show on TV!Last night was awsome! I already have been voting on the “Peoples Choice Awards” and will continue. OK…so the spoiler(next episode) shows Russel w/ the immunity Idol AND they’re chasing him, saying if he has it, just grab it out of his hands. What??? Can’t he just put it around his neck at this point?

    • Ashley G.

      I totally agree, I must confess I had stopped watching after season 4, but my hubby got me to watch it again and this season has been great! Go Russell, I hope you find the hidden immunity idol again

      • Elle

        I still think Russel is Satin. But I was rooting for him and the plan. I really do want Laura to go ever since she was mean to Shambo. Aww poor mullet head Shambo, I love that she understood the plan and stuck with it this time. I’d love to see her win at this point, it wil NEVER happen but I’d love to see her get the money. Russel has too much of a target now so he’s out. Maybe Jaison or Natalie? I have genuine respect for them.

      • Paulio

        Oh yes, Russell is Satin alright. He’s that smooth. :) And for the record, when did Americans stop being able to spell the name Russell? Most of the votes were misspelled last night, not to mention… oh nvm.

      • marie

        when did people start misspelling satan?? i’m sorry i couldn’t resist…but it was a great show last night

      • D

        Satin is a fabric!

    • alex

      Not the best season ever but best episode of the last two seasons.

      • Hillary

        For me, worst season ever, no joke. I hate it more than Tocantins, which was said cannot be beat in the suckfest.

      • cj

        It’s definitely NOT the worst season ever. Last’s night’s episode was great!

      • Scotty

        I can’t say that this is the worst season ever… This is the first season in many, MANY years that I have actually wanted to tune in every week. Russell is the man..

    • AnonymooseBlog

      So amazing! But here is what I don’t understand, if you are Galu, why gun for Russell? He is the devil you know, and if you get rid of him you won’t know who the scheming player is anymore. Act like he isn’t there and let him get complacent, then blindside him near the end!

      • OopsyDaisy

        No, I don’t think Russell will ever get complacent in a game, no matter what kind of advantage he holds. I’m sure the Galu knows it, too. You can’t really blindside him because he is always scheming and strategizing either behind your back or right in front of you.

      • Pugsly

        Russell has now over-emphasized how great a player he is. Every one now knows he has to go. The best must be eliminated.

    • AnonymooseBlog

      Too bad they voted out Kelly, our eye-candy has diminished to only Monica! They should have voted out Dave Ball instead, he is a big schemer!

      • tdunf

        i dunno mate, natalie’s no slouch.

      • cdl

        Both Natalie and Monica are hotter than Kelly.

      • AnonymooseBlog

        Wow I totally forgot about Natalie! But let’s be honest, in hotness order it was 1. Kelly, 2. Monica, and 3. Natalie.

        Face close-ups were not kind to Natalie! But her body is smokin! Plus that voice! Yow!

      • Mario

        anonymoose.. Dave is the player that i thought would be a big schemer, however, he’s not as sharp as i think he is.. besides, the way he said things about erik made me want to puke.

      • DwightBigSurvivorFan

        IMOP, Natalie is the hottest by far, brains, kindness, gumption, face body, voice. What a beauty.

      • Treeguy710

        What do ya mean, “our eye-candy is now diminished down to Monica.”????????? Did you even watch the first part of last weeks show? Natalies, :home-plate bat smash: on that rat with a club-limb was worth wathing 3-4 or more times.AND IT WAS SEXY!!!!! She is sexy, and alot more, like alot of others have said. Also if Dave was such a “good schemer”, he should have taken a minute or two on what Monica had said about the idol, NO?????? Just some more thoughts

    • Jake

      I heard he’s heterosexual so sorry buddy no shot for you. You are one sorry individual.

      • Poindexter

        What the f are you babbling about?

    • Kara

      WORD. Russell is the man!!!!

    • Dr Zechariah Zenith

      I agree BEST episode of all time in Survivor history.

      Darn, why Kelly? Don’t take away the HOTometer. I agree with Jeff that Eric is one happy jury member. Luckiest Jury member. Now he is hoping either Natalie or Monica gets voted off in succession. He will then be living the dream.

      Russell the Hustler is clearly either a LOVE him or HATE him Survivor. I don’t like him, but I do admire and respect on how he played the game.

      Lightning strike twice on him. Can he do it three in a row? I reckon he can. Or just win individual immunity. They should have voted off John first, since he is a physical threat in the challenge. Voting off Kelly is wrong.

    • Rock Golf

      I think a lot of you missed a very very critical moment. Shambo voted for Russell. She knew Russell had the idol, but played it cool, throwing her vote away, but not raising suspicions with her old tribemates.
      Galu thinks she’s in with them, but she knows she’s #6 on Galu’s pecking order, and no worse than #5 on Foa Foa’s. Galu will keep Shambo in the loop and she will report every little thing back to Foa Foa.
      Shambo, in the words of someone famous, has been grossly misunderestimated.

      • DJ

        I commented on this to the family last night. Shambo played that very smart. Surprisingly smart.

        Amazing episode last night.

      • Laura K.

        I noticed that too. I’m surprised neither Jeff nor Dalton mentioned it. Very sly, because of course if she hadn’t, Galu would’ve known that she’s switched. They say they don’t trust her, but they’re still not taking her seriously. That could be a big mistake.

      • D

        Maybe Russell instructed her to do that.

      • leo

        Not taking away from her, I already commented on this as a great play, but I would bet Russell instructed her to do that. He did tell her to ensure “everyone votes for Russell”

      • Force10

        Best episode yey, loved the looks on Galu’s face, especially Monica’s. Shambo was funny, she tried to look shocked and worried but her eyes were laughing her a$$ off. I hope she stays with Foa Foa and they vote the rest of Galu off.

      • sonny

        Yes, Shambo is a lifeline for Foa Foa, but I don’t think she can succeed past this next elimination. She will have to decide which team she is with, and it will be obvious to all who are still playing the game. If she goes wih Foa Foa, it will be a 5 to 5 tie, otherwise Galu will have a 6 to 4 advantage.

      • Treeguy710

        I agree with you, Shambo was the one I kept an eye on during the 3rd and 4th time viewing that episode, which I really never do. She played it pretty cool, face-and-body language was very believable, I hope she makes it to top 4(my prediction too). I truely think I haven’t been this anxious amd excited over a TV show in a long ,long time. Way to go so far Survivor crew!

      • Suzanne

        Yep not only did she vote for him – but she faked surprise. Did you see her mouth drop when he played the idol! She wanted to act like it was a total and utter shock. AWESOME. Best moment of the night :)

    • Survivor Blog

      This episode was soooo crazy. Best one in a while. Read more on my survivor blog:

    • deidre

      Russell could be in trouble because if the others are smart he will not be out of their sight for 1 second.

    • lbj

      Yes! The look on the faces when he played the idol = priceless! Beautiful – can’t see how Russel is the villain when everyone I know is rooting for him to win this thing and have no use for that other tribe.

      • Suzanne

        I agree – I’d say Laura is the villain b/c she is a jerk. She assumes her team is the best and assumes they will cut off foa foa. Maybe after this episode, she’ll learn she can’t assume anymore.

    • JBD

      Tocantins (last season) was the best ever. But I’ll have to admit this was the second best tribal council I’ve seen. The first was when Tyson got voted out last season.

      • Larry

        How old are you? You haven’t seen many Survivors, have you?

      • JBD

        I’ve started watching survivor from the fourth season, thank you very much. And last season blew me away compared to a lot of them in the past. When I’m sitting on the edge of my seat during a tribal council, that’s when I know it’s a good season. Tocantins did that for me almost every episode.

    • lex

      OMG i totally agree. BEST EVER!

      Russell is really reminding me of Richard, I said that last night just before he found the other idol. Holy crap, I wonder if he will find it again???

    • shane

      Agreed: Best Episode and, even if he doesn’t win, Russel has to be labeled as the best survivor player to date. The little schemer is golden! If he gets canned, they ought to put him back on just to get the ratings when the faces of the other contestants realize … “He’s Baaack!”

      • D

        I wouldn’t put him as the best-maybe top 5 ever though.

    • SLB

      I’m so sick of that smug, obnoxious cockroach Russell. I will never be a fan. Yeah he’s a good player, but i can’t stand people on these shows that call other people stupid and talk like they’re beneath them. It’s not necessary.

      • Lisa

        I completely agree. The guy just creeps me out. Definitely wouldn’t want him for a neighbor or BIL. Rupert pulled some sneaky moves, too, but he was just so d**m likeable. Russell is just a jerk.

      • sonny

        soo true! he is the kind of person i would never be friendly with. He is a liar in real life, as he is in this game. Oil Tycoon- millionaire- not playing survivor for the money-RIGHT!!!!! He is a low life, who should go to the dentist. Reminds me of charlie Manson. i can’t believe the honcho’s at Survivor want he back again. Although, I guess what they say about advertising holds true, 2 types of advertisements work well, really good, and really bad. Guess which one Evil Russell is? He has no manners, and is totally uncouth. It isn’t like they hid the idols very well after all. I wouldn’tt put it past Survivor to plant it, just so he DOES find the idol.

      • Maximilian

        I feel the opposite. Being male, I have a machismo proclivity. I feel more respect for a chap who has comfort in their own sense of self worth. I wouldn’t be sycophantic to such a personage, in fact we’d probably never get along, but we’d have to – at some level – respect one another as men. And to me, that’s even better than getting along. That’s a valuable Alpha DNA indication which is found scarce in the larger part of today’s society. I feel only someone who relied on the opinions of others to determine their sense of self (I.e. insecure) would ever hate someone for their arrogance. I prefer accompaniment with those who respect themselves, rather than any minion.

      • Suzanne

        Laura talks the same way, so does that mean you hate Laura too? She acts like she is better and smarter than everyone. When Russell played the idol she said he just caused a whole lot of trouble (or something like that). She’s so cocky

      • puppy dog

        Maximilian, while I can see your point, I do think Russhole’s opinion of himself goes far beyond just the normal self respect. He is actually delusional in his self proclaimed worth. IMO

      • Maximilian

        Then obviously you’ve never been around a true alpha male personality type. It can be maddening, they’re control freak, domineering, judgmental, short sighted, narrow-minded, machismo automatons. It’s chiefly their imbalanced (inflated) ego which qualifies them for the title. It’s basically the definition of the word.

    • redriding

      I completely agree. Best episode of survivor ever! the reason being the galu members were all so so cocky about it all. they so deserve to be out one by one. I am loving russel!!!, nat and jaison. mick is a bit of a bore but whatever…go foa foa!

    • Jules

      I agree. This was THE best Survivor episode ever…

    • KEH

      Give me a break.. I no longer trust Survivor….
      Either your have stupid producers who hid the thing in an to easy a spot, or it has been decided that Russel would be too good for ratings.
      First time.. Tree in the camp.. OK I actually buy that.
      But this time I cam calling “21” on Survivor.. one of your people tipped him off. That ruins the game for all including us.

      • Pat

        How can you even suggest such a thing? Sacrilege! If you start thinking that way, you really need to stop watching.

      • JLS

        Seriously dude…you can’t believe that someone actually has the brain power to find an idol without any clues??? He was 100% right when he logically stated that it has to be hidden next to, beside, with, inside, on top of, etc. something for the producers to actually describe where it is in the clues! They don’t want it to be too hard because they want the idol to be in play, that’s when it’s actually interesting and mixes the game up. I believe 100% that Russell is just that good…and anyone that good at a game that’s been on for 18 seasons deserves a lot of respect.

      • smolly

        I agree, it seems like Russell was tipped off by someone on the crew. The idea that it ‘has to be hidden by something’ is absurd. The idol has often been buried in the sand… And the only way to find it was to dig all day or actually follow the clue. Stuck inside a hollow tree? Under the BRIDGE? Someone is getting lazy, or decided to boost the ratings. Why not hide it inside the muddy water? In past episodes, you had to get a little dirty to find the idol… AND spend some time on it. I realize Survivor is entertainment, but it’s not going to be as much fun to watch if it just gets sloppy. C’mon Jeff – ya’ll can do better.

        By the way, everyone is underestimating Shambo. She might be socially awkward and clumsy, but she has her own strategy. I think she’ll come in 3rd or 4th, probably in a last minute-losers alliance with Dave Ball (and neither will win, because they’re not THAT smart).

    • Devon

      Ok – I admit it. I couldn’t stand Russell at the start. But he seems to have recognized that his cocky attitude isn’t going to win him the game. Since he’s toned down, I’ve actually started rooting for him, as much as it pains me to say it.

    • Melissa

      That was awesome. I loved seeing Galu’s faces when he stood up. And yes, Jeff, Russell is growing on me. I appreciate it more when they play the game. All that crap he did in the beginning he isn’t doing now. Go Russell. Laura sucks.

  • Rich Miller

    Full disclosure..I hated Russell at the beginning of the season…now I’m rooting for him…he’d better win.

    • leo

      Rich, I’m with ya. Had he kept up his mean spirited (and dangerous) gameplay with his tribes clothing and water, I would not be able to root for him. He’s proven why he was able to be a successful entrepreneur and I really think he’ll get almost to the final vote. Can he win? Doubtful – but I think Natalie might have secured her spot in final two with that rat kill. It kind of made me flash forward to the episode (possibility) of her ‘taking out the rat’ and bringing Russell down!

      • tomasz

        i disagree. the point for the water and socks was to make HIS tribe awful and lose challenges while he thought he could smarttalk his way out or win immunity. he may not look it and some of his moves are dumb but mostly he uses his brain.

      • Pat

        Hated Russell in the beginning, but he’s grown on me. Gotta give him props for outwitting ev. else. If he gets to the final 2, much as he’s disliked, he’ll get votes for “outwitting”. Nobody’s his equal in this, nobody. Doesn’t matter who’s there with him, he’s played the game better than anyone still standing.

    • P

      I agree, I was anti-Russell from the first episode, but then Foa Foa started deteriorating and slowly but surely they (and most especially Russell) became the underdogs…and I love underdogs. Russell is seriously changing the way this game is played and I appreciate the new life he’s breathed into it.

      And that Natalie/rat scene was one of the best in Survivor history!

    • Josh F

      I could not agree with you more. Russell’s interviews are definitely over the top but I attribute that more to playing to the camera then a real character flaw. The reason Russell is so great is that he is not only helping himself but strategizing for his whole tribe to stay along. He prepared them for the merge and was key in getting Erik voted off and the way he played his idol tonight was shear genius. The numbers are 5-5 at best now so its still anyone’s game but clearly he has been the most influential player this season and perhaps of any season to date.

      • outer

        Russel is gone, once they go to trible and the votes are even, the one with the most already is packin
        nothing to save him but the idle.

    • Pollo

      Well than you are just as pathetic as him then. Once a sheep always a sheep.

      • Jen

        Who are you talking to/about?

    • WTF


      Not only is he a scheming S.O.B. he’s also a millionaire who doesn’t need the $$$. He’s just doing all this for sh*ts and giggles. LOL

      • Eric

        He could be lying about that. If he’s as good a player as people have been saying, he very well could have lied about being a millionaire. Plus we’ve seen his lying. I used to hate Russel now…Dammit I don’t know…he’s messing with my moral compass.

    • lori

      I can’t BELIEVE I’m rooting for Russell!!! I have done a complete turn-around on him. He & Shambo are almost cute, the affection they have for each other. I don’t know why I don’t like the Galu tribe but I really really don’t. Last night was awesome – I really didn’t know until the vote unfolded how it would turn out. Jeff, this on your blog is classic: “Think about what you witnessed. A pretty little pharmaceutical sales rep walking barefoot thru the jungle, in a bikini, whacking a rat until it’s dead. That’s not normal behavior.” Thank you for blogging – love the show!

      • D

        I loved that Russell + Shambo scene last night when he showed her the idol. Her reaction was priceless!

    • drz130

      Same here.
      “Come on, just admit it – Russell is growing on you a little bit, right?”

      Jeff hit the nail on the head with that one.

      • puppy dog

        He isn’t growing on me. OH, just the thought of that makes me think….. Russholectomy.

    • Tonya

      I too hated Russell the first couple of epidsodes. Now, I hope he wins. Shambo’s look of shock was pretty good at tribal too!!! She’s totally playing her former tribemates.

      • becky

        I didnt care for russell at the beginning either but he knows how to play the game. If the others were smart they would want to take him to the end, because how much will that jury not like him? Would they vote to give him a million dollars?

  • Rich Miller

    Jeff one question…are the votes stacked for an emotional build up as it seemed tonight?

    • Itchy

      I’ve always wondered this. Does the crew put the votes in a specific order? It never seems random when Jeff’s reading them.

      • Doremifah Solatido

        Absolutely,the clues are read in a planned order. You always see the votes you know first – when they show you who’s name is on the paper, those votes are read first.

      • Devon

        I seem to remember a previous blog, or maybe it was a behind the scenes video, talking about how Jeff and the other producers go through the votes and put them in an order to invoke dramatic effect.

  • Jim

    Sorry Jeff. Russell is a misogynstic jerk. I can’t and won’t root for him, nor will he “grow on me”. In fact, if this is what Survivor celebrates, my days of watching this show are numbered.

    • Rich Miller

      Your anger is misdirected at best…the show has survived for this long because of game changing individuals like Russel…it is because is is going against the grain that makes the show so so good

      • Jim

        Sorry, but when the jerk calls people on his team “the dumb a** girl alliance”, I can hardly be cheering for him because he finds poorly hidden immunity idols. The producers should just hide the stupid thing in his sack everytime he plays it, because he makes for such “fun TV”.

      • Jim

        Sorry, but when he calls people on his team “the dumb a** girl alliance”, I can hardly be cheering for him because he finds poorly hidden immunity idols. The producers should just hide the stupid thing in his sack everytime he plays it, because he makes for such “fun TV”.

      • Pollo

        No he is right. This show is getting worst and worst. They are recruiting now and not auditioning getting real, day to day people like us. I mean, don’t tell me Coach wasn’t an actor, you are as dumb as your name sounds. I’m sorry but I’d rather root for Mick or even Brett than your precious Russell, hope you buy your Russ T-shirt before it runs out.

      • Sue

        I agree. This season has been so-so, but if not for Russell it would have been boring. At least he is trying – Mick – what is he DOING? Just laying around, not talking to ppl that we can see or trying. Maybe its his MO but I like the scrappyness of Natalie and Russell. Good luck guys!

      • Marguerite

        I’m a girl, and I lauged my head off when he formed his dumb-ass girl alliance. Future Survivor contestants should and will study his game play, cuz he is playing the best game since Richard Hatch. He deserves to win this season more than any other player I have ever seen.

      • Carrie

        I don’t like Russell,but he is playing a strong game. What I don’t like is being force fed the idea that a contestant is awesome. Jeff did it constantly with Coach and he’s doing it this season with Russell. Don’t tell me who to like or who should be growing on me. It’s just frustrating as a fan and viewer of the show.

    • Viva la Survivor

      Are you kidding me dude?
      If Russell wasn’t in this season of Survivor, it would be dead boring and predictable!
      Survivor isn’t a game that “celebrates”, as you put it, the typical heroes. It’s the best player who deserves to be celebrated – even if they did have to lie and cheat to get there. That’s the premise of the game, Jim.

      • Alvin

        Oh so just because he found two idols he’s the best thing that ever happen in your life? How pathetic are you, get a life pal!

      • Suz

        It isn’t that he found the Idols Alvin. Its the fact that he didn’t relie on clues and found 2.

      • JA

        @ Alvin – it’s not JUST that he found 2 idols without clues, but has actually played them. How many dumb nuts have been voted off with an idol in their pocket. That, but definition, makes you a horrible player. If you can’t sense when people are gunning for you, you don’t deserve to win. That’s what makes him an exceptional player.

      • jimhi

        I agree. Lying, cheating, all part of the game. I have no problem with that. But Russell attacking women relentlessly without reason or cause isn’t acceptable. And now, we are all rewarding him for his “wonderful game play”. To me, his chauvinistic attitude is unforgivable.

    • RJ

      Your inane ‘threats’ make you sound like a douche. Especially after 9 weeks and you’re still watching, so spare the pretentious diatribe and vamoose

    • mulatto1008

      look at all the comments. not that im with the bandwagon, but survivor’s definitely not going to miss a penny with u not watching it.and fun tv it is. would u prefer boring tv instead?

    • Fred

      Bitter much, Jimmy? You sound like one of those whiny uber libs who is always unhappy about some injustice on planet earth. Get over yourself dude, no one is imnpressed by your preening self-righteousness.

      • Poindexter

        Sounds more like a cry baby conservative. Leave the f’n politics outta here.

      • jimhi

        Attack the person, and not the opinion? That’s classless.

    • tdunf

      see ya, jim!

      if you can’t appreciate the game he’s playing, then good riddance to ya!!

      • Football Mom

        lets vot him off! Jim that is, quit posting and quit watching if it bothers you so much…..

    • Jeanne

      the word misogynistic is being over used here.

      • Kim

        Seriously. He thinks those girls are dumb. He didn’t say all women are dumb. I thought those girls seemed dumb, too.

    • StupidMe

      Chima is that you??

    • DwightBigSurvivorFan

      Jim, Russell may be a jerk and Jeff may not deny it. The point is Russell is a great player of the game. Surely you can see that? You don’t have to like him.

      • Larry

        Oh. Give me a break. Russell is NOT a great player of the game. A great player of the game would not have a HUGE target on his back because he told everyone that he has an idol. He just got lucky this week because he found the idol without clues. Yeah–no one else looked for it because no one had a huge target on their back like Russell.

      • Larry

        As far as I’m concerned, Russell is in the same boat with Laura. Both have to get immunity to stay in the game. Would you consider Laura to be a great player?

      • DwightBigSurvivorFan

        Larry, Laura is playing a decent game but Russell is levels above her.

      • sonny

        It’s all a matter of luck of the draw. Had Evil Russell’s team won the trip to the water fall, he would have been voted out, and no one would be saying how great, or how smart he was. He played the idol last week without one person voting for him. AND he would have not played it last vote, if not for inside info from Shambo. He thought the vote was going for Natalie, until mullet head told him otherwise. No, Russell isn’t the smartest player in this year’s version of survivor, let alone the last 19 seasons. He is such an insecure little troll. the first thing he said, when he CAME ACROSS ( I refuse to say he FOUND IT) the idol was,” I’m not telling anybody I have it.” Well, it took him all of about an hour to tell almost half the cast, that he had the idol. His ego wouldn’t let him keep it quiet. If he is so good, he’ll win it, but i say, he’s a LOSER!

      • Sarrah

        I think he still would have found the idol even if they had won the reward challenge because then he would have known for sure there was another idol. Hello? A reward isn’t going to stop Russell. And the team Shambo was on would still have been talking about voting him off and she still would have warned him.

  • Theo

    Who’s Kelly?

    • Rich Miller

      The one voted off tonight.

    • josea


    • leo

      My only complaint is that I wish Dave had gone instead but honestly I didn’t really care it was her, barely knew the girl.

    • Suza

      I second that! I was wondering who Kelly was. I could have sworn I’ve seen every episode, but I was really surprised to her in the show. Ha! I figured she’d be the one voted out….

      • Monika

        Monika is so annoying, how about those Ridonkulous muffins? She bugs me.

    • Jen

      Natalie’s evil twin!

    • Did You Climb In From Space

      I wasn’t sure why they voted out Kelly.. to AMF the Girls Alliance? Why not take out.. what is the Rocket Scientist’s name? Or Kaiser Sorzey.
      Also, why did Shambo vote for Russ?

      • DwightBigSurvivorFan

        I think it was planned (by Russell) for Shambo to vote for Russ. That way Galu still thinks she is solid with them and she can switch to Foa Foa later. Foa Foa didn’t need Shams vote last night. Great strategic play.

      • tdunf

        because she’s smarter than she’s been coming across. she voted for russell AND feigned surprise at the idol perfectly to still seem aligned with the galu’s.

      • Eveleaf

        Oh goodie. I’m not the only one who sees the resemblence.

  • sixty-three

    Hilarious, loved the look on the EVIL MEDUSA’s face!

    • Did You Climb In From Space

      I so Concur. I couln’t stand her the moment she started talking smack out of one side of her mouth and the Bible out of the other. Typical!

  • leo

    I was giddy most of the way through this show. Started when Natalie killed the rat and earned respect from her tribe. I thought after Jaison’s comment “Girl just won a million bucks”.
    The only other person who has played as well is Russell, who has proven himself all over again by playing the second immunity idol – again with out a clue! Gotta give my props to the man.
    Loved his comment at tribal – “Not about to leave just yet”… I only wish that Dave would have been the one to go home (second to Laura). He’s not a listener and both John and Monica had excellent points but sided with him in the end. I’d like them to take a strip off Dave for being such a singleminded idiot.
    Was SO pleased that Shambo didn’t mess with the plan. Hope she’s learning the art of the game.

    • Survivor Freak

      I don’t know that Shambo has learned a thing. Did you watch all the votes? She kept her mouth shut about the idol, then went with Galu and voted Russell. When he realizes that, how done is she???

      • WTF

        Russell and his tribe need Shambo’s vote so they’ll keep her in the game a while longer. I can’t believe a Sgt. in the Marine Corp. can be that stupid. God help us!

      • jwl

        She is voting with her tribe so as not to let on that she has actually flipped to Foa Foa.

      • David

        Shambo voting for Russell was a very good move on Shambo’s part. Russell and Sham have an alliance going, and Shambo is the mole in the Galu tribe. Had she sided with Foa Foa, she would have put a target on herself unnecessarily and would be most definitely out of the loop. This way, Galu needs her now, and will give her information she can use against them if she so chooses.

      • davey

        Shambo’s face during Tribal Council was HILARIOUS! She’s starting to grow on me finally. Her eye roll to Laura after Kelly was eliminated made me feel so giddy! She’s smart to pretend to still be with Galu when we ALL know she’s just pretending and will side with Foa Foa from here on out!

      • Sue

        That might have been a smart thing she did. She knew he was going to play it and be safe – so this way she sticks with her tribe so to speak knowing her vote meant nothing and yet she does not look like a trader to her team. She needs them to think she is with them.

      • Robin

        That was part of the plan. Even Russell told Jaison that there vote for him would be 6-4. They need Shambo to pretend to be with purple. I just dont think she has the smarts to keep it a secret for long. I LOVED last nights show!!!

      • drz130

        She clearly knew Russell was playing the idol, and wisely (for a change) voted for Russell so as not to draw suspicion. She has definitely flipped. It’s a whole new game out there.

      • Beth

        Exactly! Shambo did exactly what she should have done – vote for Russell. Galu is so tight-lipped (as Russ said last night), Shambo is Russ’s only set of ears if he wants to know what’s going on. I think it’s brilliant of them to keep up the pretense of Shambo being on their side as long as it’s possible. I have totally become a Russell fan!

      • Larry

        I know. Shambo’s behavior made no sense at all. Her vote didn’t score points with the old Foa Foa. And if she was truly on the old Galu’s side–why didn’t she tell them that Russell found the 2nd idol? Now that Russell doesn’t trust her anymore (because she voted against him), I wouldn’t be surprised if he told old Galu that Shambo knew all about the 2nd idol and didn’t tell them about it. This is another example of how this season lacks any strategic game play.

      • Dan

        Anyone who thinks Shambo’s vote was stupid on her part needs to stop calling themself a Survivor fan.

      • Raawrrr


        Obviously you havent watched the show:p. It was Shambo and Russells idea to vote for Russell himself. By doing so, they didnt want to raise any suspicions to her original alliance and keep her current tribe members for valuable information.

    • ccf

      Can I just say I hate Dave. He is such an ass. The way he talks to Shambo, I don’t care if you like her, have some respect, ass. He thinks he is way smarter than he really is.

      • Billy

        Oh I totally agree. I have NO INTEREST in watching Dave do anything, and he’s such a jerk to Shambo.

        I can’t wait til she helps get him out with Foa Foa.

        And Natalie has been my favorite since day 1 (I swear, I did my research and looked all of the contestants up on CBS before.)

        happy to see her still there and thriving.

        And I love Laura, happy she won immunity, gotta give her a little credit. She’s like Corinne.

    • Maximilian

      Hell, I’m agog just at the introduction. They make me wait all week and then finally I see that beautiful Survivor: Samoa Intro with the entire radiant color spectrum, blessing my eyeballs with the most gorgeous nature depictions of water and tropical verdure. An amazing moment of any week, obviously the best part of any Thursday and definitely the most beautiful show on television currently.

  • Rich Miller

    Best line of the night “Keep hope alive” hahahahahaahah

  • Travis Wheeler

    Jeff, Russell is quite possibly the greatest survivor to ever play the game. If he wins it will be a feat equaled only by Dr. Will in Big Brother Season 2 as far as game play is concerned. Phenomenal season so far… can’t wait for the rest.

    • moi

      Agreed!!!!! En route to equaling Will, the greatest bb player.

      Will he win? I dunno. In too many of his summaries now, Jeff has mentioned that Russel may not make it to the end. I think he’s softening the blow for when a great player is taken down.

    • DELPY

      I love the reference to Will, but Russ couldn’t hold a candle to Will. He played the best mental/strategic game possible. The equivalent to a 300 score in bowling.

      Russ, has played at a high level, but I maintain his loose lips will cost in the end. Just the fact that he shares his strategy of idol snagging w/o clues in my mind is weak.

      • mfv

        Actually I am not sure I agree with you Delpy. You are forgetting the fact that they are in the middle of the jungle with no food and absolutely no comforts. While I love BB Will, I am not sure he would make it out there. I don’t really like Russell cuz he is such a jerk and I would hate for him to win but you do have to admit that he really is playing a different game to the others and respect him for that. This is a millionaire and you would think he would be soft, but there he is playing this game like no one else except maybe Hatch.

      • delpy

        MFV, We agree they are both very different games. I can say that I don’t think Russ has played a perfect game. No question he plays well. I am not even saying he couldn’t win playing at this level. I am saying that he has given away a great deal of his power by including others/everyone in his strategy. no reason for such loose lips. I cannot figure on why he would blather. It seems that others could adapt to his methods, even beat him at his own game. Either way the last three episodes he paints himself as a target. Keep in mind that people are starting to rally against him. This time by his design, but not a good place to be when your at a 5-5 standoff. He has placed himself as the target to takedown out of the five member team he belongs to. Keep in mind he shouldn’t have been required to play the first idol. If he kept his mouth shut he wouldn’t need to play them back to back. So I will compromise, this episode he played a perfect or even best possible game of survivor your can play, even gets points for record breaking and flare. Last episode he gets a B. Again great play, just not Will. Has anyone played a perfect Survivor game.

      • Larry

        I would say Hatch and Yul played as close to a perfect game as possible. Russell doesn’t even come close.

      • delpy

        See I would say Earl or Yul. I think hatch played well. How about this Boston Rob(all-stars) who didn’t win. Made an early mistake. Cost him #1, but he executed well. Maybe the best #2 ever?

      • Applesauce

        russel cannot possibly play a perfect game because of him playing his idol. i still think he is in the top3 greatest players of the game ever though and i really want to see him in the end. technially, jt would be considered the closest thing to a perfect game having rever had a vote cast against him and recieving everyones vote in the end. while his stratagy may not have been the best ever, he still had a “perfect” game.

      • delpy

        JT did real well. who is best of JT, Yul, Earl.

      • delpy

        I think Earl did that too apple

  • Alexandra M.

    This episode GOES DOWN IN HISTORY. Galu walking in with all that Swagger. HAHAHA. Oh Russell!!! Too awesome.

  • Bill

    Jim…your a tool…you will watch next week, the week after that, and the week after that….RUSSELL RULES! Wooooooooooooooooo!

  • Jennifer

    Best episode this season, was on the edge of my seat. Go Foa Foa!

  • leo

    Jeff, two questions:
    1. Did you have to hold in a reaction with Russell’s blindside or was it obvious to everyone that you thought it was genious and loved every minute :)
    2)Did you not know about Natalie and the rat until it was edited and you saw it on the dailies? I almost wanted her to blurt it out when they all arrived for their reward challenge!

    P.S Congrats on the nomination Jeff, I voted for you guys!

  • sixty-three

    This was the best Jeff, total blindside two weeks in a row. I love Russell, love the Texas accent and the things that spill out of that mouth of his!

  • josea

    ok i just voted for survivor in the PCAs, 2night’s episode was epic

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