Adam Lambert song snippets: Let's rank a dozen of 'em from most awesome to not-quite-as-aweome!

Adam-Lambert_lI’ve added a new subset to my overwhelming American Idol addiction, and it focuses solely on the contestants of season 8! Indeed, thanks to the vocal firepower of Kris Allen, Adam Lambert, and Allison Iraheta (not to mention Anoop Desai, #signmattgiraud, Mishavonna Henson, and Deanna Brown), there’s so much news and music and awesomeness making its way to the Internet that some days I barely have time to get out of my pajamas. (For the record, I type this clad in Old Navy sleep bottoms and a promotional jersey I received from the publicist for Fox’s Brothers, a show I have never seen. It’s official: I’m tragic!) Also tragic: Adam Lambert’s For Your Entertainment song snippets leaked to the Internet a week ago, and I’m only weighing in on ‘em now. (Thankfully, EW’s Music Mix blog did not commit such a crime.) But then again, the math is hard: Idoloonie X listens to a dozen 30-second song previews 50 times apiece. If Idoloonie X spends five times as long exploring his innermost feelings about said previews as he does listening to them, how many minutes will it take before he is ready to express said feelings in a ridiculously wordy blog post?

While you ponder that equation (or not), I’m gonna get on with the work of ranking Adam’s 12 new(ish) leaks in descending order from my least- to most-favorite. I won’t cover “Time for Miracles” since I’ve talked that one to death, and I’ll save my tone poem on hot-ass lead single “For Your Entertainment” for a separate post, since it’s not fair to compare full tracks to partial ones. Anyhoo, without further ado, let’s get this party started…

“Pick U Up”: Hands down the least compelling snippet from For Your Entertainment. (For me for you.) I keep pressing play, expecting something to hook me in or stick in my brain — especially since Rivers Cuomo is listed as a cowriter along with Mr. Lambert, and “Undone (The Sweater Song)” is a karaoke jam of mine — but nope. The musical accompaniment sounds like it was mixed from a giant vat of generic arena-rock solution, and Adam’s vocals sound peculiarly overworked. Metaphorically speaking, producer Greg Wells seems hell-bent on making a hot tamale taste like tofu. Why?

“Whataya Want From Me”: The “just don’t give up”/ “please don’t give in” lyrics are a tad high-school-journal for my taste, and the peculiar choice of “whataya” over “what do you” in the title rubs me the wrong way (petty, I know). But then again, the way this clip jumps directly into the chorus without even a hint of verse, it’s hard to dismiss the thought that the whole may be more compelling than this 30-second part. Or maybe I’m desperately hanging on to the hope that a track co-written by none other than Pink won’t just be album filler. Then again, maybe that’s why this track isn’t on her record.

“Aftermath”: Adam’s wail is like a pitch-perfect siren at the start of this snippet, and I cannot shake the urge to draw a vocal comparison to Heart’s Ann Wilson. And while the the beautifully bombastic chorus seems to definitively trump the ho-hum verse (“you feel the weight of lies and contradictions”?), I’m not ready to call the match after only seven seconds of the latter. Bottom line: More information needed.

“If I Had You”: Okay, now here’s where I’m starting to get excited, as Adam mixes a little dash of Euro-disco into the glam-rock stew without genericizing (not a word? should be!) his ridiculous instrument in the highly produced mix. The beat sounds like a fierce mid-’90s La Bouche record that crawled into a cocoon and decided to wait out the decade until a worthy vocalist emerged who could handle it. Can we please have a mashup with “Be My Lover“? Immediately, if not sooner?

“Broken Open”: Adam’s patented falsetto, paired with an eerie, echoing beat, gives off some good, solid “Mad World” vibes. And yet even though it’s the same length as the other FYE snippets, somehow the “Broken Open” clip seems like it gives away less information about the sound and tone of the full-length track than its other 30-second counterparts. Color me hungry, but intrigued.

“A Loaded Smile”: The combination of ethereal synths and Adam’s trademark falsetto hint at the kind of track that’s tailor-made for the “repeat” button, especially on a gloomy weekday morning when you’d rather visit the Lambert Dreamscape Experience than your dreaded office. Better still, the Linda Perry-produced/written clip hints at a more personal snapshot of Adam’s life, as the lyrics — “Yeah, I know my life has changed/ But honestly I don’t know if we’ll survive” — seemingly conjure up a promising relationship that may or may not be able to survive the sudden onslaught of Idol-/fame-related lunacy.

“Strut”: Say it ain’t so, Adam! If this track lives up to its leaked snippet, I’ll never again be able to truthfully use the phrase “good for nothin'” to describe Kara DioGuardi (who co-wrote with Adam and Greg Wells). That nasty little guitar line rocks harder than any other FYE snippet, and the rhythm seems guaranteed to turn even the most mundane walkosphere into the listener’s personal runway. Now press play and show us your signature strut. Sashay! Chanté! (And, yes, Adam, you’re correct: “We’re a complicated nation.” Can’t wait to see where the verse goes from there.)

“Sure Fire Winners”: An obvs homage to “We Are the Champions,” with Adam declaring “we are/ we are/ we are the sure-fire winners!” over a wicked “dun-dun DUN, dun-dun DUN” beat. This one contains my favorite post-Idol lyric — “I was born with glitter on my face/ my baby clothes made of leather and lace” — since Fantasia’s “Baby Makin’ Hips.” For reals.

“Soaked”: Call the CSI lab, because I was certain Linda Perry’s fingerprints were all over this one. Nope, dead wrong. It was penned by Matthew Bellamy of Muse, and produced by Rob Cavallo. Either way, I’m digging the lovely Beatles-esque chord progression, the overarching mood of haunted longing, the laser-like focus on Adam’s soaring vocal. Plus, the “and you had enough/ searchin’ for love” bit is like a knife right through the heart. Somewhere, Christina Aguilera is wondering how a debut artist got his hands on her next big hit.

“Sleepwalker”: Sounds like Adam’s got a case of post-coital confusion — “I’m not asleep, I’m not awake/ After the way you love me” — and while this half-minute song clip doesn’t answer how exactly he’s feeling about the sitchuaysh, as a listener I can say it was good for me. (Badum-bum.) Seriously, the Adam-on-top-of-Adam-on-top-of-Adam vocal line is beyond gorgeous, and the even the Ryan Tedder Thunderous Ballad Drumbeat ™ manages to sound fresh here. When does this one go to radio?

“Fever”: Oh how I want to take this track directly to the treadmill without passing the Fatty Snax Deli and without collecting a delicious carb/lard treat. Or maybe see it become the core of a Ryan-Ellenore samba routine on So You Think You Can Dance. The Erasure-esque chorus is the earworm in the delicious Cortland apple I am currently using to fend off a craving for chips. Okay, this paragraph makes sense to me and me alone, but that doesn’t mean “Fever” can’t be part of my late 2009 weight-loss/life-improvement program.

“Music Again”: It’s no surprise this track was written by The Darkness’ Justin Hawkins, what with that crazy blast of falsetto and a beat that would make a 90-year-old church organist want to bang her head, and yet at the same time, it’s totally and distinctively Adam: Theatrical, super-sized, vocally effortless. Plus, the message (“oh you make me wanna listen to music again”) could just as easily reflect his fans’ feelings about the season 8 runner-up as they could Adam’s feelings about a new love relationship. If ya like it then you shoulda pressed “repeat” on it. I did! (And so did my mom!)

What do you think of the Adam Lambert FYE song leaks? (You can currently find ‘em here if you haven’t heard ‘em yet.) Are you surprised that it already cracked the iTunes top 10 yesterday, and hit No. 1 on the iTunes pop chart? Which is your favorite snippet? Least favorite? Which one surprised you most? Head on down to the comments section and share your thoughts, and if you missed it, check out my take on the Kris Allen snippets as well. (Oh, and because I can’t finish a blog post without saying it, follow me on Twitter @EWMichaelSlezak!)

Image Credit: Craig DeCristo

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  • Gorgon

    I will pass on this. no thanks.

    • LT

      Love how the trolls just sit and wait for an Adam Lambert article. You guys are so pathetic, lol. I am suprised you didn’t yell FIRST!

      • Lana

        Same way they lay in wait for a Danny Gokey article : )

      • lucy

        Or a Kris Allen article. There are hater trolls for many of the S8 Idols. It’s juvenile, pathetic and very sad.

      • I know

        I know. It’s my first year follwing Idol, on television or online. A lot of nastiness from all sides.

      • James S.

        What in the world could Adam Lambert being gay have to do with whether or not this album is any good? Seriously, you needed to point out that Adam is a “flaming mo?” I knew that. You knew that. Everyone reading this thread knows that. Apparently, you deemed it necessary to actually take time out of your day to tell the entire world what it already knew–and then not explain how it has anything to do with the topic at hand. People like you are, frankly, idiots and bring down the national IQ.

      • XYZ

        How UGLY are you??? I’m sure the TRUTH hurts!!!

      • James S.

        Adam makes it perfectly clear who he likes to sleep with. I don’t understand why he pushes it so much, but in spite of this, I’m still a huge fan. Regardless of how bad many people think the album is, I’m going to my grave before I say anything bad about him. This isn’t may type of music, but Adam is singing it and that’s all I care about.

      • amelia

        to james s. Adam does make it perfectly clear who he likes to sleep with. The question is: will his audacious flaunting of his sexuality get people to buy his records? Adam is the first homosexual artist that is arrogant enough to believe that the mainstream will accept him pushing his sexality in their face. He seems to be going to great lengths to show people exactly who he likes to sleep with. It’s getting a bit distracting from the music.

      • ianaleah

        yeah, onarticles that are not in regular news & have to be custom added on Adam and therefore the cyber stalkers make it a point to deliberately seach them just to bash- instead of living life-they try to tear down a successful person full of life- they are jealous, resentful, bitter, hateful and already half dead focusing on someone else’s life not their own which is neglected (Ha!)& they never ever will catch up ever- they are their own worst enemY.( Truth hurts,huh? yup.)

      • jon

        I’ve never seen an artist have such audacity to flaunt his sexuality so wantonly as if shoving it down our throats. His feminine look and male stripper style of dancing topped off with an estrogen filled scream that’s he passes off as singing–and we are supposed to shell out hard earned money for this overly hyped monstoncity? I think not.

    • stephen

      that’s cool – each to their own. and since he is already #1 he would probably be okay with missing your sale.

      • thetruthhurts

        Being number one doesn’t give you credibility. Any moron can go number one.

      • wakeforce

        And any moron can make a stupid comment.

      • James S.

        thetruthhurts: You are correct, and clearly you have experience being number two.

      • Pete

        thetruthhurts, unfortunately you failed to provide any proof that being number one doesn’t give you credibility or that any moron could be number one. But at least you proved to everyone that any moron can leave a comment. So thanks for that!

      • Matt

        I wish all the trolls and haters would give everyone a break, do they really not have a life? They must live in their parents basement and have no idea what the real world looks or even sounds like. Creepy.

      • Blondiegrrl

        I second what Matt said.

    • Kate

      Yeah, no thanks. Not my thing.

      • JTC

        Kate, EVERY article on Adam has Kate saying ‘no thanks’-so don’t read about Adam-go away, get a life and stop trolling just to bash, cyber stalking isn’t classy.

    • Iana

      Yupl losers troll to bash-guess they never learned that negative vibes like positive vibes don’t affect anyone but themselves-they are their own worst enemy. Adam says he won’t give any of his energy to negativity and he never does.Learned that from him. Thanks Adam.

      • OMG

        I just downloaded “Whataya Want From Me” from his website and I L-O-V-E love it!!!! I can’t wait to hear all of the songs in full.

    • Sydney

      Wow!!! Im disapointed. Its sounds soo much like the 80’s I cant quite put a name on the band but exactly like the 80’s. Oh well another one bites the dust!

      • Matt

        Probably like your comment, yeah Sydney? I think being number one sure isn’t biting the dust! You haters are so funny, you make me laugh, you really do. Thanks for the fun, atleast it is free! :)

    • XYZ

      Haters always get the first hit on Adam’s EW sites. The ENVIOUS DEMONS just can’t help themselves spewing vitriol. May all your hatred reflect back on you visually, a million fold. What comes out of your mouth is the nature of your heart. And what’s in your heart is reflected on your face. The more you spew hatred, the uglier you get. Mark these words! Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the UGLIEST of all???

    • Matt

      Trolls, what would we do without them??? LOl I heard the longer snippets of five of the songs and this album rocks! I like Kris and Allison, but Adam by far, IMO, grabs my attention and keeps it! Way to go AdaM!

      • terie

        @Matt: LUCKY YOU!! Where did you hear the longer snipps? Are they still available I hope? Which ones were they?

      • Maggie

        Terrie they are at MJS Blog but you have to go and click on longer snippets. They are only 5 of them but you get to hear more than 30 seconds………love Sleepwalker…..omg Ryan Tedder is a Genius!

      • Maggie

        They are :

        1. Music Again

        2. If I had You

        3. Pick U Up

        4. Sleepwalker (I highly recommend this one)

        5. Whataya Want From Me

    • DD


    • LT

      “He’s going to have successes. He might have people against him. Which is exactly what happened to Elvis, the Beatles, to Prince. . . . There will be controversy, and there will be opinions. If he stays true to himself he will be one of those great artists to watch over the years”

      Rob Cavallo- Producer ( Green Day, MCR, Dave Matthews, Adam Lambert)

  • O_O


    • Travis

      Then you weren’t paying attention to a single thing he said on camera between the end of Idol and now.

      • Mary

        If the people that didn’t expect this from Adam would have been paying attention they would have known what type of album it is going to be! I for one can’t wait! ADAM IS AMAZING!

      • JLM

        Adam has said consistently that it would be a rock/pop/electro/dancy thing. How can you not expect something from all those genres. It is going to kick ass!! Can’t wait!!

      • thetruthhurts

        What he says and what he does are two different things. Nobody, not even you, expected this mess.

      • James S.

        Really, truth? This far down the page and you’re STILL being an idiot?

      • XYZ

        Really, how UGLY are you??? Your mouth exhibits the darkness of your heart. Your face will not be far behind your ugly hateful words. TRUTH does hurt.

    • steph

      …have you ever heard him speak?

      • MT Knight

        I have. Have you?

    • Iana

      Catch up! Not what it’s about -even tho Britney and lady Gaga are rich successes ) Please know what you are talking about before posting, but thanks for reading about Adam since clicking on Adam articles adds to his success.

  • Rhonda

    I am kinda getting tired with all the Glambert hype. He is being too over saturated in the media.

    • heartaches

      lol Oh, please!! I have friends who are not in the fandom, and hadn’t heard anything about him all summer!

    • Jenn

      You have to look for stuff about Adam to hear it. Why are you looking and then complaining. Plenty of people have no clue there is so much buzz about Adam.
      I am thrilled for Adam!!

    • DD


  • Rhonda

    Everything is about his personalty, not about his music. He is all about hype over substance. Too much.

    • To Rhonda

      He gets a lot of hype for someone whose album has yet to be released, but I find it strange that you’d make that comment on an article previewing his actual music.

      • Matt


      • Pete

        Rhonda = moron

    • Sergio

      Best comment to describe what is going on in the media.

      “Adam is all about personalty (hype) and not substance (music).

      Good one.

      Adam is become another Lindsay Lohan/Paris Hilton TMZ “personalty” more than a true musician/singer.

      • Travis

        Unfortunately, I have to agree.

        Being in gossip trash rags constantly gets you taken as seriously as Kim Kardashian. Which is to say, not at all seriously.

      • Michelle

        Too bad he can actually sing. LOL!

      • Dode

        I am sick of seeing him “out about town”…so what.
        He is turning into a “Kim Kardashian” and “Spencer/Heidi”. It is really a big turn off.

      • Walter

        How about performing on the American Music Awards show ? And getting nominating for a People’s Choice Award as Favorite Breakout Music Artist ? Or having your not-yet-released album hit #1 on iTunes within hours of being introduced there ? Or being in the top 11 of Amazon CD sales for weeks ? How about the accolades from many top musicians and music prooducers ? Some of you people who ONLY read tabloids need to get a life.

      • Dode

        “Some of you people who ONLY read tabloids need to get a life.”

        Well its kinda hard not to miss it. He is on all the GOSSIP mags, and he hasn’t even proved himself. AMA’s and the People Choice Awards are HOKEY awards and not serious ones.

      • Walter

        Nice usage of English there, Dode. If you don’t like gossip, don’t read gossip mags. LOL

      • Danny2011

        I have to agree with Walter here. Yes, you have seen Adam in gossip magazines or on TV and ‘he hasn’t even proved himself’. People are interested in him, and the bottom line, actual basis for that is his voice. The man can flat out sing – I have not read a single serious review from anyone in the music industry (and there have been many) that disputes that fact. You don’t like his choice of songs? Fine, don’t listen. You don’t want to see his face in public? I guess that’s too bad, because Adam has captured the public’s attention. He is not going to hide in his house until such time as you and others deem him to have provEN himself. Too bad, Adam is here, get used to it.

      • JL

        I agree completely. Too much hype and media coverage. Seems more about fame and fortune then music.

      • ha

        LOL I’m sorry that Adam’s celebrity status is turning you off his music. (He doesn’t ASK them to chase him around.) If you like his music, then listen to it. The media doesn’t lessen his artistry.

      • Jason

        You apparently forgot to read the article you are commenting on. Notice how you are the ones not talking about his music. Big difference is that Adam has talent – huge talent!!

      • Vocalist

        Adam has outstanding vocal, vocal range and vocal tone- not only do vocal coaches praise him, so do the AI judges, mentors, guest performers, current singers, music producers, musicians, and the recording industry. They actually do know what they are talking about. But, I do agree, being in magazines is fantastic, but not in tabloids unless it is work related or entertainment functions.

      • Marcie and Mick

        We are Adam fans. He is the most exciting new singer/performing artist in decades. Brillant talent.Lambert was asked to preform at the Steven Speilberg Honor Event-this before his CD was completed.No papparrazi in attendance, though.His album made it to the top by word of mouth-all the advertising from the AI inc went for Kris Allen- neverthe less, Adam’s talent got voted with wallets and his CD info was picked up by twitter, fan sites and the rest is history-all without a single ad. Already at top of charts, now today ‘they’ put out an ad. Ha! The talented personable gutsy articulate intelligent Lambert kept AI on the air. They owe him better.

      • Blondiegrrl

        To all those complaining about the gossip rags: First, Adam cannot help it that the paparazzi follows him everywhere. And second, he is simply photographed “out and about,” not being drunk, trashing hotel rooms or getting into fights like some of the other celebrities in those rags.

    • Lovely

      I kind of agree, Adam is amazing, and I wish the media would concentrate more on his music than his personal life.

      • kope

        There was a cover story on him in last weekends LA Times Entertainment section and it focused only on his music. What it mentioned about his personal life was basically a quote from Adam saying that he doesn’t take any of the gossip – or himself – seriously at all. I can see how people who are bitter about his success could focus only on all the hype and media buzz – he’s everywhere these days – but the TRUE fans who actually READ and/or watch his interviews know that Adam is focused only on his music and let’s the rest of this stuff glide right off his back. He certainly seems to have his head wrapped around all of this and seems to be doing just fine.

      • thetruthhurts

        At this point, his private life is more important than his music. As a matter of fact, judging from his album, he better wish they don’t focus on his music.

      • kope

        To thetruthhurts – I think you should take your “name” to heart – his CD is in the top 20 in sales on iTunes right now and Amazon and is in the Top 10 for “pop” CD’s on iTunes as well. The facts clearly indicate that people are interested in his music.

      • Matt

        Kope you are actually right. I know the trolls, and the haters, while they complain and bash him, it is weird how they know so much about him, isn’t it? They know more than me, and I am a huge fan of his music, not his life.

      • XYZ

        @thetruthhurts – So aptly named.
        It’s why you’re all over here, ENVIOUS DEMON. It hurts so much there’s so much focus about Adam. ENVY eating you up much?

    • Jill

      Dumbass – read the article.

  • sonja

    I didn’t mind the Pink song. The only song I really don’t like is FYE. It seemed like a Britney reject. Less than two weeks away now.

  • Sara


    • Taylor

      AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH! The trolls are coming! The trolls are coming! Run Adam! Run for your life before Sara and Dode ruin your career with their insightful and NEVER redundant comments!

      • Jack

        as if yours aren’t redundant….all of you guys keep saying the same things…its annoying

      • Destry

        LOL! I know, Adam threads always turn into some sort of weird zombie apocalpyse-type drama.

        Remember Alan from the other day? Seriously, I thought the guy was gonna spontaneously implode. Haters are the best part of these blogs IMO.

      • Jason

        Taylor! Where ya been babe?

      • Taylor

        Oh you know, still committing time theft at work (would you believe it!)… came to check some snippets. Can’t resist Slezak, always cracks me up.

      • Jason

        Any thoughts?

      • Taylor

        1 Reaction: Embarrassment at the first image that popped into my head when reading the term Adam-on-Adam-on-Adam

        2 Reaction: Music Again, Sleepwalker, and Fever show a lot of radio potential even though all three of them couldn’t be more different from one another

        3 reaction: Whataya Want From Me isn’t the best song but it’s the funnest song title to type!

        4 reaction: Haters are STILL here and more pissy than ever:

        “Just cuz Adam’s songs are doing well on the charts doesn’t make them GOOD music”

        (sigh), I have a feeling we’re going to hear that sentence over and over again for many singles and albums to come.

        But hey, opinions are fun, right? :)

      • Jason

        Yup, true-true. Here’s a welcome back gift for you:
        remember that time you were talking about Adam and guitar hero?

        Here ya go:

      • Taylor

        Thank you, sir! I always knew he was a Rock Band guy. But he can’t even adhere to the note following rules? That bastard.

      • Jason

        Woops! Sorry, I forgot we were on an EW thread. Yeah, just go to Adam’s Collider Interview on Youtube, if you wanna just post it on your blog.

      • Taylor

        LOL! You’re totally got deleted, darlin’! You know better than to post youtube videos on here. Quit your misbehavin’!

      • Matt

        Taylor and Jason, why don’t you two get a hotel room and leave the comments to us? Just saying…

      • Jason

        Lol… yeah, sorry about that

  • Kari

    I’m looking forward to hearing the whole lyrics from Aftermath. From what we’ve gotten, it sounds to me like a comfort song written to someone who is in the process of coming out. That’s the vibe I’m getting anyway. I may be, um, personally invested to see a kind of song like that on his album.

  • Sergio

    I am actually liking Allison snippets more than Adam’s. I was waiting for Adam’s cd and single and was disappointed. But when I heard Allison’s…well she redeemed the season’s “rocker” image and kept true to herself. Allison’s is the cd to get if you want heartfelt rock. Michael I can’t wait to do her review. Allison’s is the best so far IMO.

    • Travis

      LOL, there’s no “rock” on Allison’s CD either, it’s MIley and Demi with more guitars and bass beats. Her voice is great and the songs are catchy but rock music it definitely ain’t.

    • steph

      If you think overproduction to the point where her voice is unrecognizable in half the songs, then she’s rock…

    • Hey Sergio

      Love Allison, wish her well, but did we listen to the same snippets? Rock is not the oberwhelming theme of the evening.

    • cubannerd

      I think you should reconsider the rock sound you’ve mentioned. The songs are great but it’s definitely pop.

  • lilyx

    Laughing at the people waiting breathlessly to say “I will pass on this” GOOD solid review Michael! I really want to know what MOM thinks too though :)

  • Rich

    Good Job Michael with the the slight AC/DC influence on Music Again.The ballads are gorgous..looks like The TOP Kris,Adam and Alison are all going put out decnt albums can’t wait.

  • LT

    I am pretty much in total agre ment with your list Michael- although Soaked and Fever would be my #1 and #2. So excited for this album! When a Pink and weezer tune are your two weekest- you know you have a hit on your hands!

    • Iana

      My favorites too, Soaked and Fever, tho I really like FYE and TFM and the rest-I got Soaked and Fever snippets cravings.

  • LT


  • me

    Am I first to comment? Yay!
    I think Broken Open is the AWSOMEST (lol) snippet EVAH!!!
    And then Soaked, Fever, Music again and Pick U UP. Yep- I really digged Pick U UP… Oh oh oh! And I also loved Sleepwalker! Too much to handle! Come Nov. 23rd already!!!

  • Idolme922

    You make me lust for this album more than I already was. Yes, downloaded, pre-ordered, all of that. Will be privileged to be at the AMAs to see Adam perform FYE for the first time ever. EPIC EPIC and more EPIC.

  • Vivere

    Right On !!! I agree with all of it EXCEPT for Whataya Want From Me. If Adam can say Imagonna then he can sing whataya, Michael, and make it sound GOOD ! The hook on that song is bigger than the one used on The Gong Show. I can’t get it the hell out of my head . . . until of course Fever takes over which soon gives way to Sure Fire Winners. ADAM ADAM ADAM You’re eating my brain !!!!!!!!!! This CD is flat out amazing.


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